Coffee vs. Ms. Miami [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Coffee]
I hit the road and been makin’ history ever since
That’s more than y’all can say
Now everybody askin’ why would I go from Magic to Miami?
For a Penny
I took the harder way (Hardaway)
Bitches gon’ put some respect on my name around this bitch? Fuck they mean?
Couple years ago, nobody wanted to fuck wit’ Coffee
Now you smell that?
Everybody on Caffeine
The irony…they finally payin’ me star bucks (Starbucks) to serve a few rounds to this bitch
And this the rawest Coffee
(*tssh*) I’m in the grounds wit’ this shit
Bitch been battlin’ eight years to barely make Watch The Throne
Wanna be a queen at the ring ’cause shе get treated likе a fuckin’ peasant in her home
Backwards bitch, better watch who the fuck you talkin’ to
Let’s get it straight – overall, I’m still a level above what you amountin’ (mountain) to
I’m pissed off, that shit go beyond reasonin’
Pistol-whip, taste test
Drumstick in her mouth: do it need seasonin’?
Cookin’ and servin’ these bitches, that’s what I’m on
I’ll put a pillow over her face, and start smotherin’ a bitch ’til she fallin’ off the bone
See, this…finna be like your last battle: I Will make a murder scene
If she get mic’d (Mike) up and try to mark us (Marcus), then I’m at her do’ wit’ a 16
And it’s finna get BadBoy, if Miami PD
Torturous shit, I’ll cut her up wit’ a little knife
Slice her up once, twice!
She gon’ die from white-collar crime…caught too many swipes!
It ain’t nowhere she could try to hide and flex in my state
Can’t even post a portrait…I know where she at from the landscape
You got two options: get killed or get knocked off
We in quarantine
They keep tellin’ bitches, “Leave her alone soon as you get Coff’ (cough)”
These wack bitches ain’t got it, so they lie to get a angle on you
I don’t do that messy shit, but I’mma air this bitch out if I get a angle on you
I got magazines like comic pages, I’ll bang ’em on you
You been a nuisance (noose since) I met you – I’m finna hang it on you
She gon’ talk about my footage bein’ reshot
Is that where the angles start?
Check my record
I still got paid for that murder Case they said I ain’t catch: that Central Park?
And her nigga’s a bitch, need to learn to play his fuckin’ part
But the truth is in his name: Stamp is a fuckin’ mark
Tell me, bitch, what the fuck do that ring do?
Besides embarass you in public where everybody see you, mistreats you
Ike and Tina: he writes your shit, stands behind you while you perform it, and beats you!
That’s facts!
It ain’t ironic that these battle bitches fuck wit’ battle niggas that’s cap
I got niggas in the pen coverin’ me
These bitches find a nigga wit’ a pen and get on they back
I know why y’all mad
I’m all that
The Ring had her on hold
I never had to pick up the phone to get a call back
Pathetic ass…be online wit’ her nigga, beggin’ for everybody to support her
Another bitch from New York nobody give a fuck about battlin’ a bitch from the West on the Ring…that’s Torture
You bitches been havin’ a mouthful of my pussy since way back when
I am not a lesbian, queen
I am a anal fiend: I only came from the back end
So after eight years, this supposed to be yo’ time?
Stop it! She’s so late
We was hopin’ you would show up for Will
She died in probate
Seein’ Coffee on the card like Trump: I’m the one that they hate
But I’m sadistic
Stuff her body in the car
Bleedin’ off ’til she die is her fate
Now it’s red all over the trunk…but Miami’s in a Republican state
Welcome to L.A.
Yeah, this a gritty world
Get your daughter took, have young (Yung) Miami sellin’ ass like a City Girl
Broke bitch, don’t own shit, can’t cook, prob’ly can’t even bake
Unmarketable, couldn’t sell (sail) wit’ a boat on a lake
But worried about me twerkin’
I’m a real hustler – everything on me sell, down to the shake!
I ain’t got it all
These bitches better get the fuck up out my face
‘Fore I run in her house and lose all my shit in Ms. place (misplace)
This where y’all lucks out
I would say, “Get comfortable”…but you can get the fuck out
…Go ahead

[Round 1: Ms. Miami]
Queens, we in the building!
Let me show y’all how I Set It Off
You ain’t bring enough security wit’ you to prevent this loss
This plate was more than you could chew before you even bit the fork!
They like how I handled Ill, so they called me to get rid of Coff’ (cough)!
You heard me?
They like how I handled Ill, so they called me to get rid of Coff’ (cough)
Since a preteen, I been surgical wit’ these hands
I fix bitches
They ain’t gotta be biracial to know that I mix(ed) bitches!
Leave ’em all bloody, even if they Crip bitches
Put in work on my own, I ain’t gotta bring bitches
Now y’all got me battlin’ Ms. “Fuck Debo! I don’t need Queen of The Ring!”
But you always battlin’ Queen of The Ring bitches!
What you think they Watch The Throne for (4)!?
She Winston Churchill: only relevant when she in a Queen’s business!
Like a abnormal lump, sis (cyst) popped up outta nowhere
You ain’t even in mi clasa! Bitch, you don’t even go here!
This is MY house! You dusty little whore!
You a visitor – take your shoes off at the door!
And show some respect…before you’re not welcome here anymore
Y’all know how to harvest Coffee?
You remove the skin from the pulp when you use the machine
I been a star bucked (Starbucks), and you new on the scene
I ain’t have the cream for this
I’m gonna keep it a bean
Y’all gon’ watch me fuck up Coffee and OD on Caffeine!
Let’s get into it
Only way you winnin’? Voodoo, clown!
You shitty – even my Uncle Luke said that you Doo-Doo, Brown!
This ho dumpster juice – that is below the garbage
Every time you spit, that is a load of garbage
These shots rip through flesh and get below the cartilage
It’s not a game when you see these (CDs), then I dispose a cartridge
Shoot off arms, legs, and then remove shoulders
Smack, is that yo’ bitch!? Oh, you the new Hova
Well, if this Crip roll, Lieutenant Dan is how I do soldiers
I’m not Casey Jay, bitch
These three rounds don’t come with do-overs!
They gave you a couple bands and they told you that you could off me
Bad move, ’cause any house I find Coff’ in turns into a coffin shortly
You got a turtle face, and a hard back, but in the middle she a softie
Burner to your face: I’m just heatin’ up, Coffee
I know you black and bitter, but ain’t shit sweet about me, sugar
Let that sink in, Coffee
You can get the .40 or the deuce
Aye (D’usse), what you drinkin’, Coffee?
Roc, she claim she gettin’ money
Well, I need a lot, Tay (latte): now I’m milkin’ (milk in) Coffee
Put somethin’ dead in your mug and leave you stinkin’, Coffee!
It don’t take a fan to see (fantasy) you bought a dream, girl
They sellin’ fables
But believin’ you was better than me? So unstable
This can’ cold, no coaster
You let the set down and it’s awfully fatal
‘Cause I’m bringin’ war to (water) marks up at Coffee table
You Geechi waterboy
We don’t wanna hear this pussy talk: this cat a Doja
And you ain’t a IG model and she be killin’ it if you oppose (pose) her
You wanna be Employee of the Month so bad
Smack, you shoulda chose her!
Now Brown knows…I got this nose, Brown, for this brown-noser!
Round 1, I proved that you are not a threat
Round 2? Oh, I brought some disrespect
And Round 3, I’mma bar you to death, b-b-bar you to death

[Round 2: Coffee]
I walked my own road and never asked for help – could you imagine that?
I’m stuck in my ways (Waze), really a lost bitch
I mean, I don’t even fuck with Google Maps
Shoulda listened to CDC – when Coff’ (cough) in the room, just stay back
These bitches mention my brother every battle like…if you wanna suck some Crip dick, just say that
I’ll relay that
I’m always askin’ “Who trippin’?”
Tryna blackmail me, make me return to her home, have Stamp missin’
Everything fake comin’ out the mouth of these bitches
I wanna wild out like a dentist
I’ll be over the body wit’ chops out like denture fittings
Talkin’ that shit like you live it? It make me wanna spaz
I used to stuff bitches like you in high school like…like, “Put this crack in yo’ ass or I’m crackin’ yo’ ass!”
This bitch a fuckin’ joke
Heaven know…she better look alive
I predicted this win(d), bitch better take the warning signs
‘Cause if I let it wave and blow in Miami…it’s a Category 5!
This lane here is mine
This battle like glory holes: I’m comin’ every fuckin’ line
MM gettin’ split by C, chop the body between the eyes
Now M see (C) M: a basket by design
Look at your life! That shit triflin’!
I don’t need no advice, bitch
All you can teach me how to fail is Ms. guided (misguided)
Fuck she think she is?
Ms. Miami…(*sniff*) bitch, you smell like fig
I buck it (bucket) on a bald head: Ill Will, Yung Griz
Or I could beat you at the Top and leave you in a alley: that’s Yoshi wig
Seen her in the face-offs…she was talkin’ tough as shit
Seen her in Stampede fight footage…gender reveal: he’s a bitch!
And you? Be talkin’ to police, she’s a snitch
All your leaked footage, she be lookin’ so scary in
I don’t give a fuck if you was pregnant
They thought my son had a twin how I was carryin’ while I was carryin’
Like fuck it!
Topgolf: swing wit’ a mill’ (meal) – get gun-butted!
Then I’m finna hit a hole in one either way that I putt it
And I’m goin’ after everyone she love, and I know that hurts
Animal instinct: I’ll be standin’ over the baby body like giraffe births
These ham-ass bitches be talkin’ crazy, I had enough of it!
I’ll surround this clown wit’ all type of shit: she jugglin’!
Or date rape, two words, I’ll get her drug and start buggin’
Knives! Razors! Ice picks!
I’m gettin’ everything through Miami like I’m smugglin’
Real ‘Dino bitch, down to my jeans, I’m tailor-made like that
I barely be wearin’ clothes
My guns got the titties and ass out: they was raised like that
Don’t come tryna show no heart (Hart): you’ll get ‘K’d like that!
They know what’s up! Razor tucked!
Heard Florida outta quarantine, y’all…Miami opened up
These bitches keep playin’ wit’ my name online and extra shit
Wonder if I’d go to Facebook jail if I really poke bitches up and plead I’m interested?!
Better than me at what, how!? How the fuck she figure?
‘Cause she gon’ come wit’ angles? Bitch ain’t got none in her pictures
Now she a Stompdown bitch since everybody stomped down her nigga!?
See what the fuck I mean?
Y’all keep lettin’ them set you up for the killin’? That’s so naive
Free my nigga Joe Exotic and lock Debo up
ain’t seen this much pussy mistreated since Tiger King
I ain’t never in my life turned down shit
I was born a breached baby: I been a stand-up bitch
A lotta knives, razors
Told y’all I’mma keep cuttin’ ’til it get bigger!
Doctors see where you hurt…but still don’t know how to treat you, that’s toxic niggas
Speakin’ of toxic niggas, I will break your face, so she know when to talk
Dump your body in Biscayne Bay: I wanna see Miami Riverwalk
I had options here, this bitch had no fuckin’ choice
Show gratitude
Treat this like Clips got Couture back: re-fuckin’-joice (Joyce)
This bitch will get beat and spit on for all that bass in her voice
Round 2…just rap, bitch

[Round 2: Ms. Miami]
You keep talkin’ ’bout my man

He’s a bitch

[Ms. Miami]
Yeah, me and Stamp got jumped, but I’m still not the one to play wit’ girl

Pick on somebody else

[Ms. Miami]
If I do you greasy right now, I doubt it would Dawn on ’em to save this bird
I’ll put the Crip! On! Her! like you gave your word
Only Crip I respect…is a dead one!
(*Ms. Miami pulls a blue bandanna out from her sleeve and lets it drop to the ground*)
I’ll get Geechi got, then I’m on yo’ ass like, “What’s up, stupid!?”
(*Coffee shoves Ms. Miami out of her personal space*)
Blade rip through her torso! You stuck up-
Blade rip through her torso! You stuck up-
Blade rip through her-

(*Coffee’s boyfriend appears on camera to walk towards Ms. Miami, having to be held back by the staff*)


(*Smack and the event’s security step in to break up the fight*)

She touchin’ me!

[Ms. Miami]
Where the fuck is Stamp at!? Yo, where the fuck is Stamp at!?
Are you DUMB!? Are you FUCKIN’ DUMB!?

(*Coffee and Ms. Miami are persuaded off-camera by their respective entourages, ending the battle prematurely*)

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