Ooops vs. B. Dot [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Ooops]
They say, “Ooops!”
“You got B. Dot, do whatchu gonna do
But talkin’ to him, name flips, that shit just so predictable.”
I said, “You know what? You right! I’ma scrap all that shit.”
Y’all got me fucked up
Talk to him, name flips, I brought all that shit
They wanna know why me bro?
Like, like, why was it me that you choose?
Outta all of the people you could’ve battled, why did it have to be Ooops?
Well I tell ’em
I told ’em the game needs you and ya message, don’t be selfish
Make some noise if you happy to see B. Dot back
Well motherfuckers you welcome!
See when I die, in history, they’ll say I etched my spot
I ain’t do it for the praise, I did it for y’all, I resurrected the god
This ain’t about a win or a loss, this subjective, you choose
They say the revolution will not be televised
Well thanks to us it’s gettin’ YouTube
Massacre after massacre, Decades we’ve been faced wit’
What happens when your Town Bidness leads to World Domination?
The police play Kaiser, so say (Soze) I’m the Usual Suspect
Black man fightin’ for black lives, you know, the usual subject
They was masters with the pepper spray, it was 90 degrees they was free maceing (mason)
Every battle was like a Blackout card…we had to show up to find out who we was facin’
See I was really out there Dot, but now it’s me and you, toe to toe
The shit you said to Verb? Versus me it ain’t gon’ be that tho
But I wouldn’t front like you ain’t my bro, like you some type of rival
But shit can get So Severe if this goes viral I’ll have to sleep my brother just to ensure his survival
See y’all, y’all came to see me kill Dot
Well, that plan you’ll see it fail
Kill Dot? I want y’all to feel Dot, I’m teachin’ braille
Hold on, teachin’ braille
Not in the way it sounds “teaching braille” like they closed they eyes to feel my rounds
You believe in a parallel universe?
(I do!)
We both battled Emerson Kennedy
Both arguably we got the win
He wanted it to be Martin versus Malcolm, I thought that was stupid as shit
I would rather see them work together, ain’t that what makes sense?
Hold on, ain’t yo’ son named “Malcolm”? My son named “King”, this conversation ain’t a coincidence
Two brothers, booked to kill each other
What? You don’t see the entrapment?
We knew this would be a classic, this how I actually mapped it
This won’t be the first time y’all booked a disaster (Dizaster) and it actually happens
What happens when I’m actually rappin’?
Hyper extending every round, you know, actually snappin’
Mike Brown was a Prodigy so when they killed him we had to bring Havoc
My brother behind me wavin’ a stick, then it gotta be (B) Magic
My depression was a direct result of when gravity happens
No more pouring from an empty cup, I had to reexamine my rations
So you need to tell me we ain’t gotta rap about bullshit just to gain a lil’ traction?
I mean they only seen a 1/4th of what I can do so any argument about a loss, they was just debating the fractions
I told y’all, I ain’t come to play a motherfuckin’ round
And if I’m lyin’ I’m flyin’ my feet ain’t left the motherfuckin’ ground

[Round 1: B. Dot]
I’ve been hearin’ a lot buzz, from the fans so this is dedicated to the Stans
Y’all who I’m writing back
Y’all been requesting me versus Ooops, a battle I usually shoo
But suddenly I got an itch that I like to scratch
And you? You’ve been flyin’ around a nigga head, quite like a gnat
I mean Ooops, about this battle, y’all been buggin’
Shit, what else do bright lights attract?
Let’s go to work
I’m ’bout to punch in with the information while you try to fight the facts
This is NWX road trippin’ down a righteous path
I mean we just like them wit’ it
You? Dimwitted, got the DNA for the role but where do you go?
Without enough Shine to light the map?
And that’s where I come through
To get it lit, when I literally hit my opponent; strike a match
‘What Love Got To Do’ for this whole battle?
You ’bout to watch a bitch ass get beat and turn the (Turner) other cheek after Ike attacks
It’s your raps
And that fight scene in the back of the limousine, that’s how I liken that
Here’s where you get the shit
We watched you get yo’ ass whopped for the two rounds and only cheer in the third like, “This bitch finally kicked some shit.”
This ain’t intricate
We both can’t be anti-venom to the venomous
No gun bars needed, but I’m still pill (peel) poppin’ cause I’m Limitless
No pistol grip, if I dent his shit, that’s a whole different type of drilling
You know it hit him in the heart, had him numb, cracked his cavity, now he don’t even know the feeling (filling)
This is monumental
When I grab the axe then crack, right in the mouth
Ooops, accidental
Couple bars ago, I questioned yo’ heart, now I gotta ask (axe) ya mental
What’s the facts I’m into
We all know you put community work in
If anything, I’m understanding your service
I just figure, how a nigga named synonymous to an accident and want us to believe you up here on a purpose
You gettin’ cut with the surgeon, I’m ’bout to win this 4-0
One K not even needed for squirtin’
No gun bars, it was a hell of a plan but man I had to pull back the retirement curtains
You can bring ya crew, it can be you and eight other niggas, that’s perfect
I’ll do the job, after I take out the four, it’ll go from 9 to 5
I’m just tryin’ to remind you guys what I work wit’
I make the Earth shift, you ’bout to wake up quick
I asked my nigga Geechi if you the truth
And he said, “Nah, cuz lies to me (colostomy)” that’s a bag, nigga shake up shit
Against a fuckin’ hypochondriac, the type that always think they sick
“Well Dot, maybe he was born with it?”
That explains why you make up (makeup) shit
You ’bout to break up, click
Some fuckin’ car salesman, think he slick
Tellin’ his business
Well my nigga, if you gon’ give us a sob (Saab) at least (a lease) keep it real and sell it with interest
I mean, what is this?
These cry baby stories? Boring
That whole style wild reckless
You use black trauma for a big gain, ohh nigga how Precious
You on a checklist
‘Bout to get ya cap slammed on some Rex shit
Or I’ll line it up, drop four of ’em on you in a row, Connect it
Hit a left quick, we was in the Impala, trippin’, then elected
Majority vote, drop a bomb on you out the whip
We was in the Impala tickin’
My mind is different
You can’t intertwine or combine the wisdom
Between us, it’s too much mileage/distance
Big gap, we should find a dentist
Not to close that, but if you want my mind extract you gon’ need his help to pry the wisdom
I’m gifted
Hey ma, ya listenin’?
I went around to everybody and got a co-sign that you was no comp’ petition (competition)
I’m pitchin’, to a switch hitter
A battle rap clique shifter
How a nigga from the 4 Horsemen as the fifth member?
Can y’all imagine the Jackson 5 with a sixth nigga?
Oh it gets sicker
And now you wanna mix cause your Matrix got glitch/hiccup
You swing I duck, you struck, seeing stars, the Big Dipper
Hit a, nigga from the side and make his whole shit lift up
Ask ARP, “Is B. Dot the god?” Adam will tell you I’m a rib splitter
And you a slick nigga
These politicians never cease to amaze me
You was working for the slave organization
Was supposed to be mentoring the youth on the daily
But you was off the clock, still gettin’ gwap
I guess to the taxpayers it was “So you pay me.”
Then you use your own campaign money for personal use
And got fined 14K, oh you lazy
Then you try to blame this all on mental health issues, that’s how we know you shady
You use politics as a vehicle to rob the people
You was willing to do that and that’s what drove you crazy
You know you made me
This that Black African power
And if these is your last days Bruce, then this is yo’ last hour

[Round 2: Ooops]
Y’all got me battlin’ the gang bangin’ activist
That ain’t no angle I’d take bro
I know where he from it’s kill or be killed
You seen how the system tried to do me, you just talked about it
I mean draw Blood and leave me Crip, I was really bangin’ for real
But you a Blood, that’s cool, I ain’t come to part Red, see (Sea)
Separation ain’t the intention
Most wanted to book us for a one rounder
But in order to see the pick we needed three to mention (dimension)
They wanted to book brothers killin’ brothers morals they don’t stand on
I say why be Cain and Abel when I’m able to be the cane to help him stand strong?
See in that fucked up system, I was willin’ to pay the cost
At any given time I could’ve been Malcolm on that stage, Martin on that balcony or Queen Latifah in the last scene of Set It Off
But what we doin’ bro? Rappin’ ’bout Hammers in Oakland? No
We ‘2 Legit’, this battle ain’t for the bow(l) movement that ain’t movin’ shit
This ain’t for the fake Twork guns aimin’ like they got a lead full
This is for anybody that have ever had to compress a gunshot wound and ain’t never been to med school
This for those that wasn’t as lucky as my bro Geechi
No tree for safe keeping
To take us out the hood what they need [?] Grim Reaper
Bro, I survived every one of them shots
They tried to recap, turn a nigga into a Ghost
I been (Ben) Swayze, Notorious for havin’-
Whatchu know about havin’ the weight of the world on ya shoulders?
And everybody sees you as powerful
Not knowing that your kryptonite is the same thing that empowers you
See I made it through all them shots, even when they tried to recap, turn a nigga to a Ghost
I been (Ben) Swayze, Notorious for having All Eyez On Me, I’ve been Gravy
But they play B.I.G., what we here to do bro?
This is who’s shot? Whatchu bring?
Is it a message for ‘Dear Mama’s, is it ‘Brenda’s Baby’?
Or is it 2Pac wit’ the oowoop
Big T said, “Hey, you from the midwest you gotta bring that blue blocka
But my Horsemen say he ain’t gon’ want you to but save his soul with a room rocker
Remy said, “He from the west, what if he start out trippin’?”
I said, “Y’all seen me with Ruffalo I just gotta show y’all the Mark out different.”
Anybody that think I didn’t stand a chance, here’s the retaliation
They said on screen I can’t touch Dot, well I recalibrated
Two stars align, this is a sign
Scary scene, horoscope
They say he got his own language
I say, “Well I can use these lines to talk Dot I know Morse Code.”
See I fuck wit’ yo’ message bro, even when they see it as a gimmick
Just remember, we took that Marshall Law policy and made that motherfucker look like a speedin’ ticket
But it’s crazy cause I showed them I’m ready for war then (warden)
You can be the spook that sat by the door, I’m the motherfucker that kicked the door in
But when I got in I didn’t change, even though some thought I would
You know what I did with that key to the city? I went to Home Depot and made copies for the hood
So you the only reason I’m back bro, you retired
One of us had to be the spark
See I was comfortable sittin’ calm leavin’ Charles In Charge
But what good is bein’ the best on your coast bro

But what good is bein’ the best on your coast bro if you don’t have an empowering message?
I mean what good is encompassing all that black power if you don’t show the west the direction?
I told y’all, I ain’t come to play a motherfuckin’ round
If I’m lyin’ I’m flyin’ my feet ain’t left the motherfuckin’ ground

[Round 2: B. Dot]
All that bullshit preachin’ you just did, and you a dirty politician
That’s deceiving as fuck
He asked me about the west direction
Well, I guess I brought this Dillinger to give my dawg (Dogg) the Pound since he was being corrupt (Kurupt)
But Bruce, you da truth
And if real recognize real then I hope you see the truth
You know I’m th-thirty fo’ you th-thirty five
T-two old school niggas cuttin’, now we ’bout to see how World Famous Brucie B(e)
Let’s not pretend, this for a win, don’t even trip if you lose to me
This is for our people on the ‘Tube to see and all those that consume the stream
I hope everybody Wi-Fi runnin’ smooth and clean
It’s hard to find food for thought and I’d hate for y’all to lose the feed
I got rules with me, and unlike these other niggas we ain’t playin’ wit’ it
But you? You gon’ be the first battle rapper with real Blood around you, after you layin’ in it
I’m slayin’ different
We don’t press the same
Bar for bar the weights is lifted
He thought his breed was rare, well, over here the stakes (steaks) is different
I’m amazed to listen
As you tried to paint this black picture with a jaded vision off cause they paid admission
I’m guessing the juxtaposition is you do the “real” community work and I’m just Magic with the knowledge, you know I age (AIDS) with wisdom
But nah, this whole concept is played and distant
Infiltration never swayed the system
I do my work for the low, this is war
And at bare minimum we wagin’ different
Ain’t no K’s I’m spittin’
But I do got weapons
It ain’t no way you gifted, but you do got presence
Look I’m guessin’
You could’ve made more money on RBE
Prolly try to text ARP like, “You go the juice? Try. Prove it.”
Even if you could’ve made more money, you watered down so either way die, looted (diluted)
Don’t even try shootin’ my fellow righteous brother
If I hear one gun bar, I’ma smack the pistol out ya hand before you speak up on it
Look you dead in yo’ eyes, soon as you blink I’m on it
Grab ya gun, don’t even know if it’s empty but shit, don’t I always think I’m Loaded
I’m showin’, I never cared about each opponent
Just a message that wasn’t ’bout stretchin’, but I was tryin’ to reach a moment
Now we on King Of The Dot, the “white league”
Well if ‘Ganik got the money then he can own it
All this black on black violence in this culture
I think it’s even worse on the black league cause that mean we condone it
It’s so many angles to go wit’
All these battle rap venues is white owned and the bar where we sip Coronas
Most the weed you roll up comin’ from a white owned farm when you piff aroma
And if you not in the buildin’, you’re at home or holdin’ conflict minerals stolen from the Congo that makes ya phone up
Hatin’ on one of my battles like, “If you so pro black why you on a white league?”
As you proceed to watch on a white owned app, YouTube check the owners
It’s not a game, I’m just tryin’ to explain
How white corporate man somewhere far and remote control ya
I’m the soldier
That didn’t give up his heart for the shine; Mayan culture
I see shit through a different lens, I got third eye exposure
This guy is bogus
They tried to told us that he was the next Barack
Was supposed to aim at the politicians and got afraid to flex his shot
Now it’s, no more change?
You back in the battle game where the TEC’s will pop?
How unsolid
Get a Load of a nigga that’s Hollow, boy you dropped that change than Chess & Roc
You get the picture?
Nah for real somebody get this picture
This is father and son
He ain’t gonna make it, even though he’s next to pop
Homie stop, with all this civil rights bullshit
A bunch of fraudulent actions when compared to Pan-African practice
They gonna follow me down the road
The lead vocalist on the track
You do a lot when you adlib
Dr. King said, “I fear I’ve lead my people into a burning building.”
Have you forgotten his passion?
I’m guessing that was just past tense
Cause ever since you moved to Arizona, you’ve been thinking a Phoenix was comin’ outta the ashes
This is tragic
It’s so hard to joke with facts
No laughing matter, you let the system poke ya back
They played you like a game, press ya button
Have joy sticking you and kept you in a slot; token black
You give hope with raps
And I fight the same fight so I won’t spar wit’ that
We just built different, my ancient architecture contains lessons and that’s the art of fact (artifact)
You shot a documentary called Superman, I’m sure you put your heart in that
Well I’m a hero too so when they choose who’s film to view they gon’ go with who they Marvel at
The god is back
Don’t act like y’all never heard of the passion
Hey white folks, tell the truth
Between me and Ooops, who makes you more nervous when rappin’?
I can hear it now, “Hey Billy. I think this is the part of the round where it happens
You know, that part of the round where B. Dot gets to snappin’
Gets to talkin’ ’bout black power and how white people suck. Talkin’ Affirmative Action
Jonathan: “Relax man, we already perfectly planned this
As soon as he gets to talking all that black power stuff we’re going to yell out something real loud and crazy disturbing distraction.”
Well the nerve of that happening
I’ma show you how the rules play
Shout out to the ese’s, we know how the vato’s do aye
Since y’all like to culture appropriate, let a cracker yell
And I’ma crack his shell, right in ya mouth; Taco Tuesday
This is doomsday
And this that black African power
And if these is your last days Bruce then this is yo’ last hour

[Round 3: Ooops]
First question they ask was will my third round be real?
Y’all remember I was on stage, goin’ crazy, not really saying nothin’ that shit was so…Ill
But before I get into religion and some of these white folks culture appropriating
I wanna make sure I shout out to those that rap that happen to be white, kinda like my brothers so they don’t feel like it’s a slap in they face
Because I know some ill macks (Illmac’s) that keep a Big(g) K
Damn, that rap crazy so they belong in a ward (A. Ward)
I mean some that mad flex (Madflex) put a thesaurus (The Saurus) on stage
The keep it Gully and straight forward
Even those who are awkward (Okwerdz), I still consider them fam’
Off the top I got this idea (Eyedea) when I seen them Scribble Jams
But there are those that appropriate
I feel like our culture, they diminishing it
Cause you got motherfuckers like Charron that get on S-
Hold on, I’ll put a pin in that shit
You versus Loso one of my favorite battles, but I was pissed off seeing Christianity vs. Kemetic Science
Going back and forth about y’all faith tryin’ to figure out which one is lyin’
Was it his Rock and Revival or your Tru(e) Religion?
As fucked up as it seems, me and you still pissed off at the way they rang Bothum Jean
Then they appropriate our pain, that’s the shit I can’t stand
I mean, but y’all let Charron get on this platform
And he’ll figure this a Lucky brand
But y’all see Billy Pistolz, I see a hill billy
How’s it feel to know that you can wave yo’ pistol and not get killed Billy?
Oh y’all know where it’s comin’ from
Remember him versus Rum? He said, “Fuck 12, TEC-9”, I hated that shit
The well off white boy that can say “Fuck the police” and get away with the shit
Tamir Rice was killed when he was 12 for havin’ a fake gun
The police sealed his fate
But you was on stage with 100 Bulletz and a fake gun and made it to 28
But y’all okay with that, cause he Wild N’ Out
They call him the “SMACK Killer”
Well ‘Ganik, have him try that with a Rare Breed that ain’t a SMACK nigga
When I seen you yesterday, I started to fuck up your whole world
Cause you don’t how that “Fuck 12, TEC-9” bar perpetuates the shit that happened to that lil’ girl
What if she was a Wild N’ Out fan?
And watchin’ yo’ shit was how she get through the drama
But that “Fuck 12, TEC-9” bar goes viral now she can’t get through the trauma
Now everyday she havin’ nightmares, she gotta sleep with her mama
I thought about ridin’ up on Billy Pistolz to see if he equipped with the Llama
See y’all talk about this shit, but we really go through it


Y’all talk about this shit, but when it comes to our social change? We see y’all from a distance
Not understanding that the conversation that me and B. Dot gotta have with our son is vastly different
Yesterday I told my son, I said, “Son, when you get old enough. When you get your own apartment, could you lock the door please?
Cause I would hate for a cop to mistake it for her apartment then shoot you while you eatin’ ice cream.”
He said, “Dad, even when I’m complying?”
I said, “Son, if I’m lyin’, I’m flyin’ and unfortunately the laws of gravity I ain’t learn to defy ’em.”
See I don’t really give a fuck if y’all think my third round is scortchin’
But Gully, that’s why the conversation wit’ yo’ son is just as important
You gotta get ’em to understand
It’s okay to have black friends that he sees as brothers
But it’s not okay to grow up thinking that it’s okay not to see color
He ain’t gotta front for nobody
Just cause he don’t act black that don’t make him a coward
But if he see his black friends goin’ through injustice, use his white privilede as a super power
I see you on Instagram, with ya son, I love it bro
Tell him I’m pullin’ forward
But in America, I can’t let him befriend my son unless he willing to take a bullet for him
See, my life been like Shawshank Redemption
Think about it with the heavier scenes
So when I die think “Morgan Freeman”, I want y’all to picture my voice over everything
See these third rounds, sit down witcha kids, make ’em listen too
Battle raps Mr. Clark, I mean they Lean On Me so I can use these chains to school ’em on black principle

[Round 3: B. Dot]
It’s so many things that could’ve been said in this battle
But I’m heart checkin’, so I’d rather just stick to vitals
When it come to inspiration, Ooops let’s face it
We can’t just skip the idols
I wrote my thesis statement, amazin’
Gave credit and reference and didn’t just switch the title
I did my deep third rounds
And you start doin’ your deep- nigga you told the whole world you was sick after my clips went viral!
But I’m mindful
Me and you? Not the same
I feel ashamed whoever call this matches
You the reason they call us actors
Similar roles but all you did was read my third round script, found an open spot then autographed it
But you got the order, backwards
It’s even worse you compare it, I already got it mastered
You can’t come mix it after, that’s reverse engineering
But I’m hearing, that my fellow righteous brother tried to kill a black man
That’s where you and I don’t mix
They ain’t say you tried to let your gat blam, nigga they was talkin’ ’bout your suicide attempt
Nigga what?
How you gonna lead the revolution with that phony shit?
Was supposed to eat with us at the table and tried to take yourself out, lonely bitch
Only if, rest in peace to the homie Nip’
Last time you was talkin’ like you knew him
Well you gonna get to know him on a one way only trip
Oh my God, can I get an Ace?
I mean “Holy shit!”
We was lit
When you first got up in office, then broken hearted when homie quit
For that I wanted to I wanted to air a zone, nah (Arizona)
It’s a one of one, only you can receive it, this only fits
I mean shit
Maybe I mistake the confusion
Infiltrate the system to create the solution, that’s the angle you choosin’?
You tried to menage with white supremacy, thought you got it with a mirage, you chased an illusion
Politicians sellin’ hope like dope, well how much weight was you movin’?
You got married to the game, think Gabrielle/Dwayne
All that work that you weighed (Wade) is now replacing the Union
You can’t escape the conclusion
Fighting for equality? That’s begging the white man for acceptance
What direction are you takin’ this movement?
They say they don’t see color, no wonder
Cause then they have to admit that we human
I’m confused with, the fact that you not a soldier and still wanna act like it’s war
You was in office, though I wouldn’t do it, I’m not saying that’s not a route to explore
You could’ve broke it down from the inside out, brought change, Danny Myers’ son back from the store
I mean Ooops, you was right outside they buildin’, then got ghost
You was supposed to be the spook that sat by the door
I mean sure, you gotta know you dropped the ball with this shit
A dirty politician
Now you wishing to be back involved with this shit
I mean battle rap, fucking culture that celebrates drug dealing and how we take it in the vein
Battle rap? A fucking culture that disrespects the dead with no regards for the families that’s takin’ in the pain
I mean Ooops, let’s let them have they system, ain’t no sense in breaking in this game
This is not our demographic, how we gonna hit a target audience when they used to the niggas that shaky wit’ the aim
This is strange
I can’t believe I’m at war witchu nigga
This is my conscious intellectual property
But I still came out on the porch witchu nigga
I let you come in, stay, Dot didn’t even mortgage you nigga
I showed more hospitality than Tay Roc the way I held the door for you nigga
I swore we was niggas
I let my brother Caine inside my home and forgot he’s Abel (able)
And this goes for you white rappers too
Get yo’ motherfuckin’ Sketchers off the coffee table!
This is our shit!
You are a guest in hip hop
Let’s stop there before the doubts begin
Rest in peace to Botham Jean
You know sometimes we gotta remind these white folks who’s house they in
This shit ain’t ’bout no win
‘Ganik, you remember you cut off my Showtime? Well you owe the kid
Let me roll this clip
I’m in the backyard with my big brother, even though mentally I’m the older kid
And you know this script
Name me one of these bitch ass bloggers that ever blogged about how we chose to live
How we fight police brutality, they got a hold on us
Them bitch ass niggas only care if we choke in this
Let’s expose some shit
How black folks was told a myth
They gave us coke for strips, big boulder bricks
To chop, and all my ninjas thought we was supposed to flip
For a brand new chain, new J’s or a colder whip
Well the reparations check my niggas will go buy more ammo to reload the clips
I’m tryin’ to allocate the money to the communities, equally, grow some shit
Better schools, we need to know some shit
Otherwise, it’s the pipeline to prison and they sendin’ niggas up into Folsom quick
I mean, group economics
I will lend it to ya my nigga, you ain’t never gotta owe some shit
It’s capitalism, we consume it
Why we never the ones that ever sold some shit?
As soon as we get to writin’, all this stuff down they think it’s makin’ us socialists
Look, I’m over this
I need you to come scoop me in an older whip, let’s blow some piff
Me and my brother finna spark
I started this conscious cold shit
You seen the Snowfall then it snowballed until you comin’ from the heart
But keep it Frank, no saint, you can’t go strive for strive with another nigga walk
I build this shit, me!
Brick by brick
And I’ll be damned if I let you tear it down just cause you don’t like the way a nigga talk
You better drive motherfucker!
We in the same vehicle, so when you look to the right, on the passenger side it’s yo’ brother
And you know what this game ’bout
I’m tryin’ to redirect you to change routes
Cause Dr. King tried to work with them white folks just like you
They wanted him to keep his thoughts in that’s why they blew his brains out
We have to demonstrate that this is about sovereignty
Honestly, we can’t assimilate
How we gon’ exit this in a worse condition?
We already entered great when they forced us to integrate
Let’s disseminate, about how they got our mind confused
I can’t believe I gotta remind you dude
This system was tailor made for white supremacy
You tried to get in and wear it out, well it ain’t gon’ fit cause it wasn’t designed for you
No more lives we lose
This that black African power
And although time is tickin’ my brother Ooops, this is not our final hour

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