Frak vs. Xcel [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Frak]
They got me battling Xcel?
*hits inhaler*
But he’s from Boston
They said Boston is The Town? Well, this won’t end well
They brought Beantown, to The Town, but y’all got your own vibe
We known for warm days, y’all known for cold nights
Y’all go on ghost tours, we known to ghostride
Truman Show, you been living in a fake Town you’re whole life! Oh, my!
What you got bumpin in the whip when your park ya car at Harvard yard?
We got Jack and E-40, you got Chilla Jones and Marky Mark
Plus, the weed in Boston could make gardens dry
That Bay Chronic giving you a Klay Thompson vibe and James Harden’s eyes
This The Bay, you ’bout too get rocked in my birthplace
Bay dudes shake rooms, we were brought up with earthquakes
This matchup random as hell, like I’m gon’ get bodied with wordplay?
This battle’s Meek Mill: shouldn’t have been locked in the first place!
The rumors saying I can’t fight? Act brave
They’re wrong, mothafucka, I’m yoked (yolked): I crack eggs
If you even try to throw hands, your back breaks
Xcel (XL) too small for me, I’m Pat Stay
Welcome to the Bay – fast track to the fast lane
Throwing blows, throwing shows, been building my fan base
These my people in the crowd, I may not let gats bang
Got the whole Bay poppin ex – like Mac Dre
Fuck him up by the lake – on your mark, are you ready
Yeah, I’m calling out X (ex) like the “Marvin’s Room” ending
The cops come through stressing, all parts of you messy
He don’t want me to light up his grill: he’s Barbecue Becky!
You’re underrated Xcel? It’s time to prove it
Last time you were relevant, Jay-Z got 5 mics for Blueprint
I chose you, a flight and room to die for views
So I’m puttin XL (Xcel) on…I’m bringing back the Hyphy movement
This that Bay culture, I’m a generous guy, you can stay over
That’s why I had to line X up, I’m a great bowler
This could have been any, no-name soldier to make quota
Do the math, you don’t have value: X is a placeholder
I’m not impressed, I wanted John John instead
But they got you for 10,000 dollars less
72 battles in, and still haven’t got respect
With those numbers, that’s not a problem I can solve for X
I’m sorry!
They fly you out to choke, and forget what you rehearsed
Your rounds flatter than Murda Mook’s perception of the earth
He wanted static, but he kept disconnecting with his verse
Dropping bars makes ‘Cel’s (cell’s) service more expensive than its worth!
Put some respek on my name
If these fans can’t, it’s a shame
Go peep the Warriors at Oracle, my slaps at the game
In battle rap, I’m 5000-1, like Cassidy claimed
I broke through Brixx (bricks), now I’m going through ‘Cel (cell): I’m Andy Dufresne!
I been through some shit!
I spend my days having sex, treating asthma through a pump
You spend your days talking about your pen game – cuz Massachusetts sucks!
You got no personality – these battle dudes are chumps
But this The Bay, where you can get —- matter fact you don’t even have any attitude to punk

[Round 1: Xcel]
…Fuckin’ Frak, huh?
Man, I tried to figure out angles to this kill
‘Cause I could straight whip this white boy like I’m Django in the field
Or get graphic ’bout grippin’ thangs and spittin’ steel
Or how his effect he has on the game just isn’t real
You an altar boy, nigga
‘Cause just know, our styles never would clash
But, homie, you got fucked so they could get the God set up for MASS
You understand now?
Well, nigga, know your role – stand down
‘Fore I unload this big-ass rifle and sit the stand down
Now that grain count make it feel like it’s rockets inside the mag’, dawg
See, shit, I’ll blast off, hit Frak shins (fractions) and take half off!
If he run, I’ll chase
More shots flew from the K
Avocado: I bear (bare) arms, and I Ruin Your Day!
Oh, you mad? You mad? Flex
You’ll get cracked, stretched, catch a beatin’
You’ll need A. Ward’s prayers ’cause a ward is what you’ll be in
My ill MAC (Illmac)? Smaller than normal, but, shit, it burst fast
Bro, I’ll make you battle in the Zae, for your life – in a Dirtbag!
Get hurt bad!
One shot to the head, now he got empty dreams
See, I hold court and bang on a white boy, like Sidney Dean!
They picked me to school young’uns in the ring: I’m Fit Finlay mean
‘Cause I don’t speak – I Will pop, then leave, nigga: Ben Vereen!
Bro, you a Jew!
So really, bangin’ and beefin’s not what you do
We should talk ’bout investments and what assets to accrue
I spin the block wit’ the toy? I’m lookin’ to spray fools
You spin the block wit’ the toy? It’s probably a dreidel!
I read men’s aura (menorah) relaxed, so don’t get in the way
‘Cause if I show you what my can’ do (candle), shit’ll be lit for days
Nigga, just a wave!
I could have niggas armed wit’ a hand gesture
They’ll be smokin’ gas and loadin’ up them chambers, like your ancestors
My camp’ stretch ya
It get gruesome if I hit the Homi’s up
I’m talkin’ nasty, you can’t even describe it when you coughed it up
Even the EMTs peep and started to vomit, ’cause
I left a hole so big, you can’t cover it wit’ ya yarmulke
I mean, be honest, bruh!
Miss me wit’ them white-boy lies!
How you got street credit ’cause niggas let this white boy slide
If you want static wit’ me, I’ll kill this white-boy guy
Futurama: y’all finna watch a white boy Fry!
‘Cause you pussy in real life!
And battle rap can’t change that
So no matter how much hometown love you get, you gon’ remain that
Team fuckin’ Homi, you heard?

[Round 2: Frak]
Aight…s-should I do a rebuttal, maybe?
Aye, talkin’ ’bout Avocado and bearin’ arms
Well, I’mma open up his top like a Pez dispenser
Chipotle: that means if Avocado on it, I’m feelin’ hella extra
All that Jew shit, you need to redo, it’s overdone
We in The Bay – that means all the Hebrews goin’ dumb!
Tell Me When to Go!
Team Homi, Team Homi…Team Fuckin’ Homi
A band of brothers, bonded by dope rhymes and homicide
They needed someone qualified to keep the business optimized
Just an intern, y’know, an entry job for a deadly squad
They found you – face of Papoose, voice of Remy Ma
His resume said, “I can run numbers and start next week, dawg.”
A week later, they named you “Xcel” (Excel), ’cause you’re the spreadsheet God!
He’s the Team. Homi. Intern
Poison Pen’s like, “Gentlemen, let’s recap the business:
We’ll meet back by Queens Ave, and you creep past them, Bishop
Swave, you give the signal when his jean jacket zippin’
Nitty, you stay hidden ’til we pass the Civic and speed past the limit
Ill Will, you’ll squeeze at his fitted, then lean back and kill him
Now, Xcel – could you open Excel and read back the minutes?”
‘Cause he’s the Team! Homi! Intern!
Swave’s the karate guy, so he makes him hit the floor and bow down
Like, get his shakes and quarter pounds and go around town
Even Bishop’s like, “Take my fuckin’ order down now!
He’s the Team! Homi! Intern!
He walks in the office every morning, seemin’ stressed
So he decompress by bumpin’ some DMX like:
“You need copies? ‘X Gon’ Give It to Ya!’
You need coffee? X gon’ deliver to ya!”
“Xcel, calm down. You man the fort while we go catch some bodies.”
“But, guyyyyys, I wanna do a Homi
Yesterday, you said I could, deadass, facts, B.”
Swave’s hands some papers like, “Nah, dead ass, fax these.”
He’s the Team! Homi! Intern!
Man, the way they treat him, he’s constantly stressed
Talkin’ to him all rude, “Xcel, why is the office a mess?”
He always upset, all the shit they drop on his desk
And his tone starts to change like the Doppler effect
He’s nauseous, depressed, knees weak palms full of sweat
If they give him one more order his heart will pop out his chest
Then Swave like, “We need 42 copies for this Homi event.”
And he looks up like, “I thought you can’t copy respect?!”
Look at Team Homi and ’em, washed up, bones been so broken
Slangin’ bingo tokens, movin’ in slow motion
Got a couple more years before you lose your big old moment
As soon as you roll up on X’ clique (click), you know their windows closin’
Not to mention these small leagues they got you battlin’ wit’
In the middle of Kansas and shit, probably called Clash In The Sticks
Battlin’ some dude named Savage The Myth
Filmed with a flip phone camera attached to a stick
But I guess with the fans you’re a hit…’cause they watch X videos (XVideos) for that amateur shit!
God damn it, it’s lit!
The leagues like, “Dude we’ll hook it up. There’s a food and other stuff
Plus we’ll pay you, with a Chipotle coupon of the month
We even got you an Uber Xcel. Well not an XL, it’s a pool, you’re in the front
The battles in a public restroom, the loser has to flush.”
But y’all the crew no matter what, no matter the battle league
But they know ‘Cel (cell) ain’t blowing up, I put that on the Galaxy
Y’all call yourselves a “Homily”, and that was the mentality
But now they sick of ‘Cel (Sickle Cell), I guess there’s bad blood in the family
…Frak town in this bitch!

[Round 2: Xcel]
He rapped his heart out just now
But that shit ain’t hurtin’ me
Team Homi intern so I’ll give him this work for free
Lil’ homie, put some bass in ya voice when you speak to me
Cause I’m a sick nigga, With an Attitude son, word to Eazy E
You want inside the game? You got to earn these (Ernie) stripes
Best believe it B, I sit this white boy around bald heads, T&T
Hold up, inside the game? Ernie? Bald heads? T&T?
It’s easy see, when I’m dialed in, I change frequencies
But we in Oakland, but I’m a King, I’m on my Sac’ Town vibe
Cause everything I say in here, I am that, outside
I’m wit’ the smoke, I cause fatalities and blacked out guys
There’s more to combat (Mortal Kombat) Frak, my background live
You fuckin’ fool
Nigga, ya last match got you thinkin’ they fuck witchu?
But I turned bricks (Brixx) to rubble
To come back, he dusted you
I’m the villain, they Marvel at
I ain’t in it to get fame, Thanos, to get stoned and snap’s my End Game
But you? You did Wild ‘N Out in pursuit of this fame shit
And Nick Cannon did say that he was a Star…Of David
Save it
Like your parent’s through dollars in ya trust fund
See I seen niggas get shot in playgrounds, I couldn’t trust fun
We not the same, in the streets, as a man or on the stage Stark comparison
So get the beam off the hand or get a blade your shit land
It’s the conviction where you come up for so no matter what tier he in (Tyrion) he gon’ come up short
Aye Frak never mind
Yo bro I be so far ahead of time
I can say the same shit twice and they wouldn’t catch the second line
My flesh designed for war
You force shit and talk about it
See I wire y’all, turn off lights, get ya thoughts rerouted
You think wrong I will spill ya bean and make coffee out it
Bro you don’t get it, you want to master (math to) my move, no physics
See I’m God speed, my pen don’t recognize no limit
The root for me, cause they see I branched out and grown wit’ it
And they never know how I come to this ring, I’m Stone Cold wit’ it
See those gimmicks, you be on, will get ya nose shifted
Next round we gon’ talk about do’s and don’t bitch, cause you pussy in real life
And battle rap can’t change that
And all them fuckin’ rebuttals you do? You gon’ remain that
Team Homi

[Round 3: Frak]
Team Homi, your crew’s the reason you’re in Hell fryin’
He said, “Eazy-E”, that’s cause your AIDS the reason that ‘Cel’s (cells) dyin’
He said, Game Of Thrones shit, right?
He said he’s givin’ me a shot, that’s a shot in the dark
Tyrion? Nah, you gettin’ killed by a no-one; I’m Arya Stark
A Jew and a Muslim battling on the West Bank, it feels like it’s the rapture
Our people have been fighting on distant pastures before Iron met Dizaster and flipped the chapter
Aristocrats are misrepresenting the issue, Gaza’s Strip-ped of answers
But our people have to come together and fight…against these fucking Christian rappers
You’re a 5 Percenter, which is a religion and school
That says you are a god, and divinity is inner and true
But then it had me thinking it through
“Xcel the god, what if this whole time, it really was you?”
Xcel is God? G-God?
I have so many questions, bring me to light
What’s the meaning of life?
Have I been goin’ with demons or Christ?
Is Wikipedia right?
Who’s gonna win between Geechi and ICE?
The milk comes after the cereal, right?
If you’re God, and man’s made in your image, how come Jesus is white?
I need your advice
(Oh he’s black. Okay. He’s black I guess that’s why.)
I’m sorry I didn’t believe, I guess I felt fear
But if death is God’s plan why am i still here?
In 1 AD, Jesus descended into the Mideast, the kids cheered
In 2014, God descended into battle rap’s mid tier
He comes down from Heaven, to start rapping up in a club
Instead of “Battler to my right”, they say, “Battler from above.”
On the first day was a black night
On the 2nd day he said, “THAT’S LIGHT”
On the 3rd day he created mountains and valleys like landslide
On the 4th day, he created mankind
And he asked them, “Would you like to retweet my battle when you have time?
But let us pray
Dear God, my mother’s sick, I got two jobs, I’m tryna juggle it
I need help help from the covenant I can’t get from the government
Suddenly you feel a gust of wind, and Xcel reaches down from Heaven like, “TALK THAT STRUGGLE SHIT!” Boi
Jesus resurrected once, but Xcel is of a higher ascent
He comes back from death every time Boston has a fire event
Got crucified by Oops, Madflex, gave Danny Myers the win
It’s cause God comes back to Mass just to die for our sins
For every Slow It Down or defeat bar, he sacrifices his pen
But then he hears a “Don Demarco” and he rises again
I can lament for a God that chokes and has to pull out his rhymes
But hey, at least A. Ward follows you around saying you’re good all the time
He’s a humble God, he doesn’t need an ounce of charisma
When his rounds against Chilla are counseled as scripture
Celebrated like Mohammed from the mountains and vistas
I guess that’s why leagues keep him out of the picture
You’ll never draw a profit (prophet) my man,I hope God understands
There shouldn’t be a disconnect between Mohammed and man
In the name of religion, humans slaughtered like lambs
In the name of religion, Gaza’s bombed like Iran
Between me and Zionism, a line’s drawn in the sand
But if i give X a diss (Exodus), I promise it land!
I don’t subscribe to religion, I’m not caught in the trap
I’ma help myself first like an oxygen mask
So say your Jew diss, go head and try and cross me with that
But bitch I’m Judas, I just stabbed God in his back!

[Round 3: Xcel]
A whole round about me bein’ God, that shit aight
But this Bruce Almighty I gonna watch God mop the floor wit’ this white boy
They said, “Frak gon’ check you.” I said, “When?
This battle?”
He can watch 8 Mile all the fuck he want he won’t win
This battle, but then I step back and I seen that this was righteous due
‘Cause Papa Doc is Captain America now, the future’s bright my dude
But see these type of dudes, wit’ these type of moves leave mind’s confused
Why come fuck wit’ the hood, when wack privilege sides wit’ you?
But y’all love adrenaline, so that helped me find this cool
This put you close to danger, but not really in it, this is a vice for you
I get it, but I don’t but then I kinda do
You know what’s funny?
Here’s what I would do, if I was you
If I was a Jew…nigga…I wouldn’t do jack shit
Fuck stressin’ my stage presence bro, I wouldn’t (w)rap gifts
I’d go to school, do the family trade, stack chips
Eat matzo ball soup, my Bar Mitzvah be mad lit
I’d grow a beard, get in my Hasidic bag
All that shit and when my dad die I run his business, that’s it
I know, I stereotyped a whole group of people…but so fuckin’ what
You can feel how I feel every day nigga, enough’s enough
This shit was built for you, you ain’t follow the set design
You left the world your people own to come and be a guest in mine?!
You reckless slime
You leech off us wit’ your agendas and plans
When Yahweh said God was the original man
But fuck that, back to bars cause they paid to see me rap
So I kick his ass like the black Ranger to be exact (a Zack)
A big strap, extendo on it will make me feel silly
And he’ll get his whole body blew (blue), I bet Zordon couldn’t heal Billy (hillbilly)
If it’s real illy, we load up, we got a thousand shells
Metal beam, get a round to yo’ head, now he an alpha male
I mean bro you not even food
I don’t look at Frak as a rapper
This was a healthy snack, I finally used my craft (Kraft) on a cracker
‘Cause you pussy in real life, and battle rap can’t change that
No matter what the fuck you do, you gon’ remain that
Team fuckin’ Homi ya heard

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