DNA vs. Viixen The Assassin [Lyrics]

[Round 1: DNA]
I told the whole battle culture, “Y’all don’t deserve me”
Even on IG, that was the caption
‘Cause I was lackin’ the passion
But now it’s Cleopatra
I got too much poise in this (poisonous), Queen, and you gon’ get (w)rapped in this fashion
I’m forgettin’ how to punch
Not knowin’ how to do my gun gestures waitin’ for this day to actually happen
But wit’ these Bad Boys, I Will come back for Assassin
Here’s where the action stops
You gon’ get your flowers…when the casket drops
But that ain’t half the plot
I’ll show her a pair of Ds (parodies): it’s a laughingstock
Bitch, it’s a reason for my views, ’cause I been eatin’ from the Tube like a astronaut
The bag’ll drop!
You battle me, and then the band switch: Apple Watch
The hand lift, that’ll stop mad shit: traffic cop!
Jaz, 40, O’fficial all gotta retire for you to have a shot!
I’m thinkin’ Jordan’s dad: when the rest stop, then Assassin pops!
Stick wit’ me
Wizard of Oz: I’m on her heels, and the clique (click) wit’ me
Big blikky, and got another Smith from Miami – get jiggy
Double drum: big titties!
That’ll have you silent, Assassin
They shoulda never fed you to the wolves: Sin City!
I’m talkin’ crazy punchin’, .380s dumpin’
I’mma serve Viix’ (cervix) and change everything: the baby’s comin’!
Aye, Smack! You settin’ this up in VA? That was an awesome theme
But I’m from Corona, so I’m better off in Queens
Don’t come up here and rap about your pussy
That’ll be a boring scheme
Uma Thurman: I’ll punch out the box ’til her coffin seen (scene)!
Aye, I had family in Milwaukee, that used to stalk the streets
Pushin’ weight that was far from cheap
The coke so white (*sniff*) it used to watch Dawson’s Creek
If they pulled up to the block, they would start some beef
It’d be a Scary Movie if they sparked the heat
I’m talkin’ the hand in the Mil’ (meal) fuckin’ wit’ the bird
It’s gon’ be hard to eat!
If ya folks survive, they holdin’ nine
Nah, pass (past) the .40: it’s overtime
The pole’ll rise, the outcome should be no surprise…
I’m talkin’ Assassin on the cartridge like GoldenEye!
These bitches ain’t gettin’ shit, your fit is a hit-or-miss
I hit up Charlie Clips, put hollows up in the diss
I got too many guns – which grip will I get to pick?
How ’bout a couple, Assassin? Mr. & Mrs. Smith
After I give the Queens this (diss), these bitches straight Ethered
Two guns to the head, like she tryna imitate Lita
Anwar’s girl said I was gon’ lose? I don’t discriminate either
Now that I know who got this thot juiced, I’mma eliminate Reda (Lemon-Ade-Rita)!
You can’t get nothin’ past me!
Don’t fuckin’ at (@) me, for tryna give her pen points (pinpoints) like, “What’s the addy?”
If you don’t think that plan’s it, it’s like a Batman flick
I woulda done ’em badly
I’m droppin’ jewels and it’s apparent (a parent), Assassin – this is up my alley
It’s gon’ be a long night
You picked the wrong fight
I’m ’bout to get under Viix’ (Vix) skin quicker than Fortnite
They gon’ say the Queen is spazzin’
But you got ghostwriters, but they gon’ believe I’m cappin’
But I don’t even have to mention dude
Just know you Expendable without your team, Assassin
I’m about to put you six feet, in the grave without your fam’
I told you this shit is for the taking, but never to take it out of hand
You actually would did better wit’ a crowd
You shoulda waited for the chance
It’d’ve been like Selena: we would seen Assassin aided (assassinated) by a fan
Look how I rose to the stage, wit’ the .9 in hand
I hit a couple circles: diagram
One shot’ll make Assassin bend (Ben): Spider-Man
You can reach for your gun, I wouldn’t try it, fam’
Or be lookin’ at half of you (view) in 2020 like a eye exam
Aye, T-Top, why they wanna war wit’ vets?
The Bear said, “What’s the cause of death?”
I said, “Once in a Blue Moon, you gotta have a Stella(r) performance and take out Milwaukee’s Best.”

[Round 1: Viixen The Assassin]
Thank you for taking this battle
They said I really need you
They said when they see DNA, they click…(*chk-chk*) bitch, me too!
What you gon’ do? Claim I’m not top-tier like these other bitches?
Listen, I might spaz
Tonight, I’m gon’ be Stella(r)
Even during Corona, don’t think a bitch from the Mil’ a light (Miller Lite) draft!
Understand, I’m the whole package
It didn’t happen overnight, but paid the cost for this
I’ll get a male boxed (mailbox), pull up to where he post, off his (office) shit!
They sent the check – that’s great
I told ’em a flat rate, or I can’t mess wit’ it
After all those forms of delivery, watch ma get on some domestic shit
Who takin’ a L? I am (M)? O(h), not today
I got enough kick to beat Tina in the limo, that’s all I(ke) could say
If your punches land? Cool
They just better not touch my face
You all thought he was gon’ beat a bitch ’cause this a D-V case?
Not today!
Whoever booked this, don’t know me dumb well
Caffeine, after all the men y’all advertise…how I get stuck wit’ the junk male (mail)?
I was ‘posed to battle Loso
You never was ‘posed to see me today
And Smack must be ya preacher, how fast he got me to pray (prey)
I know God shed blood for us, so, Lo’, I didn’t need you to tell me today
And just like God’s sacrifice, all that’s left after this cross is DNA
Bitch, you came outta retirement for me? Ooh, I’m feelin’ the tension
If I steal, get lost (loss): this is prevention
I’ll hit you wit’ three, D – am I forgettin’ to mention?
BOW! Leg shot!
He’ll retire again after I pin shins (pension)!
Bitch, your name Eric St. John…that’s not tough
I’m here to dog E, style (doggystyle) on him, blow his back out rough
But since we face-to-face and you on top?
Cool – my mission: air E (missionary)
Boy, you flat-out fucked!
So what’s up?
My respect, I demand that here!
Or it’s sticks, bangin’ on your ceiling
Now you talkin’ to the Man Upstairs!
This was never fair, he dead-dead
Dome shot, he bled-bled
That ’70s Show: y’all gon’ see Eric wit’ a red head
slide on him, then ride on him!
I’m just lettin’ you know how dumb you sound when you think you K-Shine!
I just thought I should try it on him!
NWX full of pussies, so please don’t mention a threat
Boy, I’m a bad bitch
All I need is a (*smack*) new dick to get rid of a X (ex)
They sayin’ I’m less, they all dumb
Bitch, you a fraud bum
What shoot better, a .38 or a .40?
I’m just testin’ DNA to make sure I ain’t raisin’ the wrong one!
Nigga, you got the wrong one
I seen your presidential ad, and that’s sad
But listen for what’s next to play
‘Cause you’ll be abidin’ (Biden) by the pole (poll) like Election Day
Boy, do we all feel played
It’s a lesson in this, bro
You did that ad for the bag, not the people, and we know
Fuck your message
Boy, you messy, and it shows
Ironic, you was behind closed curtains and got a check to get the vote
So rebuttal this, rebuttal that, and tell me what you provin’
How could you scream “Black Lives Matter” and it’s 2020, you still lettin’ a white man hang you?
Man, this shit is a noose-ance (nuisance)
I’m not tellin’ y’all not to vote, but make it make sense
If that’s what you believe in, you was better off keepin’ your mouth closed, bitch!
‘Cause all real minorities know Trump and Biden ain’t shit!
Rap, coon!

[Round 2: DNA]
(*DNA adjusts his footing in the ring*)
…I had to make sure I had the right angle before I stepped in front of this camera
You know I didn’t wanna mess this up
You know, behind the scenes, as long as you stick to the script, you get a different treatment to earn your respect and trust
You get a Little Hype, then Boom, then you’re doin’ whatever it takes for the extra bucks
It’s male dominance, lower a woman’s confidence so they never tell the directors “Cut”
You ain’t a vixen, you a victim, but only a few could see
I mean, you showed up for the screenin’, got a name and don’t even know the meanin’
But this ain’t nothin’ new to D (nudity)
See, the thots and the hoes, they gon’ hate I’m cookin’
I mean, yeah, I’mma put you down, but still make you the greater woman
The middlemen belittlin’ in negotiations when the checks bounce
You got this image that they sketched out
But what’s the sense of (censor) revealin’ this body if it can’t take the X out?
There I go showin’ too much
I’m preachin’, keep your lips sealed
The only way I wanna see Viixen (vixen) butt in on the card is if it’s a ‘Tip Drill’
They comin’ for E – I know, it’s a secret
Tell ’em “Keep it”, with all of that freak shit
You puttin’ all that work in the car, and they ain’t even tell you you could lease (Kelis) it
Oh, you tryna trick me ’cause you Bossy?
If you wanna change your mind, you still can
I mean, your Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, but it never got you a real man
And you’re more stressed
And if we talk sex?
You got this wet-ass pussy on camera, but can’t keep a nigga faithful off set (Offset)
This the big presentation
Your grades decline when you’re out chasing guys, ’cause ya skipped registration
But they usually lure in (Lauryn) the ones who miss education (Miseducation)
I know y’all ain’t expect the knowledge
For me to get up here and give y’all somethin’ thought-provokin’
So when you go home, it’ll press your conscience
Now I ain’t gotta watch the Caffeine stream or check the comments
‘Cause they sayin’, “DNA, why you not punchin’?”
It’s ’cause she’s used to domestic violence!
You gon’ be left in silence
Victoria Stephans, you impressive
But the objective is to do more than just sellin’ your ass
And y’all got the same last name
But if you was anything like Karinne, you would be ahead of your class
It’s mystical (Mystikal)
They just wanna see you Shake That Ass, so they can sell it if it’s proper
But not respect it if ya prosper
But now you in Danger! So get on the floor!
‘Cause I mean, it’s Been So Long since we seen Stephans (Steffans) on a chopper
You been fuckin’ them rap stars, gettin’ them wack bars
They made that song f-
See, that there was hard
I’m just givin’ you Game
For the record, Viixen (vixen), I knew you Wouldn’t Get Far
They say it’s Illuminati in battle rap
Fuckin’ Norbes and Showstoppa was your sacrifice?
Well, shit, that’s gon’ get you a Proving Grounds battle in the afterlife
When you shoulda picked Murda (murder) and Hitman
To me, that’s more of the Assassin type
Ain’t you biracial!? Well, it’s Marilyn Monroe if the cash is right
I mean, I couldn’t picture addressin’ how this Viixen (vixen) blew up, ’til I seen it in black-and-white!
Now before I skrrt (skirt) off, I’mma be as honest as honest can be
At the URL events, the nigga Norbes barely got in for free
You shoulda gave the pussy to the nigga that threw the BANNED battles
Just don’t tell him you got it from me
I mean, it’s serious talent
The Period Challenge: she shoulda gave the body to P (pee)!
You watchin’ this guy black (Skyy Black) on cam’, it’s nothin’ nice
They Pinky-promise not to tell about your Lethal lips (Lipps) if the money’s right
But you fucked him twice
Caucasian and Cherokee, but don’t look at D as (D’Ass) the cuffin’ type
It’s disgustin’ how you made it to the X videos (XVideos)
Get out my fuckin’ sight (site)!
Now y’all gon’ label me as a jerk, but the Saga continues…
She can’t stand for the pressure
That’s why I’m just up here playing, pickin’ her brain: Hannibal Lecter!
They gon’ abuse you and use you until you handle it better
You don’t even see the machine got a leg up on Viixen (vixen) like Planet of Terror!
Should I elaborate?
Jaz was mainstream before she knew how to masturbate
And you gon’ do whatever if the cash is great, hopin’ that your ass and face a carrier
I mean, niggas had your cakes, it put you in a badder (batter) place
And now you wanna retaliate ’cause half the place embarrassed ya
You don’t even know how to navigate
You on half a tank, and I’m too fast to race
You won’t be the last to break the barriers
But why would I need to assassin Assassin when every day Assassin assassinates her character!?
Lux, Geechi, Ave – who want the prob’?
I only showed back up to battle rap to do my fuckin’ job

[Round 2: Viixen The Assassin]
I really liked that lil’ Norbes shit, but that shit dead
After I heard about that lawsuit, I did text him like, “Hey bighead”
Debo! How y’all said you was givin’ me a better look, but I got the ugliest motherfucker on the card?
I’m appalled
I need y’all to understand what I mean
Ironic a nigga named DNA…could never intertwine wit’ these jeans (genes)
You remember in 2018, you was in my inbox callin’ me “a beautiful queen”?
Please – don’t even try to play me, bastard
I even got your number saved as “DNA”
Yeah, bitch – “Do Not Answer”!
Give me my credit! My pen (PIN) been valid in the streets!
And when I slid on this card, just know V’s a (VISA) beast!
I’ll run down on St. John quick
Kill whoever St. John with, like “Fuck, is this the St. John clique?”
Everybody wanna be a hitman ’til they dog get killed
Now St. John Wick!
Eric, you’se a bitch!
You not a champ, you a chump
I’m knowin’ your bluff
Loadin’ it up
Stomach shot, on a Wednesday
His mid’ weak (midweek): he won’t get over the hump!
You a dead opp’, head nod, red dot
I am Karinne Steffans when the lead pop
‘Cause yeah, I took D, but all they remember was a SUPER HEADSHOT!
What, y’all don’t like to hear gun bars from us women?
Well, I don’t like to hear gun bars from these bitches
Listen, you usin’ a gun bar? Still worse than me
Even Player’s Club showed a Viixen (vixen) used a pole to get her first degree
It gets worser, D
You a girl dad
I’ll kidnap that lil’ bitch, he thinkin’ she missin’

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