Ave vs. Ill Will [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Ave]

We here now, bitch – the waitin’ is over
I took a break from my goal to step down to stop Will (wheel) like the brakes on a stroller
See, I wasn’t s’posed to take this route on purpose
I just made time to bring the Land lines (landlines): who need house phone service?
Do I look nervous?
Well, let’s keep it a stack – I’m wit’ whatever
That’s facts!
Nigga, don’t take this rap to a different level
Get smacked in this bitch, lil’ fella
Throw palm to grill or hold arms to Will (wheel): that’s Axel in Twisted Metal!
I’m a devil, and you not on my level
You beef with me?
Every Bone’ll be discovered in Cleveland: I’m Eazy-E
And we startin’ wit’ the arms
Now if I peel for Will, but I miss, his cousin’ll get him: he Carlton at the prom
But I’m calm ‘cause I don’t wanna bomb on this fucker, man
That shit just bring drama and karma, you understand?
But niggas always think you playin’
So for suckas wit’ threats, it’s Chuckie on Fresh
I’ll shoot Will (wheel) down on the other hand
‘Cause niggas swearin’ that your life that real
I don’t let none of that shit fly, fam’ (FlyFam): I will ice-pack (IcePack) Ill
Now we could start wit’ the fists, then come to y’all wit’ the clips
Double back and light up the Yak (‘gnac): I know bartender tricks!
But on the real, we could do this shit here
Got plenty goonies
More monsters comin’ outta the Land than Tremors movies
So let him go get his toolie
Ave side all legit
Tell Will (wheel) tread light: that’s bad tires on the whip
I’ll fire from the whip, record it, share the kill
For my amusement, but y’all prob’ly feel it ain’t fair it’s Will (Ferris Wheel)
But these niggas know the drill
Let him know how we rockin’
Either shots or beat a Homi better than Johnnie Cochran
So what’s poppin’?
‘Cause niggas got you locked as some thug hero, a lil’ Deebo
But I swear it don’t budge me, bro
Keep braggin’ how you cool wit’ the Wolf – duh, Negro!
You just jumpin’ back so I.C.E (ice) can protect you: he Sub-Zero!
We know that you ain’t that nigga, lil’ fam’, so chill
Matter fact, Smack ain’t even the reason you standin’ here
I’m who helped your damn career
‘Cause if I ain’t answer yeah, these niggas would plain (plane) let Will (wheel) down: that’s landing gear
But on the real…pussy, I coulda been wrapped you up
On BL before UFF: that’s not a bluff
I took Rum, and now this?
More Yak (‘gnac), ain’t that a bitch?
Y’all twisted – this the last straw wit’ this liquor ish (licorice)
‘Cause now I’m pissed
I wanna get the glizzy from the V
Put 14 in the clip wit’ one head set to squeeze
And I can call the Titles, G
It’s just that Roc and Tsu a side (Suicide) Squad, so Will gettin’ this Deadshot from me
‘Cause you ain’t G!
Nigga frontin’, and he know it
It’s all a stunt, man, he trollin’
One pump, tell him jump if he want it
Got plenty guns, when we dump, he ain’t blowin’
‘Cause his bitch ass gon’ be busy fallin’ back soon as some are (Summer) Reloaded
That’s ‘cause he bogus
I don’t need no strap for this act, king
For real, I’ll fight off Ill like a vaccine
When he swing, I’mma slide, bro – watch
Let him fall, then give Will the metal arm – that’s how I, Robot
Aye, tell him, Roc
‘Cause you know we do more than the Glock-dumpin’
AA-12…that’s not a warning the cops comin’
‘Cause he rap like a villain
The same breath of lies (breathalyze) gon’ be why this 12 make him blow out all that Yak (‘gnac) in his system
Man, who gon’ miss him?
‘Cause his old lady hate to be wit’ him
So once I take her, he can save it, ain’t no way she’ll rekindle
Like, he get locked, it ain’t no paper to send him
Even if Bill belle a check (Belichick), bitch, you better not show no Patriotism!
And that’s on God, ho
In fact, don’t call, bro
‘Cause that’s gon’ only piss me off and I’mma go off mo’
‘Cause Brizz hashbrowned you so far, yo
So a slight cough, he (coffee) get biscuits bakin’ (bacon) his egg: that’s the whole combo
I’m on go
Already got my paper from homes
So blame Cheeko when his face is what I Razor ‘im on (Ramon)
And I’m so out there in the field, I could get his parents killed wit’ just a look
You should know I got power starin’, Will (steering wheel)
I’ll run down on his Jamaican wit’ it tucked, F him up
Find that paper he makin’ wit’ all the work and extra stuff
Sit him down and tie him up
Now he cryin’ – that’s enough
“Man, keep the work, but take the bread”
Wait, take the what and left the WHAT!?!
Man, knock it off!
Headshot, watch it fall
Then we spin off Fast & Furious: Hobbes & Shaw!
That’s call!

[Round 1: Ill Will]
What’s wrong? Y’all can’t hear me?
Y’all don’t like how I’m doin’ my rap?
That’s you niggas’ problem – y’ain’t s’posed to tell ‘em how you move on the Ave
You sent a shot at me, I sent a lot back
Tryna flirt, nigga?
I’m tryna have this .50 split Ave like a Earthbender
I’m the worst nigga
.40 and an AR, that’s all I need for Norfolk in Virginia
The .40 bustin’, but once AR come out, it ain’t no folk in Virginia!
I heard about your lil’ Cave Gang buddies a few weeks ago
They the sucka type
I know y’all wanna get that hoe nigga stigma off y’all
Prove that shit another night
Fuckin’ right!
Not tonight – two swift ones’ll get your mouth wired
Or Will (wheel) flatten the face on Ave like Mrs. Doubtfire!
I hate this nigga!
I was gon’ fuck ya bitch, but I ain’t playin’ wit’ ya
I’mma just let my dog poke her (poker) while I paint the picture
Now that was fire
You remember the paintings of the dogs playin’ poker, Ave
But I ain’t through wit’ murder
The .40 lift the lid on Ave like a sewage worker
Steel in his mind!
Revolver spin him to dust…I’mma remember this time
You give William obstacles?
Children’s hospital: it’s just Ill and a .9
Large .4, flashin’ sticks like Star Wars
I do it for the green, bitch, like Star-Lord
I’ll beat him bad
Bones, breakin’ on Ave without the cardboard!
Long burner!
He ain’t even see the flash, it was too bright
Yeah, his Top landed on the niggas behind him like a Mook fight
The pipe spit
He ain’t gon’ like this
I’ll slide somethin’ sharp across Ave like a spike strip
Hol’ up…
We know you a puncher, we just waitin’ on that star to show up
Take lines like “spike strip”…those the type that made Will (wheel) blow up!
Fuck Ave – the metal’ll spit
Yo’ repetitiveness ain’t ready for this level of spit
Veteran shit
Chopper fly, propeller your bitch
He thought it was easy (Eazy) before the deal, ‘til I Jerry Heller’d the shit
Now it’s Ruthless
I ain’t leavin’ options, the heater poppin’
Gun right on the eyes of Ave – the Streets Is Watchin’!
This shit’ll murk you
If not, the doctor lookin’ like, “This shit a hurdle
At least four shells comin’ out the top of Ave like a Ninja Turtle”
I’m in your circle like, “What you say, my nigga? Sound it out”
We all in the section (intersection), circlin’ Ave
I’mma show you what this round about
The Glock illegal!
I pop, it’s lethal!
Laser beams on a Shark: I’m DR. EVIL!
You very soft
I’ll have you leakin’ spaghetti sauce
John Wick 3: put a vest on or these two bury (Berry) dog!
Who said this fat nigga gon’ beat me?
That’s why I’ll give this bitch an ovation
This bitch in yo’ station
One .357, pin it on Ave – sound like I sent the location
That’s how it go, Ave!
I’m dangerous wit’ a long forty-fo’, Ave
You see me stress, fuck the GPS – you better know, Ave
Bro, if I even think they flex, I’ll break they neck
One-two, then a melee next
He swing, I lean, act left, then right (write) the nigga like a JPay text
The heater up
Doctor talkin’ to his mama like, “Ma’am, we’re gonna keep in touch
We slowed down the bleeding, and I think we’re gonna keep him up”
I stormed in, in battle mode, like, “Fuck slowin’ it down – SPEED IT UP!”
The fif’ on him!
Then I click on him!
He throwin’ up so much blood, Tekashi snitched on him!
That’s a wrap – YakTown in this bitch!

[Round 2: Ave]
Aye, I don’t never fuck around
I bring war to who they send me to kill
Don’t take nothin’ light, but I feel like I’m an enemy still
‘Cause y’all niggas be gassin’ sewage for real
Wait – water, light, gas, sewage
You gon’ credit my utility, Bill!
I’m from the field
How y’all niggas livin’ is quite bitch
I’m old-school, like stickin’ incense in the light switch!
So all this hype shit, dead it
‘Cause I’ll throw these shits wit’ force
Or use the ox (aux), but twist it: it’s a shortage in the cord
So get your boy, ‘cause I ain’t ‘bout to let him play or try me
I’m still wit’ whatever – just rather chill than face a body
‘Cause if I have to bring a shotty
They’ll prob’ly have to come and Mike P the Xcel
You know – Yellow Tape the Homi!
It’s not a problem, William
I ain’t come all the way to the Land to steal on a nigga like I’m some kind of pilgrim
But if you on some coward shit, bro
Then this tre (Trey) wit’ this .50 gon’ fuck up more than the Power intro!
So let him know, worldwide, niggas rollin’
I’ll send the block to Pontiac like your tires were stolen
My Loc screamin’, “Should we kill him?”
Normally, I won’t get the Crips started up on nobody fam’, but I’ll Tookie William’s (Williams)
‘Cause I’m tired of niggas flexin’
Tical just did your record?
All in your video reckless, you wildin’ wit’ aggression?
Like your violence is perfected?
I’ll put him to the test to prove it ain’t what he thought – that’s bein’ Scientific, Method
I’m respected, and that’s why he shoulda known not to try us
I’ll pop up Ill: that’s a 24-hour virus
They’ll find his niggas miserable
‘Cause they done lost another nigga from the Yak (‘gnac) who ain’t never gon’ reach his Pinnacle!
I’m wit’ it, fool
‘Cause you ain’t that brolic, though, homes
But I promise this ain’t the problem you want
But don’t let your Harlem niggas stop you, you grown
Man, I will dance with Bill in front of the Apollo…you know, like how the Cosbys come on
‘Cause all that soft shit change it
Fuck the talk – just bang it
Big hammer bangin’ on Will (wheel): I’m CrossFit trainin’
So blame him for all that tough talk floppin’
So what I took a piece from Pontiac? (*chk-chk*) I’m junkyard shoppin’
So how we rockin’?
Is we keepin’ it rap, or we ridin’, Will?
‘Cause my passion mixed wit’ hunger and snappin’ what got me here
But if it’s a problem, I’mma drop this queer
And if the cops get static, I’m shootin’ badges: add it to my career (MyCareer)
It’s no fear
Why I’m s’posed to be scared?
Who cares if they missed the bar? I had a whole sentence over my head!
So you and Willie P can share a .9
I’ll put this Will (wheel) down flat and the other Will (wheel) in the trunk in my spare time
So don’t try it, ‘cause it’s shit that I like that you stand for
Talentwise, I knew you was a problem for damn sure
Like all your UFF wars
I still remember watchin’ how you made Sno fall (Snowfall)
But see, I ain’t that man, boy (Manboy)
I’m a different nigga, people
My wickedness is deeper
If this turn to an issue, I’m thinkin’ it could get medieval
‘Cause this tough shit your demeanor
‘Til I seen Mr. Hightower make you his bitch, had you like Principal Regina
Yeah, I seen ya, he ain’t want problems wit’ brother man
Plus, I heard Rain checked you like he ran into other plans
So what, you gon’ bring up my man’s lil’ scuffle in NY?
I won’t dare so I don’t care, and it’s fuck the other side
But you try, and I’ll show you I can really thump, chump
Get a knot on top of a knot: watch how Willy lump-lump
And I’m there if Myron’ll jump ‘cause I’ll fuck around and clap
Favorite restaurant slackin’: shit gon’ be runnin’ outta Mackk (mac)
Or I’ll line him up to spray on the wall: that’s graffiti
Your queen’ll die missin’ her eye: Nefertiti
Your son? That’s a freebie
But what I consider closure for real is when your soul (sole) over, Will (wheel): that’s a Heely!
We not the same
I’m a rumblin’ mu’fucka
Mackk jump, then I’mma slump him and humble him from the knuckles
If Murda come in to tussle, fuck him
In fact, you can tell Will and J to (Jada) swing: get hit from another couple
I’m tougher, and if you don’t like it, fucker, then test
‘Cause if I reach for this buckle, I’mma buck in a second
Shit, what’s up wit’ this weapon? It didn’t clap
Summer Impact: the .40 fucked up, but the butt was respected
Nigga, this the second

[Round 2: Ill Will]
Ave…would you please…shut yo’…punchline…bitch-ass UP!?
FUCK! That shit irritatin’ as fuck…
Y’all really be wantin’ to hear that?
This how he be soundin’…
“Listen up, fella – I advise you not to start nothin’
‘Cause once I snap on the Mitten, think verbal Avengers…”
Bruh, they knows (Thanos) that bar comin’
But the gat spark
“Aye, Ill, we need more than punchlines!” – that part
That’s when I pull up like SKRRR-RR-RT!
If Will (wheel) take off on Ave, it’s gon’ leave more than a black mark
I’m tired of these niggas, actin’ like they sellin’ a bunch of work
‘Til you pull the barrels out on Ave: now it’s construction work
Blue notes, that’s what I acquire (choir)
I’m gettin’ Cali ‘bows
Music to my ears as the plug talkin’ ki’s (keys)
You in the V – can you handle those?
I’m havin’ trouble (treble) thinkin’ you orchestrated any sales
That equal lies (equalize) this man done told
If niggas talkin’ base (bass), like, ten or (tenor) more, I’m in Soprano mode
Now I said soprano, tenor, bass-
People like, “God damn!” – I’m a Devil wit’ this
I just wanted to break him down just like music to show y’all it’s levels to this
Fuck Ave!
You talk what I walk
I really had the best smoke in
I had the vets tokin’
Fuck credit, I never left a debt open
I remember I told this old lady, “I don’t give a fuck what it is, ma’am – a gram’ll (mammogram) have yo’ chest open”
You lucky I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout yo’ mama and what she do wit’ her mouthpiece
You ain’t gettin’ no immunity out me
I’m givin’ shots out on Ave like community outreach
Doubt me! I’ll be on his block, waitin’
We gon’ catch him from the far side
Crazy how we tryna ice Ave, but we ain’t lettin’ one car slide
You was scared to battle my brother
Took the money and skated, now that’s grimy
Now you gotta see Myron in his old age – the MAC-90 (Mackk)
Lookit here
You fuckin’ wit’ a nigga that’ll be done took it there
Talkin’ ‘bout you a killer
It ain’t a body on Ave until I put it there
I’ll slump you, then slump your son
You don’t like me, fam’
I left the kid wit’ somethin’ cold on Ave like the ice cream man
You better have the best manners
That’s what happens when you call out niggas…Death answer
These niggas’ll march on Ave for Ill, but they walkin’ for breast cancer
Take the .40
I’ll make you and another nigga skate together: Blades of Glory
Change of story
You gon’ say you done what to me?
You a dumbfuck – toolie, give him a gun-butt, truly
This ratchet (k)not a bitch like a Young Buck groupie!
I hold a grudge, bruh
This revolver on me, I won’t budge once
These five rounds on Will (wheel) ain’t lug nuts!
That’s how you make a Will flip
That’s a Will flip

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