Tsu Surf vs. 40 B.A.R.R.S. [Lyrics]

[Round 1: 40 B.A.R.R.S.]
I’m good? Y’all can hear me, I’m good?
Some people feel like my bars ain’t on the same level of plateaus that Surf is
I mean, why?
My rhymes are deeper than the Earth’s core and yours barely scratch the surface
You make the fans “ooh” when you move, Tsu, ’cause your performance is spectacular
But there’s too many flaws in your bars when I pull apart your vernacular
Lemme back it up
That battle with Holla cost (Holocaust) you respect I had for mad long
You ate off (Adolf) a wack bar that the fans hyped, and that’s wrong
but I’ll switch (Auschwitz) it around in this bitch
Show you in here I’m mad strong
Nigga, you ass, and (Anne) Frank(ly), you can not see (Nazi) me wit’ the gas gone
That shit, that jump off onstage in this shit, it’s not allowed, Surf
Let’s be real – most these niggas only feel you in a crowd, Surf
Heard I couldn’t get the job done? Well, let me bring you up to speed
My resume fire online: I’m a Monster Indeed
If we compare star powers, for the females, I’m the closest
But it’s disrespect and beggin’ me for sex what he proposes
You can’t fuck me! He’s leadin’ these people on and he knows this
And my patience is real light (Israelite)
Have me tryna split the Wave like Moses
Holdin’ high a couple blades, wavin’ crazy like a helicopter
I swear you better pray the clinic’s near so you can tell a doctor
Your energy made your enemies split your crown to your yellow chakra
And this piece of mine gon’ make him watch what he say: it’s a teleprompter!
You better talk wit’ more respect when I’m addressed, I need fluency
It’s the principle (principal)
You ain’t never been in my class like truancy
Got the nerve to tell the world that we gon’ fuck like it’s you and me?
Well, I’ll gauge the situation
Now you viewed under my scope like scrutiny
I’ll shoot if he ’bout that bread
Man, which (Manwich) way this gotta go?
You understand? Somethin’ nasty in this can’ like sloppy joe
Know that, I ride- I tried
The right conditions gon’ put the Wave in the air like high tide
This my time, this my shit, y’all watched me grow up to the top
And this the queen that they bought in this (botanist) bitch, so 40 guardin’ (garden) her spot
The root of my problem, Surf?
Your peers have sown seeds about a situation
How you give dirt to the police and you like to soil reputations
I can’t beat around the bush – you a herb-ass nigga for that
It kinda leaves me in shock…
How you can’t keep them two lips (tulips) closed, but still rose to the top
The amount of days he (daisy) spent locked up is not enough, but y’all hold him in the same light?
Givin’ this nigga flowers everyday
Bitch, I’d rather leave ’em on yo’ gravesite
You might get “been the street” law, but real niggas won’t fold
If sellin’ out was sellin’ records, Tsu Surf would go gold
We coulda had this locked in from the gate
He was on the fence wit’ the show sold
Funny I was barely granted access to a nigga wit’ no code
Try foldin’ a bitch ready to take your life, and cashin’ out later
Of course your name got me a flyer offer – bro sure (brochure) about his paper

Not as gangsta, though
Save it, yo
That tough talk? Save that
Unless he did a 360, everything about the Wave cap
You catch charges? You skip them!
Crimestoppers? You tip them!
How the fuck you tellin’ niggas you a killa!? You a victim!
Nigga shoot you, ain’t do shit
We all know that Tsu bitch
Ooh shit, everybody rides on the Wave like a cruise ship
Move, bitch!
I can’t dance around the fact that he a fraud
If C involved, I’ll snap on anybody like a leotard
He a broad, that mean he really bitch
I don’t think y’all understand me
Us dykes like bumpin’ into pussies…so I ain’t wear no panties
B.A.R.R.S., bitch

[Round 1: Tsu Surf]
That’s funny…
How the fuck a flower scheme arose about my status?
Y’all gon’ make me do more bids
Those won’t be no dandelions I send in
They killin’ you…or kids (orchids)
They said if Queen of the Ring was Ultimate Rap League, that you would be Surf, but a girl
Bitch, you or Norbes can’t be suin’ URL
Nice to meet you, Carlisa – hi, Carly
I’ll hear you screamin’ like a white bitch if I poke out a eye, Carly (iCarly)
I ain’t have sex since we signed the contract
I pride that, I don’t condone a cheater
I picture a hot curling iron in her pussy
You a screamer or a moaner (Mona), Lisa?
I’ll make the card crack
Call me a bitch, snitch, crab, or hardback, they all snap
I got niggas that’ll kill for a CashApp and a callback
Or a QP-
I don’t gotta say it again – they’ll bring B.A.R.R.S. (bars) back
And if a bar miss for (mitzvah) any reason, we threw that party wit’ small…
Bitch, I heard you used to live in a shelter
I ain’t talkin’ down ’cause I been through some sick things
But if it’s static, B-Rabbit: I’ll make a movie in that Shelter wit’ these 16s
Semi pop
In your designated area wit’ a mini-Glock
Before Tsu a victim (evict ’em), nobody make it home, ‘less it’s in a box
What you gon’ say, I fucked Funeral?
She’ll beat yo’ ass
Leave that there alone
I’m choosy – I don’t wanna make every whore moan (hormone) ’cause I made Phara moan (pheromone)
Fuckin’ all them strap-ons, baby, you need some real wood
Splinter in my hand, the Draco handle made of real wood
This ain’t gon’ hurt a lot, but it ain’t gon’ feel good
Miles Davis: bitch, you died makin’ Jaz(z) look real good
I was gettin’ judged by the Judge before URL let you judge
You could learn a good lesson
40 birds or the Tony from my Bro if the transportation a Good Method
Aye, Babs, this ya homegirl?
I only ask ’cause you a standup bi-
Bitch, stand up straight!
I should crack the skull of yo’ sis (scoliosis)
They knew good and gotdamn well we was gon’ smoke you bitches
No Pat Summitt, they paid two times 10 to see (Tennessee) me Volunteer to coach you bitches
What’s poppin’, 4′?
Gettin’ ready for the battle thinkin’ of all the reasons I should pop a .4
Pop the .4
Car’ shot, you sayin’ I got shot before
Heard your son was…
That’s what them kids need a papa for!
Steel blast
I hate your face, but appreciate your real ass
Who said “Black don’t crack?” I’ll have 40 lookin’ real bad!
I don’t care if you a bitch, bitch! You a grown girl
My plan is to have 40 below: this a cold world
My thoughts be so gruesome, sometimes I hate my mind
Sometimes I wanna…
Sometimes I wanna take my time
I heard you like strap-ons…bitch, you can taste my .9
You think 40’ll look like 40 if her face get ate (8) by .5!?

[Round 2: 40 B.A.R.R.S.]
Right? How’s this little thing doin’ anything?

I wasn’t sure how to start my rounds off of this shit
I was kinda stressed
Usually I throw them my slogans
Yo, my intros be the best
But I’m gettin’ bored (board) wit’ this game
My name mentioned wit’ the less
Queens vs. Kings – which piece is more powerful?
Lemme get this off my chest (chess)
Queen of the Ring’s makin’ history tonight and that’s major
And we all on the same page
We want boxes everywhere like graph paper
Speculatin’ on what we facin’, they don’t consider the girls tough
No lie, our process different – you either leavin’ straightened out or curled up
Babs made it official, put the call out, said she want these niggas’ heads
So we’ve (sew weave) bonded as a unit to ensure each one is dead
I got the heart, this hairstyle’s offic-
This hairstyle’s even shotta- FUCK!
I got the heart, this hairstyle’s even hotter than a shotty blaze
And Casey told me only thing on my head should be “Body Wave”
I came suited like a hazmat
Your life flash if I blast that
Bag back, two straps behind your ear: where yo’ mask at?
The fact that-
The fact that you beatin’ me is highly unlikely
You picked the wrong bitch to fuck wit’ like Mike P
They liked me in that cheetah shit
They say it’s purr-fect when I pose for pictures
And I ain’t lyin’ (lion) – the way this jaguar write be exposin’ niggas
I’ll show these niggas, how to watch out for the Wave ’cause it could drown you
‘Cause true to how water really move, Tsu consumes everything around you
Like, GunTitles, your team was dope
Such a good look for each of your stocks
Now Tay Roc rap like you, hand on his hip
We see how long them reaches done got
Y’all friendship’s like erosion
You know what happens on them beaches a lot?
Every time he comes in contact wit’ the Wave, we lose a piece of the Roc(k)
Stop disrespectin’ Jersey, too
You be talkin’ shit in all the blogs
Actin’ like you’re cool wit’ Joe, but in (Budden) private, you be jerkin’ off your dogs
That ain’t real
Niggas feel that you the type to stand up?
The King of the C (Sea) gon’ need muscle (mussel)
Tell this crab to clam up
I mean, I heard you got shot, from a fellow crab
A nigga from your block made it hurt worse?
I mean, when it comes to beef, it always comes wit’ shells when we talkin’ Surf turf
What’s worse…is you left them starvin’ while you was eatin’
Actin’ like he’s slick
But it’s clear their presence around the Wave made them fuckin’ Cs sick (seasick)
He’s bitch
I heard his album – Make Sure You Kill Me?
If I tried, I would, nigga
You thinkin’ ’bout gettin’ back at them niggas that tried to po-
You should, nigga
You told Conceited the best shooters were still in your hood, nigga
So how’d they do you so bad when you was actin’ like it’s good, nigga?
I mean, damn, they really hit you
A couple shots, nearly split you
I woulda came wit’ that blade like Tekken: Yoshimitsu
Get Tsu, where he livin’
My killers be camped out where they see you stay
No fee to pay, money at your door for nothin’ like PUA
He don’t drink, but he take shots, though
He be slidin’ extra cool
That’s my designated driver, mean he ridin’ just for you
Tsu love them NeighborHood bars, so think Jersey when the semi flare
.9 to your back will follow Rajon anywhere

[Round 2: Tsu Surf]
What the fuck I tell you ’bout that C-word?
I should kill all you bitches
I know you’ve never been to Red Lobster, but baby, the crabs come wit’ the Biscuit
Smack told me to chill
I should murder all the broads
My mama said, “Chill.”
Check my contract – I snap (SNAP) is in my clause
Don’t talk to me ’bout no fuckin’ bodies
Murder what I see the most
Why you always want the Power? Bitch, your son’ll be a Ghost
Don’t shake my hand, don’t crack a smile
I don’t really see a joke
Ha-ha or Kee-Kee wit’ me, the aftermath’ll (Math) be a Dose
So…am I slick enough? Or you (oil) ain’t fuckin’ wit’ me, 40
Suckin’ all that loser dick – this W D, 40 (WD-40)
Heaters spray, new Gemstar, make her eat a blade
This bitch’ll need a blood transfusion: more DNA
At Lisa range
Buck-fifty bubble, let her keep the change
I seen what you did to Ebony, my turn to give Lisa rays (LisaRaye)
I was supposed to be out of town, and the check cleared
Beasley made a call to dome her
Should I grenade her (Grenada)? Or chopper from Spain
Kill every bitch wit’ you, now B.A.R.R.S. a loner (Barcelona)
Two options: ice pick or the chrome comin’ out
If I pick at Lisa (least a) bone comin’ out
We all cold
Bullet wounds, small holes
Smack, tell me when…break her (windbreaker) like fall clothes
Payless? Zara? Forever 21? All those
Red beams scan her, swear to God I’ll do B.A.R.R.S. cold (barcode)
“Why he always talkin’ he got shot?”
I almost died, bitch, shit!
You always assume the worst
We’d never expect my opp to miss sticks (optimistic)
Bitch, you up shit’s creek
We pull up six deep in six Jeeps, a Crip fleet
At this? Weak
If I want you done, you’ll be dead…this week!
Gashes, blood, stitches, chipped teeth!
It sound way, way down when you hear…40 six (46) feet deep!
Bitch, I don’t really do favors
And I ain’t Jackie Robinson: I ain’t tryin’ to make…40 too (42) famous

[Round 3: 40 B.A.R.R.S.]
You out here burnin’ bitches, talkin’ ’bout you’ll give me that W D easy
When that dick is clearly apparent how you do bitches greasy
Fuck outta here…
Alpha female, they say I’m dominant, Tsu
Well, if it’s Crip that he scream, I’m buckin’ near (Buccaneer) his team like Ndamukong Suh
Then hit your daughter wit’ two
This shit is real, I can’t fake it
I’ll leave Tsu mo’ (sumo) assed out than wrestlin’ him naked
Once this Sig hit his kid, I don’t think he gon’ take it
It gets raw once I roll up – Tsu, she (sushi) won’t make it
And what will Tsu do, when I’m ready to take my (*swoo*) cut like a sou-sou?
Tsu blue ’til there’s Blood in his mouth: nigga, su-woo
Who you, think you fuckin’ wit’?
Don’t compare me to another bitch
Niggas know B.A.R.R.S. get disrespect when I come through on some other shit
Flows cover everything he knows (nose) on some smother shit
But fuck this battle rap, I’mma kick it to you on some mother shit
See, you all fucked up on the inside, and they can’t tell by your appearance
But I’m a mom, and I can see that it must be your parents
I heard your daddy left your mother ’cause she was breakin’ all the rules
Top honor roll student, but was fuckin’ half the school
She was a super smart super freak, right? She gave grade-A head?
Busted on her face and it’d turn her on
“Tsu ma (summa) cum loud”, they (laude) said
You get a little aggy, you don’t know what I’m talkin’ ’bout, but- from what you see me say
But I mean, don’t get mad at me
Your moms was givin’ brain off of GP, aye (GPA)
But I’ll take it back to the regular message that I came here and was intended
While I get disgusted while you talkin’, I always feel offended
I mean…for every court date that I attended and reckless move I defended
You gon’ get it for niggas who I thought was real but pretended
No time limit on me emptyin’ this clip, it’s extended
So when I black, they won’t see through Car’ window: it’s tinted
Then it’s crazy how these niggas feel you so real ’cause you fill your songs wit’ all this street shit
“Cold nights on hot blocks, empty fridge, I ain’t eat shit”
I went through struggles, too, bitch, but I grinded hard to get by
‘Magine we came from the same shit
Why you actin’ like you fly?
I blame a lack of proper parenting for you goin’ in and out of prison
See, your mom ain’t prioritize your future in her decisions
So tell Alana she got a lotta explaining to do and reference to you
That struggle talk is her fault from time not invested in you
And neglected to tell of what the world expected of you
If she cared, why the fuck she let you sell drugs out her crib wit’ your peers?
Holdin’ guns for her son? Fuck her motherfuckin’ tears
That’s Munchausen’s by proxy, your mom poisoned you for years
She enabled your behavior, let you get away wit’ lots of shit
Told her you got sacks, so in debt, she gave you too much Power like that Tasha bitch
You got locked up, shot, and you came back snitchin’
Bitch couldn’t give you no direction
She’s too lost in her ways (Waze): the app glitchin’
I’m that different
Became a mother early on, ready to face the challenge
I told my son he’d better know there’s nothin’ worse than wasted talent
A teenage mother turned battle rap sensation? I became the one to niggas
I had my son at 16, but now my 16s sonnin’ niggas

[Round 3: Tsu Surf]
This a tight spot
I’ll pop a princess pimple when the pipe pop
Ya life stop
I’ll send my Little Giants to stuff her in the icebox
Cops come, the point is they’ll pin Tsu (pencil) ’cause the lead on me
I swear to God I’ll really pour this 40 out for my dead homies
Actin’ like you move like a queen, but you don’t, though
I should hit her wit’ the long can’: this Four Loko…will snuff a bitch
Or .38 snub a bitch
Or let 40 get the .40, then club a bitch
You hit, 40
I don’t give a fuck, gay or not, I will make you eat a dick, 40
20/20 vision wit’ the scope: I could split 40
Whoever said that man snitched, a liar and a damn bitch
Durant: before I was on or in the Nets (Internet), Warriors and shooters who I ran wit’
It was “Take her or Cortez”, and we all know Cor’s (Coors) Light
Again this (Guinness) nigga booked after havin’ a warm fight
I was gon’ battle once a Blue Moon in Corona, then they had shorty for a nigga
Crazy I got Loaded, did the bare (beer) minimum, they still (Steel) Reserve(d) 40 for a nigga
What you say? That last round was real nice, well good, real tight
Bitch, my mother’ll beat yo’ ass in real life
The wrong jab’ll get ya a uppercut
Nah, deadass…my mother’ll really fuck you up
Said…my mother had to press “9”, that’s what everybody said
I’d rather the phone ring that I’m not than the door knock that I’m dead

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