Loaded Lux vs. Tsu Surf [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Tsu Surf]
As the river flows, so goes the salmon
The good brother Jay-Z said
“There’s a little nigga somewhere right now eatin’ a bowl of Apple Jacks
And in between eatin’ the Apple Jacks he writin’ raps and he want my spot.”
You should’ve felt that
Johnathan John, John
I used to think y’all was battlin’ on the roof
All the rumors, niggas jumpin’
Only Mortals bleed when it’s combat (Kombat)
You see it’s them, and then the others
He probably thinkin’, “Surf. Lil’ bro.”
Boy I was watchin’ you since I was splittin’ lunches.”
Now a days I keep some schemes, wordplay
Them double entendres in abundance
I couldn’t wait to get in Johnny Cage to start splittin’ punches
Y’all God get nailed to a cross like soon as we cross him
Crucifixion, new razor, gut ’em like a fish or rip Johnny Gills with this New Edition
The difference between this and your last wars? Somethin’ super different
You don’t tell the truth to who need to hear the truth, you lie to who’ll listen
Bein’ real don’t cost shit
Contradicting yourself cost a price or two
Twice my age, half my st-
Fuck would I take advice from you?
Only thing I ever considered takin’? Maybe a life or two
The pastor wanted me to get a grip
Go to church Lux? The pastor got vices too
But you and all this schizophrenic shit gon’ hurt the kids
Grandma said, if a person got too many personalities, deep inside their self it hurt to live
You battled Mook dressin’ as a drug dealer
Talked and moved like you do the trap
Then was Huey P versus Hollow, with a message, it was super black
12 rounds, beef and Cal (cow) pop made mistakes (mis-steaks) while movin’ packs
But vegan Bruce Leroy versus Ars’- shit confusin’ and super wack
You had on six t-shirts versus Clips
And it sound like you really really knew the rat
That’s how innocent people get shot when they don’t know who they shootin’ at
Black activist on some trappin’ shit
That say that you a lost nigga if you package flip
But on stage with Bloods versus Verb, but on some pastor shit
Against usin’ hollows and sippin’ Actavis
But last battle used Hollow in a scheme sippin’ Actavis
But everybody else a lost nigga
He even put a name to it
You know how many kids watch Hollow? Like all of his battles they bang to it
Y’all had a scheme that made it seem, Nigel was back sippin’ lean
Well if the niggas with fame do it, what if a fan slip back in that Juice Wrld?
Man, that’ll be plain (plane) stupid
So are you an activist?
Or did that round promote Actavis?
That’s when I start fallin’ back
Cause Huey P wouldn’t tear down a brother if y’all was black
You got a talent, stupid, I wish we all could rap
He call it, “talkin’ to a lost nigga” I call it whack
What he supposed to do when them nine applications ain’t callin’ back?
Everybody and got the lux-ury of callin’ Smack
Starved til’ one of them jobs call, Johnny that’s a sick thing
Before my daughter starve I’m in somebody’s shit tryin’ to flip things
I can’t make a move?
I gotta make somethin’ move, you know, shift things
Or hit the ese’s, my holmes (Mahomes) got in the Kansas City for 15
Before battle rap was payin’
I did whatever I had to do to be a father
Rest in peace black mamba
One time for 2G’s, I let 24 out a chopper
There’s kids back home takin’ cold showers in my fuckin’ hood
Watchin’ you on YouTube actin’ like you got powers in ya fuckin’ hood
For you to be so fuckin’ smart Lux, you seem so obsolete
Like you don’t know I kill niggas outta respect, boy all my ops elite
You can’t feel it in ya bones
You, you wasn’t there-
You ain’t runnin’ in these streets, you was doin’ what you was ‘pose to do
You can’t feel it in ya bones with death near, get close to you
Dark room, shattered heart
I’m cryin’ cause I wanted blood
Somebody ever try smokin’ you?
I broke the bathroom mirror I can’t
Look at me emotional
When it’s time to go it’s time to go
I need niggas that’s gonna stand us wit’ us
You told Hollow, “Stand up niggas don’t lean.”
Lux we leaned on some stand up niggas

[Round 1: Loaded Lux]
So for the audience that’s joinin’ in to watch Loaded Lux be dominant
You know there’s more to battle rap when I’m rhymin’ in
So I’ma just…space the bars out so you can screen the process of designin’ this
Little nigga ain’t fought nights (FortNite) I did
You’se a body, tryin’ to out perform a computer scientist
You gon’ have trouble shootin’ (troubleshooting) tryin’ to plug into a situation you don’t really even know why you’re in (wirin’)
Lyrically you outta touch but you just got the feel for this
Then I came along (a lawn) and mowed (modem) him down
Now let me bring you back online again
There’s a message I’m tryin’ to send
But with these settings you can’t have them type conversations niggas like this able (disable) to comment in
What? You thought I was gonna come in here and positive?
You talk to motherfuckin’ much man, that shit obvious
You got issues with it like a lobbyist
Now take a wild guess
Just another occupant, that couldn’t cover up without me
Buildin’ wit’ the pen, ooooh, I’m still on top of this
Like fuck ya couch nigga
And back out on him like an ottoman
This the incompetent fool leadin’ the new school?
You couldn’t show a nigga the way hall monitorin’
And you got a followin’
How is this the narrative in the press page?
New era? Never!
Nigga you been in this shit longer than a decade
That’s all document
What you chompin’ at? No gossipin’
Skip the Face Off, rip his face off
Now, big mouth wanna watch his lip, got bustin’
All them cases, and wasn’t no million dollar defense, I don’t trust it
How you keep gettin’ out, I don’t get
Roc was just in the mix
Where was this shoot ’em up shit?
Top shotta with the grip, bitch you DJ Mustard
Yeah that solo record you got hit, you still gotta spin nigga
Cause if this is-
And you gettin’ points for slidin’
Whatchu playin’? Air Hockey with them sticks?
Now that I think about it, that’s makin’ a lot of sense
Heard from some dudes you used to roller blade against
You was the skater kid, right?
Shotgun and Ars’ told me how you got your name again
Yeah, takin’ the street shit a little too out of hand
Oh you Electric wit’ it, Slide on ’em
I mean your radius you was rankin’ shit
Niggas 2K but you makin’ this, I was thinkin’ it
How the data fit?
You had me around 98%, that was 2 off, keep it 100, you think I’m sweet, I’ve got you covered though, I’m raisin’ it
To the rim, blackin’ when I put the grey thing on Raider stitch
That’s Power, die cause you got in the way; Raina script
Im-Mortal in Kombat ’til that time that, heart check from Suge pushed your spirit all the way across the room; Raiden shit
No MTV, look what bein’ fused with greatest get
I’m paintin’ this picture to prove to all the critical dudes
Whatever one that you choose
I understand it
For the fans you got they vision confused in the original views
Where’s the lyrical tools?
And I’m a mental hammer
Slammin’ slanders until it chisel, chippin’ off until a nigga thought patterns
Damage ya soul, dig in the wounds
You find somebody dope and you rope a rubber band around they arm and and hand them (Arm & Hammer) a syringe and a spoon
All issued with the platoon they click it and it boom
Just cause every line up you lick a (liquor) shot
Bar for bar you ain’t even in the saloon, man give me some room
I get it, you bloom, but you just another lovely flower I pick
This dope how you plant it though
Cause now all the rest of papi (poppy) seeds saw you (soil) get grounded for this
We already knew this was a body
It’s just the preacher got to say a few words before the ditch
Dearly beloved
We are NOT gathered here today…for bullshit
When a dead man plan that’s usually a plot, right?
For the crypt, no
For the Crip, yeah
We came to see you off from the rip (R.I.P.)
Off the script, I never saw you get live but you on Live again
It’s funny, I catches the time you and the guy from NWX was chimin’ in
Conspirin’, tryin’ to spin the dialogue with the fake politics
Paint the narrative, pile of tricks for the power shift
You relyin’ on lyin’ against Lionz gets you laid with your alliances
See how I, pile (pal) it up for you, I mean since now y’all friends
But we from Harlem dawg
You don’t jump on another nigga Wave and ride it in
This lame?
You can’t reign (Rain) just cause you cry to win
I’m black Jesus, nothings changed, I’m still turnin’ water into wine [?]
This shit a shame
Smack, what the assignment is?
Get the price I’m askin’
“For every nickle son (Nicholson)” I’m Jack’ed in
No question
As (axe) I come through the door
Yeah K, these the rooms I do The Shining in
Heeeere’s Johnny! And all his friends
We’re not buyin’ it, had to conference him
Ya confidence was sayin’ “Soldier”
That’s what you sold us
And they got the one with Beyonce and them
The dance video, the camouflage and the Timbs
“I’m a ‘Survivor'”
Watch niggas like this when they dolo
Not Gun Titles and them, nooo nooo
See I catch you when they be (B) solo and then you sure the Destiny Child’ll end
“Lord! Why it had to be him?”
He believed in the hype from them
Surf’s up
See, now you niggas is just goin’ overboard with this shit
Yeah, no, Surf’s up
He ain’t givin’ you the watered down truth
Fuck all that wild views
That don’t prove you got the better rhymes
He handin’ you fables
Then the plan to get disabled
Oh you signed?
Good, that provide more fans at the table
Watch you get punch drunk
He took shots, then put old Johnny in a Walker with the cane and get-
And you was just lookin’ like the man on the label
Y-y-y-you know, on the bottle of Johnnie Walker it’s the guy walkin’ with the cane on the label
Say you niggas should really stop recording this
As I’m recalling him
Arms out, back pedalin’
I’m tryin’ to show my son how to re-walk again
Man, this is already unfortunate
But I’d rather that, then me tellin’ his family, “It’s fatal”
His dad wasn’t there, I was just standin’ in one day at a time
He come into Harlem, me and I.C.E. showin’ him how to lay them rhymes
You gotta stand divine
Let me think…Coronavirus event, Popeye chicken sandwiches
Naaah bro, I still got the crazier lines
What up with the state of ya moms, huh?
When you come at the mountain climbin’ on Roc(k) line
These niggas make me tickle
When you tag the team but that jazz (Jaz) they rappin’ ain’t official (O’fficial)
Look, look, look Roc, here’s the game plan, nigga I ain’t playin’ witchu
He gon’ Jersey outta this one
I be he would choke

[Round 2: Tsu Surf]
Mere fuckin’ mortal, you ain’t no savage, stop it
I hope this pussy got nine lives
Who I’m kiddin’ (kitten) this finna be cat-astrophic
The eyes of the soul usually holeless, you’d hate the view
Who said they’d want him in the grave like Liam Neeson?
Man, they soul will get Taken 2 (too)
I came to talk to Lux to talk to Lux
I can’t respect it if it made to me
If anybody else try to pop out I swear to God I’m taking three (Taken 3)
I remember you sayin’ word for word I was better than them lions then
Now Mr. Miyagi can’t respect Daniel-san made a penthouse out of the Lionz Den
It’s like everybody you preach to, you lie to ’em
Fraudin’ on these cards like the rules to apply to him
Who you checkin’ or savin’? I got a receipt sayin’ I account for a lot of ’em
I can’t bank on these reality checks or deposit ’em
The only nigga to survive Loaded, Clips and Hollow and a loaded clip with hollows
Brand new double revolvers
Twin spinners, captain of the Lost Niggas, nigga
My friends sinners
My handle Irving, Plaza on my back like Kyrie about, ten winners
Yeah it’s cool to be Loaded, but if you point and don’t shoot you Ben Simmons
Fuckin’ vulture
I hate everything about you and that fake smile
You Loaded Lux the architect of this place? How?
Everybody ain’t from the 3-1-3, where I’m from you get shake down
Before we made URL famous, you was only famous cause you ate Miles (8 Mile)
You came to URL when it was hot, nigga you wasn’t made wit’ us
Before the whips, before the chain, you ain’t slave wit’ us
Everybody know the backhand big, the fine print say, “the grave bigger.”
Keep shovelin’ for gold pussy, we only respect grave diggers
You got it confused, let’s get somethin’ straight
You started the game I added the Euro, up to date
Wanna be God? I will send you home, stay in ya fuckin’ place
Never say behind your back what I can say in ya fuckin’ face
You, Mook, the reason that man sold a couple DVD’s in a couple states
Me and my top tier peers, we made the numbers fluctuate
Actin’ like you bleedin’ in the ring for this culture
You a wrestler, by the time you wanted to play “King Dictionary” we was already sellin’ out Webster
Arsonal most viewed battler ever, if you do it that’s how you ‘posed to
Hitman, Con’, Clips, they brought TV to the culture
I got ’em thinkin’ battlers can make music
Sold out shows, signin’ posters
You wasn’t with us shootin’ in the gym, but come around tryin’ to coach us
In weird ass outfits and ya loafers
We caught all the kills and still left somethin’ for the vultures
I told Smack he can multiple sums if he subtract the bad cattle
The difference is, he cool
You? We just glad to have you
The bite worse than the hiss, you pay attention to the rattle
I divided blocks for a fraction of what I get for these battles
So what’s the problem?
Last nigga tried to give me some work, we robbed him, then shot him
The lost niggas I bodied remain lost ’til the cops find ’em
Can’t put me under your Speed Stick
Beat it
The holster where I keep it
Holdin’ 30 on a Degree, but somethin’ in this arm ain’t a Secret
Neither is what I do to you
If DNA can clap the machete, I can spray the Axe, there be Doves at your funeral
Check my resume, I’m certified I got all my stripes
Oh you ain’t heard I bodied older (body odor) niggas all my life
Wood grain grip, split his head with mahogany
Dip or catch a Big Bang; astronomy
One shot, two shot, by the time I hit ten, 11th book; Deuteronomy
Black Panther, I wish that shit’d stop
Every other battle contradiction is a different prop
I’m fightin’ life battles, these battles, not hittin’ ops
The judge said my homie would come home when pigs fly
We tried to hit a cop
I can tell by your name where you from
You around it but you don’t really know it
My homie died with his gun on his hip and it was loaded
They say anything in battle cause it’s battle rap
Call me a “rat” in real life and I’m shootin’ lead
I’ll a leave (Aleve) you where we left the last
We’ll peel (pill) on anybody that said “Tsu the Feds” (Sudafed)
Why say “been a drill” (Benadryl) when you know the drill?
We ’bout stuff
Home makeovers, flip the house up
Lil’ niggas, they get high off Percocets and that clout stuff
Just point ’em to the next kill and fed ’em mean (amphetamine) bags to keep they mouth shut
If trappin’ took care of the crib, I don’t care if niggas agree wit’ me
I know the cons, but I be pro fiends (Ibuprofen) then they’ll keep feedin’ me
That was probably drugged out, sometimes I be stretchin’ it
I’m just tryin’ to show I can line a pen (Klonopin) with the best of ’em

[Round 2: Loaded Lux]
I won’t even spit my third verse
Tell me you got caught up in the hype with this
Tell me you didn’t expect this to get to the height that it did
I’ll even go for, “Big bro, you COVID hit, shit got slow
Wasn’t no nights gettin’ gigs
You know I like to pretend with this life that I live.”
Oh nigga just tell me
And I’ll tell you what I might forgive
Damn Surf…and I’m a nigga that’s gonna fight for the kids
You know, every time I see you on your Live and you vent
You remind me of when I first met you and you was nothin’ to me but a fan of the live event
Still havin’ problems with insecurities
You remember the problem…with security
You was a little more shier then
I gave them the Wave
Nigga I try to help when I can, it’s who I am
You know, I look at life in synchronicity and not serendipity so you’re able to see the signs and it’s symbolic when
I peep the state society in and now it’s when the Wave went to go against the grain?
How ironic, this would explain
Why we in this change of environment
Oh it’s all synonymous
The fact that less is more
So you Andre The Giant then, right?
And a big stage ain’t nothin’ but a WWF cage you put a bunch of fake fighters in
All the Madness is at an Ultimate high again
In spite of it, yeah, I gave you the play guide
Not for you to get around the rest of these little niggas and play God
No more play time
Days are numbers on a Jersey
Nigga who thought he was season is over
It’s ya last dance to crossin’ Jordan
Say, why is (wise) these niggas with no intelligence think they A.I
It’s artificial, whatever he sell you
“You don’t know about goin’ to jail”
You tryin’ to compare goin’ in and out of cells to a nigga at a whole ‘nother cellular level
The devil a lie!
My mother was in pain
You wanna speak to the inmate, press 9

I wasn’t impressed by it
A nigga throwin’ a party at the prison and puttin’ his mother on the guest line
And yet y’all ooh’d and aah’d
And I’m confused like, “Why is this even cool to y’all? To watch a nigga’s stressed moms.”
This nigga’s a flunky man
You don’t drill, you just get caught keepin’ steel
You’se a gummy, man
And they labelled the Boy Bad, but really what did he (Diddy) do
You’ve got to dance Puffy!
You swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?
Smack, check ya dawg (dog)
He out here sayin’, “Surf ain’t never scared.”
Yeah I hear, you don’t tuck your tail at all
Grown man shi-
You really gotta solidify your position
Like, why is niggas even out here thinkin’ you might’ve been snitchin’?
Is it cause “allegedly” you turned a life sentence into a light sentence?
Fuck, I gotta put it in subtitles or somethin’?
You gave a light sentence to avoid a life sentence
Well you know they say Ah di Boom was writin’ this nigga’s lyrics
Ohh, that’s the part that got me kinda suspicious
Then you decided to get wit’ a label
Under the table, low key, you might as well be signed to the system
When the company heads of it with hedge fundin’ invest money into the privatizing of prisons
We ain’t gotta guess cousin, of who’s side is you wit’ then
I look at your message youngin’
Kill niggas
Get high
You got shot
You see the vibe you is sendin’?
Type of rhetoric that’s helpin’ with multiplying convictions
It’s a science to this shit, but right I be forgettin’
“We don’t wanna hear that bullshit Shareff”
Then next week you gonna tell me how you rappin’ so you can get up out the streets
You know what I’ma mind my business
Well make up your mind then little nigga
How many “Free Surf” shirts it’s gon’ take for you to finally get it
But mind you I get it
You tryin’ to protect everything you got in this image
We from the same place
But you wanna come up in here makin’ excuses of why you not makin’ wiser decisions
And all the while you play ignorant
My son gotta dodge his condition
And I don’t see the difference from a nigga like you and a cop puttin’ his knee on his neck squeezin’ the air outta his existence
Ahhh maaaan!
Not to mention all that police brutality was goin’ on
Where was all the sticks that you got?
I bet’ not hear another motherfuckin’ gun bar from none of y’all gang niggas if it ain’t gettin’ at S.W.A.T
Oh, you never heard of it?
You-you say you a gangsta
You say you gotcha gat
You say, “rat-a-tat-tat…TAT”
I never heard of it
Surf just kill yaself
Rest in peace to Khalid Muhammad
It’s like y’all forgot
How you don’t look at cops and see ops (C-ops)?
But you ask him it’s, “I’m just tryin’ to get to this chicken”
Arroz con pollo
One track at a time, right?
“Yeah holmes”
We just gotta know his loco motives
Next they gon’ tell you what ballad we should vote
Nigga you was only at a rally with them folks cause you had an album to promote
All loud, show steppin’
Fuck a march nigga
I get in this ring and do the protesting (pro-testing)
URL called me up talkin’ ’bout, “Lux-“

[Round 3: Tsu Surf]
15 puttin’ food on my mother table, shouldn’t have been my business
But watchin’ my mother struggle, I had to get out and get it
Locked up, detention centers turn into prisons
Judge said I could be locked up with content
“Your honor I don’t know what that mean.”
She put it in a sentence
I heard a judge say-
I heard a white judge say, “It ain’t in God’s hands. You go to prison when your honor ready.”
Type to go to jail, turn god body for protection and 5% of his commissary
I don’t wanna hear ’bout bein’ no boss nigga when you the type of nigga I boss
E’ry other battle is “lost niggas”
I’d rather worry ’bout niggas I lost
15 puttin’ food on my mother table, shouldn’t have been my business
But watchin’ my mother struggle, I had to get out there and get it
Locked up, detention centers turn into prisons
Judge said I could be locked up with content
“Your honor I don’t know what that mean.”
She put it in a sentence
If you ain’t never been lost then save your two cents, bottom line
I be where the lost niggas at cause there’s a couple mothafuckas that I gotta find
Judgin’ me cause I’m from a war zone, there’s war home, we can’t move without ’em
Last Joker we caught on a Dark Knight Heath Ledger, we made a movie out him
Your mother still wanna know what you gonna do wit’ ya life
Battlin’ once a year for a career ain’t the coldest
She only gettin’ older
So much power in knowin’ I could load this and take a load off her shoulders
I’m learnin’ you battle rappers ain’t never seen shit
Just write down whatever fit the situation and you scream shit
You really wear suits to these battles
Playin’ with these people in these caskets
It was always a battle puttin’ on them suits
I hated seein’ them people in them caskets
Every time I look in this snake eyes I wanna shoot him in his open eye
Grip tight, trick dice
If we the ones rollin’ then Loaded die
Can’t tell me about bein’ no lost nigga when you the type of nigga I boss
E’ry other battle a “lost niggas”
I’d rather worry ’bout niggas I lost
…My little cuz was playin’ ball but he play-play too
The ops caught cuz lackin’ after A.A.U
It’s like shit went backwards after cuz got popped
They said they heard, “You! Aye! Aye!” then never had a shot
We was thinkin’ NBA, 6 feet at 17
But he died over C’s (seas) you can rush a (Russia) mother to her stroke
Bury that baby six feet at 17
The killer got killed before we got a chance to kill him
What a bother
When you can’t even the score you just gotta credit karma
Meditation and mountains how you get up in ya zone?
My last time in them mountains I was wishin’ I was home
But his words so intricate, compelling, deep
Boy I’m right out my brain, new Dillinger
I’ll Blow Johnny Depp right out his brain
You said, “Harlem hospital givin’ beds out”
That’s usually what happen when the hammer dance
Where I’m from you die on the ground or a stretcher in the ambulance
They hidin’ we seek ’em, tag him in his head
Hospital bed? Where we play, don’t come back until he dead
Loaded alone, I send the goons, go in his home
Cut a leg off, skin his face, open his dome
Try to break the blade off when it go in his bone
Jack knife, Razor’s edge, I’m goin’ Ramon
And you separate the body, each pallbearer gotta carry a Load of his own
Big shoe
Nobody on the Planet fit in this (Fitness)
I’m cut different
MVP Giannis countin’ Euros
The Buck different
DNA on the machine?
You wipe the shit down when you done wit’ it
My shooter had the best rounds I ever heard, I felt ’em, but somethin’ different
That last kill I caught in real life, I can’t understand how his family hated me
I heard they wanted him closer to God, I figured they’d be thankin’ me

[Round 3: Loaded Lux]
They dropped the ball puttin’ you on this card wit’ me
This shit declinin’
It’s been a hip hop breaching contract with the client
Rappers givin’ rappers the license to care about doin’ everything else, but rhymin’
You may wanna sue (Tsu)
You just wanna perform
But in what forum
When the crowd can’t do it for him…not in this form
I don’t know what neighborhood he been through
But this Beloved hood
The block party where street niggas shouldn’t be barricading the route
To tell the truth
If I look over the rail and you can’t meddle (metal) with me puttin’ together bars
Well let’s guard, dawg (dog)
You on the fence about it, I was already comin’ outta the gate for your roof
Save me the, “Thanks for the loot!”
Your hospitalable, y’all will get that soon
Ain’t that right Surf?
You know all about bein’ patient with rooms
Take it you do
Have faith and you grew
But battle rap is the new hustle
The kingpin had to wait on his mule
And I make sure you was nothin’ but an 8 Ball on the corner pocket
With the stick tryin’ angles (triangle) tryin’ not to get chalked through your queue (cue)
We ain’t in the same pool
You turned into a bikini model
You see we all had to shoot, you went and got cute
Nigga you PUSSY
I guess anybody with balls [?] but not on queue (Q)
Bishop, what about the Juice?
This an abortion kid
I’m cuttin’ you off as I was fast forwardin’ through the ‘Tube
Lookin’ at the dash bored (dashboard) like, “This can’t be the speed I’ma [?]
Shit a crash course
You was the NASCAR and I the fuel
I see what all the gas for, nigga you on fumes
Maybe that’s why he asked y’all for the pullover
And I can’t rest stop and think
Oh, now I gotta fix the nigga who claim he got all the power tools
Breakin’ down soon
Is son (sun) outta his roof?
How else you gonna get out on me kiddie?
He locked in baby
Kiddie? Locked in?
The way Smack set up this child, proof
You can’t handle this
Why you think I had to open up the door for you?
This shit’s scandalous, man
This 30 I’ma doo rag him, no strings attached when you know it’s a wrap, but he couldn’t even tie this
Look what cousin combin’ the block but wasn’t brushin’ up on the sides get
Silver linings
You misread the goal and blew it
It was all in ya head that they colored you bad
Well it’s a good day for dyin’
I’m still firin’
Beyond the best
You lose battles but win the popularity contest
It’s gotta be addressed
This ain’t nothin’ but a dead man gettin’ suited
Whatchu ’bout a gentleman’s 30?
Yeah I gotchu
Up to the neck
Don’t ask Surf how he feel about battle raps, he in here with me, ain’t he?
Aw man, a nigga love it to death
Scary nigga
You gettin bodied losin’, just like a ghost, invisible cloak
You can act like you started with SMACK
Niggas know the heart of battle rap, wrap ribbons and bows around your gift and presented it like a host
Your mission a hoax
You trace, copy then paste the blueprint that I wrote
You know why you can do numbers and talk digital scrolls?
It’s sorta how the pryamid grows
It’s all knowledge
See at the base column it’s a lot of people at the bottom
But yeah it gets slimmer as it goes
What you did? Summer Madess 1, right?
Then after that, “You Gon’ Get This Work” the biggest of quotes
I had the whole industry sendin’ me tweets via Twitter with notes
Kendrick and Cole, I even got Jigga to post
Best Flex freestyle EVER!
Comparin’ ya I-95 shit is a joke
You wrote a book?
I am the book, nigga
You can’t change history bro
The moral of the story is…my body of work nigga will BODY ya work
Stop confusing a bunch of activities with results
You makin’ money don’t make you a man
You can have millions and ya spirit be broke
But niggas will know
When this same ole’ Crip you niggas thought was Rainbow Six
Turns out to be Tekashi at the end of the road, nigga
I am a prisoner revolt
I’m tryin’ to crack the cell wall and get to ya soul and dig in the vault
Oh you can get you some votes
Nigga I can give you the volts
From the infinite
Now a nigga feels when I push they inner will (wheel) to the rim when I spokes
Streets ain’t give you nothin’ back but a hard time little bro
Nigga own up
Shit funky
But you gon’ look at me and turn ya nose up
I guess you just gon’ keep up this persona
Like the news do with the Corona
Fully Loaded
They tried to jump the gun
First Surf threw, the contective punch
He set up to punt
I got pregnant with joy
I felt the shit he be kickin’ is just a bump
I’ve got another son
Punk you’se a warm up
I’ve got somethin’ else in the oven bun
And it’s about to see the daylight (Daylyt)
Yeah baby
You’ve been pushin’ for this
And you gon’ get it in the months to come
……Little nigga you still here? Whatchu want?


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