Pass vs. Danny Myers [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Danny Myers]
Here we are, the black rapper who’s a bridge from the hood to the back packers
He’s the bridge from the weed smokers, to the Bay Area gat clappers
Bitch I lift a pound, put it to this nigga crown and sit him down
Dig his grave about 3 feet, since he’s always been the middle ground
Make sure ain’t no witnesses, me and my niggas gone get a split from it
Toss his body in the hole, then shovel Pass like the blitz comin’
Nigga spit somethin’, not these local references, so the crowd can be rockin’ with ya
Don’t mention these Oakland turfs that I can picture
Organik you got the bag right? I just figured
If you brought back Soul Khan you coulda got me Locksmith nigga
Not this nigga, we leave bodies in the hallways
We grade our headshots, I aim at his Oakland hat…all A’s
This who y’all praise?
The guys from the higher ups that really call plays
Said if I use two beams I can get a small raise (rays)
I’ll kill em on a Bay Area landmark, I keep a weapon pussy
If I lift his spirit in front of the Golden Gate it’s gon’ be Heaven to me
You love that girl don’t you?
That bitch gave me head fool
Then I fucked her and broke the fourth wall like Deadpool
Lead pull, fuck a fight, don’t give shit about this punk
One thing I learned from the Bay was how to get it out the trunk
All my niggas ’bout that funk, bitch don’t provoke me
Y’all got jokes and multis versus the GOAT emoji
I been focused lowkey, you can’t handle this smoke
Then ya entourage get it all…that’s how Hammer went broke
I’m scandalous folks, I squeeze until a nerve struck
If we got a issue over rap, the old magazine’ll sent Word Up
Word bruh, I’m a cannibal damn it
I’ll bump The GZA if I wanna hear ‘Animal Planet’ (Anml Plnt)
Debate this battle, you silly retarded
I possess the skill of an artist
I don’t give a fuck what the score says he (Scorses)…really Departed
The mili’ll spark him, but the blade so convenient
It’s gone be hard to make out words like broken English
.45, Louisville Slugger, I promise pain
He gon’ catch a bullet in front of the bat like Thomas Wayne
I’m insane
He on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got another 2 rounds of this shit


[Round 1: Pass]
I brought this shit back to The Town
So off top you know I’m Mobbin’ Deep
I got squad wit’ me
But you know, you came, right?
And you came, right?
But them dudes can’t fight, you’ll get yo’ patnas beat
Watch your whole crew take flight
There go ya squad, retreat
Y’all really think I’m scared of the Bar God?
But he not a beast
Y’all always think my ops elite but in front of me they obsolete
What you saved? Like the battle rap evangelist?
The “Bar God” amongst mortal men
I got a right hand raised in front of him, looks like I sworn him in
Point it right on your forehead he see the Lord within
But when he really find God he won’t be born again
I said he’s scared to brawl he gon’ call the folks
Ya jaw get broke
He the greatest? Bitch at what?
I ain’t alarmed, on this farm we slaughter GOATs
I’m at ya top rockin’, you not blockin’ this strong arm approach
Windows rolled up, hot boxin’, I want all the smoke
Caught him thrown across the whole room, shit he oughta float
Body flyin’ through the wall, nigga thought he saw a ghost
You from Vegas? Man, you get your west coast card revoked
That shit is over, that’s how I know this bitch a poser
When you battled Diz’ you said you grew up in Nickerson Gardens
But Geechi, I thought every battle he said he the fig’ from Figueroa
How come there ain’t no one in any hood where any niggas know ya?
Cause he ain’t from nowhere, might as well be from Minnesota
You a weirdo, y’all see how loud he rappin’?
I seen you in a battle where you talked about your wife smokin’ meth
How this coward actin’ like it’s dope to exploit his wife’s addiction just for some crowd reaction?
Well you did it for the image and the wealth
If she got addictions then she got triggers, you think that shit is finna help?
Bitch this ain’t the Shark Tank keep that business to yourself
I ain’t even amused
You not on your P’s and Q’s you get pieced for your Q’s
You coulda been an anchor to hold us down overseas with the crews
But you’d rather be an anchor on the screen droppin’ leaks for the views
But I’ll make him a headline since Dan Rather be on the news
You and yo’ patna slip
I catch him in his trailer like, “Aye, watch this clip.”
The MAC-11’s all black like Space Jam got a Monsta kick
Money on ya mind, drop dollars on your consciousness
‘Penny For Ya Thought’, the nickel knockin’ out ya Common Sense
The URL stage, that’s where you paid the op’ to sit
Tried to rehab your career but did the opposite cause you couldn’t get on SMACK without a sponsorship
You the Bar God?
Boy I studied Taoism and Islamic scripts
I’m agnostic bitch
I’m still not convinced any one of these Gods exist
You been rappin’ for 20 years nigga just so you can get paid in acknowledgements
You not an OG you just an old nigga that ain’t accomplish shit
Which one you niggas gave him props for this?
Shut up
Which one you niggas gave him props for this?
He know we deep, I ain’t scared of shit
Don’t ever try to OG me
Only gang I ever ran from was the OPD
I’ll be back in that same spot a thousand times like I got OCD
I said, I got them off the porch flows
Lord knows, I was born cold
It was foretold
I’m from the 4, 5, 6, I was raised in the North Pole
Well niggas had the stick pointed up, that’s the north pole
That’s dumb nonsense
Blunt objects on the back of ya mind like, “fuck logic”
Somethin’ hot send him to the stars, son cosmic
Stomach shot, you get that feelin’ in ya gut, watch it
Brain buried unground he should’ve listened to his subconscious
Blood got this
Now you need to fight back
Get off the ground, finish
He got two more rounds with this
The last two words he ever gon’ hear, that’s Town Bidness

[Round 2: Danny Myers]
It’s gettin’ closer
Two of these things, he ’bouta see when it’s over
Two Twins like they baseball bats from Minnesota
And hell yeah bitch ass nigga, I got the pistol near
My wife did smoke meth’, but this shot gon’ be crystal clear
Aye bitch ass nigga! Aye check this, you see this?
Bitch, right there, right there! And y’all know he sleep
He get paid for snitchin’, he OPD
We take no chances with witnesses, we visit hospital rooms holmes
If the doc holla “They (Doc Holiday) they still livin'”, they’ll get a Tombstone
I told my killer to shoot Pass, he said, “You really want this fool gone?
Okay, let me put my shoes on and you turn the news on.”
Nigga you move wrong, yo’ career sucks now don’t it?
Your win over Hollow was your “Al Bundy 4 touchdown” moment
Opponents said you ain’t for SMACK, I was in the mood to fight
I had money on you, you battled Brizz and you proved ’em right
That was a gruesome night, we all know he rap lethal
But the Parallel Universe, he don’t translate to black people
When yo’ Oakland homies hit licks, and told you to come for war
You said “Y’all keep all that dope and money, just give me the X-Men number 4.”
Please let me underscore, these shots’ll blaze through ya center
You was the man back in the days, you remember?
I battled legends, I fade new contenders
I love multis, but I wish I could trade you for Bender
You see what Ks do to niggas? You won’t even see the pistol
I’m in Oakland, crack his shit in Oakland like Felix Mitchell
I’m not competin’ witchu, do what you was expected to do
Remember you was in cyphers and you felt like bars was directed at you?
I caught wreck wit’ the crews
I caught wreck wit’ the crews, can’t trust them fuckin’ bastards
That was 20 years ago, and we still subbin’ rappers
I am a fuckin’ master, I don’t want my rivals spot
Surf just took 5, but you can’t get a title shot
I’m am the final stop, one of my niggas let the steel peel
But he locked up for accepting a stolen chain like Real Deal
You lost to Ill Will, and yo’ last one was a hot mess
All this mystery with ya flow and you still couldn’t lock ness (Lochness)
This is a process, from 3 blocks away, I can hit his ass
The scope’ll magnify words like my vision bad
Fuck this nigga Pass, I’ll put a round into you
Woulda kept it a secret, but that’s the Town Bidness 2 (too) muthafucka
And you on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got a whole ‘nother round of this shit

[Round 2: Pass]
I gotta say somethin’ about them shoes my nigga
You got on black Air Forces in 2019 that’s the realest shit
You can’t trust this nigga, don’t let him in your house he gon’ steal some shit
I said, Danny, everybody always clown you for bein’ old
Yeah I know that shit has been dead
Can’t blame ’em nigga, look at you, you just look like you got ten kids
I hate when these old ass, over the hill “real hip hop” brothers talk
Complainin’ about the new generation buzzin’ off
Soundin’ like a buncha salt
These new niggas just learn from whatever you old suckas taught
If you don’t like the state of the game now it’s yo’ fuckin’ fault
You a weirdo
You comin’ out your own pocket to battle T-Rex that’s so random to me
Like bro, I can’t even imagine doing any battle for free
Bro, in that day, Rex and his whole squad got paid
Just to press you on the top stage, that’s how you got stock in this place?
No, that’s how you got got
Stop watch, see how they clockin’ ya pace?
Them niggas got you for everythin’ but ya fuckin’ freckles nigga
You got robbed for the safe
But I guess used to havin’ a Dot Mobb in ya face
You tried ya best but that’s like cheating on the final test
He can pay great niggas to share the same stage with him but he still can’t buy respect
You hustlin’ backwards you gon’ die in debt
That’s why you just gettin’ hot but you old now, it took you twice the time to climb the steps
You got the mentality of a trick
Out here in the Bay that’s gonna always make you a rookie
If you gon’ pay for a battle you probably paid for some pussy
And that makes you a pussy nigga
I said, you don’t got the credentials
You got “By Any Means” on your jacket, okay
You rockin’ that jacket but I’ll be rockin’ ya mental
You Malcolm X? Get ya hand out my pocket nigga or you get shot in the temple, nigga
I’m whoopin’ ya ass for the block ritual
I’m Shock-ed G, this old rapper Underground but he not Digital
I’m diggin’ a plot, it’s a spot picked in the hospice
Old nigga this not for you
He needs some attention your condition just got critical
He don’t like this hostility, maybe the hospital more hospitable
Little bitch
Hold on wait
Oh you too cold? You too cold?
Nigga this as cold as it gets
He know that I’m sick
I see him in the O, drivin’ slow and it’s Swiss
Cheese he’s gettin’ holes in his shit
It’s like he doin’ donuts, we hittin’ O’s in his whip
Nah, I said we blowin’ O’s in his whip like we in there smokin’ a zip
When we smoke him he zip
I got a nigga that’ll kill you over your clothes, he’ll take your soul (sole) for ya kicks
I’m blackin’ out; solar eclipse
Danny, I got focus for this
You ain’t roamin’ a strip with a pole in ya grip
That ain’t a .40 nigga, you 40, that’s a cane if you holdin’ a stick
If his hand at his side then he broken his hip, he ’bout to have a stroke in this bitch
Danny ain’t got no Lethal Weapon he’s too old for this shit
Oh you don’t like them old jokes, huh?
You like ’em? You cool?
Cause honestly, at this point you just bein’ old is a gimmick
But now I’m sonnin’ someone that’s older than me so Don’t Be A Menace
Now, if I take his it’ll get me life
That’s a fair trade or a hefty price
I’m in the bars taxin’ frauds after the Blade like Wesley Snipes
So fuck talkin’, let me fight
The hands or the deadly knife
We ain’t gotta argue, he got the point and he got every right
Fuck this nigga
I don’t give a fuck if he old
I’ll fight this nigga like we the same age
If I do (doo) rag on this bald nigga we see his brain waves
He got one more round
Wait hold up, Danny ain’t got no name in any hood, this nigga hella scary
You don’t got the juice old man I’ll leave this elder buried (elderberry)
He got two more rounds with this
I don’t wanna hear no other rappers tonight talkin’ about Town Bidness
Cause when you really a nigga from the Town this shit sound different
Town fuckin’ Bidness, nigga!

[Round 3: Danny Myers]
Two blades, I’ll stab one through a rival’s throat
Fuck it, this two (too) shall Pass like a Bible quote
You ain’t survivin’ both, but with these pistols I’m legendary
I’m tryna see which’ll (Witch’ll) crown this dude like Hereditary
You barkin’ up the wrong tree, I’ll pretend I ain’t heard shit
He’ll die the same way he lived, I’ll give word Smith
Body shot, burnin’ shit then you’ll see the nerves switch
He’ll be in the grave all night like third shift
Fuck this nerd shit, I brought Halos in here
The knife in, then out again like J-Pro career
This who y’all say to fear? His career didn’t last long
We had a LSC meeting, and this the guy we Pass-ed on
His bitch get smashed on, I met the bitch then I stroked the cutie
She had a L.A. face but an Oakland booty
I smoked this goofy, he too nerdy, two .30’s
Silencers, shuttin’ him up, he was too wordy
It was too dirty
Bitch ass nigga, you on the ground with this shit
Thank the Lord he ain’t got another round of this shit

[Round 3: Pass]
Parallel Universe, huh?
You ain’t even get to do it
I’ma do one for you
I gotchu, I’ma do one for you
Parallel Universe, huh
I’m ’bout to say some real shit though so listen
Parallel Universe okay, so that sound like it could be a choice for you
Like, I know there’s things in this world that could make a man and can destroy him too
I got a cousin, his parents OD’d, his uncle became his father figure
That’s when the boy improve
I know a nigga that got shot in the face and survived, he lost his eye but he still ain’t change his point of view
Let that marinate
I’ma set him straight
You in that alternate universe, that’s just a way for you to escape this shitty reality you wakin’ up to everyday
Where four battle rap checks a year is your only steady pay
You got ten kids and made ’em all get jobs that’s how y’all get away
All they do is help with the bills, they don’t never go to school and they never play
That’s devastatin’
This who y’all call a great?
He ain’t even evolve to date
He still in the same awkward place lost in space
You in an alternate universe where your verses never alternate
You got little kids, if I pull up they won’t alternate
This where the rookies don’t race
You got ten kids? Five of ’em sleep in the kitchen, can’t even cook at yo’ place
You be havin’ a heart attack when CPS come to look at yo’ place
You moved yo’ ass to Vegas with all yo’ freckles just so you can be shook in both states
I should take two scoops outta that cookie dough face
No wonder he in another universe, he must hate this reality
Every time he look in the mirror he facin’ a galaxy
Honestly, you like red in the face, it’s weird
Like, you look like you on a bad bender
You ole’ red goatee havin’ ass freckle fac- I ain’t never seen no black ginger
That’s crazy
Imagine me, if I was sorta dusty, a little shorter, ugly, no beard
Couldn’t stop screamin’ when I was rappin’ and shit
Imagine Danny if he was like a little taller, no freckles, and wore pants that actually fit
Now imagine Danny actually havin’ some drip
More flow, ten years younger and less aggression when he spit
Imagine me bein’ a fuckin’ bum and investin’ $12,000 in a battle instead of investin’ in my kids
Now imagine, two titans on the opposite ends of the same spectrum
Bay to L.A. reppin’ the west tryin’ to create a vision
Now imagine if I was a bald nigga
Hold on, wait a minute
I don’t even know what I was tryin’ to do
But now this epiphany on my mind too
Do you believe in a Parallel Universe, nigga?
(I do!)
Danny it’s me, I am you

Do you believe in a Parallel Universe, nigga?
(I do!)
Danny it’s me, I am you
From another dimension where you more polished and fire too
Now I came all the way here just to tell y’all that this bitch is corny
How I got here? That’s a different story
You know that’s sorta fun I had to use a portal gun from Rick & Morty
Only one of us can survive, you can’t run and hide in this dimension
Split ya brain in two, I ain’t done providing a lesson
On second thought I’ma need ya undivided attention
I can cut the air with a knife, this one divided attention
Hold up, now see, I tried ya lil’ slogan, that shit was cool
I didn’t really like it though, I’m a tell you why too
Maybe I just ain’t like you
But I don’t really like being in a room full of dudes
Staring at me saying “I do”
But I digress, if I was Danny I’d be scared as hell
That’s two world parallel
Two lives, you losin’ ’em both so that’s a pair of L’s
This the Bar God?
Dawg, how?
Which one of y’all said that shit?
Y’all clowns
He’ll be spinnin’ dizzy like he’ sippin’ Henny his balance off now
As soon as he let his guard down I let the God down
He lookin’ up prayin’ at me, bitch I’m ya God now!
And he ain’t got no more rounds with this
This how I clown bitches
Nigga the last two words you ever done heard that’s Town Bidness

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