A. Ward vs. Illmac [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Illmac]
Reachin’ legend status in this game, it really comes at a price
And let’s just say he’s gonna come up at least couple bands short of that tonight
I really can’t believe you thought that run back was nice
It was trash the first time you said it, then this dumb fuck rapped it twice
I would shoot A. Ward in the face as a blood sacrifice
For the 1% chance it makes Bender come back to life
This ain’t Aaron climbin’ the ladder and gettin’ his co-signs
This ain’t passin’ the torch like, “Damn it would’ve been different in old times.”
This ain’t a debatable or classic, you can nitpick and quote lines
This is Diz’ versus Gjonaj
This is David slingin’ his stone whistlin’ the wind as it goes by missin’ bullseye
This is Goliath, snappin’ his neck with a twist like a bow tie
Aye may this moment be known in infamy
The outlook spells out “I 3-0’d him instantly”
And “outlook” spelled out has three O’s specifically
It must be an omen, you know he listenin’
Bro, no way you gettin’ A W, you was close initially
Rematch? Get 3-0’d tomorrow, it’s already 1-0 officially
And there’s three O’s in “tomorrow”, one “O” in “officially”
Fuck a break down, I don’t let emotions get to me
I’ll orchestrate ya death, compose the symphony
I fathered son, I’ll Holy Ghost him literally
Lord please bless this food, three exit wounds, that’s a Holy Trinity
Go with dignity, he’s always throwin’ fits, no delivery
Can’t control his pitch, feels like I’m coachin’ little league
Bro, prideful, just load his Twitter feed
Where’s this supposed Christian themes?
Oh I get it, he just boasts religiously
Egotistic, no humility
Full of himself; Multiplicity
Sold his soul but isn’t sold on his own ability
Jesus Christ, if you get your power from the Son (sun) it’s solar energy
Blind faith versus blind rage, we copin’ differently
Protect my profit margin like a prophet marchin’; hold the stick wit’ me
Give your dome divinity
Use the Hand Of God to part it, like Moses split the sea
You ain’t built for this, that’s a known deficiency
If I give him a break, osteoporosis symptoms, he ain’t got a bone to pick with me
But we can beef like rival clans that die over tribal lands
Welcome to the Devil’s Playground where you die at your idle hands
Think it’s a game, ’til I catch him in sight
Make him question his life, boy you better think twice
Like, “Is that your final answer? Cause you are so close to gettin’ this right.”
I’ll dead Aaron, shut his signal off, dead air him
Dog fights, lead blarin’
Launch strikes; defense chairman
A jet airman like The Red Baron
He’s not fly, I drop by, he kept starin’
So I locked eyes, his inner thoughts die just left barren
And this? This isn’t your moment
This ain’t a goal you’ve attained
This ain’t you, lockin’ the top contender spot nobody’s claimed
This is KOTD, keepin’ lil’ bro in his lane
It’s J-Pro, throwin’ a spike strip on his road to the chain
This ain’t a classic, you gettin’ 30’d now
Don’t need the ratchet, don’t need the burner now
I’ll pull out a hatchet, soon as he turn around
I get to hackin’ and hackin’
‘Til they like ‘Ganik, “I think the server’s down!”

[Round 1: A. Ward]
My rebuttal game crazy, Greg you know it works
I’m finna go berserk
You put “O’s in words, I put holes in dirt
Let’s talk
It’s no secret, at the last event we had words
And even after you apologizing, it still didn’t feel right
You see, he got drunk and disrespected my deceased family member in real life
And when those type situations arise, as a Christian
I do my best to stand true
I showed you grace and mercy back in May…
Try it again and I’ma show you what these hands do
Let’s talk
Soon as they sent the Venmo clown, I was ten toes down
You couldn’t beat me in two minutes
You needed Organik to extend those rounds
I came to your coast, on your terms, for what?
To hear you deny that Christ lives?
Well after this; you not gon’ be mad God didn’t show up to your battles tonight
You gon’ be pissed off that I DID
That’s why I’m trashin’ what you came with
Ill Will 30’d you at Massacre because half of you’s complacent
The fans give you breaks cause of battles in the past when you would slay it
You hear “Illmac” you think “legend”
Ha, I’m laughin’ at that statement
I lay this Mac(k) down…it doesn’t matter what your name is
Face it, this is where the journey begins
You needed help in your last battle in the third for the win
Gotti jumped in – aw, what a courteous friend
Call ya shooter, I am my shooter and he can get 30’d again!
Y’all supportin this dude?
Y’all supportin this dude?

{fake chokes}

Yeah right, I ain’t choke, what I look like comin’ up with rounds shorter than you?
Let’s talk
Against Rone he said he repped the Northwest, of course it’s a fluke
This year, Carmelo Anthony’s done more for Portland than you
What y’all see in ‘Mac?
Legend? I don’t believe in that
The beast is back
I’m too surgical, clamp the hemostats
This a vegan snack to the whips that hit Jesus back
I keep it at least a stack
I’m the same person everywhere I go like when Liam Neeson acts
To be exact; that’s just a bunch of multi’s thrown in to increase the stats
And to give y’all the feeling I’m doing something special, it’s the Kreatine of Rap
But it’s Illmac’s long build up style that I think is trash
Cause if the Bar never connects for ‘Mac, y’all tell me where the Genius at?
But wait, it’ the legend Illmac
Every line brought to the sheet, and authored is heat
He’ll start up a scheme with the staff of Moses that parted the seas
Then he moves to the God of the Greeks
One minute he’s on Santa Monica Beach
The next line, he’s got more presence (presents) than Hanukkah week
A little Intrigue, a lotta mystique
And all of a sudden as the punchline arrives, the plot of the piece
He’s got a sword drawn from a sheath
His hand is steady enough to carve initials in the bark of a tree
My goodness
We get it, you can rhyme well
You make better music than me
You been battling 15 years, I been doin it three
We on the same stages, get the same bag
Y’all believe he’s a monster?
A forefather to this scene? I’m unbelievably honored
If I’m standing right here, right now – equally sponsored
Either that means I’m really good too or the culture you built is just that easy to conquer
So back back
Who said ‘Mac Lethal? It’s a (w)rap fast
After this punch, it ain’t a laugh track
Kinfolk droppin’
And his mama looking at ‘Mac in a case but can’t have him, she window shoppin’
I said I know Ill’s mechanics, he don’t tote steel and blam it
I’m hungry, like being broke, feeling famished
We on the Fresh Coast, in The Bay, it give you that old feel Organik
But you put it on Sunday?!
Yeeeeah, on God now I got the homefield advantage
What? You like three foot nothin’?
You only here cause Pete was duckin’
I can get wilder with punches

[The Saurus]
Loso ducked me!

[A. Ward]
What? You like three foot nothin’?
You only here cause Pete was duckin’
I can get wilder with punches
I can get Wilder than or tease (Ortiz) with punches
But a venue won’t telegraph you should’ve seen it comin’
See it’s only the first round
You don’t Raise The Bar in any verse pal
Max, on the bench, not getting press he deserves while
The weight on his shoulders isn’t lifted cause a Deal never works out
You see they said this was a style clash
I agree, fire/trash
You finna be mad as can be
You spent a whole round talkin’ ’bout God and end up losin’ the battle to me

[Round 2: Illmac]
You talk about, how I’ll whip a sword out, start carvin’ a tree
That shit was mean dawg
But really your career relates to that
Cause initially we seen heart
Must’ve just been two love birds chisiling in tree bark
I didn’t wish any of his family members death, but let’s just say I did for a second
I mean according to your religion wouldn’t I just be wishin’ her Heaven?
I don’t know why that shit would offend him
I mean unless you think she’s going in a different direction
I don’t know, you tell me who’s scheme was better
I mean, picture him like punkin’ me like, “You need to get control of your demons better.”
Like I’m really feellin’ pressure
Tough guy act, I give you E for “effort”
But, if you want me to beat the shit outta you after this battle my dude I got you, I’d be my pleasure
Look, you know what my favorite part of your round was?
Watchin’ you do this battle rap act that you do
When you force what you think a rapper should do
Because being naturally cool comes so fucking unnatural to you
I mean, have you seen this man prepare?
Every city, droppin’ sports teams they might be a fan of there
Like he’s a fan of theirs
Campaigning to the crowd, should’ve ran from mayor
Like, “How ’bout them Oakland uhh Raiders? I’m thinking champs next year?”
It’s so pathetic and sad I swear
But if you had a spirit animal it would be a pander bear
You are a massive square
You’re like that wanna be cool dad that cares
Practicing his rappin’ accent in the bathroom mirror
Flippin’ around a backwards chair
Sittin’ down interruptin’ the convo like, “What’s crackin’ player?”
Quit actin’ weird
Won’t make eye contact, he’s scared
Like he can die over a random glare
Bitch man up!
Stares will get you sent to the man upstairs!
Bring the racket though I’ll smack this hoe
Mcenroe/Wimbleton throw
Removin’ scalp from skull like a Navajo Indian
Hammer close, Whack-A-Mole, swing at him, catch the Holy Ghost
Little ginger feel the spirit when I slap the soul into him
You listenin’?
He talks about his faith no stop, but if I do it’s different
He’ll even relate the Bible to violent euphemisms
It’s a special move it gives you super powers
Hits a phone booth and switched into da-da-da-da Super Christian
But as soon as you have a different view than him he turns into a victim
Tweetin’, “Nothing battle rap loves more than a losin’ Christian.”
Bitch, no one hates you cause your little supersitions
But that just proves how you view your privilege
It’s how you use religion
See he loves it when it works in his favor then hates it when it’s used against him
Like, “I 30’d Geechi, I 30’d Geechi.”
Here’s an example that son said
He shamed Geechi for gang affiliations and the angle went unchecked
That shit screamed, “I am priviledged”, now we’re back on the subject
Thought he was playin’ Gotti and the match was an upset
More like playin’ God, he’s actually upset
He’s battlin’ a white savior complex and ain’t landed a punch yet
And I’m just watchin’ like, “Keep going. Fight back.”
He’s like, “My flow bring Christ back.”
Rockin’ a “Jesus is my homie” t-shirt
Jesus like, “Hmmm. I don’t know you like that.”
See, you don’t get the point
It’s deeper than the things that he said to Geechi and ‘Tez about the streets
It’s what that idea reflects
Christ died next to sinners and thieves
Imagine him thinkin’ the best way to reach him when his beliefs was to treat them as less
But then have the nerve to cry over Tweets, when a fan thinks what he says
Like he’s persecuted by the scene he feels the need to impress
Like he’s the hero in the story that he reads in his head
In Hell doin’ a PG that never gets released on the web
It’s 2019…we literally base time off of Jesus’s death
Christianity runs the world, stop actin’ like you’re being oppressed
But I ain’t sayin’ religion is a scam, just shit I didn’t understand
Nobody carried me on ten toes imprinted in the sand
Yeah, God laughs while you fiddle with your plans
That’s the difference I’m a man
Always on the mountain, trimmin’ up a branch
Moses burning bush, diggin’ trenches, blisters on my hand
Road trippin’, in a rental with my mans
No more than five over the speed limit when they scan
Pigs will get you if they can
Vaxil, trunk full, makin’ five figures off of plants
Before you was pissin’ in your pants researchin’ synonyms for “Bands”
He wouldn’t rip the tag off a mattress, tryin’ to stick it to the man
While I’m slicker than the pan glistening with Pam
Let me put it in scripture for a fan
This is Christ’s death, you sacrificial as the lamb
I’m the symbol of a lion with a spirit risen from the land
Goin’ BethleHAM on you, before I cave into your demands
I’ll leave Earth, come back with a body in three
That’s how biblical I am

[Round 2: A. Ward]
Apparently, I’m a “pander bear” that’s fine
Would make sense except I wore a Kansas City Chief’s jersey in Oakland last time
I’m just prayin’ I deliver it well
Your grandma in the hospital
I’m prayin’ she goes to Heaven
Her grandson I’m givin’ him Hell
Let’s talk
You was rappin’ ya little heart out, all types of substance
Few times in that last round you went from Regular to spicy Mustard
My goodness you are short kid
I was in my hotel room streaming the Book Of Ryan before this
Went from listening to Royce Da 5’9 to battlin’ Greg The 4’6″
Dwarfism; must be hard in these streets
Look at the bright side, I mean the kids clothes in the youth section of Target are cheap
And as long as you’re cool with Lightning McQueen from Cars on the sleeves
You could prolly rock what? An extra large in the tees?
Less talk, more action, you right, this ain’t torch passin’
This is when Edge collides with Focus like Fords crashin’
Y’all aren’t witnessin’ Revival
No this an intervention for you idol
From the “667” behind your ears to the words pinned up in your spiral
You use, God, prayer, Moses, burning bush, religion more than I do
In that last round it wholly (holy) relied on the existence of the Bible
So please, to me, this is a hobby
To you? This is life or death
You SHOULD be better than me
I spend 50 hours a week at work behind a desk
If I’m you? I’m type depressed
Yung Ill gets 5 times the views and twice the check
Ill Will has more views with half the battles, the guy’s a vet
They embody the name you share and find success
Therefore you not even really “ill”, you just a side effect
Look, I know it has to be hard
And they got Myron on King Of The Dot?
This weekend you’re not even the best “Mac(kk)” on the card
I’m finna send one up, this a prayer Lord
Charron, Flex, ‘Mac – I’m in rare form
Three cards down, now I’m flippin, I declare War
Shox and Magic? Left they bags at the airport
Sure, you flew (flu) through calm and cold (common) in battles they ain’t prepare for
But against a Horse’ (hoarse) voice? I put you up there boy
Let Ill emerge and eee (emergency) if he don’t go air born (Airborne)
Y’all don’t feel that truth?
It’s gotta be felt underneath
Oh you peel back roofs?
Mac with a MAC? Ha, for real that’s cute
I use hands, new blogger alert…Illmac’s Tooth
As far as ya group, stop actin’ like you the dopest
Let B. Dot jump in since he always wanna question the word “Jehovah”
I switch boxes, reverse the postage
‘Mac in his casket, make sure to close it
Then Ill’ coffin (coughing) got Blood in like Tuberculosis
Over dosin’
It’s real clear?
You 5’2, when I apply pressure, it feels weird
Oh 5-2, apply pressure, yeah Oakland gets to Bear Witness to I’ll fear
When I take a lil ‘Mac away and y’all wish he was still here!
The flow so catchy
Yeah but you not excused, San Fransisco vape shoppin’ rules, I’m dropping jewels (Juuls)
You see the flow so catchy, my name hold weight cause I promo heavy
I punch in the building, I’m Cotto deadly
Poe’s (pose) for the camera, he photo ready
Fire off the top, Home Alone Joe Pesci
You ain’t cut to face me like the ’04 Nelly
Machete on Mac’s side , it’s no Krome, Trevy
They gettin’ boxed in the street like a fo’ do’ Chevy
You can’t do that, that’s why it’s curtains fast
One Goofy Movie hurtin’ bad
Fly lines over his head and ‘Mac’s gettin’ the perfect cast
Or I’m clockin’ this gym
Show up to Ruin Your Day when Avocado at the spot with his friends
Throw our battle on, hit the space bar and make you watch it again
Arsonal bodied you
Conceited bodied you
Hollow bodied you
But to y’all he’s sick?
You the most bodied legend ever…
No wonder you got that lil’ role in the Bodied flick
But you know what?
Illmac rebuttals
He gon’ be like, “You’re the low man on the totem pole
And you would never get casted in Bodied cause you don’t know your role!”
They said this was a style clash
I agree, fire/trash
He finna be mad as can be
Whole battle you been battlin’ God, how ’bout you battlin’ me?

[Round 3: Illmac]
I was in Bodied because, you know, legend status, that shit never failed me
I’m not going to rebuttal, “you don’t know your role”, it’s just that nobody else does
See, he can throw a little freestyles in battles, quote/unquote
That’s why they know me from winnin’ freestylin’ battles
I mean you’ll never be out my shadow
I got trophies that sit at home, I play a bigger role now
His trophies? Emojis on his Twitter profile
Speaking of his Twitter profile, his says “Top 10 battle rapper in the world”
Why you shaking your head?

[A. Ward]
It doesn’t

What? Did you just change it? It was like that for a year. You’re corny. Listen!

So his profile
SAID…”Top 10 battle rapper in the world 2018 comma Christian”
Which perfectly embodies him
A contradiction
Says, “It’s God first”, that’s not consistent
Actions speak louder than words Ward, God is listenin’
It speaks volumes, listin’ his own accomplishments then his God’s religion
I said “Volumes”, he thought I meant the small room, dawg you’re trippin’
He turned down going on a mission cause he’s on a mission
Mr. Top 10 Battler Rapper comma Christian
What’s your priorities if you gotta list ’em?
His top five are to get on a list then Jesus gets honorable mention
And JayBlac is in the top position
Top 10 Battle Rapper comma Christian
Seems the more he reaches the more props he’s given
Don’t Flop’s Bad Bars battle is standard for the bars he’s spittin’
It’s reverse Darwinism and the “oohs” and “aahs” he’s gettin’ shows me who’s de-evolving with him
But I get it y’all, I get it
See if you wanna chop it with him, compliments are what you gotta give him
Try offering him a critique? He blocks opinions quicker than Ibaka blocks a shot
Dawg, you’re livin’ in a positive feedback loop, caught up in it
Building a wall up so your flaws are hidden
So that wall you’re building’s so tall they locked you in it
But humility’s key, and you forgot to listen
God’s plan, me humbling you, sets you free from that subconscious prison
You don’t get it? You don’t get it?
It’s indoctrinism
He treats his followers like apostles with him
Well ain’t no J. Cole when I bust (bus) a ‘False Prophet’ spittin’
Top 10 Battle Rapper comma Christian
Nah, this whole rounds his profile
Watch a top ten battle rapper calm a (comma) Christian
He puts battle rap first, obsessive habits, checking comments, attention addict
But shit it paid off, made #9 on Champion let’s let him have it
Congrats Ward, you finally broke the top ten…commandments
You put battle rap first, just admit that
Every time he hears the word “preach” in church he runs his shit back
He prays to John John Da Baptist, thinks the flood can end rap
But believes SMACK is Noah and the Ark is Double Impact
Top Ten Battle Rapper comma person
Puts battle rap first then lack of courtesy starts
Been with his girl forever, imagine that for her it’d be hard
He even forgot to give her a 10 year anniversary card
Cause he was busy battling on ‘Ganik’s 10 year anniversary card
He like, “Yeah, but I won on the polls”
Shut up
Complete narcissist
Thinks he’s better for not cussin’ but only fucks with people if he can get props from ’em
Shit, picture God comin’ out with a blog discussing a Top 10 list that A. Ward got snubbed in
He’d go from God lovin’ to, “Hmm, God’s frontin’
I got a nod from Hollow Da Don. Fuck Him.”
Thought he was ‘Pac thuggin’, like ‘Only God Can Judge Me’, then God judged him
He said, “Stop judging.” Block button’
I can see him now on Twitter typing “Ayo @OfficialblogofSatan
I totally understand why you went on vacation.”
Change his profile pic to the Star of David
Relationship with God updated to “It’s Complicated”
Dot dot dot “namaste”, comma, space, “#As-salamu alaykum”
Like “God is good. Allah is mine
Bro, this ain’t how somebody who’s at peace would behave
But let’s just recap the themes of the day
You’re condemning others lifestyle so their beliefs can be praised
Then weaponizing your blessings all in Jesus’s name
See, then he acts like he’s persecuted for the views that he’s held
Like a comment on YouTube’s is how that crucifix felt
Then he’s saving the lost with his music
Saving the youth from this hell
Saving the lost with battle rap, it’s a tool on his belt
So busy labelling people “lost” I think you needed help
To get to the depths of the truth you’ve been refusing to delve
See I’m only a tool the Lord’s using as well
So I introduced you to you, so you can save you from yourself

[Round 3: A. Ward]
I’m sorry baby, a ten year anniversary, it’s important
I knew Illmac would bring you up in his performance
He’s just mad that he’s lonely and my chick is gorgeous
And the only person that stood by him ten years and gave him a ring is The Saurus
They say you paint with your pen
Every brush stroke on the pic’ is about as cut throat as gets
And me? My buzz lower than his
‘Mac, you’re much doper than this
Young outsider; son’s potent like blunt smoke in the wind
But come closer, let’s unfold what you can’t control at events
As the night lingers and like drinkers, you’re unloading a fifth
And every morning has you hungover and spent
Bro you a drunk
What y’all are watching’s a disgrace
While you lift every shot up that you take, ‘Mac I’ve been watching your mistakes
See, that flask is just a mask for all the problems that you face
And you were hammered at Mass when they needed you to comment on the chain
But unlike the title match, Greg this topic is not up for debate
You need help
That’s why I’m not amused with what he writes
In this round, I don’t need crowd reaction cause the truth is what’s inside
The same people shaking their heads and disagreeing aren’t in tune with all your pride
Cause they too stay silent, while alcohol is ruining your life
And that’s why we had words
Cause you got outta pocket after a few shots
He said, and I quote: “You pulled the plug on our battle like you did your grandma”

That’s a bar

[A. Ward]
As y’all can imagine I was too hot , but in hindsight, I see the reason behind what came out of your mouth kid?
All that “plug” talk, just showed you were in a dark place, looking for an outlet
You a terrible lush, to the point no one wants to be around when Gregory Poe’s lit
You’re the worst drunk I’ve stood in front of…I battled Real Deal and PoRich
So wage war
But the first step is admitting the issue be straight forward
See every glass, every pint, every shot that they pour
And real friends produce encouragement, instead of letting you Chase (more) Moore
But you’re a legend!
One that I highly respected you
Until you blindly directed lines my way and press it
Knowing the world wouldn’t care cause with rhymes you’re impressive
So you can be a lowlife human being and still be widely accepted
It’s sad but so true
And at Mass it showed through
When we saw your Issue with Will power proved the Yak (‘gnac) controlled you!
Greg Poe, yeah your pen might be Universal, but your liver’s on Death Row
And this was hard
But I said deep down he should hear it
Knew his rounds he’d call me a hypocrite, denounce my belief with lyrics
But tell me, how are you better than me in each appearance?
If in order to get through hard times we both need the spirits
My styles golden, no wild quotes
I’m that nice or pandering to the crowd moments
The minute he petitioned for extra time
It spoke loud Oakland!
Cause it’s just like an alcoholic to want to keep the rounds goin’
You gotta get past the pourin’
Stay away from the Jack & Captain Morgan
If L.A.’s too much, move back to Portland
LSC need group prayer? Ask the Horsemen
Connect the dots, God he struggles with Rum every Day’ is a Dizaster for him
I know it’s tough to swallow
But so is a 15 year career believing you’re on the same level as Lux and Hollow
Putting out projects, albums, classics for us to follow
And your biggest accomplishment in rap is you as a Mustard bottle!
See you got too accustomed to the climate
Your appeal is boxed in all your customers are bias
You’ve battled Ars’, Con’, Clips, Verb
Thinking Lux and Mook would try it?
Are you delusional? Is this something I should discuss with you in private?
Your stock is linked to Saurus and you’re number 2 behind him
Which makes sense cause even Mustard needs something to combine with
No one cares about your wins they only loves you as a sidekick
So the fake “swords” you swing in every battle says so much of you inside it
Considering you never really cut deep and all your “W’s” are silent
See I came to get personal with you
There’s a Smart car parked out front, it’s gonna act as a hearse cause it fits you
And I’m just prayin’ you keep your sobriety and you can walk the line
Oakland, God is good
(All the time!)

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