Bigg K vs. Madflex [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Madflex]
Big moment I guess, I took this thing a long way
I’m still rap rapping, he’s still doin this sing along game
They said you need a plate
I told em, “You can bring an entree”
They said, “Can you get three in front of K?”
I said I’m bringing Andre
What the fuck we doin?
Cause when I’m through with him
He masking all his screams with a long face
All day
For those at home who keep score, it’s home row on a keyboard
When I start this out with the middle finger on K
I’m gonna kill this mothafucker
Bitch, I’ll put you on the floor in a stall for an hour: you a filibuster
I don’t feel the buster
I’m sayin, right now?
We can lay this mic (Mike) down like the Thriller cover
Fuck you!
You a punk too
Lets see the kick, the punch, oooh!
The lifetime temper tantrums
We don’t trust you!
Who planned this move?
Bitch, miss me with the attitude
You sittin on an L and It’s a capital; Baton Rouge
Get a mixture of bat and rouge
It only take one hit
But this bitch? Ooh
He can still get the bitty bitty bop like ‘Cantaloop’
Hey, what the fuck you think I plan to do?
I’ll slap this dude
I’m saying that the day they booked you is the day they banished you
I’m spinnin’ these gems until they run it all back: Crash Bandicoot
My maaaan
This shit is sad, we been cool
But this match coulda been Mook
It doesn’t matter
Catch at Ludacris hook, you all packagin bitch moves
I ain’t having the shit, dude
You gonna catch one in the kisser, sleepin’ on me in the ring: boy, it’s Ravishing Rick Rude!
This shit smooth!
Your body language so sad, I won’t ask what it’s been through
Just stay angry, lil’ fuck boy
This weekend is for business
You can miss me with the speakin’ with conviction
{To Organik} You lied to me on all fronts
“We out here Flex, meeting the conditions
Here’s a big name!”
“Bigg” name
Sneaky little bitches
As far as battle rap goes I’m the actual blueprint
My resume got so much English on it, you can grab me a pool stick
I’ve fucked up bigger dudes than you
Little homie the hands can get ruthless
I’ll make your stand up look foolish
If I scrap with you it’s this match with you
‘Cause I’m thankful I don’t see a threat of lateral movement
Aye, Cinderella sister: don’t get mad cause the shoes fits
You wanna be like me, but you can’t ’cause you’re stupid
Let’s off the games
But if a problem came
I still got the hammer at the end of the day like the Stock Exchange
All that lip next to a Gorilla, you Bob the Brain
Not today
One step, I slump Ken
It getting high he closer to a dream you Goapale
Somebody tell this Redneck I’m off the chain
Before i treat this league like Red neck, and pull off the chain
Let him fuckin’ rap man

[Round 1: Bigg K]
I’m a battle rap legend!
That’s something you never gon’ say
I’ll put your face on a sweater without a thread or crochet
Me and Nitty was a classic
The fans got a blessing both ways
Y’all ready for Town Bidness 2? (Let’s go! Yeah!)
Weird Flex, but OK
It’s no way they see somethin’ in him
I punish him and who runnin’ wit’ him
Bloody him wit’ the right, then Mad’ get the left on red (read) like his woman trippin’
Shut up or get clapped, through the upper deck of your subdivision
Know that that’s Big cap (Kap) – I got Funk wit’ Flex in my Tunnel vision
Y’all fuckin’ wit’ him ‘cause you underbid him – typical
I took you under one condition: critical!
They said you got the sauce, that shit sweet: Papa John’s
It’s somethin’ funny about Flex: Hans and Franz
Your style scream truck races and the Octagon
I done made it to front pages from the blocks I’m on
You was sittin’ in plush places: stocks and bonds
I bailed out on gun cases: stocks and bonds!
I bomb shit at your doorstep!
Long stick in the Corvette
The drum shaped like a moon, man (Moonman): how I ain’t get an award yet!?
Fuck you and them multi-syllable nerd threats!
I said you was trash bags, I don’t feel you a force, Flex (Force-Flex)
We war vets, survive bids and been through the worst
The hardest shit this guy did? Skippin’ from work
You ain’t tough, you a girl, but when you kickin’ your verse
It’s always “Fuck the world” – until your dick in the dirt!
Get murked, or roll wit’ us
Break him apart, we them fo’-fif’ers, pole-lifters
Pay if he cross like toll bridges
I hit cribs, flip lids
If his nose twitches
This Sig’ll split wigs like broke bitches!
Who next to get stuck!? This a cold business!
Madflex’ll get cut: I don’t coach fitness
I shoot somethin’, splatter the scene, left no witness
Two guns, balance the beams like a dope gymnast
I’m prolific!
They see my rise from dirt
Old-timers to newcomers, you couldn’t find one worse
They said, “Help us build a new star. You know our lineup hurt.”
Before you build a new star, you gotta find one first

This ain’t it – that boy suck

[Round 2: Madflex]
I told the fans that I would read ’em if they sent me all his blocked tweets
Needless to say, it’s been a long week
Here we go
Bigg K: unathletic, cookie cutter, knock-kneed
I’m not reading these tweets, that’s just how I feel about him when I’m starin’ at my lock screen
Cut the bullshit, Bigg K, this is barely a discussion
You only wanted 2-minute rounds because you scared of the judgement
You ain’t built for a big stage
Why you think they put us in the pit?
I guess they thought you needed a leg up out here carryin’ crutches
All that tough talk
“Aye he seen white girl move quicker than a charity luncheon “
Why don’t you fuck off?
Do not compare me to cousin
George McFly how my setup took more care than the punch did
Radio call sign how K was there, but he fronted
So when I say, “We need the change.”
Well, Bigg K, that shit would look right on the money like Harriet Tubman
Stand there like a hoe
You told Rum it’s “Fuck EFB, battle rap sets are the worst”
He wouldn’t join EFB, that’d shit would just never occur
Because he never would
But then, plain as the shoes on a registered nurse…
That man up and went full-blown Revenge Of The Nerds
He type in “Rum Geech, me. The best collective on Earth.”
Hashtag, three letters – can you guess what they were?
In this very room I swore you told Rum that shit cheesy
You can join the group too it ain’t a tough initiation
You just gotta lose a battle to Rum…and then Geechi
That shit like gettin jumped, man it’s easy
Aye, I could be the final boss, though
I ain’t struggled through trailer trash once, well, since Beasley
You seen Beasley trailers, “Two warriors-“
No, I ain’t gonna move for ya
90’s R&B, got a Jagged Edge in Mint Condition
Some quick incisions will put more holes in Bigg K than the prison system
How’d you lose all that weight?
Bigg K…my cup runneth over
But you still lean on that bird ass chest like Pimpin’ Pigeon
I’m the GOAT
Just keep starin’ up there like I stole your Kool Aid, I’m about to
I’ll pull up at the pad and put this square on the wall ’til he sound proof
And beat the bitch out you in house shoes
Swing, I bet he bounce over the fence on the double, those are ground rules
Look at me K!
Sit, stay
I am the dog owner
There’s no pressure, I’m leavin’ you flat: you a hot soda
You just punched a ticket for a 30 without a cop quota
Arm bars
Get carried away, I bet it pop shoulders
Until you get carried away on your pop’s shoulders
This is not over
Say a verse with yo’ chest…and I’ll Jon Jones ya
Knock knock, then knock ya mama clean out her hot rollers
Bigg K, you wouldn’t catch a wave in the streets in a gondola
And you wouldn’t have a fade on sight with glaucoma
Bitch anyone; anywhere; I run the gauntlet
Even if the texts (TECs) get to K, he’ll be unresponsive
This is not the first time I knocked someone off my hitlist
When he wasn’t on it

[Round 2: Bigg K]
I said, yo
If y’all see my name on the card…that means they paid the piper
If y’all see his name on the card…means he made the flyer
We ain’t the same
I see the flame, I’mma face the fire
You lookin’ for a place to hide – I need a place to hide ya
You straight vagina
Your style couldn’t have got any cornier
What you do is nothin’ new, you just copy a formula
They’ll find your body wrapped in rope when they got to the coroner
Flex arms tied up like the Ultimate Warrior
I said, yo!
That .40 stay on deck, it light up wit’ a laser
I’ll still break y’all neck for tryna be a gangster
I wasn’t trippin’ when they say dog next, and hypin’ him as major
‘Cause I can see the gay on Flex like Tyler, The Creator!
Razor, scrapin’ your flesh ‘til your skin exposed
I peel off layers of Flex like winter clothes
Magazine, droppin’ out the stand ‘til your center fold (centerfold)
Six rounds, poppin’ out the can’ like dinner rolls!

He can’t do that, bro
He can’t do that shit, man

Anyone can do that

[Bigg K]
Ya chin explode, no neck bone
Flip your eardrums backwards: it’s a ‘No Flex Zone!’

It’s already been said

[Bigg K]
-no neck bone
I’ll flip your eardrums backwards: it’s a ‘No Flex Zone!’
If I ask what city you rep’, you’ll take a co-ed tone
‘Cause you from an invisible set like a Rolex stone
Bro, head home
Take these weirdos that came, too
You never was a rapper, it’s clear, that ain’t you
You just a fuckin’ try-hard – period! Stay true!
And you take this more serious than it take you!

[Round 3: Madflex]
You know that talk about how gangbanging is actually a government side business?
So you got no problem watchin’ kids grow up and die in it
Nah, that doesn’t work for you
When you a guest in the culture, you don’t work the room
What about Jim Crow? Segregation?
What’s that do to urban youth??
But Bigg K here got the right to persecute
It’s not about race?
Yes, it is about race
It was illegal to be Black and successful, you can’t purchase food
Generational depression through servitude fuck with a person’s mood
But your problems ain’t a skin color you birthed into
So whynchoo tell me, Mr. Two-Time Felon: what is your excuse?
Come on, K
What’s wrong, K? Is it hard to have the talk?
This a calm little response
You know, since you the moral compass of the barrios and blocks
Shit, he was about that life, I guess he already forgot
It’s gonna happen when you ain’t sorry you did it…but you sorry you got caught
It’s 2 minutes!
You want me to be Johnny on the Spot!?
Flavor Flav: let’s put this body on a clock
I had big respect for you
But that’s some shit you lost that day
And we all thought it was lame when you said
“G Eazy a Bay legend” and NOT Mac Dre!
Go, stupid!
Go stooopid!
This ain’t a place you can act like you know well
You In 2 Deep, I take 80 West
I’m back home, you back to the hotel!
You don’t get it?
I’m in the cuts like a diamond store heist
I’m just minding (mining) my time
Even if K wild (WiLD), I’ll put this JV in his Doghouse – WHAAAT!? 94.9!
Yeeeeah! You love it!
All this anger is just the tell of a weakness
Plus it’s a hell of a sneak diss
But it just take one turn to expose you: I’m the skeleton key twist
Peep this
Aye, beatnik, you way too big to be this little delicate fetus
And that salty look tells me you’d get jealous of Jesus
Keep messin’ with me, bitch
Rest in peace fit when Bigg K with Big L on some M-N-O-P shit
They came to me for business ’cause I moved ’em from a distance: it was telekinesis
And tell JayBlac he better believe it
They forced you to stand up with a class act like the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’
Oh my God
We ’bout to fast forward on a backboard!
Aye, you don’t know about fat Thor?
‘Cause the hammer bars come to him whenever he reaches
Hurricane Katrina how I run though Big(g), Easy
Now the levee is breaching
We can take it to the bank, see or take it to Banksy
Cause the payment went through— BOOM, he’s shredded to pieces
And this is not the lesson that you wanted – it’s the lesson you needed
Bitch, you a straight poser
Body count full of slain soldiers
High risk, low reward, no remose, game over

[Round 3: Bigg K]
You can’t come up here and rap like you bust 100 shots
Step off stage, and act like an undercover cop
Why don’t you ask your baby mother if I’m a thug or not?
I pistol-whipped her ex-man (X-Men) and gave his jug a knot (Juggernaut)
You fuckin’ twat! Smelly and a sick one
Your name in this game will never be a big one
So all you get is name flips, ’cause you got hella we could flip from
I bet you got angles – I got a 10-year legacy to pick from
This bum, been waitin’ on his chance to die
If you a fan of his work, I need an answer – why?
You not in my top 25, I’m not a fan of lies
But if Brian is ya dawg (dog), guess you a Family Guy
You amplify weakness, you’ll never get the star treatment
Every city the dawg be in, it was litty, all weekend
What? The dawg tweakin’
I brought poles (polls) to Town Bidness like a city hall meetin’
I’m so Norfolk, I could never let you play wit’ it
I’m so Norfolk that I put the Bigg K in it
Shark City with the people
Where if there’s somethin’ in the water, it’s a heroin needle
And I just put an op’ on the menu
50 shots, pick a block, spin through
We ain’t fakin’ the jook, we ain’t pretend to
My youngin’ bangin’ a hood he ain’t never been to
I’m politicin’ over stolen funds
Up in the land of empty promises and loaded guns
I ain’t no fuckin’ battle rapper where you know me from
Your OG my lil’ homie and he owe me one
I take a shooter that’s fresh out and make stains
I been said I’m the best out and say names
They still pokin’ they chest out and fake chains
Even big dawgs (dogs) get stretched out: they Great Danes
You went half on dungarees when ya papes came
We went half on 20 P’s on a freight train
100 in the drum, and I ain’t comin’ to play games
Thuggin’ since a youngin’ – my first words? “Bang bang”
You don’t know success ’til the fans is hatin’
But we gon’ make a mess, get the sanitation
I roll the windows down, he see the cannon raisin’
You was ten toes down, until the amputation
I’m pacin’, do the back and the forth
I grab the hoodie and the blick, grab the strap from the porch
Ain’t no pussy in the clique, we ain’t askin’ for shorts
What good is bein’ lit if you ain’t passin’ the torch?
I see ya higher than a flame fly
If you don’t feed the fire, then the flame die
We don’t live forever, though we may try
I put something together that can’t die
I waited on the plug ’til it got to me
Now I’m faded throwin’ dubs where the thotties be
I done skated on a judge for a robbery
Then had to make it out the mud like pottery
Honestly, you rockin’ wit’ a vet’
You put up in a box [?] who hoppin’ out a Lex?
You know when you not wit’ it, but poppin’ like you vexed
Don’t fuck around and get shot in it for talkin’ out ya neck…Flex

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