Nunn Nunn vs. Bill Collector [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Bill Collector]
After that Holmzie vs. Danny, this might be an ass battle
Shhht, my intuition
But if you win, just like that last battle, these two .50’s leave you wit’ a split decision
Aye Smack after this bro, we gotta argue
I don’t know what to say to this random ass nigga, who are you?
Nah for real, like who’s mans is this?
For real I’m losin’ patience
Cause in the terms of personals this shit is an orbital inclination
Cause he get to rap bout all the shit he learned ‘bout me thru years of trials and tribulations
Yet y’all don’t inform us on these informants wit’ all our information?
What’s ya information?
What’s ya story?
You can’t just be the most boring guy at the fight?
How the fuck y’all gonna give mе Larry Bird after Mike?
I turned this shit down, y’all had to ask mе twice
Y’all forced the plate on me, I said I ain’t want none (Nunn), I lost my appetite
It’s crazy how they know that I’m the GOAT, but you the sacrifice
Career wise I done past you twice
I’m better than half the people y’all lettin’ in and most the ones y’all call “veterans”
Last battle they said, “Bill Collector was more disrespectful than he ever been.”
But when Pulice disrespected Danny’s wife, y’all respected him
Conrad Murray, I killed Mike with his own medicine
Another white rapper about to be dead again, I should up the Taurus
You either goin’ run wit’ da Bul or you runnin’ for it
Watch a 16 turn to a 32, like fuck the chorus
Wait, this is fuckin borin’!
I beat Young Kannon
I beat Mike P and y’all niggas really turn around and give you me none (Nunn) for it
Yo, you got mediocre punchlines wit’ sub endurance
Your style needs some real TLC for that ‘Scrub’ performance
Finals comin’, yeah I studied for em’
Class in session, we here for a proper discussion
I thought I was the Filler Bar God, but nah, you the Master at dodgin’ the subject
I could’ve schooled you privately but the knowledge is public
What you think you rising so fast for (Fasfa)?
They told me leave the students loan cause it’s not in they budget
I wish you would win (woodwind) wit’ all that Jazz, shotgun barrel as wide as a trumpet
I, get excited and dump it
Whatchu gon’ have?
Tink Da Demon and them behind him or somethin’?
When that smoke clears, it’s Avocado, you got a bunch of rap niggas ridin for nothin’
I am disgusted, and I’m scheming now, drive by slow, I took the scenic route
Extended mag’, extra, extra, something to read about
Tink jump in?
I grab the revolver… first this bitch spin on you ballerina style
Then The Exorcist, this bitch spin next to take the Demon out
He bleedin’ out
This shit ’bout as wild as it gets
Ain’t you from Wilson
You should be used to a Menace on the other side of ya fence

[Round 1: Nunn Nunn]
I watched this Caffeine trash on a three-week interlude
Pissed me off, so a fistfight what I’m tryna get into
(*smack*) I’ll have your lips split in two
And you spittin’ out your gum like you fuckin’ up a interview
Check the prints (Prince): you know I rap a lot (Rap-a-Lot)
Grab the mask and plot
Like Benny & 38, you’ll get Stabbed & Shot
Get 30’d like Cortez believe it or not
Cause these type punches ain’t easy (Eazy) to Block
Of course I hear the hate and the fakest support
I get to wavin’ this razor and try raisin’ ya voice
They done brought Bill the Butcher like Gangs Of New York
What’s ya purpose?
I’ve rapped and made all y’all nervous
Cause that shit was unexpected like Loso cursin’
Goofy bitch, what can you do wit’ this?
If I up an arm, I got a bone to pick, don’t be humorous (humerus)
.4-4 squeezin’ where ya roof it
‘Bout to bury Bills with the dog Frank Lucas
You sensitive fuck, I ain’t a bracket buster but a better rapper
Y’all lie if y’all want, y’all want a Cinderella story though?
How ’bout I find this bitch wit’ a pump’
I told ya bitch, “Let’s fuck”, I ain’t flex a bit
I text the chick, she saved my number as “Ryda” you don’t expect the shit
Crazy I, fistfight with a therapist
Mental I, check out right now, find Bill and address shit
I found out Bill’s address is…Beasley’s house
Sleepin’ on Beasley couch
How ya livin’?
I don’t know if he covered on the rent Beas’, but I gave Bill an extension
30 clip, nothin’ to play wit’
I run in Beas’ house like, “Fuck yo’ couch.” I’m Rick James bitch
Shine said, you can’t join the group, don’t flex
You ain’t brotherhood, it’s the bro code, you couldn’t fuck wit’ the e(X)
You got the burna? You need the burna
This bitch known for gettin’ punched on like Tina Turner
This is death, anything less, don’t concern us
I’m Brizz, you know I back out if I’m facin’ Murda
It’s a long shot
You think that Supa Dupa Scope is a enough?
I’m lightin’ you up
Please, give me that aura like you try and be tough
This when this white boy’ll Tax Collector like I’m Shia Lebeouf
I ain’t believin’ in me if I’m believin’ he’s street
Type to snitch on the G’s he’s ’bout to rock sand (‘Roxanne’) he’ll sing to Police
This man is soft
He should’ve panicked off
I’m strapped with Arizona
One Bill is what this can’ll cost
Where the work? I want it all
Before I see you, make a quarter flip, I put your face in front of an eagle
Now it’s a Nunn (nun) burnin’ ya temple; pure evil
Hunger Games man

[Round 2: Bill Collector]
Battle rap got weird bro
Y’all really put actors on
Arizona don’t cost a dollar no more bro…they put taxes on
You ain’t say nothing different than Young Kannon or Mike P chump
I ain’t heard nothin’ original, but yet y’all hype him up
Yo, Roc, Smack, Beas’, y’all really like this stuff?
The same Bill flips over & over…like Smokey at the ice cream truck
I might bring pumps, the .9 cool, .50 on me, Ja Rule
Squeezin’ out a window like Big T at a drive thru
A couple bullets, the first one I shoot, if you don’t drop dude
Then the second to Nunn (none), like I’m top 2 but I’m not 2
Why fool?
Y’all really put the battle rap O.D.B. vs. the Beastie Boy?
This Hillbilly live in a trailer park, that’s where I’ll bring the noise
Running round, with two arms out, like Freakazoid
Puttin’ a bald head behind every trailer like, Beasley voice
You see the void?
Dawg, I’m sorta impatient
Tink The Demon a mortician, right?
Good, that mean the coroners waitin’
I’m suited with three pieces like a formal occasion
The .40, is droppin’ 30 like old Jordan was playin’
I’ll shoot ya spine when the .40 is bangin’
Put out bucks and got none (Nunn) back, like nonprofit organizations
This is war that you facin’
I dump birds, a Hit Maker; Yung Berg
I ain’t tryna give Trump words
But y’all both the same, neither one of y’all really deserve one term
This hillbilly got some nerve
It’s backwards, how I put this cal’ of mine (Calamine) on a red neck, but son (sun) burn
I’m tryin’ to help Nunn learn
That I’m a LOUD nigga, I like it quiet though
Silencer, grab the potato soon as I eye da hoe (Idaho)
You sell weed? Well what kind you grow?
Whether you do or don’t you look like a leprechaun so takin’ this nigga pot a goal (gold)
What’s that? A .38 what you poppin’ bro?
I’ll take ya Snub Snotty, no kid games, but i got your nose
In a rush? Kinda bro
I ‘Can’t Help But Wait’ let the Trey sing, then ‘I Gotta Go’
The chopper load, switch the ladder, different banana like platanos
Wait, didn’t Loso exposed your name is Lance, but he wasn’t wildin’ though
They think Lance Arm-strong now, ‘til these shots wingin’ and leave you flyin’ yo
Summa (some’ll) miss and Summa (some’ll) Impact when I make Lance (land) slide from this Calico(e)
Shot him close, you wonder where the shots land when the thing spark ya?
Right on the side of Lance, A LOT; King Arthur
Loso somewhere buggin’ out like, “Yo, Bill flippin’ my shit!”
That’s cool Loso, mine hit
This my shit, so lower ya voice, or I’m loading the toys
You with ya friends? Great, you’ll get smoked with ya boys
Bill put the lead in the circle next to none (Nunn) like a multiple choice
I’m over annoyed, hurt you so bad your soul bleedin’
Lift you wit’ a big .40, that’s Old English
I ain’t gotta shoot you alone, me and my bro squeezin’
Shots rung, and we both got none (Nunn), we broke even

[Round 2: Nunn Nunn]
Best in the tournament, you face to face with that
Smack this ’bout to be your favorite match
Let’s state some facts
You said before you I battled nobodies, you right, cause I made ’em that
I saw ya necklace
You had ya face in a chain?
Make me wanna saw ya neckless, put ya face in a chain
You know the pain of being white and feelin’ terrible after?
You beat the shit outta Mike
Psych, he was never a factor
I’m well rounded like a Ritz, I ain’t no regular cracker
These knuckles done split cheeks, don’t go against me
He J-Kwon, only got one hit, but he ‘Tipsy’
He try to weave, I caught Bill on the side; Lewinsky
Lined him quickly
Look like Danny and Holmzie, you get me?
That mean you facin’ God on the other side of the semi
You don’t want me as an op’
You bringin’ the cops, I’m ringin’ the shots, you gon’ hear it for three blocks
You’ll lose your soul you know, your heartbeat stop
Take ya Blood and your conscious like B. Dot
I weave, blocks, out the old school dumpin’ it
Destination: Norristown on a huntin’ trip
Dark [?] the bucket special came with a drum in it
High speed chase, you and ya lady in front of it
Must be Hillary cause Bill bitch got a reason to run for it
Nah I’m trippin’
I can’t have bars ’bout Clinton, I need better flips
Psych, they find Bill in-between the Bushes, I’m settin’ the precedence
I do what I want bitch, kick ya little brother, beat ya sister to a pulp, on my Nunn shit
This? Devil talk and it’s lit, let’s have a séance
Get a headshot or shut up, I cause the Kid, Chaos
What you stay off?
Coke or meth? What’s ya issue?
You leaving Saturday Night Live, who the fuck gave Billy, Crystal?
I ain’t gonna argue witchu
‘Bout ya little payments claimin’ ya name bigger
How you give million dollars worth of game and ain’t made ya figures
I hold the grip tight, the kick back made me aim and injure
I was shootin’ with a sprain like Luka hittin’ the game winner
Remember, you made veteran status before me
Five years on URL you battled before me
And still won’t make a Summer Madness before me
You are corny
They said Jaz the fakest in battle rap
Whoa there
You got caught with a BB gun? Shouldn’t go there
Your status been under Jaz’s your whole career
Now you mad Jaz sick on the mic (Mike) like Rudy Gobert?
I’ma take that 25, put supplies in the kitchen
White grams in the water, like they synchronized swimming
Precision, with a scope on the banger, I get the vision exact
I’ma make sure none (Nunn) remainder
Time man

[Round 3: Bill Collector]
Here where you ’bout to be salty bro
Check ya face
Me and Jaz been cleared that up, you are extra late
This shit is going my way it couldn’t be any clearer
You said the hottest man in the tournament I’m facin’ him right now?
I’m not in the mirror
See, there’s a lot of fear in ya heart, you know that you in a lot of danger
I can see in his core he (Cory) bitch, are you not Topanga?
Been doing my numbers on the low like denominators
In a whole different class cause everything I’m droppin’ major
Caught bodies in the first two rounds, just to remind the haters
And this body look exactly the same like a doppelgänger
Stop the angles, all you do is punch punch punch, hit or miss, mostly miss, that’s why ya style flawed
What you do different than other rappers that’s not involved?
You see I’ve been different, and standing out made me shine dawg
Now I got Pull, cause I earned my stripes as the Oddball
So stop fraud, niggas know I lived a hard life
I done shot, been shot at, beat up niggas, and lost fights
Been locked up, but you ain’t know ’bout that cause you the soft type
Spent half my life in the Bullshit, you know the charges that Bill Caught right (Cartwright)?
The hard life, what you gon’ rap about, My Expert Opinion all the shit that happened in my past?
All the shit we would expect
Man I’ll pull a TEC, hit yo’ head, shoulders, back, foot and chest
Everything on Mr. White Breaking Bad, you see me cookin’ Meth?
This Fight Night, I push on a square, he gettin hooked to death
Up the blade, then Bill splittin’ like a double date
I’ll run up in yo’ fuckin’ place, and make you run in place
Open up that fuckin’ safe
You’re like, “I don’t know what you mean homie wait?”
Oh you playin’ dummy? Straight
Since you don’t understand what I’m sayin’…then a Nunn see 8 (enunciate)
Cousin wait, I been shootin’ since 12, shit been that rough
A Coocamonga cracker killer if ya friends act tough
You and ya homies try to stroll me?
I’ll beat all y’all bitch ass up
By myself, cause we all know White Men Can’t Jump
But if he Woody (would he) Snipe’d, soon as he rose he (Rosie) felt the heat dump
Shit start poppin’ from the intro like ReRun
Everybody wit’ me gon’ squeeze one
Get ringed up, all my niggas got Bill back, like a refund
You checkin’ out, get stomped out, upload the footage, get him viral
Don’t bleed on me, cause you look like you use needles without any vinyl
So I got a Supa Dupa Dupa Scope, hit him from 50 miles
Only let him get this far to show him my Semi, final
You get the gist fam’? That’s a choppa with a kickstand
Tag after tag after tag, get ya shit spammed
Face shot, take ya identity, it’s a big scam
Put this Brother Pain on air, think I’m Big Stan
Why you in this tournament Bill? I got a big plan
Niggas know I’m V.I.P., I ain’t have to wrist (risk) Banned
Party Planner Bill I been bookin’ for big bands
I just dead put myself on this roster, I’m the 6th Man

[Round 3: Nunn Nunn]
I say Bill don’t wanna box he wanna lip fight
Last minute prep, get a quick write (right)
My shooter leave a hole in ya head, like a Pit bite
My dawg, off of the powder like a Pit fight
He a vet’? Where?
I look up to what?
I straight razor ya face before I’m star struck
Scopin’, off the roof when I dump
Ready to snipe by Billy, that’s White Men Can’t Jump
You washed up versus all the intangibles
Better duck Bill, you in the face of an animal
You know what a hammer do?
Open ya roof front to back and give it a panoramic view
We don’t ignore his town (Norristown) we just feel he’s (Philly) fraud
Got a gorilla squad, aim, high enough to kill a god
That’s Halle Berry ya bitch, better tell Billy, “Bob”
And one thing, I’m that aim event, I’m applying pressure
Vers’ Mike, he handled a white guy like the professor
Which escalate to a stretcher
And me cuttin’ him, ’til he nothin’ but skin and Bone, Collector
Damage collector, drag his head through the traffic; Hannibal Lecter
In the rearview, seen Red Dragon (draggin’)
I know the dame actin’, I’m in the field for anyone, play like Rudy at practice
Norristown, couple pounds shootin’ at bastards
Like Maserati Rick I’ll put ya hood in the casket
I don’t deserve the 25 that’s unheard of
I sat down and wrote for stacks (Staccz) like J Murda
What’s in his face? Burners, try to kill me
Pistol in ya mouth
“Mmm, Mmm”, he rappin’ like old Melly
He meet the Lord really
I stakeout with the MAC’s like north Philly
You? Running wit’ pussies, get ya men straight (menstruate)
You ain’t fit for the title cause ya clique (click) bait
We 30 days in, I’m settin’ the template (temp’ plate)
You know it’s still (steel) gettin’ used like T-Rex mixtape
Holdin’ ya lady hostage, sealing ya bitch fate
You walk in to Tory Lanez music, you find in ya chick’s taint
It’s dangerous writtens
Took me from underrated to fan favorite, I ain’t change my position
It’s pain I’m deliverin’
I don’t know if you snitchin’ but today you gon’ fold when you facin’ conviction
Time man

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