B. Dot vs. Th3 Saga [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Th3 Saga]
It’s ‘bout time…URL done brought the Sensei back…
ChristianMingle: on God, they done met they match
You should’ve told B. Dot this was his death date, Smack
It’s more than rap
Almanac: let’s state facts
This ain’t the plot off Juice
So reenactments? That’s what we not gon’ do
This time the Bishop on the roof…but got the drop on you
And it’s gon’ get ugly now!
To make sure his will’s involved (Wilson), I isolated myself from those I love to adjust these sounds
Literally pushed my caste (CastAway…for time (Tom) to hand Blood these rounds
Now look at what we found
They done matched the Kemetic Science versus the faith that sever the head of giants
Well, at least that’s how the streets said it
Look, off top, I rock wit’ you, but what I been through more cutthroat compared to where B. headed (beheaded)
It’s been four years…I really hope that your rhymes is tight, for this kind of fight
The perfect way to see how you combat the Gospel light, when your guy’s Polight
Oh, you conscious, right?
Well, being woke don’t make you dope or mean (dopamine) compared to energy that I got tonight
‘Cause all them shots and mean mugs on Caffeine – (*brrr-brr*) – really got me hyped!
I hope son advise
I’m at Dot, every round, on site: look like the buffer signs!
I came with pressure, Caitlyn Jenner
Don’t mistake me for them other (the mother) guys!
I’m done wit’ lies
Downplayin’ my career like I’m a passive threat
To rap a set
I’ll leave you paranoid
Spend the rest of your life alert (Life-Alert) if you think Kemetic’ll (medical) assistan-
Well, I’m at your neck
Push my buttons!
I’ll make sure you stay true to yourself when the doctors around
So all I know is you’ll be in ICU woke, then someone conscious’ll wear (aware) a hospital gown
I’m droppin’ you now
All them shots on the ‘Tube really tried my patience (patients), but the test was insightful
All ‘cause you took IV in (*smack-smack*) vain (vein), Blood
All that disrespect for the Bible
Wait, one minute, you a Kemetic disciple, then it’s TECs for your rivals?
Next time you go…in and out of…consciousness, it’s gon’ be EMT checkin’ your vitals!
Look how they hyped you
Like, “Dot killed a Crip on this roof”
And I’m in for a slaughter now
That wasn’t even the same Nitty I took shots wit’ when he sparkin’ pounds
So before you act like you handled three rounds of Rum, it was watered-down
But that’s why you seen as a GOAT
But (*clap-clap-clap*) well done
That kinda talk is rare when there’s a lot at stake (steak)
No time for the vegan approach
They believe in your quotes
All this hype from your fans gave you a reason to gloat
And you hold on to it, in hopes that B. can be a beacon of hope
To address the nation
Like, “We must rise above the fear of the man and detach from, trepidation
In a separate, school of thought that can only be, found in (fountain) Blacks like, segregation
Bring forth their, desolation
Question: where was all this energy when Guardians of the Culture ne-glect your payments?
Stressful, ain’t it? (heh-heh)
Strick about the pain that oppressed our people for, generations (heh-heh)
Another Black man who rely on the white for his, reparations”
You see? That’s why in the end (Indian) I had reservations
What you say is fraud
Vers’ Loso, I watched you two fight as you tried bull (tribal) to convey your bars
Straight facade
Styles I invent are a (aura) few reasons I’m a ace when the faith involved
All that African paint, to end up in a bag When Nature Calls!
Save your dawg!
This ain’t that 2014 Saga with basic bars
Every battle I’ve had since I’ve evolved are wins (Darwin’s) and I’ll show you there’s levels to apin’, Charles
Then it’s a grave for y’all, I’m ensurin’ the plot
It’s gon’ be more than my opp’ when you claim the loss
For a brave protagonist
My second time on the roof to reclaim the savageness
I became a strategist
‘Cause first I hit Cor’ (corps), then hit (*smack*) B., too (B2): we playin’ Battleship!
I came to bag him quick
So be prepared, ‘cause if Sensei sense a vibe, I’ll make it hard for you to leave from here
You either gettin’ 3-0’d, or Danny’s son vers’ Ward: a 21 you haven’t seen in years
So go ahead wit’ them God angles, try me for a homi
First round, I just caught another body for the Body

[Round 1: B. Dot]
Wow…it’s been one hell of a storyline
But here’s where Th3 Saga ends
After this, it ain’t no way you could go on
Look, I’mma head straight to the point, and leave crosses burnin’, flamin’ on yo’ lawn
And I got a…couple niggas wit’ me that’ll come through wit’ the…
Avo’, wait up a minute…hold on
Just catchin’ my breath…
The fuck you expect when I’ve been chasin’ a nigga for so long?
And it was, so wrong
“B. Dot gotta go through the Proving Grounds!”
How that sound?
You can’t make arrangements, tellin’ me to grow when your rank has never been seeded!
You just another battle rap industry plant
Based on that fact, you probably figured we’d never be meeting (meat)
But, like, you a top-tier, and I’m down here, and I gotta climb levels to reach it?
“B. Dot gotta go through the Proving Gr-”
All these repetitive speeches
Well, the standards you set for this match? They’ve been met and exceeded
Always figured a nigga named Lebron could get the point that a PG never was needed!
They said you believed it, when they told you you was God-sent to, rock a stage
Well, come, Rage Against the Machine in the mosh pit
I was raised to pull up on niggas, work out how the arm lift
My father had me around Bloods
They taught me how to be a dog, wipe any gun clean that could palm grip
See, my father was a King, it was all foreseen they would never get the Pa prince (pawprints)
I’m all sick
These bullets I been holdin’ on for you, I done built a special bond wit’
They’ve become a part of my extended family, I’m talkin’ long clips
Peep the comparison, Biblical narrative
I’m ‘bout to let my people go and split shit wit’ a long stick
I must admit, for you to even take this trip and engage in this war, you a brave soldier
But you ‘bout to go AWOL
A. Ward and friends gon’ find him slumped on the roof
Either that, or The Hangover!
Remain sober…
I could haul (Alcohol) off on you, or send shots at you bitches like I don’t know who to hit
Loso my bro, so he ain’t got nothin’ to do with this
If I shoot and miss, then I’m swingin’ back ‘round: hula hips
I’m tryna put a pin to the body like a voodoo witch
If I see you and your crew – I mean, Ward and Hymns on either side of you – I’m shootin’ shit
I saw your gang and took it as a sign:
Put two down, then one in the middle like a Hoover Crip!
The foolishness is why the Ruger spits
You gettin’ shot after shot after sho- I’m just dumpin’ the clip
I mean, figuratively speaking, you ‘bout to be as drunk as can get
I gotta make this clear, I mean absolute (Absolut)
I’m tired of hearing Rum wasn’t 100 percent!
Look, I’m done wit’ this shit, all the comparisons
It seems when the lens on him, these haters wanna block y’all focus
Well, bring Lux on the roof
Y’all still think I copycat? Yeah, I’mma knock off (knockoff) Loaded!
You not gon’ notice
URL tryna shelf ya, I’m here to help ya
I mean, look around, you can see the proof exists
I mean, when a nigga try to hide or get rid of somethin’, don’t he normally roof the shit?
The tool is gripped
I’mma load it and dump it
Snipin’ down from the roof at you and your woman
I, aim at her belly
BAH! Let a hollow-tip go through her button
Now her whole stomach swole up for nothin’
She look like she expectin’, but the whole time, she ain’t know what was comin’!
You know that I’m gunnin’
At this false Biblical prophet that’ll put a lyrical contest before spiritual conquest
You let Norbes say we couldn’t war
I was tryna come straight here (hair) without havin’ to deal wit’ the Process
But ya side-stepped
Ya hid behind the politics and the gossip
The Gospel became secondary to a deposit
Holy Trinities turned to menages
Didn’t your guy get, tempted in the desert?
You took the Desert and started wettin’
Guess you ain’t learn the lesson on how to deal with mirages
But we gotta acknowledge
Without you duckin’ and dodgin’, veerin’ in lanes
I never woulda (*smack*) hit Traffic and impacted on such a serious stage
You the reason that Kennedy got assassinated
I must admit, I was wild (Oswald) that day
Full of fury and rage, I dissed URL
And let’s just say you responsible for one of the greatest battle rap rounds we’d ever hear in this age!
All ‘cause you couldn’t follow my directions on the map
Question the app – now look where you at
God works in mysterious ways (Waze)!
This is a coming-of-age
You admitted your sin – say, (Sensei) is that the reason that you run with the name?
‘Cause you mastered baiting (masturbating) fishin’ as a Christian, but had to let it ring in order for us to engage!?
Well, nothin’ has changed
Every other battle, you still dumpin’ the gauge
That’s not your calling, we don’t know who to contact
This Saga? Ain’t you s’posed to be saved!?
Well, fuck it, let’s break
I’ll let the shotty bang him
Or bring in the baby, dumpin’ shit: potty-trainin’
I’m on the roof, stackin’ corpses
Tower of Babel: body language!
Well, I’m solid aimin’
Sneak in wit’ the weapon, see him and his bredren
Whoever backs up the pastor (past) get chopped in half: brief history lesson
You know what I’m reppin’
This that Black African Power
And if these is yo’ last days, Saga, this is yo’ last hour

[Round 2: Th3 Saga]
Your de-ceit is strong
When this was booked, I, read into your elementary cadence on how your, speech is drawn
He figured if Dot, bounce on the words, then…y’all can keep along
But I peep what’s wrong
You move like this…the, idea is to get a few bars poppin’ and confuse y’all watchin’
Yeah, this pro Black, but…go viral for sayin’ nonsense: you Umar Johnson!
Boy, I’ll shoot ya uncon-
Nah, I don’t need a gun to make a difference
‘Cause if I drew, it’d (Druid) lead to a casket like the Undertaker entrance
See, when Lebron comin’ at you, the right hook (*smack*) leave more scars than it has to
Switch the guard to distract you
Arms swingin’
You don’t know if I’ll lift these paws to attack you, or if the referee called for a travel
But you don’t wanna see me violent
Discredit Ooops for, giving us a legislative chance and not, criticizing that man behind the branch, but not when Geechi hidin’
If these keep flyin’, one-two, one-two wit’ a repeat timin’
Beep-beep!, then B. be whinin’
I pulled off bumpin’ BeBe Winans!
You see, B. tryin’…to discredit that St. Louis hero for his mental trials
But somethin’ wasn’t sittin’ right…
To attack Superman brain, he act (Brainiac) like he set-trippin’ as Blood became a Crip tonight (Kryptonite)
Ooops overcame adversities, had a lil’ mental fatigue that led to a strong mind
Traumatizing issues that led to suicide attempts, and you turn that into a punchline?
Well, you self-righteous, kelp-bitin’, look at your people strive through depression but never help-fightin’, you just triflin’!
I know people that read Laws of Power while feeling loss of power
Bein’ mentally woke, but still felt lifeless
That’s a big confliction
But you so focused on our ancestors, like depression is easy
But in all cases, it can’t be a fixed condition
What they wanna do and what their mind registers is a mixed collision
So what’s the point of being “woke” if your pineal gland has astigmatism?
But you missed the vision…
Worryin’ about another mind you met (monument) damaged too far from a heightened rise
‘Cause every time they bring up Bron’s stat, you (bronze statue) meddle (metal) in wit’ hopes to be idolized
But me? I never stress the cred
I’m a youth leader, help kids in the system where I’d been left for dead
Plus I work in multiple schools for three years with kids that’s in special ed
Where I connect, few dwell
I’m talkin’ constant struggles wit’ cognitive functions that feel like giants compared to stress you’ve felt
When the hell’d you help?
Oh, I get it – you speak profound to crowds in your rounds ’cause the end result gets you wealth
You worried about the conscious community…I’m helpin’ these Black kids wit’ they mental health!
To seek what they couldn’t touch
I look to them, but think of you when I speak on reasons to put ’em up
I see their grades and I’d tell my students, “Aim higher – B. isn’t good enough!”
Your talkin’ is cheap!
Through pretty words, you learned how to harness deceit and target the weak!
That’s why I see the flaws in your speech
But a shepherd with no direction is just as lost as the sheep!
My substitutin’ y’all credit for validity if God said it
So y’all can say I use my faith as a crutch…just know my steps were never prosthethic
Boy, I brought methods
Ain’t no benefits to tryin’ me!
Y’all can’t compare…Mr. Butler to these…Menace to (IISociety!
One who only put in years to his community, vers’ one who only gives minutes to soci-
Oh, you tryin’ me
Well, the hunt is on!
Your speech gettin’ old, dawg (O-Dog), but you gettin’ chalked up wit’ it
Look, I figured you’d bring up bein’ Black in America, but all this caught by cans is the reason Charles doesn’t (Dutton) get it
Your cause just shifted
You involved in the problem that’s truly stressin’ you
Even Dot plays a part in the system: it’s Dewey Decimal!
I’m checkin’ you!
Ain’t no need to compare
Weigh out the options, brother
It’s easy (Eazy) to look down on you: Straight Outta Compton cover
Writin’ this, I had to stop and utter, disbelief of the recent passings
Senseless murders
Rest in peace, Ahmaud, Breonna, and Floyd
Fillin’ the gap between justice and just us based on the color of our skin, hopin’ that God fill the void
How my logic destroyed
Thinkin’ of George and that crooked cop made me want to attempt to approach wit’ vengeance at you
Because the way they murdered him’s (Murda-Hymns) way more than a Social Distance battle
We need to stop killin’
But before I go, I need to leave a comment where these racist cope done made a comment at
We lean on God for peace that surpass us, but still tired of sir passin’ from the piece when the shots dispatch
Little kids growin’ up heartless ’cause the life of Mom and Pops was snatched
We need change, but…metal rounds in the clip hold different cycles for whites and colors like the laundromat
We need to remain steadfast, but still socially aware of the construct used to divide the pack!
I will not relax!
‘Cause prosperity-preachin’ don’t help subside the fact!
Faith is dead without works, so any prayer I say got a 9-to-5 attached
I’m on the block wit’ cats like, “God got your back”
So I see no fault in you wantin’ to protect your family holdin’ Glocks and straps
(*clap-clap-clap*) I give props to that!
But the problem’s that we’ve become so fueled by, vengeance on our own we forget to leave it at the throne
We got God for that
So tell the cops retract
If you ain’t tryna deal wit’ mob attacks, swingin’ locks and bats, constant scraps, until we feel like our spot’s intact
Man, what you ancestors got for that?
Go ahead wit’ them God angles, try me for a homi’
I just had to speak from the heart – it’s still a body for the Body

[Round 2: B. Dot]
But you was suicidal…couldn’t gamble wit’ life
Ready to turn in your chips and dip when you saw how your cards was dealt
Didn’t wanna play your hand
Well, listen, I understand, as a man tryna dodge his guilt
But you had to call DNA when you was ready to decay
I guess you feel like your God couldn’t answer your call for help
Well, maybe He did, Saga
See, life is about balance
You turned yourself on, He just wanted you to off yourself
My thoughts is felt, wit’ my partners, who live off the streets and die off ’em
Where a OG give you the game, whether they pass the mouthpiece or they slide choppers
And it’s always a snitch from the clique
You know, the type to provide coppers to try and knock us
It was a nigga named Robert from my set
He commentated on the game
It was so much change Bob cost us (Costas)!
And you one and the same, Saga
That state of mind you not mentally far from
You shoulda took the sign from your crew, and then knew you would eventually cross ’em
Your memory’s awful
How foul is it to forget who put it all on the line and gave you the shot for the free throw?
I mean, DNA pushed buttons to put you in the game like a cheat code
He sat you down, taught you how to rap wit’ elite flow
And now you punchin’ from different angles: Lomachenko
Oh, this Negro don’t think we know why you left the X and went for the Christian endorsement
You wanted a trade, so ya forced it
You couldn’t ball wit’ that team, so you quit
Went wit’ the Four, fit (forfeit) right in wit’ niggas who don’t sound off
Well, of course, it’s startin’ to make sense
Hence a nigga wit’ no voice wanted to go to the Horsemen (Hoarse-men)!
Oh, this is important!
You picked that clique so you could be the favorite pastor
The Sensei, you gotta watch these mutant ninjas when they flip
The transformation is faster
You, heard it was rappers
Christians spittin’ with half-shells, and figured, well, that contradiction, it matched up
So this Splinter Cell saw them gel and said, “Oohs (ooze), this where I can be Master!”
You see how it backs up, the point like one off the bench
When I said you like a snitch like Robert from my clique when I mentioned the past, bruh?
See, that’s that punch that made you Bob
But it landed and further expanded on how you, weasel out of a situation
It’s in relation to all of that rat stuff
I’m just givin’ you facts, bruh
You a disloyal, frigid nigga!
You started off wit’ the trash like a kid that come from Brenda!
Then ya, get wit’ the X
Next thing we know, you now mentioned wit’ contenders
But you wouldn’t have no body (nobody) if the DNA didn’t say you had conviction of a killer!
Who’s realer – you or K!?
Onstage wit’ him, you’d never say that the spotlight mine
That’s a nigga you know you couldn’t outwrite rhyme
During the conversations, your name was a lil’ lit
But when son (Sun) came up, you couldn’t outshine Shine!
So it’s a outright lie, when you try to convince us you went wit’ the Christians, ’cause they had it on lock in the safe space
You wanted to stay wit’ the X (ex), but got caught cheatin’ wit’ niggas and couldn’t get by (bi) wit’ a straight face!
You straight fake!
Make-up your mind – where’s your foundation?
You faith-based?
You gon’ change the world swingin’ arms to create fire rounds? That’s a Strange way
Why you lane-change?
In different vehicles, we don’t know what’s your main drive
As a Christian, you supposed to introduce the niggas in your crew to the same God!
Then why Shine still bang 5?
Why DNA still spray knives?
If the Holy Ghost workin’ through you, I guess we gotta catch it when it’s happenin’, ’cause you don’t save lives
It’s the same guy, who used to be Peace
‘Til we gave metal to the Beast, then it’s load gun, blade knives
That’s not your character
Wit’ the X-Men, ya shoulda been Professin’
We’ll cheer (Wheelchair) if you change minds!
But you praise God, and-
Come on, man…
But you waste time and, praise God by joinin’ a team full of other preachers
You were supposed to turn K-Shine from, the Blood that squeezes to the one covered in the Blood of Jesus
What a weakness, to condemn those who don’t believe what you believe in
Sayin’ our bodies gotta burn
You can’t throw rocks livin’ in a glass house, it’s still some things you gotta learn
Like how to bank on one crew, but ya had two accounts you tried to merge
What Would Jesus Do?
Well, he left his crew, but he gave up his life savings as an investment, then blessed ’em wit’ a promise of return
Now that’s a Word
And this that Black African Power…

[Round 3: Th3 Saga]
Your luck’s up, friend
Jesus ain’t white, so if tryna tarnish what’s set in stone is your goal, then try to adjust what blends
I don’t care if you drop African or Blood diamonds
When all them Black jewels gone, it (Garnett) leaves me to get at him (Adam) wit’ Uncut Gems
‘Cause when B’s rappin’…and say I rep that centric ideology, he’s cappin’
I never claimed that European title: Steve Blackman
But whatever you can do (Kendo), stick to it
This ain’t whitewashed, the pen jot different
This that African pre-Catholicism bilge-rock Christian
It’s been my mission
To preach his love in the ring, my soul is banked on it
What He did spared (speared) me way before the Roman Reign(s) started
This ain’t for the faint-hearted
We waited four long years for this convo, and that’s my word, Dot
So make a decision
Choose you this day whom ye shall serve, Dot
Is your ancestor aura godly, or is it Kemetic orthodoxy?
Since Traffic, I wondered where your heart’s indebted
But since E (*click*) gypped (Egypt) you for the win(d), God, let’s start wit’ Kemet
The gods, the essence, the marks, the presence
It’s all pretentious from a dude who’s…all-pretentious
You ain’t ever caught the lessons
Like do you know why the Ten Plagues hit the Pharaoh for bein’ disobedient?
It was more to it – it wasn’t just so all the slaves could be free again
It was a subtle flex on every Egyptian God you believin’ in
Let’s start wit’ Hapi, God of the Nile
Blood dropped into each wave
Amen-Ra, your Sun God!
He brought darkness for three days!
Isis, she deals with health
But when boils hit, she wasn’t down for your posse
And what’s funny is you battled Los’, Ward, and me
You even took some paper route for the Body!
How could you stop me!?

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