Danny Myers vs. Nu Jerzey Twork [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Danny Myers]
Bitch, I should slap the shit out you, like fuck yo’ pride
But I’ll fall off the roof for putting my hands on a square like when Nutso died!
Off jump, this Above ya Rim, fuck shootin’ back from 30 yards
You’ll forever be etched behind I (eye) like Birdie scar
Ain’t no camaraderie, I’ll cut open ya brain like a lobotomy
Stitch it up, then slowly reopen the shit like the economy
Bar God!
If I pull this gat on him, I don’t think he’ll panic
But I’ll purposely break what’s under the hood like a janky mechanic
Can ya hands amaze me?
Nah! You won’t get a chance to play to me
Bitch I’ll choke Twork like I caught my daughter dancin’ crazy
Jaz and Mike P raved about you, this young man had the recipe
We all seen how you did RIP, now you finna Rest In Peace
This was ya destiny, point blank range, forever it burns
Then I’ll reach in and take back my deposit for those who never returned
You clever with words, young nigga always with the Goon talk
He thought he was ‘Bad’, ’til they light up his shit and then Moon Walked
They tryna kill you in a few states, you better listen to reason
It’s certain places you can’t go on the map until the mission’s completed
I’m giving you game, I’m tryna tell y’all the guy labeled
Killers got contracts to light up ya Wick like the “High Table”
Between me, you, and Verb, this the trinity, we was threaded together
Aye this (Agent) Smith in front of you gone have it settled forever
I knew he was caught up in The Matrix
When Mr. Anderson battled JC and referenced the Nebuchadnezzar
I’ll break half a broom, stab some wounds, take some lemon juice and add it to him
You get Strapped In
I get strapped in; a padded room
You ducked me cause you had “alcohol poisoning”, what you think bitch I’m dumb?
Volume 3 was the first time you were gripped by Rum
This bitch my son, he stole all my moves and I’m pissed off
I was the one ‘Jumpin’ ’round first, y’all got it crisscrossed (Kris Kross)
Too many bodies on the weaponry, my honesty gone be the death of me
We on the roof, and loser gotta jump…allegedly (a ledge-ly)
I’m a legend B, I’m Chris Nolan drivin’ the ‘lac tinted
Bullets flip ya car in reverse…I Mack 10 it (Tenet)!
I’m raps limit, and you on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got another 2 rounds of this shit


[Round 1: Nu Jerzey Twork]
I shook his pride
“Like Twork comin’ nigga, look alive.”
He died with his eyes wide open
The nigga look alive, I hold the thing above him, Nah
We was supposed to do this on the roof Avo’
They said I wouldn’t be good for that
I told ’em to bring another bitch, I would’ve had that shit collapse
On top of you, have you sittin’ under it
Put a roof over ya head, sound like a single mother
That’s a Glock .9, I know the gun by the bam
I can hear the sound and know what it is; like Shazaam
I’m Strapped In, I’ll clap you in a coma
Madness, I could snap at any moment
One can’
It’s a bigga .9, but I’m a man wit’ a gauge
Boom boom
Hit his Head & Shoulders, watch Dan drift (dandruff) away
Cannon will spray
I’m talkin’ a tool will clap
Shotgun, pick you off your feet when I shoot the strap
And this shit’ll pick up sir Dan (Sudan); like Uber X
Beretta on me, that’s a handgun or the Ruger clap
Long distance?
I don’t really do the sniper rifles, I ain’t used to that
I’m lookin’ for a Target near me…like Google Maps
I’m cruisin’ past, caught him comin’ out his house
I could’ve gone in his house
No problem, it’s goin’ down
In the DM, like Yo Gotti
Snub, nose firin’
Creep, so silent
Ran, right behind the nigga like Joe Biden
Kick the door-
Nah, steady Twork, that’s slow grindin’
Aye, Kenny Lewis, get off my dick, I don’t need a co-signer
Long as battle rap put food on my table, I be a provider (pro Vada)
Wait, where was I at?
Oh yeah
Kick the door, I only want scrilla, please give up the cash
Don’t be a gun victim
He don’t wanna give up the safe, oh he a dumb nigga
I pick up a pair of pliers, place it properly in his mouth piece
Oh this a tongue twista
Clutch shit up, I grip his dentures
Everything come out his mouth bloody like a British nigga
I’ll clip his shit up
Boom, one’ll fire, Boom, one’ll fire
Steel (still) up in the air like I’m undecided
Smack, you give me my money I’ll put somethin’ in Myers
Give me that chicken I’ll make him a vegetable
See, shit like that jumbalaya
What’s up with Myers?
Listen Myers, way before I sold dope, I had the urge to do it
I seen a fiend come with coins in her purse and get persecuted
See I love the sound of change jingling, sound like commercial music
Found a plug, went back to the block
The work was movin’
Police pulled the Honda over, whoop whoop, started searchin’ through it
Found at least a pie in there (pioneer), I was the first to do it
Twork be shootin’
Ruger finna hit him
BAOW, bullet get lost up in him
Chewin’ at his liver
But dude that’s got potential
Cause they ain’t even found the bullet, but I knew you had it in you
Wanna dump, I’m done with son
His life the only begotten like your beloved son
Jesus Christ
“His life”, “Only begotten like your beloved son”?
That was a bar God
Now here’s another one

[Round 2: Danny Myers]
You bang nigga, Piru Blood gang member
We in L.A., I’ma take you to Crenshaw and see if you that same nigga
Lame nigga, you at where it started, it’s real in here
Them niggas’ll have them color changin’…click; Chamillioniare
The steel’ll flare, we drive by, flee with no traces
We’ll wet up ya whole hood…the desert leaves an oasis
And you was leavin’ yo Aces! Literally, they pens sucks
You left the Goonies to join NWX…and then what!?
You got a lil’ team to call?
Fans see yo’ star power through the screen enthralled
Y’all be looking dangerous, but in person you don’t seem as raw
You entered a demon’s brawl, I’ll cut open ya stomach, take out ya spleen and gall
Put ya eyeball in yo’ own hand, and you thought you done seen it all
Then I get the team involved, we get ya address and we in ya home
Now we coming for ya baby, Blood; Andrenochrome
This what I been up on, you influence these niggas, but I don’t buy this
You got everybody shakin’ hands during a virus
Violence, I’ll spark at ya homie ’til his head leaks
It’s Biblical once I lay Jerusalem next to the Dead Sea (see)
I was a dope boy, all day I used to slang with it
Sherm heads was bending water before Ang did it!
I grew up on gang lyrics, my whole team be with the action
Next time SMACK put you on a Billboard. “Have You Seen Me?” is the caption
I wanna beam him with a passion, naw, fuck it, Dan’ creep up
And push his shit to the far left like Antifa!
The can’ squeezer, bullet wound, it ran liters
I light kin, he in pain (Payne) screamin’, “Damn Gina!”
You called me an old nigga, you was pumped up, hyped
I’m the King, and they put the Prince (prints) on the .40…you know you done fucked up right?!
The gun tucked tight, the hood thinks you an accident
Shotgun have you flyin’ through the air…good thing you been practicin’!
My nigga loved shooting dice, he got death threats over a debt
I told him he need to stop gambling, he said “BET”!
Do you believe in a Parallel Universe?
(I do)
I thought he quit gambling but he lied more
He couldn’t hit deuce deuce to save his life, then they gave him something to die for (four)
You won’t survive war, and you on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got a whole ‘nother round of this shit

[Round 2: Nu Jerzey Twork]
Danny was supposed to battle two years ago
I ain’t show up
And you still here so…you just don’t budge
You can’t wait to kill me huh? You cutthroat bruh
But I remember I battled JC and you embraced me so for that I got the utmost love
But this, ain’t that, this a drive-by
The pump gon’ bust, the gun throw slugs
Hangin’ out the passenger side of my best friends ride like I don’t want ‘No Scrub’
Too many bodies on the weaponry
Your honesty gon’ be the best of me
You said we on a roof and the loser had to jump…”allegedly”
Hella reach
You should’ve said, “cannon shoutin’
This the rooftop? I turn this shit to a vantage tower
Sniper rifle, right out the case and point
I just made an example out you
Raise the roof
I’m ’bout to make some noise, I’m ’bout to blaze this boy
Whole bullet, head into his chest, look like a Power Ranger toy
I got a problem wit’ ya boys
Y’all call yourself- What do they call themselves again?

[Th3 Saga]
Left Side Connection

Y’all call y’all selves the Left Side Connection? Hopelessness
I’ll kick B. Dot, Choke out Geechi, Smoke niggas
You’ll lose touch with the whole left side like a stroke victim
Pole lift up
He’ll run for his life while I burst this bitch I carry
One shot he’ll break down the street
Word, like Urban Dictionary
I serve obituaries
I will smoke you
You better hide and make no moves
Won’t even let me know who you’re close to
Make it hard to find the remote location like a Roku
You won’t never get the throne dude
Too many seats over you
You won’t never get a Summer Madness, there won’t never be no N.O.M.E. for you
You won’t never be mentioned with the greats
Mook? Lux? Not even close to it
Your name won’t even to Tsu, Dan (Sudan) like Ethiopia
I see no hope for him
This y’all favorite lame?
Nigga been battlin’ for 20 plus years, never made a change
Always stayed the same, he ain’t ashamed
My aura got me (origami) fly, like paper planes
Do y’all believe a Parallel Universe? (I do)
Danny gave me the Bar God chain when I made a name

Passed the torch, he paved the lane
Well I ain’t tryin’ to follow in your footsteps, I’m tryin’ to break the chains

This ain’t a game
You think he the man?
Think any talkin’ like they wanna be like Dan?
Well it’s time your shadow make it’s own move, like Peter Pan

[Round 3: Danny Myers]
Everybody know I am it
Myers sick
Why the fuck he talkin’ ’bout ROKU, all I do is fire sticks (Fire Stick)
Too many bodies on the weaponry
My honestly gon’ be the-
Nigga “allegedly” wasn’t a reach
Bitch nigga, you the nigga that I’m ’bout to off
Yeah we at a park, good thing they already brought the chalk
Bar God!
Bitch Nigga! I am the GOAT!
Y’all see this man staffin’ ’em?
You said “Ethiopia”? Nigga, B. Dot is Pan-African
Bar God!
You ever worked 60 hours in 7 days?
Didn’t take a day off
Felt like they was tryna destroy you on your feet?
Then a nigga come in, work half a shift, and get “Employee Of The Week”
You ever was a loyal to a company that you slaved for
To do something you was made for?
Then a new nigga come in and all a sudden he gets paid more
We ARE the “Parallel Universe”, the man that does the most for the culture gets the least up out of it
The lazy one reaps the rewards and he’s the counterfeit
But it’s no jealousy, I still put in pain off respect
I wanted you to be the new me, and gave you the chain off my neck
But Miyagi will look at Danielson on some lame shit
If he out here tusslin’ and wrestlin’ with niggas and don’t utilize the Crane kick!
Yo’ mama’s a pastor
You out here talkin’ ’bout some gang shit
Drake said he fuck with you and Nothing Was The Same since!
This why the game switched
Me on a big stage? No reason to
I ain’t never did Summer Madness, cause my bars ain’t seasonal
This what you need to know, you’re wastin’ talent, stay loyal to them scriptures
I believed in the “Golden Boy”, ’til I seen De La Hoya in them pictures
Speakin’ of boxers, let me show you my mind’s actuality
I learned from punchers like George…and Floyd,…to combat brutality!
Bar God!
Watch me versus B. Dot
Bars from the streets heard ’round the ‘burbs
I uplifted the hood before yo’ third round for Verb
We ’bout action, really shoot shit, all you sendin’ me is threats
That shit with Norbes proves you be pretendin’ with the texts (TECs)
These are sentiments of death, hood life is stressin’ me
Before I could use the space bar, I knew how to stretch a Ki (key)
My options were gang bangin’, poppin’ skulls, have a nigga leakin’ out it
But I could tell a path (telepath) wasn’t the move just by thinkin’ ’bout it!
But I still carry (Carrie), cause I ain’t fightin’ this big thug
Wait, wait, George…Floyd…Carrie…I need to see a pigs blood!
Sig’, snub, all day I brandish a gat
Biddat, headshot bubblin’, fuck what Anderson Pack (Paak)
You got all these special moves, you perform better? Terrific
Cool, cause all I got for this character is sticks (characteristics)
I am better with lyrics, you can see me trouble you
You No Show, I just got my CCW!
Believe we fuck with you
But keep letting us down with this shit
And you’ll never again get another round of this shit

[Round 3: Nu Jerzey Twork]
What can I say about Danny Myers that hasn’t already been said…about Donald Trump
Bar God, Yikes, I honestly hate everything you quote in ya raps
This nigga be callin’ people “wack MC’s”…you hopeless, in fact
.45 tucked behind, you’ll get smoked when it clap
But I’m generous, I listen closely with all my emotions intact
This nigga be out here screamin’, “I’m too cold!”
Well give this nigga the coat off my back
It ain’t a thang, Piru, that’s the gang I claim
The thang’ll bang, blat, you’ll act stupid like Jangalang
I grip the gat, BAOW, Hit his hat, 15 and a clip attached
And when I fire, one in the head come back like Men In Black
My shit’ll clap
Bullets scattered about, about 13 bullets out of the snout
But the shell cases came out on top and I counted ’em out
Yeah I’m from the east, but I’m Piru from coast to coast
I took my first battle check and bought drugs and guns for the folks at home
You see, when the leader (liter) blow up, it’s cause I gave my men toast (Mentos) and Coke
Mobile phones
I ain’t talk to all of the fiends, just my main joint
“You ’bout to pull up? When? By 2:00?”
At game point
I had ‘caine boy
I was steppin’ on most of the product
I mean I sell it dirty, but it’d come clean…I’m bein’ totally honest
I had plates in the stash
Paid all in cash
If mama knew I was trappin’ out the crib, she would’ve stained all the plans
She would’ve found my scale, I told her it was a Gameboy Advance
Then the drought him
Competition was sellin’ that shit for cheap
Shit was weak
I went from medium well to crisp Kid Cuisine
Shit was mean
Shit I had to ride, times was hard I hit the street
Shit was mean
When life gave me lemons I lemon squeezed
Nigga please
I’ll put a bullet that can’t get out yo’ head when the piece blowin’
It’ll stay there, none’ll return, like a free loader
Piece blowin’
Keep jokin’
Shells’ll fly
Y’all thought I was just another name for God
Anybody who ever thought I took an L should die

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