Loaded Lux vs. Aye Verb [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Loaded Lux]
It’s for my niggas up north getting full on that jack mac
Another Smack back, I got a sucker to back smack
(They gon’ love this)
Enough shit talkin’, time to talk shop
This ’bout to be so dome splittin’ home slice
Ain’t no cut on this thing but you’re gettin’ chopped
You gonna fall short every line clip and it stop
This here gon’ be a clean take down, just play ball
From the tip, off wit’ his head and then it drops
Damn Verb, look what you did what you did wit’ ya shot
They gon’ give me all the photo cred’ but all I caught was the body…
Yeah some niggas don’t get the picture ’til it’s cropped
Top- layers they put you in, that’s from all that bitchin’ you do a lot
If you got through the tiers flippin’, I should flop
Word Verb, you ’bout that action for traffic and then it stops
I’m a mind reader
You gon’ be time keepin’ the time keeper
This should’ve been unlimited but it’s not
You’se a tricky nigga got ’em to get the clicker on paper put a hold (hole) on me like a ticket clipper
This what you picked, you forgot?
You was supposed to let the fans in Houston figure this out
Yeah I keep all the tweets from your Twitter account
Silly nigga, slippin’, thought I was blocked
But you claim you a legend, well, you gotta walk that “forever” talk nigga
That infinite ain’t a knot you can put on ya belt yourself
If that ain’t the extent of what you can rock it’s not felt
Maybe for a song or two on the mic, cool, (Michael) Phelps
But you’re swimmin’ next to a yacht
These three minute round niggas, swearin’ they gods
But ain’t no limits to Jah
That’s why fuck you nigga, I’ma keep tickin’
Forget the tock on that digital box
Niggas just wanna watch me come to work
As soon as I start to punch in, you ain’t got to look over
You gon’ know exactly what time it is when you gettin’ clocked
Yeah, you cappin’, just not cappin’, captain
Just mismatchin’ disses is a lot
Thought this was a cool move, hiccup, I’m the wrong dude you, slip dissin’
Can knock you bein’ hip up out ya slot
Injuries (and you’re ease)
I see you jumpin’ the gun, right?
I’m like, “Why would I take offense (a fence) to the hop?”
I let you leap, get him high
This what he want?
We all got needs (knees), but yours gonna bend to the will I got!
Ya body rhythm a lot
I wrote the code, thinkin’ you overload, ya system just in shock
Just breathe nigga
Verb, what the A (Aye) for? Apron?
Nigga, are you a waitress?
Why you lay out how heavy the stakes (steaks) then
Already set the table of content so they mind’s bent, outta great shape when
They go to step up and scale the lines, measure the body
Punches can’t fit like a glove, cause you done laced it wit’ the narration
See, some things you should make wait (weight)
He don’t even let us get to the weigh-ins (Wayans)
I’m me, fuck you thought?
Eff who and how many, how ’bout some fights ain’t meant to be fought
Now I’m in ya fort
Hit ya spot, big dance, spin ya top
Ballroom, no costume, I figure, “Nah”
Why? When I can just wear you out, shit you did all this for props!
You’se a flower pot
Why not throw some dirt on ya name?
This the thanks after I pitched you game?
Helped ya home base
Get to every card and all (Cardinal), y’all think it’s because of the bol’ pen (bullpen)?
How if when, tryin’ to win, he talked all that SMACK and it pushed yo’ ass right back in the Lionz Den
Nigga, I am him!
You was flyer then
No promotion
I couldn’t talk, in the grit gettin’ it
I was cookin’ but got back to him; Ving Rhames in the kitchen
Now his head locked in submission
Baby Boy you gon’ Kawhi (“Crwy”) Leonard try kill us (killas)
When you gotta show the team he rap to, (Raptor) Godzilla. Nigga
High builder
But dig this
Cause for me this is comin’ down a notch
You know how like a bum would be gettin’ that intruder alert?
What I mean is I mean it’s Verb, this shit gotta stop nigga!
You know you was dead
Ain’t this the same college student that was goin’ noodles? Yeah?
Well they brought in a study buddy to get ya two to (tutor) the head
Would’ve dropped ya sooner, basura
But I wanted to serve you clean, ya know?
It’s Vegan Verb now
But for the record the Burger King, ya know?
I mean…
Who knew the (noodle) process in (processing) the food could taste like such ecstasy?
Watching me molly wop a junior (Whopper Jr)
Lose to this loser?
Is you shittin’ me?
C’mon Houston y’all gotta keep it real wit’ me
Y’all mean to tell me this nigga could show up straight to one picture day
And y’all let all this shit slide off baby buck’s smooth butt
Forget about the dude’s scruff cause he got a new cut?
I always forget to remember
The DNA on you new niggas today, genes (jeans) ain’t got the
Boot cut
I mean, look life a good tool but
It ain’t gon’ fix it
When these niggas who turn nuts get it twisted
Cause you ain’t tell him he screwed up
You out here gettin’ fully bully wit’ punches
But y’all gon’ make ’em feel good as long as he threw one
“Ayo Verb got Mook!”
I said, “To do what?”
I was right there nigga, you can’t talk that 2-1 you won shit to me nigga
I mean you grew some, but it’s gruesome…
God damn fans got you lookin’ like a fool son
What’s left to teach ya (teacher)?
Gotta tell a student he trippin’ just to get him on a school bus
Excuses, excu- nigga excuse us
You’se a fuckin’ fraud nigga
That just want applause that come from y’all
Give this nigga credit
I pull his Discover card like, “What’s the charge if it ain’t debit?”
Nigga you don’t thug at all
Budden bars
Why lie ’bout a gun was involved just so a punch could get off?
Oh you gon’ ride up?
Iron low like you anemic
Lies nigga
You gon’ hide/duck, saw Iron, got low, took the check for Lux and went to Neiman’s nigga
Were we fussin’ cause wasn’t nobody in ya corner
On the corner-

[Smack calls time. Loaded argues and Verb lets him rock.]

Wasn’t nobody in ya corner on the corner lookin’ like you was gettin’ cornered just for talkin’
When Beasley walked up, I thought I told you nigga, “I let you eat after I-
(Get off my break nigga!)

[Round 1: Aye Verb]
Smack, is you ready nigga?
Lux, is you ready nigga?
You know the difference between me and you fuck boy?
I mean it ain’t just one thing, it’s a lot of ’em literally
It’s crazy this culture deems you dangerous
And all you do is, and all you do is walk around being…Loaded
Bitch I really smoke shit
Your war record is too common for us to even share common enemies
Aye, I ain’t worried ’bout nothin’
Cause when yo’ mind move like how mine move
Now suddenly I’ve been blessed with this divine energy
Lux…yo’ level of comp ain’t a- it it ain’t a high level of comp’
It’s standard, it what come wit’ it nigga, it’s complementary
Y’all Clark Kent is now in the face of a real villain
Tonight, I don’t hear yo’ raps, nah uh
I don’t hear they claps
While you perform, I envision a slaughter for him
Wit’ chainsaws goin’ and pigs squealin’
All night I got these ill feelings
That’s dedication
So what you crazy?
You still gon’ get yo’ crazy ass killed
I’ma sit you down crazy still…like a mental patient in meditation
What? We all know you ass/as
That’s the definition of reputation
Stay woke, I’ll make the creative mind of y’all Wes Craven appear cave men
Insane shit, I’ma murder you
Then preserve blood off the pavement for later so I can bathe in it
Cat Scan Beloved, I was amazed cause there’s more afraid than rage in him
Never seen a saber tooth tiger behave kitten
Peel his cap back, open his skull it’s a maze in it
I’m confused cause it ain’t a way out or a way in it
You got a fake image
With a whisper of great gimmick
That’s why yo’ rhymes don’t manifest in this world, they phase different
Until you let down yo’ little guard, show us who you are, your full potential remains hidden
And that makes it easy for me to Blake Griffin over this caged pigeon
He told Hollow, “Stand up niggas don’t lean”, he way trippin’
But where I’m from, I guess we raised different
Cause we was taught, if it’s a nigga you wanna smoke and he got shooters around him you smoke the shooters
Stand up niggas gotta lean once they crouch or they cane (‘caine) missin’
You an open book for Verb, every round I’m page rippin’
Get off that dust and slam the breaks on all of this shape shifting
I am unlocked, herbal tea sippin’, steel wit’ a gun cock, let off one shot
Then the ringin’ speed up like when ya phone block
Yeah son hot but I brought sunblock for this fuckin’ kumquat
I’ve been wit’ it, you been timid
You took the punk route
You scary like Ben Willis wit’ the hook
But I’m scary, I’m Ben Simmons wit’ a jump shot
I showed up here evolved, hair and all
Mixin’ Farrakhan wit’ fire in my eyes and no fear of God
Won’t spare the wise
Binoculars look like the logo of the Ferragam’
Ain’t water moccasins, these deep waters, this not the pond
You Transform for this, in my Prime I was Megatron
You look down on me
That crown too heavy on the head it’s on
You can’t see me, clearly he trippin’ his mirror fogged
If he clip me the hood turns up Nipsy when hero’s gone
Apollo Creed, I’d rather die in this ring than to leave knotted
A vegan versus everything ‘Healthy’, the fans came here to see a clean body
Had to take him out of his field, road game
Show the nigga how this feel
In his field, backstage his water be lightly chilled and distilled
I still, walk in and hit the faucet like this still
And you do is, “You did this…you did that”, out there that’s cold shit
To the midwest and down south niggas, to us that’s hoe shit
So take yo’ angle, whatever it is I can take yo’ angle
I’m from the hood, God gotta make monsters, he don’t make angels
The game been bias for you east coast Tri-State rhymers
Steady gassin’, they ain’t fans they was highway drivers
I say fire, they stay silent and make you irate kinda
I chase you down, time to kill, this is when I play Meyers
Price rate rises, later, when I vibrate higher
I don’t tread light, in my mind I’m on five great tires
This is high grade china
Then you snort it I’ma find great China
King Kong ain’t worried ’bout a primate fighter
In dark places nigga, I straight light up
I make lightenin’, I break titans
Y’all see sensei, nigga I see slices
All night I’ma be straight brutal
You are special Lux, but when God made you special
He made a mistake and He made two of us
You ain’t shit to me
Just another one of the numerous I done chewed up
I ain’t humorous
Jokes don’t get told at you nigga’s funerals
I’m powerful
This flow out the mud, yo’ shit malleable
I make Blain Brown’s look Bartholomew
You the root of this culture?
Pssst, nigga I’ll knock tree bark outta you
Bein’ out my element is being in my element, this shit is odd to you
I never bow my head, I’m an odd ball
I go to war and never throw my towel in
You don’t never take yo’ towel off
Every time I saw you I told you “sound off”
Whatchu do? You throw jabs but write (right) first like a southpaw
It’s ’bout to get hot early, you didn’t see yo’ shadow groundhog
Doctor wit’ the pen, if you a doctor it depends
When niggas sick you call off, I pull up, I make house calls
I’m a stand still, backflip nigga
Before yo’ backflip you need a round off
Silencers take the sound off
I never touch the surface, I piss the ground off
Tonight we separate the Pitbulls from the house dogs
Fuckin’ house dog

[Round 2: Loaded Lux]
I said look
If I slay you…it’s a no brainer
You even graze me, you famous
But what they pay me to do?
It’s a contract to walk in ya house and cave in ya roof
This shit don’t take a lot of wit
He don’t gotta win, that’s the truth
In his mind, “I got Lux I got Mook, shoot. I’m already in
How y’all not convinced, look what I’m against.”
This is a feast
Ya eyes on the prize for him
Is bein’ in the belly of the beast, the bottom of the pit
I work, he’s into wishin’ (intuition)
That’s a gut feelin’
When a nigga know he gotta die just (digest) to be the shit
I’m gon’ do my duty though, I’m gon’ do my duty
Hold up, they givin’ mental midgets to genius giants
I’m cosmic, that’s why this nigga’s scared
For him it’s conscious heavy, meddling (metaling) wit’ a nigga you know rockin’
Ahh, both sockets watchin’
Ya heart pumpin’ in a circle jumpin’
But he know who to rave about
And I’m ’bout to make it gothic
For a punk, you couldn’t even stomp wit’ me in a mosh pit
I’m Godsent nigga
Yo, yeah I know it’s that way
But this is Lenny Kravitz, riffin’
You bitchin’
My background vocals is Princess Jasmine
Keep wishin’
I’m Will Smith then
I came to make a movie and it’s a classic
Wit’ a casket
Cause son, you don’t know how many box offers (office) I had to put a lad in (Aladdin)
It’s ‘A Whole New World’, nigga
This ain’t back when you was rappin’ wit’ Hollow
You might be Showtime, just not at The Apollo, nigga
You know how I know?
Last year you could’ve got ate (8)
They told me, “Wait”
I said, “Cool it’s N.O.M.E. it’s fine.”
Fuck is Verb? I could’ve battled anybody and headlined
But you know when you know it’s time
All these gun bar niggas on the card, but you can bet Smack still call Lux to fully Load this .9
And I’ma blow ya mind wit’ it
I’m so on the money wit’ this shit
Smack had the grand champ his grands
For this pussy, the tongue lashing to the T, I Rex these bitches
But got the belt fixin’ ’em, I’m still handy man
Ya stance nigga, you don’t stand a chance
When you St. Louis niggas pop out, I think Nelly albums
Soccer moms
Family vans
You know, the good stuff
‘Til you gotta watch one of they community leaders gettin’ put in the trunk for tryin’ to lift his hood up
That shit rougher than mechanic hands
Man, I be, “Damn.”
All this work, they got me up here tryin’ to be a lazy nigga
Put my kid in park not playin’ wit’ him
The complications
Yo bro, you’re not contemplatin’
The gang of differences you got
He can’t see it bein’ (B’in), I’m what’s crackin’ blood vessels in this nigga’s mental block
I’m key
Nigga, I be star trackin’ (Star Trek-ing), grapplin’, space travel
You can’t anchor from a shippin’ dock
“Aye aye captain.”
Nigga, you are so not on board
I’m like a whole ‘nother type of craftsman
I mean, I ain’t tryin’ to hold V up, but this is Spock nigga
This is top doggin’, tip top shape, kay?
With the drop on against the opp’
Good riddance (writtens), what did you jot?
I mean, cause you asked for this, oh did you not?
And won’t he do it?
I’m such a smart ass, well I’m goin’ stupid
But it’s ’bout to have you starin’ in this idiot box
This exclusive, no
This ya wake- up, the whole St. Louis
Heard I was ringin’ this nigga bell, he can’t hear the music
Live from Houston
Look, ya wife ’bout to find out you got a whole ‘nother family at this Pay Per Viewing, nigga
Won’t he do it?
I told y’all Mook care for ya
So there’s no confusion, this is Houston, right?
And nigga you got a problem
For years, they done did your wave so greasy to the point you can’t brush it off
Now you pickin’ out different culminations cause I, hear you was growin’, knowin’ you wanna cut ya loss (locks)
Talkin’ ’bout extension, Nina, you gon’ put yo’ bitch weave in
What next? You gonna run salons?
Cause ain’t nobody here (hair) thinkin’ you ’bout to bang bitch, who you puttin’ this front up for, nigga?
I’m gonna do what it do whatever one you sport nigga
These sons of butchers
It’s all in the battle for this, we lookin’ at how your moms at
When a bitch nigga think they gotcha number
Turns out they just takin’ contact, nigga
Let’s combat
Ayo ARP!
Aye Verb runnin’ prolly
Ay, give little nigga his heart back
It ain’t his fault that, he didn’t know, you should’ve hollered at a real hit man (Hitman)
Would’ve told him, “What happens to killers who don’t honor they contracts, nigga?”
Aye Hitman now that’s a rap you should’ve remixed nigga
Rap-rap you should’ve remixed nigga
But instead of put him on track, you just skipped the fact
Or tellin’ this vegan, “Aye man, this might be the wrong time to be givin’ chicken back man.”
Especially, everybody else can see
You went at Mook about his leadership skills
But didn’t Yung Ill follow you when you misled ya grief?
Where he could’ve fed his peeps
If not got the check at least, still kept his integrity
But noooo, damn you handled that unprofessionally
This nigga out here chasing licks and takin’ licks
The fuck can you teach us about some legacy, nigga?
“I’m a dawg”, dude nigga we see your pedigree
I got the message he tapped in, that’s Morse Code
When the thirsty nigga gets spoon fed until the fork in the road
That’s a turnoff
And I’ma pull up like skkkkkert
“Aye look here nigga. First off
This is Offset talkin’ to Quavo ’bout a bad ad lib, yeah
You see right here, is when you gonna have to take that skirt off.”
Nigga man up!
(I can’t wait ’til y’all rewind all this. Fuck outta here nigga.)
You got drugged all this way to be up here lookin’ like you usin’
I’m crackin’ this nigga head, I had to Whitney a nigga in Houston, man
You know what?
You’se a waste of my motherfuckin’ time nigga
(And you’re cuttin’ into your mother’s fuckin’ time!)
I wouldn’t even touch ya moms nigga
‘Healthy’ nigga

[Round 2: Aye Verb]
Aye, round of applause for Lux puttin’ us on y’all
That’s where it stops
I won’t bow
So you can miss me wit’ that kung-fu guru Bru’ shit
One of yo’ fans told me, “Verb you can’t fuck wit’ Lux
His style’s so unique
He’s so fast he can catch a bullet in his teeth.”
How fuckin’ neat?
But I ain’t here to throw hands and feet bitch
Nigga this an execution, play ball
Three minute rounds
(They ain’t book me for a long time
Fuck a preview, let’s let that beef brew, in 3D too
So it’s Showtime!)
Put some bread on him like a stock exchange
Directions read, “Lots of pain”
Picture, open heart like a locket chain
I’ve been watchin’ Bane
Ride up, rockets bang from a proper range
He terrified, swervin’, spinnin’ the wheel like he Dr. Strange
I’m not for games
I live for this smoke, I breathe a different air, this isn’t fair
Verb leavin’ beef bloody, is it rare?
This shit practice, I’ve been to the finals so I’m prepared
Even in practice, miss a wide open shot you hit the stairs
The lights on me, but they never not on me, so I don’t care
I got the glow so standin’ next to me hoe, you just a glare
Boy you barely make sense like workers with prison shares
I can’t let you live behind them bars, you get the chair
They happy that you back, I don’t give a care
You ran so long, I’m sorry I can’t clap when that ribbon tears
Listen here, where I’m from I dap all of the tigers and kiss the bears
It’s a jungle, you couldn’t hop lilypads or ribbit there
You and your staff’s in the air and you flicker flares
On the island of fear you buy rental shares, I won’t even visit there
I’m talkin’ to your soul, where you goin’?
“Hey how you get up there?!”
Amazing the body dies alone but the mind and the soul it lives in pairs
Wait, I ain’t woke, I’m just aware
I wasn’t worried ’bout the win/loss, I was more indecisive ’bout what to wear
Nigga yeah
We watched Mook cook you he did it torch like
He put you out the house, I said, “Come home”, let on the porch light
Open the door like gave you a hug tight
“I missed you. While you was gone the game ain’t stop like playin’ Fortnite.”
I got that master room now nigga, see what that floor like
Arguin’ will leave to stabs like what rappers used to record like
On this stage boy I throw hard rights
And caught charges assault like
When you on the court Mike we ain’t worried ’bout you Bill Cartwrights
Yo’ kind of pressure, goin’ to Flex hopin’ yo’ flow tight
My pressure, puttin’ the town on my neck hopin’ court go right
My method J. Cole like
But my jab and my sidestep pro like
Education and street ethics I need both like
Gotta motivate myself to go right
Nigga’s round me sellin’ dope, I’m chasin’ 30 for a show and they makin’ 7 every slow night
What you write, it ain’t food for the thought
I won’t buy, it won’t register
Get that shit out my cart, that shit you sayin’ is soft
You ain’t shit but the Super Saiyan to marks
I don’t see great, not a spark, just filet wit’ a fork
Cause at yo’ house you gotta pay here to park, Lux I’ma take you apart
Take any girl that you want and play wit’ her heart
String her along like I’m playin’ a harp
You ain’t a champ, you a chump
I press gangsters you be playin’ on punks
I get knocked out I’m back outside, boy you stay in for months
We ain’t the same boy, you so funny
You ain’t killed Verb you ain’t killed nobody
I’ll hold the barrel to my head for you, dare you to smoke something and won’t even think to make a Go Fund Me
Take some notes from me
Yo’ ancestors was prolly hidin’ in forests
On my end, my origin is Mayan warriors
Cut off my head bitch I might grow four of ’em
Power up in the same motion, niggas play the accordion
Look how I talk to y’all Morpheus
When I came in this game I sent you rappers a message
I said, “Forward ’em”
You niggas scared to bite that formula
Investors came and they liked my formula
Told Smack, “For this business to flourish you need less of them niggas and more of him.”
Yo’ sister get you artist’s bruh, I never viewed Caine, no Michael Kor’ in us
But baggin’ is like the norm to us
The Big Apple your core audience, I know your coordinates
They line up memorials every time I fly in LaGuardia
Lie in Astoria, write his whole story up
I got coroners concealed in ya corner, this ain’t no war wit’ Lux
Cause afterwards we dap like “Good performance”
Have a drink and we’ll watch tears runnin’ down yo’ face each time you pour it up
I hate a nigga that act all innocent, you a fraud
Head on I face all my blemishes
I got God like energy but the Devil still enemy
For the Buck I be sittin’ behind mirror tint
But the clip longer than Mirotic, it won’t feel wrong a little bit
Your arch nemesis, authentic with all sentences
Part Schindler’s List
Smoke cancerous carcinogens
You get killed on some Hitler shit
Rhythm arithmetic
Dark energies and whispers from dark entities
Your luck ran out Beloved
No matter how much you search and try to clover find
This Final Destination and death can only give closure is when you close yo’ eyes
A humble king, I’m such a noble guy
I’ma take time and sign and notarize every Polaroid of you get pulverized
In yo’ mind, you got a house on the hill and the holy skies
So you look down and throw black cloud around the trap house niggas like it ain’t dope inside
Yeah, who you foolin’ boy? I know ya kind
I’ll smack blood in yo’ mouth, you’ll spit out a rainbow and ya roll yo’ eyes
You a maggot, and a maggot at a maximum only grows to flies
Rewind yours and it’s more to find
Yeah, rewind mine and get horrified I’m borderline immortalized
You look good in front of these punks but in front of all your kind you normalized
You better pick who you war wit’ and choose yo’ armor wise

[Round 3: Loaded Lux]
We should’ve never gave this nigga no rap press
Goddamn it, granted you access at best this was dangerous
I mean you came in hittin’ guardian angels, ya aim was high
Creatin’, thought you was fly, then why the divine deflation?
It was always in ya nature, the migration
You soiled on new soil then got disloyal to the vibration
Now the drive’s payments
New arrangements
You pop up with Chase chasin’ fat checks
I gotta fact check a nigga who fakin’
You used to be crazy with his imagination
Turned padded wall weightless
What I mean is all you got now is the patience (patients)
The mental issue placed in ya psyche a situation
But if you think it’s cool, cool
Yeah, wack, he (wacky) know it and I don’t jack it (jacket), let’s get it straightened
I coined phrases for this paper, face it, we seen your make up
You go do a thousand interviews tryin’ to spin a move in ya favor
I bring cold rounds to the ring thinkin’ a killer comin’ to ice me, they give me a figure skater, man
I am the greatest
Cause solely only my pen is aided the opinionated when they debate it
But at least we can say this
I liked ya better wit’ the perm nigga
Cause at least that dude (due) had his head on straight then
Now it’s, “Hey sis”, “Sweetness”
But ain’t nothin’ about you Equal, I see you
The [?] think it’s entertainment
The brainless herd, don’t know everything they heard from you is to sway ’em
That’s why I give it to these niggas, word for word I Verb bait him (verbatim)
Nigga thank me later
If you on the outside lookin’ in
This is Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood again
When the pops younger than the son
But this my house and I gotta whoop him in
Status is what he mad at
Verb don’t hate Loaded Lux nigga
He just hate the fact I remind him of what you could’ve been
Get at me
I’m old school, like big Caddy’s and Ms. Haddie
Trina you can’t Trick Daddy
Word get back we heard, I got that idea from your third wit’ Hitman, whatchu say?
But if you made that a hot line and I made it a Hit then Man okay
I’ll take that, we impact, you just graze
After me, no disrespect but Slim shit just wasn’t the same
As for you, your man out here Wild ‘N Out
Who might I add is a better position than you today
You runnin’ ’round gettin’ caught tryin’ to get a plate
You’se a fool I pity pat him
Verb is a poker, he did the same shit with Cassidy
He’ll try ya hand just to get on the card, how y’all don’t see the deal at play?
Maybe your fans like you preyin’ on niggas, thinkin’ you a fake
What I got? You say six of them thangs?
But 9 times outta 10 when you see me on screen
All that shit be real I say
I bet every time you jumped in the ring cause you got a bill to pay
That’s the difference Aye, curve
Beasley and them turned the curb
Put you back on the bus after being backstage gettin’ your respect backhanded, Double Impact-ing you sluts
Y’all Cardinal cappin’ bruh
What I mean is, you diss ARP but just like a bird for the low go (logo) back to the nigga that was smackin’ you up
But act like you tough
I got a contest for the hard pressed
Cause I really think you got superiority complex
That’s how you can say your baby moms is the best but you cheat on her
Unfaithful nigga
Out here hittin’ females; lady killer
I think you bitter
Somewhere in ya mind I think every time a woman made you mad you saw that babysitter
Now, there’s no question she molested you, so this part for you may be filler
You know, try to block it out, and I feel ya
But they came a long way to here about your ways how I get in ya way cause you never healed up
Look bruh, this the light fixture
Don’t see the negatives when this hit ya main frame (mainframe) it
I’m just tryin’ to give you the large picture, nigga
For the listeners, I’m givin’ you symptoms
I’m sure you want Verb always playin’ the victim
Even when he winnin’ feelin’ like everybody against him
I wanna give you what he hides
Here’s somethin’ recently that he tried
Yo Calicoe!
How ’bout when it’s real and it rhyme, nigga
Now no online, we actually had phone calls to get this battle done
On the line, no middle man
That mean I got your number and you got mine
Fast forward, all I asked you for was more time
I can see you said, “Nah”, and then I said, “Why?”
And then let you tell it I whined
And I was tryin’ to just get my wage [?] denied
And I took to Twitter like some people we know
Now pointing any elbows ahhhh
But I…at least then I could see how ya moves were justified
But outta nowhere this nigga just pops up on PSA Radio
I’m like, “This guy.”
Now whatever dudes he let the Tom Cruise
With me, I get a whole Minority Report and I didn’t even commit no crime
I’m like, “Woooow.”
Nigga, what triggered in ya mind that you was bein’ victimized?
Truthfully, was it pride?
Or the prize
You saw it as an opportunity to get the critics on ya side
Ayo lil’ bro, when we hit ’em like twice that [?]
[Lil Bro] Both times
[Loaded Lux] Right
[Lil Bro] And you let it ring to voicemail nigga
[Loaded Lux] Am I lyin’?
[Lil Bro] [?]
[Loaded Lux] Cause I knew you looked at it and just didn’t accept the call nigga, and that’s fine
Geechi Gotti voice tho’
[Lil Bro] You’se a bitch!
[Loaded Lux] Cause at least I could’ve respected him more if you hit “decline”, nigga
Beasley called your phone, no answer
I called ya phone no answer nigga
These is sensitive times
But you got time, to pop up on PSA Radio…again, workin’…at the job
Here it is, I can’t get a lousy extra two minutes but you can take 30 of ’em and turn a simple “no” into a blog
That’s on God nigga
It’s always summertime and the living is easy
You’re spoiled
Where the Aye Verb fans at?

{Crowd cheers}

Yeah, you’se a sucker too nigga
No expirin’, but you make sure on the low, you tell ’em in the comments nigga, every round I was firin’
But don’t be mad, JayBlac is hirin’, my nigga
If you don’t take nothin’ else from my story, this part you should
Aye Verb, I’m a long way from home nigga
But so far so good, nigga

[Round 3: Aye Verb]
Aye, you know what thing I like about you New Yorkers?
Absolutely nothing
But I do like how y’all all got this ability to sell some fake shit and make people buy it
Pardon me Beloved
I’m sorry I’m not impressed
Tonight, the whole time while you was rhymin’, this the scene in my head that I was visualizin’
“Aye my man I got these gold chains fresh off the train. They come from the island
Shop wit’ me black man. I get ’em to you for less than value.”
See where y’all from, y’all pride yourself wit’ bein’ grimy
So anything they show you look good on the surface but look inside it?
You see the clouds in the stones but to the naked eye it looks stylish
Let me be honest
Lux you got this fake jewel droppin’ shit down to a science
But you ain’t shit but Cubic zirconia cut like a diamond it’s extra shiny
Riddle me this
How do you stop a lyric driven nigga from lookin’ godly?
You’ve got to bomb him
Give a conscious rapper a bald head and make him look like he Common
Let that marinate
Grey Hoodie Lux, stop tryin’
You can’t go from Black Panther walkin’ on water to back slidin’
Is you kiddin’ me?
You think you can just diddy bop through the Bayou?
And the crocs ain’t gon’ show you they teeth and gators won’t try you?
Where you from, niggas gas yo’ shit wit’ a match behind it
But that’s what make you to a grown ass sucker, they’re pacifying
No pressure writin’, this shit from soul, never inspired, I just smoke
Cause it crack my head open to crack the hydrant, I let it flow
Y’all be deep but none of you niggas vikings
I’m Moses, just me and a stick ain’t a staff like it
No promo for this good rappin’ homo, not even basic chatter
Pull out ya casket I’ma make it shatter
Ogh, I make it matter if you make me madder
Pull out yo’ suit I’ma turn the pastor into Casper in Stacy Adams
Let’s shake this ladder
This ain’t no fight cause I don’t taste my plasma
The cloth I’m from they don’t make this fabric
Fuck how I’m snappin’, I get to slashin’
And make a wicker basket out you bastard
I’m a tyrant with the method of pirates
Sprinkle some violence, it’s sickening
And this when I go viral off that virus
Astral project
Close eyelids, time roll backwards
Walkin’ a thin line through both dimensions you need tight rope practice
Yo heat ain’t shit, I had meditation sessions in Cairo with a [?]
And you hot I’m cold
Hot and cold make cyclones happens
Stars are lining (aligning) back up for me; chiropractor
Sheep in yo’ blood
That’s why you fold you got the gyro factor
I got that pyro factor
I walk off stage and leave a light show after
I’m not like most rappers
I be patient, toe tappin’ a finger pop just like white folks snappin’
Different drive, different vehicle
Yeah he a ghost, but I’m a rental Kia car with a trunk full of a quarter ki of coke
I’m what the streets need the most
Every time I shower now don’t even need the soap
Nigga I’m an animal, it’s only right I walk around and reek of GOAT
The loser gotta jump, therefore if we tie and they can’t call it
We both go to the top of the buildin’ and stand on it
Take a leap, as I stare at the street to land on it
You’ll be smilin’ the whole time cause you wearin’ a damn harness, you fuckin’ scam artist
I’m outside wit’ it like homeless people
Fuck the stage, we could’ve threw it on the block like Marcin Gortat in the post with Oladipo
See I came to take yo’ best shots, see I don’t come to weave ’em
I gotta see if this legend true about you punchin’ people
All of the moments he froze and all the weak nigga’s components he shows
This been a cheat code for Mr. Lomachenko and it’s when all his chinks show

{Crowd starts chanting 3-0}

St. Louis nigga, fuck ya crown I’ma turn all my teeth gold
Your body I’ma bring it back boy I’m wit’ all the repos
See I’m a player but still a part of me coach
I tell myself, “Long as I hit the game winners I can miss all the free throws.”
I bleed out and get my arteries sewn
And when I die nigga my heart’ll be cloned and every part of sold
Yeah you found us
But you ain’t tryin’ to build us from the ground up
You was tryin’ to find some food for ya monsters
Goodz, ICE, Arsonal, so you fish in small ponds, out of towners lookin’ for flounders
But you picked the wrong fish motherfucker I’m a piranha
You remember back in New York City that time you brought us?
I was hungry, survivin’ off hunger without a dollar
I was in my baby mama crib, nigga just had a toddler
I was tryin’ to be the best while forgettin’ to be his father
When it rains it pours, my life’s scattered showers like every hour
When you pass away, you gon’ be known as a cold coward
Use that gift God gave you or He gon’ take back yo’ power
People tell you that you great, you don’t even comment
How you gon’ turn yo’ nose up at the people that’s tryin’ to hand you yo’ flowers?
It ain’t just you, we all bring somethin’ to the table, it’s like a potluck
Either play by the rules or get outta this shit nigga, this is our stuff
When you die you gon’ be born again
You was a little chicken in this realm, you gon’ be reincarnated a Cornish hen
When I wrote this shit my eyes turned scarlet red and I scarred my hands
Party’s over, end of the night bitch, c’mon let’s dance
Dunk contest, picture this the opening round
I do a 360 from the dots and I get high off the ground
They’ll give me 7
Cause I’m so cold they kinda numb to it now
You’ll miss yo’ dunk and grab yo’ rim and they’ll react off the sound
You fuckin’ clown
That’s why I gotta come put you down
It ain’t about winnin’ or losin’ wit’ me Lux
I just wanted you niggas to know what was up wit’ me now

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