Ill Will vs. Pass [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Pass]
Y’all remember this?
Shout out to my nigga Apes
He said, “I’m from The Bay
Where you can get punked for ya attitude
Got a pump, ya body get dumped in the avenue”
Lotta you punks prolly get jumped and it’s bad for dude
Hop in the trunk, find patna slumped out in Santa Cruz
Every single thought is “kill kill”
The caps will (capsule) calm you down, that’s called a “chill pill”
Nah, it ain’t no hard feelings, the water real still
I’m lyin’, I’ll throw you off dock of The Bay, yeah I harbor Ill Will
I don’t know if he real real
Like after you pass against Pass, the GOAT do you still heal?
I should clap the toast just to ask ya ghost how gettin’ killed feel
What ch’all think I’m scared of little William?
Nigga he’s not raw
He ain’t got shit in store for me like the Eastmont Mall
The shit is make believe
I hate it when the fake succeed
You a snake in the leaves in green and beige fatigues
Just wait and see I hate everything about yo’ style
Your jokes lame, just save it please
I watch one of your battles smokin’ a blunt like, “Damn, this a waste of weed.”
Oh he sayin’ that he major leagues?
He stay with ki’s?
Yay’ and trees?
You must be drunk, pistol on his back gon’ make him leave
I get behind the Will (wheel), like I’m a good friend and take his keys (ki’s)
Why you always talkin’ ’bout fuckin’ on someone’s mama or they bitch?
Nigga you?
Nigga is any one of them women in life ever let you hit?
Nigga who?
William I don’t think that shit is actually true
I think you rap about it cause you traumatized over how it happened to you
For example: I was wit’ his bitch
Oh yeah I can’t keep ya bitch up off me
Don’t even ask if I hit it doggy
Shit I rolled a Backwood on her back while I hit it doggy
I saw your picture on the wall before I flipped it over, I flipped it off I was feelin’ froggy
Dick swingin’ in the kitchen while I was sippin’ coffee
Knockin’ over all the condiments that’s why this nigga’s salty
And if it’s a surprise in his place, might be a .45 in the face
Nah, you only tryin’ to fuck my mamas and aunties cause you look 45 in the face
What? You think I’m mad nigga?
C’mon now, I’m from The Town you know we don’t get down that way
I’m not mad but I do think it’s lightweight funny that you stole ya slogan from Pat Stay
He mad right now
Oh so, when I’m mad nigga then you glad nigga?
Like you bask in it when a nigga doin’ bad and you finna spaz nigga?
When you don’t wanna see me I’m the last nigga
When I’m mad nigga then I Glad niggas, that means it’s a wrap nigga when the bag zip up
It’s a trash pick up
I said I’m off the charts in the land
I grew up in the north by Mosswood Park, now I’m dog walkin’ him fam’
Cause he all bark, but he’s small talk when he jam
Religious? Nada
I’m God to y’all, this whole it’s all part of the plan
The fist proper, Stigmata, you see Jesus when I cross marks wit’ the hands
It’s crazy how I’m gonna kill Will and let this whole crowd witness
The last two words this nigga ever gon’ hear is
(Town Bidness!)

[Round 1: Ill Will]
You look like dude that be wit’ that other dude that be like, “Oooh baby whatchu doin’?”
You look like that nigga
But KOTD I’m back
Took ’em long enough
Actin’ like I don’t spit that crack
Cause if Pass pass by me y’all know I ain’t come to spit no bullshit like that
When I throw this up, that’s Yak Town
That’s what I mean rappin’ to you
But when that AK go ya da da mean shit gon’ happen to you
It’s dawg flex, he gon’ get his jaw checked
I’m offset, throwin’ shit over Pass (overpass), I’m tryin’ to cause wreck
‘Ganik said, “Will I got a bag for you.”
I said, “Damn, I need the dinner.”
With this protection I don’t need Avengers
Yo bitch loves my battles, she keeps comin’ through these bars like a repeat offender
Nigga I’m nowhere near chump
Don’t you dare jump
Pretty Tom with a snare drum
Bullets piercin’ Pass, Tom Brady wit’ an air pump
I’ll 30 somethin’
Yeah, .30’s dumpin’
Bro, when you go over there to- nigga y’all ain’t gonna worry nothin’
I’m just gon’ continue to ghost bustas (Ghostbusters); Ernie Hudson
Why y’all let this fool in?
Them battles you was wearin’ them backpacks was the ones you was schooled in
Why don’t y’all give this man help? Before the can’ help
And I get rid of words (‘wurdz) like ya damn self
Life absurd, get sliced in thirds
Kidnapped, buried somewhere by the burbs
If I don’t tell the police nothin’ and I ain’t got the words
Then they can’t find the words to tell his mama that they can’t find the ‘Wurdz
Line the bird, I’m from the Murder Mitten my nigga
Buncha Gary Payton’s and Shawn Kemp’s that’ll flame on you
Meanin’, if you get to see The Glove Pass, then a .40 might bang on you
Ayo Chilla! I ain’t the type that’ll talk and type
But I’m talkin’ stripes
Last nigga schemed on me? Lost his life
But I will scheme on Chilla tho’
“His bitch got her mouth on my dick, he (Dickies) mad. And I see why
Shot from the peripheral, the floor is where I leave eyes (Levis)
I came to ball mayne, I got robbin’ genes (jeans)
He ain’t got a chance around this motherfucka.”
I only said that scheme to let Chilla know I wear the pants around this motherfucka
I’m snappin’ wit’ the fifth
He get clapped up in this shit
If I get active (Aktive) it’s gon’ be a disaster (Dizaster) in this bitch
I don’t give a fuck, I’m married to the game
But I can play a single all the way
Like, catch ya family and Terminator wit’ the kid; Jingle All The Way
What Pass wanna do?
Yak Town in this bitch

[Round 2: Pass]
What’s up Will?
He wanted to diss Chilla Jones…that was stupid as shit
I get it, cause I’m sittin’ here tryin’ to figure out what the fuck Chilla Jones gotta do wit’ this shit
This nigga said I look like Dan Rue, like I ain’t heard that shit before that shit is super lazy
He said I look like that nigga
Man you look like the fat nigga talkin’ ’bout “What is you doin’ baby?”
I said yo, you ain’t really Ill, Will, you came in a liar
If he get hit in the chest then niggas should’ve been aimin’ it higher
Bitch who’s scared?
I got beef wit’ niggas in The Bay right now
Shit, me bein’ here I’m playin’ wit’ fire
I got the date, my face, location and my name on the flier
Bitch I’m outside
And I’m still on the block
We illin’ at will, concealin’ a lot
My Muslim potnas ain’t never cookin’ wit’ the pig, but they grillin’ the cops
I ain’t givin’ him props, ya image will flop
Hop out at the birth stop, a large flock of niggas to watch
Ya heart stop
Then his heart pop, he feel it or not?
The energy drop
Poke his skin the adrenaline shot
He signed up for this death that’s a Will in the box if he willin’ to box
I said I guess y’all bored
Actin’ like I ain’t been state to state, leavin’ these battle rap niggas dead on floors
What I did for this culture, I’m hot, I should set off wars
This chip on my shoulder don’t make me knock the head off yours
I’ll document this whole murder
If Ill Will see me, I have this bitch cryin’ to a MAC on camera like it’s Trill TV
I said I been through it at least
I don’t need to prove I’m a beast
He tryin’ to say that you on the streets
It looks like you woke up on a sidewalk today my nigga, yeah you in the streets
Yo bitch a super freak she’ll do it for cheap movin’ her cheeks
The best noggin’, head bobbin’ look like she tryin’ to groove to the beat
Assumin’ defeat
I’ma throw you off this hill that you been dyin’ on, this truly a peak
You been losin’ to what?
Math, Serius, O-Red, should I keep goin’?
Cal’, that’s a losin’ streak, what you losin’ this week?
You gon’ lose this battle
Lose this battle? Shit I don’t even lose any sleep
I’ll do you very bad
You get the rare Pass
He ain’t dope he drug free ole DARE ass
Do construction on ya block leave a square tag
If I see this nigga out here and a Pontiac right there crash
I’ll catch wreck ain’t nothin’ poppin’ outta Will (wheel) but an airbag
I said I never get dealt
Hot iron against the Will (wheel) let’s see if the metal will melt
Fuck a chain, I’m a real champ, I got a regular belt
You better get help, you better go better ya wealth
Instead of gettin’ defensive and ready to step bitch I’ll level ya health
Fuck however you felt
I have a whole mask made outta ya face if you get ahead of yaself
They said, “Pass, how you got an event called Town Bidness and you ain’t got the headlining match in it?”
I said, “I’ll explain it like a grammar class and shit.” Let me ask you this
Y’all know what a prefix is?
A prefix? Okay you graspin’ it?
You know when you say, “ill” like “illogical” “ill advised”, Illegitimate”
What happened is, the “ill” is a tool to make it inaccurate, incorrect or inadequate
So when you put “ill” in the front it just devalues the subject directly after it
That only ill rapper that don’t apply is Illmaculate, nigga
Hold on, y’all still wit’ it?
Like, he from Michigan but he joined Team Homi, that’s a real gimmick
You an internet groupie you ain’t grew up wit’ them niggas that’s lil’ kid shit
I don’t know what’s up wit’ the rules where y’all from but that’s real different
I mean all he did was break the hood laws, that ain’t Ill is it (illicit)?
Y’all still get it, nigga?
I told y’all I’ma get on this stage and kill this nigga, let this whole crowd witness
What’s the last event he ever gon’ rap at?
(Town Bidness!)

[Round 2: Ill Will]
I feel everything he just said
Y’all should’ve gave it up that ain’t no bias shit
But all the chips you said you made, I be makin’ ’em too
The bitches you get, I be takin’ ’em too
I said you look like dawg you said I look like my mans
Well a shot from me will make you do the dance he be makin’ him do
But aye, that last round that was damn fire
Made me wanna do the damn Cha Cha
We in Oakland? This ya damn casa?
Me and my brothers, we used to have that damn [?]
Look like clam chowder
Bitches get by me they like, “Damn papa.”
That Larry got her on my Johnson, I’m like, “Roll up another gram’ mama.”
You know what made you noble?
Was when you came to Detroit- nigga please
You know what made you noble?
Was when you came to Detroit and said a line that made you global
I was like, “Bruh, that was so motherfuckin’ fire it even made me vocal.”
That Maserati Rick bar brought the buildin’ down
Then JC smoked you
Aye, that’s facts cause you ain’t even pure
I’m sick wit’ a weapon, ill, I need the cure
Pulled the pound down on this pussy early, this baby premature
We endured, so much in my city, I’m talkin’ bad livin’
We don’t do all that racket over the ‘net, but I’m from the bad Mitten (badminton)
I learned at a young age when you pushin’ that rock niggas’ll run and shoot and post up against you
That’s why it’s easy to put two arms to ya chest Pass, I know fundamentals
This bitch fake, I fixate on murders for a fixed rate
Get ya shit straight
At ya door shootin’ through the screen Pass, this a trick play
Get ya son Pass, before ya son pass, you’ll get slumped Pass
12 on me, I love a gun Pass
Hahaha, this ain’t for no play action, you better run Pass
Delinquent, menace, landlord wit’ evil tenants
That’ll heat ya linen
I ain’t wanna battle you I just think KOTD authentic
I really think you got a measly gimmick and the weakest image
If you gave me the most money on my investment I still don’t think you would peak my interest
How you let Charron out do you at a SMACK event?
I said that wrong
How you let Charron out do you at a black event?
I just laugh at these clowns, meanwhile clappin’ the pound
Hospital, catheter gown
While I’m wit’ his bitch
I got ya boo in (booing) the best shit in the world like Cassidy round
The mind of Socrates, with BIG philosophies, mixed with Pac-anies
Huey Newton’s hypothesis
Steel holdin’, I bet this do not (knot) Pass this private property
I wasn’t even gonna cop this, I ain’t even gon’ brag on it
But once I turned it down, Pass on it
Now I’m cookin’, I’ll have ya squad shooken
You better start bookin’
It’ll be a Michigan nigga on the Oakland corner; Charles Woodson
My city is in Oakland County, I just got over papers
I don’t care if you had season tickets, I really seen them Oakland Raiders
But this a mini Earth, quake
When the .50 burst, shake
Don’t forget, cause I’ll do it all over again; 50 First Dates
Whatchu gon’ do when you find some men in ya place
Guns drawn, already put a dent in ya bae
You just gon’ ask for God, try to get into yo’ faith
Exactly, you ain’t gon’ do shit wit’ a MAC-10 in yo’ face!
Yak Town in this bitch!

[Round 3: Pass]
Bro that was hella funny
I don’t know what that was supposed to be
This nigga came up, doin’ what? Was that supposed to be some sort of murderous stance?
I don’t know what the fuck this nigga doin’ I thought it was an interpretive dance
Now wait a minute
Y’all gonna hate this round
Y’all from the fake Detroit
I know you hate that shit, I can see it in you
You love that shit? But I can see it in you
We in Oakland where you might gotta keep a pistol or you gon’ need a vigil
Now I was in Detroit, I met Trick Trick he said I was solid, I could beat a symbol
Oakland and Michigan been connected since Felix Mitchell
But yo’ career? Just Too $hort and my MC Breed official
A lot of the rappers from yo’ part of the state is really raw
I’m not playin’ the shit dope
But I’ma say it’s a shit show
Y’all must listen to hella music from The Bay and the shit show
Cause all y’all biggest sound like they from Oakland, The Bay or Frisco
Sada Baby sound like Dee Low
Tee Grizzly sound like S.O.B
Don’t even get me started on the BandGang
Where the hell you think them niggas got that whole flow and they damn slang
For real them niggas can’t hang
I’ma tell ’em straight, ain’t nothin’ to celebrate
Y’all just caught on to that Too $hort, Mac Dre, laid back Bay flow now, y’all hella late
I know you from The Yak
But you know what? Oakland, Pontiac, Detroit it’s all the same let’s put the facts down
Highest murder rates, drugs, guns, trap houses gettin’ cracked down
You can probably tell the difference between a .38, a .9 and a MAC round from how the clap sound
If you like me, you might gotta lotta friends that didn’t make it to see today, but where they at now?
It’s so much liquor poured over the streets in yo’ city they call it “Yak Town”
I know you hate that now
But I had to break that down
Yo’ city just a made up D scene, a green screen, you from a fake background
I’ma catch you in the back streets, wit’ his jewelry on but I know they don’t pack heat
When I serve him he got no ice I say the ‘Yak neat
Hit you wit’ a Hennessy bar and say, “Bitch the ‘gnac (Yak) sweet”
I have ya bitch flyin’ back and forth to Oakland just to cash me out
But the bag weak so I have her on East 14th runnin’ track faster than an athlete
Do you copy that nigga?
You wanna throw hands out, I body bag niggas
I’ll turn this shit to a sideshow, I’ll swang on a Pontiac nigga
I said I’m never bluffin’, never bustin’
Chop cut you in half, Will beside himself he really next to nothin’
He wanna settle somethin’
Bet I never let him get up again I’ll level somethin’
Soon as I started to write for Will I knew that death was comin’
Look, these fans don’t know what box I fit in, it’s gettin’ lame
A street nigga, a backpack rapper, it’s just a name
I don’t claim none of that shit cause it’s not some shit to claim
But if a nigga look wrong at me then he lit the flame
Whoever got the eye of this, put him to sleep, that’s tryptophan
What y’all think I ain’t never live the pain?
Like I ain’t never had a stick to bang
Like my older brother didn’t show me how to shift the ‘caine
I seen the TEC and white movin’ in Oakland before the hipsters came
Bitch you lame
It’s cool Will, you in the streets lookin’ like road kill, he’ll never live the same
My niggas wanna know why you think this shit’s a game
Food for thought, them wolves comin’ out to pick ya brain
Hold up….I told y’all I’ma kill him and let this whole crowd witness
What’s the last event and the last two words this nigga ever gon’ hear?
(Town Bidness!)

[Round 3: Ill Will]
He was talkin’ ’bout how Detroit and Oakland connected, that’s cool
I can’t remember how many time 40 came to The Yak, free my nigga Coo
Can y’all hear me in the back?
So it’s just Pass now?
Talkin’ ’bout Yak like we ain’t connected to the Bay Area
Like they ain’t got The Yak in the Bay Area
Like I can’t swoop ya bitch, put some Yak in ya bae area
Leave the battle, go home, and put some Yak in ya Bay Area
But, it’s just Pass, no mo’ Wurdz? You like, “Skip that.”
Bitch yo’ name “Passwurdz” and don’t forget that
But shit do just it do
Motherfuckers need to see it right now, shit just get stupid at times
Feel like I’m almost losin’ my mind
Lately I been out my mind
I mean loony, the loony bin couldn’t find the screws they loosen every time
But I’m too good wit’ these rhymes
Illuminated design
And a god whippin’ that water like, “Who done made all this wine?”
Pass, I can fight
This right? Will hug ya jaw
Young shooters, on pills, snubs and all
Funny how they get under the influence then feel Above The Law
Fuck is y’all?
This nigga actin’ like he quarterbackin’ in Oakland
This bitch dumb
I’ll bury you and I got shovel Pass when the blitz come
I done committed many crimes
But these battles give me shine
But to be fair to him, he an heirloom
I done seen Pass down many times
This is so unfair
Shots fly look like solar flairs
Pontiac nigga, live by the code (cold) we polar bears
You be goin’ there, but I be goin’ goin’ there
Like, “Hold it there.”
Soundin’ like a jealous pimp, “Bitch you goin’ where?!”
Not in the whip wit’ that money
Psst, I need that
Gun pointed at Pass and (passing) car like a speed trap
It ain’t nothin’ to make a victim
But I hate to kill him
Let’s scrap, I’ll hit Pass wit’ a bow like Jason Williams
They hatin’ William
But fuck it I’m great wit’ rights
If they tell you to chill, take advice
In the genesis, I would’ve put knuckles to a nigga Sonic fast like, “Say (Sega) goodnight.”
But fuck it
100 round drum, I’m slidin’ wit’ this
I think around 60 like I’m vibin’ wit’ Crips
I’ll line up his shit
Ya boy trippin’
I talk to female and male different
That why ya boy pimpin’ like, “This and this for female use.”
I make a whore listen
But this, for male to hide (formaldehyde) you need a mortician
Abort mission
The stove lit, they put you on the wrong list
Now I’m the Ice Cream Man, I’m ridin’ around wit’ some cold shit
Organik, you know I’m a savage cat and I’m glad to wrap
You my dawg plus you pass me rap
As a matter of fact…
Thanks for havin’ me back
But next time don’t call me unless it’s Dizaster or Pat
Yak Town in this bitch!

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