T-Top vs. B. Dot [Lyrics]

[Round 1: T-Top]
Yesterday at the faceoffs, you told me that you played college football right?
I did my research
They said that boy’s a star
But then his grades wasn’t adding up
So the school had to call it off
He started rapping
Then his coaches didn’t call at all
He had to place football behind bars like the longest yard
Now that’s another story
Y’all gave the bear a college dropout
Yay (Ye)
This must be a cover story
But he got nothing for me
So just wait until I get a Glock
They asking why not take Swamp on this card instead of Dot?
I told them I’m a dig his plot
But Summer Madness the Grammy’s
And I ain’t Dr. Miami so I ain’t into giving bitches shots
Now back to how you missed your shot
Th3 Saga created it playa, but I don’t like the way he told the story
So if you gon’ get mad then (Madden) consider this your road to glory
Dawg, you was wild lucky
Everybody was believing in yo ass
They said you could be the greatest, if only he could pass
You failed them
You was supposed to be the leader of the pack
Acting woke for the people but you was sleeping in your class
Is that the reason why you mad?
Cause you was flunking back in LA?
Surrounded by Cholos and Vatos
But learned nothing from them Eses (essays)
See to preach to me dawg
To preach to me dawg
You gotta be accepting of your own flaws
Reflecting on your own loss
But you couldn’t even focus on your homework
So stop telling me you go hard
Cause my dawg caught a felony in high school
And he still graduated with that F on his report card
So if you ask me dawg then you the one wilding
You went from possibly getting a million dollar NFL contract
To a URL thousand
Don’t you see how you could have been doing interviews with Big Shaq, you know, Shannon Sharpe?
Now it’s just interviews with Jay Blac and Anwar
I guess you the real champion now
Dawg I knew this was a body the moment Smack hand me the files
I said he quitting or fixing the kitchen floor
Either way he gotta hand in the towel
But we gon’ handle it now
But we gon’ handle it now
And I ain’t got nothing against the lame
But you been lost since a kid even your mother probably feel the pain
You couldn’t even keep up with the dish she brought you
Man that shits a shame
He be like “Ma you seen my EA Spo-“
Bitch it’s in the game
Now his friends can’t even get on the sticks with him
He make them feel the pressure
He be like “Yeah that was nice, but in real life I could’ve did it better”
And that’s the part that had me bursting out laughing
Cause you could’ve had the Madden curse nigga
Now you at home just cursing out Madden
Telling your kids old stories like
“Daddy was the man on the field, the crowd love me “
He always talking about his high school days
He Al Bundy
That’s why I’m straight confused
That’s why I’m straight confused
On the message that you use to convey the youth
Cause you like teaching them Black power
Yo dumbass should be telling them to stay in school
And I know why you wasn’t conscious in school
Cause you ain’t have the balls to carry it
You was more focused on the game and the ball you carrying
Now you woke, lying to the people with all this arrogance
But where was Pan-African
When you was tryna be All-American?
Now you moving like Lux when you rap
I mean you always had his way with words
But you went from doing the Heisman
To the DJ moves
Well ain’t it funny how the tables turn?
See see see
See you had a way out the hood bro, you really could’ve been set with paper
You from Cali, you could’ve played for the Rams or even been a Raider
Now you stuck in the hood as a rapper
I guess it’s second nature
Well just know you made yourself a stereotype
And that’s just for the record, player
I mean, damn
I bet your moms thought you was at the top of the class or even the team
Thought you would make it out of school and go straight for the league
College shit, scholarships
But what did it mean?
See you could say I sold my momma anything
Except for a dream, pussy
And that ain’t nothing to laugh at scrat
That ain’t nothing to laugh at scrat
Cause he was headed for the Super Bowl
And barely made the Super Bowl of battle rap
And if you tell niggas you deserve this card
You’re a fucking liar
That’s why they got my face on a billboard
And yours on the fucking flyer
And the worst part about is
Ain’t Caffeine headquarters stationed in Cali?
And they ain’t paid one red cent to put your face up in Cali
Now that would straight up embarrass me
Not falling on a stage
I went from Mook to you pussy, I’m falling anyway

[Round 1: B. Dot]
Mama I apologize
I should’ve never dropped out of college
I’ma give you all that shit
The drug dealer
That travels around the country
Taking all them trips
You was hella comfortable that round
I figured you would be, around all these bricks
Summer madness on my birthday, wow
I’m truly gifted, who scripted the storyline
Must be the divine
Penning as the author
It was written, I was getting Nas’d
And years later I’m the pro tagging this nigga with no crowds
Now the villain isn’t sponsored
Look at the content
I brought to the table
This fable able to make believe he’s dealing with the contra
Bands got this booked
In my last chapter with the pastor had to mend it with my partner Well Top I’m extending the same hand
As a tru-
Bow! Fuck that this a whole different ending to the saga
We not judging, we just honored
To be in the major league playing against a nigga that run base
Baller, I was taught to-
Playing against a nigga that run base
Baller I was taught to watch my tone when speaking to the elders
He’ll bring it down
A pitch to his mama
You put all that negative energy out in the world
Now a series of events got you in the bottom of the ninth inning with your karma
You’s a talker
“I sold drugs king”
And y’all just figure that it’s true
He may be building that with you
But it’s levels
And you know you can’t talk stories
To the nigga on the roof
Where’s the proof?
On stage and the booth it’s cocaine and you shoot but never see jail
We can’t just put that shit to the side Ezal
How a nigga riding dirty but then its detailed?
Whoever on track with the fact that you pump crack need to be derailed
For the coins he’ll flip
I’m giving you a heads up he tells (tails)
Oh and it’s magic
You getting help from the people, surviving with AIDS
But aye we still wanna count T sales (T-cells)
If we gonna see sells we wanna be sure
I mean sure
We accepting this image you giving about criminal living
But you ain’t telling them the conversations we be having when nobody is listenin’
But I got y’all for instance
This how he kicks it
“I never sold drugs King, they just believe that I did it. I mean I’m lying but ain’t no need to admit it. As long as Smack and Beasley is with it, I’ma keep acting like I used to tell the fiends come and get it. I never really stretched the work out, but I’m running with it”
You’s a gimmick
This is what y’all call heart?
This bitch nigga that diss niggas for working at Walmart
But don’t even got keys he’s talking lift if he push buttons to make the car start
He’ll tell a nigga business in a battle
He’ll tell it to the nigga with the gavel
Just rollover
Yeah and y’all think dawg smart
Here’s the hard part
Talking to myself like “Dot don’t use gun bars”
Then the old me like “Blood we bang too”
I got two bitches with me, the nina empty
Then the fifth flame you
And I ain’t even Nitty but they apart of my insane crew
Everybody a nut
I brought this one to bust and this bitch came too
Smack I blame you
I wanted the Piru, so we could talk gang business
I asked for Twork, they put T in front of this work
Same difference
The game shifted
This caffeine coke nigga finna get knocked out by a woke nigga
And it’s gon’ look like he punching on me
But here’s the noose
I rope a dope nigga
Hang it up
For bang gets bust
I’ma harm any nigga with something big
Spitting fast
Armed and dangerous
Your name is just an indication on why you feel safe saying you pump base and stuff
You pulling up, pushing up on the feds led to cases bust
No resistance, bands breaking up
I don’t wanna just make this up
But if a nigga sit up here a thousand times in rhymes saying he push weight and stuff
But ain’t chased in cuffs
I’m saying bruh, y’all see how this works out
Yeah he fat and sloppy but it still sound like he in tip top shape to us
Your mama must
Wish you woulda just ate the nut
It’s crazy when you was a baby
She loved her stomach
Now she hates your guts
It’s too many blemishes nigga
Make it up
You run your mouth to be recorded
And we gon’ tape it shut
You Cinemax on the late night, fake as fuck
They put the perfect nigga on Caffeine to wake this up
No sleeping
We both menaces but this is just not the type Caine to believe in
And the fans? They don’t know which way to sway between us
But they leaning on the cooler, Sharif’n
I’m thinking, what’s Top’s tier?
Is he top tier?
I’m finna make Top tear
When Top’s teared
I’ll tie Top to the top of a top tier
And shoot up with the stocks like I brought in the top shares
Top swears
Cursive writing, rhyming, connecting lines of lies that Top shares
Well this is Walter dodging defensive linemen hitting holes, the top Bear!
You got the crack, pop the gat?
This image you’ve bottled up is soda pop for Smack
And you gon’ fizzle out if I twist your shit
Well that makes sense Top is cap
You got the heavy metal, the drums the sticks?
We can’t rock with that
I listen to Nipsey, prophet raps
And you not the Hussle so I’m knocking that
This is a different speed, no mocking that
The X? Yes, y’all niggas the same pussies
I look you in your eyes and see you ain’t got the stares for victory
It’s a rocky task
Long stick and I stay with the shells
Homeboy with the hockey mask
If this mortal wanna combat then I’m sharp with the fists
Baraka hands
You getting your head beat wasn’t on the agenda
Nigga I know this was not in plans
I’ma- stop it fam
This that Black, African Power
And if these is your last days Top
Then this is your last hour nigga
You can’t rap with me

[Round 2: T-Top]
That shit was weird
I said yo
Yo slogan ass bro
“This that Black, African Power. And if these is your last days then this is your final hour”
Well I ain’t having it reverend
And I ain’t mad at your message
But this Glock will have you dead in a matter of seconds
Bitch you take this black shit too far
Have y’all ever went shopping with Dot?
Every time he pick out an item he talk to the Gods and see if they like it or not
I mean one time we went shopping for the meanest kicks
He saw the mirror in the aisle and said “Hmm, I wonder if these could fit”
He was clean as shit
Started smiling to himself, I thought he seen a bitch
He said “Damn, if only the ancestors could have seen this shit”
You take this Black shit too far
And you ain’t even gotta hand us the proof
I went to the nigga crib for dinner, they stuck they whole hand in the soup
Whipping it to the left like “yeah this how the ancestors do”
He did a little hand gesture move
Then had his dead man bless the fo-
Bro you take this Black shit too far
And I ain’t tryna pray to no dead niggas when the pigs hit
Cause if they was alive them niggas probably wouldn’t have did shit
You wanna keep bringing up the ancestors
Well dig this
Why would I trust a family I-
Why would I trust a family I can’t see when I ain’t even trust the ones that I live with?
Big fifth
Big fifth, all I know is the steel got em
Even though it’s Black on Black crime, I still shot em
He in a coma, his soul lifting. Him and the ancestors are still vibing
So even though he’s brain dead, he’s still conscious
But are you still-
But are you still conscious?
But are you still conscious?
Cause we remember you took like a year off from battling
We was wondering where your passion went
That’s why I’m here asking him: Dawg are you still African?
Cause it took a whole pandemic for you to become black again
Now now now I don’t know how Smack feeling this
Cause he been on KOTD for years and now he wanna come and support black businesses
Oh now B getting quiet
But when it was time for marching and shouting, he never seen at the riots
Or in his wing giving knowledge
The woke nigga ain’t wake back up till we added Caffeine to the diet
Now he wanna tell us-
Now he wanna tell us what the white man can
And what the white man can’t
Well playing with yo black ass is one thing the white man ain’t
He told you you wasn’t smar-
He told you you wasn’t smart enough for football
Now he don’t respect the way the white man think
Well after this battle, you still gonna take that white man check
And go and cash it at the white man bank
And y’all wanna know something else that I find a bit funny
Is how he ain’t start hating the white man until he took away his scholarship money
Took away his popularity and empowerment from him
All them pretty little trophies and acknowledgements from him
Dawg they made you feel less than a man
That’s why you hate what master say to you?
Cause when they took away football you feel like they emasculated you
Now you picked up Kemetic science
Wanna preach till our heads spinning
Tryna touch every hood
Well I hope he don’t let the feds listen
Nigga you wanna see where I sell drugs? You dead trippin’
I mean you can come around the Bear trap
But you better not put a leg in it
While you was praying to them
While you was praying to them dead niggas
I was moving all type bricks
While you was looking for your Nubian queen
I was tryna find that white bitch
So nigga preach
Nigga preach
Nigga preach
But you can’t be a men-
You can’t be a menace in South Central
You don’t even fit the category
And that’s the saddest story
I ain’t gotta go preaching, my work do the bragging for me
I got two black owned businesses with over twenty black employees
And speaking of black employees
We just wanna know
How that conversation go?
With you know who nigga don’t be playing slow
Avocado, the white guy from a small racist town out in Colorado
Used to drive the Tahoe
Laugh at black jokes with all his guy bros
But that’s your guy though
We just confused on how the ex-racist been filming the Malcolm X tapings?
Oh that’s breathtaking
But scarier than Wes Craven
Now don’t sit here and lie to us
You got plenty of followers
You mean to tell me you couldn’t find no Black videographers?
Huh? What?
Your boy Clip wasn’t hot enough?
You couldn’t make a phone call to Smack and have Twizz and them lining up?
Now that’s as wrong as can be
But we know he gon’ keep using that white boy as long as it’s free
Now that’s a nigga for you
And if y’all don’t get the picture yet
Next round I’ll make it bigger for you
Concrete, nigga
Rap with me nigga

[Round 2: B. Dot]
My nigga
My nigga Top, I knew it
You’d get in here tryin angles to measure up to me but it’s not congruent
You see it’s musical chairs
The crowd, that’s the soundtrack to your style
But now you gotta take a seat when they stop the music
Let’s rock into it
These little angles you using is ahh cute
You convinced us that working a job at Walmart was wack
But couldn’t convince Brizz to stay on his job vs Mook
Oh I’m about to abuse
Another nigga that don’t bring substance
These boys void, think they Hollow tryna lean on the crowd
Now it’s no crutches
You in here with the Undertaker, brother
I guess this where the Kane (caine) come in
Aye these niggas done made an error
This the wrong type
URL don’t say nothing
When my crew beat him for his necklace
I said click the link
Now think
That’s chain punching
You a cai-
This is caine smuggling
Verse a nigga that’s for brothers (Four Brothers) in the community Tryna get the rock sweeped out
But y’all got him thinking he the victor
With the pen? Y’all the (Piñata) reason I’ma knock Sweets out
I catch Top en route
LA traffic fat nigga in the whip full of picnic baskets
I’m on the roof
Same place where I didn’t know I had it
And told Rum: aye simp the matic (asymptomatic)
And to make sure you get the picture
I’m banging down aiming at the top of T V bitch we fixing static
My nig what happened?
When you was in LA and the Crips caught you lacking
You was with some bitches, tryna get pussy
“On my job”
Yeah, slackin’
This wasn’t no battle but you was bout to get your pockets tapped
Them niggas active (Aktive)
They was letting you know without letting you know
They said they’ll give you a pass if aggressive niggas like Gotti could get there fast quick
And that’s sick
Gotti wasn’t gonna let niggas from his hood rob you
I mean Geechi had to pull up and make sure this little bitch Top covered like a good father
This hood oppa
“NWX, ParkLyfe”
All these different teams you jumpin’
We remember the tag team dysfunction
When your team was stumpin’ but we never seen him punching
Just on stage, performing, fallen
A least ya (Alicia) honest about what type Keys you pumpin
I think you should leave the Park
I mean why not? You don’t slide or swing on nothing
Is your whole team bloodin’? Is it NWX or you apart of the gangsta killer Bs?
I mean you selling keys
So you know the RICO?
Same thing how we gang bang, you judged by your company
When they chunking Cs they ain’t gon’ care about your association
They gon’ drive by drilling heat
They gon’ put your whole business out
And they gon’ start by spilling T (tea)
You feeling me?
It really be the nigga that get killed that wasn’t really bang-
You know what I’m talking bout bro!
You feeling me?
It really be the nigga that get killed that wasn’t really banging
For your team you don’t even know that you biting the bullet
But he a feel he ate it (affiliated)
When the milli waving
When the milli waving, you gon’ get a halo like you heaven sent
It’s for your betterment
They putting all this snow on Top
If ever it’s (Everest) a time to talk this is your element
The Devil’s been using your drive to drive drugs into our development
You should park, life is more than just claiming that you repping it
Drug dealer, good father. Which lane are you progressing in?
The system been gassing you up with the lead in it
They give you keys and start your engine
The white man hiding in Bear the whole time. Revving it! (Revenant)
I’m tryna give you niggas
What the hell is this?
Some nigga y’all acknowledge as a kingpin
And I’m some fake nigga that went to college on football scholarship?
I mean isn’t playing ball, getting out the hood the accomplishment?
Ain’t this common sense?
Wouldn’t y’all rather see a nigga run with the pills getting touchdowns?
Than to see a nigga running with pills serving fiends who get locked possession caught and can’t touch down?
This is what’s up now?
Y’all believe this nigga take trips overseas where the poppy seeds get cut down?
But won’t tell you why he do it
The when, where, what, how
Remember you called me for the plug pal?
I’m like wow, the conscious man calling the
I’m like wow, the drug dealer calling the conscious man for contraband
Well that seems iffy
That’s when that thing hit me
Oh, the nigga off cam ain’t the same on cam is he?
I mean on cam you got all this work and then off cam you can’t stay busy
“Dot you got the weight?”
Wait, you don’t weigh with me
Don’t compare me to comp
“I get it out the mud with the water, and the gre-“
Then why you so scared of the Swamp?
Nigga say what you want
Say what you want
Talk about your resume like its fascinating
That won’t do the job for the fans
Right Smack? They don’t care if you drop drugs (Drugz) on the application
Nigga this facts you facing
Gats I’m raising
You gon’ get it all in your head bitch: Imagination
This stance you taking about me conscious banging it’s nothing new
I don’t beef with Crips them my brother too
Bow! Oh, what was that?
Unity I’m flamed up had to make sure something blew (blue)
Fuck is you?
Fuck is you nigga?
Fuck is you?
Besides another nigga that’s gon’ tell us
“Oh don’t judge me, I sold crack cause I had to”
Bitch nigga we ain’t ask you
It ain’t just the fact that you pack move
It’s that you happy to do that garbage
It’s even more trash when a nigga glad to
That’s why I’m at you, nigga

[Round 3 T-Top]
This my closing verse
Like fuck a casket throw this bastard in the back and just close the hearse
Now I ain’t come here to make a crowd go berserk
I came here just to show y’all work
Now let me put it in
Aye bro I just started a lifestyle change and I been focused too
I got my son coming home from the hospital
But my mom’s going in, shit I’m so confused
I been thinking about quitting battle rap if I told the truth’
Cause every angle y’all got against me it’s overused
But they say B. Dot so different
Nigga what the fuck is you supposed to do
Besides make mad, I don’t see this being close for you
He really think he a Black Panther
Well I hope he do
Cause Huey P. Newton died as a crackhead
And bitch you going out smoking too
You know the rules
You know the rules
You know the rules
If B ain’t right then homie fooled
And I don’t see nobody else on the platter, it’s only you
Bitch you know this shit the truth
If I was at your LA event I prolly would’ve had the 40 on me too
With the image of Cleo from Set it Off
Cause I would’ve had you bitches smoking on the roof
And bro I’m so confused
You said you a conscious blood?
You got everybody fooled in California
Subconsciously he know he wasn’t that dude in California
So he sent his family off to Phoenix
Took his son away from that school around the corner
And that was the hardest blow
It was the Martin show
Cause I’m sure he ain’t wanna move to Arizona
And bro you remember when you moved to Arizona
Right? And I called you to battle me
You said “Nah, that’s some of the dumbest stuff. The money ain’t worth it, I’d just rather build my brothers up.”
But now Smack don’t call
You gotta move out your crib in another month
So what good is a battle on the roof
If you can’t keep your family under one?
I’m done with son
I’m done with son
And I know you prideful nigga
Yeah get mad, I know you prideful nigga
But it’s the the inside that’s haunting you
Oh I’m on to you
Trust me, I can see through that roof like Hey Arnold’s room
You harmless du-
I’m on to you
Get mad cause I’m on to you
Get mad, I’m on to you
I could see through that roof like Hey Arnold’s room
You harmless dude
I showed the world every scar and bruise
That’s why I hate you conveniently conscious niggas
You only play the part that’s cool
Well, brother, tell me, how much money have you donated to Dr. Umar Johnson’s school?

[B. Dot]
(*Laughs*) Oh my God

Now now now, I ain’t the one to come here and preach
But when it comes to financial backing for the Black community, what have you done in the least?
You Blood right?
Your homies couldn’t come up with a hundred a piece?
I mean even Trump giving out 600 a week
That’s why
That’s why I’m done with- Nigga
That’s why I’m done with these geeks
Cause ain’t no telling with these dudes
All Dr. Umar wanted was a conscious college
And had to dumb it down to an elementary school
Put this on the news
That’s why I think your whole Black aura is fake
Cause instead of a HBCU
You went and took your talents up to Oregon State
Well now now that of explains
Why you think we all are enslaved
Cause you was jumping for the white man for all of your days
Now I know you ain’t have the grades for you to go there
But your black ass could run, skip, jump so the white man paid for you to go there
How many of your Blood homies collected change for you to go there?
Now don’t come with the hesitation
Bro you mean to tell me the set you claiming ain’t got nothing on your education?
You went to buy books, they ain’t have nothing on your registration?
All y’all should be ashamed
Talking bout he conscious and shit
Tryna turn gang banging to some positive shit
Well bro that’s not what it is
You gotta be ready to let your slug go
You gotta be ready at any point to make a nigga son go
So fuck this battle
I’m telling you with love bro
You’ll never be all the way righteous until you let the Bloods go
And I know what’s in your heart
Pow pow, you the heat bussing dude
But then you can’t come to this ring and try to preach to us too
See you and Brother Polight are conscious gang members
That’s what you both told us
If you ask me your both vultures
I mean y’all don’t even see how y’all disrespecting both cultures
And bro know this
So look this is your moment to decide
Like would you walk into Marcus Garvey office with your Blood rag on?
Or would you put it to the side?
You decide
But if he choose the Gods just know the homies gonna put blood in Blood mouth
Till he die over that African pick
Blood in blood out
But you gon’ stick
But he gon’ stick Bloods out
He like to ride the wave out it
I believe him
He talked to the ancestors and prayed bout it
Said he gon’ stick to the game, aim and spray choppers
And do it like his life depend on it
Cause he need Blood to stay conscious
No no no nigga, you need Blood to stay poppin
So watch him, we can all tell that son rhyming
But but but, he get on Summer Madness one time and you look at his ears and son shining
What, what? Y’all didn’t see Blood diamonds?
You African right? Well those better be African blood diamonds
You African right? Well those better be African blood diamonds
Cause first it was gang banging, hooded thieves
Conscious boy, wooden beads
But I shine on URL so the whole world can look at me
Boy everything you stand for is fake
Shine, and all the real rights need to put this man on a plate
Concrete nigga

[Round 3: B. Dot]
Aye Clips, I need you to tell Nick Cannon where he messed up
He wasn’t supposed to put the turban on and get dressed up
He was supposed to bless us
Just be the spook that sat by the door
Get money from whites and cut the checks up
Let me guess what?
The fans gon’ say
“URL selling out to Caffeine and Dot you a slave cause you on Caffeine”
This is intellectual warfare
Y’all niggas gotta vest up
Smack get the check from Caffeine then pay a nigga like me to speak my mind on what affects us
And that’s how you do it Smack
It’s a brand new day and they can’t ruin that
Speaking of Ruin Your Day, when it came to that topic
I stood my ground and I ain’t move from that
If Avo was racist back then
What the fuck I gotta do with that?
I mean I guess you figured I should’ve known his cover was blown it seemed when he dissed Caffeine he wanted to be the only white person shooting Blacks
But, where you was at?
Falling back, huh?
Again, never there when it’s time to truly scrap
Well we gon’ validate that by these proven facts
Peace to my Black sisters
Who raise baby black girls and simultaneously tryna raise a son
In a world where he targeted, audited, for every dollar it’s no credited given to niggas. They been imprisoning niggas since after slavery
That was basically phase 1
Phase 2
It’s a popular strategy G, they masterfully devise a plan. Criminalize the man, put drugs in our community, supplied the grams to pry in a nigga business, making his women lose interest, divide the fam
Now Mommy don’t respect Daddy
He could’ve helped with the canned goods had he not been inside the can
Sadly that created your drive
You heard Daddy was on the green running with Kenneth Supreme
Carrying iron like a caddy, Cincinnati. I mean naughty kid it’s been goals (Bengals) of yours to earn stripes being catty
They stripped your family
And that’s why I understand you Blood
Cause the black man respecting a black women is something you’ve never seen examples of
Let’s flashback to what? ’88?
That’s when we first heard of the coke
But you was born in ’89 so ’88’s around the time you was wrapped in your mother’s womb under the Burlington coat
And she takes a stroll and it’s cold
The D-boys on the block offer the heat, she telling them no
Bear in mind she thought of Terrell, her baby cub that she wanted to grow
So she said that she won’t
And thanks to that you wasn’t a crack baby born with development slow
Don’t beat yourself up over the fact she bobbed all them hits
Just for you to be the fist that served her the blow
She out at night looking for something to suck next yearning to choke
You knew she was vamping!
And still son came out and turned her to smoke
Well here’s a quote
That’s gon’ haunt you from sun up to the day’s done
If you don’t respect Black women, how the fuck you gon’ raise one?
It’s amazing how they got you in a maze huh?
You “trapped in the trap” and can’t figure the problem
How a nigga that don’t respect the mothers nickname his baby girl
“The mamas”?
We remember the drama when the niggas from the Chi was gon’ rain on you, give you the showers
Don’t pretend man, they had the whole house on you
Which is the only reason you apologized, stop lying coward
I’m on your heels clicking
Rest in peace to Kenneka, this feels different
You don’t respect black queens
When you put them on the line, the only time it’s about reel (real) women
Deal with it
This gon’ haunt you from sun up to the day’s done
But if you don’t respect black women, how the fuck you gon’ raise one?
Then your bae comes, on a Monday night raw you pin her to the mat not thinking what could come from that. Now the doctors refereeing before they count to three and she push off, you ain’t won the match
That’s a soul attach, stone cold in fact that the Ultimate Warrior owner holds the phone up expose the fact she giving neck to the camp. You had all these elbows and arm bars why you never tried to wrestle with that?
Instead you turning your back
When black women need you the most
That’s not loyal, T (loyalty)
Talking all this “king” shit with no respect for the queens
That’s not royal, T (royalty)
It’s annoying me
And this gon’ haunt you from sun up to the day’s done
But if you don’t respect black women, how the fuck you gon’ raise-
You remember Korryn Gaines bruh?
When the police came to the door her bitch nigga ran to the back and didn’t save her. Them your ways, huh?
Well I’m more Kenneth Walker, busting back at the cops for Breonna Taylor
And you gon’ say what?
Shut yo bitch ass up and keep yo mouth closed
I should pop you
Then adopt your daughter so she can grow up in a better household
I know that’s cold
But lil mama gotta grow up with honor
She shouldn’t have to deal with the fact that Daddy sold Granny some crack and didn’t protect Mommy when she was under attack
Back to the wrestling scheme, you got all this shit in her ring
And though she royal
She shouldn’t have to rumble with that!
All this drug dealing crap
You doubling stacks, affecting your community
Troubling Blacks
Risking your freedom
What’s gon’ happen to baby Riley if you got locked up in a max?
Let’s fast forward perhaps
You not around so she found with another nigga that’s smuggling crack
Baby girls always known to grow up and fall in love with a nigga that’s just like they Dad!
I hope she watching this match

(*B. Dot talks to camera*)
Hey baby Riley, hey hun
No, Uncle B. Dot’s not mad at T-Top. This was all play fun
But when he get home I need you to ask him

(*T-Top chuckles*)

If he don’t respect black women, how the fuck he gon’ raise one?
The great one nigga!

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