O Red vs. Danny Myers [Lyrics]

[Round 1: O-Red]

[Round 1: Danny Myers]
This shit depressin’
I’ll choke yo’ mama while the bitch is restin’
Silencer while she sleep, it’s suppression
You not official, I’ll catch this nigga and pop the pistol
What he just do in his first round?
Run up on him and drop the nickel
The stick slump ya, I run up on him and leave this bitch under
You not a drug dealer, gun show, my drug shirt had a brick under
You sat atop the list of the pens, now it’s my turn
Red masks the fact he’s still a kid, this is Bright Burn
When P called me and told me this lame was gettin’ next
I told em “Red Dead”…Redemption is when I showed ’em it wasn’t a game in the west
I stopped aimin’ for Chess (chest), that only works for certain guys
It’s headshots or nothing, that’s how that nigga Surf survived
I work the .5, but still’ll devastate you with the K
Red see (Sea) this stick’ll separate you from the Wave
Bitch we just now battlin’? It’s been bad blood between
I was on the Hunt For Red October with the sub machine
What the fuck you mean? I’m from Cali, ain’t no wonderin’ shit
My whole family gang bang, I’m the son of a Crip
Even though I’m neutral, let me catch you pumpin’ that shit
Soon as my niggas spot Red flags they dumpin’ that bitch
My niggas asked me, “Danny, why you dumbin’ like this?”
“Cause Red knows (nose) he should’ve never jumped in this pit.”
I’m with the shit, Akh
Big stock
Let me find out you holding zip locks
We hit blocks, find out where you live and make a pit stop
Tick tock, clip pop, knock the nigga outta his flip flops
Paramedics checkin’ to see if Red Alert, we takin’ it back to Hip Hop
Fuck tryna get props, Myers dope, y’all heard all these fire qoutes
Gun butt him with a sniper rifle, call it “Collide a scope” (kaleidoscope)
Go ‘head and try it, folks, reach for it, my lead poppin’
I’m talkin’ soon as Red draws like Ahmed Johnson
Poppin’ caps don’t even look like man-made shells
To expose the bitch in Red like the Handmaids Tale
Get stole on, then a hole in ya head big as the ozone
All you’ll see is Red Skull like I’m tryna get the Soul Stone
But hold on, I’m on my stomach-

{Danny literally gets on his stomach on the stage and points an imaginary rife}

Hold on! I’m on my stmach
Prone position so I can fire with it
They lied to me – my whole life, they said I ain’t gotta lie to kick it
Myers wicked, I’m really talkin’ and cookin’ like this
Get Red Hook(ed) – Hanz! He shouldn’t be walkin’ through Brooklyn like this!
We ain’t scared of you, we don’t fear you, you could forget it
The irony, the old Red used to be dreaded
Why Shotgun a bigger name than you? I cringe at the very thought of-
You being under Suge’s will (wheel) like Terry Carter
But welcome to Death Row, I’m from the hood, we keep tools intact
I’m ’bout to check O (Owe) Street Status like that St Louis cat
But I ain’t gotta use a gat, ’cause with these two hands I’ll bruise a cat
But soon as I voice box he know he losin’ that
You’s a rat, snitchin’ on niggas, just tryna use a trap
I’m sayin’ (Saiyan) you point fingers with other niggas, that’s a fusion black
You know what it’s like when the state take yo’ kids from ya?
That’s why folks tell (tale) you shit gettin’ scary this mid summer (Midsommar)
Sig’ under, still snuck the knife in though
Y’all gone see Red bones everywhere like a room full of light skinned hoes
I’ll knife his chest, then watch him struggle to get the slightest breath
But if you saw The Sixth Sense, you’ll know Red was always between life and death
I’m the best, I’m who this nigga is tryna be
All this New Jersey Drive was inspired by this Menace II Society
You still a kid to me, that’s the way I see niggas
This identity theft, but this K I.D. niggas
I have to temple you, sacrilegious views, that’s the ritual
Open ya stomach like primordial man, I’m aboriginal (ab original)
Stab it into you, but I’d rather throw lead instead
And I brought extra arms to stand in front of Omega Red
The fo’ wet his head, and he on the ground with this shit-
Fuck y’all niggas!

[Round 2: O-Red]

[Round 2: Danny Myers]
They got us in Richmond, we both out of our habitat
They got a nigga from the Garden State versus a nigga that been gaurdin’ the state of battle rap
But I know ya rank, fuck ya legacy, I’ll murder you with a colder shank
Run up on you and this knife’ll be in the Red like it owe the bank
I got an older pistol, I’m talkin’ somethin’ my dad handed me
It’s from the 80’s, but still a bad bitch like Vanity
My sanity won’t let this be a bargaining’ issue
You touch the sleeve on this Iron it ain’t arguin’ with you
I gotta pop you with some shit that’ll drop you from Colorado
Get you in the lens then start shootin’ through RED like Avocado
My bravado calls for you to get scraped this night
Red I (eye) didn’t mean for you to take this flight
I punish ya type, we comin’ for life when a gun is in sight
Me and niggas been followin’ you for hundreds of nights
I wanna get away with ya murder, but you know what they say
Anything done in the dark gotta come to the light
One of us might, run up with knife, plunge it and swipe
Ironic this a Banned setting, and none of it light
Shut up and fight, I got weapons of all sorts nigga
You never had a update on the game, it’s all forced nigga
Once they radio his location I’m off the porch nigga
I said F ‘im (FM), it’s gone be static in the AM, let’s talk sports nigga
Bitch I managed, to grip the cannon and do extensive damage
You at a disadvantage, you and Surf battle raps Skip and Shannon
This a different challenge, I couldn’t find him, he kept fleein’
So I elevated my conscious, and channeled my ESP in (ESPN)
Bar God
I’m an inferno breathin’
I’ll hit you in the stomach with a bat, you’ll die, but in turn…no bleeding (Internal bleedin’)
The system been corrupt, so sellin’ dope, it was a need to do it
Cops used to plant base on us before the Vegan movement
My team is ruthless, we move in silence, we don’t need the clout
They outside the venue to catch this nigga leavin’ out
I don’t get the same love as you niggas, I know what ya region ’bout
That’s why I brought somethin’ this proportion it (disproportionate) gone make shit even out
Savage mood, my magnum got a attitude
Combine those words and you never seen nothin’ of this magnitude
Bar God
I’ll shoot Suge right in front of you, and y’all can’t prevent it
Then I’ll reunite Red with his boy like the end of Shawshank Redemption
Don’t mess with us, when it comes to them guns my niggas specialist
Jersey is known for Treach, us Cali niggas is treacherous
Bitch! Don’t think I got a gun and ain’t gone use it
First I’ll ring his bell, then organs come out, that’s the Undertaker’s music
One mistake’ll do, I’ll still keep faith alive
I give him a level of authenticity that you can’t provide
I mean you seem real, but I can tell you really fake inside
You just never gave us the feel like Edward Scissorhands when his maker died
Look fella, them chopper rounds sound like a propeller
Guns from Brazil get his whole hood boxed like the Favellas
I am forever, I keep a pistol when the beef official
But this half moon will introduce you to another one…the Reaper’s sickle
The heaters lift you, don’t die tryin’ to shoot it
With these hands I dog niggas to death…I am Anubis
Best pen on URL, it’ll never be you
I made that clear on this platform like a 70’s shoe
You use your imposing size as an intimidation tactic
Well I welcome it, in fact, give me a demonstration faggot
We eliminate with ‘matics, we pull up clappin’ the shells
All my niggas use they free time to practice for jail
I’m from L.A. bitch, if you heard them tires screech, and the car bent a right
You either ran, or provided cover for your homie like he spent a night
We got different plights, we both nice with that pen, but my purpose clearer
I look at you, and see a distorted version of me, you a Circus mirror
I’ll hurt this nigga, for any aggressive move that he makes at me
Then I’m holdin’ two rounds waitin’ for his son like Tre daddy
I’m at ya grandparents, and trust, what I carry poppin’
I’ll push something big forward wiggin’ on ya granny like Larry Johnson
Scary options, shot or stabbed to the ground with this shit-

[Round 3: O-Red]

[Round 3: Danny Myers]
It’s on me
Well, fuck it, I’ll give y’all a translation
Translation: We in VA, I shoot this nigga at the Wawa

{Danny goes Supersayian}

Translation: We in VA, I shoot this nigga at the Wawa
Drive-by, scrape into his roof like a high-rise
Red, low signal, somebody get him some Wi-Fi
(Let’s be serious, I was just jokin’)
We gettin’ killed over our skin color, Black Lives movement ain’t leavin’
It’s crazy how in this space and time, Dark Matter but we can’t see it
I pain’t scenic…pictures, you rap, I keep a trey smokin’
See G…I (CGI) don’t buy into these fake motions
I’m almost 40, but skill ain’t how y’all define it
What difference does your age make when your bars are timeless?
Ya boy Twork famous he got a Drake co-sign
Bitch, I went to all the legend killers in my hood and got my Draco signed
To get in the gang, my boy had to kill one of his camps enemies
In murder cases hudges don’t grant clemency
He showed a nigga the cap real (Dicaprio)
The gang gave him Inception, he went and buried the gun to plant memories
This damn energy? I use that, and a flow to beat y’all
Hit both breast, then a extra one in the middle like Total Recall
You don’t understand rage, I’ll put this nigga head through a fan blade
Then pull out Ms Doubtfire…this bitch don’t even look man made (maid)
I was on my fan page, they said, “Put this man in a casket.”
Trust me if I got a pistol then Dan finna clap it
So what you hold heat, it ain’t like ya hand finna blast it
You just another bitch with guns like Angela Bassette
They demanded a classic, I entered the land of the savage
To bring a body back to hand to the masses
This is my life, this is a hobby for you, that’s why I brought the shotty for you
Shoot you on the first floor of the hotel since yo’ niggas wanna lobby for you
Rusty gun in back of the boot
I hate to use it ’cause it sing like Eddie Caine tryna get back in the group
I’m applyin’ pain, nah, I can let the iron flame
Or gun butt you, the pistol not a bitch like The Crying Game
You be writin’ days before the battle, that’s why he stay wrecked
BLAT! Ya funeral Monday, let’s see if the coroner good on three days prep
The K split him, they gone label you a hate victim
With the chopper, bullets get passed down like racism
Even as a kid there was nothin’ that could match with me
When y’all fell in love with E.T. there was nothin’ but this Mac And Me
But I hate spittin’ gun bars, ’cause that shows you don’t have nothin’
But since you lift weights, you know it’s .45 in the bar before you add substance
Mag dumpin’, you can get made over
The strap got somethin’ for you and ya bitch made chauffeur
During combat, you can get sprayed close or-
Get something put in ya head from a distance like MK Ultra
You was never nice, two sharp shooters sendin’ Red to paradise
Big slugs will enter his stomach from a pair of sights (parasites)
We named the homie “Lil Famous”, ’cause he wanted to be a actor and get out the game
Sadly, he was killed by a stray bullet, all over a ounce of ‘caine
Do you believe in a Parrallel Universe?
(I do)
We marched to stop the violence, and when I thought his name
I realized that was the closest he ever got to the Walk Of Fame
Bar God
Y’all niggas be on FaceBook Live, what the fuck is you doin’ bro?
Letting the world watch your life, ain’t a trait that true men show (Truman Show)
Let’s carry (Carey) on, my black people got stupid problems
We went from being Egyptian Pharaohs to sniff heads that got toot in common (Tutankhamen)
Lux sposed to be the god of all us writers, bitch I was cold before that
I’ve watched men (Watchmen) try to interpret my ink in they face…I am Rorschach
Iron .4’s clap, I’ll come through and flame it on his sibling
Even if his sis’ teen…chap’ll (Sistine Chapel) find the bitch painted on the ceilin’
I get my point across, get fired on, stand in front of this firestorm
This big metal round send the Transformer back to Cybertron
The first round, your arm’ll (armor) split from you
The second round will knock a hip from you
This third round from this Big(g) K ain’t got nothin’ but some shit for you
Genesis 25:25 says “The first to come out was Red so we called him Esau”, I’ll punish a thug
That’s in the King James…translation, you be covered in blood
I’m done with this scrub, and you on the ground with this shit
Thank the-
Bar God

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