Danny Myers vs. Amzilla [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Amzilla]
What I’m spittin’ [?] it’s zero G training where I’m from
Act fly and [?] will come out, I’m an alien with the gun
Oh I’ll body a zombie
If he rise well (Roswell) I’ll give his Area 51
I’m back workin’, punchin’ them timecards
My gun tryin’ to find God
I tell a scope (telescope) shootin’ stars is what you designed for
I heard you be leavin’ Earth when you speak inert every battle, right?
Good, you can get whipped throwin’ space like a Tesla satellite
You got a little alien in ya cranium helpin’ you maintain?
Well bang bang
I’ll rip his arms out your skull now take a look at your brain waves
I’ll slide somethin’ under ya skelly, I’ll pack a cap
Twist his top, metal pop
Then the pound come under the lid, that’s Snapple facts
I said niggas bow this, bow that, bow when they spit chrome
Nigga this new era can’t do shit ’til they get rid of that irritable bow(l) syndrome
I said we all mad in the street, taught to play hard
Nigga every 1/8th he’ll stick (atheist) I don’t believe in these fake gods
My first YouTube battle was against Eric St. John
So I’m the first to study DNA, a pioneer to lead the way
Why the fuck would I believe what this genius say?
His IQ 121
Why do you think all his battles be goin’ 2-1 either way?
I scan and check the room, open up and the TEC’ll boom
Put a hole in you, then jump through it on the escape route, that’s an exit wound
Hats off to you for battlin’ all the new niggas
Now snap back we got rid of AHAT and started to do (doo) better
That’s like Danny always throwin’ fits, he only good at gettin’ rid of that New Era
I said, balls off, stomach shot, neck gone, chest leakin’
Barrell in the mouth had the back of your neck speakin’
Two in ya pupil, ya third eye get a BLAKA
Somebody get a doctor
Notice when I open up the God I started with the seven chakras?
I said I’ll smack ya wife in the pussy
She ain’t gonna like ’em D
Team Homi gangbang
I said we all in it, hoe blockin’ the fallopian, she ain’t gon’ like you D
That’s all while I eye you D (IUD)
You think this vet’ legendary?
‘Til I off his (office) front like a white secretary
Two bulldog bettin’ everything, welcome to Pet Cemetary
See y’all niggas don’t really wanna come with the Metal
Cause I’m Psycho Mantis, you gotta switch plugs to come and play on my level
In the beginning, God created Heaven and Earth, but I’m somethin’ demonic
I’ll break the sound barrier when I’m snuffin’ ya optic
The first verse of Genesis would’ve taught you these Knuckles is Sonic
Somethin’ big out the stash like Dr. Robotnik
I’ll uppercut ya shit ’til you land on the mothership
I’m on some other shit
I’ll make your daughter watch ya son suck ya mother dick
I said, you messin’ with niggas that’s specialize in weapons with triggers
Look retarded when we roll up; Special Olympics
Makes sense that the God would get sent on a mission
I said, in the beginning when the west was punchin’, he was Con’ descendant
I’m condescending to kinder sentence
My gang is (Genghis) Khan descendant
Team Homi, more Blood connections than Genghis Khan descendants
You know why y’all didn’t see me for a few years?
I was movin’ 100 pounds a year, always gettin’ it back
Nigga movin’ big weight [?] how I develop a track
I used to see squares like Pythagoras, beastin’ with .9’s
So if any of those 3.14 at ya circle, it’s cause the .4 mil (meal) for a piece of the pie (pi)
I said, I ain’t gonna front, I like the energy this nigga bring
But it’s love and war when I engage I don’t miss a ring
Soon as your armor get on (Armageddon) I air a Smith (Aerosmith) and ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’
I told niggas that move coke for sneakers that I move plates in the shadows
Cause movin’ bricks for a pair of mids (pyramids) will never make you a pharaoh
Everybody wanna throw up Blood ’til they tastin’ the marrow
I Jack Daniel, lick a shot from the old drum, I’m better with the age of the barrel
I said I heard Interstellar Dan be in other dimensions sellin’ tan
I slant this square, show you how to parallel a gram’ (parallelogram)
Take ya legs off for thinkin’ you a Lieutenant Dan
These niggas don’t play when we shoot, ask Cor’ Mega Man
This nigga Dan think he Prometheus, but lack original thesis
I’ll expose the pro that he is on some lyrical queen shit
Now I gotta black on God’s Son, I’m so original, Jesus
A lot of niggas think you overrated, not just me
So I had to rock him (Rakim) for thinkin’ he the God MC

[Round 1: Danny Myers]
He did all that shit, talkin’ ’bout how he put his gun up
The nigga said, “Area 51” y’all notice how none of them niggas run up
Headshot! What how this bro fall
He said my IQ 121, well his IQ go onto one of y’all
Bar God!
Fun fact, wait ’til y’all hear these dumb raps
All these legends tryin’ to return ’til the cells in him yellin’ “Come back”
Bitch run that, or catch three from Hell
I keep a .9 by me, then I take the jewels off ya corpse, nigga I Rob Zombies
Ya squad Homi? That’s been part of ya town?
They put you in front of God-zilla, you just ain’t know how large of a scale
I got a cartridge of shells
I promise to send five at him
Four in ya body, one in ya eye Am’ (I Am); Nas album
I specialize in bein’ a man to make death arrive
Every time I bring the sub down, niggas get pressurized
Catch an ass beatin’, we past beefin’, [?]
Get laid out with bad legions and scab bleedin’
Uppercut from the vast regions that’ll knock you past Jesus
Then I would give him the secret move, but I don’t have secrets
Get yo’ friend, bitch ass nigga, you got no chance
We tired of his whole gang, you dealin’ with a pro Am’
Both hands, I let ’em go, ya man’s connectin’
He’ll be left, right here, call him ambidextrous
You playin’ with death bitch!
Caught ya homie then the MAC sprayed
Body shot, fucked up his stomach, and he lacked aid
I’m in a black rage
Every Fuckin’ Bar!
I’m in a black rage, I’m in Florida, now my body tremblin’
Ladies and gentlemen, this nigga startin’ to look like Zimmerman
I’ll finish him
I’ll get you and your family killed
Make the spirit turn Am’ into Amityville
Speakin’ of horror, you can’t beat Danny with the art he mastered
So why they booked this sorry bastard with all he after?
I don’t give a fuck when I catch you
I caught wreck with a few camps
I let it ring at 12 AM, I’m checkin’ the food stamps
This ain’t GrindTime, we hear those raps that you projecting
But your style, never involved, that’s why I’m the natural selection
You used to rob niggas in Queens? Bitch save the drama
Cause I still (steel) raise a nigga in the mask like Jason mama
Blaze the Llama
He on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got another two rounds of this shit

[Round 2: Amzilla]
A Bar God is supposed to be beyond the limits
You choked against Stuey, what happened to all your lyrics?
I guess Newton brought the fruit down to Earth, nigga that’s law of physics!
Hold up, now when Cassidy called you up, you said he was great with the pen?
You put on that gas mask for Cas’ trash like, “say it again!”
I get it, his bars for Ars’ was like the face of ya wife, you ain’t wanna offend that shit
You know it’s a 2, but for the sake of the love, you had to 8 outta 10 that shit
Can openin’
You ever seen a nigga [?] like this?
I know you workin’ on ya buzz, and the streets need bars but you ain’t have to push up on Chess (chest) just to see PR (CPR)
I know you got a little fuckin’ waves, but it’s not like you mad nice
It’s cause you slowly comin’ off Cave growth like stalagmites
Nigga be yellin’, “Bar God!” “Too cold!” when he rappin’
Bro you be snappin’
I know you be cappin’
But yo the truth is, yo you be yappin’ in-between periods of a blood flow that’s a over (overy) reaction
You got the composure of a soldier that battles in war
Cause when you come home from the road holmes when you travel on tour
All you see ya bitch chillin’ on the couch
A grenade on the couch and ten ratchets on the floor
I said when I’m on the corner with twin .9’s, I’m on there with guns
You show people your twin 9’s, it’s your two daughters that look like sons
One short, one tall, look like the Monstars when they chill inside
The little one look like Shotgun Suge, pocket checkin’ and spittin’ rhymes
The tall one look like Twork, he be like, “That’s my bigga 9!”
You got ten kids, damn you be goin’ in reckless
How can you afford any breakfast when your wife pussy pushed out more little niggas in Cali than No Limit Records?
I tell my wife, “Wash the dishes”, she does it with the hose
You tell your bitch “Clean up the China” she does it with her nose
Nigga you out here travellin’ kickin’ ’bout rhymes and street sweepers
And she at home doin’ five lines at a time like a speed reader
I said I get it, I get it, the drugs control her brain, but you on the road to fame
Kids at home and they go insane
Nobody know who’s to blame
But this is Cheers, cause you got bars and everybody knows your name
But the fuck up shit is you addicted to bars and she’s the one that’s dope in vain (vein)
You see, I’m state of the art, you’re [?], arms extended
I’m Annunaki, you’re Takashi, if I’m sendin’ you a shotti smoke enterin’ your body
I’m connected to the Marley like Emperor Selassie
They be sayin’ that you godly, I may send a human shotty
Fuck it two tre’s in the third degree, welcome to the Illuminati
Nigga my life the zeitgeist when the vets come out
Cause all stars (allstars) translate to the same body when the texts (TEC’s) come out
Nigga blade, or the burner, different weapons when I war witcha
Gemstar in the ring for the American Ninja Warrior
You 38, rappin’ like an old head beast?
That’s until I dent your (denture) front like O-Red teeth
Silencer equipped, that’s for all the shooters
It be sliddin’ on the pole like your daughter’s future
Battlin’ me? Not that smart
Everything I’m buildin’ complex think Project Heart
That’s a climate modification from a patrol base
Cause I control whether (weather) or not you win (wind) in both ways
You can try to dent the boy and see I created my own wave
I take acid, and do some other shit I create my own wave
You see, do y’all believe
Doo doo doo doo doo…doo doo doo
I enter coordinates on your freckles and start transporting the venue
This ain’t a warehouse, it’s a vessel
I told you, I’m ahead of my time then I go getchu
In three hours when we land in Cali I’ma dead you at the same time that I met you
Do you believe in a Parallel Universe?
(I do)
I don’t! Fuck y’all niggas!
I said, cause the Many Faced God has no face, you never know what life has in store for you
So move at your own pace
Even Nipsey told us, “Life is a Marathon”…then got killed by his own race
Nigga you not wild and unprofessional
This style is unconventional
Too many Parallel Universes gave you a style that’s one dimensional
I said, you gon’ need a pair of dots if I dead this opponent
If he TOO COLD it’s cause the chamber open, I cryogenically froze him
I said, Golden Arms, foldin’ up
My diss? (Midus) The golden touch
They call you “God” (U-God), explain why you wanna cap a Don (Cappadonna) so much
Update your playbook, all you do is follow rookies
Plus ya flesh light (Fleshlight) so with the toy, I know you Hollow pussy
This a phlebotomist versus a nigga that’s grippin’ Glocks
Cause I gave them bare arms and he got the nerve to act like he the one that’s givin’ shots
Nigga, no you don’t
Battlin’ on both the coasts I know broke
To back up to that ugly bitch that like to overdose
Now I gotta take the profit off the ‘net just to show you gross
Is you Blood or Crip nigga? I really wanna know
Is you C? B? D, (CBD) you don’t really wanna smoke
I said you ain’t never really home, kids don’t even remember your face
I said that’s why you like accapellas cause you deadbeat with everything else you create
You so focused on being battle raps Alpha vet’
That this is how ya grandkids say they alphabet
They be like, “A, B, C, K.O.T.D
U.R.L, R.B.E
K.R.S., B.I.G., N.W.X., Y and-“
Nigga this battle rap where if you miss the big shot then you are PG
Give him a rocket propelled grenade, see you are PG (RPG)
Oh you like movies? Send him a clip D.A.N. see (NC) 17
Just the RPG, fuck it, I’m shootin’ God, movin’ past Roc(k) that’s an RPG
Nigga it’s a role playing game, and I’m connected with the link (Linc) like I’m Zelda
I know how to pick locks (Lox), you just listen to Griselda
You 38? This .45 nigga, listen to ya elders
Battle rap, this the nigga y’all chose to spit for you?
Well if Aye Verb gave you the torch, that shit just got lit for you

[Round 2: Danny Myers]
Ayo y’all check this out. Aye check this Geechi
Aye that ring card…bitch kinda got my thing hard
You fuck with him you gonna be broke, you fuck with me you get a green card
Bitch, I got the heart to shoot ya
When I slide up with a pole you won’t see ya daughter’s future
Bar God!
He spit all that bullshit, that shit was puzzlin’
That nigga just said he do acid, and the nigga still ain’t bubblin’
I’ll walk in yo’ house, pick up ya daughter, that little frail bitch
She brain damaged, now she can’t spell shit
All that Homi gas, why Teams need it?
You embrace the role of a clown like Joaquin Phoenix
Are you a joke or (Joker), these true tales how you spark the chrome?
That movie proved them stories come out better when you a darker tone
Listen Am’…atuer, I know y’all think the guy crack
But I got a clip to let AM see (AMC), then give his eye MAC’s (IMAX)
I’ll send you to the afterlife, I got a .22 most would gloss over
You’ll see me pull something from the ankle before you crossover
I fought soldiers, I spit smarter and I hit harder
You’ll be stomped out ’til ya funerals paid for with a Kick Starter
You a shit talker, body blow, his kidney failed him
In his Misery, he’ll see I’m a better writer (righter) than Sidney Sheldon
So it’s bricks he sellin’? I’m at ya trap and we rush through it
Don’t rap about how you finna check niggas, Just Do It
You’ll get slapped, and adjust to it, your hands are a non threat
I’ll rip yo’ granny obituary, I take shit outta context
Shoot like a ‘Nam vet’, pull up where ya mom stay
With The Machine, we Butcher niggas…the Con way (Conway)
You see Danny, I see entree, I’m not the guy to be played with
Dull knife can’t get up in the A.M. like a grave shift
So the blade switch, this one should work ’cause it’s way sharper
Yep…this Blade good in the A.M. like a Day Walker
Say partner, my TEC squirt at villains
Four in his chest, 1 in his throat, neck burst and spillin’
It was over 20 shots, but if my Math right
He took about ten in My Expert Opinion
I got the best verses written
Bullets aimed at his tongue, then I freed ’em (freedom) that’s the next First Amendment
You think death worth the visit? I can’t take the feelin’
They got a monster named “Zilla”, that can’t shake the buildin’
I’ll vacate ya ceilin’, and he on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got a whole ‘nother round of this shit!

[Round 3: Amzilla]
Ya mans tellin’ me to “fight back”? I might hit ya mans by mistake
I aim for your head, Ooops I hit ya man by mistake
I said, legend shit, y’all see how I be
Where Gotti at?
You try angles (triangles), if he a G I’m a tree (Geometry)
I said I be floatin’ through stars
And as far as you…I don’t even know who you are!
I say yo, it’s School Of Hard Knocks, I got a street education
I can tell when a fake nigga tryin’ to [?] revelation
You say shit like, “I’ll let 300 fly, like I’m trying to teach levitation at three generations”
I say shit like, “I’ll rob you in jail and sell out the cell until I’m regenerating”
Body this [?] for sleepin’ on me you get a wake (awake)
See I was pre meditating

{Crowd tells Amzilla to run his bars back}

Bring it back? Run that back?
Aight, I said I might run it back and take y’all advice
Fuck that, real MC’s don’t say the same shit twice!
I said when the Hollows fly in to shoot you
And the day lighten (Daylyt) the room up
The .40 split ’em, 20/20 visions
But don’t try no maneuvers
Because, you like to time travel, let’s see if you can passwords from this iron from your future
The way I’m rockin’ witchu right now? It’s on some whole other shit
You see the first round I told you we was on fatherhood in the mothership
Now you ’bout to see how I really switch it up on the brother grip
I mean, I show this nigga how I blaze the era
These [?] do revolutions; Che Guevara
They’ll put a crack in your system like the Regan era
Ooops, my shooters run the field and take the legislative route
That means once you pass him a bill it’ll open the chamber and I’ll send it (Senate) to ya House!
I said all my gangstas is all about paper
I’ll take the gun off your [?]
Ooops be the op’, I get the weapon from him you gettin’ hit with Other People Property, I’m Naughty By Nature
They tell you when I land lines you gotta change fiber optics
I got Sticky Fingaz for niggas that think they made outta Onyx
Is he the Greatest Of All Time?
So you might be one of the greatest of all times? That’s fuckin’ dope
I’m [?] we camp out, open fire and curry GOATs
I said, this nigga gettin’ slumped, I’m hittin’ him when it dump
Bar God, he do all that self gassin’ and still end up in front of an Indian with the pump
I was movin’ chocolates in the 90’s, gettin’ bread in the streets Danny
Me and my street family
I had cocoa bread on Jamaican Ave ‘fore The Coliseum had beef patties
I said, my niggas is locked up off of a gun charge
I said, three rules, 36 in, one yard
Your gun go boom, I’ll fuck up ya gun squad
My ting go RRAW (Ra), you see how I son (sun) God?
To all the young vets in here, tryin’ to run the shit for years
Take my advice Lord, this shit is blood, sweat and tears
No I said take my ad-Vice Lord, this shit is Blood, sweat and tiers
You see, before YouTube it was shell cases in [?]
Flavored cigars, project staircases with whores
I made it this far, but I gotta live with the scars
This Goodz with the Henny bottle, the privilede is yours!
I killed this psycho and a list of other suckers
I’m complex with the Sig’ man (Sigmund), fraud (Freud) niggas is mother fuckers
You wanna click clack the tool or grip [?] with booms
Either way the war lock (warlock) so which (witch) craft you choose
Fuck Danny Myers!
I decapitate and [?] a goon
I’ll shoot ya mother in the forehead and ejaculate in the bullet wound
I said, you like scary movies? Maybe more than you should
I’ll buckle ya top and hit the Leprechaun In The Hood
I said, you get that Cali love, but you not 2Pac
And your punches only land cause of the comp’ you box (CompUBox)
This stock, ain’t the Dow Jones
When it ring, it’s no dial tone
I got more ways to use an elbow on the arm than John Jones
You see, before the shot, DC want a crack at the throne
But after the shot, Daniel core may (Cormier) never adapt to the bows
If you grab a police officer as a shield, I’ll shoot through the veteran
{Gun shots} All you see is mucus and skeleton
The cops come, the like, “Damn, we need Danny to use in some evidence
Officer, to pick him up, you have to take the pigskin of the GOAT like Julian Edelman
Nigga this ain’t wrestling, if D, DT, I’m in the ring with Jakes
I’ll fuck up ya rap ’til he in (reptilian) the bag I got a thing for Snakes
What you said? You called tails cause you came the furthest?
That’s a big mistake
Cause when I flip the weight, I’m always ahead (a head) of the copper like Lincoln face
I said the blade do twist and turns like abuela tellin’ novella
You try angles (triangles) with these hands, they rock a fella (Roc-A-Fella) forever
I’m in his crib, movin’ low, nigga we so silent
We just wildin’, shit could really be so violent
And then I say, “Fuck. Get the car been (carb) out. Fuck a Keto Diet.”
I said I’m movin’ Mary Jane in Queens blocks, somethin’ like Peter Parker
The shit I bust will bring your life to a short stop, I’m Derek Jeter’s father
I said, Myers, you had one of them moms, one of them drinkin’ 40’s old bitches
Them soul sister so bitches
So vicious
It makes sense that a messiah got roots to the Old English
If Dan a problem, Spanish Harlem, it’s all Ninas
The Bar God get ate by the arms you lord Shiva
I said I’m stoppin’ ya friendships, with a Glock I’m relentless
I’m lost in the trenches
I got ways to use a beam than Czechoslovakian gymnast
I’m an animal crackin’ bones
Danny will rot ya teeth
Danica Patrick Mahomes you don’t drift outta pocket Chief
I said, I let a Rocket go past you like CP3
You snitchin’ on gangstas
When you frame blue and red you gonna see three D (3D)
Fuck ya old God rap, and ya proton gat
I’ll come with the long nose I’m bringin’ Soul Khan back!
You see, Danny Myers, he in a Parallel Universe
But I go in there red lining the whip like Johnny Mnemonic
Start unlocking ya conscious, and bringing you back to the original atom (Adam) you came from like the prophet Mohammad
The first test I met (testament) I had a fiend for tryin’ the product
You can run (Quran) but you can’t hide I am not an Islamic
See, y’all niggas got it backwards, and that’s all I’ma say
Cause y’all all pray to a God, but today God was my prey
Team FUCKING Homi!

[Round 3: Danny Myers]
I was cleanin’ my gun, baow, shit went off, went in his chin
Nigga died
‘Ooops, I Did It Again’
I got Hollow comin’ up, so play time is through
I do not put jewelry together, but watch how I make time for you
My ground game is nice, I’ll put you in a hole, you can’t get up out it
My nigga said, “But what if he Am’ needs ya (amnesia)?”
“Forget about it”
My real life? I spit about it
My strip got cocaine on it, vacuum sealed
Wrapped in grease with a code name on it
All this dope game these niggas be talkin’ ’bout, it’s no way
I thought T-Top was real but we saw he can’t hold weight
I’m spittin’ real shit, I’m spittin’ real facts, I sold yay’ and heron
It’s in my bars if you listen to it
I sold so much crystal meth my wife got addicted to it
Y’all thought I was a battle rapper?
No! I battle life, then I battle rappers
I smoke niggas like this, I get paid then I travel after
I don’t need to rap about sellin’ drugs to be relevant
The irony, bein’ dope with substance is a key (ki’) element
You see the scale of it?
Ain’t none of these dudes convincing
I wouldn’t be surprised if this footage was used against me
This what you do eventually
Stop tellin’ lies, and all this talkin’ tough
Cause every time I’m in front of a Homi you can chalk it up
Versus AR-16 you said one of the dumbest quotes
You said, “If my ancestors didn’t do nothin’, yo’ ancestors would be hung from ropes.”
Bitch, say you didn’t say it
I’ll break yo’ fuckin’ face bastard
Then you said his grandma was raped by a slave master
Y’all know what’s so wack?
Not only the fact that he wrote that
But he be in the ring sayin’ “nigga” and I’m a nigga that’s pro black
That’ll get a hoe cracked
You wanna do somethin’? You better hold that
I’ll slap you so fuckin’ hard all my hair will grow back
Gina had twin daughters, one died at birth, the other stayed to fight
The baby grew up to a gangster and had crazy stripes
Do you believe in a Parallel Universe?
(I do!)
The daughter was on trail, sound crazy, right?
While Gina was thinkin’ about her stillborn the judge gave her baby life
Say goodnight!
And you on the ground with this shit
Thank the Lord he ain’t got another round of this shit

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