Danny Myers vs. Red Flag [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Danny Myers]
I couldn’t even do this shit in person, ‘cause the whole world got this cooties vibe
Now I gotta eat this pussy through the video like Boosie Live!
Shoot the .5, point-blank in his face, his feet’ll curl
This’ll be a virtual body on-screen like Cita’s World
You see the pearl
Bitch, run up and I’ll air it on ya
Anybody on Flag staff will be found in Arizona
The terror’s on ya
You start beef? You’ll depart sleep
Red won’t be able to manage none of his Heartbeats!
The car screech
I’m Kaepernick when I peel his skin
‘Cause I’ll kneel over the body, then never be seen in the field again
I’m on iBattle, gettin’ ‘em hooked as quick as opiates
Flag, this channel won’t find this shit appropriate
But I’m glad we on video
My niggas wouldn’t even ask about it
If I was caught next to a Red Flag in my ‘hood, I wouldn’t live to rap about it
Bitch, I am the G.O.A.T.! Yet and still these rappers doubt it
Training Day: get me a pen, my mouth spit crack up out it
I’ll slap the shit out you and laugh about it
My murder game is elegant
No mask on, I’ll walk up barren (bear in) face like The Revenant
As I sip this Corona, I think about racism where the thugs dwell
Blacks been fightin’ the virus longer than Magic Johnson’s blood cells
You wanna slug? Well, square up, bitch
I’m better wit’ jabs
I will cross Red ‘til he see stars: I will Confederate Flag!
I walk around and battle rap wit’ a veteran’s badge
You should vacate
Meanwhile, all my people, stay safe
Bar God!

[Round 1: Red Flag]
IBattleTV, got another quarantine battle for you, this time with the Bar God himself
First off, Danny, hope you and yours are all happy and healthy at home, but uh…
The thing about bein’ a good dad and raising so many kids is
You have no fuckin’ chance of bein’ socially distant
Have you read the rules on large gatherings and your local restrictions?
You should go out, bro, ‘cause your household is way over the limit
Kids everywhere
Can’t even watch TV in the living room and that’s where most of ‘em sittin’
Gotta back up 15 feet and aim the remote from the kitchen
The CDC don’t even know what to do with y’all
The governor can’t make up his mind
But since your house qualifies as a city, they’ll send you crates of supplies
Now I ran the numbers, just based on your neighborhood size
And with all them fuckin’ kids, it’s actually safer outside!
But they’re all lucky to have you
They know their dad’s that dude
Teaching ‘em about the “Parallel Universe” in a hazmat suit
Day 1 of home-schooling, people like, “Damn, these teachers need higher pay.”
Danny like, “At least y’all don’t have to teach an entire grade.”
You teachin’ ‘em how to rap?
I got no problem with you givin’ lessons on flow and performance
But they better not be learnin’ how to write from a man who don’t know a piano from an organ
And who “tries to hope for a warrant”
Why the fuck would you hope for a warrant?
Imagine drivin’ with Danny, and y’all get stopped by the law
He looks at you like, “I just hope they have probable cause!”
And to his disappointment, y’all get off with a warning
Phew! No problem at all
And as the cops drive off, he swallows all the crack rocks in his jaw
What is wrong with you, dawg?
I first saw you versus Nitty, and I’ll tell you exactly where you lost me, bro
Your house was made of Australian beer…that’s Foster homes
Your house was made outta beer…you crackhead?
You sure it wasn’t made out of soda?
What beverage was the roof made of?
Did you live under water like Jason Momoa?
I heard it was made of all kinds of beer, but it caved in, and had your grandma laid in a coma
So this ain’t the first time an old lady died from a case of Corona!
Bar God!

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