Jey The Nitewing vs. Fonz [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Jey The Nitewing]
Yo, before I start this round, I just wanted to say real quick…
I’m from the Northwest, and it took my region a whole…long road to get here
And we lost some friends along the way
Two weeks ago, I lost a friend of mine, we lost a friend of ours named El Solo
And there’s a lot of people in this culture that we look up to and we support…from afar
We admire a lot of people in this building
So it would mean the world to all of us if we could just get a moment of silence for my people, man
I’d definitely appreciate it

(*20-second moment of silence*)

(*to himself*) Rest in peace to my brothers…
Y’all ready?
Night of Main Events, I made it, BITCH!
On the West, we at home, nigga!
This my motherfuckin’ throne – how many times have I told niggas!?
Only two years in, and I’m already at NOME, nigga?
Don’t let my size fool you, homie, ‘cause tonight, I’m a whole nigga
I promise you, this deep in the West, you get no love!
Bitch, you from Cleveland? So you know what you need then: some mo’ Thugs
You like to punch!? I like to punch, too
I coulda came wit’ that plotwork
But I’m big, you big
Let’s see which one of us drop first!
Fuck the static
Ace showed us that none of that punchin’ matters
He had the Land Lord (landlord) like Friday After Next, ‘cause son a faggot!
Whole fuckin’ bracket done beat his ass!
How the fuck he gon’ beat me!?
This shit just like my last battle, ‘cause it really shoulda been easy (Eazy)
I ain’t finna stand for it
Tonight I’m closin’ that damn door, right in his face
I give a fuck if he think he the Land Lord
Man, I’ll drop this bitch nigga so hard, they’ll say the land lowered
Stop playin’ wit’ me!
You beatin’ me? How, bitch!?
It’s child shit
The votes is in: every battle, you lost, on some wild shit
This a free throw for me, and you only got here off some foul shit
I killed three niggas, and they ain’t do nothin’ – now this!
You loud BITCH!
Who the fuck really thinks he ready?
This bitch nigga’s OG as Machine Gun Kelly
He not deadly
I know after that you prob’ly think I’m petty
But that’s all you gettin’ tonight
I’m puttin’ you in a negative light, like the opening scene from Belly
Midwest!? It ain’t no mid on the West! That’s his default settings
I’ll pull up to your crib and at the hospital if he thinks I’m reggie
It’s ‘bout to get BAD for him!
Every opp’ was outmatchin’ him!
Ace pullin’ your card is the only reason he had to win!
Kee-Kee at the hospital: you actin’ this wasn’t an accident!
Prob’ly bet the whole house on this moment!
‘Bout to leave NOME mad (nomad) as fuck, ‘cause he about to be homeless
You know who you wit’, Fonz?
You think I won’t leave your shit gone
You know how long I been waitin’ on a nigga to pick on?
Like I won’t defund the police soon as the divers get sent for him?
Insufficient Fonz (funds) at the riverbank, but nothing’s withdrawn
Come on, nigga…
Little Ave, you better fight
This a battle for your life
If this makes Battle of the Night, it’s ‘cause you battlin’ the Nite!
Brought a Cleveland nigga wit’ me
Last time a King was in L.A., we ain’t even make the Playoffs
It’s ‘cause I came here to educate
Welcome to the West, pussy

[Round 1: Fonz]
Yo, where the water at?
I said, I’m finna do a mechanic greasy…real fuckin’ greasy
But a lot of y’all don’t get that
They say Jey talk crazy…
Well, I’m Fonz, a nigga that talk slick back (slickback)
Big facts…
But you gon’ come with your slow delivery and violent tone and think that you gon’ talk to me
Pussy, talk is cheap
And I know how you Hawaiians roll
Nigga, your whole pack soft and sweet!
My thoughts elite!
But y’all act like he amazing here
Wit’ a style you can’t compare
Oh, he don’t use gun bars?
So how the King legacy ‘posed to continue if he too afraid to raise and air (an heir)?
I shoot for real!
If he don’t, then it’s respect to bro
Your neck get broke!
Fonz vers’ Nite King
All that means is they done gave me a nigga from the West to roast (Westeros)!
The Heckler blow, and that’s the part that’s alarming you
‘Cause if Nite (knight) didn’t come here wit’ heavy metal, then that bitch gon’ lose a arm or (armor) two
I’m on to you!
They say Jey be livin’ what he spit
A mechanic who think he gon’ win on the West Coast ‘cause them (custom) niggas hold him down?
Well, I’m ‘bout to make an exhibit (Xzibit) out a bitch!
See, this the shit that get me pissed
You battle niggas that tough-act, y’all play it quite often
‘Til pipes sparkin’
Leg shot – BLAOW!
Last time, it was Wolverine
This time, I got Nite crawlin’ (Nightcrawler)
Y’all like talkin’!
Me, I handle shit a different way
Pistol play
Yeah, all it takes is a brick to get yo’ ass missin’, Jey (J)
They talkin’ ‘bout he Samoan, like that’s gon’ make it go a different way
I’m finna put the Polynesian in a bag: I’m talkin’ Chick-Fil-A!
You think this shit for play!?
How they had you winnin’ it wit’ your lame ass?
Well, let me change that
I’mma leave L.A. over the Wing: that’s the Game tat’
Yo’ lame ass…
You wanna be Dwayne Johnson so bad? Well, that date gon’ come
You keep comin’ in here actin’ like the Rock and I’m about to put your name on one!
You stay frontin’!
And your nerdy-ass fans be watchin’ your battles like, “Jey buggin’”
Straight puffins
You a ventriloquist: do all that talkin’ to say nothin’
What’s the gain from it?
Light bars wit’ a strong delivery
Got these niggas thinkin’ he potent
I can see that he posted
I don’t see the devotion
I can fry you, but I’d rather put him deep in the ocean
‘Cause either way, when Wing done, you gon’ see that he floatin’
I got people in motion!
We come straight to your block
Bitch, I’m a Glock-dumper!
Dome shot! Spray the cornrows: it’s a crop duster
I do not trust ya
Your dirty ass prob’ly keep that 25 and be walkin’ ‘round here lookin’ like you still broke
You needed some real hope
“Oh, Fonz let Ace get him off his square”
So what, bitch? You the real joke
That nigga tricked you into sparrin’ before y’all battle
You hopped in the ring and still choked
I kill folks!
Tell them niggas that when you run back
You dumb wack!
When it’s over, they gon’ call this shit a Scandal, this just facts
‘Cause you was s’posed to carry (Kerry) Washington – that’s ‘til the gun clap
Fun fact: everywhere I go I come strapped!
Even over here
I got a .45 on the West, Wing – now Trump that!
Your bum ass, it’s time I put you in your mothafuckin’ place
And slap that goofy grin right off your mothafuckin’ face…bitch

[Round 2: Jey The Nitewing]
If they said this nigga got vet qualities, I can see what they mean
Punches like Ave, built like Suge and got DNA teeth
Anything else is a reach, I can explain if it isn’t clear
The buzz you got now I been had, it’s a different year
2020, you graduatin’, but ya education isn’t finished here
I can tell you’re scared, since Fonz worth (Fonzworth) is an umbrella effect of bein’ in the rear
I can sense ya fear, knowin’ I reign tyranny on any tier
How’s that pressure feel, in the heat of the moment, the King isn’t so cavalier
I’m sure you got mad reasons, to fight like this ya last season
But ya city can’t help you when those calves (Cavs) weaken
Leg starts jumpin’, heart beatin’, all while gettin’ that Ave treatment
You talkin’ to a vet now
Yeah, fix ya shoulders, poke ya chest out
He can’t even hear me – he just thinkin’ ’bout the first bar for his next round
Scared to death
Ya fight ain’t wit me it’s against the noise
Performance comes off unconscious cuz of that inner voice
Rookies vs. Vets 2, they’ll give you Ave, ’cause you won’t get a choice
And you’ll make the mistake people make with you, and then get destroyed
Tryna go punch for punch wit’ you, I got a different ploy
‘Cause why bother when I can exploit every one of ya pressure points?
You get the point?
I could leave the door wide open again, but how does that shit help
If the landlord’s too bitch to even collect himself?
Is this all you got? I really was hopin’ not, but I can read ya face
“This nigga Jey on his Game of Thrones shit again, but now it’s lookin like season 8
I know this isn’t finna end well but I’m too afraid to deviate
Nah, just keep it together, I still got some Moana punches
Then I’mma bump the shit out of him – yeah, he won’t see it comin’
And they think all I got is punches, but nah I got a few schemes today
I’ll relate him to LeBron James leavin’ Cleveland, and how he took the easy way
And I still got that bar about Jada Pinkett, that’s a mean flip
See, I’ll be okay”
This nigga Jey couldn’t possibly, rebuttal every thing you say
This shit OVER, pounds and hugs ass nigga
I see what ya rounds are really made of
Bumpin’ the Nite just to win ain’t nothin I should be afraid of
You can’t compete as a writer
My bad, y’all really think he was fire?
I’d say he sittin’ right above Bando like a Katrina survivor
Fun fact: he doesn’t ACTUALLY write his bars, all up top
And I don’t think he’s a liar
‘Cause after hearin his shit, I wouldn’t waste ink on em either
Oi sole, faasamoa mai faamolemole
Aua ke popole
What doesn’t get understood is still makin’ statements
That’s why Jey is dangerous
Knowin’ I could bury ya, in any language
What they was sayin’?
My credit due, it’s either that or you, I’m not takin’ payments
Give me every one of my flowers, or make arrangements
Way I think the strangest
Pardon me
I know my thoughts can be at times a lil far from reach
Ain’t even spark the weed, but I still see what Moana sees
That’s why this calling for me is a lil puff beyond the reef
What does all this mean?
Bar for bar you know that you aren’t unique
So stop doin’ all that motherfuckin’ talkin’, and talk to me

[Round 2: Fonz]
Ayo, with two weeks’ prep, I doubt it could go off
They say you’d prob’ly fuck around and choke
I say, “Cool – long as he don’t cough”
In Ohio, the new law is you can’t have more than ten people in one room
So if L.A. got them same rules, then I’m like, “Damn that”
‘Cause this drum wit’ me got 100 in it, I’m talkin’ jam-packed!
My fam’ asked, “Fonz, you sure you wanna go out of town?
Los Angeles, where all this shit floatin’ around?
I know that you been holdin’ it down”
I said, “Hell yeah, a nigga tryna get that cheese”
They say, “What if he got the Corona?”
I’m like, “Nigga, please.”
I’m grippin’ heat
A bitch’ll get the Corona with the twist – you know, the lemon squeeze
This nigga’s sweet
Boy, I’ll fuck around and beat on this man
Put hands and feet on this man
Smack, I know he Samoan, but ain’t no way he finna eat off the Land
But they say Jey different, and I ain’t gon’ lie, they kinda right
But I’m the violent type
So if y’all keep thinkin’ that king cold (Nat King Cole), then I’mma turn this to a Silent Night
Your rhymin’ light!
Your cadence good, but you lazy wit’ the bars
And amazing as you are, you gotta die!
All ‘cause Smack had to see Nite fall (nightfall) to realize he was gazin’ at a star
We all gotta play a part
And you jabronis not knowin’ your roles is how things happened
People’s Champ honor Roc(k)
That don’t resonate with me, it ain’t valid
I’m old-school, WWF
Ooh yeah, they put the King in the ring with a straight Savage!
I seen’t you goin’ back and forth wit’ Shotgun
Nigga, what you gon’ do wit’ this gauge action!?
Tre clappin’
Got shooters waitin’ on the Wing: they Ray Allen!
You stay actin’
A Washington nigga who don’t use gun bars, finna take Savage?
It can’t happen, ‘cause shorty, I’m the one
‘Cause we don’t give a fuck about nothin’ around Seattle unless the nigga talkin’ ‘bout a .40 and a drum
Listen, shorty, I’m the one
And yeah, I rap about poppin’ birds
So watch your words ‘fore Glocks emerge
Nigga, we on NOME, with Surf, Lux, Ill, Roc, and Verb!
This a movie, but first we at the concession stand, and now I gotta box a Nerd!
What part did you not observe!?
Fonzie got a lot of niggas shook
And Smack, you got Wing on the menu, nigga…
(*Fonz unzips his tracksuit to reveal a chef’s apron*)
…so it’s only right that I show him how to cook
Now we ain’t goin’ by the book
Nigga, fuck that reckless shit
‘Cause I’m finna wash Wing, so nigga, cut all of that extra shit
Who you flexin’ wit’!?
The left is quick, I’ll whip his ass
As soon as I start the assault (salt) on Wing, his Mrs. Dash
I grip and blast, my aim good
It’s a reason why I’m nice
I been squeezin’ all my life!
I’m talkin’ from long-range
What I’m airin’, eight (aerating) Wing
You don’t get this seasoned overnight!
Smack, don’t leave him wit’ his life!
It’s gon’ be some people mad at you
But Jey gon’ be aight – see, he did what he had to do
They say Wing got thick skin
Well, I’mma show him what a bat’ll (batter) do!
I had to shoot!
We ain’t eat off the plates!
Them niggas ate in our face and left a lot of crumbs
So I ain’t got no problem leavin’ him flat – we got a lot of drums!
And we all know once Wing go in that bag, it’s when the flowers (flour) come!
YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE!? I’m seasoned wit’ it!
He swing, I’ll slip it
And wash Wing off the counter: I cleaned the kitchen!
Beat him senseless
Twin birds, heaters spittin’
A pair’ll shoot, through the roof: it’s Peter Griffin
Smack, to cook Wing, I ain’t need the chicken
I’m vegan wit’ it
Chrome revolver, heater spittin’
I’ll let the lemon pepper Wing: the finger lickin’!
I came from Cleveland wit’ it!
To put this bitch in his mothafuckin’ place
And slap that goofy look right off yo’ mothafuckin’ face
Fuck nigga…my money

[Round 3: Jey The Nitewing]
All that for a drop a blood…
Before I close up this class session
You fought well, my nigga…so here’s my gift to you: ya last lesson
If this go to the fans, you’d complain I got more than you
We started off the same year
The fans prolly wanted more from you
You got bars? My nigga, so do I
You from nowhere? Nigga, so am I
Ya people doubted you? Well, so did mine
Everything else is where we draw the line
You’ve been falsifyin’ the reason you not on my level, but it’s all a lie
It’s not enough that you hungry
I’ll be the last thing you see with those starving eyes
This is all design
2-minute rounds…now who you think advocated for that shit, my nigga?
2 minutes, that’s less material that I have to remember
I needed that since my mishap back in November
And they thought Smack was pushin Ace but even that was me nigga
This is madness, I became champion off the atrophy in ya
After Ace, you was celebratin’, kickin’ back wit’ ya niggas
That was a huge mistake
When a nigga like me stays up super late
I mean, I push sleep to the point where I hallucinate
Can barely keep my eyes open, already knowin that the room’ll shake
See, I choose my fate
Fuck that 25! Way I see it, nigga, you the plate
Written all on that stupid face, no matter how u do
If I win, you allowed me to!
Blamin’ them is a coward move!
That style you use got the machine behind you, now you’re valuable
But that life support is how I make sure that there ain’t no punchin out for you
How can you begin to say my side lighter than yours?!
Battle any one of them niggas – on my life, you’d have lost
Fonz! My nigga, you REALLY think I had an easier route, dog?!
Felt like I was collectin’ the Infinity Stones in this motherfucker…
GRAAAAAHHH! And now I’m feelin’ wild strong!
Nigga, you dead weight, and I ain’t ever miss a leg day
Calves’ll get burned
Switch birds, then leave it under Fonz, like a big word
Sick turn!
(*shoom*) Real Sikh! It’s all cap what he said
I’m attacking his sub conscious, smackin him in the back of his-
HeadSHOT! Whoo!
But all this shuck and jive
Leaves him like a deer in the headlights and he’s unsurprised
But guys, he from Ohio, so it would behoove him to maybe brush aside
But oh, well, he’ll be left on the road killed tryna interrupt my drive
And that’s how Fonz (fawns) gets left behind like Bambi after his mother died
Oh my fuckin’…
(*shoom*) Same shit that happens after any other nigga fuckin’ dies!
(*shoom*) See, I’m from a era where, niggas had to be on it
Talkin’ bout he the landlord – bitch, you about to be homeless
(*shoom*) Stupid nigga! It’s common sense!
I’ll have this bitch nigga cryin’, when I line his shit
Female dog: da Fonz (defines) a bitch!
Whip the pot! That Crocker shit!
What you gon’ do when I get brolic, bitch?…Mack 10!
(*shoom*) Meanin no matter who bangin, I’ll still leave ya crew hangin’-
(*shoom*) Like a bad friend!
(*shoom*) Throwin’ cigarettes to the work release-
(*shoom*) Every bar the smoke packed in!
So when you see me wit’ that-
(*shoom*) GLOCK .9!
(*shoom, shoom, shoom*)
His hat’ll melt!
He tried puttin’ on that apron, thinkin’ that’ll help!
Translation…bitch, slap yaself!
Nigga, doubt me NOW!!
It ain’t no way you can match it!
Half-Black, half-Samoan! Vibranium savage!
I’ll slide up on a nigga! Keep thinkin I’m lackin’!
Touch me and I’ll beat EVERY ONE OF Y’ALL ASSES!
Ultimate Madness!
And I have been..the MadKing

[Round 3: Fonz]
I see y’all puttin’ 25 in my face, and thinkin’ that I’m not gon’ take it
When the nigga that’s in front of me so goddamn basic
What he do? “King”, and look at the screen, and make some goofy goddamn faces
You take too long to go to work, but I get it, akh, you patient (occupation)
The banger spray
A buck-fifty’ll change his face
I’ll put a Hawk(e) on the side of Washington: it’s Training Day!
We came to play
The machete the choice weapons
One swipe leave a moist section
Then the rest goin’ all to yo’ (audio) left: it’s a voice message
Your boy flexin’, but you gon’ need people to save you
Aye, Saga, watch how fast the mournin’ (mornin’) start once Wing get clipped in the City of Angels!
Bitch, you better be thankful that I ain’t come in here and sleep yo’ ass
You told Lu wild he’ll get (*smack-smack-smack*) luau’d
And the judges let you creep right past
Well, I ain’t nothin’ like that nigga Lu – I’ll beat yo’ ass!
The Glock is tight!
My hands good and my boxing nice
So keep thinkin’ I ain’t on it wit’ this bitch and y’all gon’ see a (k)not to Nite (tonight)
You’ll get jumped
Fucked up by my niggas and get slumped
Have him in a coma
The hospital like Alaska: they got Nite (night) over there for six months!
Bitch, WHAT!?
He gon’ say all I do is punch
Nigga, stop it
And if all I do is punch, then, nigga, block it!
I give him options
Ain’t shit niggas can do wit’ me! I damage opps!
Cannon pop!
It don’t matter what the King author (Arthur)
They put Nite (knight) in front of a nigga who punches lands a lot (Lancelot)!
Hammer cocked!
But I ain’t gotta put the heat on this nigga
I’ll fuck him up, it’s gon’ look like he got jumped after we beat on this nigga
Yeah, the way I’ll leave ya, Nite, it’s (Leonidas) gon’ look like you got stomped by 300 niggas
Yeah, we on it wit’ ya
I was hopin’ he act out!
MAC out – you don’t wanna go that route
‘Cause if I spaz, they gon’ have a hard time piecin’ Nite (night) together after I black out!
But you a recoverin’ alcoholic, right? So you know what that’s ’bout
Get drunk ’til you pass out
Yeah…bogus as fuck
And you a ho-ass nigga – that’s the reason why I’m foldin’ you up
My soldiers’ll dump
And Smack, I know what’s up
You put a drunk nigga on Caffeine ’cause you was hopin’ that he sober up
You gave me a drunk-ass unc’!?
Jey, you gettin’ DUIs? That’s reckless move
I’m reckless, too
Vehicular homicide – put the Jag’ on King face: it’s Tekken 2
Flex on who!?
I done seen’t the ho in niggas
Put holes in niggas
I put Cleveland on my back and ain’t fold, my nigga
So don’t come here and ask me what Fonz worth (Fonzworth), when I done really opened do’s for niggas
I told you niggas
It’s time I put him in his mothafuckin’ place
And slapped that goofy look right off his mothafuckin’ face
Gimme my money…please

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