K-Shine vs. Chess [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Chess]
You ran for a while, nigga – your time’s up
They say chokin’ brought my stock down
Bet I won’t choke bringin’ the stock up
Don’t come here wit’ no science boards, doctor scrubs, midgets, or that mime stuff
‘Cause your hospital bed gon’ be just like your battles: propped up!
This gon’ be a horror scene and a movie
Like throwing greens in a smoothie, how K’ll (kale) be gettin’ chopped up!
And we chopped up, so act polite
Security ain’t check me, and you ain’t facin’ a Canadian
Neither one of us got a PAT tonight!
He ain’t like what I did in that magic fight!?
I couldn’t wait to catch Shine in traffic
See, you won’t be thе nigga that has it (hazard) light!
Why you actin’ like we ain’t battle twicе?
Finna scrap and fight, then Smack was tight
And rematched it like, “Chess, let’s promote it, son. The bag is ri-“
You said the crowd ain’t here to react to me if I stop!?
Nigga, the STAFF ain’t here to STOP ME if I REACT tonight!
BLOOD, I’ll eat your FOOD!
Now peep this: dude ain’t even move ’cause it’s nobody around this time to keep us cool
He’s just a sad clown!
Let the Bloods be wit’ him know, sleeves in his bag now
You frail, hater
URL trailer: all I see is a bunch of hype…wit’ Bs (Beas’) in the background
What this burner do is splatter your brains
Or you’ll see nothin’ but hands…like a virtual reality game
I’ll pull up dolie just to murder you – fuck askin’ again
Show face independent (in da pendant)
And you don’t wanna be that person who ain’t havin’ a chain
BANG! Clap at his brain
Left bullets stuck in his apple
They gon’ have to pick ’em out his hat like a raffle
Sit him down, put Shine on his back pockets like Bedazzle
Disrespect the Locs? Ain’t no holdin’ ’em back
All you gon’ see is a bunch of crabs…and (in) a barrel!
Fuckin’ snake, I got a toy for your kid if you get me rattled
So get me mad as ever, so I can turn this to your last endeavor
My temper rare, he (temporary) know all that shit wouldn’t last forever!
MACs, Berettas, ARs, Glocks
So if I spot him on the radar tryna raid our spot, that’ll only make shit scarier
Soon as he gets his foot in the door, I will break and (in) bury ya (barrier)
ERRT! Pull up in the whip, nigga shakin’
He couldn’t see through the window – it was a tense (tints) situation
His brother dyin’ next
He tried to run inside the jets
And got popped up at the door like the uninvited g-
I am Chess, back with them bars again
They told me to go my hardest and it made me too subpar, K (Parkay), like margarine
I heard Lyt wanted to face K
I felt the same way
You mad ’cause I was the first to see Shine? Gimme a break, Day
They say Pat couldn’t leave
Well, I snuck out the crib – basically, I ain’t Stay
To Hell where I’ll take K
Get this dude erased, then do The Race: I’m Tay-K
J-Frame, Luger, both of ’em spray K
Raisin’ hell wit’ J and L – where you think I’mma place K?
Your bitch better take flight wit’ you or you know what I’ll do to your bae, K (baecay)
This the nigga y’all think tough?
I’m off the chain for real
This stainless steel will give you 14, K (14K)
Just link up
You could miss a line if you blink once
Sleepin’ on me, but tryna see what Day quill (DayQuil) like? Keep up!
You pulled a mean stunt when I was younger, I wasn’t into that
So I wasn’t finna rat
But now that I’m agin’ (Agent), K, I figure we could discuss this as Men and (in) Black

Honestly, I don’t think any nigga talkin’ on the ‘Net’s a thug
So I block the hate and accept the love
But my bitch don’t play that shit, she shootin’ just because
Basically, my bae lift (ballif) on any nigga that’s next to judge!
You’ll get stepped on, cut, stretched, and drug
Out here actin’ extra Blood
You said you from a Crip block, right?
Why you ain’t just be Cuz?
Same reason I’m killin’ you: just because!
Talkin’ reckless without your gun can get so dangerous
I still keep the ratchet under the bed
But you a different kind of cheater: the type to jump out the window…naked!
He tryna fight for life, in the hospital wit’ tubes in his gut
Pint of rice, nigga gotta eat his food through a cup!
If we battle on the roof and I had to be the loser to jump
It’ll still be yo’ loss, ’cause the version I remember he still got thrown off!
That’s way different
Sneak a (sneaker) nigga for the cheese: K-Swiss him!
Body after body after body: I’m shape-shiftin’!

[Round 1: K-Shine]
You know how many times you dropped the ball for this!? Numerous!
It was to the point where I’m like, “I don’t even wanna do this shit”
URL, y’all lucky I love y’all, or I wouldn’t even approve of this
‘Cause y’all just forcin’ the Cakes on this bitch like, “Wait…What’s Love Got to Do With It?”
Look around! Nigga, I don’t need a crowd nor a posse
Craig pops comin’ home from work: the dog got me!
It’s carbon! I make top paper
Everything underneath? All copies!
Is he ’bout to die!? Yes
Why Chess (chest)? Autopsies!
It’s different!
How it left a nigga reekin’ (‘Rican)
Anything by race, you’ll (biracial) be a vegetable this evenin’
Pistol on his bro, he sweatin’ and he pleadin’!
‘Bout to drop a tear before the pops, just like the movie Fresh
(*chk-chk*) And Chess gon’ be the reason!
That’s somethin’ you ain’t get? Well, soon you’ll see the message in the greetin’
A kickback wit’ these Hollows? Coulda left a nigga leanin’
But I control mines (minds): Professor X
Razor out, sketchin’ flesh
EKG: checkin’ Chess (chest)
69: that’s neck-and-neck
AYE, GEECHI! I’m still cuttin’ like a DJ: that’s S&S!
How many of these Cave- BOY!
How many of you Cave niggas I gotta set to rest!?
I’m still raisin’ your People’s Eyebrow after y’all Roc(k) is out
I killed YK and Ave like…that’s a catfight – Chess (chest) poppin’ out
Roc, pick any member! I’ll have ’em all pilin’ out
I’m talkin’ bucks in my son Chess (chest): Lester on Big Momma’s House
You wildin’ out
Chopper rounds, stuck in his appendix
Swiss army knife, cut like poor attendance
Two doctors on him, they both need assistance
They got the nurse gettin’ everything outta Chess (chest)…like Andel in Don’t Be a Menace!
Y’all know he a victim!
But you can pick it
You can go from a…stop at the Cave, to a stop at the morgue
From a…spot on the stage, to a spot on the floor
From hangin’ out wit’ Roc, to gettin’ rocked in the jaw
From eatin’ out of a soda bottle, to eatin’ out of a straw!
I’m robbin’ y’all!
Stick low, sneakers off, I’ll let the kicks go
Tip-toe, one strap over the shoulder: well, it’s the Big Show
Spy vs. Spy: all he see is the big nose
Slide and move Chess (chest): JC dancin’ for Chris Stokes!
I’m the SHIT, bro!
I been sick in any room y’all met us in (medicine)
You still kickin’ down doors?
Ruger have you up, late…let ’em in (Letterman)
Weapon spin, blowin’ up Chess (chest) like estrogen
All they seen was tape and Chess (tapin’ chest) like a lesbian!
You won’t get a round!
Boy, I’mma send you to a place that you ain’t never been
And take the whole family on one trip like a Mexican
Two razors, rippin’ flesh
Got a double check: I was incorrect
Got the Glock raisin’, have Roc Nation right next to Hov: Lenny S
Got a Glock .9 wit’ a mini TEC
NBA Streets: get a nigga stretched
Then a hole right over Chess (chest) like, “One time, I used to smoke cigarettes”
I BEEN THE BEST – period!
Real as a heart attack
This all gas – you see, this Chess (chest) problem ain’t that serious
I’m furious!
You wasn’t even a task
I was waitin’ for Pat, you can ask
I ain’t even wanna go here
Chadwick Boseman: I was mindin’ my own business, makin’ movies, holdin’ up the X
Then this cancer done surprised us outta nowhere
But what you think it ain’t a stage for (4)!?
Check! Mate in two, nigga

[Round 2: Chess]
All I kept hearin’ while I was preparin’ is “Chess better off ya”
Well, this gon’ be one for the books: best-selling author
They said if I come wit’ all three, he dyin’
Well, I ain’t got a round to waste (waist), Shine: B.B. Simon
It’s true he nice, but I’m sick of Shine: UV light
Even Mayweather got niggas who think he gon’ lose each fight
See, y’all always win ’cause y’all always do things right
But me, I never lose ’cause I’ll always gotta prove things twice
As a youngin, I ain’t give a fuck if I came to battles lookin’ ass
Broke without a cut like sugar glass
I started that one-line shit, you and DNA took it fast
Showed y’all how to come across wit’ straight punches
Gave y’all that hook and jab
I told ’em, “Get that porn from the mag'”
That mean “Book his ass”
Like windshields, I’ll let it go in the middle of your hood, then dash
Blast the .30
Cops on my ass, so I had to hurry
Cuz said I could stay wit’ him in Newark, I don’t have to worry
Yo, Twork, get well soon
I’m just thinkin’ ’bout all them nights I had to crash in Jersey
That was dirty! I hope you don’t hate me, gangsta
I’m just tryna show Shine that stayin’ in his lane is safer
When this PTSD kick in, I can’t tame this anger!
Every episode, a ratchet get dumped: I’ll Flavor Flav ya!
.9 wit’ a random .38: stranger danger!
You said you’ll “pick up the stock: Forex”, then became a traitor (trader)
You ain’t do it for Rex, you did it for X, and them lames you made ya
Honestly, this have-a-tooth-when-he-wanna-have-it motherfucker made you greater
Got you looks and made you paper
When you was finna choke in them 2-on-2s, he made a way to save ya
It’s evident! You ain’t the real killer – DNA’s your savior!
These are the facts!
I’m off the wall – I need someone that push pens (pushpins) to keep me intact (tack)
You run a Dojo? Wait, speakin’ of that
Same nigga you got in the Dojo tryna teach him wit’ rap
I had wit’ me in the trap when he needed a pack
I gave him a seat where he sat
At the table, I gave him a seat where he sat
When he needed the strap, I told him I’d do it for him, who he needed clapped?
At a point, I thought he wanted to be me in his raps
Walk like me, talk like me, same sneakers and hat
Under the wing and the tat’
Put him on the team ’cause I wanted to see him adapt
But based off his previous acts…nah, I ain’t even wit’ that
But your lil’ man my lil’ man, to keep it a stack! (Staccz)
I seen you in Cortlandt wit’ Oun P
Don’t think big bro gon’ save the day
Let me catch your tail in The Hood – you Crazy, K?
Draco, aim it at your baby, K
Then you’ll get ate…wit’ four rounds from the .80, K
I pull up to his door, just knock, but the grip’s already out
PS4, XBOX: they both assist him (a system) in the house
To them, me killin’ you wasn’t part of the plan
I watched everybody in this land turn (lantern) on me…and now I got Shine in the palm of my hands!
I’m sparkin’ the can’ if I see you
My Spanish niggas catch K (¿Qué?) on cue: they bilingual
That’s way different…
I’m shape-shiftin’!

[Round 2: K-Shine]
Damn, homie…
In high school, you was the man, homie…
The fuck happened to you?
It’s a long road to success
You ain’t even taken half of the steps
You rap wit’ the best, but lack the attack to impress
You act like a vet, but slack when they ask you to prep
It’s always “the deuce, point somethin'” – that’s just average, at best
I’m ’bout to break down some facts you gon’ have to respect
Shout out to all the gang-bangers that jack what they rep’
Whether you su-woopin’ or y’all choosin’ to flag to the left
But if it’s your own path you neglect, then what you plan to give back to the set?
We supposed to rap to get our niggas out the hood
Somewhere down the line your passion has left
Excuses for chokin’ that leave us all mad and depressed
“I had to put food on the table! My mama only got half of a check!
I was writin’ a first round, but then the lil’ homie got clapped in the neck!
So I had to grab me a-“
If they was really your friends, they would tell you, “Relax. Just rap, get the check.”
Stop handin’ out these excuses like we have to accept!
It’s a story after story after story, ’cause you don’t get the match you request
Just draggin’ (Dragon) Tales…and we still ain’t seen no magic in Chess (chest)!
I’m actually UPSET!
You got these people thinkin’ that we been rivals
Oh, you covered for Surf, so now you think you en-tidal-ed (entitled)
Well, you took his spot, and he took yours, and he was so loyal as an idol
He even started chokin’…just like you
Nah, I ain’t bein’ spiteful
It’s just hard to be the best in the world when (whirlwind) you turned into a cycle
We want the Chess we met when he was back in high school!
Wait, nope…he threw up vs. DNA
We playin’ the game wrong
You said “Body after body after-“
How the fuck is you shape-shiftin’ if you remained in the same form!?
This is “Candy Shop”, “Magic Stick”
You gon’ be damn near 50 singin’ the same song
Let’s break it down
No, we gon’ break it down
‘Cause you had- relax
Yeah! Yeah, yeah
We gon’ break it down
You had the CakeLyfe – that shit never fell through
You got wit’ Roc and Surf – them niggas ain’t help you
If it wasn’t for Shine, on God, URL woulda shelved you
“Blood, I’ll eat your-“
You got mad over a lil’ push…
I was just doin’ the shit that he failed to!
Unkle Ra like, “Well, Shine, who writes the best?”
I’m quite upset, ’cause this ain’t even that type of wreck
Tony Starks: you ’bout to see Shine enlighten Chess (light in chest)
After you battled John John, I figured you’d be a little poised, yet
Magic dropped 40, too (42), like ’87 vers’ the Nets
I’m finna put you in a box ’cause you a toy, Che-
Aye, Beasley! He ain’t learn shit from John Q
And you still holdin’ us hostage for this little boy Chess!? (chest)
You about to eat outta soda bottles for the rest of your fuckin’ life!
Yeah, you nice
You can write, but you think that’s all it take
Even yesterday, you even showed your pals hostility
You irresponsible – that why a nigga like you only account ability (accountability)
This wasn’t even my first proposal! This is like your penalty!
But our second engagement, I turned out a bigger me (bigamy)!
Are you shittin’ me!? Or is it kiddin’ me…literally!?
Boy, I am not your enemy
Turn your brightness down: save the energy!
When you think about it, this whole plot is finicky!
Yeah, you under the wing, but you are not epitome (a pit of me)
It’s your OWN! FAULT!
Yo, this supposed to be quiet in here, right?
It’s your own fault!
You the reason that you ain’t improvin’
You’d rather place the blame ’cause you got a lane that you ain’t pursuin’
It’s URL, Shine – even yesterday, JayBlac, the stre-
Everybody but CHESS!
Nigga, you ain’t influenced
Quit playin’ stupid
Stop pointin’ your finger and put that boom box on your shoulder
You gotta face the music!
It’s your OWN! FAULT!
How many times you think that’s somethin’ we’d let slide?
You wanted to be treated like a kid your whole career, and yesterday, we seen it in Chess eyes (chastise)
Mate in one
Jesus Christ…
Man, y’all niggas is fuckin’ crazy, bro

[Round 3: Chess]
I got a close friend that took a headshot
Although he survived, that bullet still stuck in his head
Keep in mind
Gotta record when I pulled over ’cause I don’t know what the police would try
They murder people and receive a fine
That’s prob’ly why they think it’s fine
How y’all go and kill Breonna Taylor, but leave Jeffrey Epstein alive?
This the year coughin’ got us coffins
You could be sick for two weeks and die
This pandemic was a plan-demic
A scare tactic that was redesigned to eat your mind
Hurdles? I had to get over each of mine
I went through this whole summer mad, and this (Summer Madness) the reasons why
I was in a dark-ass place: I needed Shine
And y’all told me to be prepared from the start
Said I wasn’t takin’ care of my art
And still seen a future wit’ me on these cards, knowin’ I’mma tear it (tarot) apart
And here you go…judgin’ me off my flaws like you ain’t seen greater
Nigga, you gon’ get to know me in a minute like…speed daters
Why you thinkin’-
Why you tryna make it look like I need favors?
Childhood star who lost fame: I fucked up Shine as a teenager
Everything scratched off of this clean banger
I even took the label off the Mill’ like buyin’ out Dreamchasers
Put a M on your head
You’ll get five rounds in the whip like Speed Racer
I ain’t even gotta give him the bread
He’ll put in work for nothin’ like cheap la-
When you ain’t got a job, coke and dust what the hood’ll offer
I’m talkin’ ‘caine (cane) and wet…and we was tired of drinkin’ sugar water
You was one of them fly Harlem niggas, right?
Psshh, we was them greasy Bronx niggas that took it off ya
And still would get half of the whole Brooklyn on ya
Talkin’ ’bout you outside wit’ the crack
We’ll line you for that
For that tan, pull up to son block (sunblock) and leave Shine on his back!
Tell this rapper we’d (weed) get him sealed up
Don’t get ‘side of the pack
And if he try to spin pack, I’m not worried
Tell this nigga from the X lookin’ for Chess (chest) will get Shine buried
Six feet, in the dirt! I’ll leave this dumb bitch under!
All my brothers know, you see Shine comin’ (come and)? Go…like a one-hit wonder
I’m really livin’ this shit, I’m really livin’ this shit
I get mood swings from the jungle like lizards and shit
This man a fraud
Camouflage: you ain’t really who you blendin’ in wit’
On some chameleon shit, I bet he rep ’til he in (reptilian) the mix of some shit!
I- Why would I give a fuck if K men wit’ it?
I came in wit’ it
It’s crazy how a broad (abroad) resorts to me gettin’ this .4 in (foreign) places
It’s like we in the Caymans wit’ it
This is somethin’ I did not deserve?
Yo, Shine, I will pop a herb!
But what that razor do, though?
Split Shine: famous duo!
Or the machete, slice him
Head, torso, legs – triple K, like white men
If I spin – “Shine, get low!” – the lights dim
Blood, I’m sendin’ you to meet your maker
Puttin’ slime on ice like Venom in the incubator!
You run a Dojo – if I kill you, who’s supposed to host?
Thought it was Gucci-
You run a Dojo, so if I kill you, who’s supposed to host?
Thought it was Gucci, but if I drop Shine, who gon’ Coach – the (Da) Ghost?
I’ll shoot Shine! This got a clean kick!
Nah, that was type soft
I’ll shoot Shine! This got a clean kick!
He’ll (heel) get wiped off
Aye, Big T! Why you left NWX?
‘Cause you wasn’t gettin’ exposure, fella?
It seem like we ain’t seen you put on a show forever
But that makes sense, ’cause T (tea) and Caffeine don’t go together
That’s way different
Get knocked out like spellin’ “knockout”
If K start, then K finished
Body after body after body…I’m shape-shiftin’!

[Round 3: K-Shine]
First shot, it’s a Tom’ (time) for everything…like this ain’t the place
Second shot was meant to Hurt You, but caught a baby face (Babyface)
No worries, I’m headin’ (head in) around, like Jake the Snake
Third time’s a charm…and this one takes the Cake!
Grave danger
I’m talkin’ battery in Chess (chest) like a pacemaker
Gray banger, strapped under Chess (chest) like a waist trainer!
Ooh, it gets badder (batter) – you better call the Cakes’ maker
You fell off – we seen your prime (senior prom) like a eighth-grader!
K spray ya! I’m finna knock the bone outta flesh
Shang Tsung: this shit could take the soul outta Chess (chest)
I came wit’ a pole in the sweats!
Just a little confused wit’ the bros that you rep
Is you still cakin’ the fuck up?
‘Cause that was your team
Then you cliqued up wit’ Rawsteen
Then Steams lost, but you lost steam when you lost Steams
But if he go where you go (Hugo) like BOSS jeans
Then everything should be in-house like quarantine
But you flipped, you changed lanes on your nigga in a week
When guy literally – BRRRRRRRRR! – put you on his back
You ain’t even in a position to help him on his feet
That’s your peeps
How the fuck you supposed to prevail?
You went from Steams to Roc(k) crack…(*whoo*) now you in Hell (inhale)
And it feels…like another Cave nigga wit’ a de-
I’m your idol, higher than titles, numero uno
I don’t do the reachin’, I’mma leave that shit to Tsu though
Big dog: Cujo
Wit’ the deuce: “Kudos”
This K shit, Everybody Hates Chris
I already stuffed Roc(k) in the locker like Caruso
Big Glock: two-tone!
Long Bullet: Manute Bol!
The Glock rinsed, they can’t redefine (read the fine) prints like a loophole
I do know…that you went to Smack tryna fuss
Like, “Yo, bro, I need some more racks for my stuff
You know me – I’mma have the stats runnin’ up
Chess (chest) huge!”
That’s why he got back fuckin’ up
I camouflage with any crew that I feel a icon
You said somethin’ about me bein’ a Chamillionaire
I’m ’bout to show you how to Get Your Shine On
I’ll cremate him!
That’s somethin’ he gotta urn (earn) like…trust
The kickback can take a wrist (risk) like…luck
Hollow-tip, scramblin’ his mind like…”What?”
.5 made Chess (chest) jump like Omarion…”Touch!”
I will execute your buds and the Cakes like a edible!
Puttin’ on a clinic wit’ this smoke: it’s gettin’ medical
Weapon cruise, point at one’s column, like a decimal
I got a better view: eye (i) on Chess (chest)…and it’s Incredible!
Family, friends, I’m talkin’ all parties, in the street, like a festival!
Weapons, too, steel (still) in the plastic: they collectibles
Cinderella: I’m door-to-door wit’ a pump
They lookin’ skeptical
‘Cause 12 hit, then everything turn into vegetables!
That’s a Juice shot, 2Pac: ‘Hit ‘Em Up’!
Get your crew shot wit’ a-
Man, you done, nigga…

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