Tsu Surf vs. Reed Dollaz [Lyrics]

{Surf starts rapping before Smack has a chance to flip the coin}

[Round 1: Tsu Surf]
Millions of views before anybody, nigga you did your thing
That ain’t come with no deals, movie, TV nothin’ in-between
No matter how I act or lay (accolade) it out, my accomplishments erybody seen
Fuck would I put it in subtitles and I ain’t never seen Reed (read) on the screen
Name one killer you battled beside Shine, you can’t
My point, niggas run into one grizzly think they Ja Morant
I’m here, you here, somebody you can’t see with words
Basically, there’s no meat (meet) in my bars like Vegan Verb
Them bullets hurt
If you ain’t never been shot you should learn from it
You ain’t a killer, never seen a human body like Fern Gully
They hit my arm, now when I shoot it don’t turn fully
Boy I’ll flip Dollarz like Smokey countin’ Worm money
It’s like we on a diet but we cheatin’, steak (stake) out on an off night
I know some Ahki’s catchin’ bodies while they fastin’ at the Talk Right
So talk right, or I’ma translate what I think you tryin’ to talk like
Yellow tape everywhere, I get the block sponsored by Off-White
Stone cold on the entrance, shit be bustin’ out the can’
Silencer like hot grease when it’s jumpin’ out the pan
I don’t kill him, pistol whip him ’til the blood is on my hand
Now Dollarz all down arm I hate stuntin’ for the ‘Gram
Balenciaga shoe this shit soul (sole) liftin’
New chop shop, I pull up with that pole grippin’
Chinky eyed, shit’ll fly, chop cats, no kiddin’ (kitten)
I don’t care about his raps if the General Soul (sold) Chicken
I’ll Chinese soup oodle noodle you
Chop stick put a tie (Thai) on a man durin’ his funeral
Why duck sauce? Embrace that, this beautiful
Staple his top, then rip it open, we tear lids
Head shot, leg shot, stomach shot, I don’t spare ribs
I get the drop, then get the head start and take care of kids
Poke his lung {psssst}
[Tay Roc] What’s that?
[Tsu Surf] I rip the air bed
I kill niggas when I’m sober, it’s different when I’m high though
Gorilla Glue in my veins
It blow, catch contact, goodbye yo
I push through with the sour face, that’s the pre roll ‘fore we slide though
He went in a coma like May, he died in July though (gelato)
Allergic to shells, his head swell like a blowfish
Pillow on his face, feathers flyin’, the coat rip
Pistol whip him again, both lips
Hand him the gun, I make him do a suicide, the coach pissed
Mixin’ Ensure with the meds how the doctor feed him
Butterfly cut across his middle like it’s slot receivin’
He’ll be a paraplegic, his posture pedic
They gotta lift him from a chair to a bed, a Posturepedic

[Round 1: Reed Dollarz]
All my youngins do is load clips and sit in they masks
And they from yo’ hood, right there on Elizabeth Ave
And them niggas ain’t do you dirty cause I ain’t give them the pass
Or get a fiend to give you a blast to give you a…blast, a fuckin’ animal
Stab your heart with a Chinese sword
Home invasion in Ms. Kims than a Chinese store
Extended long, twin kitties, that’s the Siamese fours
This nigga Surf think he wavy ’til Rajon meet Jaws
Nigga ya last name “Cox”
That probably haunted you ya whole life
Rappin’ wit’ ya hands on ya hip, nigga you a whole dyke
Actin’ like you him
This the battle you been waitin’ on ya whole life
Like, “Oh my God I get to face my idol. Yeeees. I’m so hype.”
Surf stop it
You ain’t a shooter my nigga, you a kitchen bitch, let’s switch the topic

{Reed chokes}

.32 with 32 taped on it, I’ll flip and drop it
So why did Reed get Surf?
Cause I came before all this
Before y’all ever heard what Cass’ and Meek could do
But it wasn’t only the URL rappers that was watchin’ me, it was Smack and Beasley watchin’ too
So why did Reed get Surf? Cause I done started all this shit, that’s why
You the Wave? Time to end that lie
Surf braggin’ about a million
I was doin’ that before niggas knew YouTube views could get that high
Me and you not the same
I got my views from the block with the riders on it
You got your views from the URL channel, which had a couple thousand subscribers on it
So how did Reed get Surf?
Why? Cause I was gone?
I had a family and a house to maintain, I can’t forever be street
So I hope you didn’t pick me cause I ain’t been in the field
But then again, you can’t cherry pick a nigga that was lettin’ you eat
“Reed Dollarz outdated” but y’all the ones usin’ the same tricks
“Dollar” bars and a bunch of “Reed” name flips
Meek Mill this, Meek Mill that, y’all think it can affect Reed but I doubt it
Cause I’d rather be part of a nigga history than Reed in (reading) about it
Whatchu gon’ do? Rap about bein’ a Crip?
That’s that west coast shit, khaki’s and Chuck Taylors
But niggas had to die for them lace
No wonder they call you Surf
Cause you ain’t thicker than Blood, and water is blue, so you ridin’ the Wave
Surf you not a gangsta, east coast ‘Wanksta’
But y’all be hypnotized because he wavin’ y’all blind
Ask Geechi, in L.A., when real Crips get shot, some battle rap rounds be the last damn thing on they mind
And y’all ain’t no better glorifyin’ the Wave for his crimes
Cause in Jersey the real crime wave high
So what if next time you don’t get so lucky?
What’s the rebuttal when ya mama gotta wave goodbye?
Yeah, he was rappin’ like a rider, ’til them real shooters rolled up
Had him layin’ outside his doors
You got lil’ Tay Roc screamin’ out “Neighborhood” and you almost died in yours!
It’s the bookbag, war paint, vest and some ammo
K over the shoulder, two Berettas; Rambo

[Round 2: Tsu Surf]
He’s right, I almost died in my hood mama
Kim walked in that hospital, I threw up neighborhood like, “I’m good mama”
Hitman, Calicoe, shit….T
In my generation you had to keep two fullies
URL baby, I don’t know if we rock with this fool fully
Snatch his tre (tray), every time you on SMACK bring your food to me
I hate I gotta try Reed (read) in front my class like the school bully

SHUT UP! SHUT UP! This MY shit!

Choppers, medic doctors, evacuations; helicopters
Watch your words, on the set I should read (shoot Reed); that’s a teleprompter
Crash test dummy, you’ll catch a fast one from me
I’ll fold Dollarz in the bra like when grandma stash her money
Switchblade, I’m tryin’ to stab him ’til he go into aftershock
Rubix Cube, spin back the block
Accurate shot, shoot ’til the spring break; bitches get bagged a lot
Right clicked, dragged then dropped
If I gotta pull this arm out to Reed (read) it ain’t an Apple Watch
I pull up and point and his hood like them Klan coats
We fly, spray a paintin’ out the van; go (Van Gogh)
My young boy Steph, really carry a .30, that ain’t a damn joke
Been shootin’ so long for the team his hand broke
You’ll get shot in time for Channel 9 News
They say the killers used the vehicle that soccer moms use
It get tragic then, drum roll, rapid spin
Devil child, have to sin
Slide doors, bitch kick and scream out the van; sex trafficking
Over the body when he dead, you can see it in his eyes
Hit the funeral, where his mother? I wanna see it when she cries
Creepin’ the ride, my shooters be in the disguise
Inf’ beams, new meaning to read (Reed) between the lines
You can rap ’til you blue in the face, whatever make you sound clever
Boy my shooter had the most effective rounds ever
Hook/slide around the corner how I bend it on him
Dollarz get stuck
I bang it from the side, the machine start vendin’ on him
My niggas from The Cave come through flippin’, I send some acrobats
‘Matics clap, we want all the smoke; aromatic packs
My plug sent a gift, wonder what’s in the Glock like packer jacks
Glock to his chin, open Reed (read) under the top like Snapple facts
My niggas from The Cave come through flippin’, I send some acrobats
‘Matics clap, we want all the smoke; aromatic packs
My plug sent a gift, wonder what’s in the box like Crackerjacks
Glock to his chin, open Reed (read) under the top like Snapple facts
This shit electric out the hand; Raiden shit, we be raidin’ shit
Raisin’ shit, hot shell; Cajun dish
Head on the plate, Asian fish
Glock .9, eyes slanted; Asian bitch
I raise then spit his raisin split
He be more open minded than Jaden Smith

[Round 2: Reed Dollarz]
You can run from punchlines, but in the streets you can’t dodge no guns
You been so busy duckin’ three rounds from John John Da Don they made you rematch the Hollow ones
Aye Smack! You must be payin’ this nigga real good
Jersey nigga with all these expensive clothes
Look at him, he got the Rays with the Swag
Made me think of your chips durin’ the Face Off
Them niggas almost put your Lays in the bag
Black hoodie on over the braids
Surf’ll splash on Roc(k), water go in the Cave
Home of the brave
The ladder help lower the grave
Oceanview, half moon over the Wave
This nigga- they came to see the wizard; I am Oz
I press the pound and keep clickin’; Volume 5
I’m in ya town, Vick sippin’, percin’, Valium 5
Loadin’ clips, windows tintin’ bangin’ ‘I Am’; Nas
I put a price on you, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout a seller
I’m talkin’ over ya head, nigga that’s Beasley on the trailer
Cortez and John gotta wait by the hour
They can’t catch the Wave cause he’s chasin’ a Dollar
Makin’ me holla
Big dog, hardest breed
SMACK got plates, you either gonna starve or feed
Shake the room, fall and bleed
This nigga brung out chips, they had to bring the whole card to Reed
Now I’m eatin’ niggas alive; carnivore
Smack new shooter, this shit ain’t in the car no more
I’m an alien, monster size
Hit his Area with 51, everything in Nevada flies
Was from the bottom to the top, where I’m basically at
Went from a Dollar to hundred, just for thinkin’ I’m wack
I’m outdated; link on the app
T-Rex asked for Roc(k) but still ain’t no chain’ me back
Bookbag, war paint, vest and Rambo
K over the shoulder, two Berettas, Rambo

[Round 3: Tsu Surf]
I don’t even wanna kill him, I just want the best for Reed
You might’ve beat Rex, but breast cancer, you not above chest (Chess) for Reed
Blood, brains, gang shit was gruesome what the detectives seen
The remainders like a suicide note, the only thing left of Reed (to read)
I turn a beautiful home to an abandoned home, nobody livin’ out it
Then that abandoned home to a trap house, I’ll make a livin’ out it
The trunk got a button, push/pop, get the stick up out it
I gotta pull out this (dis) regard anything; forget about it
Well (whale), I’ll put up in a Shark for the fishy shit
Swam in the worst water
Line up the tre, nose blow through Dollarz like a coke snorter
Any op’ that ever had to bleed, they bled
Watch ya words, the wrong info could feed the Feds
Who in the front? So I can hear who lead with lead (led)
If shit get past tense, then Reed (read) will be red (read)
Don’t talk about me not killin’ my shooter, you don’t know me bro
Is he dead? Nah, we caught some homies though
I’m still learnin’ this shit
I ain’t get it down fully
First the gangstas die then the bitches get blue, plenty proud bullies
It was like bad dap when we bag that
Vietnam flashbacks
I ain’t perfect, Lord forgive me when I send Dollarz, but what’s your CashApp?
When you was on the corner, spittin’, niggas grippin’ on ya collar
I was out the window, baby K, grippin’ on the toddler
You ain’t in the streets just cause you there
I don’t really think you can smell death when it’s near
We was bombin’ fluid off of embalming fluid, that go in the body, stupid
You can literally smell death in the air

{Tsu Surf cuts his round short}

I’m done witchu. I’m done witchu. Gang

[Round 3: Reed Dollarz]
I said, some of you Jersey niggas crack me up
Stuck in the shadows of two cities
Don’t know if y’all wanna be New York niggas or cross that bridge and be with them killers in Philly
When the fuck did gang bangin’ become real on the east coast?
Who brought you home nigga?
Cause if it wasn’t on the west it ain’t real, you’se a motherfuckin’ clone nigga
Where I’m from? We was raised to be our own niggas
My city ain’t got no picks
Niggas will kill they own niggas
I ain’t glorifyin’ that cause that’s some shit I don’t condone nigga
I’m just sayin’ don’t talk that gangsta shit to me, I set the tone nigga
I done travelled the globe before niggas knew Surf
Tsu Surf
There’s nothin’ new under the sun, I’ve seen your kind it’s not a new turf
You Earthlings all live in fear that’s why I don’t do Earth
God flow, I can lift up the seas, peep how I do Surf
Any fire offense in New Jersey carries the weight of a minimum of five years in the state prison with ten years bein’ the max

[Tsu Surf] That’s not true

[Reed Dollarz]
Usually on a five year offense the offender will be eligible for parole in about a year and a half…if that
But you got like three open gun cases
So either somethin’ fishy or I’m in the rear with the math
How the fuck are you home Surf?
Nah, nah, nah I don’t wanna hear that “my lawyer” shit talk
You done told on somebody to come home early, left that precinct and…Crip Walk
Givin’ the blue side a bad name, real niggas don’t feel ya
And when you touch down in L.A., man them niggas should kill ya
L.A. (Shaquille) you, jokes aside
Like ain’t a game, so I hope you ride
Like when a real Blood see you on sight and you both collide
Headshot, blue blood on the streets, left him open wide
The fists say “he fightin'” but the eyes say “there’s no hope inside”
I’m exhausted, I laid on his crib for five days
Paul Wall boy I’m quick on the draw sit it (‘Sittin’) Sideways’
All I do is point a finger and that Wesson let off
Your body drop, the Apple Watch will make the S.O.S. call
You niggas serious?
You really thought the bull could see us?
You pump fakin’ with this war nigga; North Korea
We should’ve took this shit to Jersey so Newark could see us
Fuck it, battle at the Gates so the Lord could see us
I’m somethin’ different bro, so not that shit that you used to
An O.G. up in the game, take these jewels, they useful
Stop actin’ like what you not, too many movies and drill music
I’m Bob Barker with the hits, if the Price Right I’ll still do it
Ride down on a pedal bike, like it’s loot on ya head
With the lil’ homie on the back, he gon’ shoot off the pegs
You gon’ slip, you gon’ slide, like ya boots on a sled
How somethin’ so full of life then nigga poof and ya dead
I’m a juggernaut
Fuck the critics, don’t care if I get the love or not
I’m propane, the shit that I spit, it got the oven hot
When you was still a kid I was baggin’ up in ya mother’s spot
Had the keys to the front door, the door and the other lock
When you was playin’ Duck Hunt I was huntin’ for another Glock
Cause we had to put a body on that, switch to another spot
I’m certified, as they would say, my street cred’ passport stamped up
Stand up, you took the stand up to put ya hand up
I see ya family in the van I tear the van up
Chopper knock off the back of that bitch, now it’s a van truck
Bookbag, war paint, vests and ammo-

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