Goodz & Charlie Clips (Good Clipz) vs. Hitman Holla & John John Da Don (Multiple Remixes) [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Multiple Remixes]

[John John Da Don] I said yo!
[Hitman Holla] Aye, aye, let me handle somethin’
I say look, what I got paid to get this battle, I could go get that new Bezzy
And still find time to grip that new Dezzy
I heard Geechi say he wanna battle me cause he need the look
But from my understandin’…he did that already
[JJDD] Ayo, we came to show to Charlotte to kill
So if y’all came to joke
[HH] That’ll be your worse mistake
[JJDD] Y’all can try it, next time y’all knock knock
[HH] It’ll be at the pearly gates
[JJDD] I brought some shit, gun, butt him in his mouth
[HH] Stop talkin’ shit
[JJDD] It get to clappin’ durin’ his rounds
[HH] Oh now you showin’ Goodz sportsmanship
[JJDD] No games
[HH] Man you caught a body in Houston
[JJDD] Don’t say no names
[HH] But you went noodles on Jakk
[JJDD] Boy I told you keep it low Maine (Lo Mein)
Four bang, I’ll snipe him from here, show him that scope aim
Nevermind, here Holla

{John John throws his imaginary gun to Hitman}

[HH] What’s this for?
[JJDD] Now I’m givin’ you the shot
[HH] Oh. Close range
[JJDD] The show presumes
There’s gonna be a lot of closed caskets and open wounds
Shh ha ha
It sound like Jason approachin’ soon
[HH] That’s why you need a silencer
[JJDD] For what?
[HH] So you can hold the boom
{Gun cocks}
You hear that?
[HH] See I’m still teachin’ the nigga how to control the room
[JJDD] The show presumes
It’s gonna be a lot of closed caskets and open wounds
[HH] The show presumes
Gonna be a lotta closed caskets and open wounds
[JJDD] Shh ha ha
It sound like Jason approachin’ soon
[HH] Shh ha ha ha
It sound like Jason approachin’ soon
That’s why you need a silencer
[JJDD] For what?
[HH] So you can hold the boom
That’s why you need a silencer
[JJDD] For what?!
[HH] So you can hold the boom!

{Gun cocks. Hitman starts waving his big ass gun all over the stage}

You hear that?
[HH] See I’m still teachin’ the nigga how to control the room!
[JJDD] Hold on, hold on…chill Holla
[HH] I would if I could, I swear
Man, I’ll light the top of his head up
[JJDD] That’s a good idea
My beam? Lime green, that’s some ops snipe shit
Tryin’ to get the best of Charlie
[HH] Well I’ll light (highlight) Clips
[JJDD] Pull right up to his crib while he in bed still
Now I gotta guess what room he in
[HH] That’s easy
[JJDD] How you figure?
[HH] Not the one with the treadmill
The .9 dumpin’
[JJDD] I know how to find him, let me try somethin’
Catch him sneakin’ his dishes in the kitchen
[HH] And see the Dawn (Da Don) by the sink
[JJDD] Ready to wash somethin’
[HH] 90% of my bodies been away games, I got cold skills
[JJDD] That’s crazy cause you always on the move
[HH] But I hold still (steel)
[JJDD] London, Houston, Tampa, I know how those feel
[HH] Well whatchu gon’ do with Goodz in Charlotte?
[JJDD] They gon’ have to scrape Da Animal off the side of the street
[HH] Another road kill
Man, whatchu sellin’?
I’m tired of all this swag you stylin’
I’ll give you a buck 50 and (in) a hole, I’m goin’ past my balance
Anything he got in him-

{Hitman makes stabbing motions}

-I’ma stab it out him

{Hitman continues making stabbing motions}

[JJDD] Damn, how much you tryin’ to make Goodz leak?
[HH] A Half A Gallon
[JJDD] Then the .9 Loaded so I could Hollow somethin’, clearly it’s No Limit
I Got The Hook Up Holla if you hear me
…Holla, did you hear me?
[HH] Aw my bad, I’m just checkin’ my bank account
[JJDD] There you go with this funny shit
[HH] Not at all, I’m just prepared to show Goodz I ain’t the nigga to talk money with
[JJDD] We outside
[HH] Bummy shit
[JJDD] Wire somethin’
[HH] Money sent
[JJDD] Fully loaded drum since you couldn’t keep it a 100 Clips
[HH] Bloody mouth
[JJDD] Gum disease
[HH] Big shells
[JJDD] Pumpkin seeds
[HH] Rollin’ wit’ the sticks
[JJDD] Get to blowin’ (blow in) the Desert
[HH] It’s like a tumbleweed
[JJDD] When I first fucked your mother raw, swear to God I told her this day would come
But this is not what I meant when I told her you’d be a good son
I understand, you ain’t wanna help Math fight cause he caught you out in slippers
But why you ain’t help Goodz jump Jimz when he was talkin’ ’bout ya sister?
Nah, nah, nah, but Goodz don’t play about his daughter
[HH] That’s a helluva fact
[JJDD] Any time somebody brings her up
[HH] He be ready to- I say what I want
[JJDD] You better relax
What if he swing on you?
[Showout] I’m sure Goodz know better than that!

[Round 1: Good Clipz]
[Goodz talking shit before their round]
Oh you know I talk that money shit to anybody. I don’t know what the fuck he talkin’ ’bout. I ain’t gon’ lie they put a lot into that first. That mean they second and third gonna be shit

[Goodz] To all the K2 smokin’ Cassidy supporters…
Y’all so fuckin’ thirsty
I am not Saga
If I leave in God hand, he will not let none of you fuckin’ fans jerk me

{Charlie is looking at his phone}

[Goodz] What the fuck is you doin’?
[Clips] Hold on for a second Goodz
[G] What the fuck is you doin’?
[CC] My bad man, this bitch fuckin’ irk me
[G] Who the fuck is that?
[CC] Ya mother
She said, “Bring home a slice of bread, half an egg and at least $2 worth of honey turkey
[G] I got her
[CC] Speaking of honey turkey
[Both] Look at the balds head
[CC] Aye y’all got the nerve to tell me niggas can’t die from jokes
Man, fuck that
Gun Titles Surf’d they way outta this ass whoopin’, you know what’s up Smack
[CC] NW would’ve got X’d but they ain’t want that
If this bullet go on a Quest, it’s to give Marv, one, where his lunch at
Mook would’ve saw this Calicoe and would’ve jumped back
I would’ve made Hitman
[G] Wait a minute, wait a minute Clips
Before you get a chance to dump that
I just wanna say, if you put these two niggas together
[G] It’ll look like a nut sack
[CC] C’mon Goodz, you heard the crowd screamin’ “No jokes”
To my calculations, they don’t want that
[G] Well I brought Nina wit’ me
And I just want y’all to get to know the dame (Notre Dame) before she give ’em a hunchback
[CC] Bigga .9
I’m off beat wit’ the Twork bounce but I don’t need rhythm
Ain’t you Blood?
Well since that’s yo’ man you gon’ bleed wit’ him
Charlie, Charlie, how ironic they let the C’s get ’em
All you gon’ hear is Smmmmkkk
And everybody that downloaded the app, gon’ think Beas’ (B’s) hit ’em
[G] Hitman was itchin’ for the big dogs, but I see he brought some fleas wit’ him
This lil’ mouse fell for the trap, he let that cheese get him
Red dot, if I tag your man, you gon’ freeze wit’ him
John John you a loyal ass nigga
[CC] Why?
[G] Cause when he go, you gon’ leave wit’ him
Cocky, it’s gon’ take a lot to humble me
[CC] Put you in ICU and be the last one you see
[G] You see them shootings? Nigga, all them guns come through me
[CC] A 100 lil’ niggas runnin’ up like, “Red light
[G] Green light
[CC] One, two, three”
[G] You gotta be frontin’
That girl you tongue kissin’, I prolly was fuckin’
[CC] She doin’ numbers on my balls
[G] Get the lottery jumpin’
[CC] I don’t know how much this tre weight (Treyway), but the shotty be dumpin’
[G] Man Hitman, didn’t you just buy some new teeth?
[Both] Yeah, he got ’em for nothin’!
[CC] Smack, you sent them to mark us? Oh they gotta be cousins
I get the Temptation to smack a group, I gotta be Ruffin
I usually make bars for myself cause this how I be dumpin’
[G] But these rounds is suited for the house nigga we property huntin’
[CC] Yo, speakin’ of house, guess which room I’m in
[G]….Ya mothers
[CC] Now guess what room I’m gonna fuck her in?
[G] Ya brothers
[CC] Look, look, look, first I go in and then I go out
How Hitman brother got his name?
[G] Cause when I start showin’, she kick Show out
[CC] Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, you’re talkin’ to him cause you’re mad
You low key (Loki) wanna avenge ya (Avenger)
This that part where you get all that Hulk in ya voice
Oh oh, you two stupid niggas, we knew y’all would remix some multiple choice like:
[G] Is it A?
[CC] I be walkin’ through the club
[G] B?
[CC] All the tenants when I finish show me love
[G] C?
[CC] I come in and all the girls give me hugs
[G] D?
[CC] And it means
[Both] That it’s all of thee above- all of thee above- that it’s-
[G] Shut the fuck up
Y’all comin’ for trouble
Silencer on a gun, I bet it’ll muzzle
[CC] King Kong, I bang on a buildin’, leave you dead in the rubble
[G] Multiple choice?
[CC] Yeah cause I’m tryin’ to
[Both] Throw some lead in ya bubble
[CC] The Desi sang
I’ll pistol whip John John, his head’ll ring
And leave his eye Puffy since he want to remix everything
[G] Ayo Clips
[CC] What?
[G] What’s a hairline to Lebron James?
[CC] I don’t know, but two haircuts after this…bald game!

[Round 2: Multiple Remixes]
[John John Da Don] I could kill you two niggas by myself
[Hitman Holla] Hold on John John
I promise I’ma let you spit another verse or two
But this nigga Charlie did some sucka shit at Wild N’ Out so the second round let me get personal
Let’s play Swear To God
Swear to God we wasn’t in New York, in Quiet Studios, month or two before Christmas Day
And after you ate an entire pizza, swear to God you didn’t order four more fish filets

[Charlie] I swear to God I did! I swear I did. Facts

[HH] I’m talkin’ Honey Buzz, Zebra Cakes, Banana Twins
That’s the reason the nigga’s stats is goin’ down
[JJDD] Charlie you isn’t gonna say nothin’?
[HH] Course not, we all know Clips quiet when smacks (snacks) get thrown around
[JJDD] Aye, why you wildin’ out on ya Wild N’ Out buddy?
Wasn’t you and Mook supposed to get it in?
[HH] John, the whole time I had Murda on my mind…not knowin’ I had to kill a friend
But I’ll design a (designer) bag to put Goodz in
Make a swing out him
[JJDD] So I can shoot Clips wit’ the Cannon and make a scene out him
[HH] Fuck it, pressure from both sides
[JJDD] At the same time?
[HH] Yeah screen shot him
[JJDD] It start wit’ me
[HH] And end wit’ me
[Both] Let’s make a meme out him
[JJDD] Y’all thought we couldn’t handle the gas?
[HH] Are y’all shittin’ me?
[JJDD] You let Cassidy teach you about the science
[HH] And got the nerve to question our chemistry?
Me and John John tried to kill each other
[JJDD] Y’all seen us in that hotel lobby together
[HH] So tell all they cheerleaders
[JJDD] Bring It On
[HH] Cause we ready to
[Both] Catch a body together
[HH] I’ll catch Clips with one of his battle rap chicks and give her combo to the neck
[JJDD] But is that two piece enough doe?
[HH] Well Papa John
[JJDD] They both fall
[Both] What a Domino effect
[JJDD] You think you could get Charlie in a movie?
[HH] I don’t know, I could check the list
I’m Hollywood Holla, that’s a topic I can help you wit’
[JJDD] They need somethin’ to watch
[HH] Well fuck it, what you suggest for Clips
[JJDD] His neck’ll twist
[HH] I’ll give him a role in the next Exorcist
[JJDD] Aggressive shit
[HH] I’ll catch him on the lot tryin’ to test some shit
[JJDD] Like, what’s greater than flippin’ his V to the side?
[HH] I don’t know? But he ain’t gettin’ nothin’ less than this
[JJDD] Effortless
[HH] John seen a (Cena) Hitman sharpshooter
[JJDD] Let’s give him somethin’ to wrestle wit’
[HH] Impressive shit
[JJDD] Lead on point when I draw
[HH] He tryin’ to sketch some shit
[JJDD] Aye, guess what room I’m in?
[HH] I create rooms
[JJDD] Okay
[HH] The pole get to liftin’ up a (upper) body
[JJDD] That’s the weight room
You wanna play? Machines everywhere
[HH] That’s the game room
They gon’ die tryin’ to leave this bitch
[JJDD] This the escape room
Pistol whip him
[HH] Close his eye
[JJDD] Blade out, cross his hide
[HH] Hope he die
[JJDD] So when you see me bang on him
[HH] Don’t be so surprised
[JJDD] This jam? Picture that
[HH] It ‘pose to rise (posterize)
[JJDD] But now y’all got Hollow on the edge
[HH] Please push me
[JJDD] Y’all thought the only way to defeat us
[HH] Was these pussies?
Ayo Goodz, what’s all this flexin’ about
I gave away more money on Instagram than in ya checking account
And you know who, wrote you know what for you know who
Let’s leave that between me and you
[JJDD] We only here cause we gettin’ that cash
It’s a body, it’s time for y’all to get in that bag
So just know, when y’all done makin’ everybody laugh
It’s still one more round of us whoopin’ that ass

[Round 2: Good Clipz]
[Charlie Clips]
Yo! Straight out the gate…eat a dick
Nah, I’m on TV a lot now I can’t even be this rude
You know what’s funny? I kinda like bein’ disrespectful
Hey Ars’, I think I’ma keep this mood
You did some sucka shit on 15 Minutes Of Fame, said I wasn’t prepared
So by yourself I wanna see you beat these dudes
I’m not gonna help you neither, you know what I’ma do?
Stand right here…and dream of food

Hitman, I hate your new teeth
Now you wanna smile in every picture
How you gangsta on a kid’s show, man ain’t you on Wild N Out?
But you still tryin’ to wild out on every nigga
Well that’s cool, this .40 cal’ a heavy spitter
Fuck that Clips I’ll attack my gun in
John John act hard? I’ma take this 2 on 2 too far, he gonna get buried witcha
Speakin’ of John John, you not intimidatin’, you wear glasses
I wonder what you do when you think it’s beef
What? You take ’em off before you right?
A fuckin’ gangsta geek
I mean you did fight a battle rapper for somethin’ that shallow
Well I jam bullets in my gun, that’s how I fuck up a Hollow
So play big man, wait (weight), I have a big hand .8
When I smack ya fuckin’ beard onto Hitman face
And Hitman can’t relate
You was privledged, you grew up in a proud family
That’s exactly why you look like the father from Proud Family
Aye Hitman, I left the block and invested in stock, I know the business
So you throwin’ rappers chains, huh John John? So relentless
Well I paid five racks for this GMB piece, go and get it
Just know, if you throw my chain in this crowd, you better hope that the nigga that catch it know a dentist
Oh no it’s all real
Open the window let the MAC spray out
Goodz and Clips, y’all just thought we would rap and play? Doubt it
URL booked y’all in three star hotels, we do luxury apartments
Ohh Clipz I’m so aggressive, but still smoother than Pat Stay outfit
This was punishment, and I ain’t playin’ at all
It started off with the faint, but y’all gon’ make it a wall
Oh he brought his niggas wit’ him, well I ain’t hatin’ at all
Red dots everywhere I’ma dalmation ya dawgs
If she fine as a [?] I’ma do me
Shit I been in lines with the hoes (holes) like a loose leaf
Who the fuck picked Hitman and John John to battle us?
[CC] I don’t know nigga, don’t accuse me
[G] Well it’s ironic how a nigga that bite flows teamed up with a nigga who got new teeth
Ooh wee you shoot me we too deep
[CC] H-h-h-hold up you goin’ too crazy let me try this
I always wanted to tell you, “You not a gangsta.”
And I thought tonight I’d make that fuckin’ clear
I saw that fight in the barbershop, I almost gave you Father Of The Fucking Year
Cause dude was walkin’ up on ya son, so he deserved to get knocked out of that fuckin’ chair
[G] But what?
[C] But why was you in the barbershop at 12 in the morning? And you ain’t got no fuckin’ hair!
[G] He pissin’ me the fuck off
[C] What are you doin’? Why are you in there? At 12 in the morning?
[G] That wasn’t even my line I got so mad I said it
[CC] Hold on Goodz, don’t interrupt me
[G] I’m sorry
[CC] I’m startin’ to feel the power, I dig it nigga
Aye Lux, if you can hear me bro, I think I finally get the bigger picture
No-no-no false alarm, I’m still lost
So after this battle I plan to hit ya sister
And Goodz you can take this back, cause the chamber on my revolver is a fidget spinner
Desi sang, pistol whip John John, his head’ll rang
Leave his eye Puffy since you wanna remix everything
[G] What’s a hairline to Damon Wayans
[CC] I don’t know, but two haircuts after this, bald game

[Round 3: Multiple Remixes]
[John John Da Don] Ayo Big Gerald
I’m really lookin’ for Big Gerald
[Hitman Holla] Aye, my nigga, what are you on?
[JJDD] Makin’ sure your daddy ain’t out here doin’ all that yellin’ and shit
[HH] Man I’d rather deal with that than Clips daddy out here tellin’ and shit
[JJDD] He wildin’, he buggin’, that was too much Holla
You know you touched a nigga’s soul prolly
Besides, Clips daddy ain’t no snitch
[HH] How you know?
[JJDD] Cause I ain’t never told on nobody
[HH] You said you ain’t never told on nobody? Well tell him this
“Fuck these niggas”
[JJDD] Well don’t tell ’em shit
Treat the Nina like a worn out varsity jacket
[HH] Whatchu mean?
[JJDD] Let ‘er (letter) rip
[HH] That’s hella sick
[JJDD] What about you? Don’t ya Beretta spit?
[HH] Mine? Full of dum dums (dumb dumbs), don’t play with my intelligence
[JJDD] 2012 you was the man
[HH] But now you irrelevent
[JJDD] Gettin’ out classed
[HH] We who you takin’ this L against (elegance)
[JJDD] Let’s add somethin’ to the body
[HH] Wait (weight), leave it for evidence
[JJDD] Exactly, add somethin’ to the body
[HH] Oh wait (weight)
[JJDD] Leave ’em for evidence?
[HH] You really got us fucked up Clips
[JJDD] And I hate bloopers
[HH] On the highway with the arm out like a state trooper
[JJDD] And when your tombstone reads, “Here he lies”, it ain’t rumors
[HH] And I”ma get Goodz after the fact, I’m a late bloomer
[JJDD] It’s that real
[HH] read between the lines
[JJDD] Or get ya staff killed
[HH] The message is I give the whole group text (TECs)
[JJDD] You wanna chat still
[HH] Don’t worry ’bout where Aye Verb at, I told Chaz, “chill”
Cause I’m that St. Louis nigga that’ll grab steel and pass it to John
[JJDD] He think he Brad Bill
[HH] They say he in the field
[JJDD] Yeah right
[HH] Look at the lies that he tell
One call and they’ll find him in the morning like Roger Goodell
[JJDD] And Goodz timid so I doubt he’ll do well
Three shots hit his egg, hat, chin (hatching)
Now the animal is comin’ out of his shell
[HH] You see I’m really gettin’ money, I ain’t just gotta look like I’m rich
I seen that fight versus Jimz, you threw that hook like a chick
Man I’ll whoop you with my foot and my fist
It’s no filter when I Snap
[Both] I just make a nigga look like a bitch
[HH] Oooooh
[JJDD] See, worried about that damn basket ball game when we supposed to be gettin’ it in
Now, look at you up here chokin’, it’s like you tryin’ to give these niggas the win
[HH] Man you think I choke cause I did this?
Oooh, you really got me twisted my friend
You seen what I did to Cortez last night?
I’m just tryin’ my best not to drop a nigga again
I’m a ten year vet, when I rap they listen to my fuckin’ voice
Wait a minute, I gave them a remix
You think you gon’ leave this stage without givin’ them a multiple choice?
[JJDD] Fuck it
Is it A? Two cal’s I joined the 40/40 Club
Or B:
[HH] Leave it to me you know I’m bringin’ all the Bloods
[JJDD] Or C? Since we in Charlotte he can feel more (Filmore) slugs
Or D? Start from his feet and shoot all of thee above
[HH] Y’all know I done had this whole rebuttallin’ to my game since Wild N Out
[JJDD] That’s a fact
[HH] Cause the flow is hot
Ayo Twork, this nigga got a shirt on that say “I’m Living B”
[Both] No it’s not
[JJDD] As y’all can see we wasn’t playin’ tonight
Clips you really ain’t wearin’ no slippers
I guess this nigga really came for a fight
But please don’t say “Da John” if you’re not sayin’ it twice
And if you don’t add “Da Don” you ain’t sayin’ it right
Ball Game!

[Round Three: Good Clipz]
[Goodz] Yo fuck it, I goin’ straight at him, big pound Shine
Had the power since the beginning, you know this rich town mine
Either you lay down or you gonna get down slime
Y’all some funny niggas, y’all should stand up until it’s sit down time
I like my chips like a dub of Reggie, a big brown dime
I wish you would

[Charlie Clips]
Hold on Goodz, this round mine
The irony, I gotta take two bald head niggas and shake ’em up
I’ma be Wild N’ Out so much, Nick Cannon can’t even break it up
It’s crazy, cause it ‘Started From The Bottom’, but now the Drake is up
If you survive the headshot, they gotta feed you Waffle House in a paper cup
Yeah I hate the gut, mad cause under the belly I keep the laser tuck
But if the laser stuck, Birdie from Above The Rim, I flip the razor up
Dim witted
You don’t even know you cut ’til the wind hit it
It’s like a paper cut, I grab the MAC and beat this bitch face, I can’t make this up
Aye Holla, you kill me, you always act like you in a hurry to merk
You played college ball, well you can do an extra year with all this red in ya shirt
If I hear Big Gerald screamin’ “Yes sir!”, I’ma leave him dead in the dirt
Cause I’m tryin’ to turn Big Gerald into Big Gerald
[Goodz] What?!
[Clips] Levert
Talkin’ ’bout you the man on MTV, that’s just Ridiculousness
And the crazy part, you don’t even known that that Double meant (Mint)
But I’ma finish this shit
If I catch his girl Cinammon bumpin’ her gums, I’ma run in grippin’ the fifth
And since you claim to be Big Red, I’ma give Cinammon sticks
When you and Showout, go to show out, it’s like a musical
The dance moves, chorography, oh! The shit is beautiful
Little brother gonna have to hold me up! That was beautiful
But the question is, “Who gonna hold you up!” When the pallbearer carry you at the funeral
I ain’t come here to lecture you, I came here just to show you what this TEC’ll do
Hospital, I see you (ICU) brain dead with Cinammon, caressing you
Y’all believe in a parallel universe?
(I DO!)
Cause Aye Verb in the hospital standin’ next to you
And that nigga vegan and now his best friend a vegetable
[Goodz] Oh my fuckin’ God!
[Clips] I’m sorry, I know y’all wanna hear jokes, but knock knock
(Who’s there?)
(Nigga who?)
Told John John he can get in this motherfuckin’ 2 on 2
When will you nigga learn?
When I go for real, I’m 30% Grey Hoodie Lux, 20% Verb when he first went to get his perm
50% Undertaker when his eyes roll back and Paul Bearer go to lift the urn
You thought for your brother Bart I bought at least a (Lisa) Mag
No nigga, it’s ya sister turn
And I don’t know if ya father home or (Homer) not, but this long nose gonna make Mr. Burn
Stop tellin’ niggas you through Hollow threw a fuckin’ mirror
Cause if you ask me, that shit ridiculous
Cause ya whole life you’ve been tryin’ to be Hollow, aye man, can I get a witness?
He light skinned, he light skinned
He Da Don, he Da Don, but your career’s hollow that’s the biggest difference
So many God let you throw Hollow through a mirror so you can see you not a splittin’ image
You so motherfuckin’ talented, but the problem John John is you lazy
Multiple choice? That’s Serius Jones
The sprained football, that’s Mr. Wavy
Your claim to fame is throwin’ Jakkboy chain
Cause he got it outta Wal-Mart, this nigga crazy
You throw my chain they gonna be dead in Wal-Mart
And guess who did it Charlotte? Baby!
When I take a battle for real can’t no nigga fuck wit’ me
Question is, when they gonna figure out, a New York nigga, but we all snuck our grip in the south
And why you two nigga keep comin’ at Nellz for?
Yeah, actin’ like you wasn’t tryin’ to get in her blouse
Aye Nellz you wanna tell these niggas somethin’
[Nu Nu Nellz] Get my dick out ya mouth!

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