Murda Mook vs. Street Hymns [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Street Hymns]
My homie T called me yesterday
He’s a peacekeeper, but right now, he’s in a low-down spot
‘Cause you can never trust a piecekeeper if you don’t personally know that cop
They can break in your house, wit’ no warning
Guns blazing, then someone goes out shot
Think of how mad I am…knowin’ someone tried to kill me and I don’t know that opp
ARP told me, “I can’t tell you who, but it’s a no-doubt shot.”
Shot? Like I ain’t never headlined and had sold-out spots
Prolly just another gun-bar rapper, finna throw out pops
Where I’m from, we toss the cans and gotta box
(*ksshhh*) It’s like a car for a load-out drop
You might just have a better stock, ‘cause when it comes to rank, they ignore mine
I’m s’posed to bridle my tongue when everyone appears bigger to this Horse eye?
…gave y’all bar after bar, while still proclaimin’ that the Lord died
Y’all ain’t woke, something’s in the water
Before I let you take the floor, I’d (fluoride)…like to reintroduce myself
Street Hymns – I’m a Christian if you ain’t found it out
Each battle, Street raps circles – every round about
Lyricism, so complex you gotta sound it out
They countin’ out without seein’ it’s a out in count
Without a doubt, since I’m lost in numbers, let’s get Biblical
When it comes to I, foreign eyes will get visible
Whether it’s on-stage physical or on the page digital
With my shots, I’m hot
Skybox: got best visuals
See, these battle rappers? Strugglin’ with they own identity
Unbalanced chemically, can’t cope mentally
Every day, fightin’ a stranger in the mirror was just imagery
‘Cause you gave them opponents they don’t know
To them? That’s consistency
And me? I ain’t know myself – that’s all facts
Got pulled a short straw, man, and my name was all cap
We all tasked, and that’s those outside the church, and the believers
But I was told to render the Caesar, not surrender to Caesar
If it’s not credit? Stop! Dead it!
I started revocations
‘Cause if Messiah pull money out a fish’s mouth, I can make the scales tip
Y’all better get to payin’, those some heavy statements
But that’s what Bible Study’s for
So if you’ll Google it yourself, hit me up on Facebook
We can Bible study more


[Round 1: Murda Mook]
Look…this nigga ARP hit my jack, like, “Murda, I need a favor, and I don’t wanna know
Besides, though, last time you was on my platform, you had the fans questionin’ if you won or no.”
Aye (A), ARP, I ain’t met a care (Medicare) yet
You know damn well I’m 1 and 0
But if we go, skip the semantics
Don’t hit none of them homo phones (homophones)
I don’t wanna know
Let’s take it back to when it was no rules
Ain’t no “know-who’s”
Nobody had moves to go and mark y’all calendars
My whippin’ old-school
I’m from when you couldn’t afford to Dodge no Challengers
Now let’s see y’all calibers
But look, when it’s this, that’s when they get on their Caitlyn Jenner shit
That mean they agenda (gender) switch
Them niggas bitch
They actin’ like estrogen on the card is gon’ bless ‘em wit’ extra benefits
Well, listen, pussy!
Let’s be in (Lesbian) the ring – I’m L’in’ all you degenerates (Ellen DeGeneres)
The issue wit’ you new niggas is, y’all don’t be gettin’ disciplined for y’all ignorance
Y’all get a few wins, then start movin’ like you invented this
Cocksucker, I’m 20 in with this
Talkin’ ‘bout you questionin’ my penmanship and “Murda – what’s his significance?”
Nigga, my significance is y’all existences
I took a culture, from the beginning they thought had limits, and transcended it
I built pyramids, put hieroglyphs in it
I did shit that can’t be did again, nigga
This text? Sacred
You gotta understand the message when I’m sendin’ it
Can’t even put it in words, just gotta picture it – it’s a gift (GIF)
See, I’m godly, each and every event Murda steppin’ in
The Good Lord sprayed me wit’ this fragrance: bitch, I’m Heaven-sent (scent)
Can’t put niggas that let leagues validate they relevance
Against the nigga that’s the leader of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen!
Come on, gentlemen, it’s clear we on a different regimen
But I don’t even think y’all get it
I’d rather silence my critics, not y’all crickets
But if we on Gangsta Time, let’s punch the ticket
I ain’t playin’ no games
Kerosene on a nigga body, then lit it: bitch, I’m pro pain (propane)
Y’all remind me of Bro Mayne, from the 5th flo’
We hear your interviews
You always mind your own biz, so why you always pokin’ your head in somebody else window?
You know exactly who the fuck I’m talkin’ to, nigga
Don’t try to get low
And Dot Mobb, it’s on my arm – it always been what it been, ho
Yeah, I know, I know, we had some turbulent years
But we don’t want no critiques from nobody ‘bout what you heard and you hear
‘Cause trust we police ourself when it come to internal affairs
Yeah, y’all niggas sweeter than a penthouse
And got the nerve to have a big mouth
I heard you…’til a bird flew – I guess it went south
Matter fact, scratch that
Battle rap, where we headed at?
‘Cause I heard a nigga that said somebody with the better raps lost to a nigga ‘cause he had the better act
Then they said, “Look, man, that’s what the fans said they want.”
What the hell is that?
So we conformin’ our performance to some niggas that probably even ain’t never rap?
So the best shit in the world ain’t the best shit in the world ‘cause some- some lil’ boy or girl done commented and said it’s wack?
Nigga, never that!
Uh-uh, not to a nigga that went to Hell and back
My shit the hottest shit in the world – you know why? ‘Cause I said it’s that
We gave this shit to y’all
Y’all don’t decide where the bar gon’ be better at
Fuck you mean?
I gave this shit to y’all
Y’all don’t decide where the bar gon’ be better at
Bitch, the bar wherever I set it at!
It’s either you catch up, or look like the fuckin’ clown
Be that nigga at the basketball game askin’, “Yo, which team just scored a touchdown?”
But hey, I think that’s enough for now
‘Cause we ain’t battle-rappin’
Huh, this ain’t predicated on no daps or givin’ hugs
Or no puttin’ on no acts to get a buzz
This is a bloodsport: punchlines, metaphors
How ‘bout we get this shit back to what it was, huh?

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