Danny Myers vs. Chess [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Chess]
They got the Bar God vers’ the Bar Demon
I’m in rare form
I was so scared for him, I asked Saga to say a prayer for him
I said, “Pray this nigga don’t be…touchin’ me all extra this battle, ‘cause I just might put my hands on him
And I pray that if this can’ on him, then these shots’ll get to land on him.”
Yo, Cleveland, if I shoot, y’all shootin’ wit’ me? (Yeaaaah!)
Exactly – these shots’ll get the Land on him! BANG!
First and foremost, bring up anything that (past tense, you suckin’ mad dick!
I got three words only: I’m back, bitch!)
I’m a young G
Before you try to son me, go home and be a dad, bitch!
And y’all better not react to all that wack shit!
Just let it by-pass – none of them gassed tricks (gastric)!
This trash prick isn’t ready!
I’mma kill him on stage, then off-stage, I’m rippin’ him deadly
After I beat Danny tre-0 (Trejo), he gon’ get the Machete!
Yeah, Blackface swung on me like a grown man – so what?
He was protectin’ his own fam’!
And I respect that, ‘cause he an OG
See, you just an old man
And y’all got one thing in common
Two elder niggas on stage wit’ punches that won’t land!
But all jokes aside, though, man, OG called me on the phone and we spoke
See, that’s why sometimes you gotta go through the most to get close, man
And that’s why your lil’ raps can’t move me
‘Cause me and him both cut from a different cloth
But this boy? Cotton (boycottin’)
See, he ain’t even know me and Blackface Gucci
Cal’ pops wasn’t there ‘cause he was caught up in the streets!
My pops wasn’t there ‘cause he was caught up in the streets!
Your kids’ pops wasn’t there ‘cause he was caught up in the…battle culture
See, I’m a protector
My family is who I go to battle over
You a neglector
You don’t take care of your family until the battle over!
Type nigga that’s lame as shit!
His baby moms gotta work, his battle rap friends wanna hang and shit
And he on the back on the phone like, “Man, I gotta baby-sit”
Wait…how the fuck you baby-sit your own kids, bastard!?
When it’s your responsibility, you don’t just watch one
That won’t ever be me and my son!
It’s apparent (a parent) that you are not one!
But wanna act like somebody grandpops!
‘Til I blam shots, or (*swoo*) the damn ox’ll turn this fake-ass GOAT into lamb chops!
Y’all ready to turn up? (Yeah!)
(*chk-chk*) The gun in my hand cocked
And this bitch could die from a Smith bein’ too close like Hancock!
This kid really in the field, and I never heard stories ’bout dog: this ain’t The Sandlot
If I phone (iPhone) niggas, you’ll get picked (pic’d) fast
Whoever I tell ’em air drops (AirDrop)!
Think about it!
Boy, I shoot from mid-range, all you seein’ is teardrops!
Sore loser: I’ll get a fan popped
Danny still (steel) over heads in the ring
So what!? Whoever cheer shot (chair shot)!
I’m from where cops don’t care about weed
They only look for burners
You ever had court but caught the witness before he took it further?
See, you gon’ talk about Mook swinging
I’mma talk about gettin’ off the hook wit’ murder (Murda)!
Like hide the body!
It’s gon’ be hard to find your bud like…runts
Pistol-whip him!
It’s gon’ be hard to break the piece (peace) like…monks
Stay wit’ the can’!
It’s gon’ be hard to put it down like…drunks
BANG on him!
Yeah, his soul ‘posed to rise (posterize) like…dunks
Whoever I tell (tail) lift will get his ass sprayed like…skunks
They left a G to (Vegeta) son this nigga like…Trunks
Or give this bitch nigga mo’ Hawks (mohawk)
See, that’s who different type…punks
I’m just wonderin’ how you get in my face like…bumps
When you the kinda nigga I might…bump!
‘Cause I ain’t tryna show Buddy Love – I’m like…Klump!
Big pieces like…chunks
That lil’ four weak (week) like…months
If there’s loot in it (Lieutenant), Dan, I’m in your crib like Gump
Burner phone, relay the message
Then replace the old bomber (Obama) like Trump
Leg shot – BOW!
Hit his knee like…once
See, I tried to tell him this ain’t what he need, like, once
So what you want, fam’?
Oh, aight, so in between these rounds, fix your face or get cut, man
Yeah, I’m a star, but a whole different nigga when I’m flippin’ – this the stuntman!
It’s either rap or (Rapper) get 3 in your cap – you got one Chance
I asked how many million-view battles you had – you said none, Dan
Well, this gon’ be ya first one, Dan
Nigga, I done touched bands on main-stages
You small-room – you only touch BANNEDs!
I should shoot Dan after I punch Dan!
Hit his jaw, then (Jordan) air on him
We’ll just give him .223s (23) from Jump-
One hand! Attached to the Sweeper like dustpans!
I hate personals…I usually do this for fun, man
But I heard about your fam’
Nah, it’d get too dark if I expose his (s)kin: suntan
Do you believe in a Parallel Universe!? (I do!)
You ever was fallin’ in your sleep and woke up before you hit the ground, but if you didn’t, you would not survive it?
Well, my niggas had dreams of livin’ fly, but in reality, they were tired of seein’ bodies droppin’
‘Cause that’s the same shit
None of them fairytale moves will work against greatness
A Parallel Universe can’t affect a nigga that shape-shift!
Cave shit!


[Round 1: Danny Myers]
I’ll pull a can’ on him
Put this nigga on the ground and then stand on him
Then pick up one of you Cleveland niggas and then let it Land on him
Bar God!
You called me a old nigga? I shouldn’t even be spittin’ with rookies
Even my 40 year old version (40 Year Old Virgin) shouldn’t be getting this pussy
You turnin’ 21! You can buy liquor! I see you…
BOW! There’s a difference when the store clerk and the coroner ID you!
I’ll 5 piece you, where that Sprite bottle?
I’ll take the knife up out it, I’ll split ya brain in two, I won’t think twice about it
My daughter needed school clothes, I was broke, I was appalled from it
I was thinkin’ ’bout stealin’, willing to break the law from it
We standin’ in the sto’ I’m like “Daddy wish he could buy you all of it”
There’s a difference between feeling the effects of a struggle, and being the cause of it
Ah fuck it! I tried to stay positive when I wasn’t able
‘Cause they associate being black with negative like jumper cables
I fuckin’ hate you
You think ’cause you young, the story change?
Niggas’ll touch you, even if you a child star: ask Corey Haim
The .40 bang, I won’t miss, my aim is certain
Any type of beef I’m tryna flame a person
Yo’ mama sucked my dick until I stained the curtains
Then she let me flip the coin, because I came the furthest!
I gave this game a range of verses, nigga stay straight
The trey-eight will give the shapeshifter a Clayface!
Fuck what Chess is on, every knuckle gone connect to bones
I beat him black, then beat him blue, I’m tryna set the tone
Bitch respect the grown, or you gone find me in ya precious home
I’ll stab you, then carve Roc(k) – this shit is etched in stone!
I’m in an F’n zone, you nice with the pen, but the best is home
They use me to measure the bars I’m a metronome!
Bullets catch his dome, enter his scalp, then the flesh is gone
His skull in the scope (Interscope), his bone is (bonus) tracked that’s an extra song!
You a steppin’ stone, they gon’ find you on the lawn shot
I only took Chess to get my shit out the pawn shop
They say I’m too complex when I’m spittin wit’ a rival
Well, catch it on Cam’ – they used to get it in Ohio
I stifle, blow you to pieces, with the detonation
I don’t respect if you touch 6 feet: that ain’t regulation
I’m Kevin Bacon, Stir Of Echoes, I’m outta my mind
You can’t beat me, I spit shit that you gotta rewind
It’s always the same angle
Every year, I get 12K, but I’m still above yo’ poverty lines
It’s the Bar God vs The Bar Demon
Well, niggas Transform under the gun, I’ll have a Star Screamin’!
The far regions of my mind make me paint diffrent
You were supposed to be the future of this culture, but you can’t shift it
Watch him spit these nine-minute rounds, I ain’t trippin’
Round after round with the bars: weightliftin’
My pace wicked, I sold weight nigga, but it sucks kid
Over Roc(k), I seen niggas catch a Hollow like Lux did
We tuck Sigs, creep on him and do this clown dirty
With the suppressor, ain’t nothing flashy about it like a Browns jersey!
You down 30, you on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got another two rounds of this shit

[Round 2: Chess]
…Daaaamn, brody
Why you have to play my moms?
Wasn’t even s’posed to be here – nigga, you should be thankin’ me
Matter fact, she made me, B, so you should be thankin’ Moms
This was supposed to be me and Yung Ill, but he somewhere doin’ crack wit’ ya baby moms
First off, none of y’all niggas hold me back! Y’all cannot control me
We ain’t gotta jump him – I’mma fight him doly
I’m the only one puttin’ hands on boul (ball): I’m the goalie!
Shoot up his ribs, straight through his cage like Mick Foley!
Champion of the Year you probably won’t be
‘Cause you’re a peasant
Only kings tend (Kingston) to become Champ: I am Kofi!
They ain’t ever stat you (statue) gold in the first place: you’re not a trophy
But for all that actin’, you do deserve an Oscar, Myers (Mayer) – this guy’s baloney!
Myers phony! He don’t want war – he’s frontin’
Duckin’ smoke, like the DEA’s comin’
Actin’ like you this gully boul (gullible) – I don’t believe nothin’
Swerve on your block – ERRT! – you hear a screech from it
“I don’t see nothin’”
So I keep huntin’ like, “Where’s my target?”
Soon as I spot him – BUH! BUH! – out the van, shots sparkin’
Then I keep spinnin’ the block like I can’t find parkin’
I been hearin’ ‘bout this Parallel Universe that Danny stands in
In this world, you see a kid?
Well, in that world, I see a ghost: Danny Phantom!
Mask wit’ me ‘cause I wear it often!
And if I put that on, you’re dead, man (Deadman)!
(*chef’s kiss*) I’m swearin’ on it!
Air it on him, get all sorts of rounds next
Doot, doot, doot, doot – sound like the nigga fallin’ down steps!
He gon’ talk like he this wild vet ‘cause he was battlin’ on street corners and in lunchrooms
Nigga, how you think they found Chess?!
Somewhere in the fuckin’ slums, catchin’ wild wreck!
Performin’ before there was even a crowd yet…like sound check!
They asked if I invited the animals…take a wild guess (guest)
Wild TECs, and if I miss, it’s still grazin’ (grays in) his top like wild stress
Wild deaths…and the Young Thug got away with it like a wild dress!
But I don’t trust wild, just designer jeans wit’ a pole in it
I make the shit I say look simple, but truthfully, I’m so wit’ it
And I’m so wit’ it
Danny, my MAC’ll be (Maccabee) on ya: Adam Sandler in Just Go With It
B&Es and home visits – nigga, you ain’t doin’ that shit to me
I got a habit of killin’ niggas in my turf…attend and see (a tendency)!
I dare you! Do it, nigga!
If I lift it, I’m squeezin’ mine
You shoulda knew I was on Demon Time soon as I drew it (Druid), nigga!
Think about it – that’s a Demon bar
Foolish nigga!
You got kids and you don’t love ‘em, you loser?
I bet ya baby moms was great before fuckin’ wit’ you, bruh
Lemme guess – before he knew her, he loved her, then he met her
He only wanted to spoon her
But she gave Danny the V, tho’ (DeVito), and he ended up with a Junior
Danny, tell me! Is that the truth, or was it a rumor!?
I’m sure that bitch felt like her hubby done screwed her
Left her to fend for herself and younger consumers
While your eyes was always glued in that fuckin’ computer!
See, I wasn’t a hooper, but I hung wit’ the shooters
And rolled wit’ a Razor – it wasn’t a scooter!
Steel in (Stealin’) the mall – I wasn’t a booster!
Knock him off the map – I’m done wit’ the Uber!
Headshot ya bitch – this one is a Luger, this one is a Ruger
The guns I blend got her (oblongata) in her fuckin’ medulla!
Y’all gon’ listen to this bald nigga preach, but I’mma talk about guns ‘cause I’ll run up and boom ya
“Nobody wanna hear that bullshit, Shareef”
I’m just straight to the .40 like “Get the fuck off the cooler”
I be wit’ a bunch of the movers throwin’ gang signs!
I don’t gang-bang, but got gang ties!
I done slid down wit’ mad MACs like when Wayne died!
“Before shootin’, use your fists,” I was taught
If you fight for your respect, it’s a win, not a loss
That’s real shit, but I still grip mine, of course
First time we seen Daniel point? 6ix9ine in court!
But salute to my nigga Fred for the merch
‘Cause damn, this kinda remind me that death really hurts
So before a nigga give me a weapon to burst
‘Cause on God, this gon’ be the only time that my mom see Chess on a shirt

[Round 2: Danny Myers]
Am I an animal? Take a wild guess
He act like he from a foul set
Boop boop boop, sound like he fallin’ down steps
And when he hit that steps…
Boop boop boop, sound like he fallin’ down steps
And when he hit that steps
And when he hit that one, that nigga gonna break his backbone
I didn’t have a scooter, that Razor was the trap phone
I eat these niggas alive, you and you is on the menu
This our first time in Cleveland and we gonna lose the venue?
Wait a minute, before you were born, yo’ mama had her mouth on my sack
If my calculations are right, you might be my…nevermind, I’ll just ask DNA about that
You picked the wrong time to join the Cave lil’ nigga, see it’s alright when y’all writin’
But the rule is, when you in a gang, and one of y’all swing, y’all all fightin’
But I salute you, ’cause you was willin’ to go war for ’em
Orange Shirt, was gettin’ stomped out on the floor for ’em
Brizz was runnin’, he looked back it was more of ’em
Tay Roc was being a gentleman, he held the door for ’em!
But Brizz in shape, I know he be in the gym though
But the nigga, was insulted by Blackface…Jim Crow
You stood ten toes, the rumor was I guess pops decked ya
Y’all couldn’t jump em? That’s right, it’s Chess not Checkers!
That’s pressure, and under Roc, you shouldn’t be a slave
If you laid a foundation, and built yo’ own house, you wouldn’t need a Cave
The way Tsunami talks his way outta jail is just stellar
Y’all noticed anytime Surf gets booked he’s a best seller
Chess clever, with this rappin’ shit you like the best at
But these lames in ya crew softer than a wet nap
If I let the Tec clap
The vending machine taught us, if niggas ever bent the corner we can’t accept that
Keep resistin’, with the murder game, I can be persistent
I can arrange (a range) for you to be sniped…you better keep ya distance
How many shots it takes to knock off a face when you spray Tecs?
Shit I’m thinking ’bout 3 moves a head (ahead)…that’s how you play Chess!
You with shit nigga, say less, my turn is dirty
I’ll put a blade in Ave stomach, hold it firm and sturdy
And I’ll really kill Surf
Cause one thing I learned from Cleveland was how to burn a Jersey!
Early, I wasn’t flipping “chest”, every round you’ll see
I ain’t gone mispronounce ya name, I got this down to a T!
Yeah I’m a old man, but everything out my mouth is the truth
But I’ll turn you to a pool of blood that’s the Fountain Of Youth!
I been scoutin’ you too, I’ll pull the .9 from my waist
With the inf beam, didn’t you ask for Shine in ya face?!
Ya mind is waste, I ain’t gone take the beam off it
You from the college of kickin’ down doors? This is the Dean’s office!
My team lawless, we’ll show you how death can be
Soon as we let it RIP you Rest In Piece
I’m Samuel L Jackson
Cause a OG’ll play Chess if he try to get Fresh with me!
I’m the best MC
I’ll pop a nigga, then spin off like Law And Order: SUV
You know what type of death you see?, Bitch, I hid the bird low
I just said SUV…BAOW I’ll put this kid in the third row
This is how words go, you gotta be a man with yo’ ways
You either stand on yo’ words, or niggas stand on yo’ grave
And Tay Roc, don’t talk about who beat me, til you beat me
‘Til I come to ya Ave and be blunt with the smack like Glueazy!
This is too easy, and you on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got a whole ‘nother round of this shit

[Round 3: Chess]
Do you believe in a Parallel Universe…I do
Well, in this world…you my pops, and I’m your son
Now let me tell you why I despise you
You said you would come see me on my birthday, and I was lied to
Then told me you’d make it up on Christmas
See, that was lie 2
Said when you come home, everything would be different
That was a lie, too-
But you was locked through most of my life
I get it, Pops a thug
Wasn’t the best hustler, so you robbed the plugs for all kinds of drugs
Said them robberies was for your sons
But yet and still you couldn’t buy us love
‘Cause kids ain’t care when their parents was broke
They cared when the promise was
(Take care of yo’ kids, nigga!)
Yes, sir…
No diapers, no comfort – some pops you was
I ain’t never see Huggies from my pops or give my pops a hug!
Some pops you was
Wanted what other ones had, so you got them mugged
But you was far from the #1 Dad – that’s why I never got the mug!
Some pops you was
Dad, can’t you see I despise you?
How you leave it to Mom Dukes to teach me survival?
Need I remind you?
Me and Ty was out beefin’ wit’ rivals
I’m talkin’ on-sight beef on a rival
‘Cause the streets is designed to
Force you to do shit you ain’t even decide to?!
When your lil’ brother all you got, you gotta keep him beside you?!
But it’s hard to show him right from wrong when your OG didn’t guide you?!
You want your sisters to be Queens, so you gotta become a King ‘cause they watch you?!
Age 11, man of the house – this shit ain’t easy that I do!
But the reason that I do…get kinda-get kinda-get kinda
Aw, shit…MMmmmmm….
It make so mad to think about…
The reason that I do get kinda…get kinda…get kinda…get kinda…g-
See? I can’t even get this shit out…
Maybe it’ll get out when my pops get out
But the reason that I do get bothered
Is knowin’ you was out here takin’ other kids’ fathers!
Damn…but I know exactly what karma is
‘Cause I was out here takin’ other fathers’ kids!
And I only did it ‘cause my back was against the wall and the bastard tried me
Dad! Maybe if you was here, you could’ve actually stopped me!
But you was never there
You wasn’t there for parent-teachers conference – that was Mommy!
You ain’t sit up in that hospital wit’ me – that was Mommy!
You ain’t pick me up from the precinct – that was Mommy!
You ain’t come to none of my shows – that was Mommy!
I ain’t never get a gift from you, nigga – that was Mommy!
It ain’t even ‘bout material, nigga – that’s behind me
Yet you alive, but you’re dead to me, your ass a zombie
‘Cause my mother had to play two roles – Dad was Mommy
But I thank you ‘cause you did this to me
Forced me to be a leader for younger niggas to see
Before your kids listen to you, they’d rather listen to me!
‘Cause you wack, soft…
They don’t look at you as a master
Daniel son (Daniel-san) would rather kick it wit’ me!
I bet y’all never thought Dan’ll move fucked up
‘Til I made him look this small like Danimals Crush Cups
I’ll have my young bucks bust through the door like school’s out
Gun in this dude mouth
Danny Myers play Danny Tanner – run in this fool (Full) House
But this time, your fam’ is not included
I’m just searchin’ for Myers like Dr. Loomis
But this ain’t Call of Duty
You get one life – nigga, be calm
Once DM get left red (read), he won’t respawn (respond)!
Think about it!
He like, “But Chess, nigga, I don’t- I don’t see arms”
Nigga, it’s in the car, I’m on that same shit that Reed on
The MAC’s in my (Maxima) whip: it ain’t a Nissan
He tried to run down wit’ his heat drawn…
Pussy, gimme that gun! Lil’ nigga, you holdin’ the piece wrong!
And fix your stance – ya feet wrong
Exhale when you pull, don’t breathe wrong!
This how you spray niggas
I’m a shape-shifter: I could teach form
That’s real gun talk
I came to battle, win or loss, nigga!
I’m so real I came to battles when I lost niggas!
I’m a boss, nigga, but God put me through obstacles…of course, nigga!
He just an old hag that’s so mad he ain’t get farther than me
So he wanna act like a father to me
But I’m a son of a gun
Headshot – the apple don’t fall far from the tree!
CakeLyfe! Gang shit!

[Round 3: Danny Myers]
Alright I didn’t raise you right, I didn’t raise you right
I was a bad father
I didn’t raise you right
I was fuckin’ wit’ bitches, I was doin’ a lot of things
I didn’t put a ring on ya mama finger, but this promise ring
When you heard that sound in the room and it sound like we was clappin’ Tommys
That wasn’t nobody gettin’ shot, that was mommy!
I told you, I’d take any chance to expose you
You were that kid we sent to the store, and kept more change than you were supposed to
You a wild nigga, look what you young cats have become
You the type to lose that fair fight and come back with a gun
You the type, that as long as you’re paid handsomely
You will spot yo’ opp at a park full of kids and spray randomly
I’m from the 80’s, we had a code of ethics, that’s why Myers tough
We couldn’t carry out a murder without word from the higher ups
You fire, but I’m willing to bring more death
It’s Game time, the .32 piece is (pieces) on board Chess
Ya whore next, and if Chess intervenes he’ll make the wrong move, he’ll die protectin’ his Queen
Take this L tonight (to Knight), fight like you never fought before
When will these Rooks learn, their just not better across the board
You need to check mates, they left you to get pancaked
It wasn’t real, when they let you join a gang on a handshake
You got a fan base, you speak to the youth, but I’m a mental savage
In order to corner his market, let me give you this demo graphic! (demographic)
I get real close to his stomach, let a Ginsu slash it
His blood shoot so far, my face get little splashes
He still breathing, I’m surprised his soul isn’t gone
His intestines in his hands…he good at holdin’ his own!
Ya dome, what the barrel might damage
But I prefer the crossbow instead, I’m good wit’ arrow dynamics (aerodynamics)
Don’t panic, I’ll fuck you up, I really hate the Cave
I’ll cut off both ya hands, now let’s see you replace the Wave
Hold on Chess, we know you wasn’t a stupid child
Hold on Chess, we know you ain’t a stupid child
You coulda got 400 Degrees as a Juvenile
But you shootin’ now, did Cave Gang provide a leader?
You in this field tocatch Roc(k) like a wide receiver?
I’ll slide a diva, you only blew cause you the fuckin’ truth
But you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for ya cousin Zeus!

You thought you was hard, cause you was 15 and you tucked a deuce?
You still ain’t shit and I’ll pop this pussy like Uncle Luke
Who the fuck is you? All this shit you said, you can’t take it back
Hold on cousin?
Uncle Luke? Fuck it he can’t relate to that
I’m the greatest Smack , ’round these parts, we let these spark
And the toughest nigga from the Bronx is still E Hart!
Be smart, you got to know who ya brothers are
On that stage, for you, Steams woulda took another scar
Do you believe in a Parallel Universe?
(I Do!)
Uou in the whackest crew, and that’s the true
You joined them in the Cave, but they wasn’t willin’ to go to bat for you
I never asked for you, but he on the ground with this shit
Thank the Lord he don’t got another round of this shit

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