Franchise vs. Jakkboy Maine [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Franchise]
You my brother’s keeper?
All that hype shit? This where I start slowin’ ya roll
One week half prep for the main stage? This is how it’ll go
See these bitches behind you start adlibbin’, I’ma start liftin’ the pole
Grippin’ the chrome, the barrel spinnin’ off jack (Jakk) like a rotary phone
Fuck a battle, I’ll open-hand smack Jakk
Or a headshot, will make him backtrack
The coroner’s got his noodles in the bag: we makin’ Jack Mac!
Nigga fuck the Goonies, most of these niggas mad trash
I’ll put some bags on ya head, that’s mad stacks
I’ll never fold, I’ll pull a nigga’s card – that’s mad facts
Y’all get it?
Nigga I’ll hit you and Ace, 2 in 1: I’mma black, Jakk! (Blackjack)
You my nigga, but I ain’t playin’ wit’ bro
See, last time on the main stage, you ran off
This time, you ain’t finna roll
I’m wavin’ the fo’
And I got somethin’ up sleeve {gun clicks} that’ll put your Ace in the hole
Nigga I’m right at your door, I shot him once
He hit the pavement so I shot him some more
It’s a Lakers game, Jakk (Jack) will get a permanent spot on the floor
I’m upset, I’m gunnin’ for whoever up next
Dump TEC’s
I’m hittin’ Jakk (jack) on a late night like a drunk ex
I ain’t play for real, we aim to kill, bang the steel
I couldn’t wait to let these rounds off like trainin’ wheels
You not ready, two hands on the bitch, I hold my Glock steady
Big-ass gun, and the clip stickin’ out like Rex belly
I move shit, I told you we was trappin’ wit’ the tool grip
Dope boy, a smooth whip
Nigga, I used to flip drugs (Drugz) like Moon did
Nigga, we standin’ tall
Big-ass gun and I air ’em all
You ain’t heard what I said?
I’ll swing on drugs (Drugz) like Barry Bonds!
How many times I tell you we live that life?
My nigga grip those pipes
Jakk, I have more grams on me than Bingo night
But you wanna know about my life?
Because I’m foreign, strapped up, can cross no borders
In a Bando, a bandit and the pack gorgeous
Nigga the trap phone ringin’ longer than Zack Morris
But you bitches wanna get hype, you better tell them to grip
Have them strap in handy
Jakk, if they adlibbin’, I’ma grip a Maggie
Yeah, as soon as they gas, I’ll lean a (‘Gasolina’) nigga like Daddy Yankee!
I’ll grip on a .9 in case ya man try to slide
It’s Grand Theft Auto Jakk, stealin’ (steel in) ya ride
I see death in ya eyes and you’re a victim of mine
The toy came with a shell like a Kinder Surprise
You can’t do shit for free, I lift and squeeze
Shotgun on me, try to jump me
I got the dump in my pants like Lil’ Reese
See you be rattin’, any minute
See they be chattin’, you see the difference?
Catch the setup after like Jimmy Henchman
Nickel-plated, trigger finger, I’m penny-pinchin’
I’ll body any day with the slickest rhythm
Ya niggas trippin’ I’ll grip a Smith n’
Or put a band on ya head like Jimi Hendrix
This a body, in the gym duffle
Clip touch you
Big buckle, big ratchet
Sig’ clappin’; Ms. Hustle
Y’all niggas a bunch of instigators
Fuck a favor
Drive-by, window down, I’m tryin’ to check a hater
Silencer on it, I’ll grip ’em later
All you’ll hear is {click click click click click}
Sound like I left on my indicator
You know my slogan

[Round 1: Jakkboy Maine]
I said, y’all wanna know what I don’t understand?
Is how my blow up at N.O.M.E. 9 left Smack wit’ his hands tied
And between stock and positionin’, where he should land mine
See for awhile, John seen a (Cena) way around the wolf like a campfire
But after The Rock showed, Smack gave me the option to start my own Franchise
It’s the bad guy, and it’s beef hoe
With the hot stove or the pot roast
Or Chipotle with the bowl
The brown rice and the tacos
Pussy I want the veggies, the hot sauce, the sour cream, extra cheese
And if you don’t, I click and squeeze and every bullet gonna be pinta beans
Fuck is you mean?
My junior say “ow” (Junior Seau) for this inner concussion
His ashes? Chuck ’em
I won’t leave behind a part of Franchise, not for my kids or nothin’
I go fo’ for fo’, super size, but that soul food be bustin’
So for revenge I’m hungry, and at this franchise all I serve was chicken and dumplings
He runnin’ and fumblin’
He gonna get this, my nina in France with a French kiss I go fish sticks
And ya soul fool
Cause at this franchise we make rib tips, the gripless, equip clip
The shit click
Oh shit quick
The baby had an appointment around 9:00
Fuck, so I had to switch shifts
But whoa now, the semi wit’ me
Super charged, hemi wit’ me


[Round 2: Franchise]
The Goonies, look like they like sparrin’ my G
And everytime shit goes down, I fuck wit’ y’all so I jump in if he start askin’ of me
But one incident, y’all wanna roast Gotti cause it look like he ducked from the scene?
Nigga, it’s FTW and Mafia, one more word about Geech’ we gon’ start sparkin’ for free
BAOW, neck shot, I bet you the apple won’t end up far from the tree
Y’all believe in Jakkboy Maine?
I’ll pop up where Jakkboy stay wit’ a big ass shot
{Gun cocks} All up in Jakkboy face
He ate the bullets, I’m tryin’ to fight the charges, they ain’t lookin’ all that strange
Ain’t it ironic, how he kept the shell but I’m the one tryin’ to fight that case?
Let’s stop the banter
Why is you a [?] when I can slash ya master, grab a dagger
Carve your face in ’til Jakk a lantern (jack-o-lantern)
You couldn’t mirror me, I let it ring
Silencer on the pistol, sound like Mr. Bean
Pistol whip, he missin’ teeth
Sticks wavin’; symphony
Chest shot, off his tee like little league
You should’ve stayed home, this a body, case closed
Big knife, Maine froze
One swipe, lay low
I’ll leave a quarter in Jakk (jack) like it’s a pay phone
You lackin’ heart, the chrome’ll spark
So many guns, I got a Taurus, a Desert Eagle and a bull dog
Yeah, a pair of these like Noah’s Ark
I’m at your mans, strap under waist like a fanny pack
I clap a gat, big scope, watchin’ the kid like a nanny cam’
Face shot, I’ll put your grill in your plate like a traffic jam
Dome shot, now y’all can share Jakk (jack) like a family plan
I got a nigga doin’ a life sentence, for the pipe grippin’
For you? I’m ice pickin’
Knife bendin’, and I’ll fuck Twork (twerk) up like white bitches
You a lame fam’, straight wack
You get the butterfly or a gem star like a game tag
Then I switch the tone on you bitches; spray tans
.8 blam
Put a black piece to your mug like a Bane mask
Take that, steel around; cage match
Head first; face plant
I’ll spray cans, leave a Monstar sinkin’ in Jersey like in Space Jam
Bitch, do you know who you fuckin’ wit’?
I’m dumpin’ shit
There’ll be no face in the casket when I up a clip
Your family lookin’ in the box like they don’t know who son is this
And ya mama lookin’ at the body like Tay Roc wit’ the chain
“What the fuck is this?!”
I’ll show you how to use a shot [?]
We was doe boys, I can teach you lesson 1 on 1 on how to use the pot
You should’ve told Drugz, Jakk (Jack) I was gon’ Black and this my School Of Rock
You blood? I grip a lotta
You blood? I lift a choppa
Leg shot
Blood? It’ll drip on the kicks; Balenciagas
I already killed a Goonie, ya man got wacked
So tell these lil’ niggas I ain’t playin’ Jakk
Glueazy wanna get hype and a white boy wanna scream in my face? I’ll grab a MAC
That’s a fact
Pistol whip, to the white meat, now you can look like that Cracker Jack (Jakk)
Nigga this shit is mine, you my brother, but the facts don’t ever lie
The last main stage, John John had you lookin’ petrified
How the fuck did you get bodied? I thought Goonies don’t ever die
This shit is mine
I’ll lift a .9, see my weapons, they’ll ride
See my Goonies? They alive
I’ll hit Jakk (jack) from long distance like “Charges may apply”
You know my slogan I’m ’bout action
Chrome clappin’, no lackin’

[Round 2: Jakkboy Maine]
Aye, I got a question
Now do y’all know what Franchise is?
Like no, really, really it just really hit me
You ain’t a founder but a beneficiary
I’m a visionary, it get really scary
Vision blurry, hair ain’t sittin’ curly
Man his own country did him filthy
Cause before the Rockets, Franchise was draftin’ and traded by the Vancouver Grizzlies
You gotta feel me
Cause I’m sick of the games and the damn lies
A.I. get crossed by Franchise he be holdin’ his damn side
Smack dead, nobody know what really happened and all of the fans fried
But man why?
When that’s what usually happens to the owner of a franchise
Cans fly, and you ain’t the king of Banned in ya damnest mind
We spin, this nigga ain’t hard to find
We spin again, turnin’ back the hands of time
We drown him, cause first it was KOTD, Beast Mode now URL is ya guys?
That ain’t no damn surprise
When a Franchise goin’ under he always change the name and signs
Cannons fly and I’ma stand on mine
Is ya hands on God?
Cause if he don’t duck he get this bomb if it Land Before Time


[Round 3: Franchise]
Nigga, I don’t give a fuck what no one says
I like that chain
This bitch wack, that’s big facts
See I load the clip if I miss, empty it ’til the click clack
Listen what I said, I load the clip if I miss, empty it ’til the click clack
Y’all still might not get it
Reloadin’ wit’ the Calicoe
In case Murda ain’t go down the first time like Summer Impact
I show ya how the cannon’ll work, I’ll handle him first
Then put ya man in the dirt
Kidnapped, then everybody get the same text it’s an Amber Alert
We shootin’ everything, even the witness

{Crowd starts chanting 3-0}

We shootin’ everything, even the witness cause the op might sing
You know, the Drako (Drake go) hittin’ Jakk (Jack) like ‘Hotline Bling’
Don’t be surprised, if I hit them, they ain’t friends of mine
I’ll lift a .9, if I dump a slug I run inside
If I clutch a pump, you better duck and hide
Chess shot, the docs screamin’ “Hold on Jakk (jack)!” like someone’s on the other line
I got some shit to ask you first
How the fuck you get bodied by John John he ain’t have a third?
How the fuck do you jump into the crowd, run off the stage, forget your chain and forget your shirt?
The shit absurd
Niggas was rockin’ ya shit in the crowd like you was sellin’ merch
These niggas ain’t no ridas
I know some hitmans that’ll air it by ya
I told y’all I was in the trap, not for days, months
Stirrin’ (steering) the white like Baby Driver
I don’t fuck wit’ him
My brother just got deported for shavin’ onions and touchin’ bricks
Yeah, a rise in a Bird like Above The Rim
Man you late, I’ll mask up, blackin’ (Blac’in); Jagged Jay
I grab a K, bullet in him, he shakin’, park in son (Parkinson); Cassius Clay
I’ll pick from both sides, let the class debate, I’ll slash your face
I’ll lacerate your back and legs ’til the doctors puttin’ pieces of Jakk back together with masking tape
And his mama walkin’ in circles tryin’ to identify him by a tag like baggage
I’ll torch your face

{Crowd starts chanting 3-0}

You gave Twork 59 hours? This nerds a fake
You give me 59 hours, pussy, you won’t make it past the first 48!
I don’t fuck witchu, I’ll buck a few
Whip you wit’ the handle like Uncle Drew
They gon’ know you dead, I’ll hold the lead
And y’all can catch everything cause a water shot is the only thing overhead
The Low Life Thug? I ain’t even condoning that
The Low Life Thug? Tell me how you want me to react
The Low Life Thug? ‘Til I’m loadin’ the gat
Baow, six feet deep
Now let me know if you want shit to get lower than that
You know my slogan, I’m ’bout action, the chrome clappin’
Two words
(No lackin’!)

[Round 3: Jakkboy Maine]
I said Franchise, I heard you was the guy in Toronto
Fly in the spot though, spot yo’ Murcielago
Maple Leafs, defined as frontos
Surprised though, Glock hoe
And what I had on there rose and left after the ring he Kawhi in Toronto
But today’s the day

{Jakkboy starts talking to the crowd}
Y’all gonna let me rap? I’m tryin’ to give y’all the show. Y’all gonna let me rap? I fucked up. I know it, let me rap. You feel me? You feel me? You feel me? Let me rap. Let me give y’all somethin’, shit. You can fuck up your own shit. I’m gonna try to beat up one of you niggas again

But today’s the day, he said he gon’ make a way and make-

Aye they fucked up. Aye you got it. Good shit bro

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