Real Deal vs. Chilla Jones II (2) [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Real Deal]
I said!
Ten years battlin’ for this league has taken a toll, it’s hard discussin’
If this turns out to be another classic, then on the whole that marks a dozen
Overlooked, I’m underrated
Turns out, when you don’t hold the cards it’s nothin’
They tried to sweep me under the same rug I’ma roll your carcass up in
That chain is Trevor Custom Jewelry
It was destined for me before you typed one line
But we in Boston…you got the crowd
Get ’em riled up, fine
You think you got the advantage? Cause you a Homer? Nice try sunshine
I’m Matt Groening I’ve been puttin’ on a show for quite some time
Speaking of home they gave you Conceited, you damn near got ruined fam’
Then they gave you Illmac, Jesus- what were you doin’? Damn
Last year they gave you Iron, slightly better, but I still thought he chewed you, man
It’s like, they be givin’ you the Blues at home in Boston
Oooh, is that too soon Bruins fans?
Aye! Don’t worry, no you’re right
Don’t worry I can pander too
So if y’all wanna give me boos (booze) it’s Sam
You way hype, I ain’t into play fights and wrestle
We said, “Nothing personal”, so if you the snake type these shots ain’t snake bites he’s gettin’
I’m insane like the vibes from my brain waves just ain’t right for Trevy
I’m the type to throw on elevator music…at Ray Rice’s wedding!
I’m not havin’ it!
This tough shit you pretend to be on
I’ll beat the fuckin’ brakes off you like we ain’t been friends all along
The left lean him, but the right? He catch it he’s gone
I’m talkin’ out cold flat, eyes rolled back
Arm up, fencing response
You think I came all the way to Boston just to play the part then you a fool
The name’s “Mass”, fitting, I’ma make this card your funeral
Heaven’s Gate, angels, halos, they’re playing harps, it’s beautiful
They said, “The kid’s sick”
I don’t give a fuck, he’s gonna die and I’m gonna get paid like major pharmaceuticals
All this guns clappin’, drug rappin’ pander shit
You saw someone else’s story and this fuck rapper sampled it
You ain’t ’bout none of that life, Chilla – that’s just facts, I’ll stand on it
‘Cause I peeped the scene, I can tell you if I see struggle like a blood splatter analyst
You gonna do what?
To who?
Jerome you’re a nice guy, you remember?
Eagles bl- oooh it’s high times you be better
You’re a harmless fuckin’ nerd, but here’s a basketball analogy if I’m tryin’ to be clever
When we hear you talk Heat, we can see your white side (Whiteside) at your center
But, but, but now, he is a Trailblazer, which is extra layered
Or are you a S.O.N. (Sun)?
I’m not droppin’ dimes but here’s the dish on Jones gimmick
You say, “I invented schemin’ like it’s your gold ticket
But QP and Heartless was doin’ that in The Jungle in Cali before you, that shit is no different
So all that Jazz you was talkin’, you Malone you needed stock then (Stockton)
And when you needed style, that’s the one you chose to pick and roll with it

I don’t even know how the fuck I’m here right now!

I said whistle blowers, since I’m a gym teacher
This is as regular as school day
He’s broke as fuck, that’s why he wears battle rap apparel every battle
But I guess you would think this fool’s paid
This is your birthplace
So you’ll get away with stretches about how the tool’s spray
I mean it’s a Massacre in Jones’ town (Jonestown) so I expect him to drink the Kool-Aid
But I said you my man Chilla, so even if they overreact I’m alive
Cause we got judges to grade accordingly
Facts are the facts, I’m a man of my word
If you beat me, what you havin’ on tap?
Just know that, if you get picked then in Boston and I find out there’s any Bias, you’re dyin’ after that draft

[Round 1: Chilla Jones]
Five months since I’ve been in the ring
Before I start, let’s talk about I did as the king
I won the chain, and said, “Bring back the Grand Prix.”
Now that was selfless
Brought a GZ division to New England cause I couldn’t have my region feelin’ helpless
I helped this whole event get put together, both days
All the while dealin’ with mental health shit
And y’all question if I was ready for the chain
Man y’all should question if anybody else is
But I’m back this evenin’, ratchet squeezin’
I Loaded Hollows that’ll Roc(k) his chest (Chess) in and some’ll (Summer) Impact his breathin’
But speakin’ of Summer Impact, that was a heavy fuckin’ card
Salute to Rum and Geechi
Cause since you been here you’ve been kicked outta Every Fucking Bar!
I’ma fuckin’ star
SMACK fans was askin’ where Jones was at
Well me and Jay Pharoah didn’t get the bag we was supposed to have
But throw another big event without Chilla? Nigga, the chrome’ll blast
Another Night Of Main Events with NO ME? I’m splittin’ N.O.M.E. in half
Bro, you trash
‘Cause you think it’s enough to remain consistent
But you’re a boring fuck
‘Cause in the course (intercourse) of ten years, you’ve been stuck in the same position
This what karma cause – he (Kamikaze), committin’ suicide if you don’t change his mission
Bang the Smith &
Point it 90 degrees: nigga, we angle different
When ‘Ganik mentioned you had the title shot, you dropped your phone and you did a backflip
I asked ‘Ganik who the target was and as soon as I got the answer, aye, I (A.I.) started skippin’ practice
I mean cause we talkin’ ’bout practice
Y’all should be watchin’ Pass get his ass kicked
Or the other Jones
He would’ve went from serious (Serius) to laid back…in a casket
For a classic, you could’ve booked Charron and Chilla
How are you the Real Deal when A. Ward’s punches got a holy feel (Holyfield)
Madflex, Ness Lee, both would get homie killed
You sweeter than ‘Candy Rain’, we should’ve exchanged Soul For Real
You had a debatable with Reepah?
You wasn’t ready for Rell
Then got 30’d by Mackk Myron? You kinda heavy on L’s
They said I hand-picked my opponents when bigger names would’ve been better for sales
Who said I held out for a Deal from Pittsburgh?
Man, I ain’t Le’Veon Bell!
The hell with Pittsburgh, fuck it, let’s ask the fans of the place
Who think the ‘Burgh (berg) gonna be the cause of my death?
Well, that would be a Titanic mistake
Cause he ain’t killin’ Jack
Chilla’s back
Who spits sicker?
I’m the draw, we had to line up a body like stick figures
It figures
All these Pittsburgh/Boston comparisons, it’s like, “Why compare?”
You goin’ down the wrong street in my city, nigga you dyin’ there
I’ll hit the toughest block in Pittsburgh, won’t even get a violent stare
Just be walkin’ through the projects like a judge at a science fair
The iron flare in the streets, the heat blazin’, I clap steel
Come get the max deal like free agents
Keep hatin’
But how can I (eye) be broken down in this mind state?
Put a lid on it, cause every tier (tear) ducked (duct) me, even prime greats
And what’s cornier (cornea), is I risk (iris) losin’ to a teacher, dawg I’m irate
I should lash out, sock it (socket) to ya kids to up the crime rate
You won’t ever get to see them grow up Trev’
Shit I wanted them dead by eight
I’m just sayin’ you’ll never see your pupils get bigger, even if they die late (dilate)
So why wait? No holdin’ back for the bald head, this ain’t Beasley
Shotgun, close range, hit his brains easy
Then run up on him, do his frame greasy
I gave him cartridges, on top of cartridges like Game Genie
Or get Knuckles with the cartridge, remember that old Sonic game?
It’s in his genes (jeans) to connect with squares like a wallet chain
If it’s drama, the Llama bang
We brought the gang and we’d (weed) smoke him or beat him with blunt object, now he got chronic pain
Me and your broad exchange messages
Shit I cooked up a special little meal and invited her through for dinner
She walked into rose petals by her heels
We ate lobster, drank wine, that’s all it took to get her in the feels
She said that I’m the greatest chef ever, and the GOAT she ate (negotiate)
Now she don’t gotta settle for a Deal!
And that’s real
How I’mma smoke Real gonna be unreal
After these last two rounds, the shit is over with
Done Deal!

[Round 2: Real Deal]
I said you a kingpin?
Believe it or not, before teachin’ I could relate
Imagine bein’ a young kid broke and bored
They said to go for sports in hopes he’s more invested
And he plays ball but he pitches the game stripes so he’s more like Petit
Whatchu know about havin’ insufficient funds so the streets become your only source of credit?
So you end up robbin’ (Robin) on a Dark night (Knight) like Joseph Gordon-Levitt
You a kingpin? Nah, you on some recon
Some old’, “Psst, I got a lead on-” be gone stranger
In the streets we was known to flip, these not Wranglers
We had ki’s (keys) on us, not the kind you keep on hangers
We hit the trap and get ghost like Egon Spengler
Now look, that’s the old life
I don’t like to brag but it’s like, there’s only few occasions where the pushers blow matches to hype
We had a reputation to keep, the coke had to be right
I’m talkin’, battle rap movie protagonist-white
But you can relate cause you’re a- oh he’s a king pen
Oh, normally, I’d call that wack
But I watched your battles…I can see why they call you that
He said in 2012, “I would’ve served you without lookin’ like a blind waiter”
Fly paper
Imagine goin’ out to dinner, you get seated, right?

Hold on, hold on, what the fuck am I even doin’ here?
What am I even doin’ here?

Imagine goin’ out to dinner, you get seated, right?
“Babe. Whatchu wanna eat tonight?
Maybe beans and rice, let’s see, you like cod?”
Then all of a sudden, “Welcome to Applebee’s.”
And you get greeted by a broad with a seeing-eye dog
But Chilla Jones, I could never call you wack
You the motherfuckin’ kingpin (King Pen), that’s why they call you that
You told Gjonaj, “They gon’ say I was cold and wrecked him (rectum) when I clean his ass out.”

You prolly cheered for it so I’d hold up

Schemin’ on another man’s ass then wait, said, “I gotta get this jerk off to end-“

No he said it. Talk to him! Talk to this motherfucker standin’ right here. He said it

He said, “I gotta get this jerk off to end the Mass debate (masturbate)”
Reviewing material and trimming shit, that’s what us battlers do to tweak for flaws
If you wanna circle those two lines, no way you couldn’t see the pause
But dawg, I could never call you that?
You the King Pen that’s why they fuckin’ call you that
You airin’ Aaron if Aaron eyein’ you
Eyes at Aaron
They gonna have to get a ball to put his eye-
My point is Chilla says shit like that every battle
So this King Pen part is weird as shit
Mr. Jump To Top Tier, fans y’all love it, but the vets aren’t hearin’ it
Mr. Jump To Top Tier, that’s amazing
You wanna hear the best part? Here it is
Because it’s fitting it starts with Mr
The only people who take them bars serious also have M.R. period
Do me a favor, I want you to people watch when you’re up in the scene
Watch a Chilla Jones fan react, during one of his schemes
I’ma show you, they usually have a beer in hand, completely inebriated
Swayin’ back and forth, glassy eyed, wonderin’ if anyone sees they’re faded
Chilla starts on some nonsense word assassiation

“Assassation” that’s the new shit. Y’all gonna catch up some day. We’re trendsetters. We’re trendsetters

As I was sayin’, Chilla starts on some nonsense word association
They start to stare intently
Followin’ his breadcrumb trail of household items, pretendin’ to care immensely
They start to shake their head back and forth, they stop and exhale
Then they speed up the head shake
Robert De Niro face and obnoxiously go “FUCK!”
Let that marinate
Golden, I swear I ain’t trollin’
Your material ages like Mary-Kate Olsen
But what a wonderful chance Chilla, he is a gem
He built a New England division and helped oversee the events
You’re a real piece of shit, not a single battler on that card was seein’ a cent
But Chilla Jones made sure he got some green he can spend
But wait, he helps Gully, look at the GZ’s he attends
Flight, hotel and fees to say “Battler to my left”, that’s not a measly expense
Wait! Wait! Wait Boston! Wait! Wait!
“So he’s not a good guy? It’s make believe it’s pretend?
And he’s really just usin’ this league in the end?”
Yeah, and it’s all just Chilla Jones schemin’ again

[Round 2: Chilla Jones]
So Magic said he would “Nickle his Cage” ’cause he can chalk you
Shit I’ll stab you after dinner, you know, Ethan Hawke (eat then Hawk) you
This your Training Day, Jake, let’s get it real clear
See I’m forcin’ you to take this smoke, I instill fear
You gettin’ dusted, shit I ain’t know you like to get wet, oh you feel scared?
Cause this Chill here and I use the pen to spit out crack, I’m Snoop Dogg in that wheelchair
I mean he definitely a fan favorite
I mean we all know who Real is
And if you ask his top 5 I promise I make Real list cause I’m the realest
But who got Chef in they top 5? Be a realist
Whoever say that they do, nigga that can’t be a real list
And most of y’all ain’t gonna feel this
But if Real Deal’s your favorite rapper you must love his obscure references
Especially when he goes on Facebook to explain it after
That angle master, nah
See now-a-days you force your written
I used to like your style specifically cause yours was different
Now Real (reel) droppin’ lines got y’all hooked, no debate (bait), but it’s more than fishin’
This white boy been on a rampage, punchin’ like Forrest Griffin
Listen Trev’, how the fuck they supposed to market the Deal?
I’m the face of this whole region, and that’s what brought the appeal
No M’s in a fuckin’ decade, and y’all rock wit’ his skill?
You’ve been a Chef for ten meals and never brought us a meal (mil’)?
100 battles plus and ain’t brought a damn milli in
Well tell this bitch “lighten up” on a set like Aunt Vivian
“Bar for bar” is a category you can’t get me in
Cause what you seein’ (sea and) land is cold blooded as amphibians
Plenty wins
Plus you can debate every loss soldier
I got classics on many platforms, I ain’t perfect but I done got closer
Remember when I compared myself to A.I.? Here’s where the bar gets a lot colder
My whole career, I made money off my ability to cross over
And I’m just drivin’ the point home, yeah, Iverson could’ve got chauffeured
I pop toasters, lettin’ twin MAC’s spray
Shit, I’m just sayin’ I’m double jointed, but he ain’t know it been (bend) that way
A pair will shoot (parachute), like the game you and your gym class play
The can shakin’ off pounds off the Slim Fast way
But if you die, it’s (diet) planned
You know the pics with the before and after?
Well I’ll beat you with the pistol so bad, you’ll be [?] after
Fuck warnin’ rappers, it’s time to bleed
I’m squeezin’ the steel and tryin’ to get a piece of the Deal like a finders fee
Don’t lie to me, y’all know who better
I’m too clever, if I spot ya dog, long SIGs (cigs) for your crew, Weller (Cruella)
They told me to “do better”, so I focused and grew cheddar
Them white boys put me up on bread like Nutella
Boy, I’m punchin’!
Is you checkin’ the count (account)?
Leave me alone (a loan) I need a new teller
Y’all ain’t like me versus ICE?
But tonight? Yeah I got my groove back baby I’m too stellar (Stella)
And you right, I’ve been focused on the new fellas
Even added doe to the budget
When Gully had his son, I said, “I’ll take the lead for Day 2 and we ain’t gonna discuss it.”
So I put together a card that y’all hopefully fuck wit
The people’s champ
Shit, why you think I got the stamp?
Cause I know the republic (notary public)
I’m disgusted by you fake fucks
The blade tucked
Y’all know my poker game, he’ll be laid up, all in the same suit, lookin’ straight flush
You got crushed by Illmac and Mackk Myron
I mean they stomped the nigga flat
S bad, the used a Ouija Board and brought the nigga back
But I know exactly how to kill him, the semi-auto on my lap
Brrrrrat, since you always havin’ problems with a MAC (Mackk)
And that, should leave a scar
Havin’ all these fuckin’ problems with a MAC and still never had a Genius Bar
The Bean is ours
They said my name collapsed
And my game was slackin’ ’til I became champ, the main attraction
Started takin’ action, now Nitty back, Geechi back, Diz back, some of your favorites rappin’
And it all started with me bein’ champ, that’s a chain reaction
A trained assassin, cause how I smoke Real gon’ be unreal
Now after this last round this shit is over with, (Done Deal!)

[Round 3: Real Deal]
I said I hated the fact I have to battle my friend
He just said I was searchin’ for new fellas and a Training Day scheme askin’ if I get wet-
Chilla’s at it again
I said I saw your bitch in south Boston
You know, the one that you swear is a model
You must’ve been off the fuckin’ Cuervo bottle and wearing goggles
That bitch looks like if she wrestled a grizzly the fuckin’ bear’d get throttled
Plus she’s out here getting double teamed more than Aaron Donald
I know it’s wild, yeah, I know his wifey personally
I was fittin’ to go in on ya girl and say…but she a cool broad
She said, “When you battle Chilla leave me out your versus. Kay?”
She put a scrunchie in her hair like “a favor for a favor”, I know it works this way
She was lookin’ out for you, pullin’ strings with her mouth like Jimi Hendrix on Purple Haze
I’ve been here all week, do I fuck wit’ y’all? Damn straight
You’re the city of chance with a helluva fan base
You was my tour guide Chilla
We drank at a bar in Fenway ’til I couldn’t stand straight
I know your city like the back of my hand…and I’ma put the landscape across this man’s face
I said, I will show up to his door, chest or (Dorchester) headshot? BAM out the gate
I don’t let him answer, cause it don’t matter, pans (Mattapan) out the same
I told my getaway, “Hide (Hyde). Park in the back. Look out for the pig’s shit
Meet me at the south end. We’ll drain his body and drop it in the Mystic.”
On the way back I found some rocks, buried (Roxbury) the weapon
Make sure no one’s on our tail before we cruise through Jamaica Plain
Before pub hoppin’ in Roslindale
Now normally, I don’t do that for every battle
But since I’m in Boston I kept it a Bean for all the cane
Dorchester, Mattapan, Hyde Park, Roxbury, Roslin-
I just named all the spots where they really gotta scheme to get a chain
So stop it bro, lock and load
They gonna the Mop & Glow
A chain is what put you on the map, I’ma be what puts you in the Boston Globe
And you can tell the other Jones, if he’s serious (Serius) I’ll put a fuckin’ end to you
Tell Ward, I flip shit to give the fans a draw
Get it? Who’s next to move?
And you can tell Charron, if he wants a shot, step in view
My classes are all inclusive, autistic kids get taught lessons too
But aye, the fact I’m even here and motivated is a miracle
Not just to make the bill
They did a biopsy on my pop’s lump, I’m shaken; still
I couldn’t wait to share the stage with Ill
While he was facin’ Will
But now I think “stage” and “ill” and I see my father’s face when he makes his will
The same day I found out I got Chill at Mass, I got the news about his mass that gave me chills
I’m at the hospital again with my pops, we both are drained
He’s down 15 pounds with no appetite, he groans in pain
I fluff his pillows, fix his bed, you know the yellow handles, hold the frame
I beep the nurse for somethin’ to control the pain and so she came
Gave him Dilantin instead of Novocain
He said, “I don’t know where they can shoot me next, Trevor. I think they’ve blown the vein.”
The sciatica gives him a hunch back like Notre Dame
I’m feelin’ helpless, I see Superman is in trouble, felt like I’m Lois Lane
Since battle rap, I lost almost half my family, look what I overcame!
But no
He starts to dose and I think, “Man up, Trevor
If he knew this is what cost you the battle, he’d be so ashamed.”
“Hey nurse! You gotta pen and a pad?” I wrote down Chilla Jones’s name
Bro, ya rounds have more muhfuckas bored (board) than a Boeing plane
I spit yoga flame and smack rappers mid battle, yeah I’m goin’ Slaine
I was gonna pile ’bout how he reaches like the NFL player that broke plain
Or about how he’s the champ that they pushed that nobody wanted: he’s Jerome-n (Roman) Reigns
But when I wrote those rounds next to a hospital bed, I realized somethin’ so insane
Y’all are like a family to me so I wanna thank those that came
Thank you to everybody that supports me, whether or not I own a chain
I’m here with all my peers, Cheers to everybody that knows my name
So this isn’t for King Of The Dot, this isn’t for Pittsburgh
It’s for my pops and the bout that’s begun
You can relate Chilla, we both know the value of sons (S.O.N.S.)
But you still got a third round
Tell me what the fuck a scheme’ll do
You said I want a piece of me
Well then take a piece of my pops and I come here to get that piece from you
But truth, I ain’t mad if you win Chilla
They prolly thought I shoulda ended this round for you better
I could never leave you hangin’, you like a brother to me
And that’s family, I need that now more than ever
Thank you

[Round 3: Chilla Jones]
I use my third rounds to execute a perfect plan
But I consider you a friend, I’m really not tryin’ to hurt this man
Instead I want to talk to you Trev’, I know your mind gets swayed by certain fans
For 10 years you’ve been a workin’ man MC
Maybe bein’ an MC isn’t workin’ man
Damn, you are stuck in the past
You still sellin’ CD’s out of boxes made of cardboard
Fuck the internet, go check the sports section for the box scores
Man, you are stuck in the past
You just brought a new car, right?
Know why he hesitated drivin’ it off the lot for?
Cause he couldn’t figure out how to play his cassette tapes through an AUX cord
You are stuck in the past
Shit lil’ Trev’ had to teach you about a fuckin’ computer
You lost playin’ one on one witcha junior cause unlike you homie, your son is a shooter
But if I only got a blade and my gang ain’t got nothin’ to shoot ya
You better off bein’ stuck in the past cause you this close to gettin’ stuck in the future
So sut’ (suture) yaself, or suit yaself
But before you call me “wack”
It’s the Kingpen of the Dot
It’s time to show you why they call me that
My man hit me like “I see a white boy that look like Deal.”
I told him to, “Grab weapons
I’m on my way. Don’t let him leave. No half steppin
He’s a teacher so, let them arms raise, don’t ask questions
And I’ma come see if it’s Real. I’m fact checkin.”
And I’m seein’ you cats flexin’
Like Ill Will took a shot at Town Bidness and didn’t kill nothin’
Well let me welcome you to Boston with open arms…and steel dumpin’
Different Strokes cause when Will is gettin’ popped he gon’ feel drummin’ (Phil Drummond)
If he a problem, I’ma solve him
Cause I’m a genius with the sweeper in Cambridge I’m Good Will Hunting
Speaking of Good Will Hunting, shit you must be a janitor too
You talkin’ like you flip those ki’s (keys), he been in the hood
Even changed his Snap name to Big OG
He’s such a gangsta
Y’all wanna know what he did to his Bitmoji?
Gave him a pistol and a vest just so he can seem a bit mo’ G
It’s like lately you just wanna be black, actin’ like you relatin’ wit’ niggas
I heard you even reppin’ Blood and gang bangin’ wit’ niggas
Oh word [?], shit let me get a 5
Feel like the shit replayin’

[Real Deal] Let’s go

[Chilla Jones]
Cause it’s 2019, you still leavin’ niggas hangin’
Oh you still bein’ a stranger to niggas
Well since you leavin’ niggas hangin’, baow, now it’s no more hangin’ wit’ niggas
As far as bangin’ them triggers, nigga I’m nicer than nice
My aim twice as precise
So who’s gun is more Dangerous?
Minds (mines), cause as soon as he miss shells (Michelle) he gotta fight for his life
Dangerous Minds, Michelle Pfeiffer, plus he’s a teacher
Yeah I see you on that Apex card, well they love in the UK
Shit, tell Shotty I need a feature
They should knight me, Sir Chilla
Shit, at this point I shouldn’t even need a visa, but imagine Trevor gettin’ knight
Sir Real, (surreal), yeah I wouldn’t believe it either
Why squeeze the heater? Fuck liftin’ an 8 or 9 up
You wanna jab or a stab, come get a fade or lined up
You can’t escape, you’ll die lookin’ for a gate to climb up
Now Trevor’s on the fence, guess he couldn’t make his mind up
Times up, the ankle holster where the Ruger gets stashed in
Swingin’ metal off the foot, boy I’m Shooter McGavin
Remember back when, I eliminated half ICE tea like Arnold Palmer?
Yeah, some of y’all seen it as lame
Like, “Why would you threaten to rip a man’s shirt?
Chilla out here reachin’ for fame.”
Well if you hated that you gon’ love this
Clip loaded with the piece when it aim
The steps to rippin’ Chef’s tee are easy, huh, I just hit him with three of them thangs
Or get a butterfly in your stomach, it ain’t nervous intentions
He in recovery, but he ain’t seen an ab since (absence) like perfect attendance
All the contenders I see waitin’
I’m the dude you battlers, you dudes can’t beat
So as far as changin’ hands, the chain, hold off on that new champ speech
Cause I done took this fuckin’ chain to new heights Trev’, heights I’m pretty sure you can’t reach
But you know what they say, those that can- do
Those who can’t- teach
But you a beast
And even thought I know you want my chain removed
We just had one of the best title matches ever
Fair to say we did what we came to do
But it’s 2019, white people get left hangin’ too!

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