Marv Won & Quest MCODY (Marv & Quest) vs. Shotgun Suge & Nu Jerzey Twork (The Monstars) [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Marv Won & Quest MCODY]
[Marv Won] I said, the weakest niggas on the card is back!
[Quest MCODY] Shit, it’s only right, Charlotte, that we came through
[MW] And we just can’t get that GunTitles smoke for shit
So now y’all gettin’ this Sig
[QM] And this AR
[MW] Is what it came to
Baby boy, you trippin’ out here wit’ your Crippin’
Nigga, you gon’ get your brains blew (blue)
We heard you was cryin’ for a bigger opponent
Well, you know, the flash don’t kill niggas…
[QM] The BANG do!
Aim two!
And take a piece off his face, like
[MW] “Nigga, wake up!”
[QM] That’s the only reason he came to
Then take a piece off his face
[MW] Nigga, wit’ what?
[QM] My nigga, the same move!
[MW] Look, I saw you push that other fat nigga
Man, that shit was such a fuckin’ disgrace
But now I want that same fuckin’ energy
[QM] When you want it?
[MW] Nigga, now that I’m up in your space
[QM] Yeah!
[MW] Nigga, you be so worried ‘bout niggas’ pockets
[QM] My nigga, why you don’t ever make it up to the waist!?
[MW] He ran…
[QM] And got a blade stuck in him!
[MW] No, hold up, I say, nigga, you be so worried ‘bout niggas’ pockets
Nigga, why you don’t ever make it up to the waist?
[QM] He ran-
[Both] And got a blade stuck in him!
[MW] Nigga, let’s cut to the chase
[QM] Ayo, Twork, get the fuck out my face
I’ll let that knife slice
Boy, I’m Bob Barkin’ if that price right
[MW] Yeah, that’s an old punch
[QM] Oh yeah, Mike Tys’
Oh, you fight, right?
Got Kevin heart (Hart)
[MW] Until it’s night-night
[QM] It’s crazy how this Nina turn a (Turner) nigga Ike-like
[MW] He gon’ eat the cake?
[QM] Fists feed his face
Will he (wheelie) pop?
[Both] Nigga, bike life!
[QM] Fuck what ya life like!
Nigga, ya life light
That’s a Sigel song
[MW] A Life swipe
[QM] You know, shit like that make me wonder if this fat piece of shit can even write
[MW] Right
[QM] Shit, since Jai 400 came around, Suge, he been quite nice
Ignite pipes!
[MW] 20/20
[QM] Put two holes in the back of his head – that’ll be hindsight
[MW] You gon’ fuck around and get left for dead-
[QM] If what?
[MW] -before you ever get yo’ mind right
Nigga, you gon’ be like ice
[QM] Right
[MW] Stay Frozen, or else a (Elsa) nigga Let It Go
[QM] Right
[MW] Nigga, this gon’ be the Kansas City Shuffle
[QM] Okay
[MW] I’mma walk up and let this Beretta show
But what I got behind my back?
[QM] A motherfucka will never know
[MW] I be out here tryna up them .223s
[QM] Like what!?
[MW] Like my mothafuckin’ credit low!
[QM] Ayo, Smack, let me know
Fuck I need, a Glad bag or a gas mask for this Texaco?
Weapons smoke
.9 point: decimal
[MW] They say the nose cold when you greet ‘em
[QM] Shit, I’m tryna turn them into an Eskimo!
[MW] Well, keep the iron low
[QM] Shit, I up the maggie!
[MW] Shoot ‘em over the Moon
Niggas slam ‘em back in the streets
[QM] Yeah, I Drugz ‘em badly
Nigga, fuck ya family, grip the shotty
[MW] What? This ain’t fire?
[QM] Shit, Ricky Bobby!
[MW] Nigga, two New Edition(s)
[QM] Ricky!
[MW] Bobby!
[QM] Two magicians
[MW] Lift the-
[QM] body!
[MW] I’m good wit’ chopsticks
[QM] It’s Miyagi!
Boy, who sent you!?
[MW] Nigga, it’s me, akhi
I’ll paint his fuckin’ skull
[QM] Shit, it’s Tekashi!
We came for the purse-
(*Marv & Quest run the scheme back from “Fuck your family”*)
[QM] We came for the purse, Twork-
[MW] -this a robbery!
We built this from the ground up
[QM] My nigga, this the lobby!
[MW] You lyin’ (lion)!
[QM] Nigga, you not a King, nigga! Come sit wit’ Jaffe!
When the…
Nigga, these two will (wheel) lift up this dead weight
[MW] Wait
[QM] Nigga-
[Both] Get the dolly!
[QM] When that Reaper talkin’, the Reaper walkin’
It all get grim
Skies dark, it all get dim
[MW] Shit, nigga, the Cameron (uh-huh), Smith Center (uh-huh), Suge
[QM] You gotta break that down, nigga
[MW] Nigga, I’m down here shootin’ at all the gyms (Jims)
[QM] Ayo, Twork! You a broad in Timbs!
[MW] Ayo, Q!
[QM] What up?
[MW] You need a hand?
[QM] Yeah, nigga, and all his limbs!
[MW] Aye, Suge, you wanna make it right wit’ that Proof shit?
[QM] True shit – BOW!
[Both] Nigga, talk to him!
[MW] Yeah, you better watch your step before you come for the crown
It’s crazy how two niggas that’s over the hill
[QM] Finna put you under the ground!
Time! Yeah!

[Round 1: The Monstars]
[Shotgun Suge] These niggas from the Motown finna be defeated!
[Nu Jerzey Twork] They said we ain’t had no chance wit’ these niggas wit’ chemistry competin’
I guess they had to see it to believe it
[SS] Nah, fuck that!
They said they was gonna kill us, I was in my feelings gettin’ heated
[NJT] Nah, bro, those just words
I don’t know if these niggas from the Mo’ meant them (momentum), but they gave me just the energy I needed
Let’s fuckin’ do this!
[SS] Let’s fuckin’ do this!
[NJT] I can rap like Suge, too
“I’m bustin’ through it
BaldHeads like a fuckin’ Buddhist
Flip chairs, turn tables: cut the music”
I could be the shooter and the driver, too – it’s nothin’ to it
…I don’t know what I’m doin’
I’m fuckin’ clueless
[SS] See, I knew you was gon’ have a hard drive
Fix the MAC – now he ain’t got trouble shootin’ (troubleshooting)
[NJT] I’m bustin’ Rugers! Don’t dodge this wreck
[SS] You know what I suggest? Don’t try your death
‘Cause if my .9 pop, like collar prep
Naw! That just mean I’mma put one on Won (One on One) if he try to Flex
Niggas die for less!
[NJT] ERRRRT! Hit ya block wit’ TECs!
Let Shotgun hold the wheel: that’s a driver’s test!
.9’s and TECs, I grip the .8
You walk like you got your hip replaced!?
I got somethin’ you could try for that
[SS] One peel (pill)!
[NJT] But it’s gon’ come with some side effects!
Line ya death!
Your family losin’ numbers just suddenly
Clap your sister! Come where your brother be!
Put one in your mother’s seed!
I’m talkin’ bodies on top of bodies: that’s a fumble recovery!
I’m such a gangsta!
I only hit Quest when I buck a banger
At his funeral, when the pastor preach
[SS] “Amen!”
[NJT] Then touch ya neighbor!
[SS] He headed to his maker!
[NJT] If it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t even be here
Now you think you better on these stages
[SS] You should thank God for Marvin, ‘cause you Never Would’ve Made It!
[NJT] I know about your girlfriend Peaches!
[SS] I’mma fill her head up wit’ some blazers
[NJT] Leave y’all dead upon the pavement
Give you lead from out the banger
I’m puttin’ flowers on top of Peaches: that’s an Edible Arrangement!
[NJT] That’s murder in the capital, Won (Capital One)
Now what’s in your wallet!?
Pop him, I came to see what it is
[SS] I spray his brains on the crowd, I hold the piece up to here
[NJT] I brought this all for Won (one)
[NJT] Now Won (one) for all – that’s the Three Musketeers!
Stand back!
Fuck NWX! Fuck Every Fuckin’ Bar!
Fuck them bitches! I air MACs!
Fuck GunTitles!
[SS] Nah, you can’t say “Fuck Surf”
He ain’t make it
We might not get that pair back
[NJT] Fuck that
They’re lucky they had the Wave in the field – fair catch!
Head clap!
[SS] Llamas blastin’!
It’s gon’ be a whole lot of clappin’!
You know Jim carry (Carrey) like Bruce Almighty?
On God, I’m Blackin’!
[NJT] A known killer!
Go toe-to-toe wit’ em
[SS] I’m the bully!
[NJT] No, I’M the bully! I’m so bigger!
[SS] I was Rikishi wit’ the straps off the waist
[NJT] Now I’m ‘bout to put some mo’ in (Samoan) ‘em!

[Round 2: Marv & Quest]
[MW] I said, yo!
(That was a good round, that was a good round)
Nigga, wit’ a name like the Monstars, WHOO!
I told Q, “Bro, I already know those bars.”
Look, it’s gon’ be 150 headshots
[QM] Shit, about 70 slam dunks
[MW] You know, the street life!
The street life, that’s where they show those scars
Women and kids gettin’ hit
Boy, they out here livin’ life with no regard
[QM] Man, this shit is funny
[MW] How Smack gave y’all niggas a name…and we had one way befo’ the card!
[QM] Ayo, fuck that
I’ll let the metal lift ‘em – what’s up, scrap?
Fuck a pocket, nigga…
[MW] Gut check!
[QM] Aye, Marv…
That’s your man?
You think I give a fuck about a tall nigga when I got this upped gat?
I’ll run in TNT wit’ an EMP like
[Both] Fuck Shaq!
[QM] I’m just kidding
Charles Barkley, we got somethin’ in common
We came to put the pound to young’uns
Shit, this Cal’ is dumpin’
I Loaded Hollows and gave these niggas rounds for nothin’
[MW] Mmm, nigga, this was supposed to be Roc and Tsu’s (Sue’s) Rendezvous
[QM] Instead, we got Twork
[MW] So I guess it’s a new day
[QM] Well, y’all tell Shotgun
[MW] I got a shotgun!
[QM] I’m stackin’ bodies wit’ this new gauge!
[MW] Nigga, Twork’ll be on the top
[QM] Clapped into a coma when the tool spray
[MW] And Suge’ll (sugar)…be on the bottom
[QM] Like what?
[MW] Like when my grandmama makin’ Kool-Aid!
Look, this nigga rip pockets and run
He rip pockets and run
And that shit be so movin’
But understand if you hit a nigga pockets after you kill him…
Nigga, you got the time to go through ‘em!
(*Marv and Quest take a minute to get their focus back*)
[QM] I come through this bitch hard, cookin’
Y’all know I’m Heavenly anoint
This nigga wanna mug, see (Muggsy)
I see a lil’ nigga wit’ this round pushin’ the point
So what’s poppin’, Charlotte?
[MW] That was fire
[QM] Y’all don’t fuck wit’ that
We good. Time
[MW] Yo, yo, yo, yo – he didn’t say “Time”
[QM] Sike, I lied
[MW] Understand I’m from Detroit
Nigga, that’s everything that made us raw
This .40’ll blow your heart out the chest
Nigga, I’ll give you every round they paid us for, nigga
What shit you hit ‘em wit’? (x3)
[QM] The Cal’ is dumpin’-
[MW] Time. Time

[Round 2: The Monstars]
[NJT] Y’all on the wrong mission
[SS] Chrome Smith n’
[NJT] I could run down on Quest MCODY, leave pieces of his dome missin’
Or head to Marv crib, I’m doin’ home visits
Your call
[SS] Press Won (1) first
[NJT] Long distance
[SS] Get ‘em, slime!
[NJT] If y’all thought we was an easy lick, you’ve been ill-advised
[SS] Since a lil’ nigga in middle school, I was cuttin’ niggas before dinner time
Like, “Gimme mine!”
[NJT] Wait, wait, wait, lil’ nigga?
You was, like, 7-foot in the fourth grade
[SS] BIGGA .9!
[NJT] Glock up in the tuck!
Baby needed on my hip, but he gettin’ shots from out the pump
[SS] Nah, Twork! Let me get the pump!
Let me put some action in his gut!
Let me get the .9, let me get the-
Damn, man!
[NJT] Fuck that – gotta use the little .9
The Shotgun fuckin’ up!
You don’t want this action!
That nigga Marv get the gun I’m clappin’!
Hospital room, you gon’ end up in an all-white band
I’mma point it in Won (One) Direction
Chrome banger
I’mma point the pound right in front of Won (1)
[SS] That’s a foam finger!
[NJT] I’m ‘bout to end this movement
[SS] Big Grape, I been recruitin’
Shooter and the driver, I had to tint the Buick
Drive-by, out the car, Quest (Carquest): that’s engine coolant
Had to roll up to get my dirt off a body: that’s lint remover
Take this as a lesson for you
I keep a TEC in the coupe
What’s Marv Won status? Questionable
Double drum or the black TEC
This what it boils down to? It’s an abcess
Your old bitch gave me ya address
Soon as his ex (X) mark the spot
[NJT] I’ll take you off the map, Quest! (MapQuest)
Get clapped back
If I pop out, then it’s danger
I’m on my Charron shit
I brought the Glock out and the stainless
[SS] Dumb nigga dropped the gun
[NJT] Fuck nah, that was just a prop for when I’m fakin’
The real one not for entertainment
BOW! One hit, Wonder
I bet I won’t drop another banger
Three in the clip
[Both] One in the chamber
[NJT] The baby (DaBaby)
[Both] Hit ‘em fo’ times (4x): Stunna 4 Vegas!
[SS] Blade up!
Chop his body in placements!
He gon’ have to carry Won (1), and still gotta find the remainder
[NJT] I was hopin’ you niggas might front!
Both of these bitches might dump
I call my shooters
[SS] Tristan Thompson! Lamar Odom!
[NJT] Why they actin’ type tough?
‘Cause when you put one K on ‘em, I’mma fuck both of you niggas’ lives up!
[NJT] I can’t make that up
I was gon’ rob both of you niggas, but you don’t even make that much
I get the shotgun – Hail Mary
Then it’s Shotgun
Take that, huh! Hut-hut! Fake that punt!

(*Crowd comes absolutely unglued, starts chanting “3-0”*)


[Round 3: Marv & Quest]
[QM] Shit, it ain’t gon’ be pushin’ and shovin’ and pocket-checks all night long, nigga
It’s on, nigga
If sparks fly, Central Park Five – y’all got the wrong niggas
Chrome trigger! Bone-splitter!
I had to let it sing
I heard ‘em call, and-
[MW] What, you ain’t talkin’?
[QM] No! No! I’d rather let it ring!
[MW] Well, shit, nigga, I got this revolver spinnin’
[QM] Fuck it
[MW] I’m Qleen wit’ it!
Nigga, his lifeline ain’t pickin’ up
[QM] Fuck it – let the machine get it!
[MW] Well, shit, I brought somethin’ wit’ a couple extra Clips
[MW] Nigga, we can do a whole ‘nother scheme wit’ it!
[QM] Mean wit’ it!
[MW] We could yellow-tape a whole ‘nother scene wit’ it!
[QM] Flea-flickin’!
[MW] (*points at Suge*) He gon’ think the bullet meant for him
[QM] (*points at Twork*) Until he get it!
[MW] Now we draggin’ two big-ass bags
[QM] Nigga-
[Both] -we trippin’!
[MW] The way this shit hit-
[QM] MAAAAAAAN! (Hitman)
[MW] We damn near need to Remix it
[QM] We damn near-
Naw! Naw! I’ll let three rip ‘em!
D’s hit ‘em!
Fire soon as I see the nigga
[MW] Heat vision
[QM] If we roll up and hit the trunk, we tree-liftin’
Punish niggas like the Rico
He get it wit’ each sentence
[MW] He tried to ride the wave
[QM] ‘Til I gave his side a blade, then his stomach a (stomach’ll) turn like sea-sickness
[MW] I say, yeah, this the perfect storm
See, first it’s the lightning, then the thunder comes
I’m already suited for the war (Yeah!)
Nigga, I tucks (tux) it in the cumberbund
I love how everybody wants some dirt
[QM] ‘Til when?
[MW] Until they motherfuckin’ under some
(*points at Twork*) Nigga, you looked like a recoverin’ alcoholic in that Nitty battle
[QM] My nigga, ‘cause you ain’t want none of Rum
[MW] But-but-but well, Quest…
[QM] What’s up?
[MW] If a nigga push you (Yeah)
Mush you (Right)
Fuck up your collar (Ugh)
And then challenge you to a fight, are you acceptin’?
[QM] Hell yes!
[MW] That’s how I know this junkie don’t care about his recovery
[QM] Why?
[MW] ‘Cause this bitch nigga wouldn’t even take the 12 steps!
I said, this the trade deadline
Come get a couple Bucks on the low
[QM] Nigga, we made headlines
[MW] Y’all know better than to fuck wit’ us, bro
You thinkin’ y’all the only shooters?
[QM] Pshht!
[MW] Nigga, that’s ego! What the fuck is you clutchin’ it fo’?
If they don’t wanna get hit when I line these birds up-
[QM] Then what!?
[MW] They better have all their ducks in a row!
I said, nigga, it’s the King and Duck, Marv and Quest
Y’all can try, but y’all can’t find a better team
They just puttin’ niggas together
We been runnin’ shit since we was, like, 17!
We don’t ever shovel shit, but somehow, the pockets forever green (evergreen)
I mean, son (sun) shinin’…he bright…
But now he lookin’ at the best they (day) ever seen!
[QM] (*to Suge*) What’s ya life like!?
[MW] Yeah!
[QM] Nigga, while you was in the street bangin’ and robbin’ for miniature profits
I took my deposit and sent my daughter to college
[QM] What’s your life like!?
Nigga, I’m in a school wit’ the kids, volunteerin’
They cryin’ as the day rent
‘Cause a nigga stole his mama purse and now her ass can’t pay rent
[Both] What’s ya life like!?
[MW] I say, dig it – what’s ya life like?
You talk grisly (grizzly) and we bear it, when we know you a panda
Let me tell y’all how I saved this nigga life down in Atlanta
Now dig, he saw me before I saw him (Right)
He ran up on me on the quick tip (Uh-huh)
Said, “Hey, big bro, I need to talk to the big Crip
Can you put in a word for me with Trick Trick?”
I said, “Shit, bitch
He down here wit’ the goon squad – you gon’ get your shit split
All the king’s horses, all the king’s men ain’t gon’ be able to fix this.”
So I dipped quick
I saw the big homie, he had about 20 misfits
I said, “Suge outside!”
He said, “Nephew…I ain’t get him the first time. I’ll be damned if I miss this.”
I said, “Shit, shit!”
I called Quest (*BRRRT*)
[QM] “Hello?”
[MW] “Nigga, Suge and the Goons are down here – the shit’s a lick.”
[QM] “Ooh…shit
Well, look, you just make sure that Suge don’t get hurt ‘cause the nigga- that nigga- we can’t have that nigga blood on our hands-”
[MW] “I don’t wanna hear that shit!” (*click!*)
[QM] “Hello?…Hello?”
[MW] Now let me get the “Pause” out the way…’cause this is where it gets thick
I walked in, all I seen was niggas puttin’ on gloves, and all I heard was (*click-click*)
I said, “Woah!…”
They said, “Marvin, you know how deep this gets?”
I said, “But he just wanna talk, though.”
He said, “Cool. Let him tell it to this Biscuit.”
I said, “Look, now him eatin’ the words he said about my nigga is real high up on my wish list
But stall him out ‘cause we don’t wanna go to jail, and he look like he call cops. We shouldn’t risk it.”
So that’s why I laugh at your phony wars
‘Cause I know them as your homies’ tours
What’s your life like?
Nigga, I know firsthand ‘cause you owe me yours!

Man, I’m talkin’ to these niggas!

[QM] Ayo, Smack, bruh, is this your big fish or your big bitch?
I’ll gun him where he stand at
It’d be a male boxed (mailbox) – death
Let a (Letter) mu’fucka smell the anthrax
It’ll be drums, guitar cases, sticks
It’s lookin’ like I brought a band back
Keep it a thousand wit’ me tonight – how the fuck ain’t I got a band, Smack?
Shit, I got the Roots here
Shit, Quest love? Shit, I don’t understand that
But you better answer right, ‘cause if I don’t get it right, tonight I’m gettin’ banned, Smack
Stand back – hit ‘em wit’ the blade or the .50 pearl
Shit, I’ll put Twork (Twerk) on the hook like a City Girl
[MW] Look, if me and Suge went on a diet, we could prob’ly stop world hunger
I saw you had your titties out in that Jakkboy battle
You just livin’ your life, havin’ a Hot Girl Summer
[QM] I said, if I’m strapped in, then it’s two in a coma
Beef cookin’, I knew the aroma
A couple animals on the wave, ridin’: you wouldn’t know us (Noah)
Snake nigga, I ain’t wrapped tight: you wit’ the boas
I’m A1: move wit’ the soldiers
My Day 1’s put two in ya shoulder
Nigga, when the K come, this where the Cowboys play
This bitch’ll lose it and dome ‘em
[MW] Look, we two niggas wit’ patience
Nigga, that’s somethin’ the thugs hate
I’m glad they freed the Wave, but we just opened up the floodgates
Nigga, this a different type of smoke
Nigga, if I get it, you won’t inhale it out
If we gotta show these two our K’s (ArKay), nigga, y’all gon’ hate I had to spell it out
[QM] So niggas better watch they step before they come for the crown
It’s crazy how
[Both] Two niggas that’s over the hill
[QM] Finna put ‘em under the ground

[Round 3: The Monstars]
[NJT] I bang, nigga!
Piru Blood gang member
Thang lift up, get this TEC to spit
What they got out here in Charlotte, ruse (Russe)? Well, let me address this bitch
Y’all gotta be some righteous men
(*to Quest*) I read in an article you got in a car accident and went blind
Ain’t that right, my friend?
You said a doctor flashed a light in your eyes and you got your vision back, and that I commend (*starts a slow clap*)
But if this light flash, you won’t ever open your eyes again!
.9’s and 10’s!
I’m at your crib with a big, heavy gat
Dressed in all-black: Miss Mary Mack
I’m ‘bout to bang some
Breaking-and-entering, spray guns
Through the door – Boom!
I don’t know y’all from a hole in the wall, but I’m gon’ make one
.80 is near!
One shot goin’ straight to the head
[SS] Nah, Twork, I got it from here
Gun in his mouth, he speakin’ French
Little .9, the shit intense
Deuce-deuce, it leave him drenched
Y’all worried about the big Monstars, but forgot about the little ones that’s in the trench
Y’all thought y’all was gon’ beat us?
I see y’all doubtin’
Long scope, I’mma test this nerd luck and hit him from Moron Mountain
Home invasion
Two straps on his block community
Stop the foolery
I heard your mama loaded, she got cash and jewelry
She like, “Who that knockin’ at the door?”
It’s opportunity
I am not your brodie
Cannon on me!
I had to go get the stick, like Nana told me
I peeped your body up, he need muscle relaxers
He did all that barkin’, I made him humble after
They say Suge can’t spit, but I’ll leave ‘em wit’ a nice hook like a mumble rapper
You niggas from Detroit? I don’t give a fuck
I’ll knock ‘em out, won’t let ‘em up
Wet ‘em up
Hit my Detroit bitch wit’ the text
Code word “Ice Me Out”: Kash Doll set ‘em up
What his life like?
When I was in trouble, I used to call on the tool for help
You grew up on 8 Mile, you had to prove your wealth?
I was ridin’ on the bus wit’ the M (Em’): “Lose Yourself”
I don’t wanna hear your lies, your crack tales
Your war stories, your crack sales
I’m a shooter
It’s gon’ be a great feelin’ to leave Wonder full (Wonderful) – with MAC shells
Gun up on ‘em
Mask down, run up on ‘em
I hit Quest first, then Marv fell: he got Won (one) up on him
.40-cal’ on the scalp of his mother
Gunplay for his brother
Bad day for your lover
Shots fired – this shit goin’ Won (one) way or another!
Y’all know he heard me
I ain’t got no fuckin’ slogan – Jersey!

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