Emerson Kennedy vs. Danny Myers (Rematch) [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Danny Myers]
You been holdin’ down the West
I was the one to do it first with skill
You battled in a dashiki wit’ blonde hair…the Parallel Universe is real
Speaking of blonde hair, Em’, there’s rumors of martial law and mass terror
Opposing the government was my foundation before this mask era (mascara)
They said the kid want it
They put out a contract and I bid on it
I got niggas that’ll pop off the top of yo’ skull and keep a lid on it
The Sig flaunted
Ain’t none of my thoughts formal
I’ll hide a gun in the small of a cripple’s back and tell him to walk normal
This where I go off on you
Too many shootings, the Feds was on us
We was lickin’ wit’ the pole like we tryna spread Corona
Those with open eyes be hearing the clearest
You tryna bring Bar Code to the world?
I mean, I’m no conspiracy theorist
But wit’ all this Pizzagate, look around, the climate is hurtin’
It’s a New World Order – I say your timing is perfect!
Me and my wife took 12 steps down the aisle a while back
Then we took another 12 steps to get her smile back
I’m a wild cat, wild straps
Bitch shit, I can’t allow that
Now I’m grillin’ this Muslim’s food like a halal wrap
You wrote a TV show, I peeped it out – great script
It came natural…since you used to writin’ fake shit
Make this make sense
You fuck white girls and Asians, then tell ‘hood tales to back it up
You tryna get yo’ series put on Netflix to show us that you Black as fuck
Nigga, pack it up
Finesse killed you, claiming you rhyme nicest
Then you let a Arsonal (arsenal) smoke you through the screen like Time Crisis
This the art of rhyme-writin’
Any hesitation, and the odds fall
I will hit this average Joe in the chest like Dodgeball
Fuck that – headshot!
Wherever his soul go, it’s God’s call
I’m just waitin’ on Kennedy to bend the corner like Oswald
This the mob’s fault, some of they codes still stick to me
You realize this cunning linguist views you as a lick, pussy!
This a gift to me
You on the ground wit’ this shit…

[Round 1: Emerson Kennedy]
Thank God for these events, where he can see the best
And E can see the vets, and we can please the West
But no shot given, the plot thickens
Please don’t think you teachin’ tests
You won’t get mercy as a thank-you…I’m not into speakin’ French
Let’s penetrate this weak defense
Your plans are so sloppy
Iverson never passed so I Answer to nobody
Just asked to get thrown prob’ly
And he can be the wise guy
That don’t think you need the hospital until you see the side nod
You ain’t read the guidelines
I’m tryna get a big knot
If dollars been a problem, then I’m brolic up in his spot
If this twat act rich, op’, I’m plottin’ on his wristwatch
Not even logged in, but got me followin’ his tick-tock (TikTok)!
Tell me this my big shot, like you’re one to call shots
I went to war almost all blocks
On tour ‘til the ball drops
These miniature Shakurs? I brought more to make ‘em all drop
I did what science couldn’t – I’m the cure…for these small ‘Pacs (smallpox)
Pure from the hard-knocks! A crazy truth
You givin’ iPads to your kids, and it change they view
Half the brain they’d lose, and I can’t say who’s who
But I sold pills growin’ up, Danny – tablets raised me, too
You gon’ fade E who?
Like you do the meanest damage
I’m from where tomorrow isn’t promised, can’t even buy the green bananas!
Where my mama never seen her parents, but we still got loved
My nigga hit wit’ .38 ‘cause his real pops ducked
Like how he wasn’t looked over and he still got snubbed!?
I got buzz out the mud
You gon’ feel it when it hits
These niggas love to act ape ‘til they Gorillas in the Mist
I think he’s still a little pissed
You don’t think I’m punchin’ hard?
You ain’t catch me swingin’ on top of that monkey bar!?
Well, let’s try and rate, if my pen’s high as day
Nothing’s gon’ stop my climb
In the end, I’m a great
So talk about that street sweep’ and that pretend fire rate
But no choppers knockin’ me off this Empire State
I used to grip the white girl
Since she gone, I been wildin’!
That means don’t try and tame a nigga that belong on his own island!
These are gems I am GIVIN’ you!
Know what you listenin’ to
When’s the last time you realized that you’ve witnessed a miracle?
Let’s go

[Round 2: Danny Myers]
You write movies, date actresses…
But when you rap, it’s gotta be gory
Those aren’t bars…those are E’s True Hollywood Stories
Bitch, my OGs learned the streets from they daddies’ pimpin’
They did 30 years in a box and never talked like Maggie Simpson
You got foresight
Of course you drive a Porsche, right?
I served rocks out of a Cayenne bag under the ambience of a porch light
Every verse is ill
I go to your mama’s house and burst the steel
You standin’ over the casket like, “FUCK…the Kennedy Curse is real!”
I should be worth a mill’, it never made a lot of sense
But I don’t need to talk to Kennedy about politics
Who hot as this? Look around, this is where the truth be
You never had appeal (pill) – that’s why we doin’ this on the roof, E (roofie)!
I done DRUG niggas!
Look at my eyes! Nothin’ no good!
I’ll ram you wit’ yo’ own car in front of yo’ hood!
My man was losin’ his sight, he got shot on the boldest of missions
From his cell, he sent his son a note, stuck in the coldest of prisons…
Do you believe in a Parallel Universe? (I do)
I do! He died after he went blind – focus and listen
His son opened the note, it said, “Always go wit’ your vision!”
You just a ho wit’ attention, and they always think Danny playin’
I’ll catch yo’ bitch, then sting her (stinger) in the mouth like Candyman
And it’s a family plan
The weapon squeeze ‘til the job done
Despite the bars, you’ll say “Rest in peace to the Godson”
Let’s even the odds some…
I’ll grip the Smith n’ and get to trippin’
But I’d rather this blade run against Kennedy like Richard Nixon
I’m on a different mission
Trust me, I’m the violent one
I’ll hold his bitch under water until the sirens come
You had quite a run
I told my bro, “I got him, I promise”
You got money, I’m from the bottom, I’m honest
You battled Physics all alone, and I’m sure in that time you built a Bond with that Quantum of Solace
If that’s your goal, then I (GoldenEye) ain’t trippin’!
I already sniped y’all!
Loser gotta jump, and you finna take a Skyfall!
This wasn’t the right call
You on the ground wit’ this shit
This wack MC got a whole ‘nother round of this shit

[Round 2: Emerson Kennedy]
I’m shallow wit’ it, Danny
My moms would be mad at me
You know I dropped a couple racks on things to heal from past casualties
300 for an Astroworld shirt – gotta laugh at me
‘Cause takin’ Danny Myers is the real kinda travesty (Travis tee)
You mastered these, classic schemes
That throne was paired for you
And you’ve been a king with honor, it’s just time the heir fold you
New year, I knew clear (nuclear) you’d die on that chair noble (Chernobyl)
Glare mold you, I’mma told you…
But I’m not finna war wit’ ya
You spittin’ simple setups, and the opps gettin’ bored of ya
Your spot gettin’ cornier, we not gettin’ more of ya-
I thought you was a parent – you need to stop wit’ that formula
Stop the informants, bruh
You tryna plant a witness
You know my man is different
I’m dodgin’ 12 and plannin’ shipments
I’m Training Day to jakes, you know my past is wicked
I’d drop weight and hear the sirens – Dan, it is a Planet Fitness
That’s why I’m- woo-hoo-hoo!
That’s why I’m past fightin’ you
Run? I’m pathfindin’ you
Drive until it’s empty: Dan, I’m truly gaslightin’ you
You talkin’ to the 12…when that snitchin’ over?
Foot Locker niggas even look like a whistleblower
I’mma make this shit get colder, rainin’ on the roof
You changin’ what he do, rearrangin’ to the new
You know that famous monkey toy, and this mainly what he do?
(*EK puts his hands together and pulls them apart*)
I grew up ‘round niggas that be bangin’ symbols (cymbals), too!
Nigga, the gangs is in the news…but we ain’t finna start that
Bark and I bark back
Your wife – where your heart at?
Tell her I need the truth, or you on the cart strapped
And if your Queen be (Bey’) lyin’, this where an IV PARKED AT!
Destined for a dark path
I dodged the beam with pride
I was casin’ jewelry stores, knowin’ that the team would slide
For a brief stage, it was a tree’s age: I had to count the rings inside
These are gems I am givin’ you
Know what you listenin’ to
When’s the last time you had witnessed a miracle, nigga?

[Round 3: Danny Myers]
You didn’t put me in your movie, FAGGOT!
That’s what these vicious artists do
That’s why I’m smoking your ribs like Memphis barbecue
Bitch, I fathered you, you gon’ face the .40
I killed you years ago in Utah, you claim to hate my glory
Back then, you couldn’t make a single sale (cell)
You evolved from that Salt Lake just to contradict my Creation story!
This is Biblical!
A lot of it’s mental they plottin’ against you
Ya boy went and got him a pencil from Solomon’s Temple
I’ll keep my streak
Niggas need both of they eyes to see my peak (peek)
When I speak, you can tell I’m different as fuck
Em’, it’s just the two of us, and I got yo’ bitch in the trunk
You don’t keep a fif’ in the tuck!
You spit consciousness and opulence
Me? I’m from the gutter – I be talkin’ ‘bout the opposite
For example, you never crept where the thugs stay
You was eatin’ fresh every day while I slept on the Subway!
Hold that train of thought…
I’m controllin’ every bar
Like that subway, we pullin’ up wit’ a pole in every car!
This is refined energy
We’ll kill you and play music and pour out Dom, Kennedy!
Your pen potent, but you vicarious when you quote it
So who the one realer? The one who did it, or the one who wrote it!?
Y’all jokin’!
Y’all need me to beat this clown
You’ve been sad as fuck ever since they closed the beaches down
But if Surf bored (surfboard), he’ll be wiped out when we spin blocks
Fuckin’ with DM, I’ll wave in his inbox
Send him the message
Peep how every line is interconnected
I do this around the clock – you gotta give ‘em a second
This is hellfire!
This the second time you failed Myers
Poke your chest out, I’ll black on this bitch like Elvira!
You a swell writer…but you on the ground wit’ this shit
Thank the- mmmm…

[Round 3: Emerson Kennedy]
Danny kidnapped, and the purse might hurt
Tell his fam’ 50 grand, or it get worse by worse
I need it laid at my feet while I rehearse my verse
If it’s not to me, it’s Fox movie: they’ll see a Searchlight first
You got the worst type curse, ‘cause your marriage tell things
And I hate when your opponents do a Parallel scheme
But, Dan, I went back to Africa, walked in the field
Saw a lion spot a gazelle and got caught in my feels
‘Cause my mama called me watchin’ the battle, spottin’ my skill
Dan, we was both on safari and watchin’ the kill!
This is real, in the field
You lack the man stamina
I worked for Wells Fargo, even had some bands plannin’ up
Got a gun and a promotion same day on the damn calendar
I learned how to control a stick the day I became a branch manager!
Duality I’m livin’!
Escaped fallacy of prison!
I keep a blower in the basement, but a chalice in the kitchen
And you shine, but timidly
Lie, but vividly
It’s all these tall tales every line cuz givin’ me
They’re gonna catch up to you, and you’ll die off instantly
When your ability to lie becomes a LIABILITY!
The story’s sadly told
I never walked the Grammy road
But now battling’s got me noticed by white folks, might just have me fold
All the “Awesomes” from the Trevors showin’ up in shabby clothes
I’m famous for crossin’ white lines: I think I’m walkin’ Abbey Road
I’m the GOAT
This shit is flagrant
I’m pissed what I’m facin’
‘Cause Danny sniff on occasion
All that blow explains your energy
He’s split and impatient
Carves a Hill on his desk: blame his Miseducation
You the figure of fabrication
I deal in honesty, poverty, the shit we trapped into
You just yell a lie and throw your hat
Danny, we sick of that cappin’, too
Imagine you, in my shoes, advocate to Black advice
I know women who want conjugals ‘cause they think that bad is right
Their nigga free and they go ghost, and he been sittin’ half his life
They only get wet in the cell – you can’t fix that wit’ a bag of rice!
And that’s my plight…
You’d rather fight, and that’s my plight
Most my theories look back
And I don’t fear he could rap, so I don’t fear the hood act
If I get caught for this body, they gon’ clear the crook’s act
I’m actin’ def (deaf) in front of the judge to get my…hearing pushed back
You a bull walking to slaughter, fearin’ the God’s rejection
That was me sayin’, “Stay in your lane and don’t steer in the wrong direction”
These are gems I am givin’ you
Recognize what you listenin’ you
And when’s the last time you had witnessed a- nigga…

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