Mike P vs. Th3 Saga [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Mike P]
You said NOME was a dream come true, but is that from the defiance you went through?
To hit this stage and, show your faith that, you the tightest in your group?
Say, “Look, Mom, I can fly…”
Fuck are you, Travis Scott?
You that close wit’ God? Well, I’m admirin’ your truth
My apologies – I’m Michael…the Archangel
I’m the Highest in the Room
I’m takin’ all y’all heads
I’d be pussy to call y’all threats
Thin line between me and the GOATs like a barnyard fence
This deja vu to that group that you called y’all friends
This ain’t the first time battle rap realized you don’t belong on X!
I’m makin’ an effort
Pissed off seein’ our names were together
I should’ve interrogated Tay Roc
Instead, you Cave under pressure!
I’ll take him to Heaven
Steal without makin’ a gesture
Clean money, Marty Byrd: I’m an angel investor!
BANG! One shot, he caught the drawn .40 first
Then BANG! Two shots, he hit the calm dirty earth
Then BANG! Three shots gon’ make his core pour a quart!
And if Th3 Saga continues, I’ll make a long story short!
Pussy, calm it down!
Get robbed wit’ an AK, withdraw accounts
Ace told me if I could get rich (Ricch) wit’ a chopper (Choppa), walk him down!
I feed off action!
You gon’ rap well, but I’m not convinced
You chose me – you’ve mistaken common sense for confidence
Ya got neither, cock iron
Dr. Pepper: shots fired
Top flyin’
Hollow points…messed wit’ his head: Scott Steiner!
I’m airin’ at they idol
It’s apparent I ain’t like you
Lebron poppin’ now, but calm it down comparin’ him to Michael!
You in need of some help
You always doin’ this…(*smack, smack, smack*)
Punch bars – (*smack*) – ’cause you too Christian to release off the belt
That porn angle is played out, but…so is this
It needs to be shelved
I guess even in battle rap, it’s still doors locked, lights off, and you beatin’ yourself
It’s parallel
What I jot hot, too
Don’t even act like I will not knot you
Dissect you wit’ a fine comb
You? Tied up here, your plotline through
You peep the man bun, bitch? I’m on the top, (k)not you
It’s GOAT shit!
Opposin’? Suck a whole dick
I’m a notch above you
Owned every card I been on for a year straight
I will not be humble!
Taurus out, five-shot revolver and I plot to slump you
I gotta be your higher power, Saga – only God can judge you
Saga…keep comin’ wit’ that lost mentality
Your ignorance is leading to your loss in salary
You here to act like you still a boss and battle me
I’m here to put some life into your false reality

[Round 1: Th3 Saga]
URL done brought the Sensei back!
ChristianMingle: on God, they done met they match!
You shoulda told Mike P this was his death date, Smack
It’s more than rap
Almanac: let’s state facts
It’s more than rap
Almanac: let’s state plaques
They tried to harm a chrome
Honestly, I ain’t gon’ lie, this wasn’t somethin’ that y’all condone
Smack was frontin’ on the green…but they finally allowed God in NOME (garden gnome)
To complete the errands!
I seen people hating on what I gotta do
But I made it off the strength and never need the clearance
Cats was pissed I been earned (Ben urn) this break, like Meet the Parents!
Look what they put in front of you
Cats pissed I been earned (Ben urn) this break, like Meet the Parents
Look what they put in front of you…
Cats pissed I been earned (Ben urn) this break, like Meet the Parents
Look who they put as your rival
I ain’t gon’ lie, Mike
We know the money wasn’t there, so they had to throw a look to excite you…
‘Cause Mike’ll get minor profit like a book in the Bible
Wait – Micah? Minor prophet? Bible?
That’s so smart
White boy, drug through the Gospel: that’s Ozark!
You gettin’ hurt for this!
You gettin’ hurt for it!
All these things I had to get to this card, I had to work for it!
And you think I’mma let you win (in), Pulice (police)? Where’s your search warrant!?
You think I came to let you win (in), Pulice (police)? Where’s your search warrant!?
You think I’m here to let you win (in), Pulice (police)? Where’s your search warrant?
Long as you- ah, man…
(*Saga repeats the line two more times as he tries to get his focus back*)
Aw, man, I’m sorry, y’all
You think I’m here to let you win (in), Pulice (police)? Where’s your search warrant?
You weak- aw…
You weak menace…
You weak menace…
You weak menace…
Time – stop

[Round 2: Mike P]
It’s Ryu vers’ the Sensei, but let’s get into them statements, Saga
‘Cause I could bet you been waitin’ with zen patience
You ain’t corny ’cause you rep faith and mid-tier ’cause you ain’t set-bangin’
Let’s face it – it’s because you’re a Sensei…not a sensation
All these punch bars, but do you fight?
I’ll weave, box, have his head cave in
This an evil right (rite), and I’ll lead us not into temptation!
This could be ya LIFE, and from my perspective, your set’s basic
You battled Metta World Peace?
Well, pussy, from now on, my intent’s flagrant
The real King
It’s insulting to question if common man worthy
You follow Jesus, the man of cure (manicure), but never got your hands dirty
It’s basic shit
Saga think he fabulous (Fabolous) ’til I lay the hits
Well, y’all want Yellow Hoodie Mike
Well…bitch, I’m Yellow Sweater Jadakiss!
Smack, listen, I’ll rap with him
I am that different
Wash Us in the Blood: the West gon’ see a baptism
Cal’ liftin’, I ain’t gotta tell you how a .380 act
Bullet left a small hole in the kid clothes: a Baby Gap!
You need a preacher
I’ll box this corn: Cream of Wheat ya
Uppercut if we gotta do this again, like I’m pleased to meet ya
Razor out, piece to meet ya
Cut his face: leak the feature
Nose cut, Joker face
Little Caesar: Pizza, Pizza!
The shit hurts!
MP5, I’ll let that bitch burst!
Hit nerves! Dig dirt!
Start bottom, get vert’!
Scope out, I took half his head off stream like NICKMERCS!
Keep it rap, fam’!
I concuss, him with backhands
Blunt force, put a dent in his head: TimTheTatman!
We ain’t even in bouts
This ain’t even a bout
I’ll monitor this hand-to-hand like a keyboard and mouse!
If NOME X the summit, then you got everything you can get, correct?
You still dyin’ for acceptance, or to solve the diconnect
Leagues piss on you, and you just change clothes, front like the shit’s the best
But in real life, you put that fake image on and doctor (Dr.) Disrespect
Get this checked
Our path ain’t the same, Saga, I kid you not
Your path was filled wit’ no-names on small leagues just to get you hot
Yet you walk around this bitch, all profound and shit, like you hit the slots
But I know that little contract you signed just to get in this spot
We SPOKE…whole process was grueling and you got gypped the guap
But contract signed
You, swallowed pride and acted like it’s bliss
I watched you play King
But even when you beg for respect, they couldn’t give two squats
A Caffeine stream full of SMACK foam FINGERS couldn’t get you props!
This bitch get boxed!
You was cool when you came in, but your lane shifted
Went from shittin’ on gun-bar rappers to AK-liftin’
Say, is it strange that your ways of tryin’ to portray victim
Have slowly led astray as you look more and more like a fake Christian?
That’s real
Saga, I’m just statin’ the facts
You shitted on gun-bar rappers for blazin’ their straps
And you not even the fucking Christian you portray in your raps
But me? A fuckin’ open book
Shared my war wounds and my demon life
My path to greatness, advantageous to what I fiend in life
A professional artist and fuckin’ streamer
Woman to be my wife, kids I’d die for
Saga, I completed my dream in life!
I know…you wanna play that lead role wit’ this rappin’ shit
You wanna act like a boss, but when the boss calls, you cap and shit
Fact is this: I made more than double you tonight just rappin’ shit
And Saga, by the end of the week, I’ll make even more recappin’ this
…Go ahead

[Round 2: Th3 Saga]
My bad for the first
I embraced the dark and found light
I pulled back the curtains…and realized all your fans serve as a catalyst for all this crown hype
But that’s-…came-…’bout-
There’s somethin’ off about Mike (mic)!
There’s somethin’ off about Mike (mic)…
I came-…ah-…eh-
There’s somethin’ off about-
I can’t believe I’m doin’ this, bro
There’s somethin’ off about Mike (mic)…
There’s somethin’ off about Mike (mic)…
I watched you win the fans over for years wit’ the weakest gimmicks
Is it Ryu or Vegeta? You need to be specific
A new battle, a new mask every year to appease the critics
Well, I was taught when…havin’ all those characters, you exceed the limit!
So why would Ryu face the Sensei?
Knowin’ how I go can (Gouken) counter every savage attack
That’s how I managed to last
I laugh at the fact
Y’all know when y’all lose in Street Fighter?
Well, that’s how I intend (in ten) to leave you lookin’ after the match
But we share the same stance on the line
We both fought pride
Depression hit, got us feelin’ like we had to accept the mission ’cause it was all God
But here’s where Akuma and Evil Ryu start to part ties!
‘Cause I got Heaven on my back, but these punches bring out my dark side…
My thoughts LOSIN’
Mental fights, against demons that raised every scarred bruise, then
Feelin’ claustrophobic, as the walls close in, and they MOVIN’
If everybody understands how I feel, I’m sure YOU CAN (Shoryuken)!
YOU’VE BEEN tellin’ Suge you slit your wrists ’cause depression hit and your mom was stuck
Is you lyin’ or what?
I’ve been through those thoughts so much, based on the angle you took off the slice, I can tell the intent behind the cut!
You went from the side or up!?
Either way, it comes across…you’ve hit a vein with the raps you claim
I see that this opportunity ain’t the only thing you been takin’ in vain (vein)
I feel like this rap opportunity ain’t the only thing you been takin’ in vain (vein)
Aw, I can’t believe I’m doin’ this, y’all
This opportunity ain’t the only things you been takin’ in vain (vein)
This opportunity ain’t the only things that you’ve taken in vain (vein)…
Sorry, y’all – I’m sorry

[Round 3: Mike P]
Preppin’ for Saga…his whole catalogue was under review
And the more I got to know you as a person…the more I realized I got nothin’ to prove
You wanna hold other people responsible for your actions?
Well, karma comes to a few
Anything you’ve ever taxed returns…and I just got my W-2s
It’s time to cash out…
I’m just playin’
This was great, Saga, but it’s about this time that we’ve come to close
My message has been sent
Y’all enjoy them main events and them other shows
(*click*) “It was at this moment he knew he fucked up”
A snub arose
For anyone testin’ me during a pandemic…up the nose!
Got heem!
Saga get a Mossberg flaunted!
Back of yo’ head like bike rides in the morning: shotgun on it!
You’re DONE, Saga!
Meet the final boss, the Don Dada
Pen greatness
White bottle gold at the top like Rumchatas
Want nada
Get a chipped tooth like you Bugs, Saga
Face to glass, Breaking Bad: I drug Saga!
Who he hit!?
You either lose or you draw – tell me who he split!
Your resume? Disney+: whole bunch of Goofy shit!
Toolie lift, Call of Duty: Warzone when I pass around you
That mean the chopper pick you up if you gon’ live with all that gas around you
Aye, I, say I, relate to A.I., like 76ers game time
But also like a 70-gig’ of great drive
I’m both if you really catch it, so, dawg, what it means
Is I’m Allen Iverson and artificial intelligence
You’ve crossed the machine
Luis, I’m mean
A slap is how I greet y’all actors
Who compete? Never beneath y’all, could beat y’all backwards
Pocket rocket, media moves, he shoot the seats y’all sat in
Baby crazy, Kid Chaos: BOW! Default rapper!
Keep chattin’, you’ll need more than the scriptures he holdin’
If he gon’ fight back, then fight back – I’ll give him his moment
But if you keep talkin’ crazy, I’ll take minimum trollin’
You’ll talk through a hook like 2Pac on Picture Me Rollin’
You preach of fights with Damien, but respect, they don’t lend it to ya
So fuck a reality check: X gon’ give it to ya!
Dawg, when they talk, they compare me to greatness
Peep the difference, I’m an alien, you alienated
I beat the greatest on some of the biggest stages they could sell
You wanna play? Then we could play
I’mma aim to sink your sails
Ain’t you a wrestling fan?
Well, come out from under, Taker make him bail
You dyin’ on the Big Show and it’s a shame his (Sheamus) face is pale!
I put mean work in
Doctorate for droppin’ shit!
A clean surgeon
Saga always askin’ Death where its sting at, ’til he get Steve Irwin’d!
When we lurkin’
You ain’t lost in four years?
Geechi Gotti just beat your fuckin’ ass through a cell phone!
And that…that’s when all the talk got short
You faced ‘Tez, and Lebron couldn’t even walk on Cort’ (court)!
So keep comin’ wit’ that lost mentality
Your ignorance is leading to your loss in salary
You here to act like you still a boss and battle me
I’m here to say I’m the fuckin’ best rapper in the fuckin’ world
All y’all suck – time
Fuckin’ GOAT…GOAT!

[Round 3: Th3 Saga]
I can’t believe I even made it this far
Wit’ everything goin’ on in my life-

[Police Officer]
What’s goin’ on over here?

[Th3 Saga]
We’re battlin’, we’re battlin’

[Police Officer]
I wasn’t talkin’ to you, boy
What’s. Your. Name?

[Th3 Saga]
Luis Lebron

[Police Officer]
Show me some ID, boy…

[Th3 Saga]
What if I told you, that there’s a bigger intent to why he ain’t approach you?
That the skin that I’m in, dictates the role that I get that I can’t say “No” to?
So we gotta battle, and we gotta battle
Pulice (Police) clipped up for war, but it ain’t for NOME, dude
It’s for shirts wit’ the holes through
And you won’t ever find a debatable round if they’re tryin’ to smoke you
What if I told you…I watched all of your battles, stepped back from it all and caught the whole view
And realized your career in battle rap is nothing more than a representation of what we go through?
‘Cause for a while, we all sped right past like you not worthy
You started tailin’ us, we saw flashes of greatness and got nervous
And that’s when we saw the Pulice (police) pull over, Mike
That’s where the love most grew
He was punch-drunk, but somehow you caught a buzz off dude
I studied your history in the field and realized some things that some won’t view
Because for a while, cops would plant drugs on us…then Smack turned around and planted Drugz on you
And that’s what got you lit
But that’s what got you lit!
Takin’ all these Valium substances for a profit risk
But what got you pissed is when Suge violated you with that pocket hit!
But that was for every time my people ever had to deal with a STOP-AND-FRISK!
Especially when…you started hatin’ on Ms. Myers
That’s when I knew my respect won’t budge
We’re gettin’ stomped on in these streets, Mike
But you worried about what Danny’s gon’ do when his wife’s stressed on drugs
Talkin’ ’bout, “You shoulda helped 12-step your-“
That’s why I’m eager to stretch you!
What you gon’ come wit’?
A whole bunch of “Black Lives Matter, I hate cops” flips in order for me to respect you?
It’s easy to say you stand for somethin’…that you’re not an immediate threat to
‘Cause if Pulice pull a gun, it’s for a bar he wrote for NOME tonight
If police pull a gun, Mike, I might not make it home tonight!
IF PULICE CHOKE, it’s…”Damn, damn, damn, let me get it quick right…
Let me get it right quick…”
But IF POLICE CHOKE, it’s Radio Raheem wit’ the NIGHTSTICK!
Boy, your plans basic!
Use Black Lives Matter ’cause it’s trending on Twitter to be a fan favorite
But if you ain’t get this energy when Sandra died, it’s just a Bland statement!
Man, face it!
All this energy you give to the fans is deceitful
If you ain’t even graduate from that school, then don’t act like you stand for the people
Don’t be insightful now
You can act like you empathize when we hype you, clown
But you’ll NEVER understand what we go through until Michael brown!
BAH! Then get Michael Brown’d!
I’m talkin’ blood stains on your shirt dried up until Michael brown!
I’ll end your year fast
You can’t compare the fighting spirit of Tamir Rice to mere trash
This a clear bag
I see all your homies hatin’ when your peers pass
But when you let a pro test (protest) the Pulice (police), you expect the tier (tear) gas
You not the Champ!
But let them tell it, I’m a hindrance to your stock advance
Compared to ’12, I ain’t been on my grizzly long: Jah Morant
As far as meetin’ expectations for NOME X, they sayin’ Saga can’t
I ain’t deserve this shot with Pulice (police) on a platform…neither did Oscar Grant!
It felt like Hell’s comin’!
The day I saw them cops send shots at Breonna wit’ all them shells dumpin’!
And ain’t go to jail from it!
We ain’t ask y’all for a stimulus check!
(*chk-chk*) We want 12 HUNTED! ($1,200)
But understand, Mike
There’s a few things that should be fair to warn you
You are a white man in America
There’s so many privileges that are apparent for you
So I don’t care if her name’s Ashley
When you in critical, she’ll be the only one carin’ (Karen) for you
But understand-
Boy, your mind is venomous
But look at YTG
They say a man could die for being born Black is somethin’ I align with prejudice
But that makes sense when Pulice (police) works wit’ Yellow Tape Gang to disguise your relevance
To distort the facts, after airin’ bullets, that’s all you need to disguise the evidence
So go ahead wit’ them God angles – try me for a homi’
Third round – I just caught another body for the Body

(*Mike and Saga hug and tell each other good game, and the police officer arrests Saga, walking with him offstage*)

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