Loso vs. Emerson Kennedy [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Emerson Kennedy]
John John’s protege…shit that make my palms itch
A bomb shift, I’m gon’ flip
Watch, I’m on LeBron shit
You Rookie of the Year? It’s clear you only John’s bitch
If Loso think he Luka, next time he by the Don…(*ch-ch*) (Dončić)
Bang his shit! Neck joint
Aim the wrist, let’s joint
School was only war, and this how someone from the West Point
I aim first, change shirts
Trained to play this game worse
Loso, I’m so veteran, they let me board the plane first
I been vers’ the field, and friends hurt to peel
But I’m from, where a drum, have your kin turn to kill
So they don’t call you a man, ’til you been burst the steel
So you gotta see the smoke to have your gender revealed!
Don’t pretend, ’cause it’s real
I body fake wisdom
John told you “Turn that tourney down”, but you ain’t listen
Got bounced, changed vision, and now the blame’s shifted
John, you ain’t see the Creeds? Reed’s the same difference
‘Cause a Don is (Adonis) supposed to have a kid who can’t listen!
Is you deaf, bitch!? TECs hit-
Is you deaf, bitch!? TECs hit
Two get put in shirts
It’s a funeral, they viewin’ you, you get put in dirt!
Los’, you gon’ always lack the vision, I prove it’s gonna hurt
‘Cause John’s always in those glasses – I knew his pupil wouldn’t work!
Speed through it in reverse!
Your raps is real basic
Loso, I survived Corona – somehow I’m still tasteless
Bitch, now I steal-
But now I steal bases, I’m killin’ doubt against us
I told you you was deaf, I’m peelin’ down defenses
You lack vision, and it’s tasteless – you feelin’ how it’s mentioned?
This ain’t government tracking: I been feelin’ (fillin’) out your senses (Census)
This go shot for shot, bend the porch
Four Horsemen, send the force
Aren’t you a hooper? Takin’ E will always end the Horse!
It’s me, of course! Miracles!
It’s me, of course! Miracles!
That faith you have disgustin’
My religion was sellin’ speed, I had to make it outta nothin’
Thought I’d die on my last upper- wait, let’s table that discussion
Jesus Christ, peep the plight
I know you preach a real hobby
That preaching get bills prob’ly, and that money you feel godly
Los’, I’ve never spoke in tongues, but my Spanish real, papi
So if Lo’ seein’ dough (lo siento), you gon’ be real sorry!
¡Ayiyi! La migra, cucaracha, ella arriba
This Shakira, strapped on both sides: my ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ neither!
This is ether!
Attack ya, and Nunn Nunn sniped ya Madness
I punched niggas’. Braces. Off!
We busted different type of brackets!
Bitch, I’m past dumb
Cash runs, get money and grab some
Loso chased the bag, the difference I have bags come
So yeah, we shared that bracket, but it’s never been a tax one!
I’m cakin’ now, you chase the pound
You chased the kid JC around
He stole a hundred-fifty and…all you did’s create a round?
In Houston, you was blazin’ them pounds
The mess come quickly
That’s the real Madness – I don’t let none (Nunn) gyp me
Whether it’s 100 or a million, I got the best gun with me
Even if I can’t afford (Ford) it, I’m like, “F 150!”
Fuck rappin’! What happened!?
Was no real testin’
See, I would’ve bend the corner, and the GOAT will check him
Or have a bleached-hair nigga reachin’ at the hotel check-in
I’m sayin’ do you want the David or the Odell Beckham!?
Bitch, BANG! Feet away!
BANG! Keep away!
Get jumped on God! Loso, that ain’t a leap of faith!
I’m here today! Put him away
You never comin’ back
That was one round down – bitch, you better fuckin’ RAP!
Nigga, RAP!

[Round 1: Loso]
That’s a fire round, bro
I say, yo, y’all ready?
Y’all ready? Make some noise, make some…
Ayo, you gon’ be the fifth person to bring up that one battle that I took on a couple days’ notice
I don’t get enough respect
I lost ’cause I ain’t prep enough, stupid
You just lost a battle ’cause your material wasn’t enough for Prep!
We are not the same
My pen godly
But since y’all don’t think I have it in me, tonight I’mma get Em’ bodied (embodied)!
I speak potent
Call a T.O.: ya need Owens
‘Cause when I touch down (touchdown), I am sharp – E (Sharpie) knows it
Wait, wait, wait, lemme-lemme reload it
E, bro (Ebro), in the Morning, you gon’ see your style’s (Styles) next to Rosenberg
Hold up – should I keep goin’?
I hate the way EK deliver lines when he flowin’!
I could break down E motions, or show you how a breakdown is all about emotions
Pay attention! This is me showin’
You should be choosin’ some help
But since you full of yourself, a casket is where E goes (ego) in!
I’m a beast, that’s rhymin’, E
And you are a true waste of time – stay silent, E
But wait, that line was kinda heat
Because “true”, “waste”, and “time” all have silent E-
This my highest peak
Stop sayin’ that your pen too great
It’s a reason why you never made a venue shake
You coulda been took my spot when they sent you plates
Had a chance to match what I did, and now, Em’, you late (emulate)
This just in: Kennedy tweeted “I got COVID, but these pills got me too high to know it”
Damn, drugs is what this kid all about?
That Molly had you clocked out on the floor like The Big Comfy Couch!?
Get him out!
Your name’s Asahd, right?
You the one SMACK stalled wit’ the looks?
And Utah’s known for not gettin’ calls for the push!?
Nah, that’s a stupid lie
B. Dot, Danny, the tournament, you coulda took the prize
So I remember that Utah play a lil’ different, ’cause the only reason you got your shot is ’cause the GOAT decide to push Asahd (aside)!
Bro, listen!
WHAT!? Hell is he talkin’ ’bout?
Bro, you are a STEPPING STONE!
For rappers whose stock is low, but competes wit’ pressure
Smack sees them trying and literally gives them E for effort!
You know what time it is…
Like Nitewing…
You know, at one point, his stock was kinda ehh, but bodied you in the worst of ways
That’s how I know you don’t follow The Blueprint
If you did, Em’ woulda had a better verse than Jey (Jay)
But wait!
You know, one day he acts as if packin’ a MAC in the back of an Ac’ is great
Then he acts as if this activist act is gonna get him some accolades
But I see, you just choose accordin’
To whatever you desire, but your views distorted
I gotta ask my brother Dot – you believe truth’s important?
Then when y’all battled, B., why you (BYU) didn’t school this Mormon!?
Asahd, Asahd!
Quit shoutin’ lies!
One minute you sound divine, and then the next, you done countless crimes
I’m supposed to believe you got a gun on the stand to get yo’ shot in line!?
No, you are from Salt Lake, Utah – that’s the only reason you on mountin’ (Mountain) time!
But they doubtin’ mine, ’cause I worship the Son
Like I won’t turn this small room into an emergency one
E, are (ER) you serious?
Oh, you gon’ learn when my brothers speak
See, we, EK, coulda served you up in a week
It’s me, EK – oh, you heard that I was meek?
Shotgun – (*ch*) – to EK – I ain’t turnin’ the other cheek! BOW!
Wait, wait, wait, I know they commentin’ on Caffeine right now like, “Jesus and guns? They so average”
Look, if you don’t wanna see these Biblical TECs (texts), scroll past it!
Or you can dismiss it, diss Christians
Crowd or a small room, big difference
I can interact wit’ the fans or rap in a BANNED (band) like Limp Bizkit!
This pissed him, off
Now this snitch wishes, to get one shot
Cool, but if your fists miss it
You better move, E (movie), or get Bodied ’cause the Kid Twist(ed)
Which is it? Swift quickness
I love the left, but this right? Mmm, it just hits different!
Boy, I’mma fix this wit’ charisma, punches, and a flow that’s cold
I knew you was losin’ Round 1 – I’mma make sure you don’t lose your soul

[Round 2: Emerson Kennedy]
The Christian and the atheist, the fans so eager
But religion, I’m not debatin’ it, and if your man don’t see ya
Los’, your man’s no preacher, but this plan gon’ reach ya
Do we know Loso’s race?
…Trust the fans don’t either
There’s confusion in your messagin’
So loud about your testament
The fans, they know you’re Christian – why they be thinkin’ you’re a Mexican?
No pride inside your heritage, you’ve yet to find the truth
How you blessin’ Gospel youth, but you’ve neglected findin’ you?
You Puerto Rican and Colombian…
Yes, that’s line’s the truth
Why have I said that in your battles as many times as you?
Bitch, and why is that the case?
‘Cause faith in great Lord?
“I’m a Christian first with mission works, so I don’t see color and race wars”
But you fight for Jesus’ color, bronze skin, great pores
Why you fight for Jesus’ race and you have yet to claim yours!?
Bitch, that’s sucka shit! Enough of it
Ashamed the lame’ll run from it
So proud his soul is saved, he refrains from claimin’ other shit
Religion over race – that’s the case if you judgin’ it
What’s pride inside a soul if you ashamed of skin that covers it!?
And that’s why we defer
In eyes, we try to hook
I can’t take pride inside a book, more than the pride in how I look
Los’, your family must be shook, and now you know he bothered
Why you treat the Holy Father like He’s your only father?
Where’s the pride? Tradition? The town guy from?
Why you surround by these clown guys that sound like him?
I yell “Black Lives Matter!” every town I touch
So why we ain’t heard you say a single “Brown Pride” once!?
You a turncoat! Burn slow!
Blame come around
I fight for my Spanish people, I stays on the ground
Know I’m reppin’, Odell Beckham: I run a fade for the Browns!
While you fight for white ideals-
While you fight for white ideals, reveals the Holy flaws
Why more fans know my girl’s race than be knowin’ yours?
‘Cause it’s pride you try to hide
I’m proud wit’ a hand up
Your fuckin’ name is Carlos
Speak some Spanish, bitch, and man up!
Man, what!? Stand tough
I see you brought your fan club
This the first time Carlos men see a (Mencia) standup
I’m never fuckin’ jokin’
We spoken on how we are
Both Boricua babies, Puerto Rico never leave hearts
We need more, resource, then you took a detour
Why when you vacationed there, you used it as a resort?
Pictures for your ‘Gram, the country’s in the recharge
Hurricane Maria, tryna heal up from a deep scar
But Loso’s on his promo, though, picture by the tree bark
Shirt off in the lake…hotel wit’ a key car-
Los’, you went Puerto Rico strictly for the PR!
Boy, that shit is sick!
But claim you a go-getter
So yeah, you got projection, but I bet I check my tone better!
This is a tone-setter!
Trust I hold it down
Puerto Rico proud people, right now ain’t for roamin’ (Roman) ’round
How am I teachin’ a Christian what should remain a Holy ground!?
I’m not here to fuck around!
I’m blamin’ you, Beasley
Outside, yeah, he Brown, but inside he Glueazy
Y’all gon’-
Y’all gon’ see why that term is true
That Horseman term you use is true
‘Cause when a Horse don’t perform his race, they turn him into Glue!
Bitch, that tournament was proof!
You lost-
That’s crazy!
When a Horse don’t perform his race, man, they turn him into Glue!
And that tournament was proof!
You lost wit’ a pen
Know how to get Los’ lost? Give him a cross at the end!
But I’m false wit’ the trends
You never comin’ back
That’s the second round down – bitch, you better fuckin’ rap

[Round 2: Loso]
Give it up for him, give it up
That was fire, that Glue was-
Hey, that Horse line was crazy, bro
You remember this?
“I just wanna play a part in this outcome
This ain’t for the West, though
This for the ancestors who never saw Martin vers’ Malcolm”
I’m convinced you say any words to sound clever
Martin vers’ Malcolm? Why’d you name yourself after the most powerful white men during that era?
Kennedy, right?
Yo, after your Prep battle, me and Saga were sittin’ and talkin’ and we both were disgusted
‘Cause you decided to defend Avo after racist remarks during the times Blacks were crying out for social injustice!
Am I buggin’!? Am I buggin’!?
Is it negative to assume
How Kennedy is a Democrat, but can’t address the elephant in the room!?
Bro, this is true!
Outta all the things you coulda talked about
The blocks that we were walkin’ out, the shots that hit Breonna house
Those cops who never called ’em out
You stalled it out and let it be
And acted just like your white girlfriend: puttin’ Avocado over everything!
Hell’s he talkin’ ’bout?
I really pray this is clear
‘Cause E, race (erase) ain’t somethin’ you can make disappear
Do you hear? Stop lettin’ that girl influence you to make those mistakes
I mean, I may be trippin’, but I always taught that Asahd (a side) chick should know her place
In case you didn’t hear it…he finally admitted to being Puerto Rican (*clap-clap-clap*)
Only ’cause bein’ called “white” seemed to be hurtin’
But oh, well, you been Latin (Bin Laden)? How fitting – they ’bout to see you get buried
Now I heard you wanted to move and switch
You got some nerve for wantin’ to move to Twitch
In which, it was beginnin’ to change you
See, I think it’s flattering how you be panderin’ with different angles
Vers’ B. Dot, it’s Black Lives, left the building real grateful
Then it’s defend Avo to make a killing that’s grateful?
Yo, my brother Ooops turned down 50K ’cause the Horse was feelin’ unstable
But you phony
Guacamole: only squashed it wit’ Avocado ’cause you saw chips at the table!
Man, who raised you!? You got no words for this?
Well, your name’s Kennedy, I don’t expect you to come to (two) terms with this
I mean, I’m pissed
You still quiet!? You just gon’ take the Fifth?
Well, since you don’t wanna defend Black people, I’mma raise the fist
And give you a major hit, ’cause it seems to be all about
Your jaw when I push it far left and teeth’ll (Antifa) be fallin’ out!
Okay, okay, okay-okay-okay, your stock dropped a little bit ’cause your pen gettin’ wack
And now you think you need a Grand Prix when over here your career been gettin’ lapped?
This is facts!
You wanted another place to be relevant!
So when they announced the Grand Prix, you saw another chance to use race for your benefit!
That is not a win to me!
That’s not what it meant to me
You’re dead to me, and Ken’, to me, will never be akin to me
Sent to me was a gift to talk to a soul
That’s why I can lead its way before it dies
Yo, I trusted God when my aunt had terminal cancer
Y’all know I can show E the way (eat away) on the inside!
But this guy!? All about that King of the Dot title
I thought you wanted to fight evil and win
And here you go tryin’ to get chained by the white people again

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