Ill Will vs. Serius Jones [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Serius Jones]
Some niggas wait ’til the middle of the round-
-to hit that firing pin, and then start shootin’
But they don’t know what an ounce meant (announcement)
OG as Bobby Johnson
You call my name, right from the intro, deuce (introduce) him
Fuck yo’ life!
Niggas wanna Cornbread me, it’s gon’ be a death today
Yeah, six years ago, a nigga snuff me, said it was ’cause he was hungry
Well, if niggas still got appetites, I’m glad
Tonight, I brought an extra tre (tray)!
You smell that!?
If you smell that, take a deep breath a bit
Do the air got death in it? Definite!
They paid me to put the gloves on and split yo’ shit up
So I had to write for Will and test a mitt! (will & testament)
Took ten off, came back, and ain’t lost
designed this profession!
So me takin’ this was my exception
I’m the only one left fightin’ Ill demons
Of course I will wash dawg (dog) ’cause I Am Legend!
But I don’t steal, Will!
Remember when Roc said, “Chill, Will
If I don’t steal Will, the steel will
Headshot, he won’t remember a round: I’ll Yung Ill Will?”
And he was supposed to battle Yung-
Now this is gettin’ ill, Will
And I ain’t had no ill will towards Ill or Will
So pardon me while I’m partin’ this nigga scalp
I’m the opposite of Yung Ill – OG Healthy
Never ducked!
Beretta tucked, and these rounds gon’ be stuck in yo’ head…’til the coroner get ’em out!
See I ain’t sham I fell on these (felonies) deliberately
I didn’t want the energy to hinder me in the industry
I shine, you’ll feel my shit spiritually
The only excuse left is, “We ain’t take Jones seriously.”
Well let’s check the files
I was born in Detroit, my uncle fled town for shootin’ instead of trial
The first years of my life was a block away from Em and them (Eminem) on 7 Mile
So why we just hearin’ this now?
Just to prove I ain’t on the same shit as him
Cause first it was, “Yak Town in this bitch! Fuck the New York niggas.”
Then, you couldn’t get Paid In Full so you joined a battle group from Harlem to act like Mitch again (Michigan)
Ohh, woooow, woooow
He said, “I ain’t fuckin’ wit’ it if it’s Team Homi or Wolf.”
Well we only love family, do you know what Wolf is?
Since 17 I was in the projects with cat, ICE, Lux, we was lions then (Lionz Den) before the footage
But you are not a wild cat (Wildcat)
Your days of playin’ the villain over (Villanova), we hunt in packs
Rockin’ sheep skins when it’s colder
You got throwed off by ICE, like the temperature of the white when you whippin’ boulders
Came from the midwest to get some Yola and got Arm & Hammer’ed
(What you killed him?)
No bruh, he got caught in the garden and that all the Wolves ever his men is soda (Minnesota)
19 I had a strap in Rikers
R.I.P. 80 (P-80), I was really havin’ ciphers wit’ lifers
But you’ll get your food ate early, over the phone, you an appetizer
See I can make a bomb with some plastic and a wire nigga I’m the black MacGyver
I got wrote up by a C.O
They tried to line us up for colors so I got kicked out that Rubix Cube, then I figured it out in the box
That’s how I learned to take a toothbrush and turn it to a Glock
The fronts up, the one thing I never did was back down
You smart for not givin’ us our back end
Cause all I wanted in the contract was them racks and no pat down
They said, “Jones got holes on the blade, when there’s holes in the blade.”
And you’ll get hit wit’ a pimp verse, that’s a MAC round
They say, “Brizz had your body hangin’ half way out the bag like a hash brown?”
Well I’m just puttin’ raw steam (Rawsteen) on a potato, we makin’ mash now
32 for the purple with gold trim
I got Shaq pounds, relax clown
‘Fore you get sat down, pushed around
Colostomy, now you really with the shits and in ya bag now
I got two pounds, one I call “Monk” and the other’s “Winehouse”
Cause this gun’s got the mountain range in him’ll lay ya (Himalaya) but this lil’ foreign bitch got soul and dyin’ to put the Yak down
This nigga said some shit like, “You from the hood where you struggle and strive shit
And I’m from the hood where you cousin gets robbed by your best friend you gotta figure out who to ride wit.”
And y’all niggas clapped
What kinda fake street shit is that?
If ya cousin got one of ya niggas jacked
And he’s still got it and you a real nigga then you get it back
And if it’s too late, and niggas can’t scrap
Then it’s clap, and if it’s that, then you don’t get into that
Cause you don’t choose sides amongst family, that’s how I know you a hoe
Talkin’ ’bout you gotta figure out who to ride wit’, so you don’t already know?
Wooow, see this is what they do on this stage
Fake street niggas actin’ like they got mind power
Actin’ like you the type to cause riots in the yard
We know what terrain you on (Toranio), you just got killed by a Hightower
Them Calicoe shots could take months to heal
With stab wounds it takes years
Long blade, you said you a poet, well let’s see if William can shake spears (Shakespeare)
This ain’t fair, I slap box lions and train bears
Speakin’ of which, you got Top, but vs the rest you suck
Cause shit you say is twi-
Aww, I try but I can’t care
Holes in the side of ya head like snake ears
I was born on Christmas, I know more about slaying (sleighing) than reindeers
Man bein’ a Wolf is fun
I done moved more white downtown than Brooklyn, son
But I’ma boss, you should’ve sent me an address, I could’ve sent you a box, now you gettin’ put in one
That’s one!

[Round 1: Ill Will]
I don’t like how you said all that shit bro
I should’ve shot him as soon as he said the bar
Like one shot, two shots, I bet he choke on the third; Craig Lamar
Aye, but I just wanna talk to y’all right quick
When I came in this game I was explosive
Straight out the PG’s, I was a popular kid
But I ain’t give a fuck about the top tiers or jock what they did
This nigga slowin’ it down let me speed my shit
Bro you got a tongue ring in ya mouth? You a piece of shit
Went on BET, won, then I repeat the shit
Numerous moments I done gave y’all, you seen my shit
For the past seven years I made my mark in this game
So I figure from now to three years I need to elevate and find somethin’ new to embark on outta this fame
Which brings me to you
Record labels, DTP, MTV, BET, TV, boy goddamn!, you was doin’ the fool
Shit, me and my niggas was watchin’ you versus Murda Mook…in school
I not ’bout to be battlin’ some new nigga ten years from now talkin’ ’bout all the shit I’m doin’ right now
Y’all be sayin’ these niggas legends, I can’t honor that nigga
I’m sorry, I’ll be damn if I’ma Serius Jones, E. Ness, Reed Dollaz ass nigga
You was doin’ this when Meek was doin’ it
When French Montana was hangin’ wit’ Smack
Why the fuck are you battlin’ me?!
You supposed to be somewhere in a position near where they at
So when y’all call him a legend, I don’t feel fear
Y’all look at him and say “legend”, I be lookin’ like, ‘Bruh you still here?”
Bruh, well be still, here, this steel here, we used to gun butt niggas and let the trigger go off at the same time
Can you still hear?
I got the Juice now, don’t play Steel here
Headshot, he ain’t gon’ survive unless he got steel hair
I’m a Yak nigga from the dirt but it’s New Orleans in my blood you can tell the fam’
Which means I can be out the Grand Prix wit’ it and he can’t repel a can’
Now I know, that was kinda reachy, but I can do what I want
I leave people shocked in the face, you try to do what you want then get sn-
Heaven sent, but I’m Hell bound, this a holy omen
You ain’t remotely potent, you lost to that Nova Scotian
Dizaster had you in a hoe-ish moment
ICE had to control the moment
Me? I put a coward on a gurney, he holla from the 30
I’m in a legal state too, I got the sour if ya heard me
Even pulled the plug on the OG like a power of attorney
I elevated from an inhumane society, no plans involved
I came in like it’s a veterinary in danger, him and his dogs (dawgs)
If I run through yo’ house, with a .40, tell yo’ bitch to leave and make it fast
You don’t want me to yoke her up (mediocre) with her basic ass
No slight reactions
I’m ready for any type of action
I had the big ugly nose as a young nigga, but it got the jobs done; Michael Jackson
Ya scene over, I can make him Moonwalk or he can lean over
When I put a high TEC in him, he a cream soda
I got split personalities my nigga, you can meet one
Like you got Will in yo’ face then ya mama read one
Talkin’ ’bout whatchu gonna do to me, he’s speakin’ in hypothetical terms
But tellin’ that fib’ll (fibula) get his leg broke, I’m speakin’ in medical terms
Revolver, it like the spin
Problems? I invite them in
I buck it (bucket) on both sides wit’ a stick, I’m a Chinaman
If we at a restaurant, you gon’ pay fo’ my shit
You got anything I like I’m takin’ that shit
Barber ass nigga, I’ll beat yo’ ass then make you taper my shit
Nigga, just tell us how to feel to see ya dreams detachin’
Never mind we don’t need distractions
Big pistol, it stutter three times when the thing is clappin’
Like, “I’m serious Serius serious things can happen”
Keep steppin’, I keep flexin’ wit’ each weapon
He gon’ die whether or not he joke or (Joker) not, I Heath Ledge him
The pen seal (pencil) his fate, and got his bitch comin’ through
How ironic, I gave him the lead and got her number too (2)
Fuck is you?
I had Ice Pack Ill
I was gon’ ice pick Ill
Doc’s note, you can’t write this Ill
How I was gon’ approach it Jones, be focused Jones
I’ll give this guy dents (guidance), he from a broken home
You gettin’ everything I had for Ill, fuck Ill you got nothin’ but Ill
This Osmosis Jones
But I heard you got girls and you got girl
Oh is that right bitch?
Well I’ll let a bird drop a load to see all that white shit
That’s how we felt
You got snow? Then the heat melt
I’ll smoke a cone then open the gateway to Serius drugs, I need help
One round down, y’all already know what the fuck is up
Yak Town in this bitch, this nigga ’bout to get fucked up
Yak Town nigga!

[Round 2: Serius Jones]
A real P don’t wanna reload Glocks and play with these scales
I tried to be be low (below) but then the streets gon’ watch to get the D tales (details)
But reseal boxes, then we load crops and then it’s retail
What you tryin’ to get me indited for pimpin’?
Fuck it, I’ll sell my P.O. box and get my fee mail (female)
I don’t just rhyme
Whatchu know about a shirt wrapped around a TEC so the shells ain’t just flyin’?
If niggas wanna get upset, fine
Then you really see a Champion cause I point at ya hood then J blacks (JayBlac’s) with that dressed up TEC-9 (Tech 9)
My portfolio is thick as yo’ auntie that catch the holy ghost
So much heavy metal on my jacket Bon Jovi like, “Bro, slow ya roll.”
Beretta itchin’, one in the head with seven in it
Every minute ready to put a nigga down, this shit pessimistic
You a pest, I’m mystic
The nigga that invented doin’ numbers versus statistics
Skip the sadistic sick shit, all I see is a limp dick big bitch with rib tits
I should twist them shits, you flabby and sick
Like Larry Holmes. I got Hoovers and GD’s in the midwest actin’ like Larry home
I was tryin’ to figure out his philosophy and I wasn’t diggin’ it
But then you look up “Ill Will” the definition is “animosity or bitterness”
Oh shit we never considered this
Cause that’s his demeanor
Always screamin’ “fuck this” and “fuck that”
Why you mad at Smack then the league bruh, make up ya mind
You gon’ be a savage or act like a diva?
You like Ace if he couldn’t get rich, hated on Mitch then tried to get his job back at the cleaners
Talkin’ ’bout, “I thought I was yo’ gunner Smack?”
Knife in a gun fight, nigga shooters ain’t cut like that
I carried two classics after eight years, but they wanted to book the niggas they had under, facts
I didn’t bitch, I went and fuckin’ trapped
And told Smack, “You need a dozen racks or I ain’t comin’ back.”
You barely get a K to Shine, I don’t know what you’re on (Charron) but that makes you a fake gun
You better learn how to stand up to Smack
It don’t make you a G cause you’re mad and your hygiene’s bad
Your vibe screams, “I eat ass and rob Chinese cabs.”
I’m the guy that’ll pull up outside ya mom’s [?] pad
And sell ya uncle five dimes like ya auntie’s ass
Nigga you ain’t never ditched that rock out like Kyrie pass
Or seen the whites in the opp’s eyes when that five beam flash
Or had to dust juice in a Visine stash
The only time we seen Will (wheel) pop out wit’ a bag, it was a high speed crash
You prolly got an ID badge
In my hood they give the pups rabies
I ain’t sayin’ that’s right to corrupt babies but I’m from the 80’s
I done passed out more tre’s (trays) than a lunch lady
See I done ate salmon on a yacht and I done ate tuna in the can
But I ain’t a legend cause of what I did, I’m a legend cause of who I am
I ain’t never shoot no man, press no charges or pursued no man for my cash
And when it’s beef it’s no talkin’, only hear it in pass
That mean use yo’ hands or I can get surgical wit’ it
Take ya scalp, put a scalpel all in it
You wanna ride? Well I kill at will (wheel) and I’m way past the alcohol limit
I will kill the bitch livin’ in you, give you a male abortion
Let’s play spin the wheel, and you don’t want these bucks but I’m givin’ Will (Wheel) A Fortune
You’ve been gettin’ outta ya Power Range, actin’ all Mighty Morphing into this guy, you lost it
How you fuckin’ everybody’s moms but your own kids at home feelin’ like an orphan
“Oh I’m Ill Will I’m crazy. I’ll put some lead in ya daughter.”
Well Pontiac’s only 43 miles from Flint, worry about givin’ ya own kids lead with the water
Okay, Fight Klub, Power Summit or Public, that’s all niggas had before SMACK
Lotta niggas be jackin’ Jones gotta catch y’all niggas wit’ the actual facts
Y’all was happy to rap I was askin’ for rack
Made personals and character snaps
Before me battle rappers will prolly be packin’ a MAC in the back of the Ac’
Five mil’ deal with no platinum plaques, but was happy that cats was blackin’
In fact I was braggin’, “Look where battlin’ at!”
Jackin’ them SMACK rappers blastin’ they rap gas but in my habitat it’s a habit to rat-a-tat rats flat in the trap
In battle rap, it’s a battle to rap with rats cause we know you ain’t wrappin’ no packs
You still ain’t got no whips and chains and can’t leave, you a slave bro
I didn’t want to kill you, but I’m a bounty hunter and I got paid doe, rain/snow
I’ve been ridin’ through the midwest, ridin’ German with Cal’ boy if you ain’t know
Which is ironic because before black star the D was silent like Django
You do a lot of hypothetical fuckin’
Niggas moms and wives get it
But all that extra excited for shit that ain’t happen is sad
Ya hype pathetic (hypothetic)
They be tryin’ to say I’m borin’ because I win and I don’t even be tryin’
You be yellin’ at the top of ya lungs, got slogans, got Jamaican connects, all the shit you lose all the time
That gas, you need the building’s help
Actin’ like a bitch
Talkin’ ’bout, “Y’all don’t be showin’ me no love”, that was a miss
We don’t doubt fire (Mrs. Doubtfire) robbin’ (Robin) William, you just kill yaself

[Round 2: Ill Will]
Yo’ government name…is Benjamin Vagina
Yeah you been pussy (Ben Pussy)
I’m from a place where they wanna catch yo’ mama on her Sunday’s best
So the night before you trainin’ for battle, one day prep
You gotta like to kill, know how to fight for real
.9 to his Adam’s Apple, heated up the juice, this my cider mil’
I’ll catch you traffic Serius, pull up and shoot ya in ya shit
Body parts all over the car, Respusha in the whip
This is ya home death, I’ll be happy when you got no breath
Catch him out the house, let the revolver spin, I had fo’ left
So when his girl came to the door like, “Y’all seen bae (Yasim Bey)?” BAOW! “Mos Def”
He throw any Shade, .45 on me, this ain’t the internet, this the mai stage
I catch Serius (Serious) Satellite on top, they’ll go through his brainwaves
Chunk of meat fly from his head off the shot, look like his brain waves
Big .40! The shit mysterious
You better hope a surgeon got a big experience
They ain’t even tell the doctor his name he just looked down like, “This is Serius (serious).”
Why would you wanna wage war?
Oh this what you paid for?
You got Ill, and it’s Serius, that’s what we on the stage for (four)?
Big clips, all I see is a big bitch
Legendary hoe nigga, on everybody hit list
I don’t wanna hear no opinions my nigga, just keep ya lip zipped
Cause addin’ yo’ two cents, the .4 will give him a sixth sense
Peep the scene, I’m always seen with a deep regime
Charlie killed you, I deleted Clips, that was the deleted scene
I’m really official, I lift, something mysterious hit you
Bullets ain’t got no names, but this magazine for Jones, I got a serious (Serius) issue
Homi-ac nigga, ain’t no sleepin’ on the mob
Last nice gig you had? You got caught sleepin’ on the job
Me? I elevated to havin’ lunch wit’ the owners
Keep it tucked with they owners
I make yo’ whole family run, bullets keepin’ up with the Jones
I’m on him
.40, roamin’
Somebody gon’ get shot, period
I ain’t think yo’ mama cared she was lookin’ in the box like, “It’s not Serius (serious).”
It’s apparent (a parent) that I shook him, she was starin’ when I took her
I’ll cum in ya mother mouth and make her share it with ya sister
You mad nigga?
Well I’m glad nigga
Ain’t you a pimp bruh? Well I got the .40
Tell yo’ granny I want my dick sucked
Oh, oh but she might’ve passed away, chill, okay then
I’ma pray God let my daddy fuck her face in
I know I’m sick in the head
If it was up to me, I would be conscious
I’m psycho, and I gotta sleep wit’ the sickness every night like Cookie Johnson
Mask with the stocking cap
If he offend he (Fendi) get the stock wit’ that
Psst, we cut from different cloths but you think it’s Gucci, I can’t rock wit’ that
I can see it all in black face, give me room nigga
Little .9, it’s incredible too (Incredible 2)
Especially when I let the baby fire on this coon nigga
Don’t play wit’ me, I’m astonished by your fakery
Ill Will done dropped mo’ niggas than the abolishment of slavery
Jones, I’m not one of these clones, I’ll break ya bones, you just playin’
Word to the two lungs in yo’ body, I’ll take one from Jones, I’m just sayin’
Cause if you take “one” from “Jones” it’s (just sayin’)
Tip sprayin’, I’ll have yo’ bitch prayin’
After I put a round in this nigga head
Clip bound, sit down or I’m givin’ this nigga lead
Thanks RBE & URL
Cause once I Smack an ARP comin’ down this nigga leg
I’ll kick in the door, his hoe jump up
I’m like, “You better get her before I smack this whore.”
He thought she was gon’ get shot, but I ain’t gotta take that resort
She saw what was on my hip, no sis’, he just gon’ get clocked back and forth
I’m a Yak nigga, my city ain’t bitch like
Man, you gotta see what this shit like
My lil’ nigga told me, “Will if they catch me this time, I’m goin’ out with a big fight.”
Crazy how the nigga would rather see death than get life
Big stripes, I done done it all my nigga
Sold weed, saw shootouts, shot at, you can’t speak to me as an amateur
I’m talkin’ big strong big buds, coke so white it wanna speak to a manager
But see they be doubtin’ the Yak nigga, but it just be the same song
And I be wit’ all the same niggas
You see a new face then that boy just came home
Yak Town nigga

[Round 3: Serius Jones]
Stay on the corner watchin’ the kids
Cause you better off crossin’ God (guard) than tryin’ to battle me
I’m known for sodium chloride and slide like the door of cells (Duracell), that’s assault and battery
I don’t sell that white girl no more but still I care
You tryin’ to get a Pea a Black Eye, but you ain’t gon’ put the beats on nothin’, Will I am (
A size 40 jeans, fisherman hat and a white tee for Will that’s “decked out”
He always stay sweatin’ and chokin’ but ironically t-shirts got the neck stretched out
I flex, fresh out
I’m on a jet stretched out and you on the steps stressed out
But it’s always the nigga with no life givin’ death threats out
Your slogan is, “You mad nigga? Well I’m glad nigga.”
That’s the mind state of a sad nigga
If other people bein’ upset is what makes you happy, you just a wack nigga
So I guess mad Swishers and Yak liquor can’t block out them bad whispers
Still hauntin’ you when bitches said, “Eww Will. You dirty little fat nigga.”
See, I ain’t gon’ just clash witcha I’m go to class witchu
See I’m tryin’ to help this little girl grow up with some jewels, this your bar mitzvah
See we ain’t gotta act like you blast triggers to rap nigga
You pussy, and now we can see the whiskers pokin’ through ya mask nigga
Hold up, don’t try to go nowhere, stay right here
You gon’ take this killin’
Yeah my hand [?] got back feelin’ but I still put Will (wheel) on the right like a vehicle made in Britain
Ya mind been locked behind ya own bars
But from now on you livin’ in the sea silly
With water, gushin’ out the top of ya head
You wanted to be a killer, well (whale), I had to Free Willy
Chill B, you thought you was colder cause you from a cooler climate?
Well I got the tools to straighten Will (wheel) out, you just got a new alignment
But now I’m kickin’ Will (wheel) like the hubcap loose, from the tire herb
Slang fire and try to buy the ‘Ville
You from Pontiac but ya hood ain’t got no Firebirds
You a fake Ars’ and no (Arsonal), nobodies dreadin’ ya arsenal
Speakin’ of firin’ now, I’m committin’ arson tho
See I can take a life, witcha bitch when I shoot through walls
Or I do DODH DODH y’all and rip ya soles (souls) out like the shoe’s too small
There’s only two destinations after this: Harlem hospital bed or to the morgue
You thought this was going to be about youth in age, huh (euthanasia)
Well, I’m a vet’, this ain’t nothin’ I’m new to (neuter) dog (dawg)
Should I put him down?
Colosseum style, I’ll leave ya fate to the crowd
That’s what you get for sleepin’ on the insomniac
I would buy you a bottle to go home wit’ but you so broke you’d probably pawn the ‘Yac (Pontiac)
Matter of fact, he tricked you
So the VS is on (O) P cause he conned the ‘Yac (cognac)
Left you out to dry like gyms (Jimz), this the laundry mat
And matter of fact, I saw in that Calicoe press conference
His man said he was gon’ beat yo’ ass in a battle
You took of ya mic and acted all mad like you had a passion to scrap so what happened wit’ that?
Nothin’, cause you a faggot, relax
Fisherman hat, but on the real (reel), never grip the pole, you wouldn’t pull out a pump during an asthma attack
Nigga fuck that
The only nigga that’ll ever snuck somebody in battle rap
Finally gets snuck back and y’all jack that he’s disloyal cause he ain’t help him jump him and it’s a grudge match
Fuck that, that nigga’s lucky he ain’t on the shooter menu
I ain’t want this shit to continue
But we gon’ separate the suckers and do what men do
Nigga, Dizaster had 20 battles, you ain’t pull up to the venue and do shit, did you?
Cause you a sucka
Niggas tried to take my stripes, they tried
Yeah we had the second round in Miami
I said there wasn’t gon’ be a third and I ain’t gon’ let Clips go but maybe, sike I lied
Nigga I’ll be outside
If you feelin’ froggy then croak
Nigga I ain’t worried what you wrote
I’m Steph Curry, it float nigga
It don’t matter whatever you do, call your Jamaican
You ain’t never gon’ be seasoned enough to Curry the GOAT
See these niggas is playin’
These niggas still playin’, I’m just speakin’ off life experience
That’s already two down
Go ‘head witcha round nigga, life is Serius
We out

[Round 3: Ill Will]
Give me my phone bro. Bout to turn on my R&B cause y’all playin’ too much. Turn on my lil’ earpiece in here

{Ill Will singing}
You ain’t gotta say too much
From the look in ya eyes I can tell you got punched
And all you did was “Whoo” but that was enough to make Math punch you
Oh no no you ain’t gotta say too muc- nah I’m just bullshittin’

Nah you ain’t gotta say much that boy was sleepin’ you
Alright I quit I quit I quit, cause on the real…y-you know he here, right?
I’m just sayin’, he here
Nigga got Hollow…you know he gettin’ a big bag
Hell yeah you should be big man!
Bro, go slump that nigga
Nigga, we could jump that nigga
Look, I go from this way and- bro we gotta do somethin’!
If we don’t do nothin’ it’s gon’ be a fuckin’ disgrace
I wanna help cause I feel like it’s kinda my fault I indirectly got you punched in the face
My bad bro
Damn man
It’s like that fam’?
That’s a damn shame
Don’t get mad cause we know you wouldn’t do nothin’ with Math if you was Rain Man
Now for those that don’t know what I’m talkin’ about, y’all been livin’ under a rock
We all seen Math give you that Roy, Jones, y’all must’ve forgot
But I didn’t even mention it yesterday, and you got mad
But you think I’m worried?
You jive turkey
Don’t be mad cause you was up there lookin’ like 5-30
But you know what? I ain’t ’bout to just sit up here and crack jokes without a solution my nigga
Oh we gon’ reenact this
So I’ma be Serius Jones and my brother gon’ be Math’s fist
Now y’all ready?

[Ill Will’s brother]
Rest in peace Party Arty
Your last battle will be a long nose

[Ill Will]
Okay, now hold on
Y’all gon’ be my student guys
I’ma need y’all to use your eyes
Now I’ve skilled at what I do and I’m quick so be too surprised

{Ill Will’s brother goes to punch Ill Will and Ill Will blocks it}

Neck shot, chest shot, stomach shot, Math would’ve been neutralized
That’s all you had to do bro!
Is you mad nigga? Well of course I’m glad nigga
You know why he hit you, right?
You had that white girl up there with no ass nigga
AND you ain’t got cash nigga
Let’s play Big Bank Take Little Bank right now
Let’s go
You just got a little homie, let me show you what the fuck I’m workin’ with
This big nickle on me
Tay Roc told you to suck his dick in Jersey
And you let it be like that
Niggas don’t be feelin’ comfortable at they mama house talkin’ to me like that
This nigga frontin’
Softest nigga in Jersey since Joe Budden
Every time I hear his voice, he like Bob Marley I just wanna smoke somethin’
I’m hittin’ everythang, I won’t graze any
You just gon’ seen phone deposits flyin’ through the sky
Willona ain’t the only one that raise Penny
You can coin the phrase
I can never change, Bill will never fold on you
.45 to him, I hold it the hi way (highway) so it take a toll on you
My nigga, you can’t get wit’ me
Fuck ya history
I sit back and reminisce on strong arms, that’s muscle memory
Blast the weapon
You won’t last a second if I add aggression
You got stole on, I’m still on, that’s the difference between past and present
You wasn’t even the first choice my nigga, I’m just sayin’ bro
They wanted me to battle Ill instead, that was the plan bro
But it is good, I ain’t The Godfather or nothin’ but I was gonna fuck up Marlon brand tho (Marlon Brando)
Fuck this low budget pimp, thievin’ ass bitch
Fuck who he wit’
Crackhead hookers givin’ his daughters beauty tips
Niggas sockin’ you and you ain’t doin’ shit
Callin’ Dizaster like, “Man I lo-” bitch you do it!
You a ham still
Actin’ like you gon’ blam Will
But every time you hear
(Rest in peace Party Arty!)
He like, “Man chill!”
You came to Clips wit’ an envelope, showed up at Jimz with some paperwork
Which leads me to believe when the police got a problem, you can make it work
Got dropped by Math, dropped by DTP, that was your best two goals
In the future, your daughter gonna be one of my nephew’s hoes
What? I’m preparin’ to fight
Stevie Wonder on the computer I’m the terrible type
I’m just here to beat you and turn up a check if you ain’t learned I’m a threat
Givin’ my condolences to yo’ mama at yo’ cremation, the only time you gon’ earn (urn) my respect
Now I killed you nigga, but I’m still ya folks
I just want you to know you go against me? Ya Will get wrote
Niggas say they the best, but I’ll kill the GOAT
Any ill will towards Ill Will, Ill will get ill and you will get smoked

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