Jae Millz vs. Bigg K [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Bigg K]
You know what rhymes wit’ Jae Millz?
Only came back to battle rap ‘cause he need to pay bills
One of the first from our lane to sign a deal
To the hottest label in the game, right under Wayne, but it was your name that managed to stay Lil
Say chill, I get the drop, spray it up
Glock-30 – you talkin dirty, the mop straighten up
Gauge cocked, face shot, your top breakin’ up
I’ll bring more people to Jae’s (Jay’s) spot than a Roc Nation brunch
Do not play wit’ us, it stay wit’ us
They ain’t that foolish
Pistol to your temple, gun drillin’ like a paid tattooist
Blood spill on a Sunday – let Jae act stupid
I’ll link Millz wit’ Gunplay (M-M-M-M-Maybach Music)
Black Buick, I roll dolo on a road trip
I’ll let this fo’-fo’ blow ‘til your dome rip
I heard your last three rounds and was so sick
‘Cause that was (No, No, No) like your old shit
Blow dick! I don’t feel he a threat
I been here for ten years – who really a vet?
I’m callin’ shots, they callin’ cops tryna snitch on the set
You on the crib waitin’ for 12 like a (stimulus check)
You golden-era battle rappers wasn’t as crazy
Try to rap in the new era and nothin’ amaze me
You still livin’ in the past from what you done in the ‘80s
Old-school think he in Control but (What Have You Done for Me Lately?)


[Round 1: Jae Millz]
Everybody quarantined, so I say, you know…let’s talk some shit, right?
Ayo, somebody tell Bigg K it’s‘bout to be a big slay
I’m Travel Agent Jae: these bullets send you on a getaway
Pick a day, it’s seven in a week, the choice is all yours
I’ll drag ya ass through Hell, and then send you to the Lord’s floor
Your favorite girl slob on my dick, I fuck her jaws off
Ride through my ‘hood like you good, we shoot your doors off
Go ‘head, try to run, I hit your knees wit’ the sawed-off
Bones poppin’ outta yo’ legs like you was Paul George
Look, some niggas come to fight, I go to war-war
So either way you look at it, it’s a loss-loss
I got a bad temper and my brain off-off
So say the wrong thing, I promise you’ll get the Norbes toss!
Pussy, I’ll leave you in worse than a coma
A mask and the gloves won’t help you – I’m worse than Corona
Worse than your car flippin’ 500 times at Daytona
Your fat ass dead for a week gon’ be the worst of aromas
Everybody got these Young Money jokes…like they funny
Heh, like through this pandemic, I ain’t still gettin’ pub’ money
Now, Bigg K, lemme ask you a question real quick:
Out of all these battle views, how much money you get?
I’m a fuckin’ legend, and prob’ly been that since you was 11
Stare at yo’ feet and watch where you steppin’
‘Cause I will viciously put on a white sheet and hang you from a tree
So the last thing you see before you die is yo’ history
I don’t waste a second
I don’t play, I’m a veteran
And I don’t eat pork, but today, I’mma make an exception
ARP already know – just make the selection
I’ll make a Bigg K lowercase
Catch you at the light, let your head and the barrel fornicate!
Whoever’s sittin’ next to you, your brains gon’ be on they face
Don’t call the paramedics unless gas they just wanna waste
First card after quarantine, I want you on that date
On the stage, on my plate

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