Tay Roc vs. Bad Newz [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Bad Newz]
You off SMACK nigga, it’s my house
You won’t survive in this place
Shakin’ my head emoji
Roc gets somethin’ blew (blue) through his shirt, and a black five in his face
Nigga, two Decembers ago my nigga, I was just locked up
This past December now? I got shot up
And it’s dope I made it but I don’t cook crack my nigga
So this whippin’ can only resultin’ in me fuckin’ Roc(k) up
Y’all watch this goofy ass nigga come up here playin’
About a nigga that just survived some shots
Well I’m no joke and I don’t smoke, how can I die from Roc(k)?
You just had to battle for ya life, runnin’ after Hollow tryin’ to get a body
I just really had to battle for my life
I was runnin’ down the street rocked with hollows in my body
There’s a difference nigga
Nigga in this ring you my idol
But tonight my nigga, I’m son rival
It’s Bad Newz written all over this hammer, that’s the Gun Title
If ya other half feel some type of way, tell him he can get the fade
I’m Free Willy, I jump over Roc(k) and hit the wave
No lackin’ in this battle, I stepped in with a loaded Glock
Off that aroma therapy too, I open up with about 40 shots
If they told you somethin’ pussy, they should’ve told you I had a grave for ya
I had you in the casket, suited up, lyin’, better than a paid lawyer
You dead Roc, I don’t think you listenin’ fam’
I stacked rounds to make this body, I’m the Michelin Man
A poor guy’s only meal how I’m grippin’ this can’
Then give him bucks up front that’s how I give an advance
Let’s get straight to it
As soon as I spot him the K shootin’
After the ring, I retire this Baltimore hitter he Ray Lewis
Okay stupid? Now I think Space Jam once I get my hands on you Aak
And I’m a Monstar that’s a beast that know how to handle the Roc(k)
It’s the Bullpen, we’re real MC’s, how the crowd reactin’?
He just a SMACK rapper, y’all know he reach and take off his coat and get the crowd reaction
That’s bullshit but I don’t even care, it’s whatever Roc
Cause if I reach in this coat you gon’ get the biggest reaction that you ever got
Let’s talk about his resume, I need everybody to peep how I’m ahead of Roc
Bro I was Surfin’ through ya battles like, “Yo this nigga gotta be a nerd at best.”
Cause he was strugglin’ to handle that Calicoe
But you was doin’ pretty good with Chess
Speakin’ of Goodz, bro y’all battle almost turned into a fuckin’ Dizaster
John John beat yo’ ass so bad, you doin’ this for damn near free and it’s a couple years after
My Arsonal? Thick, I can let that K-Shine with that old red laser
I keep a gun wit’ me, but my Hitman a Blood
So when that brim in his face he thinkin’ he rematchin’ Rum Nitty
These Hollows? Ill, Will have a nigga dancin’ like JC
You better not run or the 12 come out, Kaboom
Now it’s DNA all over my Shotgun
This ain’t even mine, no it ain’t, it’s my bitch strap
I named this my “C3 Ratchet”
And after these Clips smoke him it won’t be rematches
But this gon’ be Magic, this nigga Roc can’t fuck wit’ me
Yo Rich Dolarz! ‘Bout to send you up some company
I got one! At the top of the chamber wit’ his name on it
I let it Roc off to get Roc’d off then I rock off his chain on me
You lame homie
Glorifyin’ you some Gun Bar King, but you ain’t got no gun charges
Bro I be glorifyin’ I don’t play wit’ them things at all, and they keep tryin’ to give me more gun charges
That shit make me mad, think Kyrie leavin’ I break his calves (Cavs)
I keep the tool in my drawers I’m that white boy off of ‘Breaking Bad’
Speakin’ of ‘Breaking Bad’, what got you thinkin’ that you breakin’ Bad?
Oh your mechanic ain’t finish workin’ on the whip so ya breaks is bad
Nigga I’ll take ya cash but I ain’t gon’ rob you Roc
Like 12 just pulled me, shit I’m tryin’ to hide you Roc(k)
He’s some lil’ fuckin’ Gun Bar King? And y’all worried if I’m gonna survive or not?
I took four to the gut last month I just survived some shots
Ayo Roc!
I’m in ya buildin’ with my buttas on I’m tryin’ to creep tho’
I know Roc cold as ice, what the fuck y’all think I brought this heat fo’?
I knock on his door, throw my hand over the peephole
“Who is it?”
Baow! Four to the chest like Oladipo
I’ll run in his crib, give his mother a slice
Then I’m fuckin’ his wife
Like, “Damn this Cave pussy was good”, so I fucked her twice
I seen his little daughters
He talkin’ ’bout “It is”, right now he can’t stand me
Nigga, you better [?] cause you been fuckin’ wit’ them trannies
Aye I seen his little daughters I’m like, “Hey” and gave ’em both a bike
But no breaks so when they stop they run through the fuckin’ light
I’m in his livin’ room, big blunt while I clutch the pipe
Roc walk in to the worse Newz of his fuckin’ life
I’m really ’bout that fuckin’ life, you better ask around
Back ’em down like I’ve been workin’ on my post moves with Shaq in town
Aye Brizz, it’s aggravatin’, it’s a hospital, not a graduation
Once lil’ Tay Tay get capped and gowned
I’m spazzin’ now, I used to shoot it like this, I was scared of the view if I hit somebody
Now I look my victims in they eyes, I’m Geechi Gotti
Niggas try me, Atlanta gon’ witness a damn body
This Bethany off that new Jumanji movie, a grown woman in a man’s body
I’m from that Murder Mount, 2-5-2, that’s what we ’bout
Raised up around those stakes like a tree house
So take it easy, cause I know ya family worship you Roc
This how I kill him and y’all forever have to worship his rock
I hold it down for this league, they notice me Roc
I’m that supermarket cart boy, I’ve been workin’ a lot
Y’all now the supermarket cart boy he always be workin’ the lot
But y’all be treatin’ these niggas like they Jordan and Kobe, y’all been bias
And forget to mention the real fuckin’ GOAT, I’m Len Bias
You know how many fuckin’ niggas took my style and run? Yo give thanks bro
I’m runnin’ down on all you niggas for my 5%, I’m Big Draco
This ain’t shit though, there’s nothin’ lost to me bro, don’t let this leave you scared
Think Verbal Warfare, you just got beat with bars
Y’all think I’m worried ’bout lil Tay Tay? This nigga hella bitch
Watch ya mouth, cause if not nigga, I’ll put a shell in it
All my guns throwaways nigga, destroy the evidence
So if we wreck before you can get to sue (Tsu) we gon’ settle it
Y’all know, get to Tsu, nah that’s Surf son
Bro, I was so fucked up as a child I tried to stuff real bullets in my Nerf gun
Now-a-days, I be grippin’ the hammer as soon as church done
God bring a man from the dirt but I Earth One!
I’m in the Cave, lookin’ for this so called Batman like I’m from Gotham
I’m still gon’ let this .4 get (forget) him, I ain’t forgot him
I spot Roc and his whole family, that chopper rock him
Fuck it, I’m even boxin’ the kids like Sock ‘Em Bock ‘Em
I run up on Ave like, “Yo, what is yo’ name?” and you ain’t like that
Take Brizz machete, he cryin’ to get his knife back
I’m lookin’ for Tay long ass neck to get a swipe at
His soul flyin’, let’s see if Trez can rebuttal his life back
It’s a nice strap, I spot Tay then the hammer blam
BAOW! Paramedics charged with trafficking, I had ’em pushin’ Roc(k) in the ambulance
Sike! I ain’t Surf nigga
And ya daughter, she writin’ books now, tryin’ to be an author
All light bars, and she got it from her father
Tryin’ to play me my nigga, why would you even bother
I’ll have pieces of Roc(k) all in the hood like it’s The Carter

[Girl in the crowd]
Fuck that nigga, Tay Roc!

[Bad Newz]
Fuck you!

I’m nice with the clippers, fuck a fade, I ain’t a barber
With these brooms I’ll sweep up Roc(k) like I’m a farmer
What happened to me, happened to you, just call it karma
Lemon squeezin’ all of this tea like Arnold Palmer’s, nigga
Y’all brought a little Roc in my house for real? Like I had shit to prove?
What’s my slogan?
Y’all know this nigga dead before bodyin’ Newz

[Round 1: Tay Roc]
Aye, aye, y’all know about antonyms and synonyms?
Well when I catch Ant’ and ’em guess where I”m sendin’ him?
I was fucked up when I heard that bad news about Bad Newz
Then John called me, said we battlin’ I said, “Damn…more bad news for Bad Newz.”
I mean, it’s bad enough somebody shot him, now I gotta stop him?
How many times you get hit? Don’t matter
This one round you not survivin’
Roc a problem, I got Crips and Bloods, I combined ’em
Send ’em at you, have you seein’ blue and red like the cops behind him
Traumatize him, let it peel (pill) in his mouth; Oxycontin
You and your cheerleaders, I’m talkin’ ’bout bodies piling
We wreck up ya shop, ya set’ll get shot by the fire squadron
Hecklers will pop, we wet up the block; fire hydrant
Leave him somewhere no cop’ll find him
Like a cornfield, that’s how I get him out the picture
Take you to a crop and hide him
The shotty cockin’, I’ll molly whop him, his body rottin’
When it’s loose on the rifle, the only time my stock is droppin’
Aye John, why you timin’?
The minute you yell “time” I ain’t stoppin’
He couldn’t get from behind these bars with Johnny Cochran
You grew up, watchin’ me and it’s not forgotten
You just one of them gun bar kids that Roc adopted
I gotta kill you, it’s not an option
I get close enough then left the fifth open up, we bottle poppin’
Aye, who gon’ hurt Roc? That’s who get the first, second then third shot
They find him in the trunk, blindfolded, Bird Box
I can have this pipe smokin’ Holmes; Sherlock
I’ll ice pick him, and twist it like a key that you turn lock
Aye, you choose, what the fuck you gon’ do Newz?
I’ll run up on ya man, like “Where’s Newz?”
He like, “Who Newz?”
I have niggas that knew Newz actin’ like they never knew Newz
Then pop lead, he drop dead, his top red: NuNu!
I’m too smooth, you gon’ end up on Channel 2 News
Worldstar, YouTube
Try me, you gonna eat through tubes
Doc’s gonna bring him applesauce, it goes through the tubes easy
If we don’t kill ’em, we comin’ back for Newz weekly (Newsweek)
We gon’ do him too greasy, I’ll chain you up, throw you in a box, then throw that in the lake he Houdini
Aye, cops discovered the body, it’s too creepy
They found a Carolina nigga bodied, bloated and paler than Glueazy
Don’t talk about who beat me until you beat me
You PG, I get paid, you do freebies
I’ll break in ya crib while you sleepy, I’m too sneaky
Beat ya head with a lamp ’til I get a wish from that blue genie
Every nigga in my crew clap for me
I could send Chef and (in) Raw like my food Japanese
I could send Ave at him, grippin’ two gats to squeeze
And if Newz stand in the way they’ll give Newz (news) magazines
You always wanted to be one of them Cave dudes
Yes you did
Donald Trump talkin’ ’bout CNN, you fake Newz
I will break [?] TV I hate Newz
My shooter’ll get him, come back like, “Yo, I got some great Newz”
I shouldn’t have took this, cause you don’t have great views
Thank me, for lettin’ me kick it wit’ a star, Bape shoes
Fuck wit’ me, what is you drunk off of Grey Goose?
I’ll take a bulldog and beat the breaks off of you until it break loose
Ain’t no way you can take me for a rookie
John be trickin’ off, meanin’ he had you pay me for this pussy
You don’t see a quarter of Roc amount
The chopper is what Roc’ll mount
On somethin’ that hit this nigga from Rocky Mount
Watch ya mouth! Why would he put you in this position?
End up paralyzed, there’s nothin’ you can do in that condition
Two choices, I give his bitch the Ruger or the Smith &
She gon’ disappear and I bet Newz report her (reporter) missin’
Like GTA, I send my shooter on a mission
This sharpshooter ain’t got nothin’ to do with a submission
Scratch that, I take a shank like how they do it in the prison
They OD on him, I’ve overusin’ a prescription, nigga
Summer Madness? NOME? You ain’t did shit but keep it G
Why you think you a celebrity Newz? TMZ?
Drive-by, get hit, right out of a GMC
I’ll hop out and handle the Unfinished Business; EPMD
Fuck a snitch! Before a hoe tell (hotel) ’bout mine, I’ll air a B and be (Air BNB) out before check out time
What’s this hoe’s facade, my hitter pull up in a stolen car and leave a O in the middle of this GD, now go to God
Antwan, you’se a worker
John, you should fire Ant’
Rifle, scope with the ray I’ll sent you on fire Ant’
Let ya bitch get tough like some kinda champ
Switchblade in the weave, chop through the roots like a marijuana plant
Better watch ya lips, poppin’ shit, you know Roc can get, rock ya shit
Or I’ll blast off, no rocket ship
Roc the shit, niggas watch me and they copy shit
Niggas studyin’ Roc(k) I turned them to geologists
You’re not as sick
Well, at least I acknowledged it
And all the shit you make up, you should be a cosmetologist
Six foot hole, ya body gon’ rot inside of it
Cops gotta dig you up like archaeologists
Body shit, you stupid if you thinkin’ Tay can’t
Come to ya crib like it’s a Raid like a can’, I’ll spray Ant’
BLAM! Drop him, soon as the can’ pop him
Once I’m at his crib like an exterminator that’s Ant’ problem
Come see that I be all about it
If I gotta be extra, somethin’ gon’ happen to Newz, you can read all about it
[?] even about it, headshot, left a nigga lyin’ like we ain’t believe him about it
For this battle, you couldn’t wait to even write
Probably some dumb shit like, “When I took two shots, Roc ain’t pray for me at night.”
You still walkin’, talkin’, breathin’, right?
Niggas get shot everyday, you’ll be aight
This battle, you the only one it mattered to
I took this cause YOU got shot and I felt bad for you
Sike I lied, I took this cause John said, “Roc, I got a bag for you.”
This the perspective I’ma put it into
I’ve been on Flex, been to more cities, I get paid more, I fuck badder bitches, I’m cooler than you
The only thing you got that I don’t got is some bullets in you
Shine killed you, now I gotta put you in ya place again
You got shot and survived to look death in the face again
Two shooters with ski masks on him
Put a Shotgun and K in his face like John John backed a rematch for him
Nah, my shooter fire metal ’til every bone in ya body Jell-O
He got a stick on him, purple ragged up; Donatello
He raise that damn can’, BLAM BLAM!
And then I deuce deuce ya homie, that’s the tiny weapon for Ant’ man (Ant-Man)
I rap sick, hop up in Bad crib, crack wigs
Abusive daycare worker, this shit hit Bad kids
Ya throat slit, ya bitch head Roc(k), none of y’all aunt’s live
I laid her tracks behind ya vocals
(What’s that)
The ad-lib
Next stop, I take the whole drum clip, air it
At who?
Bad dad like he an unfit parent
Head leak, he get wrapped in a bad sheet
They won’t ever be able to find Bad dad, he a deadbeat
You could’ve rapped all night, you would’ve just lost half this bag
I send the goons at ya ass, them tools clap and blast
Put him in a casket with a few travel bags, send him to Heaven quick
You know they say Bad Newz travels fast
Beat me? Still niggas lyin’
Tell ’em like I told the others
(I don’t feel niggas rhymes
Who you foolin’ with them steel grippin’ lines?
Tell him, fuckin’ with me he’ll get smacked, we on real nigga time!)

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