Geechi Gotti vs. Charlie Clips [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Charlie Clips]
My grandmoms died ten days after my birthday
In 240 hours, I went from my best to my worst day
And that ain’t even the part that get to me
She survived everything from the streets to jail cells…to cancer
But the coronavirus is the thing that made her history
She always…
She always asked me to put on a mask…and honestly, it just never made sense to me
‘Cause how can I get the coronavirus, Grandma…if the nigga I’m in front of ain’t that sick to me?
You wanted the old Clips? Well, ya got him!
And this the one that had you all shook
You gon’ bеg Smack to put this battle in a vault
But tryna Cor’ us (chorus) is just gon’ lead to the wrong hook
You was bеggin’ for a GOAT to do you bad
Now you standin’ there wit’ the long look
Same expression Megan had when she got her shot, but your career endin’ on the wrong foot
And your raps is average
Aye, I (A.I.) don’t know a nigga wit’ yo’ style that even have to practice
When I tell you my verse (MyVerse) is so fuckin’ crazy, it ain’t a Spanish chick actin’ ratchet
I could walk in a church, give a Nun(n) none (Nunn), and still fuck up half a bracket
Wit’ 18 ‘Ks
I’m feeling like a Ultimate Madness check (*chk-chk*) after taxes
I was the first-ever Champion of the Year, lil’ nigga!
In 2014, it wasn’t no need for a belt
I was whippin’ legends’ asses wit’ no Round 3s
My career speaks for itself
After the Factor battle, I started playin’, and that’s when I started depletin’ my wealth
Ayo, Saga, after the X video, I too started beatin’ myself
But now I’m back on!
Feelin’ like Ms. Fit in Planet Fitness wit’ a strap-on
Takin’ more shots than Kobe when Phil text him that Shaq gone!
All black on
Shoulder strap half-metal, the pump latch on
So if I drop the gun, like a G.I. Joe, I could just snap the arm back on!
Then the lead pop
You’ll get the old arsenal (Arsonal), the one that was givin’ Hulkamania leg drops
Or the old Hollow, the one that bang bang! like Craig pops
Everybody wanna be a gang member, but I never seen a color survive a headshot
Elizabeth, this nigga in blue is goin’ out like Redd Foxx
Social media-ass nigga, I will break your legs, you go and play wit’ Clips
Like I said, I will break your legs, but on Instagram Live, just to make it Twitch
Take the scheme-
Take the scope and the beam off the gun
I know, it ain’t makin’ sense
But we all know Drac’s (Drake) don’t need features for it to make a hit
I palm the fit
Old Eagle, new Eagle: McNabb, Carson Wentz
The only thing he heard was “BAH!”, then his conscience went
Another gun – if this one do “BAH” (Dubai), then it’s a sponsored trip
Another gun – what this “BAH” do (Badu)?
Nigga, it’s Common sense!
What, that was a reach? STOP!
They goin’ crazy in the background
Just give my reach props!
You remember when Johnny Storm and Mr. Fantastic combined p-
Nigga, my reach hot
Amazing – I could say somethin’ smart or somethin’ dumb
However I decide to reach, akh
It’s my world, so I could go B. Dot or either be DOT!
And I feel like…Vada gon’ recap this, and say, “Charlie caught a 2-1 on the Gotti bro.”
He gotta go
Word to ShotimeSP, the nobody that no body knows
Drop the snub, the cops walk by – that’s nobody nose
Pick the nose up and leave this nobody where nobody knows!
I am a motherfuckin’ legend
I’m the nigga that they call when it’s time to bury folks
The Greatest of All Time talkin’ spicy: I’m the Curry GOAT
I heard the gossip
“Charlie gon’ spit a Norbes bar!” I seen the topic
We all know Jordan gon’ shimmy left, then spin right, but can you stop it?
Aye, Norbes! You suin’ URL for 40 million!?
Damn, bro, the league scorned you
But I’mma warn you
It’s gon’ take a few years to get that 40 million, that’s how the Lord do
So that mean I’mma (*chk-chk*) get the 40 before Norbes do
Put you in a box, and just like Norbes, you gon’ be lyin’ inside a law suit (lawsuit)
Hold up! You know what!?
I’m so mothafuckin’ mean wit’ it
The nigga might throw me a million dollars, so I’mma do a whole ‘nother scheme-
This is for everybody in this fuckin’ room that thought Charlie wasn’t gon’ spaz out
I sat down, did the math, got focused, tuned the jazz out
Threw a hollow inside the chamber, got to sparkin’ wit’ the ‘K
Math, Jaz, Hollow, Chamberz – those is all Norbes’ artists by the way!
I don’t give a FUCK if hip-hop is real or not! Just stop the facade!
If I got the scope and you in the view (interview), I will send your Knowledge to (Tha) God!
Have your niece, nephew, everybody in your house feelin’ your pain
Even your uncle (Unkle), little nigga
It’s over for your 15 Minutes of Fame


[Round 1: Geechi Gotti]
We got Geechi Gotti, versus…
Oh, you back on SMACK ’cause you lost yo’ job, huh?
Shittin’ me?
Smack, you shoulda made this nigga apply for some EDD
The G in me, is tellin’ me this nigga scary
I know the cost of living in NY too high not to have a job
You ain’t gotta worry…niggas is livin’ rent-free in the cemetery!
You a dead man
Round on his scalp, it ain’t a headband
They told you you had me, and you told them niggas, “Bet it, dawg”
Like you ain’t think you could end up dead at all?
They told you it was light at the end of the tunnel, but they ain’t tell you it was comin’ from the chopper like Set It Off
This nigga’s soft!
Man, you don’t know the type of shit you really in
Crash dummy! Fuckin’ guinea pig!
You ain’t the first nigga I dropped after the coin flip – it’s been Many Men
Wish death on me, these niggas scared to grant it
You thought I was gon’ chill ’cause I’m on the East and I’m from the West? I’m prepared for static
So try and press, and ten of y’all gettin’ stretched
You see me clear, nigga?
Am I close enough? Can you hear, nigga?
Toast in your face, ain’t tryna “Cheers” wit’ ya
You a weird nigga!
If you got a issue
Grab a blade, and I’ll saw it in you like you got potential
Check my credentials
Check my-

Nigga, he don’t rap like that
That weak-ass shit you was sayin’

Check my credentials!
I’ll do you greasy, Clips
Shoot ’til I see your soul leavin’, bitch!
Then I’ll shoot you again, ’cause your legs was movin’ on some Demon shit
URL staff: I got a little nervous when I seen the Twitch!
You a easy vic’!
Fo’-five to his face, he can’t believe this shit
He standin’ there beggin’ the gun not to shoot
Oh, I guess you ain’t like your daddy
You had enough sense to plead the fif’ (Fifth)!
You know we some Crips!
Blue rags on every nigga that run wit’ me
Shoot ’til the coroners come get him
They confused like, “How are all these bullets in the Clips, but the gun’s empty?”
You can’t fuck wit’ me
Nigga, please don’t fake it
100 shots? I doubt he gon’ take it
The doctors deliver the bad news usin’ code words like “deleted scenes”
Clips ain’t make it
Face it! This my shit now
Of course you finna hate
Bullets hit your skull, it force then penetrate
So this time, when they talk about Clips missin’ a third, they gon’ talkin’ ’bout a portion of his face!
Hold up! Nigga, wait
You said your moms the real gangsta of your family?
I ain’t have no choice but to feel that shit!
‘Cause she had babies wit’ two snitches, and ain’t nobody killed that bitch!
She must be gangsta
She raised you, that’s very true
But since she had enough guts to carry that snitch DNA
Let’s see if she can stomach seein’ you at the funeral while DNA carryin’ you
Man, what it do!?
You’ll get pistol-whipped ’til the Glock bust
I’m a big hater: I wanna see you (k)not up!
I’ll bet they catch it late
Befo’ battle rap, I was one of the ones the cops would investigate
Yeah, we was really movin’ birds, my nigga
We called it featherweight
I’m forever straight
Mafia, I’m a made nigga
I pray to God and ask for forgiveness after I spray triggers
I knew it was wrong, I just thought it was a big flex
I was liftin’ arms on faith, nigga
Yo’ Bad Boy, for thinkin’ I’ll play wit’ ya
Yeah, Smack, why do you got me around all these fake killas?
I cannot stand none of these lames
I be wishin’ three from the ‘K hit ya
That’s why I fuck wit’ Avo’
‘Cause I know how to play cool, but secretly, I hate niggas
I mean, damn!
I mean, damn!
I mean, damn, you finna get killed on Caffeine!
I mean, you dyin’ in the limelight!
You’ll get no funeral
We just gon’ see buried (Barry) clips like old Lions highlights
Nigga, my mind is not right
‘Cause when it’s real, y’all can tell
Rap that weak-ass ABC shit so I can get my money and bounce!

It’s different, man. Stop cheerin’ for Cuh

[Charlie Clips]
Your round finished? You good?

[Geechi Gotti]

[Round 2: Charlie Clips]
“Standin’ on the corner, straight slangin’ rocks
Awww, shit! Here come the motherfuckin’ cops
So I dash, I duck, and I hide behind a tree
Makin’ sure motherfuckers don’t see me”
Eazy-E predicted you would hide behind a tree in ’94
And when it first happened, oh, the fans lost it
You think because you hid behind a tree a year ago that I’m just supposed to…branch off it?
I can hear your fans cryin’ now like, “The tree angle, Charlie? That’s just gon’ make you a loser from Harlem
Everybody talk about the tree!”
But nobody got to the root of the problem
How your slogan go again?
“When it’s real, you can tell
You can see it in they eyes”?
Well, I’m lookin’ in yours, Geechi, and I don’t believe your lies
You said you hid behind a tree ’cause you was on probation
So you chose the smallest tree in the world for a disguise?
You turned sweet pussy on a Satur-
Oh my God…it applies (Plies)
You let Brooklyn Hanz walk to the fight on his own…why?
Nigga, give a reason
The moment you decided to leave and hide behind branches, you committed tree-son (treason)
But OH! His gats be blammin’, B
It’s the Big Crip, he cause mad insanity!
How, when you let Hanz (hands) walk on his own like The Addams Family!?
If your son knew his father was hidin’ behind trees, your seed would grow up to be dumb tight
Talkin’ ’bout you bring war to (water) niggas
Yeah, right! I think son light (sunlight)
You had a chance to put somethin’ in the ground, but we all seen how you froze in public
They tried to plant the Math shit on me, but I rose above it
Gimme my flowers while I’m here, ’cause I’m a real nigga that’s speakin’ true shit
And the nigga that hid behind the tree shouldn’t try to bark from out his two lips (tulips)!
If this was Dragon Ball Z, you’ll be Vegeta from the jump
‘Cause the way you hid behind the tree, your son name should be Trunks!
Aye, aye, say, say, how we do this everyday-day?
In yo’ Instagram bio, it say “My Day 1z Call Me Baybay”
Now a nickname don’t make you soft…not at all
But these niggas ain’t who they say they is
I’m in the hall wit’ a Roscoe that you can spot from Sheneneh crib
Where your children at, Geechi!?
Relax, I ain’t come here to spray they wigs
My middle name Leon
I’m supposed to catch the fade wit’ one of Baybay (Bébé’s) Kids
And that movie came out in the ’90s!
Oh, you can put your thumb down ’cause that’s for the grown folk
As long as you don’t use your mouth when it’s real, baby
Watch your Tone, Loc
Oh, you movin’-
Oh, it gets crazy
Oh, you movin’ while I’m rappin’ ’cause you salty?!
You decided to call yourself that
That’s your fault, Bay
You just mad I’m whippin’ yo’ ass off the arm – why the Salt, Bay (Bae)?
But look, my name is Charles, and just like S. Dutton, I came to take out the trash
The second wave, without the corona
That’s killin’ niggas without the mask
We in a small room, Geechi
How you gon’ survive, though, without the gas?
I’m just a New York nigga that came to test L.A. without the gas
Think about it, bring it back, rewind – that’s a bar
If you noticed, I said, “test L.A.” (Tesla) – that’s a car
…Or maybe that’s Nash
When I first made it, it was fire
Maybe that’s trash
But let’s talk about how my connect love to plant base – ask Chaz!
That’s Verb, by the way
And I used to be vegan, ’til I realized I needed my fuckin’ chicken
On a fuckin’ mission
Dark Caesar Charlie is cool, but Braided Clips is somethin’ different
The chrome spin
Nitty helped you write your shit, that’s why you won’t win
I came in the game like Pablo Escobar: dope and I brought my own pen
Pour gasoline on your baby moms, and then let her set fire to her own skin
So we can watch your ex (X) burn in the background like NOME 10!
Why you stressin’, Bay?
You rep Nutty Blocc? Okay, that ain’t in question, Bay
But a fat nigga is the real Nutty Professor
Come learn your lesson, Bay
You brought the Wesson, Bay?
All that’s cool, but I brought a extra ‘K
To blow your face off, since you couldn’t make it to the Face-Off yesterday!
Disrespectin’ Wild n’ Out…this nigga tryna fuck my brand up?
He was like, “Man…” and my Hitman said, “‘Man’ what?”
Conceited lift the can’ up
His Bean is gettin’ blammed up
Now he young, fly (YoungFly) in a wheelchair for life, lookin’ jammed up
Do y’all believe in a Parallel Universe? I do, ’cause a home attendant gotta help this man up
It’s funny how he disrespected comedians, now the one thing he can’t do is stand up
I would put hi- What?
I would put him in the sky, but the ground is closer
Stop havin’ a attitude, lil’ nigga – my round is over

[Round 2: Geechi Gotti]
I’ll slap milk out yo’ titties, bitch

[Charlie Clips]
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm

[Geechi Gotti]
Hollow been told us you rap that dumbass style and you still up here doin’ this silly shit
(*Charlie Clips impression*)
“My name ‘Clips’…you thought I wouldn’t know what to do wit’ a ‘K?
Protectin’ that white boy, not knowin’ that was somethin’ stupid to say
I’ll pull the toast on your man Avocado and that’ll really Ruin Your Da-
What, you ain’t think this nigga Clips could seem different?
I could bring that shit back and do a whole ‘nother scheme wit’ it
You willin’ to kill another brother ’cause he disrespectin’ you and your section?
While we fightin’ racist white boys 24/7?
I mean, that shit they was laughin’ at gon’ forever sting
I’ll grab the toast and spread Avocado-“
Man, you corny as fuck, nigga
That’s why you will never be the King of Harlem
Them real Harlem niggas’ll fuck you up
Fat boy, buttercup, product of a snitch that your mother fucked
Get your money up
Those stupid-ass chains Nick gave y’all look dumb as fuck
Enough’s enough
I’mma tell you what your mans ain’t: you fell off
You only here ’cause you was on TV and it got you a cool lil’ fanbase
But this ain’t Wild n’ Out
‘Round here, you done lost your clout
Too many trash battles that have made all us doubt
That’s if you still got it
I don’t give a fuck how you feel ’bout it
The way you rap now, you supposed to be better then
You do the same shit – a “Sike, I lied”, a joke here
The shit’s repetitive
We all know this ain’t the same Clips we been watchin’: this nigga edited!
What are you doin’, Clips?
When did you start this losin’ shit?
We remember for three years you was killin’ the comp’ on some ruthless shit
Then you ran into Nitty, he killed your dumb ass
Had you lookin’ goofy, bitch
Yeah, I might look like Doughboy from that movie, you ain’t never lie
But if this was Boyz n The Hood, you Ricky, ’cause we all seen you had a great run and then die!
Nigga, stop me when I lie!
For years you been gettin’ yo’ ass kicked
The whole culture remember when you wasn’t even givin’ a fuck, on that Jaz shit
But let’s talk about that Math shit
I mean, for real, ’cause after the fight, he was askin’ niggas like, “Ayo, what happened? Did any of my niggas ride?”
I was like, “Yeah, that nigga Charlie. I could say that nigga tried
He was throwin’ tables, kickin’ niggas, pushin’ niggas to the side”
“Oh, word, he a real nigga”
Sike, I lied!
Nigga, you’se a bitch!
How you-
Wait, how you let your mans get jumped and you ain’t even try to help?
How y’all go to L.A. from New York together and he end up leavin’ by hisself?
I mean, at least he ain’t do no busta shit
But you tellin’ me you didn’t wanna jump in ’cause you wasn’t tryna scuff your kicks?
I mean, yo’ flip-flops
How could I forget? ‘Cause the way yo’ story flip-flops
First, it was, “I’m thinkin’, ‘B.I.G, let’s get him outta Cali so it ain’t gon’ be his last situation.'”
Then it was, “Well, he ain’t my mans like that. I kinda fuck wit’ him but that nigga be hatin'”
We already knew you was a sucka!
You ain’t no gat-buster
Matter fact, what happened?
Weren’t you fuckin’ wit’ a Ash chick, a Couture?
Why them relationships ain’t last, brother?
I heard they fucked around wit’ a couple niggas
You wasn’t the first or the last sucker
I guess you right, yo’ mama did raise you
Y’all both some rat lovers
You fat fucker!
Yeah, nigga, I done popped niggas, hit licks, and I hit mo’ plates than the Last Supper
Check my stats, that’s shots, passes, steals, and blocks: I’m a stat-stuffer
You lackluster, talkin’ ’bout “Don’t take it light”
Man, hold up
Nigga, I showed up on 100 like blue strips
You’ll get killed right here on TV
You’ll go from being Charlie to News Clips
Nigga, here’s where the mood switch
I’ll kill yo’ bitch wit’ no prob’
I’m talkin’ headshot, brain in her lap
That’s head on her knees – it ain’t a blowjob
On God, if I get your main bitch, that’s who you gon’ die wit’
But I’ll ask you a question: if I bury her on the side of you, do that make her yo’ side bitch?
Man, aw shit, this nigga trash, and I ain’t gon’ say it again
You Charlie Murphy: up here gettin’ killed wit’ Every Fuccin’ Bar in the pen
Nigga, rap
Corn. Ball…

[Charlie Clips]
Mm-hmm…y-you say you love me in every blog
Make your mind up

[Geechi Gotti]
I don’t love you, nigga

[Round 3: Charlie Clips]
Yo, listen, um…
Listen…I got a rebuttal for Rum Nitty…but I’mma respect you, brother
If you wanna know why I left Ash Cash and Couture-

[Geechi Gotti]
I don’t

[Charlie Clips]
-I moved to the West and met your mother
And as far as the Math situation go, how many niggas jumped him? I believe it was more than three
You ask why I ain’t help? ‘Cause we wasn’t that cool
He even hung out with Dizaster more than me
And that’s real shit
So bringin’ up dumb shit like that? I wanna thank you
And you tried the Avocado rebuttal shit, but racism’s still alive, so you cannot erase this angle
You wanna know what’s funny?
The tree situation was kinda old, but this situation is current as shit
I want racism to be old so bad, but wit’ niggas like this, it will always be a current event
Now for those who don’t know who Avocado is, I’mma just break it down in two facts
Avocado is a white man wit’ a camera that love to shoot Blacks
…Wit’ a camera, not a hammer
Nah, he ain’t the one to stunt
He had a racist act against Blacks, and had the nerve to say that it’s because he was drunk
You can YouTube the video right now
Him and his friends laugh at sayin’ Black battle rappers don’t chill wit’ they kids, and I’m like, “How?”
If I’m a Black battle rapper battle-rappin’ on the stage wit’ my kid right now?

[Geechi Gotti]
I like that one

[Charlie Clips]
And you been set-trippin’, Junior!
But I don’t blame you, I blame your fuckin’ moms
‘Cause she kept you in the house, nigga, and you grew up to be just like your Uncle Tom
He like, “Bu-But, Dad, I was there wit’ him.
A-Avocado would cheer for the Blacks, and I would cheer wit’ him.
Give him a break! He was drunk!”
And niggas is dyin’ from Corona
I don’t have time to bear (beer) wit’ him
I understand you was takin’ up for a friend, and I know that’s somethin’ you would do for your Locs
But I’m just mad that the cops who killed Breonna Taylor have yet to been arrested, and you on Twitter makin’ jokes
You said Avocado was in yo’ crib drinkin’ Kool-Aid and playin’ Spades
And I’m just sittin’ back like, “How does he figure?”
Did it occur to him that maybe Avocado wanted to play Spades so he can get the opportunity to call him a “re-nigga” (reneger)!?
George Floyd, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, my G
They ain’t get a chance to fight back
Trayvon! So many Black lives lost, my G, and I’m talkin’ twice that
I been losin’ weight, on a no-carb diet, and I really like that
But for te-
But for Ta-
I- mmmmm…

[Geechi Gotti]
Come on, nigga

[Charlie Clips]
Mmm, mmm, mmm…
Mmm, mmm, mmm…
I said…I said…I said…mmm…
I said…
Man, man, man, man, man…
Aw, man
This the part where I fuck up, man, I knew it…and my round get broken
Sike, I lied!
This what you shoulda di-
Avocado, you shoulda choked him!
What I’m tryin’ to explain to you-

(*Geechi breaks out in a fit of giggles over what just happened*)

[Geechi Gotti]
Get out that mu’fucka, nigga!
Get out that one, man
Let’s go, nigga, come on, man
You know I’m fuckin’ wit’ ya, come on

(*Charlie starts humming again to remember where he left off*)

[Charlie Clips]
I said, I’m on a no-carb diet…and I’m losin’ weight, John John
And I really like that
But for Tamir, I would give up Avocado and bring Rice back
You fucking young bum
Niggas like you don’t come from where I come from
You let that man walk in this culture and walk out wit’ a lump sum
You know why they booked this battle in Virginia? Because you fear facts (Fairfax), nigga
You want one?
I think God made you hide behind the tree so you can see where our ancestors was hung from
But NO! All you wanna do is be a damn goon!
And rap all day about how you Crippin’, bustin’ your damn tool
And how every bar you spit is doper than the shit that’s in the middle of a damn spoon
For takin’ up for a man that disrespect BLACKS, I should leave you in Mexico, you damn fool!
He like, “Why you chose Mexico, cuz?”
Because I can, coon! (Cancún)
But you know what? You know what?
Sky’s the limit, and we gotta get past the ceiling, my brother
We gotta start gettin’ money, stop walkin’ past each other, grillin’ each other
On some G shit, my G, if you in pain, we gotta start healin’ each other

(*Charlie holds his hand out to dap up Geechi, but Geechi refuses*)

[Geechi Gotti]
I’m just fuckin’ with you

[Charlie Clips]
And that’s the reason we gon’ keep killin’ each other!
Oh, hold on-
Oh, no! Don’t hug me now, nigga!
Don’t try to hug me now, nigga!
And that’s the reason we gon’ keep killin’ each other!
I’ll make you eat a shell!
Bullet in your mouth, nigga – your cheek’ll swell
Docs could only make up (makeup) half of your face like Reepah Rell
Look, you ain’t wanna shake my hand?
What you tell me, to “go on, please”?
Yeah, I know why you like Avocado: ’cause they grow on trees
Listen, listen, they like, “Charlie, leave him alone! You already got the game won!”
But you know I can’t walk out this shit unless I turn into Shang Tsung
(*vrikky-vrikky*) Beloved!
(*vrikky-vrikky, vrikky-v-vrikky-vrikky*) Ball Game! It’s go, slime!
(*vrikky-vrikky*) Get him the fuck outta here!
(*vrikky-vrikky*) It’s Showtime!
(*vrikky-vrikky*) EAZY!
Now that’s somethin’ Murda’d do
Nigga, you’se a-
Nigga, you’se a-
Nigga, you’se a-
Oh, you not a legend…no wonder I can’t turn into you!
Then you got the nerve to bring up that Hollow shit like I’m simple as fuck!?
OK, you wanna rebuttal and try to Hollow me?
Guess what room I’m in?
I don’t know, but cameraman, follow me
Now this is the part where I get mad and blow your eyes out your face
They put this shit in a room ’cause they knew I’d get crazy out the gate
And you watch your mouth, nigga! I’ll start loadin’ wit’ the semi
I was drunk like Avocado – I started Blac(kin’) off the Henny
I- pardon me
I got the battle on fire, lil’ nigga!
So I advise you not to get close to me
Or I’mma blow your face on the wall, right here where it’s supposed to (poster) be!
You’ll get Smacked for the dollars (Dollaz)!
John John, pardon me, get the F up!

[John John Da Don]
What for?

[Charlie Clips]
‘Cause I want him to know battlin’ me is a step up!
A real mothafuckin’ GOAT!
And I’m true – that’s it
If I’m so simple, bitch, let me see you do that shit

[Geechi Gotti]

[Charlie Clips]
Fuck is he talkin’ ’bout?

[Round 3: Geechi Gotti]
We seen this nigga choke for two minutes

[Charlie Clips]
Minute and ten

[Geechi Gotti]
And since he can’t rap, been doin’ that simple-ass freestyle-

[Charlie Clips]

[Geechi Gotti]
-y’all thinkin’ he the shit now
John John, could you stand up for me?

[Charlie Clips]
(*laughs*) Don’t you do it, John!

[Geechi Gotti]
Oh, you right – sit down
Aye, it’s all right, it’s cool!
As long as he know battling you is a step down
You a fuckin’ clown
Anybody can freestyle
“Hey, look, this is the gate…I’mma put holes in you just like it!”
Stop chokin’ in battles and remember what the fuck you be writin’

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