Charron vs. Big Kannon [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Big Kannon]
Now DNA & K-Shine vs 100 Bulletz & Charron?
That’s somethin’ you gotta watch with friends
I mean it was hilarious to see this nigga get SLAPPED for pullin’ out the fake gat as a prop to win
We all know K-Shine’s NWX, right?
Well from the way he rocked his chin
Oh when he slapped his ass, boy I almost thought he was Dot Mobb again
Nigga that slap! Was a “fuck you” to your Aryan cousins
Nigga that slap! Was for Nat Turner and Harriet Tubman
Nigga that slap! Oh it made me proud to be black…in that very moment
Watchin’ a fake gettin’ his ass beat like Jussie Smollett
I don’t condone it
Sayin’ ya chrome spit so the culture will accept you
When we talk guns, nigga that’s where we from, that’s the culture that we left too
But you’re a vulture, and he checked you for doin’ some stupid, over the top, white shit
I mean if you want respect from the hood…just die, and I can help you get sniped quick
Cause I know they won’t respect him ’til (Emmett Till) I let it whistle at the white bitch
Y’all over hype shit and say this nigga better than me?
Well now I’ll show you, I got a whole ‘nother level to reach
It goes, Father, Son, Holy Spirit
Sermon? Ready
Go and preach
Yo, if you gon’ continue that you blowin’ pistols
Me? Nah, I’d rather hold a Ginsu, poke it in you
Spin around with the blade, I’m Yoshimitsu
I wanna see your soul fly, look at me while I’m killin’ you
Your thought, so suspenseful
I’ll have him holdin’ a wound and lookin’ up
Like he at a new restaurant and don’t know the menu
Bro this venue? Just went crazy
They got sent, into an uproar
But the thing that they ignore
Is I’m a 300 pound man, and just said I would stab you with a sword
Nigga a fuckin’ sword?!
And y’all respect it?
When he say “bow” and “bang” and let his TEC spit
Instead of tellin’ him to scratch out the “Bows” Wow
Y’all rather let the mess stick (domestic)
I ain’t impressed wit’, Charron, The SMACK Killer or Billy Pistolz
Cause if Charron get smacked killer, hope that pistol really witcha
I’ll kill this nigga
Or knock him out cause y’all said that he really will kill me
Oh these Dukes are Hazard too, so it’ll be a long time before you heal (hill) Billy
Only the real feel me
I don’t give a fuck if you don’t see it tucked
Nigga that don’t mean that you good, jerk
Pinocchio, nigga the long nose can come out the wood work
Danny Myers told me to tap yo’ pockets
I said, “Nah. I ain’t gonna do it to the man.”
Cause the white boy fuck around and lose his legs if it ain’t no loot in it (Lieutenant) Dan
I’m not playin’!
So y’all said I should be worried about the rebuttals nigga
Well ha ha bitch
I rebuttal too, and I ain’t them other niggas
So comin’ against ya, I ain’t y’all was worried in no conversation
Cause if we take the gloves off, I’ll use your own powers against you
I know how to stop any Rogue operation
Nigga it’s ya turn

[Round 1: Charron]
ARP hit me up like, “I got a no name for you.”
I said, “A rookie?” He said, “No he’s battled for a decade like you.”
“Oh DaJuan Wilson.” I ain’t here to play with you
I’ll pay something from the crowd to start lacin’ you
You’ll get leaked by a fan that’s Pay-Per-View
You want gun bars? Don’t try ’em out yet
Only time I get bucks from a cannon (Cannon/Kannon) is a Wild N Out check
The freestyle king, there’s no way you’ll get around
I’m out of your league, I don’t go to war fair (warfare) I’m takin’ off the crown
They want gun bars, I ain’t gonna claim I buck heads to cater to the crowd
If I want him dead I’ll pay someone from Buckhead or Decater in the crowd
It’s Billy Pistolz, the gun slinger, Terror Squad you a Puns figure
Bar after bar blacking like a drunk’s liver
SWAT come to the crib, I’m a young hitter
Haven’t seen this many Big MACs in a White House since a Trump dinner
You scared Aak? I make prayers stop
Anyone around me can get the pic; Airdrop
A cannons (Kannon’s) outdated I got bare Glocks
I got a ratchet so old, it’s ’bout to start strippin’ at Clairmont
That’s Billy Pistolz, I don’t spray off slugs
I never touched an AR cuz
I don’t have a Shotgun or a Kannon, but my graveyard does
As a rapper you caught hate they say Kannon is not great
I think you’re as good as Bigg K…after he lost weight
I’m a corny white boy I ain’t scared of that
You’ll need to switch it up to win (twin); Parent Trap
RBE debut I’m prepared to rap
UDubb, Bullpen, was there on SMACK
Whether suburban nerd or you carry gats
Mona Lisa I (eye) connect no matter where they at
And we in the AI, don’t need practice, take ya shot
I ain’t going back to Canada Dry I’ma make this pop
You called me out? They shoulda made you stop
White barber you gonna regret this fade you got
So sit calm (sitcom) or I’ll have the blade leave a gash
I call it Home Improvement, it’ll have Mr. Wilson’s face cut in half
That’s what my team bout
Dent your (denture) grill Chiclets’ll be out
This dentist (Dennis) The Menace, a white boy’s knockin’ Mr. Wilson’s teeth out
You keep gettin’ killed, it’s bad for business
Photo bomb, this extra body gonna fuck up Kannon’s (Canon’s) image
You went on KOTD, they never brung you back
Sobriety chip, you’re done with SMACK
You’re the worlds oldest rookie it’s a fucking fact
There mid tier, bottom tier, Rich Dolarz and you’re under that
If I’m the vet and you’re the rookie, you must be wack
You’ve been mid tier for ten years neither one of us can rebuttal that
When you need opponents ARP puts those bands together
You only swim in the ‘Shark Tank’ cause you have investors
Will you be in Summer Madness? Never
You’ve been rappin’ since you were young Kannon and even Young Kannon better
You don’t develop, we haven’t seen you snap forever
You just can’t get the picture, you’re the worst Canon (Kannon) ever
So spit your rebuttals, I hope you have them on deck
I got more lines you can’t see than the back of your neck
It’s Blood, Sweat & Tiers,deposit that reality check
You’ve been in the scene longer than me and you’re the rookie that gets run battle the vet’

[Round 2: Big Kannon]
Alright look
Now y’all heard the line about Cannon passin’ his checks
Hold on to it, guarantee we gon’ double back
But y’all gotta chill, cause I ain’t even gonna rebuttal yet
Alright y’all ready?
Now…hold on nigga
How you cocky…and autistic?
That’s different
And you Crippin’?
Boy I see why Arsonal snatched your flag over C’s
The crazy thing about it, is he actually snatched your flag overseas
Remindin’ me, of Fight Klub, you know way back in the scene
Cause he cut you off from yellin’ 60’s like International P
Now I know Grape Street and 60’s are two different gangs
But he didn’t know the difference, I mean he just figures that all this shit’s the same
Well say he’s in a gang, I mean honestly people, we should feel it’s great
I mean they gave him his own division cause they know he’s autistic; called the Gilbert Grape’s
I mean they jumped him in the gang
Gave him a helmet, water gun with some Grape Street apparel
And told him he needs to check in with his OG’s…Radio and Lil’ Darrell
I mean nigga you retarded, but you ain’t retarded enough
To really think that you the SMACK Killer
Look where you at nigga, it’s RBE
You beat a few black niggas, but never that nigga
Let’s talk facts witcha
Them others, they ain’t have the right plan to attack ya
And that’s how you be damagin’ rappers
Well you and the fans got it backwards
Just cause you seen him cook he (cookie) gorilla? Well now you got an animal, cracker
I heard the chatter, that this battle was booked for the rebuttals that we can throw into here
Nigga it’s Charron…no one cares
One of KOTD’s lowest tiers before all of the black folks appeared
So if we gon’ compare, us to anybody, you know what? I think Stockton and Malone is fair
Cause you talk (Utah) Jazz but the black man been givin’ you an assist for your whole career
Over there! You had yo’ chance to be the man
I mean you battled Pat Stay for the chain, that was sloppy
It was like Sharif with Cane cousin
Niggas seen him get the shot, and still chose to stay wit’ the body
How you able to stop me? With the skin of a Nazi?
Boy I’ll violate you, slide blade through your cranium slice, look like I’m tryin’ to fade you
One slice, oh the nigga still white, I guess God still tryin’ to save you
The second slice, split his melon in two, he bi-racial
How guys rate you, is that you one of the best
…Yeah I guess
Boy, you just look like you took battle rap and tried to imitate it
But knew nothin’ about the culture or the essence, that’s cool, cause I can demonstrate it
Wasn’t your picture taken, with a 40, cigar and confederate flag?
Yes you niggas heard me, he posted a picture with a confederate flag
See that alone show me you got yo’ head in yo’ ass
And you a part of the culture and don’t belong in it
Cause I ain’t even mad you took the picture, I’m more mad you didn’t recognize somethin’ was wrong with it
I won’t be long winded, you know, stand here and call you “racist” for clout
But I guess battle rap ain’t the only reason got him thinkin’ white men can hang in the south
Boy this a dangerous bout
Oh them others that you faced, nigga they ain’t give a fuck
But I ain’t never met a white person in the world I wanted to kill as much
I mean, K-Shine! K-Shine couldn’t zip him up
Nor Arsonal, so this one, is for y’all goofies
Cause finally, the boy caught it (boycotted) from a black face, now everything, all Gucci
I mean dawg salute me! Cause y’all said to get my respect, I gotta go through this bum
So the white boy ain’t skatin’
Ain’t nobody robbin’ big (Rob & Big) but this one
Nigga it’s ya turn man

[Round 2: Charron]
This ain’t ya first mistake you always die vs the greats
You battlin’ is the reason for Chicago’s high murder rate
You hit up ARP like, “My G, I deserve a plate.”
Your career’s so dead you should headline every Pearly Gates
This how you work a body, no ergonomic, ARP, bet it hurts to watch it
He gon’ be pissed the way I send money back to him; Verb deposit
I spit crack, you sip Coke, are substance different
You purchase clips, I 30 Clips, are guns are different
You’re fat, I’m skinny, are struggles different
You order 30 pieces, I drop 30 pieces, our hunger’s different
Stop calling out Calicoe, let’s get this out the way
It’s 2019 you’re irrelevant today
No one wants to see (C) Kannon even you spell it with a “K”
You’ve been mid tier for 10 years, I studied the game tapes
Rusty blade, put a cut to this lame’s face
Stab the wound over and over since he used to be stuck in the same place
That preacher voice ain’t gonna work
You’re writtens are so outdated it hurts
You’ve caused so many smoke breaks Al Kapone wants to put your face on his shirts
You’re verified on Uber Eats, dawg you’re the man
Sparklers fly when your driver hops out the van
Harmin’ his brand, I’m a magician, it’s part of my plan
I smoked Magic now I have da wand (DaJuan) in the palm of my hand
I want the old DaJuan get your rap on Kannon
You fell off I’m trying to put you back on Kannon
Where’s that Moe Dirdee, I put a stack on Kannon
I want the O-Red cookie flips, get your snack in Kannon
You were good, but in the past it’s like we passed on Kannon
Where’s R.I.P. Hamilton? I wanna see the mask on Kannon
No one wants to hear a written Big Kannon line?
I’d rather go back in time and get slapped by Shine
He be in the streets he don’t let me know
Like, “Why come outside if that semi blow.”
I be selling work letting weapons go
This there’s the realest-
Those aren’t my bars
I used it as an example
I just spit a mixtape verse, that’s the closest you’ll get to a Calicoe battle
2010; a huge MC
2019; Who is he?
This cannon (Kannon) ran out of ammo you’re just a shell of what you used to be
You’re as watered down as Shotgun pocket checkin’ me
You know cause I dropped my water when I was pocket-
You are not a threat to me
Judas drop 30 when I cross my enemy
Triple H, get a hearse thinkin’ you on my pedigree
You dissed Kenneka Jenkins and got booed, you lost their energy
That backfired Kannon (cannon), your rounds have the wrong trajectory
You keep gettin’ problems with DNA; botched vasectomy
You started Writer’s Bloque, I’ve seen y’all discredit me
You must be in shrooms to think you won’t get this box eventually
Super Mario I take lives from any block (Bloque) that questions me
Gorilla Warfare was an animal, they haven’t put out a classic in years
Writers Bloque caught a case of itself, and that disappeared
Now you’re a vet on a rookie squad, I think your status is clear

{fake chokes}

That’s not a choke, it’s a moment of silence for your league, crew and battle career

[Round 3: Big Kannon]
Being here with Charron
I’ve never seen somethin’ more weird than Charron
Until I seen the bearded Charron
I mean it’s clear that you’ve grown
I me he be on Instagram, postin’ model pictures, oh the kid mad fresh
You tell he goin’ to Super Cuts, and he’ll get the Bed Affleck
That nigga get the Ben Affleck you know what I mean?
Now look, now forget all that, forget all that, cause I figure, you right
This match does not make any sense
Blood, Sweat & Tiers is for vets to give shots
To the less popular to get them poppin’ in the mix
So who’s the vet outta us?
Dawg, this whole match up, everything was sick
But you know what? You was in Bodied, I’m the one that’s embodying this shit
Every time you call I be on queue P (QP)
So I’m the only battler givin’ shots at this event nigga
Be honest! And admit, you had to get Organik to tell you to come and battle to perform and compete
Nigga went to Organik like, “Can I battle Kannon?” I know I got A. Ward in a week.”
But what’d he tell you? “Sure. Cause I’m weak.”
Well that’s why I’ma lay him down on the floor when we speak
Cause you a Trader Joe, so everything won’t be kosher the next time me and Organik meet (organic meat)
Boy you sweet! And you wanna stand up here like a G?
Boy cut the yellin’ off, you’re underdeveloped fella, vanilla soft
Think you can’t get the piece (peace) behind bars? That’s what Mandela thought
I’ll blind you, by puttin’ one in ya roof, I’ll Helen Keller marks
Wait, blind Jew, one in the roof, Helen Keller, marks or dudes
To the forehead look like Goku tryin’ to teleport
Boy ya life, should’ve been cut hella short
But I love the way you switch up rhythm, I’ll switch up with him like K-Shine’ll get zipped up with him
I got a big pump and if it dump it put six up in him
But if my bitch come she got her shit tucked, we had a nip/tuck visit
But see this just isn’t, the type of match that you want
Just like my performance with DNA, like you say
It was sloppy…the toothless wonder did it again
Aye I gotta say I was pissed, and with the way that he got me
But anybody watch Andre 3000 in Idlewild?
Well that was my inspiration for makin’ this homi
Cause I’ma put this bitch in a casket and do the make up for that body
I mean you got me, boy you got me, I get it
But if you really wit’ it
You said about that rebuttal shit
Now we finna go ahead and rebuttal shit
You said that you get bucks from Nick Cannon
Muhfucka that’s cool
Cause that Cannon put you on TV, nigga this Kannon (cannon) will put yo’ ass on the news
The niggas think I wasn’t gonna rebuttal shit?
Is you stupid?
Muhfucka be on Wild N Out and that bitch stands near to Nick Cannon like, “What the fuck is he doin’?!”
But listen, how the fuck you even bring that up?
You think you got the same clout with Hitman, Clips and Conceited?
You’ve been on there for five seasons
And we’ve only seen you a fifth of the season
But, you know what?

{Big Kannon’s phone starts ringing}

Oh my God
Wow, motherfuckas just called me while I was battlin’ at the same time
Guess they was askin’ for a soul, nigga that was Jesus on the main line

[Round 3: Charron]
You have the replay value of a used pamper
You’d think after 10 years you’d be a huge factor
On the flyer you’re in the right side with the new rappers
You’ll never make it to the left, you’re Derek Zoolander
Behind Enemy Lines I’m throwin’ all the jabs
We all (Hall) Pass on his battles, homie was a fad
Wait I said, Hall Pass, Behind Enemy Lines, Zoolander; enjoy this moment that we had
A 30 is what I’ve been owing (Owen) Wilson, he knows (nose) it’s looked bad
Ya dad’s a preacher, you apologizin’ after
You must be used to this since we’re fathered by a pastor
It’s communion time you’re getting bodied by a cracker
You can’t phase me none of ya verses are crazy
Funny your dad’s a pastor, and you got murdered by JC
Did a deal with Nike deal but still battle for stripes
‘Legend Of Zelda’ you seein’ Kannon (cannon) get iced
I shoot the man to left, shoot the man to my right
Both hands out, lookin’ like The Passion Of Christ
They’re like, “What’s with the religion bars. I’m so amazed.”
Well you called me out, you preach, our freestyles both get praised
We’re both white…you’re gettin’ beat by my A. Ward throwaways
Now before we get into any lyrical domination
You want a conversation with a congregation
My house is a 1,000 Corpses I’m Dr. Satan
Better pray for this
Turned A.Ward to an atheist
It’s not debated
Matrix glitch, one body to the next, I’m Agent Smith
You’re the wrong Replacement
You and A. Ward freestyle and preach, look what God created
This Canadian’s really Raw; Chris Benoit , my victims are all related
So hang it up
Someone dying in this battle, but it ain’t Charron
You know the feeling when their blood in your hand but it ain’t you’re on (Charron)
Break his bones drive by shoulda stayed at home
Think Falcons stadium, popped out that Mercedes Benz to replace your dome
I’m mobbing Big Kannon
Make an MTV’s joke I’ll be robbin’ Big Kannon
You know I’m skinny, you’re fat, we look like Rob & Big, Kannon
This your last year, this guy is bland
You said if you lost this you’d retire fam’
You ain’t seeing 20/20 this your eye exam
Try to land get flipped by this .9 in hand
It’ll make him 360, like his diet plan
Aye you thought I wasn’t gonna rebuttal, right, ’til the mid round
Well that shit’s weak as fuck
You brought up Jussie Smollett
Well holla at me if you need a bump
My coke’s so white Jussie Smollett claimed it beat him up
I’m going beast mode you don’t have a chance today
This ain’t super bowl 49 don’t be surprised when Wilson pass away
This ya mans?
Well you also brought up Andre 3000, that’s a fact today
This ya mans? His funeral planned today
Since you Big Boi you gonna drop ‘Roses’, the Atlanta away
I’m in the cut, aftershave
Bring up Shine; SMACK today
When I land leave a hand print on Wilson; Cast Away!
ARP pushed you Heavy, have to pay your dues
You’re like the mascot (Math/Scott) he thought could help the game improve
What’d I say? Heavy Half, and even Math/Scotty, they’re in the same place as dude
You’ve done this for a decade, I have Bad Newz, this ain’t (Saint) for you
You fuckin’ blew it, need a plan B next
You’re walking a tight rope, better land each step
I killed Nick on Wild N Out and this SMACK reject
I caught more bodies from cannons (Cannon/Kannon) than a trapeze net
But wait, oh wait, people are doin’ that and they thinkin’ that it’s a home route
Aye it’s funny that he called Jesus and he really got the phone out
Wait, you thought He called you?
Man, they must’ve blocked ya thunder
That was really Charron, cause I’m the one that’s got ya number
I bodied Jimz and proved you were garbage and filler
I already ran through SMACK, yo ARP I’m the RBE killer
And people wanna do this, right now I wanna smoke this clown
Cause I just beat you 2-1 and you ’bout to get killed in that bonus round
Let’s get it

[Round 4: Big Kannon & Charron]

[Big Kannon]
Aye the motherfucker beat me
But even though, they say that he might beat me he won’t see me
Nigga get this D.E. and I guarantee the next place you see him will be next to E.T
I do him, how I gotta do it
Nigga I’m a monster and people know that
Show you flashes of greatness without Kodak
Bladaow, right there through the filler shirt you can hold that
Niggas know, just because he said somethin’ about church I’ma be on his ass
But that’s but no (Benoit) slack
I do it

Aye, he’s sayin’ that shit was no slack
You’re wack, you’re gettin’ smoked cat
No said, “no slap”, I’ma beat [?] water bottle; no cap
Aye, cause people wanna do that, and they claim he the best
I’ma leave him all read, with a bayonet press
And just like his shirt you can see BK on his chest

[Big Kannon]
You can see BK on his chest?
Motherfucker he said somethin’ about “no cap”
Well that’s cool, cause nigga the no cap was you with the water bottle
Now, headshot it’s one for that too

[Guy from the crowd]
Get that nigga Kannon!

[Big Kannon]
Get that nigga Kannon, muhfucka is givin’ up
The best shot? Nigga now, he gon’ get that same casket that Charlie Clips and what Rex got
Go ahead nigga

Aye, you know that you ain’t really bein’ this nerd
It’s funny you brought up Charlie Clips cause you got beat in the third
People said in this one, I should come with an extra round
It’s only right we did a bonus, cause you extra round

[Big Kannon]
They said something about the fact that it was a bonus
That was a bonus and the muhfucka actually said that I’m extra round
Well guess-antee you gon’ get shot with this extra round
And it’s just gon’ be like a muhfucka that’s disappointed, cause they gon’ have to let you down

There’s no way they gonna let you down
This meant to get broken; wedding vows
People comin’ against me, with that water, that shit gon’ never drown
Muhfucka you such a bitch you should go in a wedding gown

[Big Kannon]
Okay, nigga said somethin’ about I should go in a wedding gown and had the details
Well nigga,just like that shit I make sure I won’t let that bitch see me, pre-vail (prevail)
Nigga said-
Oh y’all just went crazy-

[Girl from the crowd]
Kill it!

[Big Kannon]
Aye, I appreciate that and you a cute female
And you a cute female
Well I guarantee her, you won’t see me fail
You wanna know why?
Because just like Friday this is finna be one of them Ezal’s

Nah, and I ain’t gonna prevail
It’s funny you hollered at her like, “Aye, you a cute female.”
Then she looked at you, psst, disappeared quicker than Hillary’s e-mails

[Big Kannon]
Aye that nigga is nutty, he is nutty
But y’all let’s discuss some shit, let’s discuss some shit
If a nigga mention I’m Hillary, you think he gon’ beat me on the polls? One line can Trump that shit
Aye freestyle shit, I do that, niggas knew I had the steel wrap
And nigga my body was over came with Novacane when he spit, I couldn’t feel that
These niggas-
But I’ma make sure that this goofy nigga feel wack
Ain’t no way that you could beat me, but nigga just like you givin’ some prescription back to the over counter drug
I’ma make sure that your head get peeled (pilled) back
Go ‘head

Get peeled back, I don’t care how this man freein’
You talkin’ ’bout prescription drugs but you gettin’ slept the way I am bein’ (Ambien)

[Big Kannon]
That was fuckin’ fire. That was fuckin’ fire

Aye man, you gettin’ fuck up beyond all recognition, that’s FUBAR
Took you eight bars to get the crowd goin’, I did that in two bars

[Big Kannon]
Oh! Aye, you did that in two bars?
Well I’ma show you how much of a bitch that you are
And guaranteed that what I do, I can kill you in two bars
Like the shit that you said about Laura Tarsi, that was your girlfriend and she still hoein’
Well I a wanna make sure that is uploaded for your ex to see (Ecstasy), cause I guarantee you ain’t gon’ be rollin’
Nigga know-

Aye man, I don’t care if you upload for my ex to see
This shit, official with stripes, it’s like a referee
Be lucky that you even next to me
I’m killin’ ya manhood; vasectomy
I’m into bread, that shit’s a recipe
Your girl open up, I call it “sesame”

[Big Kannon]
Aye, you said somethin’ about the vasectomy
Well nigga you should already know
You was scared to rap with the freestyle; vasectomy
Cause that was too (two) nuts to go
Hey nigga’s know!

Hey man, we wanted to keep goin’ they wanted to hear what he could say
I know this MC is gay
It’s funny you keep talkin’ ’bout vasectomies but couldn’t do shit with DNA

[Big Kannon]
Wait! Aye, he said I couldn’t do shit with DNA, well you lost to him too
Nigga, aye, aye I’m amazed that you’re here
Cause it’s funny that you mentioned DNA cause I’m ’bout to lower your white sales (cells) cause he was also somebody that AID with your career
Why do niggas-

[Girl in the crowd]
Wake up

[Big Kannon]
You don’t need to wake up, that’s cool
Freestylin’ off the top of the dome
And nigga, what you said about the blood on your hands, like it was not from Charron?
Nigga, I refused to get punched by a white man, I won’t get a knot from Charron

Aye man, knot from Charron
What I’m spittin’ straight up is greasy
Funny you brought up AIDS cause it’s going to take Magic to beat me
And this is what I’m doin’ and you can’t just hit me
Say I wanna talk about Magic when I got Atlanta with me
You got a gun? I don’t care if there’s gat that whip me
If I wanted to see a pussy poppin’, I’d go to Magic City

[Big Kannon]
Aye, wanna see, a fuckin’ pussy poppin’ like Magic City
I mean it’s funny as hell that you even standin’ here rappin’ wit’ me
You wanted to bring up the AIDS shit, well nigga ain’t a way that you gon’ get ahead tonight
Because we both lost to DNA, so that means that he was AIDS to career for the shit that Eric write (Wright)

With all that stuttering, I’m ’bout to cop another charge
St. Patty’s Day’s tomorrow and you already sloppy wit’ ya bars
And you already talkin’ ’bout that Magic City, I don’t care how you rappin’ wit’ me
I just came back from the UK and brought a Savage wit’ me

{ARP calls time then says there’s one more minute}

[Big Kannon]
Aye, the fact that he just mentioned that fuckin’ St. Patrick line
And this the nigga I gotta rap wit’ today?
Cause niggas is mad, because I just beat Pat trick today
Niggas know, Patrick- this is Pat trick
Dawg, y’all niggas ain’t rappin’ this way!
Nigga, this is just like a relief pitcher, I come in, niggas is askin’ for K’s
Whatchu thought? You was just gonna get past witcha bitch ass?
Test me, I let me shit blast
Only time you even get a turn if I let you and that’s if we at Six Flags
But niggas like this-

[Guy from the crowd]
He’s on fire!

[Big Kannon]
Aye man, guarantee me I can’t believe I heard that line from a fan
Cause this nigga’s gonna be a different type of jelly cause you brought up that shit but NBA Jam

Aye man, they sayin’ this the last one, well they should get me with another prop
Cause you comin’ against me, this is freestyles just like his summer job
I’m the one that’s doin’ this in the scene I’m the Juggernaut
NBA Jam, pump the Glock
And we from downtown; ugly shot

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