DNA vs. Geechi Gotti (Rematch) [Lyrics]

[Round 1: DNA]
This is the problem in battle rap
When we became more concerned with how a nigga looks physically
Than what he says lyrically
Y’all missing the art
Last time I was on here I lost to a girl
Well that waist trainer made her body look good and her delivery sharp
Kings vs. Queens if you look at that tape I made superstar
Y’all tried to pick it apart
Ray J; cause my material ain’t hit at first but I gave vixen (Viixen) a start
And I’m stuck with Mr. West now
I guess you ain’t get the memo
No gun bar DNA can’t be matched if you on demon time
They resurrеcted god and brung him from the east to rhymе
You right I don’t keep a .9
The best reflection is self it’s no need to lie
So me talkin’ ’bout them hammers over
Sammy Sosa, I kissed the piece good-bye
And now I got a different tone
You was all over Twitter sayin, “They robbed me for 25-“
Nigga You’se A Bitch
When you was walking on that red carpet you ain’t have flashbacks and wasn’t scared to die?
Cause your loss to the Christian was prerecorded so A. Ward (award) shows you couldn’t handle airin’ (Aaron) live
Besides, this was all before we was on Lockdown
You was aggressive with the crowd
You scared ’em probably
Had them prepared for robbery
So it was only one star after BET – don’t believe the Tales from Gotti
Let’s cut the theatrics
Rum I forgot who you with
I guess that’s why you went through great lengths to say I stole
And your bar for Nipsey was better
And you was under post
So what? For a thread you and Nit’ in (knitting) together?
Y’all went through drastic measures
“For 25K I’ll kill a nigga for real” when you stole, oh the rules they change now
And the nerve, is Rex here? Here’s comes the breakdown
You gon’ spit a bunch of gun bars and random lines
I’ma make them study the truth and the lies (analyze)
The volts (votes) in the Volume made you sound amplified
Y’all let this Nut straight jack it (jacket), well now he came across the X and his hands is tied
I’m alive, the culture is tired of hearing about your war stories
Is anybody in your circle around? Let’s look past the target
In a room the core switches when you try to act the hardest
Well that’s why I’ma beat him in his home Goodz
Cause I’ll display I never had trouble in that department
Your raps is garbage
2020 we seen your stock drop but what? You was on SMACK regardless?
It’s because y’all kept buying into this Crip though (crypto) and now he crashed the market
This the wrong exchange, this disease I’ve seen it often
When an artist tries to be a boss but can barely move a finger when the URL and King Of The Dot stream is off
You need Caffeine for battles, Twitch for Riot, you’re paralyzed without the league support
Stephen Hawking, cause this Crip needs the machine to talk
Always telling us about the mill and how it hits the spot
Caffeine y’all let him take cash out to get credit and then y’all give him props
Well, let’s switch the plot or the buck-fifty that’ll take the other half like y’all split the pot
In this arena we just keep hearing about Bay blades (Beyblades) no matter how you spin it top
Boy I don’t got to pull from the side, word is it’s a song in battle rap called “WWF”
Well you can tell Calicoe this, your jail stories really funny but they ain’t
You hangin’ cases over us is how you put money in the bank
The ladders helped you cash out for the title
Then you went Hollywood, introduced us to this New World Order
Became a changed man
So I see how you painted the belt Blac(k), to pull strings for a nigga who sprays cans
But I get it, because before you, Roc was the People’s Champ
The fans said he let Smack down now they went with the runner up
Yeah you showed up with heat, but he won’t make it to NXT he’s not tough enough
I tried to convince you to go against the Corporation
You just want to bring toast in the ring but we done with it now
Stone Cold, cause we all started to question Mark when he couldn’t use what’s in the crowd
You know why I’m really The Champ? ‘Cause I don’t gotta wait for fans or for votes to arrive
You know why I’m really The Champ? Because my show on Caffeine keeps this culture alive
You know why I’m really The Champ? I booked this whole card, promote myself, do what’s necessary
You know why I’m really The Champ? Because I’m always able to get new plates your title is temporary
You know what? This whole Champion set up is like the intro to Fresh Prince
So I see why y’all went with the west Philly, to make sure he stays with the belt
Because y’all was tired of seeing him get his ass kicked and caught but y’all can’t cop out
This is how he painted himself
So y’all put Will in the backseat
But for The Champ y’all brought him to Bel-Air even when he’s getting destroyed
And before it starts to show y’all let Blac judge because he can fill (Phil) in the void
What’s this? The reunion? Well I never needed media to make me great
I’ma be The Champ forever your title got an expiration date

[Round 1: Geechi Gotti]
We got Geechi Gotti…versus…
Nigga why sometimes you tooth be in and sometimes it ain’t?
The fuck that shit about?
What the fuck is that shit about?
This nigga did this shit for clout
30 clip on a nigga scalp
Beefin’ with me nigga you should have took a different route
I treat them shootout like my hard times no matter what I’ma stick it out
When in doubt nigga I react with anger
Ayo Fleek come quick, got your homie in danger
Standing over DNA holdin’ a banger
And I’ma shoot till the can half empty
Fuck around, get arrested for an open container
.45 I hold the Colt like a hanger
Last mission it was two ghost guns when I was airin’ people
If I would have got caught I would’ve needed some lawyers because these pair illegal (paralegal)
The Desert Eagle give you two options
Nigga you get shot in the face or you get shot in the face
Nigga that’s the choice
They like, “DNA leaking”
I don’t give a fuck if Eric bled, so (Bledsoe)? Nigga that’s the point
Pass the joint I’m smokin’ him
You gettin’ killed in Cali ya body part get shipped to your closest kin
DNA in an envelope nigga results is in
Nigga I brought the poker in
The blade swipe like debit a gang of cuts
A thousand bucks he can’t do shit with it, it’s Caffeine credit
Yeah I said it
Nigga we in Cali it feel good catchin’ bodies while I’m home
But make no mistake no matter what was the state you dying was the goal
Think hitchhiker; nigga I could’ve a picked up this body on the road
I ain’t lying on my soul
My last opp in a box with his kids; family sized
He kept thinking I was a joke like Kaufman and he (Andy) died
Blam the .9
Stand over your body not blinkin’
Nigga you a nerd, anybody say they seen DNA in the street must have been around while my opps leaking
Nigga stop tweaking Chess had you shook on stage at that moment I knew you was a scary whore
Yeah we seen you with the Cake in ya face and a melee you wasn’t ready for
That machete bar, what the fuck dawg?
That prove how much you suck dog
Knives was bullets that what you on dawg?
I’ll stick a blade in your head slice off 50% and tell the cops I’m just trying to cut cost
So the only reason I’d have to spray a machete will be with sanitizer to clean the blood off
What the fuck Cuz thought?
Shit was a game?
Well I ain’t got time to play
They gave Danny Drugz so I won’t be taking an L ‘less D’ (LSD) out his mind today
The .9’ll spray
Boy I’ll put a gun in his mouth, yeah, I’m good with static
The Sig’ll (cig’ll) be halfway hangin’ off ya lip like a hood mechanic
Cuz what’s happening? I had it up to here
With niggas like you rappin’ a life you don’t live, to us niggas that shit unfair
Ya moms supposed to be retarded was your pops at least a street nigga?
You mean you ain’t never been around blocks, bricks, or no type of ki’s? That’s kinda’ rare
You telling me you never even played with Nicks? I know your daddy mad at son (Madison) Square
Nigga you guardin’ who? Nigga you guardin’ who?
Huh? You better hope we spare you
Cause when the heat air you I never told nobody I killed nobody
I just go back to my hood and tell the homies to C careful
Yeah ask around I’m one of the realest niggas in this shit it only be you dweebs doubtin’
I manifested my destiny, I took all my L’s, bent ’em, and made C’s out ’em
But y’all can keep doubtin’
Yeah nigga, y’all can keep doubting- ah yeah it don’t even matter to me
Cuz this niggas a nerd who had a bet
This clear, look this W lookin’ kinda clear
But y’all already knew this nigga slogan get him the fuck- no
Get that dumbass Luigi mustache with no beard the fuck out of here
You been rapping 12 plus years get your career the fuck out of here
Nigga, get that stupid ass face you making right now looking like you want to cry with no tears the fuck out of here
This ain’t no Super Fight y’all could have got this card the fuck out of here
Go ‘head it’s yo’ turn but hurry up and get them weak ass elementary bars the fuck out of here

[Round 2: DNA]
It went from every fuckin’ bar to every fucking card
Geechi I remember when you barely had one supporter
Now you got on two chains Queen Latifah Set It Off braids
Marc, you look like a whole Grand Theft Auto character and I love the aura
But you just the gangsta DNA
Freestylin’, preparin’, last minute
My blueprint is why you got a bunch of offers
So this all happened because you took a page out of my book, Marc – stop cuttin’ corners
I’ma smoke Jerry next
Cause nigga you never win when you battle vets
What makes it worse is he joined a crew all the way out in Cali but in New York he had a rep
It had Smack depressed so may your death be animated, I’m talkin’ casket fresh
Cause ya playin’ yourself but look how the Family Guy gets at em’ west (Adam West)
And originally I went to Bat for you you know you and your crew need to stop comin’ up here talkin’ ’bout these guns freely
It’s about time we stop hearing about you People Magazines its become a issue for Us Weekly
Whether its real or its true its always starring your Union that’s how you getting you believers
They fell in love with you for faking deaths, but you can’t Deliver Us From Eva (either)
I’ma make a Monopoly off of battle rap
Lu Castro is where I started this special flow
Now everything I land has value, Boardwalk you the next to go
So act live, this gon’ be your last ride since y’all think this vet can’t off ’em
His moves known, the Tombstone that for the next man coffin (coughing)
No rules, I’m old-school, I use the left hand often
Somebody better put Marc cal’ away (Mark Calaway) or he going to be a dead man walkin’
And I’ma tell the camera man keep rolling rolling
You know this gangsta image ain’t working for you, you really should have learned in the first
Jumanji because this role (roll) took a turn for the worst
You came out robbin’ and lyin’ in the game
Danny, tell this kid I done faced niggas like Red, Rum (redrum)
So I never get murdered twisted for him to neglect is hard
No, I figured out why you be Shining, it’s always death in your bars
I see it Jack, niggas like you just got a bank account
So when you started withdraw, you became a headache
So they took you off the card and then that stream was jumpin’
Poor concentration, low energy, this act seems disgusting
Now you the shit, back on Volume 6, well that’s meaning somethin’
Of course you would have a breakdown without Coffee, you need Caffeine to function
It’s disgusting
But I don’t want to paint a narrative and tell a story
Have one of your lil’ Crips let the TEC fly
But does somebody have RX number? She might get peeled (pilled) for being on the left side
You know you was just with the Christian
He should’ve told you “all money is not good money”
You still got the wrong logic
Cause Beasley warned Mark of the beast, but he’s still tryin’ to force profit (false prophet)
Oh you think you sick cause you Snoop in the air? Well this Crip is so plain (Soul Plane)
Here’s where I expose the pilot
Niggas in ya league can have a RealNameBrandon if they don’t deny it
I’m talkin’ havin’ everybody in that tier (tear) gassed
Let me control the The Riot
Go get ya shooters, we got swift manuevers
My team fire, Street Fighter, this Akuma
You can’t win with losers
You can switch, flip, dip, to go get ya Ruger
But the only thing we can get from Marc (Mark) is a sub’; Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper
You know my mother-in-law said, “Mijo! You gotta stop goin’ to the casino.”
I said, “Nah. I got a gamble with The Mafia.”
Cause Rum it started with you, now it’s not even about the bars
Cause you the one we saw first
But your right hand keeps tryin’ to beat us with the hammer, let’s count the cards
You gon’ say I got that corn feel
But you outta control, fuckin’ up businesses while they show you no love
Shine said I go to bat for you
I said, “Chill. Let him choke on his own Blood.”
At least you died with your brother
They said, “DNA you gonna keep tellin’ us mafia stories?”
Well as long it’s dinero (DeNiro) in it
You couldn’t even handle them Bronx Tales
You lost for tryin’ to bully A. Ward, you should’ve have a better resort
Cause we all know a mush is bad luck if it’s a bet on the horse
But The Mafia is gonna keep killin’ cause it’s makin’ ’em money
And that’s shit we can see in Every Fuccin’ Bar, you should’ve stayed away from it Sonny
Whatchu gonna say? The workin’ man is a sucker?
No! The tough guy is the one getting up for work every mornin’
It takes nothing to pull that trigger and let that gun fire
Anything else is a slap in the face, I see you learned nothing from that bus driver
But I got an arsenal (Arsonal) of rhymes
His career is about to sink, look
Niggas be hesitant when they be bookin’ you now, they be signin’ that ink shook
They see me they think “money”, they see you they think “crook”
Well think about it, that’s the beauty Mark of havin’ a distinct look
URL, this remind me of that movie with Will Ferrell when he fake like he was in prison and now I start to see it
Cause y’all let this nigga turn my house into a jail
Well what makes it worse is they had heart (Hart) to teach it

[Round 2: Geechi Gotti]
You lowkey slow huh?
And when you was battlin’ Rex I could’ve sworn he said yo’ mama was slow too
I know growin’ up in that house it was lots of drama
You gotta bitch?
I guess it’s safe to say she fuckin’ retarded just like ya mama
I told ya I wouldn’t diss ya beautiful baby girl, and I won’t, cause that’s somethin’ that suckas do
I’m happy to know you was even gettin’ pussy
Whole time I thought Clips was fuckin’ you
Bitch what’s up witchu?
I don’t give a fuck what you and John John do to rookies
Everybody gon’ take an L when that time come, but mayne (Maine)
Keep thinkin’ I’m Jakk and (Jack in) a box you gon’ wind up inside one
My eyes done, seen plenty kills, believe me
I’ll do a nigga greasy, think Volume 6, play with me and get ya Top pushed back; easy (Eazy)
Nigga watch how you read me
Somethin’ simple as talkin’ through my rounds will make me pop him
Just keepin’ it real
The slightest disrespect can get you murked by Gotti
I’m really a Nut’
And sperm should’ve showed y’all how something small DNA could turn into a body
Let’s talk about how you’ve been subbing URL with ya slogan
I could say that you stressed
That passive aggressive shit? That’s just the way that you press
Aye Smack, you know what he meant by, “Y’all don’t deserve me”?
Well let’s take a guess
It’s the fact he feel like he work the most but amongst the top tiers he get paid the less
Yeah, he brought y’all the sponsor; Harry
You know, the one with the paper
But somehow, Surf, Lux, Hollow, even me…our checks were gettin’ greater
That’s what turned him to a hater
Exposed you for the lame that you was
Instead of chargin’ for the outlet, he just gave y’all the plug
That’s no way you was a thug
We ain’t nothin’ alike
He gave y’all the plug but he feel like
Y’all used it to give other niggas life
I mean, not even 10%? How many times on N.O.M.E. or Summer Madness was he the main event?
Now this ain’t makin’ sense
You ain’t never battled Mook or Lux?
Now that’s some crazy shit
Especially since it was yo’ sponsor it was the reason they was gettin’ major chips
Damn, now that’s the part of yo’ back that they actually stabbed you
Took the money from yo’ sponsor but gave Goodz and Arsonal the Cassidy battle
It’s sad cause they gassed you
Told you you have a say so in every made decision
But look at you, years later, you still in the same position
And mayne it’s sickenin’
Cause if you a legend for anythang, I swear, it gotta be this
Helpin’ URL land one of they biggest sponsors but never profiting shit
Nigga, you a little gossipin’ bitch
I want you to die
The reason the real street niggas in this business don’t talk our business around you cause we know you Beasley and them little spy
You a fuckin’ infiltrator
How can a real nigga rep that gladly?
My third round vs. Clips, y’all keep provin’ how I killed cuz badly
Cause the fact y’all admit y’all brothers, confirms when I said Smack was all y’all daddy
Damn son!
You don’t even know how to drive?
How far you think you gonna go for real?
Nigga I will knock every function out yo’ body when I blow the steel
So fuck driving school, doctors gonna be teachin’ you motor skills
Nigga you know it’s real
Iron will chew off half your face like Holyfield
You ain’t never had no homie’s killed
Nigga you don’t even tote guns
You wouldn’t even know how to hold the steel
I done shot niggas and robbed niggas
Sold weed, coke and pills
Nigga, my house got raided so much as a kid, my neighbors used to know the drill
I was drivin’ my mama crazy wit’ ‘Every Little Thing I Do, I ain’t have a Soul 4 Real
Nigga we know it’s real
You ain’t wit’ the business, you ain’t be hangin’ wit’ killers
You got gun bars but you don’t play wit’ them triggers
Yo Smack, I don’t give a fuck if his name DNA
None of these niggas can relate to this nigga
What do y’all be payin’ this nigga?
You can’t be for real, I’m just sayin’
You can’t be for real, this nigga weak as a mothafucka
How does he keep gettin’ on this street platform but he ain’t never had a bar that street niggas can feel?
Man, y’all need to chill
Cause most of us ain’t even fans of DNA
For real
They forced you on cards and kept puttin’ you on them mothafuckas so we had to see you whether we like you or not anyway
Nigga, I ain’t finna play
I’m what ya favorite battle rappers pretend to be
If a bunch of bitch niggas in the chat like you think I lost, well that’s a win for me
Don’t let that go over ya heads
Chest shot, ya shoulders will spread
I’ll knock you out, slap you so hard the pain from your face will go to ya leg
Homie you scared
You ain’t no killer
Eric, I really know you fool
You wouldn’t shoot me if I gave you a gun and told you to
And that’s the difference
Cause if we was really beefin’, I’d smoke you fool
And when it’s real, y’all can tell, you can see it in they eyes

[Round 3: DNA]
I put this on my daughter
One of the conversations I had with my father before he died
He told me there was a point in his life when he was scared to live
Cause he did 15 years in prison cause somebody snitched on him
Now I know that type of information you shouldn’t share with kids
But it’s been instilled in me since yay high
Don’t support or be a snitch
You do the crime you do the time and where the bid
So for those wondering why I didn’t take that battle last year; Boom, there it is
But I found the discovery, some shit I ain’t expect from the Crip
Cause gangstas don’t move off of emotion and you a sensitive bitch
I’m confused, why every time you lose you hit the internet like that can fix somethin’
“Anwar can tell you who can beat me but can’t tell us who his bitch fuckin'”
Anybody co-signin’ that y’all dicksuckin’
It’s not the fact that you lied it’s then you went on 15 Minutes Of Fame and apologized
You a home wrecker
The view of this nigga ’bout to change, watch
You painted this whole narrative about me on B.E.T
And then what you do for reaction? Name drop
See, I was just tryin’ to cater to a certain demographic
I figured you’d understand me
Cause we both pander (Panda) Express but there’s just certain things you should take out (takeout) for a family
Their business is their business
It’s probably somebody girl in the comments gettin’ fucked right now
But I’m from Corona, Rita
So I can’t keep things bottled up when shit is upside down
You said I go into every battle bein’ the mark
Like I can’t spit my heart out this verse
Nigga, you forgot what your parents named you? You’ve been Mark’ed out since birth
Y’all question me
Call me corny, think less of me
Pay so much attention to Anwar slander we forgot Geechi Gotti’s losing his integrity
You a gangsta, so now why you be [?] to fight nerds
Out of character on Twitter [?] type words
These ain’t the actions from the Crip, see you was right Verb
Why panic? This the Titanic, this is the tip of the iceberg
And the Feds is listening, you on all these social media platforms actin’ the thug route
Y’all don’t see?
Once he hid behind the tree I knew he would make it to Clubhouse
Y’all just hype him
He do something wrong and y’all act like it’s less frightening
You always sayin’, “I’m nothin’ like these battle rap-“
Shut up bitch you just like ’em!
I wear a robe, you got two belts over ya shoulder like a fuckin’ wrestler
See he done sparked some nerve
Geechi said, “What can DNA beat me with?”
I replied, “Mark, my words.”
These one on ones with you an Avocado? They gotta end now
Cause you swear you Above The Rim when it’s time to defend Kyle
URL could’ve blocked shots, stopped the crossover, had you beggin’ and pleadin’
Cause he’s assed out, but you bending over backwards just to be even
Y’all hear that?
They be having secret conversations, it be real awkward in the ride
They told me I’m battlin’ a Nut’, so (Nutso) he be talkin’ in disguise (da skies)
In real life you 2Pac, I’m Marlon Wayans, so you think it’s nothin’ to worry ’bout
Bugaloo, it’s always the ones you least expect to take the Birdie out
But let’s end the Avocado situation cause we could all rewind the act
I don’t care how much you hang out with the Nut’, cracker (nutcracker), we know you talk behind our back
If y’all think this the definition of real, then what round y’all watchin’?
N.W.A. cover, you the reason Eric looks down on Compton
We both got bigger issues, the war with us is supposed to be over
A real man should stay calm and hold his composure
You got influence, what you teachin’ this new generation?
To be holdin’ a toaster?
Do you even know how it feels to go outside without havin’ to look over ya shoulder?
It’s a beautiful feelin’
You wanna know what’s gangsta?
Learning to be civilized so shit don’t amount to beef
You left that life, cause if you were still in it you wouldn’t be writing battle rap you would’ve found the piece
You the type of friend, that gotta explain to a mother why her son been in the ground for weeks
I’m the type of friend to teach ’em to level up and get ’em out the streets
You gon’ give ’em a pack, crack, tell ’em to make trap money
I’ma tell him he can still fuck wit’ Smack, makin’ battle rap money
You see? It’s only two options with ya type of niggas, death or jail
And then ya followers go up
Look at the message the game sendin’
The movie Armageddon and Deep Impact cause you blow up in the comments (comets) from the same endin’
But on another note, shoutout to Clips, Shine, Lux, Mook, B. Dot, Rain
Cause I never thought I would need y’all help
Cause all y’all niggas inspire me to be myself
So I don’t care if you look down on this angle, like a car chase
Just know I went upstairs with the Mafia, I’m Scarface
You gon’ die but the world is yours, and I’ve been eager to spit this
Cause y’all think real is one thing instead of seein’ a difference
What about the black man that never graduated but is receiving the interest?
The one that grew up on Section 8 but now is not needin’ assistance
Two step kids and I’m being persistent
Issues with both of their fathers but I’m keepin’ my distance
Got a bad temper, but he wouldn’t risk it
So my mother can show stacks instead of sayin’, “He’s a statistic”
That’s the difference
You see I started on Grind Time but now I got a steady movement
Went from droppin’ the ball with Roc and Shine to puttin’ cards together like Resolution
I started with a rocket launcher pose but now I’m never shootin’
They literally watched DNA grow in front of them, this the evolution
It’s round three it’s gettin’ hot in here
And you know my slogan, get him the fuck outta here
Hell no
Get me talkin’ ’bout guns the fuck outta here
Get this nigga goin’ on Twitter to try to convince y’all he won the fuck outta here
Get anybody else that’s mad the fuck outta here
January 23rd, it’s time to get Ave the fuck outta here

[Round 3: Geechi Gotti]
I knew he would come with that gangsta shit
Everybody who battle me, that’s the same angle
Yeah, but they ain’t gonna tell you that
I used to be in the streets and ever since I’ve been on SMACK I’m the type to go to the hood and see a little comin’ around and I’m like, “Nah, don’t hang wit’ us.”
But in that same breath I can pull him to the side and say
“It don’t matter if you bang or not. Keep a strap my nigga and stay dangerous.”
Real shit
I applaud you with that shit with that step daddy
For real, y’all gave him a lot of cheers
But takin’ care of other nigga’s kids? Y’all should be cheerin’ for Smack
He been doin’ that for y’all his whole fuckin’ career
This nigga here
Up here wildin’, lyin’
“Oh he fucks with Avocado”, nigga you was doin’ commercials for Biden
It’s the same shit
You a lame bitch
As soon as they told me I had DNA I was kinda scared
No lie
I seen niggas fight trials and lose over a couple of follicles of hair
I’m talkin’ life without parole
The judge slammed the gavel without a care
Way before you started battle rappin’
I literally seen DNA gettin’ niggas the fuck outta here
Nigga get the fuck outta here
Cause every time you rap, we walk away, it’s a smoke break battle
We don’t come back ’til yo’ bars is done
Soon as they announce you on the card we like, “Fuck. Here the garbage come.”
You the exact image we all picture if we think, if battle rap gave birth to a retarded son
And it ain’t the fact that you always got current event bars
It’s the fact that you rap that thug shit, we know you don’t mean it
If you had a gun that was jammin’ up, you wouldn’t know how to clean it
You the type of nigga that lie about spots that’s rollin’ in
Glocks you holdin’
You right you don’t got gun bars cause if you had beef it’s 100% chance you not gonna smoke him
So when I gotta hear you talk about anything
Anything that’s realistically ‘pose to be be real, like you not just jokin’
I can’t help but laugh
Cause DNA you the inspiration for my whole goddamn slogan
Nigga You’se A Bitch!
Bottom line
The only reason I ain’t rob you for that 25, cause I got too much respect for Shine
Nigga you’se a bitch
That’s just who you are
You brung him up so the best way to describe you would be an Anwar with bars
Nigga you’se a bitch
You won’t do nothin’ ’bout it
If I sock you, you gon’ stand there in fuckin’ silence
Ain’t no grown man with any sense gon’ believe you tough
So all that shit, we don’t fuckin’ buy it
Only a kid would believe you tuckin’ iron
You wasn’t the PG Killer cause you was sittin’ down up and comers with your fuckin’ rhymin’
You was the PG Killer cause the only niggas that’ll believe you kill still need parental guidance
Nigga you fuckin’ tried it
Don’t try again, they gon’ let a rider in
Nigga, I will shoot yo’ mama and her sister, somebody dyin’ fam’
So even if ya mama don’t your aunt may (Mae) like Spider-Man
I’m not ‘yo friend
Don’t shake my hand, y’all got Blac for that
Don’t give a fuck what you gon’ through
If I extend the arm it ain’t nice meetin’ you, it’s nice knowin’ you
I’ll put a hole in you
Puttin’ in work, felt like military missions
Yeah, back in the day they used to confuse my Crippin’ with trickin’
I was known for spinnin’ on them bitches
I’m really from the trenches
I ain’t nothin’ like you punk bitches
Y’all love snitches
Dawg, if my chopper was on the stand I wouldn’t fuck wit’ it
You don’t get it
You don’t get it
If you did a day in that box, you’d be cryin’
PC’d up on the top bunk, prayin’ for bail
You would think it was Hell
I’m just sayin’, we literally see DNA balled up in a single cell
This nigga frail
And we be murkin’ shit
Have you missin’, ya body parts missin’
Your family member lookin’ for you in the dirt and shit
Yeah, they not knowin’ you already in a box
We got DNA packaged up, we tell ’em it’s for research purposes
Nigga you’se a bitch
Nigga you’se a mark
Nigga you’se a lame
Nigga you’se a nerd
Nigga you soft
Nigga you frail
Nigga you look like you would tell
Nigga you’se a busta
Nigga you’se a sucka
Nigga you look like if ya bitch told you she fucked another nigga but say she won’t do it again, nigga you look like you would trust her
Nigga you’se a weirdo
Nigga you scary
Eric? Nigga you look like ya name “Gary”
Yeah nigga you beat me on B.E.T. for $25,000, yeah but you ass here
Nigga you just start gettin’ pussy last year
Yeah, yo’ fans, is the type, to wanna see the nerd stand up to the bully
So if they said you won, I understand it fully
Everybody like to see the bully fight, but the nerd win
But just remember, you go back to bein’ a bitch once these words end
And when it’s real, y’all can tell, y’all can see it in his eyes
His turn, hope y’all didn’t believe them lies
Nigga time

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