T-Rex vs. Jai 400 [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Jai 400]
Jai vers’ T-Rex?
Let’s be real, the fans don’t wanna see Rex
You threw a shot, I threw one back: that’s just the reflex
When it come to the Dots, you a alpha, bet
But…you ain’t a G, Rex
Bitch so (sew) into what I be doin’, he seem stressed (seamstress)
You know what rhyme wit’ “What happened to Rex?”
Him snatchin’ them checks
Taking these leagues’ fees, showin’ lack of respect
Deserve more than a smack in the neck
ARP, it couldn’t have been me
I woulda snapped in here (hair) like barrettes
But no lackin’, you’ll get stretched
I ain’t ask for your respect
Only thing crackin’ over here is after I snap your fuckin’ neck!
Not the type of business you can duck when looked at as a vet
That shit ridiculous
You just out here takin’ free money like the stimulus
What’s the significance of you survivin’ when TECs clappin’?
And bullets aligned across his chest: he Rex Chapman
A shooter, straight outta Newark on some Randy shit
Don’t play with me, Randy
Shoot from deep, Randy
Like Foye, top of the key, Randy
This here came wit’ a fee, Randy
Snatch your two chains (2 Chainz), now I got everything
Buy it back – no more free, Randy!
Hammer tucked, I stay wit’ it
This battle, you shouldn’t play wit’ it
This gon’ be a body without Reasonable Doubt: they gon’ say Jai (Jay) did it
Handgun, get sprayed wit’ it, live on cam’
Fuck best friend goals
Take this shot to the head: just being Vague wit’ it
Niggas ask me, “You be seein’ the big A High?”
I’m like, “Nah, the Big A high”
Yo’ actions is beyond speech
No matter how hard it get, I refuse to recycle lyrics that’s trash like Duck from The Heartbeats
Why choose to live your life like this?
If there’s a heart in the house tonight, you’ll know Shine, he suited him up
So…why would you wish for nights like this?
You want raindrops to fall? Okay, well…I might not miss
Brains’ll splash everywhere, so it might not mist
Grab the clip, tap the bottom in case his top don’t twist
His thoughts everywhere…let’s see if he could find his niche!
No, he from Harlem…a place where we could find this snitch
That’s why no nigga you started with’ll stand behind this bitch
You not a snitch
Let’s rewind this shit
Bless, Mook the guys you was ridin’ wit’
Cheated on Bless, but now he blessed, but never mind that shit
Ain’t gotta take that route
Whenever we battle three rounds, I’ll save it for that bout
Lookin’ for 15 Minutes of Fame off of me?
Like that interview you had on the couch, you gon’ be assed out!
So stop the persona, you a gangsta and you do all that
You turned Crip at 35! That’s the truth, all fact!
Talkin’ the nigga dead who took your chain
You gotta prove all that
Only question left now, Rex…is how you gon’ act, nigga?


[Round 1: T-Rex]
Grown man bars, somethin’ he gotta deal with
No matter how many times I recycle, you don’t matter- you know I ain’t steal…shit
Like…how y’all get mad at a nigga that…go spits some rehearsed shit?
I mean, at least y’all can never say a nigga done stole shit
How do you get mad at a nigga for spittin’ his own shit…when there’s niggas that actually stole shit?
That’s like sendin’ a chick a dick pic, and it ain’t yo’ dick
Y’all some of the worst shit
Then he say he the King of Jersey?
Ain’t that Arsonal? Ain’t that Surf’s shit?
What I got in my arsenal will make your car look like surf shit!
Somebody tell Jai 400 Block I said, “Fuck his block!”
Bigg K shit: I’ll chase Jai for 100 blocks
I be out gettin’ the work off
Own boss, you can’t name a nigga I moved for
I’ll put your chicken in a box, she a cold SLAW (coleslaw)
This type of shit make me wanna put on a Wal-Mart
12th Street nigga, I’m in love wit’ my whole block
I been outside since Black Ink was a smoke shop
We call a robbery a “head tap”: it’s a close shot
You only livin’ off a machine: you a robot!
I sold pot and I had dimes of the butter
I even saw my man serve dimes to his mother
The same time, his sister used to slide wit’ my brother
And he ain’t even mine – that nigga mind in the gutter!
Fuck it!
Play wit’ me like niggas gon’ spray wit’ me
Trust, it’s fun shootin’, but I’m tryna save money
I ain’t talkin’ Big Daddy Kane, wrote ‘caine money
I’m talkin’ friends have the ‘caine, whole thing, gimme!
I’mma take the respect that they ain’t give me
I shot him, he lived – well, missed the lung and the kidney
12 Train, 400 Block, we gon’ split that in half ‘cause that’s 200 blocks
So I’m only gon’ chase yo’ ass 200 blocks
Bitch nigga

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