Chess vs. Arsonal [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Chess]
First and foremost, you pussy so keep all that other shit with them other niggas
Them sucka niggas
Them don’t do nothin’ when you touch them niggas
Cause I’ll snuff you nigga
Think cause I’m small I won’t crunch this nigga
Then we have to go in the cage like Calicoe wit’ his shades
I done put down buffer niggas
That disrespectful shit? Only cool in this battle
If Smack wasn’t payin’ for all that crazy talk {gun clicks} you would’ve had to
Actin’ tough to promote this card, see I’m really a wild goon
This is who I am Ars’, you just tryin’ to pump up the Volume
Give him everything out the cartridges, on some retarded shit
I like revolver grips
Cause when it come to the shells, this strap save ’em from droppin’ like harnesses
No games, I’m fully loaded
Push my buttons I’m startin’ shit
Tunnel vision when I’m sparkin’ it
I start the fire and all I seen was Ars’ and this (arsonist)
That’s ya homegirl? Well guard the bitch
I get him stuck up, like he feelin’ himself
Then put that same blade in Ars’s sis’ (narcissist)
Cause you can’t spell “scars” without puttin’ that “Ars” in it
They say I rap about struggles more than accomplishments
That’s cause we ain’t always have it, but felt good when we got it like compliments
I knew youngins, in them stores but he was poor and couldn’t afford it so he robbed the shit
Got caught, tryin’ to boost, and security (insecurity) put him down, they lacked confidence
Y’all really think he’s smart as shit?
With the simplest lines, I spit intricate lines
What makes a hard bar? The wick
That’s exactly what makes me the wrong nigga to bother with
Did y’all forget?
What I do nigga?
You gonna talk to me about views nigga?
You finna make another mil’, this time on the news nigga
You confused nigga?
Still debatin’ if you gon’ retire?
Boy you should
Honestly, I just thought you would
Well this, like losin’ housing in New York, the night you’re gone for good
I still wanna kill K for closure
But before I son (sun) Shine I had to make sure your reign (rain) was over
If you quit now, I could run this shit the way I’m suppose to
‘Cause every card he be (Cardi B) off, set (Offset) me up to raise the culture (Kulture)
I put bread on you when they bang the toaster
Fuck that, I’ll spank this joker
He a vegetable when the pain is over
I done caught big bodies, but if I truck him he goin’ straight to comas (Tacoma)
This could end with me shootin’ up your cab or runnin’ in your pad
Shots is what his Uber Eats
Or I’m at the crib wit’ the mil’ (meal), tell everyone you adore, “dash” (Door Dash)
Cause if y’all wit’ him when I come to collect, y’all all smashed
No actin’ wit’ this semi
If I run into Ars’ and he “Yo”, haul (Arsenio Hall) ass
I will leave one of your soldiers neckless (necklace): get dawg (dog) tagged
Wipe my sweat, boogers and shit wit’ your flag
Spit on your flag
Make yo’ bitch suck my dick, then wipe my tip wit’ yo’ flag
Shake me? I get more mad
Blow smoke? Then I’m gon’ blast
Spread the news, everywhere, I ain’t that broad Cass’ (broadcast)
Smack, when these niggas was lookin’ all bad, who brought the shit back?
Me, T-Top and Raw’ class
The vets started goin’ hard again cause they were all mad that Smack had to find new (final) niggas thinkin’ y’all wasn’t gon’ last
Ya soft ass
Shots: baow, that’s something he saw fast
To get out this small room will cost an arm and a leg
I’ll turn this scene into somethin’ from Saw, fast
The recoil on the toy bad
PlayStation with poor connection
I had trouble shootin’ cause the 4 lag’
You gon’ brag ’bout yo’ little gun, you think I’m scared yet?
Nigga, pussies got grips too, but be the first ones layin’ there wet
And you, just a fraud wit’ a Sig’, but I don’t scam checks
When I talk, it enter souls, my bars’ll down a nigga; Xanax
Dump Glocks
Blam TECs
Buck shots
Pan necks
This Colt .45? All in his mouth
(What’s that?)
Beer breath
I grab the sawed-
Nah I mean the machet-
Damn, I forgot the name of it, but it tear flesh
I’ll bring that whatchamacallit straight down the middle; fair ref’
You supposed to be helpin’ Ray and L y’all rookies into stamped vets
But if it ain’t a big event you could care less
Now you missin’ Wisdom and got no Swag
How you gonna be dumb and can’t dress?
I was gonna battle Rad B on U Dubb as a favor fella
Niggas begged me not to take the cheddar
Threw me a couple names that’s better
And you said niggas slayed me? Never
I kept your few stacks, “such and such” paid you back and paid me extra
So don’t worry ’bout if I’m under contract
Did I sign that? I can’t call it
But I still do a number on him if it’s contact
My year, been great nigga
I ain’t even celebrate nigga
Smack said, “Enjoy the fruits of your labor”
I said, “After I put in work on this Grape nigga.”
Body! After body! After body
Whether small room or big stage it don’t matter
Cause I can go in, anywhere I’m a shapeshifter
Cake Lyfe

[Round 1: Arsonal]
You ever had a nigga this close to ya face when you rap?
I’ma violate you every round of this battle and I dare you to do it back
That’s a fact!
I’ma take tact
And I heard this was ya biggest payday ever
{Pocket checks Chess}
So I’mma take that
Summer Impact
T-Top took everybody out on stage, right?
It ain’t take him long
Tay Roc was standin’ by the door actin’ like the concierge blendin’ in tryin’ to play along
They sayin’ is, “Two wrongs don’t make a right” but Cal’s pop’s showed Brizz that two rights will make it wrong
I would’ve used my fists to beat on chest (Chess) like a nigga locked up tryin’ to make a song
Nigga that’s my word, that’s what I stand on best
You seen my battle vs. Cass’
Which means anytime in this round I ain’t got no problem puttin’ my hands on chest (Chess)
I ain’t live a good life either
At 14, I was fronted some white boy that ain’t look like Bieber
Banana clip, took it to school, finna cook my teachers
I was in the hood, planted (Planet) with the Apes, you just look like Caesar
If I was your bunkie, you wouldn’t get none of ya mail
Ain’t no fun in this cell
Small room sentence, ain’t no runnin’ from Rell
You thought “rappin'” cause ya cousin is Earl
I threw up cause the dope was too strong in the trap and I couldn’t stomach the smell
I send hitters to him, 13 shots in his living room
Three more, bang!, bang!, bang!
Rest in Peace John Witherspoon
You reach for the toy I treat him like spoiled brat, I give it to him
In 3, 2, 1, one .223 will be rippin’ through him
I switch to the next, when one blicky done
I shoot him in the back
It came outta chess (Chest); run Ricky run
We bar hoppin’ tonight, yeah the fun just begun
But these shots burnin’ through Chest (chess) ain’t no 151
Me? I’m back scammin’, pack handlin’
The strap blam him
I know the rules, you Chess, I’m older school like Backgammon
Real Newark nigga, trained to shoot ’til the gat jammin’
Take the window seat, your shit plain (plane), we crash landin’
What you talk is non-realistic, that’s the reason that I’m conflicted
I done watched you tell a whole struggle a lie, then contradict it
Type of nigga say we pulled up in a big body…Honda Civic
We was so poor we had to wash up in the sink, we couldn’t buy the dishes
Everybody know these facts, right?
God my witness
My na na say ba ba and ah na innit
Oh that’s a Tay Roc translation for “Watch my fitted
I ain’t got shit to do with this fight. I’ma stand over here by this door and mind my business.”
A mysterious interruption, the only way to stop my finish
You want a nigga to come and steal bars even if John John didn’t
Well let bygones be bygones or the time bomb tickin’
I had niggas lined up at yo’ crib like you was sellin’ Popeye’s Chicken
After this battle you better have apologies for me
You an EBT card baby
I’m from the era when food stamps looked like Monopoly money
My generation posed a different threat
I been through hard times you ain’t witness yet
I really had to pick up a book and research, I couldn’t always run to the internet
You new niggas wanna know who got a bigger name, well who got a bigger check?
I got a deuce and a .357
Either you believe in magic or I’ma rig the deck
Whatchu know ’bout not havin’ heat in the winter time
Except for what’s tucked in your denim line?
Being the only house on your block without lights durin’ Christmas time
Nigga, trials and tribulations, I done went through mine
I really weighed 140 in the 4th grade, in other words I was the bigga 9 nigga
Anything that Smack owe me now, I’m still recouping it
Any battle after this battle, it should be lucrative
I’ll pistol whip him, open his skull, blood, he losin’ it
But crack heads run in ya family, you should be used to it
You live witcha mother and her mother, you never lived in no youth housing
Raekwon, you was born in 1998 – I started fuckin’ in 2000
So all that struggle shit, for the fuck of it, you wildin’
I go live on Instagram right now and make beatin’ on chest (Chess) the new challenge
I used to walk around wit’ a loaded gat
I was the tour guy for niggas who ain’t know the trap
Now my money round about- just know I live on a colder sack (culdesac)
And that’s the coldest facts
My shit is real, my shit is raw, my shit is authentic
And you can’t spell “Bars” without puttin’ that “Ars” in it

[Round 2: Chess]
I said
I body shit, I ain’t beg for this
You was just a nigga I was assigned to hit
When I was younger, Smack pulled me to the side and shit
And said, “Chess, you’ll be a star wit’ the stat you (statue) buildin’.”
So basically the game is mine, you meant (monument)
Like time you spent wit’ ya bunkie, I’m just borrowin’ him
Don’t bet money on him, even if you’re Arsonal’s friend
Cause he’s a joke, ah (Joker) bitch, and those are just reasons he hardly can win (Harley Quinn)
I can tell growin’ up that he was a daddy’s boy by the way he bother his friends
Startin’ shit he couldn’t finish and got his father to spin
Well invite him to one of our events
This is not jokes, get ya pops smoked
He will never be welcomed to a party again
So take precautions, ‘fore I have my goons spinnin’ ’til they get nauseous
Leg shot from the [?]
I jump out the Porsche and take a portion of his poor shin
Nigga I’m from Cortland, where we tuck the baby and get rid of it
But missions, never got aborted
Where lil’ niggas go wild cause they households was not supportive
They did not reward him, for doin’ good
Youngin’ died before he ever got applauded

{Chess starts coughing}

They didn’t think about giving him a pat on his back until he got the coffin (coughin’)
This guy be talkin’ like his jaw tough
He better knock it off before I knock it off him
Buzz Lightyear, he gon’ be speakin’ through glass when I rock it (rocket) on him
If he move he get a BAOW and go viral
[?] be foreign
Aye, I’ll be in Newark by the mornin’, get to killin’ him early
Like Mike I was orphan, just a lil’ nigga in Jersey
Nigga you heard me, like Mozart, I show up to events the birdie
Two different milligram perks (Percs), a 10 with a 30
I’m not ’bout to play witchu nigga, this nonstop
You fruit salad, I hit his apple, Grape in a pine box
I don’t internet beef with my ops, that’s y’all trollin’
Niggas feel cool talkin’ crazy on the ‘net, they be car postin’
‘Til he’s laid in dirt on some vegetable shit, now he’s com-posting
Not moving, calm, postin’
Ars’, I really cause harm, focus
I told Twork I’ll smash in his hands wit’ a hammer, how he gonna use his strapped in?
And ever since that y’all seen his arms, broken
I ain’t tryin’ to take credit for bro traits but I’m lowkey responsible for that whole shake
I’m so great, I help create the shit that you hoes take
But you Tampa based now
So you in ya home state
Well once again I’m here, in yo’ state
On yo’ stage
In yo’ face
I don’t believe in astrology: you get no space
Get yo’ wrist shot, fish spot
I’m bustin’ out shells on yo’ plate
Your GPS gon’ lead to death
(What’s that?)
Oh if I take it there, ain’t no tellin’ what Loc ate (locate)
Pussy, you better shut up when this gun up, I’m pipe liftin’
And I don’t want no lip in front of that big nose like white women
I might hit him
Ain’t got to do it though, my shooters give me help
But man you’ll lead me to do this shit myself
Just to prove to you, I don’t need niggas
But my dawgs go stupid too, let’s end games
Try to snap with this Iron, Man, it’ll be your own funeral
Get hospitalized for tryin’ to play wit’ niggas
You say this street shit give you a rush?
‘Til you surrounded by a whole bunch of patients niggas
Cakes up
Wait fuck
This Grape Crush from what I’m raising (raisin) nigga
Fo’ pound, silencer so it’s no “pow”
Professional burglarer
I’ll take this niggas locks off with no sound
Cake Lyfe

[Round 2: Arsonal]
I’m that instigating cousin niggas love to hate
I be at the cookout like, “Why ya baby mother fixin’ yo’ brother plate?”
Shots rang off
It was bad, I could tell by his mother face
So my gun let off another eight
“Oh my God you shot Chess (chest)!”
Then I hit my target cause I was aimin’ for anything above the waist
How y’all gon’ put the best in the world against the worst in his fuckin’ state?
Y’all really expect me to lose to a nigga who don’t even know how to dub a tape?
You ain’t said nothin’ great, you don’t percentages, ratios, how they fluctuate
Or the PayPerView pay out policy and production rate
Nigga shut the gates, no ins or outs, you got’ trust ya fate
Your mom, sis’, both met dick tonight
They on a double date
I came, and she had to come back too, fast rebuttal rate
Man, your mother just wanna get powdered up, she livin’ the life of a funnel cake
You the only nigga in URL still eligible for the rap game
We ain’t gotta test you, we see that you fake, jack chain
I’ll let you menage with this Drake for a lil’; Mack Maine
Doctors can’t figure this out; back pains
The Llama never show but my Beretta blow
I had a pocket rocket in high school so my mom’ll never know
I got a thing for Spanish women, I oughta let ’em know
I’m head over heels for Nina, and when you love someone you gotta let ’em go
Stop the lyin’, these people lookin’ for the truth
I’ll walk into Chess function and slap DNA out the room, I’m Twork lookin’ for the Tooth
You said you struggle well I’m just lookin’ for the proof
Disobedient house nigga, I’m master lookin’ for the noose
I’m finna hang the nigga
Warnin’ you are in danger nigga
This .9 friendly, this ain’t got no problem talkin’ to strangers nigga
Her name “Nina” I told you that’s what I named her nigga
She my earth and I let Boy Meet World without Topanga nigga
You KNOW I had to have lines about when my gat spray
Whole battle I’m talkin’ directly to Chess (chest) like a nigga battlin’ Pat Stay
I brought my .9 out in Oakland and I named my MAC “Dre”
Dre will point at him (‘Em) and make sure this .50 will have the last say
Ain’t no overtime, veteran skills, I’m really showin’ mine
Difference between me and you, we know ya lines and we know you’re lyin’
My uncle had a heart transplant, for him we thought it was over slime
On my vacation to him I told him I was battlin’ you he said, “Nigga, for you it’s exposin’ time.”
I said, “But he got heart.”
He said, “Me too. But I had to get airlifted to go get mine
You wanna know the difference between that Chess this chest, nephew?
I really had a hole in mine.”
I said, “Damn, that’s gon’ be some (Summer) Impact when he get Roc’ked with these Hollow from that Loaded .9.”
You look like you press triangles to get rid of ya guns, I’m really throwin’ mine
Call me an “old head” nigga, I’m proud to be a veteran
I’ll look your crackhead mother in her eyes and tell her her child gon’ be a settlement
And the only reason I ain’t put my hands on Chess (chest) is cause Trump in office and right now bitch I ain’t proud to be American
You know what’s not funny?
Cortez out here lyin’ ’bout gettin’ that top money
And in most battle rap debates you don’t even pop up in nigga’s top 20
Stop dummy, you some lil’ nigga I wouldn’t even let work the block for me
And the only Roc(k) we respect around here is the product when the pop bubbly
Now when my mother pulled out a belt, ass whoopin’ had my name on it, it was time for pain
Your mother pulled out a belt? It was to wrap around her arm and try to find a vein
But you put that heron sherm addict head bitch through a lot of pain
You couldn’t protect your mate so you got your mate checked, this is not a game
Pocket rocket with an extendo, I keep all of that secure
Clip stickin’ under the t-shirt and it’s callin’ out for war
I pistol whip him, now he crawlin’ back for more
So I dug in the pocket and gave him 30 like they chargin’ at the door
King Of Comedy sayin’ farewell, I’ll let the MAC (Mack) wave
You’ll be forever gone but never forgotten, like Backpage
I hit my nigga Geechi when I’m backstage
Cause we tryin’ to run a train on his bitch
And I can rely on Gotti to get the tracks laid
Lose control
Afterlife haunt him, then abuse ya soul
Russell Wilson, what come out the shotgun will fuck up your future goals
What’s your average per battle? I’m on view patrol, nigga
And honestly, niggas ain’t been this excited to see Chess (chest) since Janet titty at the Superbowl
Maaaan, my shit is real, my shit is raw, my shit is authentic
And you can’t spell “bars” without puttin’ that “Ars'” in it

[Round 3: Chess]
Around this time last year y’all seen my career get derailed
Around this time this year, my career, I get Darrell
What the hell?
This ain’t just a coincidence Smack
I’m supposed to be here, as simple as that
Big bro, just respect my name when you hit me to rap
Y’all ask me to battle Jakkboy Maine
I felt like you were dissin’ me Smack
He is not all that
Nah, the nigga just wack
You’ll see me commit a crime on Jakk (jack) like the citizen’s act
You can’t live where I’m at
I really used to sit in the trap
From hand to hands to pounds, let’s see if you niggas adapt
I understand you don’t like to be friendly but try to be
Oxymoron, you don’t wanna make an enemy (inner me) outta me
And you don’t be Crippin’ like how Nitty and Gotti be
No disrespect to my Westcoast Connection, but I will double you, see (WC), with this MAC(k)-10 on the side of me
Honestly, none of this shit I rhyme is a joke
You tough tough?
Well you found the right guy to approach
My drive, got no limit, the speedometer broke
If my coke cost five, I’ma say it cost more
So I say it cost nine, cause the gun in it cost four
I give a fuck if you believe me or not, my gun petty
I don’t know how the persuade (purse weighed), but I know that I clutch heavy
Keep jokin’ on the fam’, I be smokin’ on ya mans ’til my lungs deadly
And I would put ya seed in the blunt but I don’t puff Reggie
So ya kid is safe and I ain’t tryin’ to get caught
I’d rather get away so I’m in and out
Niggas actin’ like bein’ in the pen a trait (penetrate)
Don’t come here wit’ ya little date
She gon’ want one of us to slut her
You need to leave her ass home
But you still bring her places cause you wanna trust her
You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife
But yet and still he tryin’ to adjust to love her
I understand she a great dick sucker but you…just a sucka
Cause she be with other brothers, under covers just like cops but…you the only one that cuff her
All she do is get banged like a gavel but…you don’t even wanna judge her
You nasty motherfucker
Nah, don’t worry I became one too soon as I fucked ya mother
If y’all hear about me havin’ a son, it’s his younger brother
Dick his whore down, porn style
Long socks wit’ the fuckin’ butters
(Tay Roc: Uh huh. What next?)
I was doggin’ her late night, then ya daughter walked in
But don’t worry I told her we play fightin’
Ya bae trifflin’
Especially when you not in the house
She should’ve put ya kids in the bed before puttin’ mine in her mouth
He find this shit out and get exhausted
Cause I was all up and through his miss place (misplace) and he lost it
You brought a Shotgun? I brought a shotgun
I had to get it past niggas secretly
These 12 rounds will box a nigga thinkin’ he’ll Everlast in the ring with me
I know real Crips, and they gon’ bang ’til they die like…pops
Full clip, and it raise when I’m killin’ like…stocks
Steady shooter, two hands on the rounds like…clocks
Out the nose and through his tissues like…snot
You can’t fight then run, you better move swift or (Swiffer) Jet like…mops
Lump me up? Swell my face? This nigga might…(k)not
Aimin’ at him in his whip soon as I get the right shot his car crash
Colliding with a different hood like…ops
The shit you planned out will lead to a grave
See that’s the different type…plots
I’ll flash a light on this Grape nigga like…Watts
Cake Lyfe

[Round 3: Arsonal]
Disrespectful ass Darrell in here
Type of nigga who get kicked out of Heaven for sayin’, “Oh God it’s nice as Hell in here.”
Y’all got me battlin’ this- boy you got on some shit I would never wear
You look like ya biological and ya foster parents was never there
If you happen to mention rats, don’t put Darrell in there
Since grade school I been solid, ain’t fuck wit’ Snakes that’s why I gave away my Metal Gear
My bitch got on Prada’s that the devil wear
We in Tampa, ain’t that right?
Aye Loso
Loso: Yo!
Arsonal: I think it’s time we pray he have a better year
Now…I’m too intelligent, y’all really think this infant smarter?
Y’all gave me Geechi in the same setting and y’all think this is harder?
Well I bang on a little nigga, like I’m Vincent Carter
While puttin’ my foot all in the chest (Chess) and screamin’ “This is Sparta!”
You know why I can’t half step?
Cause I don’t wanna have a bad rep’
And I got a daughter that’s five that ain’t receive a broken promise from her dad yet
And I promised mama I’ma change her address
And I had a fan named Lil’ Nas who just wanted to meet me before his last breath
This is why I can’t fail
I can’t get murdered, I can’t jail
I gotta go to tour, keep stackin’ this bread and opening fan mail
My manager locked up right now and I can’t bail
The fuck you think I’ma do if the judge try to give that man a damn L?
Trust, I got real struggle issues my nigga, no made up shit
I’ll get you knocked off by the bitch you laid up wit’
Man, my shit is real, my shit is raw-
That’s usually how I end the round
But this particular round I decided to bring my pen around
What goes around, comes around
Chess come out, sent ten around
Fucked up, he was a stand up nigga but these gon’ sit him down
Nigga said I used to be a Blood?
Cause y’all see me hangin’ wit’ a Blood?
But like your daddy’s brother’s son, pussy, I always been a cous’ (Cuz)
Nigga, I’m a shooter and a ‘Scrub’
Cause I be hangin’ out the passenger side of my best friend ride wit’ a snub
I helped mold this culture, so I never was hatin’
Nigga my money been long, I blew (blue) checks before my verification
I’ll put a D.E. to ya bae tee if we ever debatin’
And then I’ll trip without reason, no justification
I said, trip, no reason, no just a vacation
Boy I’ll grab you by the collar and push you around the stage like every bar you said was fire
And we know that you a liar
All you do is chit chat
We ain’t wit’ that
You don’t spit facts
How we supposed to take you serious when ya boss is literally the mascot for Big Kap
First you gotta fix that
‘Fore I air that nigga out like I’m tryin’ to fix flats
You talkin’ Crip this, Crip that, well they see where you get ripped at
Now is we talkin’ Chess’ pain or chest pains, I’m just sayin’
Ya old bitch tryin’ to grind on ‘Rell (rail), she play them (e)X Games
Date night was cool and all, despite the bill
I know you got a knife concealed cause we know you known for cuttin’ through them Sprite’s for real
I mean, I make ya mom obey her thirst, have her suckin’ on a pipe for real
I mean I got a Netflix account and all but I don’t really like to chill
My clip 12 inches, I sit it next to the ruler
You walk in my house, see a .40 on the counter you instantly think “Kitchen sex wit’ a cougar”
But what about the big .4-5 next to the Ruger?
Bitch on the counter suckin’ on an Avocado, I guess she just respectin’ the shooter
You finally 21
They don’t even ID you no more, now that you can actually cop
But the coroner’s gonna be tryin’ to ID you after the shots
Catch me in traffic and pop
Shooter and the driver, you ride shotgun wit’ a shotgun, well nigga look what happened to ‘Pac
Now that ain’t a diss, y’all ain’t catchin’ me, it happens a lot
All I’m sayin’ is we all know Suge got the passenger shot
You made that lil’ nigga mistake, tried to ride for ya Glock
He reached and disappeared, same shit happened to Dot
You got on a “I’m A Young Nigga Startin’ Shit” starter kit
21 years old wit’ an alcoholic lip just talkin’ shit
Now I can call you a lil’ dirty ass bastard cause you fatherless
And you go wherever the wind blow
I got an extendo but this ain’t Nintendo I got cartridges
I got a gun so big…that gun? Awesomeless
Shoot like the fat nigga from Detroit on a Quest cause wit’ THAT one? I’m Marv-elous
I’m here to snatch every bit of confidence from your conscience
Since you tryin’ convince the world of your accomplishments, I’m yo’ consequence
You’se an ugly lil’ muhfucka yo
My shit is real, my shit is raw, my shit is authentic
You can’t spell “bars” without puttin’ that “Ars” in it

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