Hollow Da Don vs. Danny Myers [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Danny Myers]
I told Clips there couldn’t be two GOATS, this a strenuous art
I was paired with a second GOAT, now I’ll continue the arc (Ark)
Let’s get it started, skip the fightin’, I slaughter with a mop
First he Earl, then you see the real GOAT take a quarter off the Top!
When I choked, you were hecklin’ in back with security
Now I know L.O.M. stands for “Lack Of Maturity”
I’m ’bout to send you back to obscurity, he know
In the West we all give props to the Don…Nino!
You made it rain on Tsunami Surf, that wasn’t cool to see
Whether men (weathermen) are on your radar or not is news to me
But that’s who you choose to be, it’s a wrap for this bum
You were snuck out a back door, after Math you were done
You said you in fear for your life, look what this cat has become
Besides the business, bitchassness and fear are traits you gone pass to yo’ son
I stay with a mask and a gun, fuck all these costly gimmicks
Listen Nigel, even your name got a soft G in it!
Fuck all these gimmicks, y’all thought dude was the best?
All them top tiers out East you had to move to the West?
Can’t fit in, tried to trust in yo’ fame
A million followers and not one friend, you really live up to yo’ name!
I could dump in yo’ frame, but these hands wanna get mean with ya
He seem quicker, body shots’ll make his spleen quiver
Ribs crack, break six bones on this fiend spitta
He ’bout to fall, stand up, don’t lean nigga!
You a bitch, nobody in yo’ circle gone spaz at all
All my niggas either wear a mask or raid (masquerade), we gone have a ball
You don’t fuck with battle broads?
You fucked Myverse, the crew knew too
Yes Clips likes bitches with bars…you do too!
Tryna make me look bad, you messin’ up
All them angles ugly like the new Tesla truck
You think you mesh with us? We keep the fo’ fo’ tucked
The five’ll keep hittin’ his head like “RoboLux”!
You think you know so much? I been up to yo’ schemes
Yes he gives toys to the kids, he does a couple of things
He sells his clothes, does business with his customers clean
But when you look past all that, he’s still a hustler from Queens!
What the fuck do I mean? Let me provide clarity
This event was made to get him paid and disguised as a charity!
But I ran with it, even though I figured it’s silly
He using the kids as a shield like that nigga in Philly!
Really?! Here lies a genius
Everything is done at this guys convenience
Y’all seen his logo
Yeah it’s “Loyalty Over Money” but there’s a thin line between it!
I mean it, and you on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got another two rounds of this shit

[Round 1: Hollow Da Don]
No matter how much I look at you, bro I can’t believe I let you battle me
This is not what I meant when I said I was down to do some charity
They said, “Don’t bring jokes to Danny. He dangerous”, so y’all doubtin’ me?
Cause I was Richard, on fire prior (Pryor) but now I’m more like Rodney see
Cause to me the danger feels (Dangerfield) like comedy
He gon’ make some shit up like me gettin’ snuck outta a buildin’, like they was tryin’ to fight
I’ma give you your roses while you can smell ’em and yours gon’ be the violent type
My punch power like gunpowder, bring sun flowers, you gon’ die tonight
From what arose (a rose) out your two lips (tulips) I knew Danny the lyin’ (dandelion) type
So, so, so, so, so let me keep snappin’
Nigga, how you got weak fashion the week Fashion Week happens?
{Hollow gets a telepathic message}
Boop Boop
Hold on Danny’s already in a Parallel Universe tryin’ to rematch this
Wait, wait, wait, wait, what are you doin’ there with B-Magic?
Ohh, this is the Island Of Used To Be Classic
But wait, wait, wait, wait, what the fuck am I doin’ there?
Oh I’m there to receive data through an A.I. tellin’ me to “practice”
Boop boop
Oh what I just seen is graphic, mean/tragic
Y’all wanna a reenactment?
Cool, since y’all ain’t seen the body I’ma recap (re-cap) it
Nigga, I’ll bury your daughter inside a wall with Molotov and alcohol
I’m like a nigga that’s like, “I’ma pay you on Friday” I AIN’T GOT IT ALL!
Ya bitch get buried with her titties out; Monster Ball
When I air it, everybody hears it; conference call
They said I’ve been gone so I can’t do gun bars
I’m out the streets but, y’all mind if I do some gun bars?
Good, cause I really wanted to do some gun bars
I said, that old heat with me, it ain’t never ringin’, it’s Pat Riley
But that new joint? Magic Don Juan, the MAC (mack) 90
I said, nigga I’ll hit ya chest and you’ll start shape shiftin’
The big ratchet, the kid taxin’, I’ll stay wit’ it
I’ll give him shots and 8 hit ’em
Ah- ah- ah, five to the body
Ah- ah- ah three up top, they think a nigga from Grape did it
Aye, I’m like that play cousin that play different
These bars made me say “Fuck everybody” like that homie in state prison you ain’t visit
Let’s Blake Griffin
He thinkin’, “Let’s get to jumpin'”, I’m thinkin’, “Let’s trade Pistons”
My name isn’t the “Dinininin”, it’s actually “Hollow”
Hollow, let me show y’all
Hollow, look, my name is synonymous with this, cause we can both take ya life quick
So you can put this in ya rap but if I put this in you, you won’t write shit
I know me havin’ this that close makes you feel a way
But everybody wanna rap about guns and bullets ’til it’s in they face
But I won’t even finish the scheme, I won’t even sweat him
Good, I’ma make sure you catch the next one!
Look, y’all remember I went to 3011 in the east west setting in a GS Legend playin’ PS7?
When it comes to that weird shit, I’m the reason I brought that battle here
Cause there’s no way you can go to a Parallel Universe if I didn’t first put it in the atmosphere
Time, nigga

[Round 2: Danny Myers]
What up my nigga? Shit, battlin’ Hollow
Yeah, he losin’ here
Wait, that’s his mom in the background? Fuck she doin’ there?
Oh y’all watchin’, Monster’s Ball? Damn, it’s a lot of y’all?
Knock it off
Gang of niggas pipin’ her shit? It’s a conference call?
Fuck that, all this shit this nigga be doin’, just change out him
I wish I could shoot him and reload that same Hollow that came out him
Aye y’all, can I ask y’all a question?
Is this thing called “Battle performance” or “battle rap”?
(Battle rap!)
Right, right, right, that’s my attitude
When niggas don’t have a pen, they hide behind all these other attributes
Bitch I’m here to rap with you
You don’t have the upper hand cousin
How y’all crown Da Don King when he paid off another man punchin’?
Understand somethin’, you ‘sposed to spit with yo’ true soul
Of course, Mr. “Loopy” gone always find a loophole
Bitch I’m too cold!
I can’t use one of yo’ quotes
When rappers catch Hollows in Traffic we lose one of the GOATS
You come with the jokes, that’s why you lose a lot
There’s a difference between getting props, and using props
I’m from a stupid block, we catch new cases over old work
You can’t walk in my shoes unless you know that roads’ worth
I seen a nigga killed over his Jordan’s, laid out in the cold dirt
Meanwhile, I was tryna figure who lost they soul (sole) first
A killer got outta jail, over the years he had a lot of thought
He reached out to his victim’s mother, told her “We gotta talk”
She said “Nigga, I will never forgive you, knock it off”
When you put a “G” in front of “unforgiven” you’ll see the pistol’s not a fault
This nigga cotton soft, it’s gone be his pride to reduce ’em
He can’t go back to Oakland, niggas gone rob him and shoot him
He can’t go back to Vegas, he gotta find a solution
He needs space, he even got a problem in Houston!
I gotta abuse him, lot of contusions, knockin’ his tooth in
His pain heals me, this a product of losin’!
Stop the excuses, Choppa exclusive
Doctors review this and say “How could you do this?”
They shoulda had ‘Pac introduce us
All that money in yo’ pockets is useless if you toxic and ruthless
Do you need a few bucks? I can spot you
I don’t have half your popularity…I just pop you (Popu)
Iron drop you, bitch, I had to go off
You can do little (Doolittle) to understand this GOAT talk
This is yo’ fault, fo’ hawk, yo’ face what the beam covets
It sings as the clip starts, that’s the whole theme of it
My team love it, you fakin’ confidence
Get at me like you did Joe and face the Consequence
Greatness, dominance, combined with basic common sense
Creates an ominous state of consciousness
Satan would hate to rhyme with this, Llama spit
Da Don’ll get beat down at this rate of prominence
Timeless shit, y’all think he war defined?
Y’all think Da Don Marine?.. no (Marino), the nigga just borderline
And tell Lux it’s more to find
Horrifyin’, I should sock you clowns for bluffin’
I got in the Building, 7 niggas that’ll knock you down for nothin’
Shot you down with substance, he on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got a whole ‘nother round of this shit

[Round 2: Hollow Da Don]
Bro I hate black on black crime
But you orange bruh
Like, like you could be Native American or like, like, like a Dominican
Or, or, or, or Ranch Corn Nut
They said, “Don’t bring jokes to Danny or no guns”
I’m like, “Ahh.”
So fuck all the guns. let’s get into these knife bars
The machete is doing more than pokin’ homie
I’ll grab a limb and put his left foot in, let’s do the Hokey Pokey
Once the doc seen him, he said, “Let somebody else stitch you.”
Once he seen the Kid cut he (Cudi) had mental health issues
I said, you could’ve came here with Satan as your plus one
The Hell witchu
Boop boop boop
He’s gonna do another bad rebuttal?
Okay, well send it through the scanner
He’s gonna say,
“Why call him orange in front of a Full House when Danny’s Tanner
Boop boop
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait
So I’ma rebuttal the rebuttal?
Like {scratching} I’m like a DJ, let me talk to him
Fuck a Full House I got a pair like the Olsen Twins
Chances are oh so slim
Danny, how you Living Single like Overton when kids you got over ten?
Nigga I’m not playin’, like it’s a broken rim at the open gym
Danny, if battle rap was the open gym you’d be 0 for 10
Look, I was gonna mention the money Rex stole from him
But then I thought, “If I was from the west, would money have got tooken?”
But then I was like, “Nah.”
Cause I would’ve sent Rex four pounds of sour diesel and booked it
I would’ve sent him four pounds of depo for four bands like, “east coast niggas don’t know top shelf”
Next day, would’ve got mail and I would’ve told Rex, “Make that 12K ya goddamn self!”
Well for 12K niggas will blast at ya
I got niggas in the crowd that be after ya
You gon’ take shots before you leave like it’s Africa
I said if I call my cuzo Jim to merk him, he’ll come back with a pick returnin’ like Richard Sherman
Like, like, “Is this the-“, I’m like, “Cuzo, it’s a big diversion”
Cause, while he was in the Parallel Universe that was parallel I prepared an L that he don’t even know about
So with that, plus this battle that’s a pair of L’s
See he can’t use his slogan no more
Either that or he can’t really spell cause Danny don’t even realize I put a pair of L’s in his “Parallell”
I would take that off if I was you dumb ass nigga
So keep it on, cause I still got the heat strokers
Y’all remember I was leaned out with the syrup and the cream soda?
And I had the speed loaders that’s lodged on each shoulder?
Around that same time, Shine punk ass was havin’ sleepovers with Malik Yoba
Fuck outta here

[Round 3: Danny Myers]
They say I fucked up Champion Of The Year, I had to get my passion back
I choked versus Franchise, Stuey, and…nah, I don’t want no Pass for that
See my life is past the rap
My mind was on my babies ’cause I miss ’em
When my wife was fightin’ addiction we lost our kids to the system
They gave us a time limit to buy a new house, she gotta stay clean
If we don’t meet these conditions we’ll lose our kids until they eighteen
I couldn’t daydream, sit back and blame myself
Y’all couldn’t understand the type of pain I felt
I wasn’t doin’ all these battles for the fame and wealth
I was chokin’ cause if I lose my kids to the system I’ma hang myself!
Why explain myself? I had to swallow my pride
Fuck this nigga, without my kids I’m HOLLOW inside
Yeah I died, and fans wanna bother yo’ career
Fuck Champion, I was tryna win Father of the Year!
I battled the meanest men, better than what we seen from him
I can die and still carry the body like Queen & Slim
This a genius pen, but this battle? What it mean to him?
He got Mook next, they gone book me with “Convenient Jim”
But there’s seems within, hidden pockets like Dickie pants
I couldn’t get away from them bucks behind like when Ricky ran
You get me man? I don’t sell clothes gettin’ numerals
I’m making sure my niggas got clothes for them funerals
This is beautiful, any beef I put my goons on it
I can’t wait for that new L.O.M. shit, with yo’ fuckin’ tomb on it
You fuckin’ drug addict, it ain’t like we’ll all see tomorrow
Don’t die like Juice World did today, that’s a hard pill to swallow
You gotta sell yo’ soul to be Top Tier, I’ll never sell mine
This Luigi lookin’ nigga gone catch every shell flyin’
Do you believe in a Parallel Universe?
(I DO!)
He try to clown my bars like he’ll never steal mine
But in the middle of Hollow name you see parallel lines
I’ll never fail mine
Daddy miss y’all. Love y’all man
Bar God

[Round 3: Hollow Da Don]
Danny, you brought some sad ass shit to battle rap
I felt sorry for ya too, I can’t even diss you after that
I mean, that was a lot of sympathy I seen the crowd just threw
So shit…let me try it too
I been dealin’ with jealousy/hate
Envious traits
Niggas that’d rather put their energy towards their enemy instead of seein’ their relatives straight
I’m a pessimist pescatarian
I knew shit was fishy but ate
I been behind prison and them gates
And yet to this day, hangin’ with the wrong people was my biggest mistake
They’ll spread rumors, call you a “thief”, “good for nothing”
I give back and still (steal) I’m still robbin’ (Robin) Hoods or somethin’?
I can’t stand y’all!
Remember that one Dot Mobb member look like he let his hands talk and his can’s off?
I see most of the fans lost
But if you know battle rap you know I’m talkin’ ’bout Dan Barz
I’ll park ya shit, curb side
Since you up here actin’ woke, I’ll sleep you and black ya third eye
I’ll leave you in a hole like you agreed to a [?]
Battling me is like humus, halal, curry…nigga that’s a recipe for Dizaster
You don’t want it!
Nigga you can battle the Marino’s the John John’s and all of them motherfuckers
I’ll still be the meanest, toughest Dondada that gun butt ya
Shout out Hov, he just turned 50, y’all know what that’s ’bout
So it’s only right, on this verse I black out
Clap off
I got a homie from behind put a beam on him
I got a high beam, low beam, have another nigga-
damn I got half the crowd puttin’ a beam on him
We in L.A. but it feel like we in Queens don’t it?
Look, these are the type of moments, and he talkin’ ’bout he gon’ kill me with lyrics
I don’t think that fire can melt those beams, I’m a conspiracy theorist
Now look, I’ma end this on the right note
It ain’t ’bout neglect
This how you show love instead of usin’ a metaphor and show a nigga respect
I woke up to some disturbin’ news
It hurt more when I heard it’s true
We losin’ too many young artists, that’s word to Juice
We need to learn what we consume
Look, I don’t have all the answers
But instead of rap murder let’s be like Nat Turner and own our masters
Cause when he gon’ who gon’ make money music? Some ole lonely bastard
While his family in Chicago hungry and his homies trappin’
I don’t condone that action
And that’s how you show respect nigga

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