Murda Mook & Calicoe (Murda Land) vs. Brizz Rawsteen & T-Top (Dark Lyfe) [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Dark Lyfe]
[T-Top] Dark Lyfe versus Murda Land it’s gonna be a crazy one
[Brizz Rawsteen] There’s a lot of battles on this card and it’s gon’ be ya favorite one
[Top] And we ain’t gon’ play wit’ ’em
[Brizz] New York what up??
[Top] New York what up?!
[Brizz] I know y’all proud as shit
[Top] How how we went
[Brizz] From bein’ unknown
[Top] To goin’ to the top of the list
[Brizz] We did all kinds of shit
[Top] Brought the south in this
[Brizz] Perfect attendance
[Top] Showed up every time for shit
[Brizz] Took niggas’ spots and shit
[Top] Hit every coast
[Brizz] And touched different continents
[Top] But accomplishments?
[Brizz] We ain’t got time to list
[Top] First off, fuck you
[Brizz] And ya mom a bitch!
[Top] I’ll rock ya shit
[Brizz] Cock it quick, ratchet ugly
[Top] But the nose in the air like a cocky bitch
[Brizz] Rocky flick
[Top] Oh you mean boxing shit?
[Brizz] Yeah it go 12 rounds but they get dropped at 6
[Top] Yeah I got a little South Carolina bitch, try some shit
[Brizz] I go Nutty and have surrounded by more Geechee (GeechI) niggas than a Compton Crip
[Top] Yeah I got a little South Carolina bitch, try some shit
…He’ll go Nutty and have him surrounded by more Geechee (GeechI) niggas
[Both] than a Compton Crip
[Top] The tops get ripped
Strap long, I gotta hold it like a hockey stick
[Brizz] The round come ‘cross the field like a soccer kick
You see Bizzy
[Top] Uh huh
[Brizz] They had the kings of the state and the Queens sit
[Top] Yeah and now we up here in New York, Queens city
Versus the most overrated battle rapper and this fake ass Tee Grizzley
[Brizz] Well cool, any town or city, the pound is spinnin’
[Top] Round and city
[Brizz] Down in minutes
I’m in a crouched position
[Top] Shit, I’m crouchin’ wit’ him
[Brizz] His baby mother I down her wit’ it
That mean I give his love seat
[Top] But the shots got the couches flippin’
[Brizz] If it ain’t Murda
[Top] It gotta be criti-Cal’ condition
[Brizz] How descriptive
[Top] Blood from the mouth be drippin’
[Brizz] From the first round
[Top] Like a boxer with the mouthpiece missin’
[Brizz] Headshot, a lil’ piece of the scalp come wit’ it
[Top] Aye dawg, you the foulest gimmick
You left Qleen for the Paper then teamed up wit’ Murda cause the clout come wit’ it
[Brizz] See that shit is wild
You threw Qleen back to the crowd
X-Factor and Miles you just X-factored them out
You will team up with Mook but won’t team up with who rep for the town
What that shit about?
[Top] You see they rap for the crowds just flappin’ they mouths but catch ’em dolo?
[Brizz] They watch what they say like they pastor around
Rappin’ or scrappin’, that mean we can rap while I fuck you up after the round
[Top] The business is, I never respected this nigga penmanship
[Brizz] Fuck Murda ink (Murder Inc.) this .50 will put an end to it
[Top] Murda!
[Brizz] I don’t believe you
[Top] Murda!
[Brizz] And we will fuck around and leave you
[Top] Murda!
[Brizz] Nigga I don’t believe you
[Top] Murda Murda!
[Brizz] Ya life’s on the line
[Top] No your life’s on the line
[Brizz] And there’s a knife on the line
[Top] Emergency contact
[Brizz] Get his wife on the line
[Top] If there’s a price on the line….

[Top] Whatchu doin’ Brizz?
[Brizz] I’m tryin’ to get Christ on the line
[Top] I know
[Brizz] We on stage wit’ Murda
[Top] This a setup
[Brizz] SMACK must be tryin’ to stage a murder
[Top] Yeah, he put us in a cage wit’ Murda
[Brizz] So we could end up in a cage for murder
[Top] But when the TEC get blown, it’s a Netflix show
[Brizz] I’ll show you ‘How To Get Away With Murder’
[Top] We ain’t into these tag team bitches
We tag team bitches
[Brizz] I’m talkin’ black bag, toe tag these bitches
[Top] Aye Smack, these bitches?
[Brizz] C’mon Smack these bitches
[Top] And I’ll smack these bitches
[Brizz] Domestic violence, trailer park trash these bitches
[Top] I’ll pimp slap, bring my money right back these bitches
[Brizz] I Ike Turner with the boot in the backseat bitches
[Top] I’ll “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo” Japanese bitches!
[Brizz] I athlete bitches
[Top] What that mean?
[Brizz] Soon as a mark gets set
[Top] BLAOW!
[Brizz] Tracking these bitches
[Top] Break it down
[Brizz] That mean I let a slug weave between a real hair and what a track need bitches
[Top] Versus Serius
[Brizz] You had guns long as Shaq feet nigga
[Top] But you ain’t have ’em when you got into that Math beef nigga
[Both] You got yo’ ass beat, didn’t ya?
[Brizz] So don’t try me rapper
[Top] Must I remind these rappers?
[Brizz] I Math Hoffa, left staples in ya top like a Chinese platter
[Top] Aye fuck yo’ music dawg
[Brizz] And yo’ moves you on
[Top] One call it be a murda
[Brizz] But the Mook be gon
I pop off
[Top] Shhh
[Brizz] The room quiet like the movie’s on
[Top] Then I let it blaze around the kid like private school uniforms
[Brizz] Knife through the chin comin’ through the skull
You’ll see a point comin’ out the top, I turn Cal’ into a unicorn
[Top] You a bitch bol
[Brizz] This a bitch bol versus a Pitbull
Don’t talk to me ’bout how that clip full or how that fifth pull
At Volume 2 we seen a Grape Street Crip spit in ya face and you ain’t do shit to him

[Top] Aye, aye, aye, you did
He gon’ tell y’all it was an accident
But I don’t give a fuck if a nigga spit in my face on accident I wouldn’t have asked him shit
[Brizz] I’d have had some shit
[Top] Clap some shit
[Brizz] Tech 9 at the first Banned
[Top] It’ll be the last time you seen him at a SMACK event
I told dude
[Brizz] My man cave shit like a smoke room
[Top] He’s so rude he wet cigarettes and take a boat through ’em
[Brizz] That .4 boom and put him in the air like coke fumes
[Top] And if the cops come askin’ us questions, Brizz gon’ tell ’em
[Brizz] “I don’t know Mook!”
But I approach Mook
Slow too
I let the long nose sneeze
[Top] Then something cold flew
[Brizz] Then I load tool
[Top] Then I load too
[Brizz] Then fo’ shoot
Aim higher
[Top] The low tool
[Brizz] Snap child
[Top] [?]
[Brizz] Then it’s the mil’s (Millz) in his face
[Top] Like the old Mook
Concrete nigga
[Brizz] Concrete nigga, fuck them niggas

[Round 1: Murda Land]
[Calicoe] Let’s get it started
Y’all wanna know why the battle really ain’t happen in Charolotte?
[Mook] Oh shit
[Calicoe] Cause T a target
And Smack was protectin’ him from a local artist
They say they ain’t scared of Mook and Cal’
[Mook] Wow
[Calicoe] But y’all know a name that’ll probably scare ’em?
[Mook] Who that?
[Calicoe] Jozeemo
[Mook] Jozeemo? Jozeemo?
[Calicoe] I don’t even know the nigga but he know
They say without his permission he can’t even come to Raleigh Durham
They said it was a nigga really waitin’ outside the venue tryin’ to air him
[Mook] Aye Brizz, where the fuck you from?
[Brizz] That’s a FACT nigga
[Mook] Delaware?
Wilmington, Delaware?
Cause you know in NC they got one there
See y’all can act like y’all don’t be peepin’ when he be switchin’ up where he from
But I be hearin’
So what we sayin’ is, North Carolina niggas
[Calicoe] Scared to battle some North Carolina nigga so now we here
These bitches just Rose outta nowhere
They Molly Qerim
Charlotte what up?
[Mook] Whoa, whoa, pardon us bruh
We in New York now
What you need to be sayin’ is, “Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens and Harlem, what up?”
But before you start gettin’ all that “Harlem, what up?”
We gotta get to the bottom of what’s the problem with us
[Calicoe] The problem with us?
[Mook] Yeah
[Calicoe] For ten years you been talkin’ ’bout you from Harlem speakin’ like a goblin, what’s up?
[Mook] Wait, how I’m a goblin? For gettin’ green?
I thought I was the nigga that helped father you pups
[Calicoe] Don’t call me no “pup”
But you gave Jones a serious (Serius) shape up
[Mook] Smack act like he ain’t even wanna get a barb a (barber) cut
Tell me I’m up here lyin’ (line)
Actin’ like you ain’t jack it (jacket) in the clothing store
Puttin’ on the bomber wit’ Lux
I taught y’all turkies how to heat y’all thermo-
[Calicoe] Turkies? Turkies? Don’t call me no “turkey”
But basically what you sayin’ is, you baseing this off you carvin’ him up
[Mook] Nah, I call y’all “turkies” cause I based that feelin’ off that thanks y’all giving me settin’ the table up
Helpin’ y’all gobble it up
[Calicoe] Turkies, turkies, cause these was the niggas on strike
[Mook] Then they chose to battle-
[Calicoe] [?] card called Strike
[Mook] Let’s talk
[Calicoe] Smack I would’ve called off that night
It would’ve been a different type of body I caught that night
It would’ve been a different type of body I saw that night
You seen Raw that night?
Metal in palm stretchin’ his arms, lookin’ like a T on the Top of a cross that night
[Mook] God damn, some nigga would’ve- nigga would’ve lost that night
[Calicoe] Nigga would’ve lost they life
[Mook] [?]
[Calicoe] They got me back on Summer Madness again
This shit startin’ to feel like Summer Madness again
[Mook] Aye, but this Summer Impact
[Calicoe] Aye, and we ain’t never been on Summer Impact
[Mook] But when we rap somehow this shit feel like Summer Impact again
[Calicoe] Whoa, welcome to Murda Land
[Mook] Look at T-Top, Mr. Struggle Rap
The nigga that sold his mother crack
And y’all niggas fuck wit’ that
Nigga I just buried my mother
I’ll sell a nigga sellin’ crack to his mother to get my mother back
[Calicoe] Aye- …crack cause if you ain’t movin’ racks on our streets, we can’t fuck wit’ that
If you ain’t got no blues or no moves, whatchu come up a fag?
[Mook] Well leave it up to him, Top hustlin’
[Calicoe] The pot bubblin’
[Mook] Block huggin’

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