Loaded Lux & Hollow Da Don (Loaded Hollows) vs. Tay Roc & Chess (Gunz N Cake) [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Gunz N Cake]
[Tay Roc] Yo! I called Chess like, “Yo cuz. Surf in this town locked.”
[Chess] “Ain’t that battle next week?”
[TR] “Yeah that shit put me in wild spot.”
[C] “Fuck you gon’ do?”
[TR] “I’m still slidin’, is you down Aak?”
[C] “Like fossils, it’s nothin’ to get these fishy niggas found Roc(k).”
[TR] Loud Glocks
[C] Bow! Bow!
[TR] Wild chops
[C] {whistles}
[TR] A child shot
[C] Hollow brains on Lux
[TR] I spill sauce on a GOAT like a halal spot
[C] Get done Loaded
[TR] The gun loaded
[C] I drum roll it
[TR] I hit Loaded
[C] I’ll reload it
[TR] Then unload it
[Both] You know what else Loaded?
[C] The pistol before I pull and squeeze
[TR] You know what else Hollow?
[C] Shells after the bullets leave
[TR] Look at these
[C] I switch the cannons like Mega Man
[TR] My cat’s can (CAT scan) expose ya top
[C] You need ya head examined
[TR] The Beretta blam
[C] .9 to his brain, ya mama in pain
[TR] The shit’ll ache her (acre) so much
[Both] She’ll start sellin’ land
[TR] Big blade
[C] Freddy hands
[TR] Chopper’s on me
[C] Edward hands
[TR] Trash day
[C] Hella cans
[TR] Old cartridge
[C] Sega fans
[TR] Ring on ’em
[C] Wedding bands
[TR] Give you K’s (UK’s)
[C] Neverland
[TR] Point at his bitch
[C] The heffer ran
[TR] But I caught her (quarter)
[C] Seven grams
I’m a lost nigga and I don’t follow no rules
[TR] I’ll walk up to this old dude
[Both] And punch him like ProTools
[C] Hold ya granny for ransom
If I don’t get my doe soon
[Both] Then ya grandma will lose her leg like Soul Food
[C] Chill Roc we goin’ postal
[TR] Nigga that’s cause ‘pose to
[C] Well fuck it I’m bringin’ poles too
[TR] And you ain’t gettin’ up Loaded
[C] But ya picture gettin’ uploaded with “R.I.P.” attached
[TR] And I’ll be laughin’ on that post too
Aye, he rode through, clap his whip
[C] The MAC’ll flip
[TR] Think 18 wheelers crash and shit
[C] That’s Loaded truck in an accident
You- you- you preachin’ ass nigga
[TR] You leanin’ ass nigga
[C] Hollow always find his way back to the activist
[TR] This cat a bitch
We pull up to his crib like, “Is Hollow home?”
[C] His mom answer the door like, “Nah I’m in the spot alone.”
[TR] That bitch thinkin’ we prolly tryin’ to bone
[C] I pull an instrument out
[TR] And bring a stick across like a xylophone
I pull strings, we in front ya door wit’ the hoodies lowered
[C] I quiet Lux’s, his jaw get wired shut, he should’ve closed it
[TR] Hollows hittin’ him and Hollow while he pullin’ Loaded
[C] A potato for the silencer
[TR] And I’ll put it on a fully, Loaded
[C] Chill Roc, this a bully moment
Try to play with a youngin’
Scope on a gun, cause I don’t have to chase if he gunnin’
AK to his stomach
[TR] Danny Glover, Oprah Winfrey
[C] That’s a case for Beloved
[TR] I’ll wave it in public
[C] Brrrrrrrrrr
[TR] All Hell raises
[C] {Gun shot}
[TR] Them the 12 gauges
[Both] {Chess releases the gun shells hid in his fist and drops them on the stage, and Tay Roc pulls some shells from his back pocket and drops them}
[TR] Them the shell cases
[Both] Slugs on the ground like snail races
[TR] Boy, I will grip a Hawk
[C] Hit ya heart
[TR] Twist the Hawk
[C] That shit is sharp
[TR] Pull it out to hit him three more times
[C] In a different part
[TR] I’ll gun butt him, split his skull
[C] His vision dark
[TR] It’s gonna look like a Chinese divorce
[C] His Chin split apart
[TR] Beefin’ wit’ me? Like listening to a song on repeat
[C] Why?
[TR] Just when they thought it was over the shit restart
[C] For them slick remarks, I lift and spark
[TR] Leave niggas chalked, he saw a van go (Van Gogh)
[C] With this AR, tee’s (ART) get painted, this is art
[TR] If niggas smart, take me directly to what’s in the vault
In ya step, you better put some pep or (pepper)
[C] It’s assault (a salt)
[TR] I bet niggas walk, ’til a pound pulled off with a bigger buck
[C] Shots will be flyin’, Roc in ya mind
[TR] I’m in ya thoughts
I come to ya funeral, wait ’til that moment of silence
[C] Nigga I begin to talk and hit the rev up
[TR] Like my foot on the gas
[Both] While the cars still in park
[TR] Who told you you could swim wit’ sharks?
[C] Cake niggas
[TR] Cave niggas
[C] Life line
[TR] Gang members
[C] You ain’t wit’ us-
[TR] You ain’t livin’
[C] Body
[TR] After body
[C] After body
[Both] We shape shiftin’
[TR] Gang shit!


[Round 1: Loaded Hollows]
[Hollow Da Don] This here wasn’t even for you lil’ nigga
[Loaded Lux] Nah uh. Really wasn’t. Really wasn’t
[HDD] And now the brother gon’ catch it on Show and ’em
[LL] So let me get this straight…lil’ bro’ and them…went and got…
[Both] Lil’ bro and them
[LL] Well it do make sense, Roc requestin’ the youth
I reckon, who wouldn’t with death in they view, shoot
[HDD] I heard they treasure Chess (chest)
[LL] Well we gon’ bury him too
We came to take the house
[HDD] But we couldn’t get the Title lift
[LL] We just gon’ tear his top too
[HDD] Cool, they done made the final list (finalist)
[LL] What’s symbolic is they see old men
[HDD] Nigga I see omens
[LL] But don’t think everybody who play along knows (nose) what kind of sign this (sinus) is, nigga
[HDD] (Let’s get loopy, let’s get loopy)
[HDD] This is different type of energy
[LL] Yes it is
[HDD] So don’t ever mention chemistry
[LL] To a motherfuckin’ scientist
Who buyin’ this on you lil’ niggas?
[HDD] Look, look, look, I’m here to heart check Roc
[LL] Oh, like a cardiologist?
[HDD] Nah nigga, I’m talkin’ really checkin’ this pussy
[LL] Nigga that’s a gynecologist
[HDD] No, I’m talkin’ stray hand (Strahan), Giant grip, the D.E. Lion (lying) shit
[LL] Oh you ain’t Lion/lyin’, bro that’s a fire flip king
[HDD] Good lookin’, good lookin’
[LL] But I done got more civil writing (righting) these non violent scripts, I’m not gon’ lie
[HDD] I’m confused, cause you the first one that gave Roc to Clips, nigga I’m positive
[LL] But now I’m positive, you know, like the Nas of this nigga
[HDD] Nigga nah it’s this, I ain’t wit’ all that, we on SMACK, nigga let’s talk straps
But since I trust my partner, cool, I’ma fall back
{Hollow does a trust fall into Lux}
[LL] Let me get this straight, you done followed the business model, nigga
[HDD] Yeah, yeah, yeah and one more thing, don’t be the next nigga to catch a Hollow
[LL] Bro, I ain’t trippin’ that was dope but I thought you put down the bottle
[HDD] I mean you see I’m still eatin’ lean
[LL] Wow, that was mean
[HDD] That reminds me of a vegan scheme
I wanna mix it with they Shumpert and Beasley king
[LL] Healthy!
[HDD] Squash that, cause if I get to Wild N’ Out I might even hit Chico Beans
This is for the spinach, so on cam’ this ain’t gonna look kinda close
[LL] Right!
[HDD] And if it look we got the beats (beets) then Avocado’s toast!
[LL] Healthy!
Bro, this is about us nigga, never them
[HDD] You ain’t lyin’ you the one who put him up in the Den
[LL] I did give Roc the introduction to win
[HDD] I heard Everybody Loves Raymond
[LL] ‘Til you gotta dance with the one who Usher’s you in

{Hollow starts dancing on stage. Chess motions to Lux to look at Hollow’s shoe he left on the stage}

[LL] You comin’ out ya shoe and shit. What is you doin’ bro?
[HDD] What? I thought it was hot
[LL] Comin’ out ya shoe and shit, bro chill man, let’s work
[HDD] I mean I know this is foolishness, but, why we doin’ Usher?
[LL] We should be doin’ Goodie Mob cause we don’t dance nigga, all we do is this (diss)
ALL we do is diss
[HDD] But we doin’ this for the fans in Charlotte, why we mentioning Atlanta artists?
[LL] You right, that is kinda ludicrous (Ludacris)
But you know they gonna bring up that movie shit
[HDD] Well they gon’ get Bodied takin’ business advances personal
[LL] But from one foot on the stage to two in the grave
[HDD] You niggas wouldn’t even have a chance in a commercial
[LL] Awww shit
[HDD] I’m not excited neither
[LL] We was quarterbackin’ this shit, aye aye, when I come off the snap that’s an uphill battle
[HDD] Wait, wait, wait, so now we hikin’?
[LL] No, it just means a young cat will (cattle) look like he gettin’ bull-ied
[HDD] Well that’s a bison
[LL] No Roc gon’ get whipped for that backlash
And we ain’t white men
[HDD] We in the house
[LL] Fuck how you feel
[Both]…There we go actin’ light skinned
As long as y’all keep Smack happy, y’all keep ya life
[LL] That’s facts
[HDD] Shit won’t get trife
[LL] That’s a fact
[HDD] Then I hope Lux hearin’ me
[LL] Oh I hear ya nigga…
[HDD] Oh shit
[LL] You know what the problem is witchu lil’ niggas?
You think you know everything about the damn world…and you don’t know shit
Now Roc I see you got yourself assist- I mean an assistant
But you’se a sucka
Aye Gunz N Ca-
It’s two things you need to know about this world nigga
[HDD] What’s that?
[LL] There’s two types of niggas in this world nigga
It’s the niggas wit’ the guns and the niggas wit’ the butter
But uh…
We don’t expect Cave niggas to see the light
[Both] You young dumb mothafuckas
[HDD] Fuck outta here

[Round 2: Gunz N Cake]
[Chess] Pussy, you made a statement sayin’ “stand up niggas don’t lean.”
Yeah, everything ‘Healthy’
[Tay Roc] Except his partner, he’s a whole fiend
[C] Vegan and an addict
[TR] Yeah them niggas probably put protein in they codeine
[C] These cameras won’t stop us from causing a whole scene
[TR] I let it fly in his window
[C] You ain’t protected by no screens
I wish you would try me
[TR] Everything ‘Healthy’?
[C] All that mean to us is a good body
[TR] Battle rappin’ for 40 years don’t mean your pen is elite
[C] Y’all niggas chemistry stink
[TR] Aye, if I send him up and you down Loaded (downloaded) [Both] How is you niggas in sync?
[TR] And bitch if it’s beef
[C] Pussy I’ll spit in the shit that he eat
[TR] And I’ll hok spit in the shit that he drink
Toothpick in the head

{Chess stumbles}

[C] Bitch if it’s beef
[TR] And bitch if it’s beef
[C] I’ll piss in the shit that he drink
[TR] And I’ll hok spit in the shit that he eat
[C] Toothpick in his niece
[TR] [?] comb in her head
[C] A few roots missin’ at least
Broomstick in the cheeks
[TR] You give her the knife
[C] Well you give her the piece
[TR] I got it
[C] Then pistol whip her until
[TR] ‘Til what?
[C] ‘Til the tool missin’ a piece
[TR] Like shots meet her (meter) from 2K’s
[C] Soon as I get the green light I’m hittin’ release
[TR] Aye bro, training partners
[C] I spot him he gettin’ ripped
[TR] Nah, camp on him
[C] It’s about to get real intense (in tents)
[TR] Nah, Transformers
[C] I will body him in his whip
[TR] Make A Wish Foundation
[C] This kid dyin’ to get him picked
[TR] Had the grimiest little bitch
[C] Slide me some info
[TR] Home invasions
[C] In ya spot, Glocks with extendos
[TR] Shaquille Sunflower
[C] I see my brother Roc(k) in ya windows
[TR] Aye bro look, so many pistols in our crib I’m like, “Which one is mine.”
I grab the .40 with the ladder-
[C] Bro…that gun is mine
See, this one is signed
[TR] Oh, I see the arm engraved (in graves)
[C] Like zombies when they come alive
[TR] My nigga, who wanna die? I’ll leave ya whole block wet
[C] [?] these pumps burst in the street like summertime
[TR] I wanna bitch
[C] I want his mom
[TR] I’m bustin’ six
[C] I’m dumpin’ nine
[TR] Knock him out wit’ the Iron
[C] He get Wack-ed 100 times
[TR] Another clips
[C] Another clip?
[TR] Just fast forward
[C] This one rewind
[TR] Drill mission
[C] I wanna shoot
[TR] I wanna shoot
[Entourage] We wanna shoot!
[Both] Who wanna drive?
[TR] Buck it (bucket) wit’ drums
[C] If any of my kin tuck he (Kentucky) Fried
[TR] Aye, I pop up where the Da Don and them chillin’
Bombard where they livin’
[C] Palmin’ the Smith &, revolvers is spinnin’
[TR] .357 as soon as Lux (lucks) ran out
[C] The odds was against him
[TR] I had to make Chess a part of this mission
In the Cave we role players, ain’t no choosin’ sides
It was killin’ me myself pushin’ Tsu aside (suicide)
We was back and forth on that line like suicides
He told me I needed a goon to ride so he told me, “Call Chess.”
[C] I’m only here to do a job
They put a young dawg (dog) down
[TR] And now what?
[C] You gotta look the youth in eyes (euthanize)
[TR] SWAT team, let me show you how we do a crime
…on the radar
[C] Spotted him on his radar, soon as you arrive
[TR] I pull like, “…Nigel?” I slide wit’ them Uber vibes
[C] Body suit, mask tape, way I look like I scuba dive
[TR] Tuxedo, Donald Trump mask, this my new disguise
[C] Wait, wait, on queue, I watch the front while you move inside
Aye, go around back
[TR] They left it unsupervised
[C] How many rooms you spot?
[TR] ‘Bout 2 to 5
[C] Who in the first?
[TR] They home schoolin’ a son, I give the tutor five
[C] Then what?
[TR] The kid ran out to loud buses (busts)
[C] Transportation for school arrived
I kick in the next door
[TR] Calicoe and Mook inside?
[C] Hit Mook wit’ a cal’ then Murda land (Murdaland) on him
[TR] That’s how that group collide
[C] I kick in the next door
[TR] That’s Suge and Jeruz inside
[C] Give Newz some, then Jimmy Newsome died
[TR] A Muslim in Jerusalem?
[C] I don’t care who ya guy
[Both] They both gettin’ crucified
[TR] Next door?
[C] Nah, nah, it’s straight through the wall like the coochie wide
[TR] Flash grenade, lookin’ through the smoke to see who survived
[Both] Target neutralized
[TR] Big Eagle, this D.E. Lux (deluxe)
[C] Super size
[TR] He think he Cochise in The Warriors
[C] ‘Til he Cochise in Cooley High
[TR] You gon’ beat us? Still niggas lyin’
[C] This Chess not “Baby Surf”, I don’t steal niggas lines
[TR] Long nose, rubber grip
[C] That’s how the steel was designed
[TR] I made that watch that Smack call “real nigga time”
Light bars! Gang shit!

[Round 2: Loaded Hollows]
[Hollow Da Don] Where Surf at? Surf you wanna come out now or nah? Okay we’ll wait. We’ll wait
[Loaded Lux] We’ll wait. We’ll wait
[HDD] I said, last round we dumbed it down
[LL] Yeah we did
[HDD] Y’all want that or complexity?
[LL] C’mon talk about it
[HDD] Cause on paper I got the best pens next to me
[LL] And if my bul (ball) points we gon’ ride (write) out
[HDD] Facts (fax), he’s a machine
[LL] Just send mine like telepath-
Just send mind like telepath-

{Lux starts hitting the side of his head}

Just send mine like telepath-
[HDD] Wait, wait, wait. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Wait, wait wait
Another one? Another one? Khalid voice
Luckily on the side I got an extra key
But the battery’s not included

{Lux turns into Robo Lux}

[LL] An-an-and the energy’s sold separately
Back reconnected we
Two leaders (liters) at high altitude
[HDD] So the (soda) pop different
[LL] That’s what bein’ in the Mountain do (Dew)
Kill switch, I’m ’bout to control everything about the room
G-g-got my partner and in his bag
Even Nu Jerzey Twork bouncin’ too

{Twork starts bouncing. Crowd goes crazy}

[LL] L-L-Look at him, e-e-e-emotional
Don’t be mad, they minds ain’t Wizards like ours (Oz)
Shit, only thing I’m missin’ the wand
This makes it more official my guy got stripes, that’s point man
Hollow’s whistlin’ by

{Hollow goes past Roc and Chess blowing a referee whistle}

[LL] Bro, I must say, we are up here snappin’
Look, you might wanna grab a flick
[HDD] Alright, cool but, my nigga, are you gonna let me rap again?
[LL] You gonna make sure they get the picture?
[HDD] Shit, I’ve been waitin’ for you to tag me in
[LL] How you wanna caption this?
[HDD] Make it a Gun Title since they gassin’ ’em
[LL] No, no, no that’s some shit
That ain’t the crowd bro
Chess gave me some Cake earlier, I ate that shit by accident
[HDD] I got that same gut feeling
[LL] Well whatchu mean?
[HDD] That these gas tricks (gastric) won’t by a pass (bypass) for them
[LL] That was surgical too
[HDD] They pumpin’ on Chess (chest)
[LL] Fools servicin’ you
[HDD] Roc get gas
[LL] That’s emergency fume
[HDD] Aye! Aye! Let me get 30 on 2
[LL] Oooh, this what we do

{Lux stumbles. Hollow does a mic check, some dude comes out and yells at the crowd to not tape the battle. The crowd yells back no one’s taping. Crowd starts yelling “Choke!”}

[HDD] I said fuck that, let me get back to the head piece
[LL] But Surf ain’t battlin’ you can’t reach
[HDD] Well shit, now you got me stretchin’ like Zangief
Fuck that! Plan B
I’ll dust off Roc and open Chess (chest) like an antique
[LL] This where it actually can be
You’re most impressive
So effective
Throat projectin’, note select-
Hollow, when the last time you did a…
[Both] Roastin’ session?
[HDD] Tay Roc listen here
I ain’t got a K or Glock, but I do got Tay Roc’s biggest fear
It got the beam on it
[Both] The diamond tester!

[HDD] Look, y’all niggas talkin’ a lot of shit, say I lost, that’s kinda bold (bald)
But I’m still here (hair)
So if the God did take an L I just turned it to gold
I said Roc(k) I got somethin’ big but it’s kinda bolder (boulder)
Once they run outta gas, I got somethin’ to pull up on the shoulder
Chess, you must have a connect from the west
[LL] Yes
[HDD] I don’t know he’s smokin’
But it must be some fire ass weed cause
[Both] You just keep chokin’!
God Titles nigga

[Round 3: Gunz N Cake]
[Chess] I said I’ll blast rounds, stomach shot
He-he-he-he lookin’ like his last round
[Tay Roc] Let’s go! Let’s go! I didn’t even know you was gonna do that you fool! Let’s go!
[C] First and foremost, bring up anything that’s past tense
[Crowd] You’re suckin’ mad dick
[C] I got three words only, I’m back bitch!
They say the Cave made me even crazier
[Both] Bat shit
[C] Big ass MAC clips
[TR] They are the one that I’ll air it on
He won’t be here for long
[C] Pass me the pro for this Wess- so this ’bout to get relaced
[TR] Shit race from long distance like a marathon
[C] Farrakhan starin’ wrong
[TR] Suffocate him
[C] Bag over his head
[TR] That’s an airplane carry on
[C] He a Giant? Bat over his head
[TR] Barry Bonds
[C] With this cal’, his face on a carton
[TR] Dairy farms
[C] Cut his limbs, I’ll send it to his aunt and his moms
[TR] How you gon’ send it?
[C] UPS, how you gon’ send it?
[TR] Amazon
[C] I’m a demon and a god, I make Hell look so heavenly
Treat his body like his energy
[Both] Sold (soul) separately
[C] Plan A
[TR] I run in his crib with the pole next to me
His bitch pregnant?
[C] Plan B, no pregnancy
Sick shit
[TR] I’ll let it peel (pill) over the counter
[Both] Then the lemon squeeze, hit his tee (tea) like home remedies
[TR] No memory
[C] Knock everything in his head out
[TR] Mechanical pencil
[Both] I get ticked off and draw lead out
[TR] Aye, he couldn’t make it to Queens
[C] That nigga bled out
[Both] They had to haul him to that Harlem hospital givin’ beds out
[TR] Aye, whatchu gonna do?
[C] I’ll run up, “Whatchu said?” and BAOW
[TR] Nah bro, gun in his mouth
[C] Have him beggin’ now?
[TR] Yeah, Lux’s chokin’ on a Calicoe
[C] Let me get it together now
Roc! Roc!
[TR] What’s up bro?
[C] Treat these niggas like laundry clothes
[TR] I put a bunch of rounds in this machine and start washin’ Load’s
[C] If he iron press him with heat and watch him start to fold
[TR] I’ll knock a nugget out of his mind
[C] Ooh, that bar was gold
[TR] Red beam, scan on him
[C] Ooh, that bar was cold (code)
[TR] Can’t move, make him sick to his stomach
[C] That bar was old
[TR] Lick a (liquor) shot, shut him down
[C] Ooh, that bar was closed
Cakes involved
[TR] The Cave’s involved
[C] Do him greasy
[Both] Don (Dawn) a scrub, watch his plate get washed
[C] I’m in that fuckin’ mode
[TR] Kick in his door
[C] Gun explode
[TR] Thought it was for him
[C] I pointed at mother load
[TR] Chess give that bitch the mother load
I’m thinkin’ of sonnin’ stove
[C] Oven closed
[Both] Bake him like butter rolls
[C] Razor sharp, I’ll cut it close
[TR] Have his skin hangin’ off the bone like
[Both] Grandmother clothes
[TR] Headshot, then the eyes on the Don’s rose
[C] After that the spirit of Da Don arose
[TR] I show up to the funeral bringin’ Mama Da Don a rose
[C] This body gonna be perfect like
[Both] Under Madonna robes
[TR] Tryin’ to tell him that this ain’t what they want from me
[C] These niggas was on Brokeback Mountain, that shit is sus’ to me
[TR] Fuck Loaded Hollows
[C] Fuck Loaded Hollows
[TR] Fuck Loaded Hollows
[C] Fuck Loaded Hollows
[TR] Fuck Loaded Hollows
[C] Fuck Loaded Hollows
[TR] That shit about a gun to me
[Both] Loaded hollows the only thing that get the job done for me
Gang shit!

[Round 3: Loaded Hollows]
[Hollow Da Don] Fresh, fresh, fresh, fresh
[Loaded Lux] Fresh out nigga, ain’t nothin’ to go back!
[HDD] For Surf it was lookin’ rocky
[LL] Trump must’ve tweeted for that nigga
[HDD] Yeah cause he got out ASAP
[LL] Nigga say that!
We couldn’t make this shit up to stay alive
[HDD] What’s that?
[LL] Last year the nigga get shot up on 7/25
[HDD] Wild, wild, cause this year the nigga get locked up on 7/25
[LL] Well what’d he go in for?
[HDD] Like, six Glocks and seven .25’s
[LL] And he always go in like 6 o’clock and get out ’bout
[Both] 7:25!
[LL] But didn’t he name his album Seven 25?
[HDD] Wow that’s crazy
Cause I heard he sold that album to his fans…
[LL] You lyin’!
[HDD] For $7.25
[LL] But we can’t make this shit up to stay alive
Roc what’s up?
[HDD] What’s up Roc?
[LL] I know you niggas get points for goin’ to jail but…
Surf you about a misdemeanor away from just lookin’ like a fuck up
Man, you niggas out here just cuttin’ up
[HDD] But the problem is Roc he sell fights, we make movies, that’s true greatness
[LL] Harvey Dent wit’ the promotion
[HDD] Y’all don’t know who y’all Two Face’d wit’
[LL] See jokes is what what you make it
[HDD] Then you take it
[LL] You took a reel
[HDD] From the real
[LL] And then bootlegged it??
[HDD] Nigga Roc switched cliques every week, ain’t no tellin’ who Tay wit’
[LL] Facts
[HDD] But since he poked his chest (Chess) out, I’ma let you Cave it
[LL] Indiana Jones had a cross wit’-

{Hollow says he wants to bring it back and do something different}

[HDD] But the problem is Roc he sell fights, we make movies, that’s true greatness
[LL] Harvey Dent wit’ the promotion
[HDD] Y’all don’t know who y’all Two Face’d wit’
[LL] See jokes is what what you make it
[HDD] Then you take it
[LL] You took a reel
[HDD] From the real
[LL] And can bootleg it?
[HDD] Nigga we don’t Volumes, only huge stages
The views crazy-
[LL] Talk dirty! Keep go-

{Hollow is now mouthing the lines but not speaking out loud}

[LL]…nigga what is you sayin’ bruh?
[HDD] We evolved the game that’s a mute-tation

{Hollow now switches back to the original rhymes}

[HDD] Ain’t no tellin’ who Tay wit’
[LL] That’s a fact
[HDD] And since he poked his chest (Chess) out, I’ma let you Cave it
[LL] Like Indiana Jones had a talk wit’ Laura Croft about tomb raidin’
Nigga, I’m goin’ in
Mood swingin’ a bat
[HDD] And he wit’ the bat?
[LL] That mean we got all night to catch you sleepin’ while you hangin’
[HDD] Waaait, wait, wait, this a new game now
[LL] Yeah it’s a new game now
[HDD] Well these niggas is too basic like shoe laces in new ASICS, mixed wit’ a blue/grey suede kick
[LL] Keep go- keep goin’!
[HDD] They go wit’ this hoodie, I think was dope
But fire grey hoodie I-
[LL] Bro, you wit’ this play play shit, right now bro
I’m a grown ass man, nigga I told you, I fathered this whole scene man

{Hollow sits down on the stage with a Styrofoam cup in his hand}

I’m a King; James, wit’ fo’ rings
And he ain’t even got fo’ rings man
Since a youth like Lebron was, my Juice been like Jamba
I came in the market a pro-teen (protein)
That was so mean

Bro what the fuck is you doin’? That bet’ not be no codeine nigga
[HDD] Shit, I’m sittin’ down, you said “stand up niggas don’t lean”
[LL] Bro I partnered witchu. Bro you embarrassing us, you OD’ing nigga
You up here lookin’ like a dope fiend
[HDD] Hold on, who the fuck is you callin’ a “dope fiend”?
[LL] You nigga. You embarrassing us nigga
[HDD] Fuck that we can rematch our battle and redo the whole thing
[LL] Well let’s go then
[HDD] Let’s go nigga

{Chess jumps into the crowd to watch Lux and Hollow rematch}

[LL] Up here promotin’ the throatin’ nigga
You gettin’ loaded, reloaded, I’ll open ya moments I noticed it loaded when you opened and closed it, nigga
[HDD] Okay, okay, that was aight, that was fuckin’ cool but
The data for this new match, I just ain’t runnin’ to it
It just don’t look the same now that I’m back up in front of you
[LL] So this what you really wanna do?
[HDD] This what I wanna do
[LL] What in the world is this shit coming to?
Yo, I’ma connect if you punch out
I’m in the middle man, but right now like Dapper Dan with the suit somehow
You thought it was Gucci, bringing out Black Face
To bad we in the world where only the blue one’s count, nigga
[HDD] Okay, okay, so that’s what you say my friend?
[LL] That’s what I say my friend
[HDD] So that’s your statement then?
[LL] You heard me bro
[HDD] How ’bout you say it to Black Face….AGAIN

{Black Face comes out of the crowd and stands in front of Lux}

[LL] You nigga on ya play play, y’all don’t even know who y’all playin’ wit’
You niggas don’t even know who you playin’ wit’

{Loaded Lux breaks out the grey hoodie. Crowd goes nuts.}

[LL] Hollow!
[HDD] What?
[LL] What?! You sure you want some of this, nigga?
[HDD] Look, my name Bennett and I ain’t in it, nigga

{Hollow walks off the stage}

[LL] I feel like I got that .38 wit’ the electric tape
Bangin’ like an 808
Base (bass) with me if you want, punk
I’ll knock ya chest (Chess) in, Zepplin with the lead (Led) Roc(k)
Headshot, can he dig it?
You niggas done made grave mistakes
Save ya faith
There once was a man preachin’
Then in his head, ICE said “Wolf, they want you in The Grey like Liam Neeson”
The fans need it
They want the wild child, the come to chow hungry, growls
Punches every rounds, kickin’ it
Back then for no chicken
But you was still gettin’ kung POW (Pao) nigga
Off top, cuttin’ up like Kung Lao
You want the underground?
You want the young black star or seven minute freestyle no money down?
I mean I’m just stretchin’
Do you want the bow flexin’ or the runnin’ Miles?
I’ll work it out
What? He dig that
Handgun, where my prints went
Carlton Banks was still at Princeton
When the Gun Bar King was oooowwh, still a prince then
Now you fenced in, pipe on me…not like where the sink went
Hole in (holding) the Desert like quicksand, now let that sink in
What they think?

{Crowd starts chanting 3-0}

Whatchu thinkin’ I got memory loss?
Did these primitive thought, limited energy source niggas forget what they talk?
You said, “Loaded Hollows wouldn’t be in sync.”
Well gangsta you was right, cause we still got to send a G (synergy) off
Ayo Hollow!
[HDD] Yo
[LL] You don’t want none of this? Nigga is you sure?
[HDD] Nigga I’m takin’ a sip at the bar
[LL] If you don’t put that goddamn drink down and get out here and finish him off

{Hollow comes back out}

[HDD] After you did all that, I already thought these niggas was lost
[Both] To be continued

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