Mackk Myron vs. Danny Myers [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Mackk Myron]
Danny Myers…the big bro’
He showed me love from the get go
Shout out my nigga Ill Will, he- bitch I ain’t got no time for no intro
I kick down the door to ya aunt crib
{slight choke}
I kick down the door to ya aunt crib
Wesson on me, raisin’ the Smith like Aunt Viv’
He too slow, too old, Danny I’m too cold
Sniper rifle, he got a long Bullet like Manute Bol
You fuckin’ rat, I see snitch when I look at you
Get in the precinct this cat talkin’ like Puss N’ Boots
Aye, Danny Myers your people, right? I’m finna smoke y’all man
Kidnap ya girl, ya miss’ll (missile) be in back like Loc Dog van
Aye, straps all over the crib, I keep a weapon wit’ me
I got a house full of sticks like the second piggy
I’m Hollow Man this soft nigga could never see me
This bitch’ll get a long cap; Nefertiti
If I’m on ya front lawn it’s all over
Shootin’ shit, lettin’ toys talk; Small Soldiers
Aye, people fall over, another life I gotta take out
My bitch strapped, you see her piece you better break out
Aye, I be talkin’ to his mama like, “Suck them nuts!”
Kanye, beatin’ on his wife, I will fuck him (Kim) up
I’m on some different shit, punchlines be wicked bitch
Let’s bet some cash, the house on me like the Wicked Witch
Aye, you pussy nigga, Danny Myers a known scrub
Stop givin’ me these easy (Eazy) niggas like Bone Thugs
Aye, get ya bones crushed, slapped up, forehead bust
I black like Uncle Charles when when his forehead touch
I said yo’ mama’s so sexy, that old pussy I’m grabbin’ that
I put my finger down her mouth like Cactus Jack
Make her see Haws (Seahawks): Hasselbeck
I’ll put a lil’ cap on his head like Aladdin hat
Ya bitch mouth be moppin’ tops, cock for cock
She best, overall; Oshkosh B’gosh
Aye, I said I’m at his crib, You Got Served I’m poppin’ locks
For green faces point at his nose, Roger Klotz
Aye Danny, I really did a lot for battle rap my nigga, I’m a certain kind
Cause while you was payin’ niggas for respect, I was earnin’ mine
No co-signs
You? Had a lot of stamps
I had to bubble through the ups and downs like a lava lamp
I took his mom out for 20 bucks, the date cheap
I gave her a little Game and (in) a movie and went Waist Deep
I paint a picture wit’ these bars; HD
And if God don’t like ugly he gon’ hate me!
Let him run, this Mossberg will tear his back
{gun clicks} This bitch got a kick nobody want, it’s a pair of Shaq’s
I’m a real nigga, blood line got ‘gnac in it
I told URL you couldn’t spell SMACK with “Mackk” in it

[Round 1: Danny Myers]
After he died shots clapped in his flesh
To Mackk avail he (Makaveli) didn’t know more released after his death!
I been flamin’ kids
Mackk my run (Myron) won’t be stopped no matter whose name it is!
Fuck all the rappity rap, even after the scrap I’m snatchin’ the strap
Fuck Rex, hell yeah I’m packin’ Mackk (MAC) in the back of the Ak!
You watched B-Magic, me and Nitty, we who you tryna be trust
This nigga cloned our style, now you tryna be Us?!
The weapon load
It’s like an aspirin’ rapper, cause it get onstage and specialize in breathe control
I aim at his brain with the chrome
When Dan air his (Daenerys) top with what I’m draggin’ (dragon) it a Game for the Throne
I battle all the Michigan rappers, they know son a force
Whether it’s Ill, Mackk (Illmac), either way they come up short
Ya slogan “GOAT Or Die”?, switch blade to ya fuckin’ throat
I’m Laney High, I came to Carolina to cut the GOAT
You a fuckin’ joke, keep punching, don’t deviate against me
Bitch I got a MAC that will abbreviate an MC
You got a black queen? Cool? I’ll put one in her head
Now he Living Single after Mackk seen (Maxine) somethin’ to dread
You with Team Homi? Bring ‘em nigga, guarantee I’ma beam ‘em nigga
I told my bullets everything the light touches is our kingdom nigga
I’m doing this lame dirty
You got bars my nigga, but you’ll always be under Magic’s shadow like James Worthy
Flame 30, I’ll put his back up on the wall
And if Mackk (Mac) Daddy ‘Jump’ in he’ll see he got it backwards overall
You cook with skill, but niggas be duckin’ you, that’s how it look for real
But how you tryna argue yo’ case, when you took a deal?
I did this for Tink, I want him to be proud when he come out
I only got paid a lil Mackk (Little Mac), but they still want us to Punch Out
I dumb out, I clutch somethin’ special in the grip
And since you’re Magic’s son I must address you as a bitch
You got ya company logo on ya shirt…I’ll take a knife and dig it out
It get’s messy, gives new meaning to puttin’ ya business out
Jose was puttin’ in work at 16, it wasn’t done unless they bleed
His family convinced him to go back to school, they were tired of the death they seen
Do you believe in a parallel universe?
(I do!)
His big homie said, “We never let a esse (essay) leave.”
Then confined him to a wheelchair soon as he passed his SATs!
Nigga please, and he already on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got another two rounds of this shit

[Round 2: Mackk Myron]
I said I punchline back to back, oh it’s a tragic scene
I find it funny my Glock can’t read but got a magazine
Big pimpin’, I talk to his mama like, “Bitch listen.”
Dick in her mouth my balls on her chin like Chris Griffin
Come to Pontiac, my little niggas be turnin’ up
He ride past, they squeeze in the whip, Sherman Klump
Burnin’ skunk, leave a nigga leakin’ when we shoot
Danny, my name “Mackk”, that’s The Reason I’m The Truth
I’m .50 holdin’, takin’ this battle? Nitty slogan, semi smokin’
The dot on top, it’s a semi colon
I got a rusty ass .9 but it’s plenty loaded
I’ll let somethin’ old pop nigga like Billy Ocean
Check my background I’m that foul, Mackk Wild
Desert Eagle, you see the .50 pokin’ like Black Child
Look Danny, I’m the type to bring ya daughter pain
I’ll disrespect ya Lil’ Mama like Charlemagne
Pay attention, I got a mind like the The Godfather
But keep a box full of rounds like Gobstoppers
Danny, I own two .40’s; Shawn Carter
But got a .9 for the Bull like Ron Harper
Aye, he not far from us, why you actin’ like you the shit nigga?
Aye, I paid dues, he paid dudes it’s a big difference
He didn’t build himself he was Usher’ed in with no patience
I’ll kill him, the feelin’ is Genuine I’m ‘So Anxious’
A nigga that punch back? Somethin’ he never had before
Extendo, sing like Kenny I like the ladder more (Lattimore)
Beat me? This nigga of LSD
Big .50 on ‘My Body’; LSG
I play with MAC’s well (Maxwell), act stupid, ya life endin’
I rob niggas, even ‘Stick Up Kids’ I’m Lyfe Jennings
The coke came later, marijuana that was my first plug
.40 cal’, call it Avant, it was ‘My First Love’
Now that we separated it’s big shit, new extensions
I got some old 80’s, he never seen ’em they New Editions
I get the Temptation blade with the rough end (Ruffin) or the lead boom
His bitch dressed in Silk we have ‘Meetings In My Bedroom’
I will kill this Guy, he don’t want one part of me
Team Homi, it’s all killers on our end B (R&B)
Your wife hideous, I wouldn’t fuck, I got no manners
Pop you then hit that ugly bitch I got low standards
Listen Danny, I would hate to get the kids involved
I’m sick, but this TEC-9 (Tech-9) is hittin’ kids and all
I’m wit’ the shit, you wit’ ya bitch I let it BAW nigga
Pop you then bust a (Busta) home girl like Rah Digga
I’m a real nigga, blood got ‘gnac in it
I told URL you can’t spell “Smack” without “Mackk” in it

[Round 2: Danny Myers]
Yo, these niggas don’t want me I’ma spray
And since he brought up Charlemagne this kick can give him Donkey Of The Day!
Dawg, this ain’t enough space, I gotta get out here and snipe like this
I’ll stop his Heartbeat with The Temptation on ‘Nights Like This’
Niggas know it’s over right after I start
Wrestlemania, soon as I enter the ring I’m snatchin’ they heart (Hart)
Mackk isn’t smart
He loves her, but I stretch her skin, then paint her face like African art
I congratulate you on ya CD’s
Cause niggas never finish school, but celebrate graduatin’ from the PGs
We G’s, drive-by clappin’ out the Sig ‘
If I miss park around (Miss Parker) the corner, we gone get the MAC (Mack) up out the crib
Get animated, I’m always down to brawl nigga
On sight I’ma (Saitama) let One Punch end his shit from a bald nigga
I’m seasoned too (Season 2) make a move, give me a reason to
Blow his chest open, now I see what they see in you
Long nose, I’ll let a few torch through his back
I had the snub nose, but that was Too $hort for the Mack(k)
I’ll catch you with yo’ people ho, let heaters go, fuck hittin’ three or fo’
I’m tryna hit Mac entire (McIntyre) family like The Reba Show
Bitch, it was all good just a week ago
You gettin’ laid out Saturday night like Easter clothes
This what you need to know, top of ya skull takin’ all the shots
This patch (dispatch) in yo’ head leaves no reason to call the cops
This fraud should stop, who gives a fuck what you gotta say
I see Magic back in Michigan like his college days
Tell ya brother that the K is near, ya family knows I’m who they should fear
And I brought the M for sis (emphasis) I’m tryna make it clear
I’m ruthless bro, every fuckin’ battle I brought stupid flow
Bitch I’m having a Banner year like Mark Ruffalo
Ruger blow, I’ll use any weapon for death
I’ll stab you with a broken mirror, let the record reflect
Free Tink, the way he would destroy you is clever
If they woulda gave Tink a bail (Tinker Bell) he woulda little boyed you forever
Pan the camera, at first he was never losin’
We got a problem? These 4 K’s the perfect resolution
Fuck Team Homi, join me, you’ll have the best rhymes perfected
Even if you don’t get the W see (WC) Mackk’ll fit right in with the Westside Connection!
Bar God!
I’m a psycho, I’m talking quite sadistic
Once you spot ya auntie (antibody) body, you’ll fight this sickness
I write with vengeance, grab the strap, the beam focused faggot
I came to 3BL to Dot Mackk (Dot MCK) like the local talent
You don’t want this static, and you on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got a whole ‘nother round of this shit

[Round 3: Mackk Myron]
No bullshit, Norbes called me outta his own…out his own mouth
He said, “Yo Mackk. Yo…I don’t care how much Ill Will vouches for you I don’t think you that nice. You’ll never make it on the URL.”
And I felt him
You gave Real Deal way mo’ money than me bro…and I killed him
Ave ran cause he was shook of me
In the promo these niggas don’t even look at me
They know I drop a nigga, unexpected like Booker T
I’m back man, now I gotta swing wit’ a backhand
All cause Danny actin’ like like Penguin in Batman
I think he took some pills, who the fuck gave Dan E?
I’ll pop Danny, make a meal I’ll pop Da-
Look, Dezi cocked, somebody tell Danny “stop”
Act ‘roid (Aykroyd) a Conehead I’ll point it at Danny top
Nobody can beat him, well apparently I’m the only guy
You ever seen Mario on the ghost board? Your soul will fly
His mama called me “James Bond”, I told him why
The bitch let me piss in her face, gave her a GoldenEye
Assault rifle The Projector Tony Jai
Bullets kickin’ at Danny hair like Cobra Kai
These perfect statements, I project, now the Earth is shakin’
You godly but they got him versus the person who worship Satan
This ain’t worth debatin’
I’ve been up close, in serpents faces
Make the block hot, leave the strip cookin’ like turkey bacon
I punch wit’ hatred
I’ve caused victims for nurses stations
Make you the worst of patients
Two tre’s (trays) on me, the perfect Mason
I’m Nat Turner, these niggas follow me, Birth Of (a) Nation(s)
These the results of Michael Meyers work wit’ Jason
Grippin’ the TEC, bullets rippin’ his flesh
Clap rounds, yeah Mackk (mack) down nigga, pimp in distress
I got the .9, I’m finna shoot this bitch in the neck

[Ill Will] And I got the 12
[Mackk Myron] Put that away
[Ill Will] Why?
[Mackk Myron] He might give it to Rex
Hey I’m the monster, these niggas on my team’ll damage you
47 (yeah)
I’m Megazord, this machine an animal
Where you at Danny? Oh in California?
I’m pullin’ up, a bunch of niggas check him like we got 19 at 21
I jumped off the porch, Bay Street, knee deep, eight feet
Play me, I’ll choke this nigga until he Grape Street
I paint a picture with these bars; HD
And if God don’t like ugly he gon’ hate me?
I let him have it all
Through the scope I focus, I’m on Adderall
Shotgun, got him slidin’ on his back like Usher in ‘U Don’t Have To Call’
Aye I’m a real nigga, bloodline got ‘gnac in it
I told URL you can’t spell “Smack” with the “Mackk” in it

[Round 3: Danny Myers]
Jesus Christ
I was wit’ his bitch I was tryin’ to keep it nice
We was on that same Mario ghost board and then she gave me the secret pipe
And then, you tag this faggot nigga in for ya rescue?
Fuck Rex, on that same day I would’ve gave that 12 to ya nephew
Bar God!
If you see Danny, assume he got the shotty in the whip
Despite your religion, soon he (Sunni) hide the body of this bitch
I’ll beat yo’ girlfriend ass, she gon’ catch this whoopin’
That shit gon’ feel bomb, especially if she pregnant, pussy
Nike’s on, scope on her stomach
I give ya bae the Forces
Then I kick the Baby out like when Birdman didn’t pay his mortgage
And if you try to help? Don’t, you gon’ get this whipping
I’m tryin’ to push knuckles through this pussy, I’m into fisting
This is sickening, chainsaw to ya mama, disassembling
And we can play it out a couple of ways, different endings
Listen wit’ me, I’ma show you how I rap tonight
Old school McDonalds, I brought that half moon for the Mac (Mackk) tonight
You a sacrifice, I’m impulsive, I don’t trust myself
I’ll push you in front of a train, that’s how I conduct myself
You ain’t supposed to battle me
I live by a code of casualties
I’ll pay my shooter $1,800 he’ll fold your galaxy
Lift his soul dramatically, I’m flamin’ a man
I figure he’ll raise a (Hellraiser) a square to show him chain of command
Niggas out here blamin’ the fans, it ain’t them
You can’t give us bars with a fake pen, you can’t win
Everything is crack sales and [?] then he had the nerve to ask if I could scrap well
I walked up to him I said, “‘Whatever, Whenever, Wherever’.”
Now I gotta worry if Mackk’s well (Maxwell)
I’m past Hell, I’ll kill you in a scrap wit’ the fist bro
And still put the silver on ya scalp like Sisqo
Fifth blow, watch how the cannon slide you
I get the point across without talkin’ I’ll pantomime you
And if Dan decides to, I can have you tossed in the back of a movin’ van and vandalize you
Please don’t let your children stand beside you
I can provide you, a casket, you shouldn’t let these fans advise you
You paint pictures wit’ ya bars in HD?
Well if God don’t like ugly he shouldn’t have made me
I am the gate key, bitch you got a problem with the God?
I made him write four wills (wheels) then shot him in the quad
Get solemn witcha squad, I had ya bitch swallowin’ the rod
Split the child, King Solomon alive
Nigga die!
You on the ground wit’ this shit?
Thank the Lord he ain’t got another round of this shit

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