Dizaster vs. Frak [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Dizaster]
Now listen here, you fucking F word
You fucking ferret faced, rooster headed, noodle neck, fuckin’ cross-eyed, little fucking gummy worm
Every time I’m reminded of your masculinity, it makes my stomach turn
You’re a white comedic rapper, and your daddy’s a scientist
That’s the whitest shit I’ve seen since the people on the Titanic ship
Matter of fact, that’s white as shit than the iceberg tip, that crashed right into the side of it
What in Jesus Christ image and likeliness, kind of white is this?
We got a hick that looks like Lil Dicky
When he was born a religious figure gave his dick a hickey
His skin pigment like Miss Piggy
He’s pink eared liberal sissy
But we in LA now, fuck a thirty, he gon’ get hit with a sixty
And I’mma run a final lap around you just to ensure my Nipsey victory
Yeah, yeah
I’ll smack the fuck out of you, Frak
So hard that even if you take a Senzu Beans you can’t come back
That bitch from Project Power can resize your little ass face for hours and you’d still lay there flat
Man, you wanna know why you’re a culture vulture and a rat
Why you deserve to finish in last place
Because you literally created a fake account that act black and pander like you had a black fanbase
You literally so corny that you pandered at that rate
Then you wanna convince y’all that my race jokes are in bad taste
When this is the only guy in battle rap who’s ever been caught hiding behind digital blackface!
I ain’t ever seen someone beg for acceptance to fit in like you
No one respects you so you crack jokes and pander like this guilty white dude
Like, I’m sorry I’m white, I’m sorry I bothered you
Then two seconds later your black burner account responds to you like; “Don’t trip, G, you’re still invited to the barbecue!”
If the Bay still had any roots, they would be ashamed of you
I bet the Raiders moved all the way to Vegas so they can get away from you
You need to cut the fake Black Panther act
’cause no matter how many fake fist pumps your little gimpy wrists lifts up
(Frak: “Foul”)
You’ll always be an Anglo-Saxon rat
You don’t battle rap
You play hacky sack
You don’t like your coffee dark
Matter of fact, you don’t like your coffee at all
You so white that Frak just has the half-and-half
His favorite thing to wear is black-on-black
You said in the face-off, you were dropping facts on facts
Well like most men in your family there’s a little cap on that
Yeah, yeah
I’m about to go Michael Myers on this little [?] driver
And if he–, I’mma tie up his liberal wife and pipe her
And if she gets away, I’mma tie Joe Biden on a leash, and have him try to find her
You’re not a writer, you’re a hider
Y’all remember the spook that sat by the door, well this is the white guy that hid behind the blinders
Time, bitch

[Round 1: Frak]
Diz battles, we love ’em, the rapping is so lyrical
You know the more angrier and bigoted, the faster with his syllables
We got a pandemic, a wildfire, cops attacking like they’re criminals
What I’m sayin’ is, it’s 2020, at this point disaster (Dizaster) is predictable
But first Iron, then Soul Khan, now they send a Jew 3.0
Your obsession with us is laid out years ago in Egypt scrolls
We’re in the middle of plague Diz, let my people go
Bro, you know what rhymes with Dizaster vs. Soul Khan
[yawn sound], that shit was so long
Bro, choosing unlimited rounds was a mistake y’all both made
They said Soul Khan died in that battle, of old age
You been doing the same anti-Semitic shit since the Jumpoff years
Spitting raps with a Hitler ‘stache – what the fuck, Bachir?
Iron and Soul Khan let you scrape by, but fuck top-tiers
NBA boycott: the Buck stops here
What the fuck, Bachir!?
You think Dizaster in a Grand Prix, probably end with some third bar Ether
This Dizaster in a Grand Prix, is ending like Dale Earnhardt Sr
That was fire!
But what you doing here, Diz?
Aren’t you supposed to be top two?
You’re Dizaster, movie star, Mr. Tom’s Cruise Mom Shoes
It’s supposed to be stadiums and boss moves
Not chasing 50K in small rooms
I guess 50 will have him rapping for an empty crowd like Ja Rule
What you doing here, Diz?
Mook, Hollow, Lux, every battle they be getting paid crazy
You should be getting 50K baby, not 50K maybe
But you don’t need the money
You could just send your dad to send a rack (Iraq)
This isn’t Arabs versus Israel, that’s a projection you invent to rap
I’m not a Zionist, I don’t represent the flag
You’re just extra mad ’cause Israel is the only occupation you ever had
Temple tap, on King of the Dot, you’re Grape Street, you never seem frightened
With your braids on, dropping N bombs, like there better be violence
But on SMACK, you’re this Lebanese virus, 9/11-ing pilots
It seems you’re going through an identity…ISIS
Braid-twisting to goat-milking, and coke-whipping to stone slinging
You go from gangster to terrorist: you’re nuclear code-switching
But, he gon’ spit it like; Big blade, slash and poke it ’til his abs are open
[sword swing or wind sound effects], sound effects to match the stabbing motions
’cause he’s a cancer growing without us knowing like Chadwick Boseman
I’m, I’m standing over him, like, any last words before your passing moment
All he can say is “I fuckin’, I fuckin'”
It sounds like Dizaster choking
That’s one!

[Round 2: Dizaster]
Aight, you weak-ass fucking muppet
Check this out
Fuckin’ AntiFa butt-boy
Now that motherfuckin’ racial type of stereotypical angle would’ve been fatal
If it wasn’t coming from a Jewish dude who dropped a mixtape called ‘Bagels’
Check this out, and I ain’t even have to rebuttal to that bar that you said
But I guess I end up responding instead
I’m like M. Bison, everybody knows I’m a stand-up guy off the top of the head
Yeah, you better tighten ya armor
’cause tonight you a goner
And if you managed to stay alive, then I’m taking you with me, bitch, and you gon’ die as a martyr
This ain’t another one of these sites you can conquer
You have a better chance outshinin’ your Zionist scientist father
Than us seeing you surviving this fight any longer
I slice his arm off, and pirate scar him
Send him right to Allah
With my knife, or my katana
Do your daughter like your momma
Throw your baby in the water like Nirvana
Yes, oh, my eye is on ya like the almighty dolla’
Treat you like a Fortnite piñata
You a pint-sized chihuahua
(Frak: “Foul”)
And I’m [?]
A diabolical Ayatollah
Lightning is striking on ya
Lights out like Madonna
My persona matches my real life, so I’mma slide upon ya
Drop you off inside Wakanda, with a sign tied to you that says “Die Obama”
Yo, yo, and he talking about this shit, bro I actually respect your religion
When I talk about our differences in battles, we all got a defect
Some of them are genetic conditions
Like him, he was born smart
He has the knowledge to drop
But he’s too self-committed and selfish to give it
He looks like Ellen Degeneres
But you can’t call him that, ’cause even that bitch’ name got the word “generous” in it
Yeah, I embody the West coast esoteric, crossing a line for me is esoteric
Yeah, you? You just copied the dress code and put on a retro fitted
That’s why they gon’ always cut me the check to make you check your privilege
Why’s hip hop dead, bitch?
Ya kinfolk did it
Yeah, they, they kept fuckin’ the game to death
And they keep fucking it now, so based on ya ethnic lineage, it’s even safe to bet that you’re necrophilic
So if Thesaurus Christopher Columbus’d the scene, then your bitch-ass annexed the whole region and built a settlement in it
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Alright, whatever

[Round 2: Frak]
He said Jews ruined hip hop – how could I have known?
You’re right, they set up this battle on the low
But tell Twitch I’m wildin’ out (Wild n’ Out)
I’m glad the fans are still at home
‘Cause one Cannon go off, and a Jew is canceling the show


They say Eminem watches your battles, is that true?
Hey Eminem, is that you?
You thinking what I’m thinking? Stan 2
Bro, your whole Instagram lately been getting me mad
You think COVID is this liberal plan, conspiracy fad
But I think it’s time to give him some stats
I printed a graph
(*Dizaster smacks the paper out of Frak’s hand onto the ground*)
I brought an extra ’cause I knew this fool would rip it in half!
Stop my time, bro!
There are hundred-ninety-thousand (190,000) dead, zipped in a bag
[Dizaster: Oh my God, this is bullshit]
It spiked when our cities were bad
And 40% get it without symptoms attached
So just stay the fuck home, and put your shit in a mask
I thought you’d listen to Math!
It’s Frak Hoffa
You threw the Virus event dressed as Slim Shady all weekend
You punched Math and were a virus to King of the Dot’s weakness
So it makes sense you think this COVID is just some King of the Dot weakness
’cause you’re the one always going viral for the wrong reasons
Y’all seen him, he went from backpacker to gangster, now you supporting Trump in this bitch
I think you might be the first-ever Republican Crip
Republican Crip, I think he’s trying to create a trend
Red hat, blue flag, tryin’ to make America grape again
Your less “As-salamu Alaykum”, more “I’m with John McCain”-ing
He named his crew Krack City, in honor of Ronald Reagan
But who are you inside?
I know you’ve lost battles with DNA
But that same Lebanese flag you got tatted in East LA
Is the same flag our government’s bombs blasting their streets away


He’s a Lebanese crip, and you’re false flagging it either way
Republican Crip?
Oxxxy tore him like hydroxychloroquine under his skin
But you’d have no leagues to fuck with if it wasn’t for him
So it makes sense he sees Trump as his kin
You couldn’t hack it, so you both needed a Russian to win
The fuck do you think?
I mean one second, you talk about Schrödinger’s cat and Newton’s laws
The next second, the moon landing was Kubrick, and evolution is wrong
One second, it’s fuck America, they Unabomb’ and nuke Iran

Oh my God

But you support the administration that gives Israel its troops and arms
9/11, the fuel exhaust
The Jews that caused
The Jews’s cause
Diz, are you from fucking Lebanon or QAnon?
The shit that Jews have had to live through
The shit they’ve done to Muslims and Islam
You think you’re free ’cause you collect guns and Republicans in charge
There’s muskets in your closet, guns up in your bars
You scratching serials, we had to keep them numbers on our arms
What the fuck you tryin’ to start?

[Round 3: Dizaster]
America helps Lebanon, by the way, this guy’s a fuckin’ idiot, you don’t know shit…
If y’all give him the prize because what he just did in that one bar
Then I’m straight robbing him, face clobbering
Slap that shit out of his little ass hands like Nate Robinson
You don’t deserve to occupy space with me or breath the same air, ’cause you a waste of oxygen
Yeah, you in a cage with a wild bear
This ain’t no Scared Straight tactics, I don’t play fair
Get up close range and poke you on live air
Modern warfare, melee savage
Keep playing games, and they gon’ find your little ass body stuffed inside of a fuckin’ Wayfair cabinet
I’ll make you state your absence like a mail-in ballot
I don’t make fashion statements, bitch, I wear a straitjackets
I’ll engage Frak with grenade fragments and blade hatchets
Big dog, you’re right, I should have been in the big bracket
Arab with the big gats, this a mismatch
G habits, Islamic
Throw a semtex
Watch in stick to his little ass like a fridge magnet
That big blast, just to watch him [?]
That big blast, bring back his corpse and skin graft
Twitch really think we gon’ battle
Look at his little ass
I’m about to kidnap him!
Yeah, I was looking at him like why are you so cocky?
When your resume ain’t got no bodies
Like Bin Laden
If I bitch slapped him
His face would turn into a flappy piece of pink salmon
And he rapidly started apologizing to Nick Cannon
You never struggled to get here, Frak
We put in blood, sweat, and tears to get shit crackin’
For you, Twitch popped up and it just happened
’cause you a rich ass, spoiled little kid who soon to inherited a big mansion
That his sick granddad left for his little bitch grandson
Step back, I’m rib-cracking
I break Frak in
I break Frak into twins, that’s split fractions
Oh yeah, I turn Frak shins into fragments
I roll up with the long stick and blow the back of his head off like Bilbo Baggin
David might’ve slayed Goliath, but he ain’t ever killed no dragon
Yeah, yeah, what’s happening

[Round 3: Frak]
You said Bodied is the most authentic battle rap movie, it’s the best out
Then I watched when Diz throws a punch, his girl gets fucked, and he loses to a white dude…yeah, checks out
But you calling me a beta male
Dog, I’m the motherfucking sex god
Imagine Dizaster on a speed date, having women shell shocked
Like time’s up
The girl tries to get rid of him now
He’s like; “What the fuck!? I thought this was an unlimited round!”
He starts talking conspiracies, awkwardly whispering
He leans in all close, like, “Psshh, they’re probably listening”
He’s like, you see this gap between us, it’s really just an object of imagery
To distract the real gap between us that there’s not any chemistry
Bitch, you mid-tier bitch, I’m a legend
Bro, chill
Chill fam, your energy is spoiled
‘Cause even if she’s loyal, Diz, she finna be disloyal
We went a couple rounds, and she feel me like I’m royal
And she was wanna keep Frak in (frackin’) like Middle Eastern oil
I heard you’re vegan now, damn Diz, very woke and conscious
I’ll chop your human flesh, but animals, don’t you harm them
[Dizaster: Facts]
Fucked up on SMACK, lost on RBE
At this point, no one wants him
You’re vegan by default: going organic (Organik) was your only option
Before you popped, early on, Dizaster was Smack’s enemy
“I’m better than those SMACK rappers, I’m selling my brand separately”
Then you got on Smack, got overwhelmed the amphetamines
Now getting kicked off Twitter will your only banned legacy (Banned Legacy)
Man, remember, you boycotted King of the Dot and called ’em garbage
Now you back here on King of the Dot, like a starving artist
Without King of the Dot, you’ve always found it hard to start shit
See, your protest was like the one in Minneapolis, you destroyed your own Target market!
But do you believe in a parallel universe, some do
There’s a dimension where all Dizaster’s delusions come true
First, all your failures control, alt, delete
And you quantum leap
Back to Diz vs. Canibus, your highest peak
After that, you start a league
King of the Dot becomes obsolete
You become the Total Slaughter king
Body Cass, wash Oxxxy clean
You’re even on TV, Oscar nominee for Bodied 3
But then you wake up, it was all a dream
But he’s caught between
Half of him still lives in this subconscious sleep as this god MC
Not this drama queen, getting killed by Russians, Apollo Creed
The left side face fell off like Gustavo Fring
But here’s the common theme
To battle rap, you are unique
But we watched the greatest fall victim to what his dogma breeds
But isn’t karma sweet?
‘Cause in that universe you put your own dog to sleep
And in this one, I’m putting the GOAT down so it can all repeat

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