Hollow Da Don vs. Mackk Myron [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Mackk Myron]
They say Hollow god-tier
Well, it’s time to get that fire burnin’
I be killin’ niggas from up top: I’m Remy in Higher Learning
I’ll come to your state, nigga, and do your whole family wrong
Start clappin’ shit, I Black, Brotha like Angie Stone
You pussy, nigga
Let me show you how this toy work
The clip…longer than a Franchise Boyz shirt
Tell Hollow I’ll put him in his fuckin’ place
The Dinininon’ll get shididi-shot in the fuckin’ face!
His name Nigel Bennett
I take the hand on Nigel, bend it
Look, Nigel, I been it
I be clownin’ on niggas, Nigel: I been It
I come for respect
A couple eject, watch him vanish
His name Hollow – what the fuck you expect!?
I did my research, that nigga whole life sorry
I’m sellin’ drugs your mother Will cop like Mike Lowery
Plenty smoke: lots of Marleys
Choppers out: lots of Harleys
He a snitch, it get hot, dog talkin’: Sausage Party
I’m in Queens, fuckin’ shit up
Made his whole set slide
Oh, he was scared when I pulled up, like Jody when he caught Snoop in Yvette ride
I’ll spark shit, get the lowest (Lois): Clark Kent
If not? Caitlyn Jenner: your head’ll part, bitch!
Loso a faggot, and Hollow? A fuckin’ jerk
I hold the shotty and keep pullin’ ‘til it fuckin’ jerk
Shoot through your bitch door – (*chk-chk*) BOW! – her stomach burst
Watch y’all scream
Jaheim: I Put That Woman First
Your tee bloody, shirt sticky: Buttersworth
Sticks with beams come wit’ the Ray like Shuttlesworth
A couple squirt
I’ll put a bullet in your Mother Earth
Hollow, if I go upstairs, I’ll bring the hand-me-down like your brother shirt
Yo’ best verses couldn’t beat my past shit
I swear to God I bought a L.O.M. shirt to wipe my ass wit’!
Glocks, MACs, TECs, I’m holdin’ ‘em all
I’ll nail Hollow wit’ one of these hammers and put a hole in the wall
YakTown in this bitch


[Round 1: Hollow Da Don]
ARP hit me for RBE, he said, “Who gon’ D-I-E?”
IDC, for the smoke I’ll P-O-P
Tell them niggas don’t DM me
They must be on DMT
They’d get DDT’d like DDP
I LOL, then OMG
BRB…Chef, this sauce is from KFC
This before you knew your ABCs
FYI, you’d be DOA – I have my niggas from the A OD
Don’t play wit’ me
I don’t even leave evidence, I don’t even like to print
You receive medicine, I write in scripts
Time to get it filled
These are the bars you can’t get in a pill
But that been a drill (Benadryl) compared to a Perc’ 10-a-mill’!
I can’t tell you how I really feel
But for some reason, I feel like I’m gettin’ a little Ill
I wanna tell Will thank you
You heard that last scheme?
You see how we filmin’ this? I’m usin’ some ill angles
I had to start off playing wit’ the letters: it’s not wit’ Scrabble
Mackk, you’ll get a band (BANNED) from URL: it’s not a battle
These thousand-dollar niggas swear they got me rattled
Well, here’s where I talk straight Luke
So many whips, you could tape Roots
Bread so old, you could make hooch!
Y’all the type that act like you only grew up playin’ SMACK and only played Mook
When yo’ ass prob’ly grew up off of Frankie Wapps and Jaze Juice
But I hate white rappers wit’ your images
That’s funny, ‘cause you from Michigan and your initials is M and M (Eminem)…coincidence?
Well, we’re both in different races
‘Cause while you waitin’ on your stimulus check, I’m out here stimulatin’!
While you’re at the pharm’ gettin’ meds, I’m meditatin’
Your career’s dead ‘cause ain’t no dedication!
You been takin’ Ls ‘cause ain’t no elevation!
That’s why I ignored you half this time and spit half the rhymes for Ill
I mean, I know you fuck wit’ the Yak (‘gnac), but you shoulda never got behind the Will (wheel), mothafucka…

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