DNA & K-Shine (NWX) vs. Geechi Gotti & Rum Nitty (EFB) [Lyrics]

[Round 1: NWX]
[DNA] I hit Shine, like, “Ain’t you just beat Rum Nitty and Geechi Gotti?”
[K-Shine] Facts!
I had to show Cuz I’m a lead-sparker
[DNA] (*swoo*) Well, now I’ll raise a blade to make the cuts in their necks sharper
[K] I’m suited for the fade
[DNA] I seen you Blac(k) on your own: that’s Tech’s partner
[K] Pound in the back of the truck: Craig father
[DNA] Stomach shot – (*grunt*) – they takin’ breaths harder
[K] But the pops wasn’t by a logical (biological) nigga
[DNA] Let’s take it a step farther (stepfather)
The shoulder strap is what goes around
[K] But the next arm will?
[DNA] Have the rifle come back around
[K] Let’s test karma
Two clips
Tell Geechi Gotti I got some extra lead on me
[DNA] And I’m a pest wit’ this
I’ll have a pair annoy ya (paranoia) like the feds on me
[K] TEC spittin’!
[DNA] He set-trippin’
[K] Cuz bled on me!
Got it pourin’ out Rum before you get it
[DNA] This for the dead homies
The nurses goin’ loco for Geechi in the ER
[K] They prayin’ that Rum save you
[DNA] ‘Cause the nigga went from bein’ Nutty
[K] To bein’ unstable
I’m Rum – I punch in the name of the gun label
[DNA] And y’all see me
I’m Geechi: one angle
I throw a round, both arms extended
[K] This the chest pass!
[DNA] Two guns, have (h)ours drain ‘em
[K] This the jetlag!
[DNA] Beam, I put in front of everything
[K] This the best ad
[DNA] Scope (*phew*), made it crystal-clear
[K] This the meth lab
[DNA] Razors and vest stashed
I aim and the TEC blast
[K] I get to pickin’ every C: I’m takin’ the test fast
[DNA] Which one of y’all gon’ throw it up?
[K] We savin’ the best last
[DNA] ‘Cause a signal of danger
[K] Only raises a red flag!
I skip West!
[DNA] A Crip stretched
[K] Stick wet
[DNA] Piss test
[K] Chin-check
[DNA] Big breaths
[K] Fuck a sheet! Cover ‘em in they flag
[DNA] Dipset!
[K] Dipset!
[DNA] Flat tire
[K] Spare me!
[DNA] It’s your choice – guard or (God of) war?
[K] Ares!
[DNA] I been to Nutty Blocc, it’s scary
[K] Barely!
I’ll have a Nut stuck in a zipper: There’s Something About Mary!
[DNA] We the bosses of this 2-on-2 shit
These the niggas we gotta take down?
[K] Clean 180
[DNA] 209
[K] Look how we throw our weight ‘round
[DNA] (*to Geechi*) Surf beat you, but let you live
The only reason you on this stage now
[K] MP3: he took a quality loss
[DNA] I did the Wave foul (.wav file)
I cross over: A.I.
[K] Magic
Behind the back
[DNA] Rajon
Leg up
[K] Dirk
[DNA] Spot up
[K] It’s Klay Thomp’
[DNA] Then step back
[K] Harden
To kick a Nut
[DNA] Draymond!
[K] I’m Goldberg – I’m in the ring and wit’ the soldiers wit’ me
[DNA] He get exposed for the bucks since he owed the .50
You Insane? You Nutty Blocc?
[K] (*chk-chk*) They both get Ricky’d!
[DNA] In a wheelchair
[K] 30 inches on each side!
[DNA] Now they Rollin’ 60s!
I break somethin’: Derrick Rose
[K] Tongue out: Kobe!
[DNA] Goggles on
[K] Worthy!
In the Garden
[DNA] Oakley!
Off the glass
[K] Tim Duncan!
[DNA] Left shot
[K] Mobley!
[DNA] He 360
[K] Cuz Webb!
Then Euro-step
[DNA] Ginobili!


[K] They are NOT. READY!

[DNA] Fuck the get-back!
Custom-made ratchet, I love the kickback
[K] Four spittin’ rounds on stage
[DNA] So some’ll (Summer) Impact
Boom! Bang! I left ‘em still sure
[K] Bah! Bah! That’s what the drill for
See what fuckin’ venue we in!?
[Both] We in the Fillmore!
[DNA] I get to peelin’ (pill in) under his lid
[K] Like a cotton ball
[DNA] Mr. Deeds, phone in the sky
[K] This a chopper call
[DNA] Rifle, the stand give me extra strength
[K] I’m hittin’ tile and all (Tylenol)
[DNA] (*swoo*) But the low cut’s highly (Halle) recommended
[K] Monster’s Ball
[DNA] What we got!?
[K] A couple Crip-foot niggas wit’ a (death wish!)
Whole clip in!
Christmas Story: pole-lickin’!
[DNA] Snoop, spirit on the rise: that’s Bones missin’
Headshot! He blowin’ up the line
[K] Your hoes trippin’
[DNA] Far as the others?
[K] Eyes Wide Shut
[DNA] Nicole Kidman
Glock, I pass it off the top
[Both] No writtens
[DNA] Or he could still get ripped (Rip) wit’ a Max’
[K] Old Pistons!
[DNA] I’m leavin’ blue in a surprised state
[K] No writtens!
[DNA] Murda Mook!
[K] X-Factor!
[DNA] They both spit a round wit’ the Cal’
[K] But the nose different!
[DNA] Zip ‘em up!
[K] Get ‘em the fuck outta here!

[Round 1: EFB]
[Geechi Gotti] Aye, they had a couple of hot lines
A couple of ‘em really did move the place
Mm-hmm, they went from wavin’ that red flag to somethin’ from behind the rag
[Rum Nitty] Blew (blue) in his face!

[DNA] Y’all takin’ pages outta my book

[GG] Aye, but why y’all wanna try the Crips!?
[RN] They must wanna die and shit
[GG] Code word “Whitney Houston”
[RN] What that mean?
[GG] Nigga, you’se a
[RN] SUICIDAL bitch!
FIRE clips! Grab and shoot
[GG] I’mma slide up
[RN] Jackson move
Cannons (Canons) flash
[GG] This a camera crew!?
[RN] Lick a (Liquor) shot
[GG] Is he dead, Rum?
[RN] Absolut(e)
[GG] I’m crashin’ shit!
[RN] Bandicoot!
Comet (Calm it) down!
[GG] You got an attitude!?
[RN] Machine got Shine changin’ tone
[GG] Bitch, this a tannin’ booth
Now back to you
[RN] (*swoo, swoo*)
[GG] Oh, let two fix him
(*to DNA*) Aye, back to you
[RN] Snaggletooth
Sharpshooter, Bret style
Blood in his airwaves, he tryna catch his breath now
(*two deep breaths*) Sternum shot!
[GG] That nigga chokin’ off a chest (Chess) round!
[RN] Hit his bitch wit’ a TEC now!
[GG] Nah, fuck that
Let the K mold her (Mulder) skully (Scully) and do the rest of the X foul (The X-Files)
[RN] (*to DNA*) You a letdown!
Got smoked in Cali and left sick
[GG] They been tryna keep DNA from the West now (Nile)
Every bar, nigga
Every. Fuckin’. Bar!
Fuck you mean?
[RN] Aye, you come around here snoopin’?
[GG] I’mma clap shells
[RN] 100 shots, feel like it was No Limit in that last mill’
[GG] I’m talkin’ MAC shells
[RN] Kickin’ like a black-belt
Dome shot! It’ll knock off Shine!
[GG] Man, this some Black Wealth!
Rugers pop!
Get your kufi shot!
Put Shine in the casket: it’s a jewelry box!
[RN] You should stop!
It’s a dark world
You want smoke? One .50 ($1.50) rose: it’s a call girl
[GG] I’m on his front porch lettin’ off AR shells
[RN] Blood leakin’
[GG] His plasma on the line
[RN] This a yard sale
[GG] Dog frail!
[RN] You can’t compare me to suckas
Dirt-cheap – you’ll literally get buried for nothin’
[GG] Shine get a whole bunch of shells when I dump it
[RN] Then I shoot DNA up wit’ this other bitch: it’s a surrogate mother
[GG] But he a scary lil’ buster until them tools shot hit him up
And the oo-wop zip him up
[RN] Stop, five!
I’ll wash Shine like 2Pac in the tub!
[GG] AK’s!

Every! Fuckin’ Bar!
Make them rap!

[GG] AK’s!
[RN] Uppercase!
100 shots
[GG] Bust ya face!
[RN] If I ‘Hit ‘Em Up’
[GG] Your ‘Dear Mama’ gon’ need some 2Pac rumors
[RN] Fuckin’ Faith
[GG] But just in case, I brought another strap if the piece jam
[RN] Keep cans
Put ‘em to work anywhere: they freelance
[GG] You ever had to bury a member from your team, fam’?
[RN] Pallbearers
[GG] And the niggas that helped you get the box ain’t a wingman!
[RN] Wit’ yo’ weak ass!
I’ll let somebody else from the team blast
Coffee’ll put somethin’ hot in his mug
[GG] Fuck around and hit D calf (decaf)
[RN] Even the kids can get it when they blast
I’m dumpin’ sticks in (and) seeds
[GG] My nigga, the weed trash!

Every! (Fuckin’! Bar!)

What you think, fam’!?
[RN] They finna learn a lesson here!
Death is near!
[GG] The shot like Belvedere!
[RN] Very clear!
That shit’ll make a mess in here!
Clean ‘em up
[GG] I’ll get these niggas from the X sponged (expunged)
[RN] My record clear!
I’m at they neck for real!


I’m at your neck for real!
These niggas though they could battle some Crips and shit wouldn’t go left in here!
(As long as y’all know! Ya feel me?)
You dealin’ wit’ gangstas!
[RN] Pop up wit’ bangers!
With shit that’ll bring the building down
[GG] I’m talkin’ literally
[RN] Drop the location!
[GG] I’m not for no gamin’
[RN] We mob tied, y’all all die
Big shit
[GG] Somethin’ slip out the machine like a hard drive
[RN] Sparks fly!
Let them niggas talk live
But When They See Us, I’mma sock DNA
[GG] The Central Park Five!

[RN] Every! Fuckin’! Bar!

[GG] Spark .9!
[RN] Nah, K’s and clips!
Bayonet filet your shit
What you doin’ wit’ that machete, bro?
[GG] I’m tryna figure out how he sprayed that bitch!
[RN] Well, watch where you wave that shit!
You almost hit Smack beard!
[GG] Thought it was ‘bout time that he SHAVE THAT SHIT!
[RN] Okay, that’s it!
You better know your way, no mistakes
See-through clip, a clear .30: no debate
[GG] Man, I’m cut different: Norman Bates
[RN] And I’ll shoot ‘til the Tom’ (time) click on Shine: the Rollie fake!
[GG] But I know he hate ‘cause he a lookout
And one call will get you took out
My Carolina plug got the tres (trays) for the low
[RN] Oh, this The Cookout!
I pull out and grip this piece, you’ll be surprised
‘Cause this ain’t no Charron pistol
[GG] ‘Cause when it’s real
[Both] You can tell
You can see it in his eyes!
[GG] Go ‘head – see if you can make niggas believe them lies!
(Nigga, time!)

[Round 2: NWX]
[K] Yo, this exactly what I mean, bro
The opposite of Ne-Yo
[DNA] No cap
Promiscuous dyke
[K] Whole (ho) strap
Hold it right
[DNA] It’s an old MAC (mack)
.40 on the rise
[K] Caught ‘em by surprise
[Both] “Oh, snap!”
[DNA] Itchy weave
[K] Dome taps
[DNA] And it’s custom-made, it’d be a ThrillyThrowback
[K] I’ll crack a (cracker) hater: pro-Black
[DNA] Then tell ‘em, “Hold that”
They say, “When it’s real, you can see it in they eyes”
[K] But not when they roll back
[DNA] I’m in two cribs
[K] I’m in the first one wit’ the double-pump
[DNA] My spot the second place: runner-up
[K] 2Pac, spottin’ lil’ C’s (Lil’ Cease) through the window
“Tell B.I.G I’m comin’ up”
[DNA] And I got another tucked
And it’s goin’ all in a Nut shell (nutshell), just to sum it up
[K] The steel’ll bake ‘em
[DNA] .380, in sure (Ensure): that’s a meal replacement
[K] Nigga, let me see the-
(*DNA pushes K-Shine back*)
[K] Nigga, let me see the-
[DNA] Chill, be patient
[K] I’m tryna put my finger on it like familiar faces!
[DNA] Rum Nitty Crippin’ official, right?
[K] Ain’t no tellin’ he wit’ gang
[DNA] Soon as you yell it, he’ll bang
[K] I know what made him go Insane
[DNA] What’s that?
[K] Swellin’ of the brain!
[DNA] I’m in Arizona the first time the Desert made it rain
[K] And I’m a Menace wit’ this .40
“Aye, let my homie get his change”
[K] I staggered out!
[DNA] Left the bar!
[K] Aim high!
[DNA] Set the bar!
[K] Yung Ill!
[DNA] Stretch the bar!
[K] Pack the birds!
[DNA] Escobar!
[K] Dry spot!
[DNA] Filler bar!
[K] Big Uz’ (ooh’s)!
[DNA] They feel the bar!
[K] Barbecues!
[DNA] Grill the bar!
[K] John John!
[DNA] Mixed wit’ a little Ave!
[K] Steal the bar!
[DNA] I hit Siri
[K] “Find the bar”
[DNA] Free shots
[K] Buy the bar
[DNA] Record label
[K] Sign for bars!
[DNA] Suge Knight
[K] Behind the bars!
[K] It’s Payday wit’ the Whatchamacallit: that’s a candy bar
Both hands palmin’ the grips: that’s how you handle bars
[DNA] It’s one hook after his core is (chorus) hit
I’ll get you ate (8), bars
And I’mma push it after every word
[K] Gimme some space-
[DNA] Nah – Every! Fuckin’-
Nah, everything about your background fake
[K] Like a jail pic
[DNA] Play wit’ us and get a bang for your buck
[K] This a sales pitch
[DNA] Infrared wit’ the laser on it
[K] Right before he yell “Crip!”
[DNA] Raisin’ a Nut in the bag
[K] Trail mix!
[DNA] I hold the heat well
[K] I keep spinnin’ like a Sprewell
[DNA] Leave shells
[K] And get shit on blast: Ezal
[DNA] Biscuit, I’m tryna put my nose in it
[K] Gimme all the details
[DNA] ‘Cause the first try messed the (trimester) bitch up
[K] They ain’t even see me carryin’ the baby
[DNA] Just the weak (week) 12
I’m ‘bout to do ‘em dirty
[K] But this gon’ be a clean body
[DNA] Machine by me
[K] Geechi
[DNA] Severed (Sevah) next to Rum
[K] Team Homi
[DNA] His face get the heat
[K] Talk is cheap, Gotti
I’ll dump a case in the C (sea)
[DNA] Boston Tea Party
Put their names in order: sign-up sheet
[K] Tell Champion Cocaine hoodies the only kind I need
[DNA] Speakin’ of Champion, it’s ‘bout time y’all bleed
[K] (*swoo*)
[DNA] (*swoo*)
[Both] That’s the way we line up C’s!
[DNA] I walk in wit’ the baby
[K] I caught him wit’ his lady
[DNA] And this a deep fryer for all you gettin’ crazy
Two grips
[K] Clipper
[DNA] Rocket
[K] Crawford
[DNA] McGrady
So don’t get hype or
[K] Tension (hypertension)
[DNA] Will have one .40 (140)
[K] Over 80!
[DNA] What up, Mark?
[K] Y’all better hope this problem goes well
[DNA] No matter how y’all crop it out, we are not in Corn’ field (cornfield)
They say bullets ain’t got no name – I’m sparkin’ those shells
Well, shit, what you doin’?
[K] Markin’ (Mark and) Cornell!
[DNA] I slide up
[K] Usher
[DNA] Omarion
[K] Ice packs
[DNA] Bobby Brown
[K] Crack heads
[DNA] New Edition
[K] I’m right back
[DNA] ‘It’s Over Now’
[K] 112
[DNA] Jagged Edge
[K] Knife that
[DNA] Chris Brown
[K] Wit’ the Bloods
[DNA] Tip a hat
[K] Mike Jack’
[DNA] Lyfe Jennings
[K] Wit’ the Sig (cig’)
[DNA] BM’ Slaughtered
[K] Lil’ Fizz
[DNA] Light her up
[K] Queen Bey
[DNA] But have Faith
[K] The bitch is big (B.I.G)
[DNA] I’m ‘So Anxious’
[K] Ginuwine
[DNA] Dreamgirls
[K] To flip a wig!
[DNA] R. Kelly
[K] Hit the kids!
[DNA] Wit’ the stick!
[K] Mr. Biggs!
That’s Round 2, it’s gettin’ hot in here
Y’all know my slogan (Zip ‘em up)
[DNA] Y’all know mine (Get the fuck outta here)

[Round 2: EFB]
[GG] Aye, check me out!
They wanna know what the West about
[RN] They was actin’ hard
Said they had heart, then they bled it out
[GG] Big T, T-To- man, I’m finna stretch ‘em out
[RN] Well, how many can fit in just one box?
[GG] X amount!
[RN] Then X ‘em out
[GG] Who a savage!? Toolie clappin’!
[RN] The TEC finna shoot, hit the X on the roof
[GG] Like The Dukes of Hazzard
[RN] Do you tragic!
I wish you would rub me the wrong way and the Smith blew (blue)
[GG] Like the new Aladdin

[RN] Every fucking bar!

Your top get pushed
.30 clip hang out a foot
Common crook
[GG] Man, hold up
Tell Hitman stop duckin’ – I need the look
Smack told me to kill Eric and that’s all it took
[RN] How that work?
[GG] I figured if I left DNA on the scene, I’m fasho gettin’ booked!
[RN] The shit in my hand cocked (Hancock) next to the X
[GG] You talkin’ signatures
[RN] Act cold, stick in your mouth
[GG] We checkin’ temperatures
[RN] Any team we woulda got?
[GG] Man, we was killin’ ‘em!
[RN] Hit Quest chin (question) over and over
[GG] Now that’s some trivia!
[RN] The gun I pack this big (‘Pac diss B.I.G)
[GG] My nigga, ‘Hit ‘Em Up’!
[RN] What’s that? FN .50 (f’in 50)
[GG] You talkin’ Vivica!
[RN] Chest shot, we air hearts (Earhart)
[GG] Amelia
[RN] Close-range, it’s DNA on the K
[GG] My nigga, zip ‘em up!
[RN] These niggas done!
[GG] Go!
[RN] Aight, Loc, clear the flo’
One-on-one iso
You ‘bout to get all the smoke
And take so many punches (the fans yellin’)
[GG] “Get off the ropes!”
[RN] I pack plenty
One in the head, I’m that ready
Do you bad
Shooter stance, both hands steady
Strap deadly, the impact deadly
This tre send DNA all the way back: that’s Ancestry!
[GG] Ya man scary
If we scrap, Shine gettin’ jumped and he gon’ run away
They tryna figure out how Blood all over the flo’, but it’s no signs of DNA!
[RN] The heater spray!
[GG] Guns dumpin’!
[RN] Get a slug from it!
I’ll show you a fo’ wit’ a beam, Shine
[GG] Get abducted!
[RN] Blood frontin’!
[GG] What it was, Cousin!?
Aye, you X (A-U-X) niggas!?
[RN] Don’t make me plug somethin’!
[GG] You done done it!
All that actin’ tough!? Fuck around, slap you punks!
[RN] Go ‘head, make your jokes, laugh it up
‘Fore I hit the car, grab the pump
[GG] We finna get to the bottom of all this tree shit, nigga
[RN] That’s a trunk!
I’ll clap you up
You know I keep a K, fam’
[GG] They better hope Eric packs
[RN] Or we smokin’ Eric pack
[GG] A DNA strand
[RN] I be gettin’ paid bands!
[GG] You penny-pinchin’
Big Glock, I’m shootin’ my shot at the X (ex)
[RN] I’m reminiscin’!
[GG] These niggas trippin’!
[RN] That shit soft!
[GG] Man, fuck your WCW!
[RN] This Big Poppa Pump
[GG] Will knock Eric bitch off (Bischoff)!
[RN] Any slick talk come outta your mouth? Get found on the ground!
Big shit, loud .50-cal’!
[GG] Draw him down wit’ the pound
Wait, wait, wait, y’all seen us practicin’ on Instagram, right?
[RN] I took the sound off the round!
[GG] I’ll knock a nigga down! Fuck these niggas mean!?
[RN] Hit DNA wit’ the little arm
[GG] And I’mma spin on Shine wit’ a buffer machine
[RN] I draw the piece down, knock your team down
(*chk-chk*) And y’all know I keep rounds
[GG] Wait, hold on, nigga
What the fuck you mean you “keep rounds?”
[RN] I keep rounds
[GG] What happened in yo’ third round vers’ Shine, then, nigga?
Huh? Why you ain’t freestyle?
What the fuck was you doin’!?
Why you couldn’t keep still!?
[RN] I was coachin’ myself through the choke, like Sprewell!
You can’t keep it real yourself!
Nigga, suicide or-
[GG] Fuck that! Use a TEC-9 (Tech 9)
[RN] And kill yourself!
[GG] Mayday!
[RN] We ain’t for play-play!

(*Geechi tries to hand Rum his imaginary gun*)

NAH! Hand the chopper off to Roc!
Get 55 outta Tay K (Tay-K)!

[GG] Every. Fuckin’. (Bar!)
[RN] Now if Roc woulda jumped in as he was supposed to…

[GG] But fuck that!
Y’all know we on a murder spree!
[RN] First-degree!
[Both] Bourbon Street!

[Round 3: NWX]
[K] Charlotte, what up? Y’all ready? (Yeah!)
You make the worst!
[DNA] Life!
[K] Decisions!
[Both] For instance…

(*Brooklyn Hanz walks out onstage in a tree costume to Rum and Geechi’s surprise and amusement*)

[RN] (*to K-Shine*) Aye, K, I thought it was gon’ be DNA in the tree. But I said, ‘Somebody gon’ dress up like a fuckin’ tree…’

[K] You make the worst! Life! Decisions!
[Both] For instance…
[K] Out of everything on that street…why the fuck you hide behind a tree, Gotti?
Cuz did his lil’ skip like…”Ain’t nobody ‘bout to see Gotti”
[DNA] And I was just lookin’ on my phone like, “Mm-mm-mm – you way too ‘I see Gotti’”
[K] Nigga, if you see a tree, you don’t hide
[DNA] Your first instinct is to leave, Gotti
[K] Nigga, you’se a BITCH!
[DNA] Talkin’ ‘bout hours on papers, but wasn’t even ridin’ for his man
[K] Nigga, I’m on papers, too
[DNA] So what you woulda did?
[K] Gripped my tool and hide behind Hanz
[DNA] Nigga, you’se a stick!
[K] Hands was out
[DNA] Nigga went all the way to Banned Legacy to take the panic route
[K] He said the Nutty Blocc Crips would expand the South
[DNA] But brought a whole new definition to “branchin’ out”
Nigga, you’se a…stick
[K] Nigga, you’se a twig!
[DNA] Right now, this nigga Geechi Gotti thinkin’ like he don’t fuck wit’ me
Stick, twig – you thinkin’ of a flip
Save your rebuttals, please
‘Cause I just spoke to Beasley
He said he was ready to up and leave
[K] ‘Cause he put Rum in the Marriott
[DNA] And his ass in the Doubletree
Nigga, you’se a branch!
[K] Nah, not for nothin’
I look at you as a gangsta – real nigga shit
So that shit was makin’ me upset
[DNA] We gambled on you, Geechi – way too many bets
But Shine, slow your roll
‘Cause if Charron was here, you wouldn’t be able to wear that hat
[K] What?
[DNA] Don’t that make a nigga stressed?
Fuck you just starin’ at me for, nigga?
[K] Say it wit’ your chest
[DNA] Revolver’ll speak
Rum get the same pops, but keep the target discreet
[K] Headshot – the apple won’t fall far from the tree
[DNA] It’s just jokes, Geechi
What, you still mad?
[K] Rum, you feel bad?
[DNA] ‘Cause he left hands for trees
[K] Like Blue Hill Ave?
If I told you some real-nigga shit, you probably wouldn’t even believe me, Gotti
Nigga, I was stickin’ up for you – real shit
DNA like, “Look at your man Treechi Gotti”
I’m like, “Nigga, shut the fuck up – his name Geechi Gotti”
He like, “Code name for Eric Wright”
[DNA] What that mean?
[K] We lookin’ at an easy (Eazy) body
[DNA] Well, Shine, since you wanna tell ‘em shit, tell ‘em the rest
[K] What?
[DNA] Arms out, I’m cuttin’ up the G’s
Tell ‘em the rest
[K] What?
[DNA] (*smack, smack, smack*) You supposed to leave the rebuttals up to me
Tell ‘em the rest
[K] What?
[DNA] I hit Coffee bean for fuckin’ up our steam
See the nigga Rum – (*chk-chk*) – use the double-pump wit’ ease
So either way, I’m hittin’ a gender (hidden agenda)
I got somethin’ up my sleeve
But I fucked wit’ you since the beginning, Rum
I always thought you was destined for greatness
It was Shine’s hatin’ ass
Said ‘cause you be chokin’ Smack shoulda left your career dead in the basement
I said, “Well, before NWX, nigga, you was extra and basic”
I missed the headshot, but the code name was “Free Surf”
[K] What that mean?
[DNA] Their chest (Chess) the replacement
[K] Tell ‘em what else I said
[DNA] What?
[K] Just like Surf, I’ll kill Rum with two rounds
Tell ‘em what else I said
[DNA] What?
[K] I’ll grab Coffee and show her hands like, “Who’s down?”
Tell ‘em what else I said
[DNA] What?
[K] His death on the Web when you browse
[DNA] And it ain’t over
[K] They gettin’ that Rum in the ‘Net like Brugal
Nigga, cool down
[DNA] ‘Cause when they brought up that machete shit, it had me mad as shit
[K] Uh-huh
[DNA] ‘Cause I seen the nigga Brizz doin’ it all on UFF
[K] Ain’t that a bitch
[DNA] I pick mine back up, split the nigga Rum in two
[K] You tryna figure what’s the math wit’ this?
[DNA] I made a long story short, Shine, and you don’t even know the half of it
[K] Savage shit!
Knife on point: accurate!
[DNA] Hammers dumpin’, I gotta stand for somethin’
[K] Kaepernick!
It’s compact – I could pull it out a hat
[DNA] Magic trick
[K] Jesus! If he’d make it out this grave, it’d be a miracle!
[DNA] Lazarus!
Both of these niggas not as tough
Stomach shot, I drop his guts
And now it’s your meal on my mill’ (meal)
Let’s see what you got for lunch
[K] Size ‘em up!
[DNA] T-Top, he got the chopper tucked
(*chk-chk*) And I’mma use the Bear foot (barefoot) – I kept this bottled up
[K] Mm, not enough
[DNA] I walked in the building wit’ Hollows: they not wit’ Lux
[K] Go
[DNA] Bodies in the back of the whip – I’m ridin’ up
[K] Go!
[DNA] Bone stickin’ out of the trunk: it’s not a tusk
[K] Go!
[DNA] You see me come across wit’ the sticks, it’s not a plus
[K] Go!
[DNA] You see me waxin’ shit wit’ the sticks, it’s not a buff
[K] GO!
[DNA] I got a clutch
[K] Korver!
[DNA] He bled, so (Bledsoe) it’s a lot of Bucks
[K] Go!
[DNA] I gotta get my shit off: I gotta dump!
Clippers, I line ‘em up!
Unexpected visit: I’m poppin’ up!
‘Cause everything I got in my palm is what’s (k)not in the arm: Big Poppa Pump!
[K] Let’s GO, nigga!

Y’all ain’t seen him in a minute, right!? Let’s go!

[DNA] Random! Fuck Aye Verb!
Even Bay Loc’ll tell you not to play in this field
Smack, let’s do it on a Volume ‘cause I’ve been waitin’ to peel
I show up to Warrior’s Island, it’s two .38’s to his grill
Who wanna trip?
And that was a bar – Bay, those’ll (Barbados) fuck up his vacation for real
And I didn’t wanna resort to this
[K] Oh my God, bro…
[DNA] And I didn’t wanna resort to this
Freestylin’ off the top, I’ll use the TEC or the pistol
Y’all look like Roc’s replacement – why?
Y’all both got the chest (Chess) in the middle!
I spin on ‘em!
[K] K-Shine!
[DNA] Jai 400!
[K] BaldHead!
[DNA] Showwoutt!
[K] Wit’ the tre!
[DNA] Get it jumpin’!
[Both] Chef Trez!
[DNA] Long shot!
[K] DNA!
[DNA] Hit the hat!
[K] Left dead!
[DNA] Crazy handle!
[K] Hitman!
[DNA] Bodies drop!
[K] Cortez!
[DNA] It’s Round 3, it’s gettin’ hot in here!
What’s my slogan?
[K] Zip ‘em up!
(Get the fuck outta here!)
[DNA] Get these niggas that took a loss that’s clear the fuck outta here!
Get this fake Rum and the fake Champion of the Year the fuck outta here!
[K] Facts!
[DNA] You lucky you fixed the issues – I’d have got the league the fuck outta here
And get Geechi Gotti squintin’, lookin’ like, “And get that tree the fuck outta here”

[Round 3: EFB]
[RN] Aye! These niggas brought out a whole fuckin’ tree with ’em, like they needed help
But when I see ’em, shotty finna squeeze
Bodyin’ (Body in) the tree: Keebler Elf
[G] Ay ay ay.. But but but but but but but…. Y’all niggas bought a car together?
[R] Yeah, that’s what I heard!
They went from pitchin’ in on a whip
[G] Well now they goin’ half on a hearse
[R] Somebody dyin’
[G] Every fuckin’ line
[R] Bring ya A-game
Be on your prime or you goin’ under Shine
If I pull this [?] holmes, your soul gone, little .9
[G] Or this big Tom will (Big Tymer) make you ‘Get Your Roll On’
[R] dome blown, long chrome
[G] If we have a close encounter
[R] One point at Shine, phone home
[G] I skirt past, let off shots, then swerve back
[R] Take a dirt nap
Fuck about them dancing moves, with ya nerd ass
[Both] Both y’all gettin’ washed, in sink (sync), bird bath!
[G] Gunfire
[R] More than one dyin’
[G] I’m official with the mask like an umpire
[R] Slug flyin’, a pistol whip, I rock Shine in the mind like a blood diamond
Then snatch Blood’s diamonds
[G] Big ol’ Glock, I’mma buck mines then
[R] Leave a Shine under T like
[G] “Fuck that, I’mma just tuck mines in!”
[R] What set slime in?
Cedar Block? Tree Top? Can’t be the Fruits
The real Brims wouldn’t have let Shine in
[G] You ain’t on shit
[R] Pull this, keep ravin’
I’mma snap on Shine, glowstick
Door kick, whole gang with me
And these Four Quarters will smoke the whole Zip
[G] Oh, shit!
Aye, you know what? Aye, Rum? You had yours – let me that one-on-one iso on real quick
[RN] On Crip
Nigga, you’se a BITCH!
You’ll get murked, bro
I’ve been running in the field so long, I got turf toe
You a nerd though, rappin’ some shit you know nothin’ about
When we was outside, you was in the
[Both] fuckin’ house
[G] You do this battle rap shit for some
[Both] fuckin’ clout
[G] I will put a hole in you, bigger than that gap in
[Both] ya fuckin’ mouth
[G] You know what I’m about
I’m a gangbanger, ask these niggas who Crip harder
I done banged on more niggas than Vince Carter
You’se a weirdo
I be with the mob, gangbanger
Puttin’ in work is like a motherfuckin’ job, I’m a gangster
Ask T-Top, in Cali, who saved him from getting robbed
If I done hid behind a tree that nigga, he woulda died!
Tell that nigga stop me when I lied
But that’s probably somethin’ he ain’t wanna tell y’all about
But it’s up to me, gettin’ exposed
[R] And I’mma air y’all out, for real stop it
Real blocka
The shit I spin around from off my back, real choppa
[G] Kill shot ya!
Codeword, stepfather
[R] What that mean?
[G] DNA said no
[R] But I still popped ’em!
Tool low
[G] I got the tool on
[R] Get ya ooze on
[G] They said Shine hit rock bottom
[R] They had the move wrong
[G] Oh, that was a tombstone
If your family see you next time, you’ll be six feet
[R] My, have you grown!
Which one is it?
DNA, or the PG Killer?
[G] Which one is actually near?
[R] ‘Cause I got a K, with a drum, baroo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doom
[Both] If the Champ is here!
[G] Too many straps in here
Don’t be actin’ scared
Get two rounds in his mind, he only half-prepared
Aye, I’m a savage, yeah
Y’all seen what I did to the Don
[R] I keep airin’ Roots
[G] Oh, this a marathon
And when it’s real, y’all can tell
[R] You can– Bow!
You can’t see nothin’ in they eyes!
[Both] Time
[G] Nigga

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