Th3 Saga vs. Ryda [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Ryda]
I said, we ‘bout to hear God this, God that
I done heard enough religion
Sean “Diddy” Combs…they only brought me in here to son a Christian
This that small-room Ryda, ‘bout to go wild on you
Viktor Drago: you better hope your Father can throw in the towel for you
War paint, vestses and ammo: go Reed crazy
.380, it was death (deaf) soon as it came out: Creed baby
Nigga, your face what I’ll put a bullet through
How this was shot? BANNED battle
It was only one light he could look into
Every time they set me up wit’ a plate, nigga, I show and prove
You thought I was gon’ walk up in here playin’ wit’ you?
Fold in front of every big opportunity I get?
The fuck I look like Mr. Wavy to you!?
Nigga, you believe in all that shit?
They got these priests touchin’ lil’ boys
Oh, he gon’ say ‘cause they Catholic, it’s a lil’ different
You see, it was a blurred line…’til Bishop Eddie Long did it
See, it was all about the blessings and the message
But now you got too many guns and raps in your bars- and violent raps in your bars
Ol’ J. Reid-ass nigga – got so close to the man, just to turn his back on God
Man, fuck a legacy
A casket is the only thing the four (IV) get to carry
Crazy how you can turn Saga to just a short story…wit’ an obituary!
You got these Dylann Roof niggas walkin’ into services, clappin’ the tools
Niggas can’t even rest in peace at they own funerals
Gettin’ slapped in they caskets, niggas actin’ a fool
And the crazy thing about it is they don’t even get no reaction from you
So if all of that was able to happen in the Lord’s house…what the fuck you think gon’ happen to you?
‘Cause ain’t no church in the wild, but still they decided to throw you up in the mix
You was battlin’ EK, talkin’ ‘bout “Never be unevenly yoked”
Quotin’ Corinthians 16:4, as if you was clever as it get
Well, I was thinkin’ Matthew 18:20 as I was loadin’ up the clips
‘Cause as long as two or more are gathered in His name, then His Spirit is in the mist! (midst)
This the Haymaker King, bitch! Respect what come wit’ the name
Yo, A. Ward! God Is Good-
And so is the aim – BANG!
If he survive, he a vegetable, on life support
And tell Loso “Imaginary Gun Bars” don’t stop shit that bring real-life results
One arm out, doin’ damage like Bradshaw wit’ the clothesline
Nah! Two arms swingin’ like Verb before the Showtime!
Nah! I feel like it’s personal, I gotta give him the whole .9
Molotov – it ain’t even fair, I’ll (Phara) burn a bitch like the old Shine
Y’all heard the story…about the burning bush?
Nigga, that’s exactly how it’s goin’ down
Headshot – BOW!
Even God’ll show His back on him: he Moses now!
Close-range, headshot
Even God’ll show His back to him: he Moses now
Whoo…oh, man…

[Round 1: Th3 Saga]
On a mean streak…
It’s ‘bout time my adversary gets erased
But it’s like Halloween treats…you know, Smack be movin’ scary wit’ the plates
They brought me all the way out to Richmond to get you buried in your place
And put a Horseman in front of Ryda (rider)…your chariot awaits
They gon’ compare me to the greats
I came to kill all the talks and “if/ands”
By this all can withstand
Tonight, my legacy, I cement wit’ Ryd’ (ride): Austin-McMahon!
Let’s switch plans, fraud coward
They gave you countless opportunities to advance, and you ain’t at all tower
They gave you Glu’…Tez…me
Off those three, you can’t see how you were spoiled, sour?
They gave you a Driver…a Cor’ vet (Corvette)…and now you finna test the Horse power (horsepower)!?
My thought fouler
I’mma say what the rest scared to mention
‘Cause you playin’ games wit’ a Horseman: Red Dead Redemption
Listen, Bryan, you just talk, dog, I’m really the vet
I was built not to let anger raise us like Celie upset
So Richmond, if y’all start to gas up his bars like he really the best
Then I know it’s Tobias Harris: to feel he (Philly) a threat!
I’m outta town, but you ain’t finna pull a jooks on me
Slow down, or I’ll leave you bloodied for what you took off me
Uppercut, hit him right on the nail, he (Nelly) startin’ to look off-key
Then got Murphy Lee’d before askin’ “Wat Da Hook Gon Be?”
See, I’m calm in the moment…
(*sigh*) But I’m Ben off the rebound: the wildest (Wallace) opponent
Wit’ a violent component
Still down to go as long as the Father condone it
So as soon as he heard the…
You can cue the sound any moment…
Well, as soon as he-
Oh, my bad – I kept the silencer on it
Try if you want it
Boy, I promise the wreck
Matter fact, here you go, bro, ‘cause you gon’ need every Goonie gun bar sound when you palmin’ the TEC
‘Cause all that (*chk-chk*) “BOW!” to a Sensei is a sign of respect
You can’t channel the crown
You ain’t even peep the visual punchline I just did to dismantle this clown
For you to win, I literally had to hand you the pound!
They put Mr. “I Like to Name My Guns” when the lead blammin’
Vers’ “No weapon formed against me shall prosper” – I’m Fred Hammond!
You been downtalkin’ my career like I’m the one you livin’ against
Wicked attempts
Equestrian contest: you know this Horseman took a little offense (fence)
He tried to execute, I ain’t reply, just let you sit in suspense
Fyre Festival: I let it fly, now it’s gettin’ intense (in tents)
You need to switch up your pen
‘Cause every line’s ‘bout how your gun spit, homie
They done finally matched the Horse wit’ a one-trick-pony
So how you gon’ try to kill me this time? Prob’ly by the can’
Why don’t you…put your guns down, Ryda? Fight me like a man
Based off your look, I can tell you don’t feel that deadly
Go ahead – stare, Ryda (stair-rider): these wheelchair-friendly
I’m not for games
I’ll split your jaw if your friends posin’ tough
Doctor Strange: I wave arms at them, and chins open up!
I know your bluff!
Boy, you gon’ need the hype
One-two to your temple, had him leakin’ twice
But wit’ these, I’m nice
If he ain’t know no better, then you should seek advice
Boy, I get it poppin’ for God: Jesus Christ!
I’m very frantic!
I lift these up in your face, I bet he panic
Buddy Love turnin’ back into Klump: I’m heavy-handed
You told Prez, “Ruger clip
One bustin’ through your (shit)
This the Indian Flute, then Up Jumps the Boogie: I’ll Timbaland and (Magoo your shit)”
Well, I got an idea
How ‘bout you get stomped out in some boots ‘til I catch a minor offense and they gotta I.D. ya?
He wanted smoke, ‘til I caught a Misdemeanor wit’ Timberlands (Timbaland) when your guys see ya
Then it’s a body, laid out, on Ryda hood: ‘One in a Million’
Aaliyah, is how I leave ya!
He try to swing, I assembled a smooth counter: welcome to IKEA!
My spot’s clear, I don’t need a vet
Jesus wept: I’m God-tier (tear)!
It stops here!
It stops here because you blind to the fact that your lack of views is what we stressin’ to mention
Even your boys lost sight of it
So I had to enlighten your pupils just to test your perception
You don’t even see what’s goin’ on, but, hey, I’ll feel for you
That’s why every line was created to help you get to your blessin’
No shade…just wanted to give Ryd’ a (rider) sense of direction
I used to be just like you
Before fully accepting Christ in my life, I was dumb crazy
Thinkin’ I’m safe wit’ two .40s, ‘til He hit my life wit’ a 180
Neo initiation: I thought that life was so appealin’ (pill) until the One saved me
Super Mario Bros.: lettin’ shells fly made the Son (Sun) angry
So cut the facade
All these line about where your guns hidden, when in reality, you should tuck in your pride
See, I’m debunkin’ the lies
See, bein’ aggressive allowed your Malice to steer you astray like there ain’t nothin’ to hide
That’s a false feelin’
But ‘Lord Willin’ you drop Clips(e) so we see Ryda covered with God
So go ahead wit’ them God angles to try me for a homi’
It’s Round 1 – I caught another body for the Body

[Round 2: Ryda]
You ever had one of those wild nights, bro
Where a nigga shot yo’ cousin, and you just out there retaliatin’?
Don’t care who out there, and you just clappin’ the tool
Don’t you sit here and be a hypocrite, Saga
As if you wouldn’t think about doin’ the same if it happened to you
See, the Lord did try to show me the light
But I walked down that dark road ‘cause it was the only path that I knew
Spendin’ all that time fightin’ wit’ God like Guardians of the Galaxy 2
See, I’mma always be me
To act like another cat? Nigga, that’s a lame disguise
Niggas so quick to judge off the innocent look on my face, but never took the time to see the pain in my eyes!
When it was Marvin Sapp, without God, you ‘Never Would Have Made It’
So He’s the reason the gun would jam if the opp’d pull it?
You know how many times a nigga done prayed for his life…and God didn’t stop the bullet!?
Nigga, when it come to man, nigga, survival’s what it’s all about
You pray to God hopin’ the opp’ gun jam – what an awful route
‘Cause if it come between my life and another man’s, I gotta chalk him out
‘Cause I refuse to be a story in the third round that Geechi talkin’ ‘bout!
I’m at him, akh!
Pull and slide back, now the ratchet cocked
Even my bitch in the field bustin’ the hammer like Ragnarok!
Keep thinkin’ that He make guns jam, and G-O-D is your reason for livin’
Jerry Shuttlesworth: ‘cause wit’ these shots, I can even change Jesus’ decision!
Nah, put the guns down
Like you said, put the guns down
‘Cause the jab (*swoo*) crazy
But that ain’t what you gotta be concerned wit’
‘Cause the cross (*smack*) fire like Mississippi Burning
I’ll catch your bitch – BOW! (*swoo*)
Crazy how I’ll do bae, nigga
I’ll shoot her (shooter), slash her (slasher): I’m creatin’ a 2K nigga
Oh, you know I like to name my guns!
And wit’ what I acquire, I’ll let it sing
Lecrae, ‘cause All Things Work Together once I’m in the ring
This one? Louis Armstrong, ‘cause nobody knows the trouble that he’d seen
But this one? Tamela, Man(n) – it’ll take him to the King!
They always say, “Ryda don’t do enough”
Well, I say that y’all just lyin’
‘Cause these vets can choke, die, and be on the next big card, just fine
But me? I gotta punch, perform, sche-
Nigga, I damn near gotta do it all like fed time
I say, but I heard you got that collection plate money
Oh…that’s how I know it’s a lick there
Tsu Surf like to lock-pick doors
I’d rather be up in a nigga crib before he even get there
Surprise party, nigga, the whole team lettin’ the heat bang
He open the door to all .40s: it ain’t Nuthin’ But a ‘G’ Thang
My partner hit me like, “…Black Mirror
I said, “Cool. I’mma handle that.”
One arm out, controllin’ a whole nigga life like Bandersnatch
What you gon’ say? It’s Sensei SZN (Season)?
You the teacher, I’m the student, ‘cause you got insight on how it is on the way to the top?
No, you a opp’
Kill Bill, Pai Mei: I only came here to put Sensei in a box!
It’s a name on every bullet
Man, I swear it’s about to get ugly
Mark, Matthew, Luke, John
Each bullet breakin’ a piece of Th3 (the) Saga down: it’s Bible study
I say, you only catchin’ this ‘cause your mans keep duckin’
Well, he gon’ catch one when the heat wave, too
BOW! Now they out here tryna discover Loso like DJ Clue?
Y’all niggas always…tryna save somebody…that don’t fuckin’ wanna be saved
Well, y’all need to be prayin’ for yourselves
You were suicidal, and tryna fix every other nigga problems…when the whole time, you was really breakin’ yourself
You was about to commit the Ultimate Sin, my nigga? Oh, you was that wicked?
But that ain’t the man you are today, so I guess I’m past-tensin’
Honestly, as a friend, I can say I’m glad you got yourself up outta that hole…just so I could put you back in it
Nigga, we don’t speak the same language
His soul was transcendin’
Bow! That’s when I blaze the weapon
What, you don’t get it?
Tower of Babel: on God, I’ll stop you on your way to Heaven
And from wherever other Christian Mingle…BOW! Now it’s a match made in Heaven
Y’all niggas saw The Strike 2.5?
I had to take shots at my brothers ‘cause they was actin’ like the opps
See, first, I had to walk on Ave
Then it was like Martin joinin’ the court
You know, I had to talk to my brother Roc
But ever since then, nigga, shit been pushed way to the side
Me and Ave got our differences, I left the group
But for the most part, them cats remain my guys
So let me hear he comin’ to yo’ crib, Tay, actin’ like he ‘bout to bang them .9s
I’ll just say, “Cover the entrance, Roc(k)” and Jesus the only thing that’ll come out that Cave alive!
We found his bitch!
Codename for that? “Sunday Service”
You know, that mean we do as the Christians do
See, first, I had to crack her (cracker) like the Body of Christ
Passed her to Suge and had her swallow a Grape nigga communion juice
I s…
Time, man

[Round 2: Th3 Saga]
I said, honesty amongst your brothers, and bein’ true to yourself
I feel like you lack those skills
‘Cause true intention doesn’t seem to hide from what them little raps won’t heal
First you wit’ Twork, you say you wit’ Roc, start takin’ shots, but then front like you act so real…
Ryda switched up out the Cave like the Batmobile
Disloyalty…I’m surprised if Tay is in shock
You was supposed to be gang-gang, started changin’ the plot
He the type to clap you…and then dap you
Well, that’s a dangerous opp’
And like you said, you still act tight (stalactite) wit’ the Cave
Watch who you hangin’ wit’, Roc(k)
See, it’s not just you
I had brothers I grew up wit’ that was pushin’ work
But I love ‘em both, so that’s a bond that we ain’t breakin’
One got caught up by the feds and never learned to be calm or remain patient
He came back an informant, showed ‘em where the stash was
After he went to the law and he made statements
It took a rat to flip that mattress like Martin on vacation
But your crew suckas
You battled your brother Glueazy for a check?
That don’t make you feel dead inside?
You more worried ‘bout gettin’ plates…I’m too focused on stayin’ edified!
Forget it, Ryd’!
I don’t care if it’s Cave Gang, Goonie
Get outta pocket, and get your dumb crew stretched
If Brizz run in, he get slumped, too, next
Carlton when he thought Lisa died: I run through sets
So you been askin’ for the war
I bring the static to your door
(*smack*) I’ll do a number when I sock him like Ray packin’ for the tour
If you want smoke, I’m so wit’ it
It’s no gimmick, I throw, pivot
I’ll clearly box Ryd’ (ride) in the street like the Pope visit
I had to drop him
We got bad blood…you get the point, God (guard): Magic Johnson!
The fans is watchin’!
‘Cause you know, URL throwin’ the shade and the nonsense
And you brought up my depression, but you don’t know how these politics tend to weigh on my conscience
See, out the gate (gait), they tried to stop me
I seen it all backfire
Spur of the moment, they question my breed, like I don’t serve a Lord that’s higher
They say my depression would end my career, like I ain’t fought that prior
And bein’ sad’ll (saddle) end it all
But now you see a Horse back, Ryda (horseback rider)
You knowin’ I’m foul
Since they tried to play wit’ me, I ain’t condonin’ the smile
And since this a dirty plate, your life at stake (steak) in here (hair), uggh: Golden Corral
Ain’t no remorse, you can’t throw in the towel
Can’t let you live, you gotta go in the ground!
‘Cause I was taught if I spare Ryd’ (rod), it’ll spoil the child!
So with this transmit, you can dial up (dial-up) whoever
I’ll make your fam’ split
They ask me, “Why are you less (wireless) connected to URL?” ‘Cause the plan switched
I had to adapt to (adapter) hate
That’ll (data) be the reason I get this man hit
But it’s not just you – it’s on site with whoever I’m in this BANNED with (bandwidth)
Like he lyin’ tryna get big, like Ryd’ ride wit’ a Sig
Soon as I stepped in, I asked for it like, “Smack, what’s the wi-fi to the crib?”
But he ain’t use it
He’d rather lie to y’all about the guns he hold so y’all could relate to it
That’s how the fake do it
Stop worryin’ about the names of your guns when yours barely hold any weight to it!
Boy, you not liver
I’m a ravenous Rottweiler wit’ a popped collar
But y’all questionin’ “Can he (Kenny) put Luis (Lewis) in the skies? (disguise)”: it’s not Vada
I’m a top shotta
If you ain’t come wit’ top ether, then why bother?
SpongeBob wit’ the Krusty Krab pizza: I’ll rock Ryda (rider)
My speech fire, I’m focused now
He seem hyper? Hold him down
For a minute straight, I’mma damage Ryd’ (ride): Street Fighter Bonus Round!
Ain’t no toolie near us
It won’t be until you hospitalized that the Goonies fear us
Ryda (ride) connected to machines like Daytona at the movie theaters
So who’s bettin’ on him?
Who’s bettin’ on him?
Well, good
After I wash him, see me in an hour
Y’all gon’ be screamin’, “Hang on, Ryd’! (rod)”: Mimi in the shower
All this talkin’, I’m done wit’-

[Goonies hype man]
That’s kinda pause-worthy – “Hang on, Ryd’?”

[Th3 Saga]
How is that pause-worthy, though?
It’s a rod

[Goonies hype man]
We all saw the tape

[Th3 Saga]
Okay, so-
My man hatin’, bro
Time, time, time-time-time
We just gon’ end it right there
Time, time

[Round 3: Ryda]
I said, nigga, you literally went from God bars…to gun bars
Saga, you could never be nobody’s idol
But ever since Double Impact, they just pinned you as one of my rivals
So at this point, I can’t even Bad Newz or Tsu Surf the nigga, ‘cause that just leaves room for survival
And any nigga I put in the hospital gotta be dead on arrival
What you gon’ say?
Somethin’ ‘bout 59 hours? Twork joinin’ NWX?
They’re my bros in real life
That shit’ll never get to me
But for a minute, I did feel like 50 Cent
You know, ‘cause I had to picture son sidin’ wit’ the enemy
But you the victim now
I’ll come through your city like, “New York, New York, big city of-“
What, you don’t get it, clown?
That mean the nigga came through wit’ the Wess’ (West) and brought a building down
I find out, exactly where you hide out
‘Cause when God say it’s yo’ time, it’s yo’ time
Ain’t no time-outs
I wild out, as soon as I spot him, I’m blowin’ his mind out
Five Heartbeats in the talent show: I was just waitin’ for the Choirboy to slide out
It was him and his bitch
I told him it’s his or her life as I was aimin’ the Smith n’
Crazy thing about it is, this ain’t the first time we seen Lebron (LeBron) have to make a decision
Crazier thing is, it wasn’t even one in the head when I pulled this out
Never been a military man
But as far as your death, (*chk-chk*) I know it’s only two clicks out
But we don’t do attempts
My nigga, I’m that ruthless
If I hear they bringin’ you back, then I’m comin’ back to it
They think I would fake a hospital visit – oh, they was that stupid
As soon as he opened his eyes, I asked him what Heaven looked like…
BOW! Then I’m sendin’ him back to it!
What, you stood in front of killas?
Well, now you dealin’ wit’ an elite one
You got two choices: Malcolm X or Martin Luther
Meanin’ you can get shot during your speech or when your speech done
Close-range, headshot, watch him leak some
Can I get a witness? (Yeah!)
Can I get a witness? (Yeah!)
All you niggas gettin’ shot – I was taught not to leave one!
Weave one, right hook: knock the Genesis out him
Followed by the left hook: knock the Leviticus out him!
I’m so proper
Your bitch walk around the corner? Dome-shot her
At this point, I’m startin’ to feel like I’m unstoppable: the old Saga!
As a youngsta, Mama said, “You gotta get up out the ‘hood
The dope boys got too much weight in the building.”
They got rid of all the hard and the soft
SMACK, haymakers: it wasn’t nothin’ left but shake in (shakin’) the building
Y’all think I would let this preacher’s son hit a lick wit’ me, for the Dead Presidents?
No, you not that slick
We all know he’ll snitch in the name of the Father like White Boy Rick
And oh, y’all know these Christians love to spread the Word
So if he snitch once, that mean he’ll drop mo’ dimes
Young Dolph, ‘cause we was all surprised when we found out this nigga took the deal the whole time
I said…after this, y’all ‘bout to say he a goner
Saga ‘bout to leave out this bitch soundin’ like Adrien Broner
Like, “I beat that boy! The whole church know I beat that boy! And he not that wit’ it!”
See, it already sound like you was against me!
They all say that God is everywhere, at all times
You can spot Him at anywhere on the atlas
And you a guest in our house tonight, so who would I be if I ain’t welcome him to BANNED Baptist?
They say that…you baptized EK until the bubbles stopped, under God’s orders
And from the looks of things, it left him wadin’ in the water
But see, before that, he was usin’ his healin’ hand so much he had to ask Jesus for help
Then he chose to use that same sinful hand and place it on somebody else
Whoo, I don’t know who needed to hear that today, but he filthy!
I don’t care if I was down on my luck and it ran out
If Saga approached me like, “Well, bro, you know I could always lend a helping-”
Boy, I don’t want no handouts
Tink said you middleman loud sales
I personally seen you drunk at events
I still think you masturbatin’ and I don’t think you plan on stoppin’
But I’m here like Ned Flanders in the window
Just to remind y’all that Jesus is always watchin’
Whoo! Oh, Lawd…Lord, Lord, Lord
I said, by now, y’all sayin’ this ain’t lookin’ right for this Jaz The Rapper look-alike
And for y’all that never thought about that shit, I bet I got y’all lookin’ twice
They say if He is for you, who could be against you? It’s no stoppin’ Him
But you just got fucked up, my nigga
But just remember one thing: without God, it was impossible
I tried to tell ‘em, “Man, I don’t get along wit’ these niggas”
You put a vet vers’ a bitch – I don’t belong wit’ these niggas
The churches gon’ have to sing a slow song for these niggas
Got me askin’ at my partners like, “The fuck wrong wit’ these niggas?”

[Round 3: Th3 Saga]
I said, um…I could hit you wit’ all rights, and have you stumblin’ slow
If we scrap, bring the left over (leftover): I need somethin’ to go
You laid out there screamin’ for help, I say, “Leave him there so his brothers can know”
Cryin’ for Jakk’ like, (*sniffles*) “Aye, Maine…” (mayne): Hustle & Flow
That was troublin’, whoa
Let me slow it down before they start rushin’ you out
Speakin’ on situations you know absolutely nothin’ about
See, it’s been a while, but certain sins tend to stay wit’ you when you growin’ through it
I’m bein’ honest…I treat these fists like a promise: I’mma hold you to it
Bring up a vice to alter my current mood…and I’m prone to lose it
So if your words can prevent you from fallin’…it’s no excuses
Bro, it’s stupid
That’s your whole album right there, bro – I ain’t gon’ hold you
Bro, it’s stupid
You can get your soft jaw broken from what you writin’, Ryda
Or it’s time I let the car door open – let me enlighten Ryda (light in ride)
‘Cause you need to be warned
So pay attention and please be informed
There’s a point to every word: I hope you readin’ along
When mothers cried, we had to comfort her, knowin’ friends deceased was the norm
And them white sheets over the body wasn’t for keepin’ it warm
Man, the streets left us scorned!
That’s when y’all thought my life was all about Jesus and porn
I was the piece in the storm, the silver lining when the demons would swarm
Serial scratched off of the throw-away when the heater was drawn!
‘Cause I’m from a block when they never named their guns…’cause they ain’t plan on keepin’ it long
That’s what it had to be
They’d turn into Matt and Jeff Hardy when lettin’ ladders free
The crime scene!? Astroworld shirt: a travesty! (Travis tee)
Through all the pain and the grief
I felt like Ice Cube at the end of Boyz n the Hood when it came to the beef
I told ‘em, “Nah, drop the .40 – fade in the streets”
‘Cause I’m tired of seein’ my friends go to state prison
So it’s faith-givin’, my brain switchin’
Even though depression back on my mind, I got the same mission
I ain’t trippin’
I smile in the public to show the pain’s hidden
So even though y’all can’t see it, there’s still an inward (n-word) battle, like racism
Y’all ever watch The Goonies?
Well, pay attention ‘cause there’s lectures in the writtens
Mouth, Mama Fratelli: y’all should treasure what I’m spittin’
I’m forgiven, and it’s only by God’s grace I was able to evade danger
I’m lil’ bro gettin’ smoked in 2K: I’m a game-changer
Sustain favor, but you learn to deal with the hate when your faith greater
So now y’all see the difference from when a Horse speaks and a naysayer (neigh-sayer)
I am way greater, y’all can never ignore me
As long as I love God and send Him the glory
I’ll succeed (sixth-seed) like there’s five teams better before me
I had to harness the blessin’
Take every L and learn to chalk as a lesson
Scarred wit’ depression, but still down to go wit’ the Father’s discretion
My mama was stressin’, so at that point, I never felt the need for palmin’ the Wesson
I fight so many demons, if I get arrested tonight, I’ll still get charged wit’ possession
I had to use my past!
See the bumps in the road, had to maneuver fast, to a smoother path…
But still had to learn how to black out (blackout) for nothin’ like the computer crashed!
So if you choose to ask how I got better and seen improvement fast
Besides God, I been grinding…period: Superbad!
Let’s GO! Let’s GO!
Boy, you losin’ bad
You shoulda stayed outta these BANNED battles and just say nada
Now it’s your death date, proper
‘Cause you all gotta deal wit’ the wrath of Sensei Saga
I put hands on him, ‘til paramedics are risin’ him through a stretcher…
I told Jesus, “Take the wheel, and turn Ryda (ride) into a Tesla”
You can try to get on my level, but not many compare, though
Big cap, Don Marino: heavy sombrero
He lack knowledge: I bet he a scarecrow
Somethin’ deadly’ll air, though
If it ring, get low, Ryda (low-rider): EDDIE GUERRERO!
So just know, you gon’ need a lot more to beat me than just flowin’ nice!
‘Cause you could lose your heart (Hart) in the ring if you live that Owen life!
You can’t stop me – only the Spirit can move me, like a poltergeist
This my second win on BANNEDand I’m just prayin’ that your soul is right!
Sensei Saga

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